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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. chaos on the streets of berkeley, vandalism, looting and tear gas and rubber bullets. a protest against police violence turns violent. why are people looting? there is no need. we're peacefully protesting. >> that protest started near the cal campus and finally broke apart as protesters met a line of officers blocking access to interstate 80. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. tonight's new round of demonstrations comes after two controversial grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york involving police officers. we have live team coverage on
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this developing story. ktvu debora villalon has been following the protesters around berkeley, but we start with katy utehs, in the middle of the looting and also where police responded. >> reporter: heather, we're a few blocks from where protests are currently. police are trying to either scatter or rest the remaining protesters. quite honestly it's not safe for us to be near the scene as you will see in the video. you will not only witness an officer hit in the head, but also officers responding aggressively and what is sad about it, all when glass shatters, the message of the protest is lost in the noise. sing in front of berkeley police headquarters. a model protest. on a street named after dr.
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martin luther king, jr.. the march pivoted at a police blockade. when officers tried to move the crowd heading north. emotion and adrenalin surged from both sides swirling into a chaotic scene. as some still tried to keep the message strong. we became caught in the current. jabbed by a baton, pushed back from the police line. as people hurled rocks at officers. peaceful protesters struggled to keep a raging crowd in control. and their own heads above the
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smoke. followed by rubber bullets, which shot into the direction of the next scene. looters smashing windows at trader joe's. knocking crates on to university avenue and stealing wine from the store. people trapped nircars had nowhere to turn and neither did we. people in masks accosted a-1 recording the mayhem. and violence and looting. >> it's just fighting violence with violence, that we don't need. >> reporter: which clearly distracts from the message. >> we're peacefully protesting and showdown be shouldn't be taking from stores. people are taking things and that is not right. i'm sorry, they are not fighting against us. >> as others felt compelled to clean up the mess. >> reporter: and as some of the protesters
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were cleaning up the mess, someone yelled "to the freeway." and the march took off down university towards 80, which is where we find my colleague debora villalon, where she picked up the protesters there, debora. >> katie, they were not able to swarm interstate 80, because when they got there, the chp and dozens of officers from other agencies were there, watching and waiting. but the march went on for three more hours and this is where it ended up at this hour, right back where it started at the cal campus. you see a line of officers, that is uc police, berkeley police, opd has been out here tonight and they are face-to- face with the remaining contingent of protesters. take a look behind us. there is a bus here waiting from alameda county sheriff's department, waiting to lead r load in anyone who is arrested. it appears that the cat-and-
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mouse game that has gone on all evening isn't going to go much further. >> reporter: in the last hour, at telegraph and bancroft, officers in riot gear demand that those disperse and those who refuse to clear the streets are being arrested. it's been a long evening for the marchers and law enforcement. all the way west to i-80 where they found too many barricades blocking their way to the freeway. ramps in both directions blocked to all traffic as a precaution. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: the marchers headed east and zigzagging on residential streets, this standoff at berkeley way and athens, one of several in with which a fleet
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of law enforcement waited out the crowd. at that the point their numbers dwindling, but still determined the remaining protesters marched back to campus, where police seemed to be trying to outlast them. as interested students out for the evening, a part of a secondary crowd watching the conflict. so this is it as we come back live. this is where it has all ended up, a skirmish line at telegraph and bancroft at the campus and officers are keeping anyone from walking out into streets and along telegraph avenue. it has become much calmer. it is quieter now. we haven't seen any repeat of the earlier vandalism. but it's clear that the anger, the unrest over racial profiling, and in-custody deaths in police custody isn't going anywhere r judging by the
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endurance and frequency of the protest manslaughter. >> thank you, deb. protests. we posted video on our homepage and keep you updated vieu twitter and facebook. new at 10:00 a large die-in was held in los angeles. hundreds taking to the streets of hollywood in a peaceful demonstration against police brutality. many of the demonstrators wear black clothing and held both hands in the air. several celebrities called the march called "blackout hollywood." including tyres gibson. >> not all police are bad police. it would be unfair to say that. but for the ones doing wrong they need to be punished like rest us for breaking the law. you are not above the law because you you are the law. >> the demonstrators blocked traffic including the intersection of hollywood boulevard and highland avenue where last night los angeles police report shot and killed a man they said
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was armed with a knife. now on to our weather coverage, overnight storms caused trees to crash to the down. this one fell on point reyes petaluma road and other on cascade way. power lines came down along with the trees, but power appears to be restored with pg&e reporting only minor outages around marin and sonoma countys. a calm night, but it's been an active week. >> it's made a big difference in the rain totals compared to normal. we want to check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. >> we get a break with mostly cloudy skies, but we have been talking about the series of storms, of course the strong one into tuesday night into wednesday morning. and just for comparison, you are talking about the big chances over the past week of the last week at this time, look at rainfall statistics for santa rosa, san francisco, oakland and san josi. everybody below 100% and a
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significant leap in the rainfall numbers coming up currently. look at santa rosa from 239 5" of rainfall to over 7.5". that is 94% of average. san francisco, oakland and san josi all over 100%, in fact, san josi from 70 to 160%. as we mentioned a bit of a break out there with mostly cloudy skies. some fog developing. there is a system out to our north and west that will impact the region by this time tomorrow. and into monday morning. coming up at 10:35 we have a lot to talk about, the timing of the chance of a few scattered showers for sunday night into monday and the timing of a much stronger storm, could be stronger than the one over the past few days coming up at 10:35. thank you, mark. typhoon ruby crashing into fill phenomenons coast leaving a path of destruction. strong winds of 120 miles per hour down trees and knocked out power for many in of the coastal town of dolores.
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as manufacture as 650,000 people have fled the region, manufacture them still recovering from typhoon haiyan. you may remember that storm left more than 7300 people dead or missing. so far there are no reports though of casualties associated with typhoon ruby. the family of a veteran accuse of stabbing four people on an amtrak train said he has mental health issues. the stabbing last night happened on the train as it approached miles, michigan. the suspect, 44-year-old michael williams of saginaw faces charges of attempted murders. republicans have gained more ground in u.s. senate, winning a run-off election in louisiana. secretary of state says republican big cassidy defeated democratic incumbent mary landrieu with 57% of the vote. republicans held on to two congressional stateseats in louisiana.
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louisiana start the next congress with a commanding major with the house of representatives. the gop will hold 246 seats, compared to 188 for democratics with one race still undecidedded in arizona. landrieu's loss will tip the balance further in the senate, where republicans have 54 senate seats and democrats control 44 with two independents. the driver responsibility for a fatality hit-and-run accident in san josi is still at large. it happened yesterday evening. officers responded to the scene and r found a female pedestrian with serious injuries who died rarity at a hospital. police say the driver who hit her did not stop and so far there is no description of the vehicle. a sacramento area firefighter is under arrest for burglary and elder abuse. police say that he gained entry to several homes in citrus heights by claiming he was there to inspect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, but he wasn't on duty and instead of
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inspecting went through people's medicine cabinets apparently looking for drugs. >> he walked around the corner and into the bathroom and you could see -- you could see what he was doing and he was at where my husband keep his meds. police arrested 30-year-old craig white of roseville, a paramedic and firefighter with the sacramento metro fire department. he has been put on administrative leave. well, forget the latest and greatest apple creation. we're going back to the beginning. an original airplanele computer sold by steve jobs set to go up for auction. the power of portraits and the difference to east bay families who never had the chance to make one. the free program that alod these people to say "cheese." plus elite soldiers to rescue an american hostages dangerous mission, the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds
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. new details tonight about an american hostage held by al- qaeda terrorists in yemen. he was killed during a rescue attempt by u.s. special force. 33-year-old photojournalist luke somers was kidnapped in september of last year. authorities say the terror group planned to kill somers today. peter doocy reports, the special forces were unable to save him. >> reporter: there was a feeling of urgency driving the mission to rescue luke somer because al-qaeda hostage-takers threatened to kill him today if their demands
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were not met. president obama signed off on the rescue friday and last night a team of 40 special operators arrived inemman via osprey aircrafts landing really more than six miles from the compound, where somers and another hostage, south african teacher pierre korkie were being held. they were spotted about a football field away from the compound and that is when officials believe that the hostages were shot. the u.s. team engaged the al- qaeda kidnappers killing more than five of them and retrieving the wounded hostages and airlifting them to the u.s.s. vessel. the associated press reports that the american somers survived the flight and died on the navy ship, but the south african korkie died in flight. >> he was murdered during an attempt by american forces to
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rescue him from terrorist groups inemman. none of the american rescuers were injured and the vice president got emotional this morning talking about the brave attempt last night and also previously at a time when their plan was foiled because somers had been moved. >> special forces who were engaged in the two rescue missions did an incredible job. and inflicted serious damage on the captors. but this time, this time, they were unable to save luke. >> reporter: the yemeni government had a head's up, but didn't participate at all and we heard from luke somer's sister who says her family was informed about luke's murder. the fbi is investigating threatening e-mails sent to employees at sony pictures entertainment. someone claim tock with the
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hacking group sent the e-mail. it warns workers in bronco english that they and their families will be in danger. this comes after the studio's computer system was hacked last week. several movies were stolen and the personal information of some employees was released. there is speculation north korea could be behind the attacks. sony is set to release a comedy about a plot to assassiniate north korean leader kim jong-un. >> it's one possible source. the other thing is that to look at our hacktivist out. harborview have taken sonny's gaming systems off-line nast and issued threats toward senior executives. experts say the most recent attack could also be the work of i disgruntled employee. president obama underwent a ct scan after complaining of a sore float. it revealed swelling of soft tissue in the back of the
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president's throat. the doctors decided to perform a ct scan as well. in a statement released by the white house, obama's physician says acid reflux is causing the pain and is he being treated ocordingly. >> gas prices have been in a nose-dive for the past 70 days. triple-a says a gallon of regular averaged $2.69. of the savings at the pump are an early christmas present for drivers. >> every $0.10 you see a drop in unleaded gasoline equated to $11 billion in pocket change. we're actually going see gas prices continue to fall. >> the downside is a drop in the price of energy stocks, which can affect retirement funds and personal portfolios. experts say an abundance of oil is driving prices down. here is a quick look at bay area pump prices according to triple-a, it's now $3.15, noun $0.28 from
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last month. in san josi $2.9, down $0.25 and in oakland, prices have dropped $0.30 from a month took $3. a third grade teachner sacramento is out of jail tonight after being arrested for alleged drunk-driving. investigators say that the 56- year-old patricia robertson 's blood-alcohol limit was three times the legal limit. he was reportedly on her way to school when the accident happened. school officials say she has been wst district for almost 30 years. robertson is currently on paid administrative leave. few things carry the emotional punch as a photograph. few east bay families had the chance to have their family portrait until now. it's a simple thing that some families have never gotten around to doing taking the family portrait. >> we always wanted to take a
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family portrait, but it's expensive. so just the fact that this opportunity was here, and something that i wouldn't have missed for the world. >> that opportunity came today at the youth uprising office in oakland. dozens of families came together to say "cheese" and mark a moment in time to cherish for the rest of their lives. >> pictures are important. that is how come i became a photographer, because i value having that documentation of my family. don't let me start crying, because it's important. that families have this and so some don't. >> it's now a global phenomena, starting in 2008 with photographers around the world volunteering to take pictures of those who never had a portrait. >> i think we need this. i think our soul needs this. i i think our community needs this. it's the holidays, too. it's a very important time in the lives of a lot of families and a lot of people community. >> craig colbert took a family portrait with his wife and son. >> especially in oakland, they
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need things like this, to lift up the community. >> they are so cute. >> she got her first look at a life event in her family's history. >> not only getting together, but getting together to record that moment, to freeze that moment, and have it in your hand and have something to look at. it's priceless. >> i think they are beautiful. yes, i appreciate it. >> i think it's amazing. >> organizers are still trying to tally up the totals, but last year they say they took portraits for 254 people. >> it's such a nice thing during the holidays. >> a lot ofp happy folks out there. many people at home might be hoping that the iphone 6 or ipad shows up under their tree this year, but someone is going to get an apple product that is much more unique. you window be able to check facebook or twitter on it, but this computer an apple fan's
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dream. >> it's pretty cool. snow, elephants and christmas trees and the unique place to take a family picture this holiday season. many weather, tracking a few clouds. coming up, we'll break down the monday shower chance as they move across the bay area. the one day it will be dry and the timing of a very strong storm that shows up in five-day forecast, we'll have that coming up in a bit.
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the holiday in the park celebration at six flags discovery kingdom is billed as north california's biggest holiday celebration with millions of dazzling lights and bay area's tallest christmas tree. ktvu's allie rasmus with the other population attractions grand slam trimming the christmas tree means something different when you are a 900,00000
10:25 pm
elephant who just turned 50 years old. she and her cohort, a 32 african elephant were using christmas trees. >> had he can use their noses to rip and tear and they like to play and chew on it-he has been working with the ladies for eleven years and they never cease to maize them. >> their intention and their size and the connection that people can make with them is the most impressive things. >> they just some of the animals park-goers can see with the holiday celebration. you with pose for a christmas card photo. the park has a snow hill, their coasters are decked out in lights and so is their 65' tree, by it's time for the animal shine as ambassadors of their species. >> both of them are endangered, there is less than 350,000 after can elephants and right now poaching for tier ivory tusks is the worse it's
10:26 pm
been ever. >> reporter: bengal tigers are also on the endangered list. >> creating that connection gives people the impetus to save them- the trainers say this sea lion has a lot of value in making sure that park-goers see him up- close. >> you can take away something this you can't get from watching them on tv. six flags works with the marine sanctuarcy to give them a new home. >> these are animals orphaned in the wild and deemed unreleasable, so we have to find a good hymn for them and we're a perfect operation for them. >> reporter: ed at home and at the park and ready to wish visitors happy holidays inhir own voice. in val vow, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. pretty cute animals of a record-setting white truffle has sold at auction for far less than it might have.
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it weighs 4.16 pounds. sotheby's auctioned it today for more than $61,000 the buy ser from taiwan and sotheby says it received $1 million officers from china. it sold the truffle in new york so the money can go to local charities. it's the perfect gift for apple cos. next week christies will auction a operating original apple computer. . dozens of sick children get the trip of a lifetime. the magical flight to put smiles on little one's faces and spread holiday cheer. plus people in san francisco trying to do their holiday shopping ran into a big protest. we're there as the protesters take their message to the two busiest parts of the city.
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to help make better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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. as we told you at the top of the newscast, demonstrators marched through berkeley to protest controversial incidents involving police officers and also marched in new york and washington, d.c. they were protesting the decision by staten island grand jury, not to indict a new york city police officer in the choke- hold death of eric garner. graner's mother spoke before a group of demonstrators thanking them for their support. >> it's just so awesome to see the crowds out there, people who i never would have met or never would have known and still will probably never meet, but they are ought there and standing for my son. >> today's demonstration went beyond the united states.
10:31 pm
in paris protesters there called attention to the cases of both eric garner and michael brown. back here at home, dozens were arrested at a protest in san francisco earlier today. kutv's john sasaki was there when demonstrators blocked traffic in one of the busiest parts of the city at 16 and mission in san francisco, the rhetoric was pointed. these protesters are angry about the cases of eric garner and michael brown and others. >> black lives matter, latino lives matter, all life matters. >> reporter: they took their protest to the street, heading towards downtown. >> killing people unarmed, unprovoked people in our community. primarily black men. >> reporter: one marcher said she lost her son to a police shooting in san
10:32 pm
francisco in october. >> in his head and heart - . >> police say he was a car burglar armed with a handgun. >> reporter: at powell and market, dozens of protesters sat down in the street, halting traffic. this protest was disrupted, but not destructive. after an hour of gridlock, police moved in to clear the streets. the 21 people arrested all mitted to their cause. >> i want to show people that they can stand up to these people. >> reporter: they are facing charges of disobeying traffic officers. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. about 50,000 football fans are expected to crowd into the oakland coliseum tomorrow for the raiders and 49ers game, the last time the two teams met in
10:33 pm
2011, there was violence in and around candlestick park. the raiders say it will be a substantial increase in uniformed officers from the oakland police department and alameda county sheriff's office and undercover officers and private security staff all in hope that tomorrow's game will be a battle of the bay on the field and not a battle between fans. >> sacramento area is gear up for the california international marathon tomorrow. today crews worked to setup the finish line, the end of the 26- mile course that starts near folsom dam. runners picked up their packets at the convenience center. 14,000 people will take part, a record for this event, besides getting a good night's sleep, marathoners are hoping from a break from this week's storm. >> i'm just praying for light rain. >> light rain would be a success as far as you are concerned? >> dry would be best. [ laughter ]. >> it's a huge boon to the
10:34 pm
economicf local economy and restaurants and restaurants are abuzz. >> reporter: also features a fun run and wheelchair competition. dozens of children who are battling serious illnesses got the ride of their lives tonight. united airlines hosted this annual fantasy flight event for children undergoing treatment at oakland's children's hospital, ucsf and stanford medical center. children and their families boarded a jet at gait 82 around noontime, all decks out there, after an hour long trip around the airport in that big 747, they arrived at gate 86 which volunteers transformed into the northel pole. >> they take off from one gate and they come back and they are in the north pole and they received gifts and see santa and the reindeers and they have a great christmas. >> looks like some happy kids there. santa elves host arid holiday party with a lot of food, activities and christmas presents. so nice to see that there. >> yes.
10:35 pm
each weekend, the conditions are getting better. >> better and better, coming up, the ski resorts that are thankful for the growing layers of snow up there. >> it's about time. plus the battle of bay, 49ers versus raiders at the coliseum. our meteorologist mark tamayo is track your game day forecast hurricanes
10:36 pm
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. skiers and snowboarders celebrating more fresh snow and the opening of more resorts during past week, nearly 3' of snow fell in the sierra, including 5" in the past two days. after a delaying opening for a couple of weeks kirkwood mountain resort opened today with sun bowl. >> are you a skier or boarder?
10:38 pm
>> i'm a skier and i like to tool around. >> you? >> i'm a skier too, boarding, i fall down. >> mark, are you doing back scratches? >> i started boarding when i was 12-year-old, with the three resorts that would allow us. i haven't been out for a couple years and hoping to get out there soon and i think the next week is very productive. this past week and the next week another productive week as well, not only snow in the sierra, but rain in the bay area. significant rainfall showing up in the five-day forecast. as far as the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours, look at the numbers adding up. with the system moving in on friday and into this morning,s especially towards san rafael, 1.86" and on live stormtracker 2, just some clouds and fog formion. with the recent moisture out there, we have some dense fog in santa rosa. visibility down to one quarter
10:39 pm
of a mile. concord, currently 57 degrees and san francisco in the upper 50s. in fact, our live camera in san francisco looking out towards the embarcadero and evidence of its fog around the bay itself. fore tonight, fog developing overnight. chance of some monday showers and the extended forecast, all eyes pointing to a strong system approaching the region. as far as the recent rainfall, we have been talking about that the past few days. when the dew points drop down, that is the folk formia,ly in the north bay valleys and east bay as well. each as we showed you around the bay as well. so watch out tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies and i big dropoch in visibilities to start the day. san josi 52. widespread 50s out there and into the afternoon hours, mostly cloudy skies with the 49ers playing in oakland tomorrow. 64 degrees with winds out of the northwest around 10 miles per hour. so we'll be dry for the
10:40 pm
football game tomorrow. a strong stomin the pacific will be increasing in strength. between now and then, our next system moves in sunday night into monday morning. it's not a storm, but still enough to bring in the clouds and chance of scattered showers especially in the north bay. looks like tuesday will be the one completely dry day. bringing in rain chances wednesday afternoon and wednesday night, but this is the key weather headline, strong wines heavy rain. i we'll have some power outages, this is set in to move in wednesday night into thursday. a chance of rain tomorrow night and scattered showers possible throughout the day on monday. still lots of clouds and on tuesday as i mentioned it will be dry with mostly cloudy skies. forecast fires in tomorrow, mainly in the 60s, san josi 66. half-moon bay, 61. a look ahead, your five-day forecast and still very active, but the main system still a few days away. so the chance of showers
10:41 pm
monday. mile into tuesday. chance of rain by wednesday. we'll have to keep an eye on thursday. very heavy rain and strong winds, stronger than the one that moved through early this week. >> storm door is open. >> definitely. >> thank you, mark. well, warriors rewrite team history. >> it was a heck of a game and go for their team record 12th straight win. joe fonzi and sportswrap is next a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sports. tonight it was one for the record books for the warriors one of the nba's original franchises established 69 years ago in philadelphia had never
10:44 pm
won 12 games in a row and that is no longer the case. in chicago, scottie pippen was in the house to witness it. steph curry and the warriors led at halftime. as usual, balanced scoring throughout for golden state, klay thompson with two of his 28 points in the second half. but the bulls outscored the warriors 31-18 in the 3rd quarter. the bulls led 80-79 heading into the 4th. time for steph curry to head up. this is the only 3 he made in five attempts. spieth making the contribution. spieth jams down two more off the feed. tonight the headliner was green. green for 36 his career-high 31
10:45 pm
points. don't focus on him, how about some ball movement? curry behind the back to spieth to together bring down iguodala to bring down the rim? their franchise-record 12" straight game win, they are a league-best 17-2 overall. steve kerr's first stab at being a head coach, good so far. >> i think they have figured out, too, that defensively we're very good. so if we just take care of the ball, and defend every night, then we've got a chance to win and that has been the constant during this streak. the sharks were in calgary, trying to extend the streak that has seen them play much better in recent days. this is the first of two games for san josi in the great white
10:46 pm
north, down 1-0. braun gets san josi even. it didn't take the sharks long to go in front. roughly two minutes later, logan couture will state in on ramo to give san josi the lead. the sharks held that lead until the final moments of the period. >> this time off the post -- . >> and now we're late in the 2nd. this shot is blocked by niemi and gaudreau will for the rebound. here is the game-winner on a string hundredth looking shot in the 3rd period. couture deflects it and patrick marleau -- here on the replay, the sharks against the 3-2 win. they are try to move back into the top 8 in the conference. let's the arguments begin, college football conference championship games are over and tomorrow four teams will be chosen to play for the national
10:47 pm
championship. that means two one-loss games will be left out. florida state is the only undefeated major college team putting that record on the line in the acc title title seminoles get a receiver open as winston finds green for a 44- yard score. they are tied 21. and here is the final touchdown for the seminoles before they added three field goals, 28-21. they won 37-35, the acc satellite game is the seminole's are 13-0 and it has to mean a spot in the final four to feta chance to play for it all. the horned frogs of the texas christian university were in the top 4. they didn't do anything to damage their chances against iowa state. boykin to wide receiver porter going back to boykin. look at the blockers out in
10:48 pm
front; is a 55-yard score. the frogs never looked back and win in the 55-3 rout and claim a share of the big 12 championship. alabama had to have punched its ticket with a lopsided win over missouri in the sec title game. crimson tide with the lead. after the play-action flake, blake sims has time to find white for a 58-yard play. 4th quarter, alabama puts it away. henry makes the corner and busts his way to the 26-yard score. tide wins 3-14, improving its record to 12-1. alabama the sec winner for the 24th time in school history and now set for a shot at the national championship. urban meyer and ohio state trying to make their case in big 10 championship game. wisconsin never in it. first man through here, is ezekiel lel lot, who rips off the 81-yard win. the buckeyes would score early, often and at will.
10:49 pm
jones the reserve quarterback fakes the quarterback draw and stands in the pocket and finds smith. make it 2-0 buckeyes. and then just before halftime, the badgers were trying to run out the clock. bosa goes the 4-yards to the end zone. 38-0 at halftime, became 59-0 when it was all said and done. buckeyes are the big 10 championships, at 12-1 and we'll want to know if they are not in the final four if that is the way it shakes out. >> the baylor bears with a touchdown. goodli takes the pass from bryce petty with the coring play. the bears grabbed other part of the big 12 championship with the 38-27 win and they like tcu are 11-1. so here is the mess they are going to try to sort out tomorrow. which two here don't get to play for the ncaa title? at beginning of the weekend
10:50 pm
able mubarak oregon, tcu and florida state were all in. that is how it stays, ohio state and baylor will be screaming very loudly. this is the system that was supposed to solve the controversy will be adding to it. still to come on this saturday night sportswrap, one of the up and comers taking command at tiger woods golf tournament and how host of the event is doing? and a look at the game tomorrow for the bay area nfl brag rights. we'll be right back
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive.
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. >> a lot made this weekend of the return to the golf course by tiger woods. the tournament is the one he hosts in florida this year, rather than southern california. this was not a good day for the host. he played flue the flu and nausea, despite that, tiger was able to make three birdies late. this one on the 12th hole en route to a 69, but tiger in last place, 20 strokes off the lead. here is your leader, jordan spieth from a neighboring zip code at 18. he rolls it many for a birdie
10:54 pm
and 9 under par round of 63s up by 7 strokes over keegan bradley and henrik stenson. high school football games decided with teams hoping to get a chance to play for the overall state title in their respective positions de la salle hasn't lost to a north california team since pittsburg high in 1991. their 23rd straight north coast section title. ing moreag campolindo continues its impressive run, edging marin catholic to stay undefeated. >> in the central coast section, d-3 championship, a last field goal gave them the wain over st. ignatius in san francisco. terranova pacifica was the winner over montiviteuver christian of watsonville. if it was a college football game they would be playing for
10:55 pm
some kind of ax, little brown jug or weathered piece of protective gear, but it's pro- football and that means that the 49ers and raiders play only every three years. with oakland at 1-11, the 49ers are favored, but scott reiss has a partially tongue-in-cheek where the raiders will win tomorrow's match-up. >> advantage no. 1, home-field, the black home and considerable departure from the less than intimidating atmosphere thus far at leavei stadium. not that we don't enjoy a good bourbon and steak joint, but really, does this strike fare like dr. death? advantage no. 2, finishing. >> oh, my! he fumbled the ball. >> not something what you would expect to you to the tout with a one-win team. the nishs after halftime are strike, the raiders 99 points this season, 49ers just 66. yes, that is much mall yinged oakland with a full 50%
10:56 pm
advantage in second half scoring. advantage no. 3, backfield explosivity, and yes, that is a word. i checked it. frank gore is a five time pro bowler and murray hasn't spent five minutes an nhl starter, but stats don't lie. . advantage no. 4, secret weapon, the 49er receiving force certainly has a more impressive pedigree than of that its opponent, but what happens when one of these teams has to think big? none of the niner offensive linemen has ever caught a touchdown pass and donald penn was with the bucks of 2013 and he can dunk. advantage no. 5, distraction. harbaugh has intensified exponentially following last week's debacle against the seahawks. >> i don't wore before i my
10:57 pm
future. >> rumors continue to swirl, which lays the groundwork for sunday becoming a de facto audition, not to mention a cog in the clichi, if you can't beat them, join them. here is when it all gets started on fox tomorrow, 8:30 the mercedes-benz sports weekend and the fox pregame short. the documents and browns is followed by the raiders and 49ersment stick with us after the game for the ot and point after all on channel 2 tomorrow and that will do it for this saturday night sportswrap. see you tomorrow from the black hole. >> i was talking about it's all about bragging rights. >> that is what they are playing for now. the 49ers if they fancy themselves to be a playoff team, they better not lose tomorrow. >> thank you for making ktvu four source for news. >> we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us and have
10:58 pm
a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> about good night the.
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