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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, we're tracking the rain moving right into the bay area. when it's expected to arrive in your neighborhood and what it means for your weekend. then a skateboarder in critical condition after being hit by a car near san francisco's ocean beach. what police found when they talked to the driver. and splashdown as nasa takes one step closer to putting a man on mars. we start with breaking news. we have just learned the jury has reached a verdict in the federal corruption trial of a san francisco police sergeant and officer who are both
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accused of stealing money and property during searches. both were found guilty of four counts of corruption. david stevenson is at the courthouse right now and working on getting more information on that story. well, right now, let's give you a live look outside, gray skies and clouds. this is a look going north toward marin county from our sutro tower in san francisco. we have texas -- he tea with team coverage for you. we begin with rosemary. >> showers already working into the bay area. widespread cloud cover. if we get in and around santa rosa, we have a few light scattered showers here falling. this is going to be just the beginning. we are looking at the possibility of moderate to even heavy rain at times as we get into the second half of the afternoon and here's the
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heavier band here still offshore. i also want to point out that we're picking up lightning in some areas that actually just moved away. but a moment ago lightning being picked up as well. for the afternoon, widespread rain expected. that includes the possibility of thunderstorms as we move into the afternoon. i think it is going to be a very wet evening drive. amounts with this next system anywhere from .25 to 1 inch expected. so when i come back i'm going to detail the storm and i will tell you whether or not this will impact your weekend. rain already falling in parts of the north bay. brian flores is live for us right now in larkspur. getting ready and the folks are there, were they caught offguard by that storm? >> reporter: you are exactly right. we talk about the last storm. it was quite a wallop. several inches of rain fell which is why several locations here in marin county are getting ready, like here at
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piper park where you can get free sandbags. also very busy at local hardware scores as well. we went to koeshette's in larkspur where they had to restock on several items, including tarps, sandbags, flashlights, batteries. people caught offguard by the last storm. some people came in to get sandbags. while forecasters say the storm will be nothing like we saw earlier this week, there's an even one coming next week. and yeah, you should be prepared. >> flashlights by bedrooms, you know, in your bedroom ready to go if the power goes out, extra batteries. lanterns, in case of -- there's lot of trees around here. when the power goes out, sometimes you don't get the power back. >> reporter: a lot of the ground remains saturated. it's been a while since we last saw this amount of rain. as we saw earlier last week, we
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should anticipate problems on the roads. but for many, the rain is a welcomed sight for our state. >> i have food in the refriget refrigettate -- refridge rammer. i'm good to go. >> reporter: back here live at piper park, one of several locations in marin where you can get free sandbags. many of the fire stations offer this as well. but the other thing, when we went to the hardware store, they say many people are buying things like bucket or things to collect rain water. keep in mind, we're still in a drought. mike, back to you. >> we'll see how the commute is even though it's a saturday. southbound 101 in mill valley. first saturday night in oakland has been canceled. organizers say there may be too
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much rain tonight. the next festival will be held on february 6th. with more rain on the way, crews are working to get work done on a massive sinkhole that opened up earlier this week. this morning, workers used machinery to shore it up. this sink home is at lake street and 6th eafl in the richmond district. the road gave wednesday during the heavy rain. the city says the collapse was caused by a broken storm drain line. crews still need to repair damaged water and gas lines. all of that work won't be finished until tuesday at ther -- earliest. a woman accused in the death of a google executive by a heroin overdose was in court in santa cruz today. the 26-year-old woman is charged with manslaughter in the death of forest hayes just over a year ago.
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she faces prostitution and drug charges. prosecutors say she and hayes were on his yacht in santa cruz when she injected hayes with a deadly dose of heroin. today her defense attorneys filed a motion to receive evidence from police. >> the evidence that we're missing is related more to forest hayes, who he is, what's his character, his habits, his compulsions. i think that evidence is relevant to explain why he was on the boat, why there were drugs present, and why he was shooting heroin with a young woman. >> georgia police have also reopened an investigation into the woman there. there then boyfriend also overdosed on hash. daly city police are asking for the public's help in finding the driver of a pickup truck that hit and killed a pedestrian and then coeve --
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drove off. it happened last night. the victim was 77. the truck was a white full- sized pickup with a ladder rack. police say it may have front- end damage and a broken windshield. anyone with information is urged to call daly city police. san francisco police are investigating a crash involving a car and a skateboarder on the great highway. police say the skateboarder, a man in his 50s, suffered suffered-- suffered life- threatening injuries. he was struck by a dodge neon. the driver krista come cummings stopped and remained at the scene. splas she was -- police say she was driving under the influence and was arrested. the skateboarder was at fault in the police. a 16-year-old is in custody accused of running over a san leandro police officer. it's a story we first told but yesterday during "mornings on
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2." investigators say the teen was driving a stolen car when she ran over the officer trying to get away prompting to police to open fire. the police officer was seriously injured reportedly with two broken legs with you is expected -- but is expected to survive. >> there appeared to be a substantial amount of blood at the scene from the police officer doing nothing more than responding to a routine call for service. >> the girl surrendered hours later and is now facing charges of attempted murder and auto theft. she had a minor injury to her hand believed to be the result of police gunfire. police arrested a 19-year-old man also in that stolen car. >> protesters are planning another demonstration in oakland tonight. at 7:00, to raise awareness for what they call a crisis of confidence in police officers. [chanting] >> this was the scene last night as about 300 people took to the streets to protest a new york grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer for the death of an
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unarmed african-american man. another group of protesters rallied at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station forcing it to be temporarily shut down. meanwhile, at the san francisco commonwealth club, former atlanta mayor andrew young, a close friend of dr. martin luther king, junior, spoke about race relations. and the need for dialogue. >> if you don't have community, you're going to have chaos. well, we talk about building community. that's by and large what we have to do. >> tonight's protest is expected on begin at telegraph and -- is expected to begin at telegraph avenue. [chanting] >> a protest in san francisco briefly stopped traffic on market street. demonstrators gathered at market and powell. at one point, they forced a couple of muni lines to be rerouted. new efforts are underway to help stem a rise in bike thefts at b.a.r.t. stations. a recent report from b.a.r.t. cites a 20% increase in bike thefts from 2006 to 2011.
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that increase comes as more people are riding their bikes to b.a.r.t. in response b.a.r.t. is adding more parking spaces to help keep bicycles secure. what's welcomed news to those we spoke with this morning. >> i think it's fab bu list i use the lockers all of the time -- fabulous. i use the lockers all of the time. >> in my case, for example, i use two locks. my locks cost more than the bicycle. >> bike east bay is partnering with help to help prevent b.a.r.t.s. they plan to be at stations to share security tips and remind you to register bikes. nasa has taken another step toward putting a man on mars. the orion splashed down a few hours ago in the pacific ocean off zblks we have splashdown. splashdown confirmed.
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orion is back on earth. america has driven a golden spike as it crosses a bridge into the future. >> this was the end of the unmanned test flight. so far it looks as if all systems worked. engineers at nasa ames helped with the project and nasa hopes this will lead to manned missions to mars by the year 2030. this is no joke. >> 73 years ago, he survived -- he survived the japanese attack on pearl harbor. he shares his about it. and snow in san francisco as well as reindeer and a life- sized gingerbread house. we'll show you the holiday cheer that's sweeping parts of the bay area. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. president obama today formally announced ashton carter as his nominee for the next secretary of defense. >> with a regard of service that's spanned more than 30 years as a public servant, adviser, scholar, ash is widely regarded as one of our nation's foremost security leaders. >> 60-year-old carter was
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defense secretary from 2011 to 02013. he also served as the pentagon's technology and weapons buying chief. in accepting his nomination, he pledged his dedication to the american people and to the men and women of the u.s. armed forces. if confirmed by congress, carter would replace chuck hagel, who resigned last month under pressure from the president. this weekend marks 73 years since the japanese attacked pearl harbor. ahead of the infamous day, i got a chance to talk to a 92- year-old sailor from the bay area. he told me he was not scared that day e -- that day. he was just trying to survive. curious about his crops. what's your favorite thing to grow? >> almost anything. but apricots. here's a big one. >> reporter: he's quite the character. >> look at the slice of that sucker. >> reporter: a gardener. >> peppers. >> reporter: a story teller, who at 92 years old ta us back
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to when he was 19. >> this was taken on the ship. >> reporter: and in 1941. >> this is no joke. >> reporter: back row, right with the mustache, he was an electrician on the u.s.s. san francisco. she was off battleship row preparing for repairs when the japanese attacked. 3500 americans were killed or wounded. >> what am i gonna do? they are gonna let me out or sink me? what do you want? i want to go out. >> reporter: and he also finally served aboard this ship, the u.s.s. hornet docked here in alameda. on the 73rd anniversary of the attack at pearl harbor, it will be aboard the hornet that he will share his memories of that fateful day in 1941, a day his wife says he does not like to talk about too often. >> he didn't talk about the service for years and years and years because it just -- like
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most of us, too painful to talk about. >> reporter: with the little money they had they married in reason know. >> she was treated well. >> hush. >> reporter: 64 years later, the love -- >> was so quick. i wasn't sure i was married. 18 battle stars and 21 i think all together. even got a good conduct one which really surprised me. [laughter] >> i got about eight, nine trees. that's enough. >> reporter: after the navy, they had four children. he built homes and cared for his yard. >> years ago right now it would be pruning time. >> reporter: he calls it a hobby now but in his eyes you can see the passion. >> that's an apricot that will fit in the box. >> reporter: dedication. >> i can get by. >> reporter: as he walked his land on this cool december day in a brief moment by ourselves, he spoke of his passion about being a sailor. >> i'm very proud of myself. that's -- and i don't like to
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take crap from nobody. i -- i walked the decks with pride and that's what i do. >> reporter: and a navy veteran, a pearl harbor survivor, 73 years later, still walking his deck with pride. >> i gotta get ready to prune. >> and thanks to ed for allowing us into his home. very special man. outside our doors this afternoon, a wet one on the way. let's take a look at san francisco. we're up to this point, mostly cloudy, mainly dry a little bit of drizzle out there to report and now picking up on a few light scattered showers just north of santa rosa. we'll go back to the north bay
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and take a look at what is happening. healdsburg, cloverdale, middletown, you may have light rain falling. the heavier rain is expected for the afternoon. i think it will hit us in time for the evening drive. as i mentioned at the top of the hour, picking up on lightning there. for today, in addition to the widespread rain for the afternoon, you can expect some minor flooding, slick roads for the second hatch of the day. thunderstorm chance inspect forecast. high elevation and i don't see advisories issued by the national weather service for the sierra at this point. as we get into the afternoon, we're now 2:00, 3,:00, 4:00, there goes the rain. by tomorrow, this is what i do expect we'll have in the next 24 hours, anywhere from .25, to .50, maybe an inch. we are gonna get a break for part of the weekend. i will show you this. we'll pick it up at this hour. noontime here still mainly dry, as we get into 2:00, notice it's moving up along the
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coastline. we get into 3:00, it's now crossing over the bay. it's well into the north bay. it's just now approaching areas like san jose. by 4:00, it's fairly widespread. it's all the way into antioch and now beginning to move into the central valley. we'll stop it here at 5:00 and notice pockets of moderate to heavy rain expected as well. so again, the take away for today is going to be a very wet afternoon. as we get into saturday morning, still a few residual showers. take a look at that. by noontime we begin to dry out. i think from midday saturday to midday sunday will be the dry time for weather. 59 in fairfield. 66 in oakland. low 60s in napa. for the afternoon today, low to mid-60s. a few upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies and again the rain. the extended forecast here -- with your bay area weekend always in view, we'll wake up tomorrow morning with a few scattered showers and then i think we dry out for the second half of saturday. we have another storm coming in
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sunday into monday. >> so a rough evening commute but after that it should be a nice weekend. >> yeah. >> scattered showers. snow in the sierra? >> yes, but very high. if you are gonna be putting out the outdoor holiday lights, you have mid saturday to mid sunday that time frame. holiday cheer throughout the bay area. after the break, we'll show you where you can eat from a jenger bread house, even catch a ride on a holiday train.
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oim prices continue to drop, trading below $67 a barrel in new york. a lot of green on the big board right now. strong jobs growth in the u.s. lifting stocks higher, pushing the dow close to the 18,000 mark. tiz the season to deck the halls, sing christmas carols and soak in the holiday cheer. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: who says it never snows in san francisco? we are at the california academy of sciences where this snow machine is creating a white christmas for kids big and small but first we're gonna take you on stop one of our holiday tour across the city. ♪ >> reporter: at the caltrain station. >> -- we are running the holiday train saturday and sunday night. we're going to be stopping at four stations on the peninsula
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and the main purpose of the holiday train is to collect toys. so we want everybody to come out and seep the train and -- see the train and bring a toy. >> reporter: next stop, the fairmont hotel where a life- sized gingerbread house captivates thousands. how long did it take? >> three weeks to put it all together. just under 400 hours for pastry chefs and 200 for engineering. >> reporter: you guys touch this stuff every night and you will go back and put the gumdrops back on. >> we do. we ask that everybody respect, the gingerbread house. but all of the big kids and little kids get carried away. we come up every morning and evening to fix any bits of damage. ♪ >> reporter: at union square now through midjanuary, you can grab a pair of ice skates ♪ >> reporter: it's a winter wonderland at the academy of
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sciences. >> actually, it's a light weight bubble. it's something that was developed for hollywood. so it's -- for christmas it's snow but it's also kosher because it's used on hollywood sets. >> reporter: the snow falls every half-hour and outside children can learn more about santa's reindeer, no matter what you like to do this holiday season, there is something for everyone. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. this sunday's battle of the bay is sold out. that means if you don't have a ticket to see the 9ers on the -- and the raiders in oakland, you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. kickoff, 1:25 sunday afternoon. this is only the 13th time the two teams have played each other since 1970. sunday's game will be a tiebreaker since the record is tied at 6 games apiece. and the pac 12 championship game at levi stadium is a few hours ago. the ducks taking on the wildcats. it's the first time the game is
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bed played at a neutral -- being played at a neutral site. it begins at 5:00 and we will have our news on at 4:00 where we'll more on the san francisco police corruption case. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we're always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a wonderful afternoon. thanks for watching.
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