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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 5, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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a motorcyclist is weaving dangerously on the road. then just keeps drifting to the left. the moment that left other drivers stunned. we have an announcement. >> air canada offers everybody at this bar a round. wait a minute. why my wild guess was their good luck. if you dig fuzzy faces, there is a dating site for you. the dude who did it as a joke can't believe how many people
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are into beards. >> at this point, it's getting out. >> a guy gets a neighbor to prank his mom. >> what happens when one mad mother comes home to a mess. >> got kind of a smile on her face but it's, i'm going to kill somebody. >> the people in this car must have felt helpless watching this motorcyclist weave through the mountains of california. all they could do was get out their camera and hope border patrol would pull this guy over. crossing into their lane of traffic. you hear the people in their car talking. he drifts over the lane again. he passes that trailer, gets into the right lane. passes the border patrol, but
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then keeps drifting to the left. >> oh, no. >> it erupts into dust. >> it's amazing. >> this could have been a medical condition he just lost control. >> the border patrol did stop quickly. they'll get services there rapidly. this next video comes from multiple cameras in australia. a camera on the driver, out the front and out the back of this tow truck. somebody decides to make a last-minute exit, overcorrects. >> oh, no! it's still going. >> thankfully, not collecting any other vehicles. >> it just missed him. >> the driver a 30-year-old woman and her daughter in the
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car. here is the real shocker. minor injuries. thanks to seat belts and having the little girl strapped in properly. she did have to watch her mom being cut from the car. mom was taken to the hospital for observations. >> this man in the stripes shopping. pay attention to this man behind him. >> what? what happened? >> he is swinging a blade. both shoppers in their 50s wounded. a 16-year-old begins to run quickly out of the store. there was an armed security guard doing his shopping. you see him fire at that 16-year-old. he did hit him slightly wounding him and police were able to arrest the 16-year-old. police in israel arrested two other people. one of them a store employee. as it turns out the knife
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belongs to the store. they believe that employee gave the knife to the 16-year-old for the attack. is this a terror attack or personal vendetta thing? >> police in israel are calling it a terror attack. >> this next security video is from peru. this is just outside a bank. you'll see a man and his bodyguard get out heading into the bank. there are three guys up to no good. >> according to police all three of these men are members of a local gang. they are armed and quickly go after this businessman. they are after his cash. watch what this sly businessman does. he swings a wad of cash on the ground. that's when his armed bodyguard starts firing. he wounded one of the robbers. he fatally shot one of the other guys. the third one got away. police are looking for him.
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that second one left the scene of the crime with the money still in hand and went to the hospital, according to reports, to have his wounds treated. that's where police caught up with him. >> as you see the video conclude, you see good samaritans who watched this incident happen. you think are they going to steal the money? not at all. >> this polar bear made himself too welcome in the russian arctic. that polar bear a little too friendly. they fed her once. you are not supposed to do that. she keeps coming back. there you see after they got her tranquilized, got her in the net, that poor thing is not going to know where she is. they are going to take her to a
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zoo or island away from the oil field. >> it's so sad. >> it's the human's fault. tranquilize the dude that fed her first and put him in a helicopter and take him to an island. >> if a polar bear comes sniffing around, it's cool, it's hungry. >> it's a polar bear. it's not cold. >> you are going to wonder if this is a polar bear or human in a polar bear suit. this is like a 2-year-old at christmas. they don't want the toy. they want the box to play wi. they gave this par container. this polar bear does everything it can. all kinds of stupid pet tricks. sometimes i think it's human. >> it's probably bored out of its mind. when it starts pushing on it, he
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that's when i think that is a human. trying to get it under the water. let me push this up here. this polar bear is having a good old time playing with this blue container. >> this mall in australia has just gone under a huge renovation. they invited pro skateboarder corbin harris to have a run in it before it opens. >> that is like a dream. >> it's very much a dream for corbin. when he was younger, the westfield mall is where he used to go. he's become a pro skateboarder and is quite famous in australia. they put together this cool black and white video of corbin shredding it around the mall. it's really cool.
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>> there are all kinds of stairs and ramps and benches and stores. >> it's great video. i think they are going to have to allow some of the kids to skate. >> just embrace the skate culture at this mall. >> a guy walks up to the hotel desk. instead of bringing bags he's packing -- he shows this robber it's time to check out. what happens when a yorkie meets two scaredy cats? >> climbing the wall. [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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[tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? police are looking for people's help.
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the first one comes from a ramada hotel. this guy is looking for some cash. he walks up to the guy running the front desk. the guy suddenly steps back because he's been asked for the cash. now you see the huge knife. they struggle over the knife. while the guy goes for the cash, picks something else up, leaps over the front desk and decides to get the trolley they use to bring the luggage and get one more dig at the guy. the guy drops a bag. he has an undisclosed amount of money in his hand and he runs off. there is a very good look at him. police are really looking for help to find this guy. fortunately, nobody is hurt.
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you see the truck backing around. one of the neighbors was watching this. they assumed this was supposed to be happening. you see the guys get out in their purple outfits. they take a-y blower. this guy loves this snow blower. >> the truck already had other equipment on it. they probably thought maybe maintenance guys. >> and they are in identical purple uniforms. >> fingers crossed, they do get the snow blower back, but i couldn't believe it. >> when it's minus 4 outside and you are a homeless cat, there is not a lot of areas to get warmed up except maybe under a car. this cat was on top of one. this cat doesn't want to move.
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>> the cat's got a collar on it. someone's cat. >> now he's become a hood ornament. >> now he doesn't want to go. the car is going down the street slowly. cat stands up like i had a nice spot here, pal. you're ruining it for me. these cats don't live with this dog. they don't like it. watch that move again. >> this was a yorkie. >> these animals had not had
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interaction with the other species. this is probably the last time. >> there is a bar in london, england, that caters to canadian. people that come from canada like to go here and get a sample of home. a couple of captains of air canada walk into the bar. they come into join the canadian festivities. >> because we are in the holiday season, i would like to take this occasion to offer everybody here present this evening a round. >> that's nice. >> wait a minute. is it a round trip ticket? >> when we say a round, we mean round trip tickets for everyone to go back to canada for the holiday season. to see their families. >> that is exactly what they are doing. air canada had different interviews from people saying i can't go back because of work or because of finances.
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air canada decided to hand out plane tickets to everybody in the bar. >> awesome. what a fantastic surprise. everybody very thankful for this gift from air canada. >> what great pr. the folks behind air canada have heart. they're good people. not just another skateboard video. >> that's ridiculous. >> no foot, no problem. next "right this minute." >> still to come -- these guys have gone fishing. >> on the ice frozen lake here.
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listen up my single fellows with the facial scruff. now there is a place y'all can find some love. it is bristler. it's an online dating site. it comes down whether you have facial hair and whether you like it. >> the greatest search feature ever. you start scrolling the beards.
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>> the website launched six weeks ago and almost immediately it had thousands and thousands and thousands of people that registered. i think is brilliant. >> what if you are a woman that has a beard. >> the only categories are whether you have a beard, not male or female. >> i like this. there is something to be said about the goatee. >> i think so, too. >> it started off in the uk. immediately went international. popular in holland and canada and the usa. san francisco was one of the first cities that embraced this site. the founder is joining us via skype right this minute to tell us more. welcome to the show. and he has a beard. >> this started off as a joke. >> i've got a room, i need a room. like i need a chef, i am a chef. what about i've got a beard, i want a beard?
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all my friends think it's the funnest thing they've seen all day. they made a website for it. i said no one is going to sign up for this. then 100 people sign up in a few days. it's getting out now. >> did you expect that at all? >> no. >> i think there is a part of me that wants to be like yes, of course. the idea for a website about beards will be internationally popular. obviously. >> have you found a significant other or relationship through your own website? >> unfortunately, i've been too busy to go on dates through the website yet. hopefully that will change over the next few weeks. >> any couples celebrating meeting up? >> some of my friends say they've been on the best dates ever through bristler. >> this is an icebreaker in itself. >> it's a much more relaxed
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atmosphere compared to other dating sites. you can't tell if it's a dating site or social network or a joke. it walks the line between those things. >> you have to really, really love fishing to put yourself through what looks to me like misery. ice fishing. looks awful. these guys trying to set up their tent on the ice. a bunch of guys holding down the tent in windy conditions. >> took his body with it. that was a guy then there wasn't a guy. >> their buddy managed to save the tent with his face. >> he's got a heater there. >> it's much warmer. a couple of guys put two pounds of thermite into a metal bowl.
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what's the one thing you're not supposed to do when mom and dad are away? >> have a party. >> survey says -- number one answer. this isyl about to prank mom.
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>> there is stuff all in the front yard. this is a beautiful house. it's the beer bottles. they didn't just stage the front yard. they got the neighbor involved. she plays along. >> kyle had a big party last night. like a really big one. like one of those street ones. >> kyle had a big party last night. >> house is a mess. drinks. even what looks like drugs on the table. now it's time for mom to see the damage. dad and sisters are in on the prank. she sees the beer bottles, the toilet paper. she is not happy, but is about to walk inside. she starts seeing the people passed out, girl in her underwear. first she giggles a little bit. >> parents are home. everybody out of the house.
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>> it's a scary smile. >> everybody leave. >> now it's time to find kyle. kyle? >> she is not pleased they are in the bed. the girl has clothes on. this is part of the prank. >> you've been pranked so hard. >> the house is still a mess. she is angrier about the prank than she was about the party. >> i'm going to kill you. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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a game ward spots two bucks. how he got them out of one strange predicament. >> looks fun. >> mostly involves lots of injuries. >> the daredevils who do it anyway. >> a kid's friends convince him to do crazy things. how egging him on almost got him fried. >> security cameras bust a dog in the trash. >> how this yellow lab is making herself at home in the


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