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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it will continue to give us a very mild pattern. these are not cold systems at all but they are wet systems. 50s and 60s. look for a cloudy morning and increasing rain. that will take us into tonight and maybe even early saturday morning. most of the heaviest rain will be to the north. there will be decent totals as we head to not only friday night and saturday but it looks like north bay. rain picks up a little later. heaviest will be toward the north bay. 60s are very consistent here. here he is. happy friday, sal. hey, steve, medesto is out of our way. you don't have to worry. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. let's see what we have with the east shore freeway. and the dublin interchange somehow i moved my map to the dublin interchange. not bad. i wanted to see this too but i want to see this.
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the east shore between the carquinez bridge and the mccarthur maze. this traffic is doing well. 1 minute -- 17men drive. we are not getting any rain in the bay area. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic here is moving very nicely with no major problems. in marin county southbound 101 between novato and san rafael all the way down to the golden gate bridge that traffic is looking good. it's 4:31 let's go back to brian. topping our news work crews are speeding up efforts to fix the massive sink hole in san francisco before the next storm moves in later on today. alex savidge is live with the latest on that project and the other areas in the bay area bracing for weather challenges. alex, good morning, to you. >> reporter: they are rushing to fix this huge sink hole before more rain arrives here later on today. they will have a huge repair project on hand. the street blocked off here
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this morning. as it turns out the big sink hole was caused by a broken storm drain line nearby and all of that water eroded to sand underneath the road and that led to the collapse. this 20-foot by 20-foot crater opened up during wednesday's rainstorm. the sink hole runs about nine feet deep. gas and water service was restored to the neighborhood here just late yesterday and crews will now be spending the rest of today fixing the sewer line. all of the work though the complete repair work will probably not be completed until maybe early next week. that is the latest report. in the meantime, in other parts of the bay area l is quite a bit of storm damage. this is the scene up in marin county. this is surveillance video that shows flood waters seeping through the front door of the champagne salon and day spa.
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as we bring you back out here live again. many people cleaning up and drying out from that series of storms. and now it's time to get ready for more rain. they're hoping to have as much as that sink hole repaired before the next system arrives. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> lots of work left to do. thank you so much. new this morning nasa takes a critical step toward sending astronauts to mars. >> three, two, one, and lift off at dawn. the dawn of orion and the new era of american space exploration. >> at least that is the goal. th orion spacecraft finally blasted off at 4:05 this morning pacific time. orion will orbit the earth twice before coming back down at 20 miles an hour. it's can'ted to splash down at 8:-- it's expected to splash
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down at 8:28 our time. oakland police car was damaged after protests. 300 people marched in downtown oakland raising awareness of what they call a crisis of confidence of police officers. another group of protestors rallied at the fruitvale bart station forcing it to be temporarily shut down. meantime at the san francisco commonwealth club a close friend of marlin luther king junior spoke about race relations and the need for dialogue. >> if you don't have community, you're going to have chaos. well, we talk about building community. and that is by in large what we have to do. >> protestors planned another demonstration in oakland.
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patrol test in san francisco briefly stopped traffic on market street last night as well. several dozen demonstrators gathered at market and powell. at one point they forced a couple muni lines to be rerouted. new york city remains the epicenter of the police protest. thousands of demonstrators fanned out across the city last night from the brooklyn bridge to new york police headquarters. the daughter of eric garner says the officer who applied the choke hold to her father should take responsibility. >> nothing is going to bring my father back. you need to do the right thing and admit that you were wrong and do your time. >> new york's mayor has ordered tens of thousands of police officers to complete a three- day course to retrain them on how to deescalate confrontations. a 16-year-old girl is in custody this morning accused of running over a san leandro
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police officer. it's a story we first brought you yesterday during our second hour on mornings on 2. the teenager was driving a stolen car when she ran over the officer while trying to get away. prompting police to open fire. the veteran police officer was seriously injured but is expected to survive. >> there appeared to be a substantial amount of blood at the scene that was from the police officer who was doing nothing more than responding to a routine call for service. >> the girl surrendered hours later and now facing charges of attempted murder and auto theft. she had a minor injury to her hand believed to be the result of police gunfire. they also arrested a 19-year- old man who was riding in the stolen car. san francisco police are investigating two separate accidents. the latest happened early this morning at sixth and mission streets. a hit and run driver hit a woman crossing the street. she was not seriously hurt. police are still looking for the driver whom witnesses say
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-- who witnesses say was behind the wheel of a gray nissan sedan. a man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car last night. the man was rushed to the hospital where he is listed in critical condition. the woman driving the car stopped immediately and is cooperating with investigators. a registered sex offender found in the bedroom of a 12- year-old girl in bay point has been charged with child molestation and burglary. they detained him and called 911. deputies say semen tell befriended the 12-year-old girl and used a chat happen to communicate with her. statistics show the average age of recruitment into sex traffickings is 12-14 years
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old. 27 children were rescued as a result of those arrests. the city is holding several night walks. bart is making new efforts to prevent bike thefts. representatives will be on hand at bart stations during the evening commute sharing basketball security tips and handing out free theft prevention materials. bikes are allowed on bart. bart currently has secure bike stations. there is also a bike station under construction at san francisco's civic center station. crews continue to dig out from a big mess in parts of southern california. heavy rain and mud flooded streets and caused serious problems yesterday for drivers
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in river side county. officials say nearly 40 people had to be rescued. >> i didn't even realize that it was mud that deep. i couldn't see. i thought it was a little bit of mud on top of the road. it felt hard until i got up to the center and then it kind of stopped and started to slide to the side a little. i realized that is when i was in trouble. >> he wasn't the only one. several cars got stuck in the mud. chp officer had to use his own squad car to rescue a man and woman from his car. over all no injuries were reported. some kids in new orleans are having a little holiday fun with an eyesore in their neighborhood. they took the time to decorate a huge pothole on their street. there are ornaments, bows, and a flamingo with a santa hat and glasses. neighbors say they appreciate the humor but they do want to see repairs. they have filled the pothole with dirt but the neighbors are
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still waiting for a permanent fix. time is 4:39. already homeless and nowhere to go. coming up at 5:00, what is next for the hundreds of people evicted from the largest homeless encampments. >> i can't thank these guys enough. they have gone above and beyond with the one-day contract they set up. >> they certainly are going above and beyond. the warriors signed a new player but just for one day. what is so special about the new recruit from australia. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well. a little wet out there but for the most part we are off to a good start. >> a little bit of rain already in san jose. mainly cloudy but more rain son the -- but more rain is on the way.
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over a million californians have out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. welcome back everybody. time is 4:43. two men from pittsburgh have been arrested in connection where the shooting death of a father and son in the south
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bay. the two 20-year-old men seen in these photos were arrested last month in walnut creek in concord. police say they are suspected of shooting and killing a father and son inside their south san jose home in september. police have not released other details about the shooting and still asking anyone with information to come forward. police are look for two men who slashed the face of a california elementary school principal with a box cutter. it happened yesterday at an elementary school in merced county. they were talking to the principal about a student. he told them that student was not registered at the school. one of the men distracted the prescription pal while the -- principal while the other cut his face leaving a four inch gash. the men ran and the school was locked down for at least 20 minutes. happening today two hours from now president obama will
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announce ashton carter as the next secretary of defense. he would replace out going secretary chuck hagel who announced his resignation last week. the warriors are amazing. they have tied a franchise record with their 11th straight weapon. clay thompson led the goal with 23 points. warriors lead the nba with a 16- 2 record. they play the bulls on saturday. golden state had a new man on their roster. he didn't play. >> reporter: he's 20 and from a town of 20,000. plunged into the pageantry and
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pandemonium of an nba game. >> i'm expected to make up any minute now. >> reporter: frost was court side for the pregame shoot around. trading balls and high fives with players he idolizes. he first met fellow australian andrew three years ago. he was newly diagnosed with leukemia and not expected to live. >> pretty inspirational story to outlook. he's a bigger role model than any of us. >> i can't thank these guys enough. they have gone above and beyond with the one-day contract that they set up. >> reporter: frost was signed to a one-day deal. >> we are privileged and honored that you are a member of our organization officially now. >> reporter: although they could not guarantee they would play. >> he said it would come game time. he said i'm happy with that.
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happy to watch. >> reporter: basketball isn't nearly as big in australia. frost played before his illness but his sister calls him a teenage surfer dude. >> to see his smile, it's the best thing ever. it makes me smile to see him smile. >> reporter: a month ago frost beat the odds and went into remission finally allowing him to travel to watch the man that kept tabs on him all along. >> he would be laying in bed and say i got a twitter from andrew. he was so excited. >> you have to do what you've got to do. >> reporter: introduced with the players frost was humble about being a warrior himself. >> you don't know how strong you are. >> trent frost hopes to stay healthy and eventually become a police officer. the warriors plan to host
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several make a wish families as the season continues. it was also a special day for high school basketball team. the golden state warriors invited the richmond team. last night one of their teammates rodney frizzer was shot and killed outside of his home. >> seeing my kids smile and seeing their eyes light up after what we have been through it was just so amazing. time is 4:48. let's go to sal. keeping an eye on traffic. sal, we've got to talk about the warriors goal real quick. >> you know the warriors you know they -- so this year is just great.
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not that many items on it. traffic on interstate 880 north and southbound looking very good in both directions right here at the oakland coliseum. and there are no major problems. if you are driving in san mateo southbound 101 as you drive down to highway 92 the traffic is looking good. steve, yesterday -- i wanted to ask you a weather question. i said the guy is off. was it humid yesterday? >> it was muggy. >> it was very muggy. we have another system moving in with light rain.
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this system isn't anywhere close. can't hold a candle to what we had on tuesday and wednesday. maybe by this time next week on thursday there will be a pretty good system. there will be some light rain in the morning. there will be some noon into the afternoon commute. could be an inch and a half the coastal hills. rotating in, coming up to the south. very, very light rain. a little bit over lake county. looks like it just visited clear lake along the coast there. for our interest and concerns closer to home, there is a little bit coming up. a little bit more in the valley than there is some here. there is san jose, light rain. there is not a lot here but there is enough where you might get the wet streets. and coming up from highway 17 that is hit and miss. our system will give us a very cloudy day. and also give us rain. the rain will pick up later on as we get the front closer toward us. 50s on the temps and even low
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60s. sfo a very balmily 51. as the day progresses. the heavier amounts in san francisco northward. as we move from santa rosa northward. and more rain starting to punch in which might make it down toward the north bay. we're in this pattern. it looks like we will continue for awhile. everyone is really close. everybody is pretty close. that tells you everything is uniform on the temps. we do have rain today. it might linger into early saturday. and a break saturday afternoon into early sunday. there will be light rain to the north. it looks like a break tuesday and wednesday. wednesday night and thursday a very strong system is maybe going to visit.
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>> it was pretty muggy yesterday. >> it was kind of muggy and humid. coming up a disturbing story a 12-year-old -- it may have led to a death. first busy weekend plans for the royals just ahead the u.s. schedule for the duke and duchess of cambridge.
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i understand being part of the program was a good thing. >> the school district says all of the bullying -- parents concerning the boys death and grief counselors are available on campus today. >> the state is shutting down a
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preschool in fremont after an accident that injured two children. a bookcase fell at the school two weeks ago. one child suffered a fractured skull. another had facial injuries. and now the california department of social services had temporarily suspended the preschools license. state officials say the school did not seek immediate medical attention for the children and made unsafe changes to the facility. the order closes the business pending a legal hearing. plan to explained schools in berkeley is creating controversy. the school district wants to accommodate more students in the next two years. right thousand the district is considering several options. one is to move the berkeley tech academy from its current home to the adult school on san pablo avenue. a new elementary school would be created a the the old berkeley tech campus. they are worried about negative impacts to the neighborhood. another option being considered consolidating programs to make more rooms in classrooms across
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the district. in south africa they are remembering nelson mandela who died one year ago today. they are opening an exhibit at the former office in johannesburg. the office is where mandela worked and hosted guests from all over the world. nelson mandela died on december 5th, 2013 at the age of 95. prince william and his wife kate are coming to the united states. the duke and duchess of cambridge will arrive in new york city on sunday. they will promote british involvement in tech. and attend an nba game in brooklyn. prince william will travel to washington, d.c. for a day to attend a conference at the world bank. the couples 17-month-old son prince george will not be on the trip with them. well, he thought it was gone for good. >> my hand is full with soap and water. i just flushed a toilet and the
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cleanup continues after this week's rainstorms. we'll show you the work that is being done to fix a huge sink hole here in san francisco. and we'll tell you what caused the problems. there will be a lot more this afternoon. we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast. >> more anger over the controversial choke hold death of an unarmed african american man. the protests last night and what is expected this weekend. >> live in san francisco where
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cal train is firing up the brass and holiday lights for its annual holiday train. good morning. we just want to keep up with that holiday spirit. just let that go a bit. because tara moriarty is out at cal train right now with a special holiday train but there are a lot of really cool things you can do in the city and we are going to show you and take you live to some of the very nice holiday displays that you and your family and friends can enjoy. >> you are waking us up with music. >> not only sit friday, but we almost get you a little muse -- but we will get you a little music. we are also talking about weather and traffic. steve paulson came along for the ride. not singing.


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