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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 4, 2014 4:55pm-6:01pm PST

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damaged rock 'n' roll memorabilia and more rain is on the way. when the next wave will hit. >> over head and inside as protesters swarm and take over a mcdonalds in the east bay, what they are demanding. >> and repairing a massive sink hole, the huge price tag for every block of sewer they have to replace. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> cleaning up after more rain and another storm is on the way. there were inches of standing water on the roads. swamping cars. floodwaters secret into store -- secret into a store -- crept into a score. good evening. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> there are patches of rain across the bay area but another wave is headed our way.
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weave team coverage tonight. ktvu's john fowler and ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin tracking when it will get here. >> more rain, that is good news. it will get here in time for the commute tomorrow. the afternoon commute. we are taking a look at this system that sits off shore now. it will deliver a quarter inch to half inch to an inch of rain. in the coastal hills 2 inches. i don't think it will be as amazing as the last two rainfalls. what it has in common is the moisture, see where it is coming from, tropical moisture, warm air, holds a lot of water. we are looking for showers to develop in the afternoon. tomorrow morning in the afternoon. drizzly, sprinkly. not a big deal. nothing like the last few
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mornings. 7:00 a.m., commute. lunchtime. showers starting to move in. as we head into friday afternoon you have more rain in the forecast and again an inch to an inch and a half of rain. significant rainfall. i will time out all the way through the afternoon commute tomorrow and into the weekend. there is a chance for showers there as well. the storms pounded marine county. in some areas they got 6 inches of rain and that led to major problems. some people haven't seen it this bad in decades. ktvu's john fowler is in tibron -- tiburon. . >> reporter: they are cleaning  up and grateful their losses weren't worse. >> reporter: at the campaign salon and day spa a messy clean up. >> i was just absolutely in shock. >> reporter: the owner still stunned, floors and walls
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ruined by water. a $30,000 loss. no insurance. she showed us this video of water seeping through the front door. she is ready for the next storm. >> we will put sand bags down. i will sleep here to make sure we keep the water out. >> i walk in, water and mud and a lot of damage. it was traumatic. >> reporter: he showed us his personal art work ruined. >> photography that got water damage. >> reporter: including this sign image of jer agars. >> i will be okay -- jerry garcia. >> i will be okay. >> reporter: pumps couldn't handle the run off. homes also flooded. floors and walls damaged throughout the area where it
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hasn't flooded in at least 50 years. >> i look across the street. i saw water. no street. and i said, you know, this is it. >> reporter: in low spots such as here where it often floods some folks are still not catching on. this driver was calling for help after stalling out. >> now we have the rain, thank goodness for that. but there was one over there stranded. same thing. >> reporter: some people were talking about climate change. perhaps. but big rains and high tides have always been a problem in low areas. live now, i spoke to the owner of this ups store here in the shopping center. he is closed because of the flood and that some customers lost mail and some of their packages. as many other owners are here, the big worry is mold and
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mildew and people are saying they will be better prepared for the next storm. that is something people haven't had to think about for a long time. >> we need the rain. thank you. john fowler, thank you. new york where anger and frustration are mounting following a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man. that decision prompted hundreds of people to take to the streets in protests. >> reporter: calls for change in new york city. a night of peaceful protests across the city after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man. >> reporter: eric garner died. his mother watched last night's protests and found hope. >> it is a major step forward because people are taking notice. >> reporter: among those taking
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notice people in power. >> big challenges like these should galvanize our country. >> the mayor said the police department will revamp the way they train officers. >> there is a new group of leaders here that have a vision, creating a precipitation, creating a reality that instills trust. >> reporter: this is not over, the nypd is conducting an internal probe. leaders are calling for a change to the system. >> who are committed to forceful change through peaceful and constructive methods. >> reporter: change that could come as tension builds across america. >> eric garner case sparked a huge reaction on social media about claims of police bias.
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riming while white. one wrote white friend rolled through stop, cop said what are you doing here, it is not safe and left her go. >> she said we pulled over going 90 in a 25, running lights, they let us drive home. >> alive while black. >> i am from oakland, no criminal record but a history of ilaltercations with police. >> pulled over 8 times, hands obguns each time -- on guns each time. happening now, 100 fast food workers are demanding higher pay and they have been marching through the streets of oakland tonight. ktvu's cristina rendon is in oakland with more on the protests. >> reporter: we are live outside of the mcdonalds here
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on east 12th street and 25th avenue in oakland where all of these people have been successful of getting a few employees walk out and join their fight. they are fighting to raise the minimum wage from $9 to $15 an hour. you can see them here gathered as people are talking and cheering on this group. moments ago we heard from a city counselman, he said $15 is the right thing to do for family across the nation. we want to show you how this started. i want to show you video we took moments ago from news chopper 2. it showed how the people made their way, over 100 of them, into this mcdonalds. they brought in their signs. chanting and they took over the restaurant. >> reporter: the people are
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fast food workers from other mcdonalds locations in oakland and other chains. again their effort was to get the workers to walk off the job and join them. only four remained inside. this is the east bay organizing committee. they first held a march like this one year ago today. that is why they are out here again hoping they can get corporations to listen to them. we are telling you that this group out here has been successful in getting workers to follow them. because it is up to the corporations to decide whether to raise the minimum wage it will be a long road ahead. the workers hope this demonstration which is part of a nationwide movement will send a message loud and clear to the corporations. cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san francisco police must reveal confidential information
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about a deadly shooting of security guard. he -- shooting of a security guard. the officers were responding to 911 calls about a man with a gun. investigators say he pointed what turned out to be a stun gun at the officers. a judge ordered the city to disclose the officer's names and give the initial police reports to the attorneys for the family. they filed a lawsuit against the city. he appeared in court today and posted bail following his arrest yesterday on charges of grant theft and fraud. the chief and his wife carried out a financial scheme. his wife left the country and will face similar country if she found. today he was released on $80,000 bail. he is on paid leave from had fire department. he will return to -- from the
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fire department. he will return to court next month. officers posted econviction notices on monday -- eviction notices on monday. menry scrambling to find somewhere to go. -- many are scrambling to find somewhere to go. ktvu's ann rubin is here with what is next. >> reporter: officials found housing for 144 people but others just moved down the street and seem confused about where to go next. >> reporter: he says he had a king size bed in that house and toile wall carpet. -- wall to wall carpet. . >> we are already homeless and now we are displaced homeless. it is illegal to be homeless but they are taking this away from us. >> the city of san jose is clearing out the jungle and spent 18 months working to house many of them.
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>> we have two people. we have a lot of clothes. where are woo e-- we going to put that stuff? >> reporter: he doesn't want to be separated from the family. >> i cannot take my dogs. so i will have to up to not going. -- opt to not going. >> the group decides to migrate for the walmart parking lot. >> they have a uhaul coming from us. >> reporter: they hope it will take their stuff to be stored but after 8 hours of planning they made it not quite a mile. >> doing good right now. >> reporter: next they are re- thinking the motel idea hoping to sneak the dogs in. >> reporter: while the people are now gone officials say it will take them about two weeks
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to clear the debris out of the jungle. >> i know it has been raided time and time again but this time the city is putting up a metal fence to make sure people don't come back in. >> reporter: yes, yet they think people will try to come back in. they said they devoted $2 million this year and next year towards finding permanent housing. >> thank you. a light earthquake hit the south bay this morning. the usgs said it was 3.2. 9 miles west of morgan hill. no damage was reported. according it the news, some people in the santa cruz mountains described it as a gentle roll. others say it felt like a bomb went off. the warriors sign a new player for one day. what makes this recruit so special. >> and after the break, remember that massive sink hole that swallowed part of a city
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street? >> frightening. >> we look into what it will take to get the neighborhood back to normal. >> next people in southern california swept away from flash flooding and thick mud. how long they were trapped before being pulled from their cars.
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flash flooding and mud trapped a dozen people in southern california. they had to be rescued after a road washed out. they were trapped for an hour but no one was hurt. several feet you see it there, several feet of mud and water came rushing down the hill after a rain storm caused flash flooding in the area. united states postal service police broke up an
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encampment outside the main berkeley campus. the postal service announced plans to sell the building to a private developer. the campers say the building should go to the city for public use. today police told them they had to go. they also removed the belongings of some of it people who weren't -- belongings of some of the people who weren't there. >> does that give somebody the right to take my stuff because i am not there? that is the logic. if you are not here we will load it into that truck over there. >> last month the city of berkeley got a restraining order blocking the sale of the post office. san francisco construction crews are racing against the clock to repair a giant sink hole that opened up yesterday morning. for a while that meant no water for some residents who found access to their homes limited. ktvu's david stevenson is at
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the site. the city is saying this work isn't going to be done for several more days now? >> reporter: that's right. the work is continuing till 8:00 p.m. tonight. this is one of four sink holes that appeared in san francisco after all the rain we saw. this is the biggest ones. crews are rushing to fix the street and get life back to normal for neighbors. >> reporter: the sink hole at 6 6th avenue and lake street is a place to stop -- >> amazing to see how it earth just kind of dropped through. >> stair. >> makes me nervous. i don't think i want want to drive while they have the hole opened up. >> reporter: a crater opened up wednesday morning after havey rain -- heavy rain. utilities have been temporarily restored. >> yesterday we didn't have water at all. at least we can go in and out now. >> reporter: crews are rushing to make permanent fixes.
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replacing gas and water lines over the weekend. >> and then next week, monday, tuesday, we will restore the street. >> reporter: dates back 100 years. sand supports the streets in the neighborhood. residents saw a smaller sink hole a block away last year. >> we walk up and down lake all the time. so worried that we could have been walking while it was happening. >> reporter: another live look at the work going on. san francisco is in the middle of a sewer replacement program. it costs a million dollars a block and it is a constant process. the city has 1,000 miles of sewer lines and it is able to replace 15 miles a year. >> no laughing matter for the people who are inconvenienced but someone was able to ajoke about the sink hole -- to joke about that sink hole. >> reporter: that's right. take a look at this.
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this is a post on craigslist. very recently. at a time when the city is seeing apartment rents for one bedroom at $3,300 a month someone decided to rent out the sink hole for $2,800 a month. advertising on craigslist. cats are allowed. dogs are not. >> only in san francisco. thank you. the water falls in yosemite are flowing again thanks to the storms. officials have seen a big difference. beautiful picture there. the park posted the pictures. peak flow happens in may or june but the water falls typically slow to a trickle by august. is there such thing as a bad shot in yosemite? >> no. every season you discover something different. it is not real cold yet so i am guessing our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us it is not a bad time to
5:19 pm
go -- >> well. the rain. [ talking at the same time ] >> fall -- just messing with you. fall is a great time go a yosemite. we will see rain. the snow remains high. the moisture continues to keep things warm. this next system snow levels are up above pass levels. look at the rain totals. good stuff for the last 5 days. a foot of rain. 10 inches, right? ben loman. santa cruz mountains. mount tam, 7 inches of rain. that is what you want to see. the best part, we are getting the breaks. the breaks are what you need. percent of average don't mean anything. 165% of average in san jose. next system looks like the last one. see all the warm air? looks like the last one. a lot like the last one. if this wasn't in here, this
5:20 pm
was coming through, okay, it is going to rain. quarter inch. maybe less than that. when you have this much moisture you will get an inch, inch and a half of rain as we go into the next 24-36 hours and there is more behind that too. none of the storms are as powerful as what we went just went. cloudy tonight. next system. next system. you can see this one. it will be drier. we will watch it. as it falls we will have an opportunity do what tomorrow's storm did. snow levels high. a warm pattern. temperatures basically in the 60s tomorrow. despite the cloud cover. looking at rain developing for the afternoon commute. wet on the afternoon commute. morning commute sprinkles. we showed you early. but the afternoon commute will be the big problem. all commutes are when you get
5:21 pm
water on them. rough idea, santa rosa maybe close to 3/4 of an inch. just over. we will see a half inch along here, san francisco. san jose 2/10. the highs tomorrow, low latitude storm. look at this. when you see temperatures like this you know the snow levels will be high. 65 san jose. 66 morgan hill for your highs. for your bay area friday. rain returns friday afternoon. spotty showers on saturday. the weekend will be better than it looks here. i know it will be better. we have to put the showers in. sunday is the best day on the weekend with showers late on sunday afternoon. >> we have been getting a lot of rain. so dry for so long and now pow! >> doesn't this remind you -- [ talking at the same time ] >> used to rain around here. it is raining now. >> thank you. a very close call for one
5:22 pm
of the blue angels jets -- >> we are having difficulty with a jet. >> why it fish tailed and slid as you see here on a run way. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, with more wet weather heading our way, we are learning all the recent rain had a negative impact injecting the bay with toxins. what one bay area city is doing to minimize the run off and we are digging into a new report that uncovers problems with a police police department's payroll system, why they can't get it right and what they are doing to try fix the problem. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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the blue angels, a landing today was not so smooth. this video shows it fish tailing and sliding on ice in maine. the captain one of two pilots on board says this landing wasn't too big of a problem. >> we are having difficulty with the jet, nothing significant. the weather -- we just slipped off the runway. we are getting pulled out now. the jet is in perfectly condition. we are fine. >> nerve-wracking. football for all. senators from both parties are calling for the end of the blackout rule. they are urging the nfl to
5:26 pm
allow home games to be televised in the local market even if it isn't sold out. they said it is unfair to fans and if the league doesn't lift the rule congress may force the league to thrift ban. the raiders are beefing up security for the battle of the bay with the 49ers. it will be at the coliseum and it is the first time they played each other since 2011. that game was played at candlestick park and marked by violence. two people were shot. two others were seriously beaten. former raider wide receiver cliff branch says anytime they play each other it is going to be initance. >> i played -- intense. >> i played for the raiders for 15 years, always going to be a battle. >> there will be more police at sunday's game and private security will also be
5:27 pm
increased. several hundred college students shot down a popular spot on university of california at berkeley's campus. >> they closed the cafe in protest. the message being sent by the black student union. >> the launch party was ready. the problem was the rocket wasn't. why nasa called off the orion spacecraft launch and when they plan to try again. >> and the warriors grant a wish to a 20-year-old who has leukemia. how the team went above and beyond.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> outrage in the bay area. protesters are starting to gather in downtown oakland for a second night. a live look here at 14th and broadway where the demonstration continues to grow. right now our photographer on the scene says there are 50-75 people who gathered. the protesters are calling for action after a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man. last night about 300 people marched in the same area. at university of california
5:31 pm
at berkeley a similar protest this afternoon. students shut down a cafe to call attention to the officer involved shooting -- deaths, excuse me in new york and ferguson, missouri. ktvu's john sasaki is live where the cafe is still closed tonight. >> reporter: we are on the edge of the plaza. the golden bear cafe, the black student union took over at noon in support of michael brown and eric garner. >> reporter: at the height of lunchtime on the university of california at berkeley catches one of the places for a meal was closed for business. >> just showing that we feel that energy and that motion and that pain. >> reporter: the black student union shut down the cafe. they did so protesting the non- indictments of police in the deaths of michael brown and
5:32 pm
eric garner. >> i have seen the community be effected by police brutality. the militarizization of the police department. -- militarization of the police department. >> reporter: some students were confused. once protesters explained they seemed to understand. they said it is not easy being african american in this country. they said it hit close to home. >> i see myself when i hear about michael brown. it is not something distant from me. it is personal. >> the plan was to keep it shut down for 4-1/2 hours. >> the 4-1/2 hours that michael brown's body layed on the pavement. >> the system needs change. there needs to be a shift in the way we are choosing to
5:33 pm
prosecute. to question police. who is watching police? >> reporter: protesters hoped to -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: officials told me most students eat there on a pre-paid meal plan so losses are minimal. back to you. >> john sasaki on the cal campus. thank you. police have received 200 body cameras that will serve as an extra set of eyes. today the department provided us with a look at the body cameras. starting monday 15 officers will begin wearing the devices. the program will roll out for the rest of the department in january. police say they will help with accountability when it comes to officer conduct and they could be used to dispute a false claim against an officer. >> they are good at talk -- or teaching about proximity. now incidents are unfolding and
5:34 pm
consequence of events. >> they will be asked to activate the cameras. in south carolina a former white police chief who shot and killed a black man is facing murder charges. in 2011 robert kronsberg shot and killed the man during a struggle outside the town hall in eutawville. yesterday prosecutors filed charges. the prosecutor is taking advantage of national outrage in the wake of grand juries deciding not to file charges for the eric garner and michael brown deaths. attorney general eric holder announced the findings of a department of justice civil rights investigation into the cleveland police department. >> we have determined there is cause to believe that the cleveland division engages in
5:35 pm
using excessive force. >> the findings come two weeks after a police officer shot and killed a black 12-year-old boy who was waving around a realistic looking pellet gun and pointed at it people. surveillance video shows the officers arriving and shooting the boy within seconds of getting there. that killing sparked protests in and around cleveland. the house passed a bill declearing president obama's -- declaring president obama's action on executive immigration null and void. >> the house will make clear we are rejections his actions. >> by allowing the voke he hope -- vote he hopes they will back a budget measure to avoid a government shut down. nancy pelosi pushed republicans to take up immigration reform. >> let us honor the president's
5:36 pm
authority to take action but more importantly let us have a vote on the floor of the house. >> the president executive actions put a hold on deportations of immigrants who are in the united states illegally. the golden state warriors today are granting a special twice a 20-year-old man from australia, make -- wish to a 20- year-old man from australia. he has leukemia. thanks to the -- thanks to the warriors and the make-a-wish foundation his dream of attending a nba game is coming true. today the warriors signed him to a special one day contract. he first met him a couple years ago and then stayed in touch with him. >> inspirational story. back then he wasn't given a lot of time. >> loss for words. i don't know what to say.
5:37 pm
very excited. >> they got to attend the team's practice today and they sat down for lunch with him and they have been invited to the game tonight against the pelicans. nice story. nasa calls off plans to launch the next generation rocket. the set back orion spacecraft had and when they will -- and when they will try again. >> the chain of events that sent a bay area officer into surgery. >> and the next james bond movie. the title and what it represents. ♪
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with kaiser permanente, you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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san francisco police are intensifying their church for three people -- such for three people accused of killing a homeless man. the attack happened last month and was captured by a surveillance video. investigators say this video shows three young men killing a 67-year-old, a disabled homeless man. he was attacked twice by the same group of people. vealingers believe the suspect -- investigators believe the suspects came in on muni or b.a.r.t. and may have been involved in a flash mob. the u.s. navy revoked's bill cosby title of honoree petty officer. the current allegations of sex
5:41 pm
abuse conflict with the navy's values. bill cosby served four years in the navy earning an honorable discharge. he received the title in 2001. 20 women come forward claiming bill cosby made improper advances towards them. a court ruled today chimpanzees do not have the same legal rights as people. a group sued for the release of a chimp saying animals with human qualities deserve basic rights and his life in a cage was like a human in solitary confinement. the group says it plans to appeal to the supreme court. film crews are about to get to work on the next 007 adventure. that is james bond actor on hand for today's announcement
5:42 pm
about expecter. that is the name of the organization featured in dr. no. the 24th movie in the bond series. it will be directed by sam mendez who directed the last bond movie. film is set to begin on monday. it is due out in november of next year. when i was a kid that was huge. it was a common call that police departments get all the time. >> but in this case the call lead to a struggle, a chase, a crash, gun shots and an injured officer and the new information we just learned about an arrest in the case. >> plus rewarding children for working hard with a trip to the zoo. >> i think we got picked because we have a high gpa. >> how players from the a's helped make it a special day. >> the next rain and it will be just in time for the afternoon
5:43 pm
commute. i will time it out for you.
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5:45 pm
within the past half hour police announced they arrested a second suspect in a case where a driver ran over a police officer this morning and then took off. ktvu's rob roth tells us the officer suffered serious injuries. >> reporter: it began as a routine police call about a
5:46 pm
suspicious call. >> someone was using the rest room on the street. someone called. and it blew up to what happened. >> police say as an officer attempted to speak to the people in the car the passenger opened the door and ran and was caught. >> when the driver accelerated, narrowly missing the first officer in a struggle with the first person and struck the second officer and ran over him. >> reporter: one of the officers drew his gun. >> in self-defense the officers fired at the driver. >> reporter: police found the car a few hours later. it had bullet holes in it. police arrested the passengers a 19-year-old. >> there appeared to be blood at the scene that was from the
5:47 pm
police officer who was doing nothing more than responding to a routine call for service. >> reporter: call for service in a neighborhood where residents say they look out for one another. >> there is a school two blocks away, 7:30 a.m. in the morning people are walking. so, it is out of the ordinary. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a pre-school has been shut down almost two weeks after an accident there injured two children. officials red tagged the school after a book case fell during nap time last month. one child suffered a fractured skull. yesterday the department of social services closed the school. officials said the school didn't seek immediate medical attention for the school pmade un-- and made unsafe changes to the building. a holiday party with young fans with very good grades.
5:48 pm
>> i think it is cool. the a's are my favorites team and i like animals. >> i was born in oakland. the a's are my favorite team. >> i like those kind of players. >> the children were selected to go to the party because of their good grades and good behavior. oakland parking elementary school. they were reawarded with pizza and -- rewarded with pizza, santa was there. the a's were having a great time. >> important to get out and interact with them and -- especially for a great cause. always fun to try -- and be supportive of them. >> it is nice. they get a day off from school. field trip. nice to be here. >> party included an animal presentation by the zoo in the wild life theater. they had great weather. >> well done for those kids.
5:49 pm
congratulations to them. our chief meteorologist bill martin, talk more about our weather and we are getting more rain. >> rain tomorrow on the afternoon commute. i want to show you the five-day forecast. more rain towards the weekend. parts of the weekend will be fine but there are showers in the forecast. rainfall accumulations coastal hills. quarter inch. couple inches in the coastal hills too. depends where you are. big sur and santa cruz area. afternoon commute is going to get hit tomorrow with rain. friday -- most people leave early but it will be wet on the roads tomorrow. the moisture is just -- streaming our way. this is the system here. there is another system behind it sunday night into monday. radar shows nothing. but we will see a winter weather warning into the
5:50 pm
mountains tomorrow afternoon. cloudy tonight. patchy ground fog. system number two comes in here. actually -- lost count. maybe three. rain develops for a wet afternoon commute. the system is moving pretty good. that is why we will see less rain. if it stalls out we will get a bunch of rain tomorrow. right now we should see -- like i say, inch, inch and a half in the heavier locations. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, morning commute friday, roads are wet. that is drizzle. probably. maybe more. noon time it gets going. there it is. 4:00 p.m. on friday. friday afternoon commute. right on us. about the heart of the commute. about when it heaviest rain is. saturday rain, lingering showers. i am naught changing my plans -- not changing my plans.
5:51 pm
saturday afternoon. sunday. drizzle. 1:00 p.m. and then you see the system off shore. it will get in sunday night. i have rain in the five-day forecast. showers all around it. mornings. afternoons. i think you will get away with your plans. highs tomorrow, warm. right? lots of water. we will see rainfall accummuleses. not as much as we saw -- accumulations. not as much as we saw with the last system. friday afternoon wet. saturday. not changing my plans. saturday or sunday. if you have outdoor stuff do it but be prepared for a sprinkle or two. should be a stray. sprinkling. get in the car. it is gone. >> thank you. first friday in oakland tomorrow night has been canceled because of the rain. it is held on the first friday of the month. organizers decided because of the forecast they will cancel
5:52 pm
it tomorrow. the next first friday will be on february 6. not taking any chances with the orion spacecraft. the three reasons nasa chose to scrap the launch. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> we are learning about the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. the problem in the stran police department, what is being -- san francisco police department, what is being done to fix it and the down side it the -- to had heavy rain and what is being done oo minemize toxic run off going into the san francisco bayf -- to minimize toxic run off going into the san francisco bay. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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[ music ] dozens of gymnast are on hand hand to announce the olympic trials will be held in san jose. >> i am very proud to announce -- to announce that the women's olympic team will be named right here in san jose in 2016. [ cheers and applause ] >> the competition is scheduled for july 2016. san jose hosted the men's and women's in 2012. nasa scratched plans to
5:56 pm
launch it orion spacecraft -- scrubbed plans to launch the orion spacecraft and has it planned now for tomorrow. >> lot of the spectators were frustrated by the way things turned out but they understand nasa doesn't want to take any chances when it comes to this mission. this is what it looked like here in mountain view. 100 or so people gathered to watch orion spacecraft blast off into space this morning but there were a series of set backs in florida. at first it was a boat that strayed into the launch area and then the winds and nasa was troubled by a valve issue and that is when the decision was made to scrap the launch. >> i understand there are safety concerns. well, i hope that they will figure out what was wrong and it will go off. >> reporter: this will be the first step in nasa's journey to
5:57 pm
mars. the hope is it could carry humans to the red planet. when it launches it will be taking 2 test orbits and they will analyze how the computers and navigation systems are operating and after that it will make a reentry through the earth's atmosphere. orion spacecraft will endure temperatures of 4,000 degrees and that will put its heat shield to the test. it was developed here at the research center. >> once it enters it had heat shield -- the heat shield will give a strong shot and that gives heat transfer. >> reporter: it will take 4-1/2 hours and it will be splashing down into the pacific ocean about 600 miles southwest of san diego. nasa will be giving it all another shot tomorrow. the launch window opens at 4:00 a.m. in the morning our time here on
5:58 pm
the west coast. and here they tell me they will not be having another viewing party tomorrow morning. in mountain view, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of palo alto will implement a residential parking permit program. the city counsel approved the plan last night. it will start downtown and spread throughout the city. it was written in response to complaints for residents who can't find parking because downtown is so busy. residents will be able to get a free permit. people who work downtown will have to pay for one and parking downtown will be limited to two hours. now at 6:00 p.m. a mismanagement of taxpayer money. the problem at the san francisco police department. who is to blame and what is being down to fix it. >> students take over a building at university of california at berkeley.
5:59 pm
one of two local protests against the grand jury decision regarding the death in new york. >> and the down side to the heavy rain. the impact the san francisco bay and what is being done to minimize the problem. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this
6:00 pm
is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a call for major improvements in the san francisco police department after an investigation revealed a long list of errors and mix ups with payroll that have wasted taxpayer money. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> as police try to stay on top of crime they are having a tough time tracking the hours of the officers. an audit found they have been over paying and in some cases under paying officers. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with what is behind the problem. >> reporter: we are not talking about a 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job -- 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job. >> reporter: when pay day comes -- how closely do you look at your check -- some of us trust our employees to get it right. auditors found that wasn't always happening. when they looked at the police department's payroll. including thousands of dollars paid out in over time for officers working special events including parades. >> while we don't know the actual number of errors, this is significant enough we want to change. >> reporter: they found a police department employee worked 12 hours of over time but paid for 33 hours. a review of 266 police time sheets revealed 60% work signed


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