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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a call for major improvements in the san francisco police department after an investigation revealed a long list of errors and mix ups with payroll that have wasted taxpayer money. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> as police try to stay on top of crime they are having a tough time tracking the hours of the officers. an audit found they have been over paying and in some cases under paying officers. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with what is behind the problem. >> reporter: we are not talking about a 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job -- 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job. >> reporter: when pay day comes -- how closely do you look at your check -- some of us trust our employees to get it right. auditors found that wasn't always happening. when they looked at the police department's payroll. including thousands of dollars paid out in over time for officers working special events including parades. >> while we don't know the actual number of errors, this is significant enough we want to change. >> reporter: they found a police department employee worked 12 hours of over time but paid for 33 hours. a review of 266 police time sheets revealed 60% work signed or dated propertily by a
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supervisor -- properly by a supervisor. >> we are working hard to correct that. >> reporter: they say they have followed through on 6-9 recommendations. they are still working to make sure officer whose received extra bilingual pay are certified by the city. collecting $4,000 from officer whose were over paid. >> it is very tough to go back a year after the fact and ask to have that money back. we are working with them closely. >> reporter: auditors found no evidence of abuse or fraud on the part of the officers themselves. a new system should help to keep the mistakes from happening again. >> good idea to review your check. thank you. now to the weather. we have got an ton of rain and more is on the way. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. when do you think it will arrive? >> more rain in the forecast.
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tomorrow afternoon. the afternoon commute will get whacked. we have see a half foot of rain in the north bay, the water shed there. rain from the next system quarter inch to an inch and a half. you will find 2 inches in the hills. big hit on the friday afternoon commute. here is what is similar. the snow level, right? this is subtropical moisture. snow levels unusually high. that is not making the ski resorts happy. temperatures are on the warm side. right now it is getting ready to bring showers in the morning hours. 6:00 a.m., this is the computer model. a few -- i mean, right? this isn't a huge deal. friday morning commute, wet roads. and somewhere around lunchtime you see it lite up and after that the afternoon hours look for rain. looking for a wet afternoon
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commute. there is more after this. the five-day forecasts the in there on the weekend too. we will put that together and i will show you the holes in the weekend. see you back here. speaking of holes. in san francisco there are new concerns about the safety of streets and the aging infrastructure beneath them after four sink holes opened up this week during the stormy weather. ktvu's david stevenson talked to residents of one neighborhood today about what they noticed days before their street collapsed. >> reporter: a break in the rain provided fran relief for -- san francisco with relief from the rain. a crater opened up wednesday morning after heavy rain damaged a storm pipe and water and gas lines. they have been temporary -- utilities have been temporarily restored. >> makes you wonder, i don't
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know, how safe everything is. >> expected to be restored by tuesday of next week. >> reporter: they fanneditute offer information about the repair -- fanned out to offer information about the repairs. there were warning signs in the days before the collapse. >> there was a big bumpy mace in the road and i taught myself to avoid it. maybe that was a precursor. i don't know. >> reporter: others appear to take the inconvenience and mess in stride. >> sand is not a great foundation but it is san francisco and it is worth it. >> reporter: they say crews will install new permanent gas and water lines this weekend and hope to have the street restored by tuesday of next week. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now.
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protesters are once again gathering in oakland. this is 10th and market street in oakland where you can see the protesters there are marching down the street. we are estimating probably at least 100 protesters or so. they are angry about yesterday's grand jury decision in new york not to indict a white new york city police officer for the deadly choking -- a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man. it happened in july and it was caught on a cell phone camera. it shows an officer putting the 250-pound eric garner in a choke hold even though the maneuver has been banned for 20 years. on a video eric garner is heard screaming i can't breathe. a grand jury consistenting of 23 people -- consistenting of 23 people decided the officer should not face charges. protesters took to the streets of new york city tonight. people walked down the street.
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this is the second night of demonstrations in new york. and people marched in washington, d.c. and boston. >> a live picture from chicago. you can see a protest related to the same thing underway at this hour. live pictures from chicago. cars stopped there. part of the protest relating to the eric garner death. >> back here in the bay area, protesters at cal joined in the demonstrations. students shut down a dining hall there. ktvu's john sasaki is outside the golden bear cafe that just reopened. john? >> reporter: as you can see the protest is now over but the black student union took control over the cafe and kept it close for 5 hours. this is one of the most popular dining halls on campus. the students took over in
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solidator with groups protesting non-indictments of police in the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. . >> i see myself when i hear about oscar grand or trayvon martin or michael brown. it is not something distant from me. it is close and personal. i have family members and friends harassed by mese. >> i have seen -- police. >> i have seen my community be effected by police brutality, by the militarization of our police department. >> reporter: protesters had hoped to cost the school money but officials said most students eat on a meal plan so the losses were minimal. >> john, thank you. former secretary of state hillary clinton weighed in on
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the controversial grand jury decisions. >> i am very pleased that the department of justice will be investigating what happened in ferguson or staten island. those families and those communities and our country deserve a full and fair accounting as well as whatever reforms are necessary to ensure a quality, justice and respect for every citizen. >> hillary clinton was attending a we mean's leadership forum. she said our system is out of balance and hopes these tragedies give the nation an opportunity work on the system. and for continuing coverage go to you will find a slide show of the demonstrations related to the grand jury decisions. on under web links. san jose is clearing out
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the jungle tonight and many of the people living in that encampment are trying to figure out what they will do next. the city worked to find housing for people living in the jungle. so far the city says it helped more than 140 people find a place to stay but some say they have nowhere to go. >> they could do nothing but secure me a motel room for two days but i cannot take my dogs. i am going to not go. >> they are now heading to a nearby walmart parking lot where others have gathered. the city says it will take two weeks to clear out all the debris from the jungle now that all the people have gone. fast food workers rally. a mcdonalds in oakland was among the restaurants targeted by protesters. what they are demanding. >> and nasty and toxic
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materials in san francisco bay thanks to the down pour. we will show you what we are talking about and what is being done oo minimize it.
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peaceful protests by fast food workers demanding a higher minimum wage. they stormed a mcdonalds on east 12th street this afternoon. they are demanding a pay raise to $15 an hour and they are encouraging their co-workers to unionize. one protesters left his job as a mcdonalds cashier to join the protest and says he is not worried about getting fired for today's walk out.
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>> i am not afraid. i know my rights. i have the right to form a union. that is what we are doing. we know our rights. we are not scared. that is what we want it tell people. join us. you have rights. >> organizers call themselves the east bay organizing committee. they held a march last year as part of a movement. the protest in oakland was one of 190. a suspect who escaped in a hail of bullets after running over a police officer is now under arrest. the suspect was taken into custody within the last couple hours. this began as a police call around 7:30 a.m. this morning about a suspicious car. as officers approached the vehicle a 19-year-old man ran but was caught. investigators say the driver then accelerated striking and running over the other officer. police fired several shots as the vehicle sped away. >> you can only imagine the
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weight of a vehicle running over your body and the damage it could cause. there was a substantial amount of blood at the scene. >> the officer underwent surgery this afternoon. california community colleges held a summit on how to improve and stream line resources for veterans. students gathered in san jose this morning. it included a panel of returning vets who talked about their experience transitioning back to private life. >> sometimes it is not easy. we want to make it as smooth a process as we can. that means understanding what they have been through and doing whatever we can to help. >> there are 65 veteran resource centers throughout the 100 community college campuses in california. organizers say there are 60- 70,000 community college students who are active duty
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military or veterans. new at 6:00 p.m. a shot of talkens into the bay. the -- toxins into the bay. the down pours and run off overwhelmed sewer systems and that goes into the bay or ocean. ktvu's tom vacar now with what is going into the water and what is being done oo minimize the problem. >> reporter: most bay area systems have two storm systems. in run off systems anything that goes into the sewer runs into the bay. then come huge storms. >> reporter: he analyzes run off in storm sewers. these samples from yesterday have oils, grease, fertilizers,
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and heavy metals, some decades old. >> we can see a lot more of the contamination moving into the bay. >> reporter: it could injure or kill wildlife and build up in their bodies long term. san francisco has a combined system. >> we treat all the waste water from homes and businesses and the storm water. >> for most storms the city can store run off so none gets into the bay. >> on a day like recently with all the rain we are treating 8 times as much water. >> reporter: discharge points allow sewage to get into the bay. to avoid that backing up in homes and businesses. but the city is trying to eliminate that. >> reporter: this is green infrastructure. what happens is it picks up the big debris so it never gets into the system. the water underneath will soak
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into the ground, evaporate or feed to the treatment plant. another feature, porous concrete. >> it is pretty, out on the streets. planters. plants. and it creates habitat for birds and butterflies. >> reporter: the biggest problem, machinery and cloth wipes. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. let's talk about our weather. our chief meteorologist bill martin. we are getting more rain but not as heavy as yesterday. >> i don't think so, no. the rainfall accumulations 1-2, 3 inches. half inch to an inch of rain. that is impressive stuff. a foot of rain in some places. san jose 3-1/2 inches of rain. that is significant. the system has a southern slant to it. that tells you a lot -- here is
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the main low. this is the fuel, if you will. the moisture fed into it. similar to the last system. except it looks like it will move through with more speed. cloudy tonight. here comes the next system. as we head into tomorrow morning, clouds increasing all day. maybe a sprinkle or drizzle. pardon me. but not, you know, not enough to be a major problem in the morning. this is how it looks. model. sprinkles. drizzles. noon time deal, starting to go off. the dynamics. the low is over here. here is the moisture being sucked in. this is the stuff from noon to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. our best shot for rainfall. quarter inch to half inch of rain. maybe an inch. maybe two inches in the santa
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cruz mountains. tomorrow afternoon. friday afternoon wet. next weather headline. weekend. saturday morning. south of santa rosa. again, not going to shut you down. saturday afternoon. there will be sprinkles saturday morning. maybe a stray sprinkle. i stick to what you are doing. i don't think it will be a deal breaker. sunday same deal. sprinkles in the area. sun. more sun on sunday. but then here comes this deal. which wants to come in sunday night. book end by showers in the area. the highs on the warm side. it is from the south. that system. that will impact snow levels that will be around 7,000 feet. 6500 feet. not great news the ski resorts. making snow or were making snow, they are getting rain at the higher elevations. and they are not liking that. but afternoon commute wet.
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weekend sprinkles. don't change your plans. >> thank you. the 49ers and raiders are getting ready for the battle of the bay at the coliseum on sunday. >> the a's pulled into the oakland zoo today honoring great young fans. mark is up next with sports. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick had experience with oakland raiders, their black hole as they gear up for the battle of the bay. the 49ers posted this picture. a young colin kaepernick who was just a kid in the nfl's punt halftime contest. the two teams meet sunday, the first match-up since 2011. extra security is planned due to the violent outbreaks from the last time they met in 2011. during that game a man was beaten unconscious and two people were shot. the raiders say there will be a stalls increase of officers -- substantial increase of officers. extra undercover officers and
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private security staff as well. the raiders coming off the 52-0 loss against the st. louis rams. >> you had to bring that up. >> i had. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> they won't admit it but i can tell you for the raiders organization it is their super bowl. if they beat the 49ers i am sure it will help erase the memory of the loss to the rams and the fact they won only one game. talk about facing the 49ers, how do you feel with colin kaepernick -- deal with colin kaepernick? the is a oakland raider that didn't seem worried about facing him. raiders linebacker talking about facing colin kaepernick. >> plays quarterback. [ laughter ] >> so. there is a lot of other quarterbacks in the league. you know, respect the team. we will go in there and play our game.
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i mean, i am not going to look at it as another quarterback -- got to go deep. >> all right. we will televise that game. the oakland a's out doing their best in the help of the community in this holiday spirit. and they are at the zoo today. santa on hand and that is thumper and a's players giving away toys and such. much of the talk about the trade of last week. including sonny gray. he was as surprised as anyone that the a's would trade josh donaldson. >> you are shocked to lose your best player for the last 2-3 years. look what you are getting back and look at the new guys that we have. it is exciting group. >> you know how many fans were upset, but have a look at the
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reaction from this young blue jays fans when she finds out her favorite player was traded to the a's in that deal. have a look. >> i don't want -- [ crying ] >> trade him back someday. [ crying ] >> they are never going to trade him back. >> we will see if we get him back one day. >> we don't. [ laughter ] >> that is precious. >> that is too much. that was like me as a kid when they traded willie mays. >> back then it was big when you are a little kid -- [ talking at the same time ] >> six years old. she will miss him. yes. >> definitely. >> cute. thank you. coming up at 10:00 p.m. a lost ring found. how one phone call tracked it down. that story and much more
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tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you so much for joining us. have a great night. see you later. >> good night.
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[ telephone ringing ] okay. i'll -- i'll get that. [ beep ] hello? manny's getting his outfit together for the dance tonight. i was just taking some supplies out to the car. isn't this exciting -- the boys' first dance? greatest day of my life. does phil have a green pocket square for him? teal! [ exasperated ] teal. i don't know. i don't think phil's really a pocket-square kind of a guy. wow! wow. why don't we conference in mitch? ay! look. this might work. well, except that it's turquoise... oh, and a bra?! do you think the kids in my village had pocket squares? here we go with the village. dad, are you still there? unfortunately, yes. please ask claire what time do i need to be at the school to help set up.


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