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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  December 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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heavy winds are a combination of shorter, randomly toppled tree limbs on to power lines through the storm area, increasingly pg and e's weather department plays a key role by looking out as far as ten days using the latest storm modeling software. >> we're able to project where and when the damages are going to occur. those estimates are honed as we get closer in time. >> the utility can prestage crews where they're likely to be needed most. those controversial smart meters, they have a duel role. knowing the exact situation -- instantaneously instead of waiting for customers to call
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in. >> smart meters are telling us exactly who is out of power, how long they've been out of power, which gives us a better idea of where the problem may be. that means question roll the closest crew to that area quicker. >> the meters are being programmed to work together with switching equipment, so that a lot of so-called self- healing can occur. >> they'll look all ways and reroute power around the source of the problem, restoring a majority of customers on that circuit within three, four minutes and crews can go to the source of the problem that much quicker. pac 12 game between -- both teams in the top ten. >> there's a lot of great reasons to watch it. number one, you'll see oregon with a chance to avenge the fact they've been beaten by
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arizona two times in a row. if they lose again they won't make it into the final four of the playoff for the national championship. you're also going to get a good chance to get a glimpse of the guy who is most likely going to win the heisman trophy. we mentioned on october 2nd it was oregon getting upset here. arizona 3rd and goal on the oregon 8. their quarterback sacked by tony washington. washington called for unsportsmanlike conduct to give the wildcats a chance to extend the driver with a 1st down. that killed oregon. several plays later it's arizona jones, grigsby in from a yard out. the touchdown that gave them the lead that held up as the game decider. fumbled after the hit by wright. he went to cardinal newman high. arizona upsets oregon for the second consecutive year.
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marcus mariota is definitely the leading passer in the country right now and certainly will be a number one draft pick and it's not often that you see a team that's been beaten by the same team twice in a row. they go in as two touchdown underdogs. the way you see this game shaping up and a chance to get a glimpse. >> should be a terrific game tonight. once we get inside the stadium there'll be a ton of excitement. they'll put up points in a hurry. outside in the hours leading up to the game, well, it's been a more methodical build up as fans are trickling in to levi stadium. this is a trend setter for the conference. it's the first time that the game had been held here as a neutral site. now the ducks fans travel in droves. certainly when you get into a post season game with the magnitude of this. arizona fans harder to spot. there's more green and yellow in the parking lot.
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funny, whether it's because they love the weather or they love the big stage and the spotlight, oregon fans dripping with confidence. >> oregon is great. the stadium is well organized. wonderful. i see nothing but ducks. i've seen zero red. >> it could downpour and we will be -- >> we had to come out and represent. we knew the ducks were going to be dominating today. we had to come out and represent. it's my first time here. i'm excited to see the stadium. i'm from san jose. i did go to school in arizona. so looking forward to seeing the cats go 2-0 against the ducks. >> a lot of talk about the weather right now. it's actually pretty nice. muggy, on the warm side. no sprinkles at this point. duck fans would not mind a deluge. they're more accustomed to that than the good folks from the arizona desert. as for the game itself, oregon
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has lost only three times in the last two years. two of those to arizona. we'll see what kind of psychological ramifications that has tonight. >> marcus is one of the big reasons i want to watch this game. farfetched it might be, but there's been talk about the 49ers trading the number one draft pick raiders for coach harbaugh. any chance he might wind up playing his nfl football in the bay area? i know it's a long shot. >> it's a lot of fun to think about because he is the most fun player for me to watch in all of college football. he was my hawaii man favorite. there is no doubt in my mind he is going to went award and that he is the best player in college football. he can be special at the next level. if there's a shot he winds up playing in the bay area, why not. that'd be great for the fans. >> completing like 70% of his passes. >> that guy is incredible. scott, doesn't look like they'll get a sellout. >> i would say that's highly unlikely. i'm trying to get ticket
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figures. suffice to say you can go on stub hub or any of the sites and get 50, 60% off face value. it's a big stadium and you have two teams that aren't local. that plays into it. we'll see what the crowd is once we get in there. things are looking more on the bleak side in terms of attendance for the game. >> thanks, scott. stay dry out there. >> your daughter goes to oregon. >> she better be working on her midterms. >> better not be even thinking about it. >> just like a dad. >> yeah, right. >> thank you, mark. with more rain coming our way, work continues on filling a big sink hole. workers shored up the hole today to make sure it can handle runoff from the next rain. at the intersection of 6th avenue and lake street in the city's richmond district. the road gave way wednesday. the city says it was caused by a broken storm drain line. crews need to repair damaged water and gas lines.
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that work is expected to be finished until tuesday. police in daly city are searching for the driver of a hit and run that claim the the life of a 78-year-old man. today the victim is being remembered as a generous man who was always willing to help others. rob roth brings us up to date on the investigation. rob. >> reporter: we're in skyline drive which has a 50-mile an hour speed limit. the collision happened about 11:30 last night here in the crosswalk at skyline and west ridge avenue. an elderly man was struck and killed by a driver who just kept going. police are now looking for that driver. a family in mourning for a man they say would do anything for anyone. >> he would still come over here. do anything to help us out. he was a joyful guy. >> reporter: jose rosel took
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his usual two mile walk to his brother's house. he was crossing skyline drive at west ridge avenue when a pickup truck struck him, then headed south on skyline, also known as highway 35. >> the driver was aware that he struck a person as the vehicle stopped momentarily and that's when it fled from the scene. >> police say they're confident the truck has serious front end damage. >> there was a witness who described the vehicle as a white american-made pickup truck. they believe it was a chevy or ford pickup truck. did had a ladder rack in the back of the truck. >> reporter: his neighbors say he was friendly, always seemed in a good mood. >> he always greet us. >> reporter: his family burns a candle in his memory. he made his living cleaning office building and often donated much of what he earned
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to charity. >> i don't see how somebody could do that. just hit somebody with a car and drive away and be able to sleep later that night. >> reporter: to that end, daly city police are asking anyone who may know anything about this collision to please call them. frank. >> let's hope they find that person. >> there were more protests around the country over the police use of force in new york and ferguson, missouri. >> [chanting] >> in chicago about 50 protesters marched through downtown. many cities have seen three days of demonstrations after a new york grand jury decline to indict a white police officer in the choke hold death of eric garner. garner's daughter says she believes the issue goes to police abuse of power. >> this is not a black and white issue. this is a national crisis.
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i believe that this is a crisis. >> students walked out of class in aurora, colorado in protest of eric garner and michael brown decision. some students said they were surprised to get a high five from a police officer who was monitoring that peaceful march. in less than two hours the tree lighting ceremony is beginning to fake place. with a possible protest planned, city leaders say they expect to see more police officers in the area. oakland mayor might have to skip tonight's ceremony. >> i have told them there's a good chance i might not be there. it all depends on what's happening in oakland tonight. >> most of the protests have been peaceful and recommends people still come to the tree lighting. drugs, money and alcohol. all evidence that police never turned in. the verdict in the corruption case against two san francisco police officers and also how an apple gift card was a key piece of evidence linking them to the
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crimes. he survived the attack on pearl harbor when he was just a teen. >> man your stations, this is no joke. man your stations. battle station. >> a man opens up about the emotions of that day and the pride he feels about serving his country.
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it was 73 years ago this weekend that the japanese attacked pearl harbor. a teenage sailor survived that day. he's 92 years old now. he said he was just too busy trying to stay alive. mike mibach spoke with him. he's quite a character and he has quite a story. >> reporter: curious about his crops he's a proud man walking his land. what's your favorite thing to eat that you grow? >> almost anything.
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apricots -- here's a big one. >> reporter: ed is quite the character. >> look at the size of that sucker. >> reporter: a gardener. >> peppers. never been more than 60 miles from home. >> reporter: a story teller. >> i was a senior there. >> reporter: at 92 years old takes us back to when he was 19. >> this is taken on the ship. >> reporter: and at pearl harbor. december 7, 1941. >> mac your stations. -- man your stations. in is no joke. man your stations. man them. >> reporter: back row right with the mustache, he was an electrician on the u.s.s. san francisco. just off battleship row preparing for repapers when the japanese attacked. >> i got underneath this here. >> reporter: 3500 americans were killed or wounded. >> what am i going to do. hi one choice. either going to let me out or sink me, so what do you want, well i want to go out. >> reporter: he also proudly served aboard the u.s.s. hornet, now docked here. on the 73rd anniversary of the attack at pearl harbor, it will
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be aboard the hornet that he will share his memories of that fateful day in 1941. a day his wife says he does not like to talk about too often. >> he didn't talk about the service for years and years and years. like most of us, too painful to talk about. >> reporter: with the little money they had, the two who met after the war married in reno. >> she knows she was treated well. >> oh, hush. >> reporter: 64 years later the love -- >> it was so quick, i wasn't sure i was married or not. >> reporter: and-are still there. >> 18 battle stars plus, 21 i think altogether. even got a good conduct one, which really surprised me. >> i got about 8, 9 trees. it's enough for me. >> reporter: they had four children. he built homes and cared for his yard. >> years ago, right now it would be pruning time, you know. >> reporter: he calls it a hobby now. you can see the passion. >> that's a size apricot that will fit into that right there. >> reporter: dedication.
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>> i get by. >> reporter: as he walked his land on this cool december day in a brief moment by ourselves he spoke of his passion about being a sailor in the u.s. navy. >> i'm very proud of myself. and i don't like to take crap from nobody. the moral of the story is i walk the deck of pride and that's what i do. >> this tree i planted. >> reporter: a navy veteran, a pearl harbor survivor, 73 years later still walking his deck with pride. >> i got to get ready to prune. >> reporter: mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> what an interesting guy, huh? the u.s.s. hornet museum will hold a special ceremony this sunday honoring the memory of those who lost their lives on december 7, 1941. ed is going to be the special guest speaker. wouldn't it be fun to have coffee with him and listen to him talk? >> lucky mike mibach for bringing us that story. >> what an interesting
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characterment we talked about rain. it's starting to get here. >> ed was great. >> i don't take crap from anybody. >> you think about, we know guys who -- like ed who fought in world war ii. some day they're not going to be around. to be able to have conversations for them. for mike to do that story. >> and the energy he still has. he's 92. >> yeah, yeah. that's a great story. good to see. yeah, it's going to rain out there a bit. look for showers on the roadway. not as heavy as originally anticipated early on. overnight it's going to rain. should be out by the morning. what's the rain done so far? it's been very helpful. look at percents of average we're dealing with. 127% in oakland. 165 in san jose. that's a lot. well above average. it's not a drought buster by any means. don't be confused by percents. it's almost like global warming versus weather. this is weather, or the rainfall amounts for this year.
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global warming is the drought. this is helping. the more we get, the better. snow levels remain high. we are seeing showers developing throughout the area. you can kind of see what's happening. this stuff will filter over the hill. over towards los gatos and showers will begin. i suspect up in santa rosa. showers. heavy stuff up in clear lake. and napa you have heavier showers. i suspect that the afternoon commute is going, because it's friday. i hopefully -- when it does begin to rain as it is in many places, it is not going to be a hindrance. so tomorrow morning showers linger as this system comes in. it's slowly coming in now. that's where the moisture is coming from. overnight it picks up. i do not suspect thunderstorms. another system rolls in here sunday late afternoon. here's the thing, saturday and
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sunday right now look to be mostly dry. saturday doesn't look half bad. 10:00 tonight. this is the weather maker here. moving through the north bay. here it is now at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's just going to rain. when you get up, boom, it's gone. throughout the day tomorrow, we'll see sunshine. maybe a little spritz. that's saturday. sunday, partly cloudy. see how the clouds go through. here's sunday afternoon. it will rain sunday night into monday morning. here's your sunday night. more scattered showers. we have more rain next week. real progressive pattern. wet pattern. more significant rain next week. 66 in san jose. don't worry about that now. it's friday night. you're on your way home or you're home. you're looking at a solid weekend. don't change your plans based on a few clouds and sprinkles. you'll be fine saturday and sunday. ball game tonight. there's going to be sprinkles on it, no question about it.
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shouldn't be a dehuge. should be a sprinkle here, sprinkle there, grab a jacket. >> thanks, bill. she's become the face of the movement to let people die with dignity. now we're learning about an e- mail brit nay maynard sent hours before she ended her life to a woman she'd never met.
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brittany maynard, the cancer patient who battled for the right to quote, die with dignity last month, sent a
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touching e-mail the day she died. he replied to an e-mail. she was arrested last year for giving her terminally ill father a fatal dose of morphine. in her e-mail she wrote quote, it was clear to me in my heart that you were doing your very best to care for your terminally ailing father. as a terminally ill person myself, i understand what the level of sacrifice means for loving and supporting family on an emotional, physical and financial level. president obama today announced ashton carter as his nominee for the next secretary of defense. he was deputy defense secretary from 2011 to 2013. he served as the pentagon's technology and weapons buying chief. carter pledged his dedication to the men and women of the u.s. armed forces. >> to the greatest fighting force the world has ever known.
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to you i pledge to keep faith with you. and to serve our nation with the same unflinching dedication that you demonstrate every day. >> if confirmed by congress, carter would become president obama's fourth defense secretary, replacing chuck hag poem the former republican senator resigned last month. evacuations are underway as typhoon -- gains strength as it closed in on the philippines. it's headed for the same area devastated by super typhoon haiyan last year. the storms winds are expected to reach 150 miles an hour. waves could be up to 45 feet high when the typhoon makes landfall. half a million people have been evacuated from their homes. there's also been panic in grocery stores and gas stations as frightened residents prepare for a possible disaster. two police officers found guilty in a corruption case in san francisco.
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what's next for them. a gift card to the apple store was a key piece of evidence. america has driven a golden spike as it crosses a bridge into the future. >> a milestone for space flight. the important roam the bay area played in the orion rocket launch and what's next before it can go to mars. it's nice to be in college. >> and helping military families make ends meet. the special event to brighten their holidays. tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand, or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me.
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and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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it started with surveillance video. now two san francisco police officers are facing possible prison time convict bid a federal jury on corruption charges. that verdict came down early this afternoon. the jury found them guilty on nine counts. ktvu's david steven son has been following the case since it began. an important part of this case hinged on gift cards. >> reporter: that's right. apple gift cards along with testimony from an indicted former officer helped lead to the verdicts that we saw in court today. the case was sparked by the 2011 release of surveillance videos that show plain clothes
4:32 pm
officers raiding rooms. it led to allegations that some of those officers were stealing money and property from criminal suspects. >> there is no place in the san francisco police department an there shouldn't be in any police department for a dishonest cop. >> reporter: convicted edmond robles and ian furminger. robles was found guilty of theft. >> very optimistic coming into the case. he was hopeful for a not guilty verdict. he's crushed and bitterly disappointed. >> reporter: the case included allegations the men stole apple gift cards from a san francisco drug dealer and $30,000 from the backyard of a newark drug dealer. >> these officers have not only betrayed the public trust but the trust of the honest, hard- working men and women of this proud department. >> reporter: much of the case
4:33 pm
hinged upon federally indicted sfpd officer rayal doe vargas who testified. >> i think that changed the government's case. i certainly do. it changed the case completely. >> reporter: furminger and robles sentencing dates are set for february and march. they could face 5 to 8 years in prison each. said this afternoon he will seek their immediate dismissal. they've been on the police department roles suspended without pay since earlier this year. he also said he'll seek to have their pension benefits revoked. frank. >> three other officers were indicted on similar charges. what's happened to them? >> reporter: that case, as you said with similar charges is set to go to trial in federal court in january of the upcoming year. they face similar charges that were a result of what we saw in the surveillance videos. >> thank you, david. a woman accused in a google
4:34 pm
executive's death by heroin overdose was in court in santa cruz today. pleading not guilty to manslaughter in the death of forest hayes in november. she faces prostitution and drug charges. they were on his yacht when she injected hayes with a deadly dose of heroin. police say surveillance video shows tickleman did nothing while hayes lay dying. her defense attorneys deny that. >> her response to that will be clear later on, is clearly that one of panic following an accident. there's nothing calculating. >> defense attorneys filed a motion to receive more police evidence in the case. they say they want information on the victim's character, habits and compulsion. the u.s. entered a new era in space travel with a picture perfect launch, orbit and landing of the orion capsule designed to eventually take humans to mars. nasa calls it a trial by fire and the most critical part of the spacecraft was developed in
4:35 pm
the bay area. john fowler reports on why this is important to the bay area and the country. >> main chute deploy. >> reporter: under parachutes. >> there is your new spacecraft, america. >> reporter: a bullseye off san diego. splash down. >> you see the visuals and you see the data and the flight and you know it's a real spacecraft. all that coming together is real special. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: this morning's spectacular and perfect launch from cape canaveral lifted orion into a super high orbit. more than 10 times higher than the space shuttle ever flew. it fell at 20,000 miles an hour, friction heating the air around the capsule to 10,000 degrees, a literal trial by fire for the heat shield, which was designed here at nasa ames in mountain view. >> our mandate for this grand vehicle was we have to make it much safer. >> reporter: ames engineers are
4:36 pm
beginning flight analysis. the critical heat shield seemed to work. embedded sensors will tell how well. >> it's the first step to get nasa back into human space flight beyond the earth's orbit. >> reporter: orion is updated with new technology, powerful computers and decades of space experience. it's built to takes a to naughts to an asteroid, past the moon, possibly mars in two decades. the only thing missing, a national investment. >> that's what we need asked a decision to do these bold things with the new vehicle we have. >> reporter: nasa is currently on a starvation budget. if congress ponies up, america could soon blast off into humankind's biggest adventure. >> city crews racing to catch up to more and more thieves stealing copper wire and knocking out hundreds of lights in the south bay. the extra steps the city is now taking to make sure the thieves
4:37 pm
can't do it again. helping people who serve our country make ends meet. >> one thing that makes my life better for my family. >> we go to travis air force base where one group is trying to make the holidays brighter for military families.
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new efforts are underway to help keep people from stealing bikes at bart stations. a recent report from bart says
4:40 pm
there was a 20% increase in stolen bikes from 2006 to 2011. this comes as more and more people are riding their bikes to bart. in response, bart is now planning to add bike parking spaces and lockers at more stations. also bike east bay is partnering with bart to help stop the bike thefts. from now through the summer, representatives from bike east bay plan to be at stations during the evening commute to share advice on how to keep bikes more secure. oakland is trying a new approach to raise awareness about the commercial sexual exploitation of children and to better protect the city's children from sexual predators. city hall and law enforcement leaders are partnering with community and faith organizations. they're launching a night walk campaign to fight sexual exploitation of children. they'll be talking to -- to discourage prostitution. >> the sexual exploitation of minors has been a growing problem for more than a decade.
4:41 pm
as the adults and leaders of this community, this atrocity is happening on our watches and it's up to us to stop it. >> according to the u.s. justice department the average age of recruitment into sex trafficking is between 12 and 14 years old. this year oakland has run 50 human trafficking operations, resulting in 532 arrests and more than two dozen juvenile rescues. a portrait of former governor arnold swats anythinger is back at the state capitol tonight. maria shriver's face was painted over when the portrait was first unveiled. the painting has since been touched up and has now been placed alongside past governors on the third floor of the capitol building. saying thank you to the people who serve our country. >> we go to travis air force base where the holidays got brighter today for military families.
4:42 pm
i'm outside levi stadium getting set for the pac 12 championship game. coming up in sports, two teams trying to make history in two different ways. we will hear from the best college football player in america. oregon-arizona coming up. we'll talk about it. tracking the rain into your neighborhood. nice looking sunset. showers throughout the day area. how they'll impact the weekend right after the break.
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visit today.
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some 1500 volunteers are donating their time to give a san jose middle school a makeover. heading the effort to transform clyde l. fisher school as part of the company's annual project inspire volunteering event. inspired to take the place of a company holiday party. over the years the project has provided $5.5 million in cash, equipment and labor all to support the education of local children. it's a crime that can affect entire neighborhoods. copper wire theft is running rampant in the bay area.
4:46 pm
the problem is so bad the city is taking expensive measures to try to fight back. ann. >> not only was the theft itself a problem, the city didn't have the staffing to make the repairs. they had more than 1000 lights out due to wire theft. now they've cut that number in half. this san jose neighborhood has been in the dark thanks to thieves who raided street lights for copper wire. >> it's nonstop. every day it's stolen wire. >> reporter: the problem was so big city crews couldn't keep up. >> three years ago we were seeing theft occurring at a rate of about 10 to 15 locations per month. last year that had increased to about 30 to 40. now we're up to 40 to 50 per month. >> reporter: so san jose has taken action. allocating -- hiring more
4:47 pm
crews. >> we've essentially tripled our staffing to deal specific rita williams with theft repair. >> reporter: that makes a total of three crews trying to get those lights back on. they've just begun installing these metal locking lids. >> we'll go to a place, pull new wire. two weeks later come back and the wire is stolen again. now it slows things down. >> neighbors are grateful and hopeful this will work. >> no one is going to steal it again. >> when thieves move on, city crews say they won't be far behind. >> it's not slowing down. doesn't seem like to me anyways. >> there is a backlog of lights out. >> 40 to 50 thefts per month. let's hope this works. christmas is less than three weeks away. hundreds of members of the u.s. air force got help today.
4:48 pm
reports from fairfield where the families say they'll now have a brighter holiday. >> reporter: at travis air force base where the mission of protecting the nation is on going, ♪ -- there was another important mission 20 days before christmas. >> yeah. -- >> reporter: airmen and women played santa's helpers for military families. >> i can just give to my siblings. >> reporter: the nonprofit operation home front sponsored this give away for 250 air force families during what can be a tough time of year. >> it's a lot of stress on our families. the military family member is deployed and gone away. this is just a nice way to say thank you for your service. >> i'm thankful that the
4:49 pm
operation home front offers this to military. it's nice relief to -- offset some of the costs nowadays. >> reporter: whether picking out a baby doll or a ninja play set, these families appreciate this as a great christmas bonus. in some cases this is a necessity. >> we're a single income family right now. any extra help we can get really helps. isabel williams came here to get toys for her and her husbands four kids. >> i got some blocks for the baby. >> reporter: she admits the pay from her husband's reserve role here and his other job doesn't go very far. >> here in california it's really hard. just a livable income for a family, it's hard.
4:50 pm
>> instead of buying a toy, especially educational toys, i can buy formula. other things. diapers. wipes. >> the gratitude was obvious. >> thank you from me personally. god bless. >> in fairfield. ktvu channel 2 news. >> operation home front. good work by them. this next video we all cried over. it's very heart warming. it's gotten more than a million views already on youtube. it's a marine who arrives at camp pendleton after a year in afghanistan and breaks down in tears during a surprise reunion with his wife. >> so here's what happened before that. last month sarah taylor of maryland flew to the southern california bay to surprise her husband who just landed from afghanistan. her husband didn't expect to
4:51 pm
see her until weeks later for thanksgiving. making his way through crowds. greeting other marines. hugs. high fives. he spots her, covers his eyes, begins crying, tearing up a little bit. she moves in, gives him a great big hug and a kiss. they embrace following what was the longest year of their lives. we cannot get enough of this video. it just reminds us so much of having your loved ones near. it's a four minute video. it is worth every second. >> watched it earlier. i was expecting him to get all excited. he was so subtle that actually made it that much more touching. it's really worth it. it's a nice video. breaths bring in bill martin. more rain on the way. >> more rain on the way. s it your friday. weekend looks like it's going to be mostly dry. there's rain on the way. showering out there now.
4:52 pm
as we head into tomorrow morning, a few more showers. mostly dry, especially on sunday. football game going on right after we get off the air here at levi stadium. should be a good game. arizona and oregon. watching at home, you'll see drops on the field. not enough to turn into a mud bowl. certainly enough to kind of keep you cool maybe need a jacket while you're out there. system number one here, well, more than one. this is one as we head towards the weekend. it's happening now. there's one behind it that impacts us sunday night into monday. this brings scattered showers throughout the area. scattered heavier showers. san jose getting lit up there. we're starting to see heavy showers there. that's good stuff there. you see how widely scattered it is. that's going the nature of this system. rainfall rates could be a quarter inch an hour. you just go south and it's
4:53 pm
barely raining. we'll see hit and miss showers. morgan hill, you're getting smacked now. activity up south of clear lake. middletown. light showers. this is all night. out and about, just drive safely. be prepared for showers. sometimes heavy. sometimes light. sometimes not at all. tonight into tomorrow morning, there's a system. here comes sunday night's system. it appears in between tonight and sunday night's system, saturday and sunday afternoon, looks like it's going to be okay. unsettled slightly. plans go off without a thin, if you're concerned about rain. rain develops tonight. lasts into the early morning hours. then it's gone. we cue up storm number two. sunday late afternoon. i'd pack it up, watch some sunday night football. showers should start. 11:00 friday, there it is. okay. so that's tonight. then boom. friday -- saturday morning. you know, that's rain. and then breaks.
4:54 pm
there's the whole day saturday. whole day sunday. sunday night. we push forward into sunday evening. then monday. just a moist flow; right? nothing super well organized. not like we saw last night. beyond this there will be more significant rain next week. meantime, enjoy the five day forecast. looks good. nice dose of rain. it's not really much compared to what we did experience. boy, that was a big deal we had last couple days. so a little bit of a break now. some rain tonight and then it's gone. minutes away from the pac 12 title game between oregon and arizona. mark ibanez is back. >> oregon has been beaten by arizona two times in a row, yet they go into this game as a two touchdown favorite. the ducks don't lose very often, but they've had trouble with the arizona team and our scott reese is down there at levi stadium and sizing things up for us, which also features
4:55 pm
potential heisman trophy winner as well. scott. >> reporter: no question. a lot of intriguing storylines tonight. from the arizona side -- wildcats have never in the history of the program won an outright pac 12 title. they obviously have a chance to get that done tonight. as for the ducks, they've been here before. they have been here trying to get back and qualify for college football's four team playoffs. the ducks have had an amazing run. a seemingly perennial top five program. the biggest reason for that is number eight. not only a heisman candidate, but the favorite going in. he has put up incredible numbers. the fifth college football player in history. ncaa history to pass for 9000 yards and rush for 2000 yards in a career. he's done it in just three seasons. marcus passes the eyeball test. he's one of the most explosive, enjoyable players to watch. i'm a guy who covers stanford and i still will tell you i've had a ton of fun watching this
4:56 pm
guy compete. i mention the heisman. we're not going to find out officially until next week who are the invitees to new york. it's a fore gone conclusion he will be a finalist. he's the presumptive favorite to went award. in the hours leading want to game, the heisman is on the collective consciousness of the ducks. >> every single way represents what you want in your quarterback. what anybody would want in your quarterback. >> it's going to be a dream come true if i'm invited. that'd be an awesome deal. i wouldn't be in this position without my teammates. hopefully in the end, whatever the outcome is, the invitation itself is just an honor and a privilege. >> he's always been a great worker. he's always been fantastic on the field from a talent standpoint. great off the field.
4:57 pm
community service. -- >> reporter: one thing he hasn't done is win a pac 12 championship. mark. >> we both predict he will win the heisman. that's a shoe in at this point. got to ask you, bowl game implications if oregon should lose this game. >> implications regardless of the outcome. looking for a local ankle, it comes down to stanford. the folks at the foster farms bowl want the cardinal. it would be a terrific bowl get for stanford. if arizona were to lose, that might make things difficult. >> i can tell you're a stanford man just by using that -- i gave you a chance. i gave you a channel to talk up stanford. there you go. >> and he did. >> exactly. >> i love it. >> if oregon loses they're out of the four game playoff. >> that is a permutation i'm not prepared to talk about.
4:58 pm
>> thank you. enjoy the game, everyone. it's coming up next. oregon against arizona. looks like this could be a good one.
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
tonight, in the city by the bay, the back 12's best lay it all on the line. >> and up top, and there's adam. breaks a tackle. lights


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