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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  December 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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. now at 6:00, two bay area teams battle it out on the football field. fan reaction of today's ballots of the bay between the raiders and 49ers. >> more protests against police brutality tonight in the wake of last night's disruptive demonstrations through the streets of berkeley. >> and remembering the date that lives in infamy.
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we hear from some of the dwindling survivors of the attack on pearl harbor. good evening. welcome to a special post game edition of channel 2news. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. they haven't met on the football field since 2011, but today, the 49ers battled it out with the oakland raiders. christien kafton is at coliseum now. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies and police were on alert here today. we did see a few incidents going on inside and outside the coliseum. we did see a few incidents of violence, including one that happened just a few feet away from me. we saw about a half dozen alameda county sheriffs deputies show up on scene in that incident within a minute. raiders say both men who were fighting were detained and neither was allowed inside.
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we saw a number of men in custody. the raiders say that was their plan, zero tolerance policy towards any violence. a quick response, and a lot of hard work to maintain that friendly rivalry. this is clearly a long-standing bay area rivalry. most fans say it was all in fun. this was the 13th meeting of these two teams through regular season play. before the game, we saw a lot of fans really enjoying the rare treat of raiders and 49ers playing, a lot of good-natured teasing. we saw big crowds of fans from both teams mingling, partying, rallying. most say it was easy to get along. raiders fans go home happy tonight, but 49ers fans are taking the loss hard. >> i am from oakland, california, and i got to hear these raider fans' mouths till the next type of the battle of the bay. >> been a tough season all around, but to come and get the win today, it couldn't be any better. we've been coming down for
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years and years and this year has just been fantastic, especially with the win for the raiders in the end. now, as you can tell here, the game is long since over. crowds are starting to dissipate. we talked to a couple niner fans who say they are already looking forward to the next meeting of these two teams. back to you. >> the battle of the bay turned out to be one of the high points of the raiders season. >> good for the raiders. not so good for the 49ers. maybe the last chance for the 49ers to make a run at the playoffs. >> one of our crew people talking just before the game said if jim haw bar was auditioning for the raiders coaching job, kind of flopped. are you sure the raiders want what they saw? any part of today? but a lot's going to happen during the 49ers' off season, but still, they have three games to go and their playoff hopes, even though they were in the east bay today, hopes of a preseason berth clearly went south. jim harbaugh to oakland?
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are you sure about it, as he talks with mark davis prior to the game, owner of the raiders, of course. niners found themselves down 3- 0. colin kaepernick to bruce miller, tip-towing down the sidelines. 8-yard touchdown, 7-3, 49ers lead. but shortly after, raiders answering back. second quarter, derek carr to offensive tackle-eligible donald penn, 3-yard touchdown. the game 10-10 at half time. third quarter, eight-play, 80- yard drive. marcel reece from carr, who had maybe his best game as a pro. not finished by any means. rivera, who had 109 yards receiving, and that touchdown catch, and feel it. niners down 24-13. kaepernick was sacked five times, is picked off for the second time in the game. charles woodson, the soon-to-be hall of famer, whenever he decides to retire with the pick that put the exclamation point on this 24-13 victory and the
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raiders, just their second win. the only negative for oakland, they are not a shoe-in to have the number one pick in the draft come this spring. but you know what? they don't care. this was their super bowl and even though mathematically the 49ers are alive, they don't really have a realistic chance of going to the post season. >> so both teams now looking forward, there's going to be changes on both sides of the bay, aren't there? >> yeah, i think tony sparano, current head coach of the raiders on an interim level, i don't see him as the permanent guy. and the 49ers have made it pretty clear jim harbaugh, although he does have a year left on his contract, he's not coming back. >> any tweets yet from jedd? >> if he was disappointed with the way they played against seattle, i can only imagine. but i'm sure he curbed his appetite for tweeting following the fallout of his last tweet. but we'll keep you posted. we've still got joe fonzi and scott reiss out at the coliseum with a full report later in the newscast with some of the
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fallout. joe described the 49er locker room as grim, to say the least. >> i can imagine. >> we'll have more a little later. >> thanks, mark. now we want to head to berkeley, where another protest against police brutality is getting under way on the cal campus. this comes just 24 hours after protests turned violent in the streets of berkeley last night. ktvu's cara lui is live at uc berkeley with what's happening there now. >> reporter: well, right now we are seeing at least 150 to 200 people here right now. it's a little difficult to see tethered from our standpoint here with our camera and news trucks, but it looks as if some of this group was making a move to start blocking the intersection. we've seen traffic kind of held up here just in the last few minutes, but again, this is happening at bank roth and telegraph and sprow plaza. some people are holding signs saying "black lives matter," other signs critical of police. one woman told me she came out because she can't sit still any
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longer, wanting to protest the grand jury's decision not to indict white police officers in the deaths of two unarmed black men in new york and ferguson, missouri. now, some of the protesters here today were at protests last night that turned violent. they say they sincerely hope that does not repeat itself here tonight. >> i just want to add my peaceful voice. i think it's really important for white people to show up. this issue is based on people of color and certainly i see it as their fight, but i want to support them in that. i think the white majority, i believe, does not believe in racism, but i also believe they are pretty blind to it. >> reporter: and it's looking like right now here at bank croft and telegraph, some of the group may be starting to move down telegraph. again, we are tethered to this position at the moment, but we will continue monitoring the situation tonight and let you know what happens. again, we did hear from quite a few of these protesters here,
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saying they very much want this to be a peaceful demonstration, but we'll keep you updated. >> no one wants a repeat of last night when the small group became a little aggressive. thank you, cara. berkeley police made at least a half dozen arrests after last night's protest did turn violent. police released a picture of some of the objects they say were thrown at officers during that demonstration against police abuse. berkeley pd says two of its officers were injured. police also released a picture of a police vehicle that was vandalized. here it is here. some of it had to be blocked out because of the language involved. some businesses in berkeley were also damaged. noelle walker was in berkeley today with the aftermath of what started out as a peaceful protest. >> reporter: broken glass and plywood where windows should be, in a season that's meant to share peace on earth. there are signs there was no peace in berkeley last night. >> it was pretty crazy. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: some protesters
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vandalized businesses. >> back, back up! >> back! >> reporter: police used tear gas. there were rocks thrown, rubber bullets fired, while some protesters protected businesses, trying to keep the focus on the message. >> it's just fighting violence with violence that we don't need! >> reporter: that's how protests against police violence ended saturday night. this man was walking home from dinner when the radioshack near his home was vandalized. >> it's always easier to destroy than to create something. where they should be creating a dialogue, you know, it kind of lapses into destruction. >> reporter: today, the sign at radioshack said open, but the metal curtain and boarded-up windows said otherwise. up university avenue in the shadow of martin luther king, jr., trader joe's was open inside, but still showed scars outside. >> i just didn't think something like that could happen in berkeley. >> reporter: if chatter on social media is any indication, it seems there could be protests planned over the next couple of days. it also seems that berkeley
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police have anticipated that, keeping the barricades up around the police department. police amended posted signs around police headquarters. no parking for the next two days. >> it's not good for anyone. this doesn't help anyone. [ gunfire ] >> militarization hurts police officers, hurts people, hurts communities and it's really sad. >> reporter: in berkeley, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2news. we've had a bit of a break from any significant rainfall, but we are due for some sprinkles tonight. our meteorologist mark tamayo has a look and what's in store for your work week. >> heather, yeah, a few light showers, a few sprinkles in the bay area forecast, especially up in the north bay tonight and monday morning. right now on live storm tracker 2, this looks like a december weather pattern out there. finally you see a very active jet stream developing, all being pointed toward northern california. in the short-term, as we mentioned, we do have possibility of a few scattered showers out there. the rainfall is really focused to our north, up along the
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north coast, toward humboldt county, mendocino county as well, and some of this energy will be sliding to the south over the next 12 to 18 hours. in fact, here's the forecast model showing you this. overnight, the fog regrouping in the central valley, up to our north and west. a few scattered showers approaching the bay area. nothing too significant, but still a chance, even if you're not covered, the chance of a few pop-up showers for tonight and into monday morning. you can see right around 1:00 monday afternoon, we could have more organized rainfall approaching. the big story is not for tonight, not for tomorrow, but later in the week. as we pointed out, that very active storm track and strong storm developing, set to move into the region on thursday. you definitely want to stick around for the forecast because we'll have a lot to talk about with this system in terms of significant rainfall and very strong winds. more coming up in about 10 minutes. santa rosa police have arrested two teenagers in connection with three drive-by shootings last week. investigators say a routine search of the home of a 15-year- old who was on probation turned
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up a cell phone video linking him to the shootings. that evidence led to a second suspect, a 16-year-old santa rosa boy who is also on probation. detectives say both teens are known gang members and the shootings were likely gang- related. no one was injured in those attacks. in oakland, the certainly continues tonight for the driver of a deadly hit and run crash. investigators say the driver of a toyota celica collided with the center dwyer on interstate 580 at lake shore avenue just after 1:30 this morning. when the driver got out of his vehicle, he was struck and killed by a silver bmw. that driver ran from the area. a third driver swerved to avoid the scene and also slammed into the center divider. he suffered major injuries. the driver of that bmw is described as a black man wearing jeans, sneakers, a parka and possibly a baseball cap. again, that is the hit and run driver that police are looking for tonight, who was also seen carrying a briefcase and bag. gas prices are continuing their downward trend.
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the aaa fuel gauge report shows the national average of just $2.67 a gallon, or 27 less than it was just a month ago. for california, the statewide average is $2.98 a gallon. in the bay area, the average is $3.15. in san francisco, 2.99 in oakland, and 2.98 in san jose. lower crude prices, a healthy supply of oil, and a stronger dollar are all contributing to the price decline. their numbers are dwindling. the survivors honored today on this 73rd anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. >> millions of people in the philippines brace for a powerful typhoon. what officials are doing now to try to help reduce casualties. >> and california lawmakers consider plans to avoid those controversial tuition hikes for uc students.
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. today is december 7, pearl
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harbor day, which means the historic mount diablo beacon is shining tonight, just to the left of the radio tower on the slopes of the mountain. the beacon was one of four built across california to help aircraft navigate at night during world war ii. the light was turned off on december 8 after the attack on pearl harbor and it stayed dark until 1964. since then, pearl harbor veterans and their families have gathered to relight the beacon to honor those who lost their lives in the attack. it shines for just one night a year. another pearl harbor ceremony was held today on coast guard island in alameda. >> reporter: there are fewer and fewer of them each year. >> we didn't go to bed for days. >> reporter: michael ferrell was in a boat, ferries the injured from warships in pearl harbor to shore. >> we were trying to get the people off that was hurt and take them over to the landing
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so they could get them to the hospital. >> we ask now, father, that you would join us here this morning and help us to honor those great men and women and the sacrifices that were made that sunday morning in pearl harbor. >> i was surprised. i wasn't frightened. >> reporter: fran jenkins was right in the middle of the action, stationed aboard the destroyer uss bag bagley. >> they went after us. >> reporter: it was a different story for george larson, a coast guard radio operator at a lighthouse at diamond head. close enough to watch, but too far to offer much help. >> it happened so fast and quick and it was only about 10 minutes of action. there was nothing i could do except look at it and watch it. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: next year, the turnout of pearl harbor survivors will be even smaller. the living link to one of the biggest chapters in american
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history, almost gone. >> those bastards, that's really what i thought. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> many of the pearl harbor survivors are now in their nineties. officials in the philippines say that mass evacuations this weekend in the wake of the massive typhoon have kept the number of casualties low. the typhoon is weakening, with sustained winds dropping to about 87 miles per hour today. almost 900,000 people left their homes for shelters, including one man who lost his parents just last year to typhoon haiyan. >> i'm the only one who was still awake, still praying that god, please help us, please help us, please help us. i know that he will help us. >> do you think he did? >> yes. >> at this point, the official death toll stands at three, amidst widespread damage in the
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central coastal region of the southern philippines. boy, that area has been so hard hit with many disasters. >> lot of typhoons go through that part of the world. let's check in now with mark too myo. nothing like typhoons, but wet weather around here? >> we are tracking a significant storm a few days away, but tonight, into tomorrow, just a small system moving into northern california right now. but get ready. plan on another active weather week across northern california. as far as the rain totals since july, numbers going up over the past week, a very productive week. you see the numbers right now over 100% of average for san francisco and san jose. santa rosa, approaching that point, 7.59 inches. everybody measuring more rainfall in whole inches over the next few days. right now on live storm tracker 2, just a few high clouds across a good portion of the bay area this afternoon. but those clouds have cleared out. right now, we have rainfall up to our north, especially to the
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north. here's our live doppler sweep. this will be detecting more showers later on tonight, into first thing monday morning. current numbers out there, updated for the 6:00 hour, right now, 60 degrees in san jose. san francisco, 60 as well. 50s in novato, fairfield in the mid-50s. forecast time line, chance of a shower for tomorrow, mostly cloudy on tuesday, then a storm approaches the region wednesday night and into thursday morning, especially for thursday morning. as far as overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning starting out with the clouds. as i mentioned, the chance of a shower, temperatures starting out your monday in the upper 40s to the low to mid-50s. here's the main weather headline, thursday storm developing out in the pacific and a lot of moisture to work with extending, at least approaching california. here's a closer look at the first system for tonight and into tomorrow. a fairly weak system, but generating more rainfall mendocino county northward, but
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we still hold on to the chance. tuesday, completely dry. then wednesday, increasing clouds in advance of this guy, this very active weather pattern, a strong storm approaching the region on thursday and you can plan on heavy rain. this will be stronger than the one that moved into the region last week. this will generate rainfall in terms of over 2 to 4 inches at least for the urban areas. for the hills, we could have 5 to 7 inches. these are amounts from wednesday night right on through friday. then strong winds as well, that's going to be a big deal. we could have gusts topping 60 miles an hour. with that, downed trees and power outages. this will be the real deal heading into the region on thursday. of course with the strong winds, the surf goes up as well. we could have waves topping 25 feet later in the week. so just get ready. this will be a big event in a few days. we have time to prepare for it, but that's what's shaping up right now. at least for tomorrow, starting out the day with clouds, areas of fog and the chance of a shower for your monday morning. then monday afternoon, still not a lot of coverage here, but there's still enough moisture
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we could possibly squeeze out a few scattered light showers in your monday forecast. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the low to mid-60s out there for san francisco and heyward. san jose checks in at 65. san mateo, 63 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. a chance of a scattered shower or sprinkle for your monday. clouds for your tuesday. we bring in the chance of rain, especially up in the north bay by late wednesday afternoon, wednesday night. this will be the big deal into thursday, possibly for the thursday morning commute. significant rainfall, strong, gusty winds and showers will likely continue into friday. coming up at about 6:45, we'll take a look at your weekend forecast and we definitely need a break by then. we could be talking about a break for day 6 and day 7. more in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. work is set to resume tomorrow on a major project at ocean beach in san francisco. crews are moving 42,000 tons of sand from the north end of the beach to the south end. winds, strong waves and winter weather have gradually pushed the sand up the beach and as it builds up, it can bury wildlife
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habitat in the stairwells that lead onto the beach from the great highway. the project is expected to last about five weeks. mailing those holiday packages just got a little bit easier. the action by the u.s. postal service to help those gifts arrive on time. >> really fun day. i don't have these robots at home. >> robots, cool! it may not look like it, but these bay area students are learning a vital skill. the increasing number of children learning coding.
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. in sacramento, both parties are giving a preview of bills to come,s a the new legislative session gets under way. democrats are promising to push for more spending on education and social programs. in particular, the leaders of both houses pledge to avoid tuition increases at the university of california. republicans haven't yet declared a position on that yet, but they will work to repeal a greenhouse gas reduction mandate, calling it a hidden gas tax. floor sessions begin on monday, january 5th. the u.s. postal service is getting into the spirit of the season by staying open on sundays during the holidays. the number of post offices were open today in san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties, as well as the north bay. plans call for them to be open the next two sundays as well. postal officials say they expect more than a 10% increase in shipping this year. to find out which post offices are offering sunday service,
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you can go to our website at and click on the web links tab. the winners of this year's nobel prize met today to discuss their work, ahead of this week's award ceremony in sweden. the news conference featured winners in the chemistry and economics category and they include three german scientists and a french economist. the group met today and talked about just what it means to win such a prestigious award. >> it makes things easier to some extent because there is a lot of recognition, of course, connected with this prize and this may even help bring more adventures and tackle even more challenging things. >> the royal award ceremony will be held wednesday in sweden's capital of stockholm. new information is emerging about the failed attempt to try to rescue two hostages in yemen. the emotional remarks by the vice president about what went wrong. >> it may not look easy moving these robots around, but children as young as 5 years old are trying their luck at computer programing. the lessons they are learning
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during an hour of code, coming up. >> and the latest on that bay area youth football team, so good they float across the country for the national championship. >> download the ktvu ipad app to watch all of our newscasts live, plus get drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news any time, anywhere.
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. we are learning new details about the american hostage held by al-qaeda terrorists in yemen. officials say he was killed during a rescue attempt by u.s. special forces. 33-year-old photo journalist luke somers was kidnapped in september last year in yemen's
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capital. why u.s. special forces were unable to save him. >> reporter: there was a feeling of urgency driving the mission to rescue luke somers, because al-qaeda hostage-takers threatened thursday to kill him today if their demands were not met. president obama signed off on the rescue in the morning friday and by 5:00 p.m. eastern last night, a team of 40 special operators arrived in yemen via osprey aircraft, landing a little more than 6 miles from the compound where somers and another hostage, south african teacher pierre korkie were being held. the commandos walked 6 miles completely undetected, but were spotted about a football field away from the compound. that is when officials believe the hostages were shot. the u.s. team engaged the al- qaeda kidnappers, killing more than five of them, then retrieving the wounded hostages and air lifting them to the uss macon island, with surgeons treating gunshot wounds while en route. the associated press reports that the american somers
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survived the flight and died on the navy ship, but the south african korkie died in flight. none of the american rescuers were injured. the vice president got emotional this morning talking about their brave attempt last night and also previously at a time when their plan was foiled because somers had been moved. >> the special forces who were engaged in these two rescue missions did an incredible job and inflicted serious damage on the captors, but this time, this time they were unable to save luke. >> reporter: the yemeni government had a heads-up about the raid, but didn't participate at all. we heard this morning from luke somers' sister, who says her family was informed of luke's murder at around midnight eastern. in washington, peter ducey, fox news. six prisoners from the u.s.
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military prison in cuba have been released and flown to uruguay. they were never charged. president obama negotiated their release in january, but the transfer was delayed for months. uruguay's president agreed to accept them as a humanitarian gesture and to help them establish themselves in uruguay. president obama made a campaign promise to close guantanamo 136 detainees remain. fear -- fewer u.s. troops will be returning from afghanistan this year than originally planned. chuck hagel announced the change in troop levels during a stop in afghanistan today. the original plan reduces those levels to 9800 american troops. hagel says the u.s. now plans to keep 10,800 troops in afghanistan to try to fill a temporary nato troop gap. >> we don't want to see that roll back downhill. there's progress. we want to do everything we can to continue to support the afghan people. >> he also said this is likely
6:34 pm
the last time he'll visit the mideast as the pentagon chief. he submitted his resignation last month and president obama has nominated ashton carter as his replacement. new york city mayor bill de blasio responded to criticism that he is not backing up his police in light of the grand jury decision, excusing an officer in the choke hold death of eric garner. >> what we have to do is change the fundamental relationship between police and community. our police keep us safe and yet there's been, as i said, not just decades of problems, a history of centuries of racism that undergird this reality. we can transcend that. >> new york protests last week included shutting down times square. mayor de blasio has installed sweeping changes in police training, including lessons in persuasion, self-control and cultural awareness. this week, millions of students across the country will try their luck at computer programing. it's part of a nationwide effort called the hour of code. ktvu's ashton smith visited
6:35 pm
with eager students at a palo alto school who got a jump start today. >> reporter: the excitement is building at this school in palo alto. >> more advanced controls. >> reporter: as children ranging from kindergartners to eighth graders are learning how to program robots to turn 180 degrees, change colors, and steer clear of anything in its path. >> i don't have these robots at home, so i don't get to use them every day. >> reporter: it's all part of an initiative called the hour of code. >> in this day and age, so many things are programmed with computer programs. >> reporter: through the nonprofit and backed by big tech companies, it encourages students to spend 60 minutes learning how to code. >> kids are graduating in 2030, and computer science is going to be so foundational. >> reporter: these young children will join millions of other students across the country during national computer science education week. elena, founder of sputnik
6:36 pm
mobile, says teaching the students now will prepare them for the future. >> it will enable you to get better jobs. computer programmers are getting paid now more than 95% of the population. >> you're basically moving forward. >> reporter: for 8-year-old annabel-- >> i'm trying to make him jump and then change colors. >> reporter: -- she already has her sights set on possibly becoming a coding teacher. these students hope to turn an hour of code into a lifetime of learning for them and their parents. >> computer science and programing is the part of pretty much every single field today. >> reporter: five tech startups helped kick off the hour of code, which kicks off tomorrow and lasts through the week. now to an exciting story. we've been following a youth football team from the east bay on its way to a national championship game in florida. thanks to the generosity of all of you out there, our ktvu viewers, the two dozen boys on
6:37 pm
the richmond steelers cadets left sfo friday night bound for orlando. the kids are between 8 to 11 years old. for many of them, this was their first time ever on a plane and their first time out of the state. >> what was your reaction when you found out you can go fly? >> i was, like -- [ laughter ] >> i felt kind of nervous, but it feels good at the same time. >> wasn't that the most incredible smile ever? he's so adorable. the northern california champs played their first game in orlando this afternoon and our own ktvu's amber lee is in florida and will bring you an update on the team's chase for the championship, coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. >> go steelers! there will be some lane closures starting tonight on a busy south bay roadway. the santa clara valley transportation authority says paving work will restrict some lanes on busy stephens creek boulevard right at the interstate 880 overpass. vta officials say one lane will be open in both directions during the work, which starts at 10:00 tonight, weather
6:38 pm
permitting. the lanes are set to reopen at 5:00 in the morning. similar closures are set for monday and tuesday nights. >> gotta go back. you said go steelers? >> mm-hmm, richmond steelers. not the pittsburgh steelers! [ laughter ] >> all right. royals taking on the big apple. the duke and duchess of cambridge arrived in new york city today. what's in store during their big three-day visit? >> and don't put away your umbrella. in fact, you might want to dig out a lot of wet weather gear. channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo will be join us with a very wet weather system heading our way. through covered california. it'slth insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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. the big apple rolls out the royal welcome mat. the duke and duchess of cambridge arrived in new york city today for a three-day visit. we have the details on the royal couple's whirlwind trip.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge arriving sunday evening in new york city, it's the first time either prince william or his wife kate have ever visited the big apple. every minute of this three-day visit is planned. tomorrow, prince william will make his way to washington, dc for his first trip to our nation's capitol, meeting at the white house with president obama. he'll then head to the world conference to speak about illegal wildlife trading. meanwhile, in new york, the duchess will visit a local harlem childhood development center with the city's first lady, shar lean mccray. by the end of the day, the couple will be back together for a basketball game to watch the current king james play. >> i looked into getting basketball tickets for the nets game they are supposedly attending. it's great. >> reporter: william and kate will spend their last day tuesday visiting the 9/11 memorial museum and attending a black tie fund-raiser. the royal couple flew on
6:42 pm
commercial lights and will be staying at the famous carlisle hotel, the same hotel william's mother diana stayed in. >> even the most jaded new yorkers are fascinated by the history, the drama and the glamour of the british royal family. >> reporter: all eyes will be on what the future queen is wearing and her baby bump. she's five months pregnant. sadly, the couple's son prince george is not making the trip. in new york, fox news. >> lots of fun for the royal family. >> i can't believe they have never been to new york all this time! >> i know, strange. mark, you're getting me concerned about this storm. 25-foot seas, 60 mile-an-hour winds, up to 7 inches of rain? >> this storm has it all developing offshore. we're definitely watching it. when you take a look at the models, you look again and go, really? the rainfall amounts we're
6:43 pm
looking at, especially in a short amount of time thursday could be actually cause pretty hazardous driving conditions out there. not only with the rainfall, but also very strong, gusty winds as well. we'll have high wind warnings kick in near the coast and the hills, but for a good portion of the bay area. we have time to prepare. this is moving in on thursday. in the short-term, we're tracking a few scattered rain showers, most of the organized rainfall now up along the north coast, up toward eureka. here's a closer look at our radar with the live doppler sweeps, just showing you partly cloudy skies, not much in the way of organized rainfall here in the bay area. you could have a sprinkle out there. in terms of wind speeds, showing you these, all very light, around 3 to 5. you can see napa winds out of the east at 13 miles an hour, and more wind reports for you, more light winds. this will be a different story. 72 hours from now, we do head into wednesday night and thursday morning, a significant increase in the wind speeds. here's our live camera, actually fairly pleasant, looking toward the embarcadero
6:44 pm
and the bay bridge in san francisco. forecast headlines, more cloud cover out there, so monday clouds. then the extended forecast, we're already talking about a strong storm that will move into the bay area, much stronger than the one that moved into the region tuesday night and into wednesday. now, overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning starting out your monday in the upper 40s to mid-50s. here's the organized storm. we have a lot of development out here in the pacific. of course here's hawaii. here's this very, this moisture, this big organized moisture plume approaching the region. for tonight, though, as we mentioned, a weak system. chance of a spotty shower into monday, especially up in the north bay. tuesday will be completely dry. wednesday, increasing clouds. but during that timeframe, that's when the storm system strengthens. plan on this, a strong storm on thursday, heavy rain returns and we'll have that dangerous combination with the heavy rain and the very strong winds. you can see the development out here in the pacific. we showed this to you earlier. once again, you can see very heavy rainfall on the order of
6:45 pm
2 to 4 inches for the bay area hills. coastal hills, santa cruz mountains, north bay coastal hills, we could have amounts around 5 to 7 inches and a lot of this coming down thursday morning. strong winds as well, gusts to over 60 miles an hour, especially for the higher terrain. this will lead to downed trees and power outages. we have a few days to prepare, but that's what's shaping up right now just a few days away. chance of a spotty shower into your monday. tuesday will be completely dry, but look what happens into wednesday. there's that rain band approaching the region. not here yet, but by wednesday night into thursday, it will be moving in. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly in the 60s for afternoon highs. no big changes. santa rosa, 65. mountain view, 64. a look ahead at your five-day forecast, chance of a shower for monday, a break day on tuesday. then get ready for significant rainfall thursday. showers continue into friday and we will need a break into the weekend for saturday, scattered clouds out there. we're definitely keeping an eye on the thursday system. still a few days away, but it does bear watching. >> but there's time to get
6:46 pm
ready? >> and get the flashlights ready, because we could have power outages out there. >> okay. thank you, mark. coming up, we are live at the coliseum in oakland, wrapping up today's battle of the bay. >> between the 49ers and the raiders. sports wrap is coming up next.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
. good evening to you on this special battle of the bay edition of sports wrap. joe fonzi is still out at the coliseum. right before everybody's eyes, the 49ers season completely
6:49 pm
unravels. jim harbaugh goes to the east bay and the 49er playoffs hopes go south. first play of the game from scrimmage, kaepernick, you knew it wasn't going to be his day, he overthrows crabtree and is picked up by ross and it was all pretty much downhill from there. the niners did find themselves down 3-0, but colin kaepernick will get bruce miller down the sideline for the 8-yard touchdown. 7-3 49ers. raiders immediately answer back. derek carr goes to trickery to donald penn, scoring from 3 yards out. tied at half time. third quarter, eight-play, 80- yard, carr to marcel reece in from 9 yards. raiders lead it 17-13. on to the fourth quarter, carr and company, not done yet. that's the tight end mychal rivera, who had over 100 yards receiving and there you go.
6:50 pm
another touchdown, one of three for carr and it's all over when kaepernick is picked off over the middle by the great and soon-to-be hall of famer charles woodson. tony sparano with the gatorade bath, even though it's just the second win of the year for the oakland raiders. jim harbaugh in his certainly final season with the 49ers, goes off a 24-13 loser, just three games left for the 49ers. mathematically alive for a playoff chance, but that is about it. we go back out to the coliseum and to both joe fonzi and scott reiss, double teaming this game, because it is, after all, the bay bridge series. over to you guys. battle of the bay didn't turn out like a lot of people expected. >> no, mark. i've been saying this, and i'll say it again, because it bears repeating. that is, scott, it's very strange that a two-win team feels like it has more momentum with three games to play for the rest of the season and the off season than a team that has
6:51 pm
seven wins and still mathematically alive for the playoffs, but that's how it feels tonight. >> go figure, the raiders, right? they avoid the winless season by beating a good kansas city team, then get white washed 52- 0 by the rams and come back and beat the niners at home. guess it's the quality, not the quantity. this was the super bowl for the raiders fans and everyone from the locker room understand. >> i'm really proud of those guys. it takes a lot of courage of what they did today. lot of courage. love that group. they are resillient. i honestly thought derek played really well tonight. best game. i don't know, i think he threw is really well. they got a the lot of people down there in the box today. they obviously wanted us to see whether or not we can beat them throwing the football and derek was able to do that. >> to say that's the best i've clicked, i've said it before. i don't ever feel like i'm in a zone or this. i think we all executed and did
6:52 pm
our job, to be honest. it was nice to see. i'm really happy for our coaches. i'm happy for our coaches, all of their hard work and extra hours are paying off. >> this is kind of like a college atmosphere, you know, playing your crosstown rival. for me, i compare it to playing michigan state in college. it's huge. these fans, they live close to one another, every day they go to work together. it's bragging rights for them. it was big for not only us as a team, but for the whole raider nation. >> this really wasn't a nail biter for the raiders. it was a convincing statement. the defense got after kaepernick, sacked him four times. the offense was crisp. derek carr was fantastic, pulled out the tackle eligible for a touchdown. other side, 49ers left with a lot of questions. >> for the 49ers, it's a repeat story. they have had trouble scoring in the second half all season. that was the case again today. really grim is the only way you can describe their locker room, as the players tried to explain how such a promising season at one point has turned into what
6:53 pm
it has become. >> you've had some tough losses this year. is this a low point of the season? >> i wouldn't directly call it a low point. what can we say? got to move on and get ready for seattle. >> i'm in my stance on the field looking at the formation and looking at receivers, not worried about what people are saying about us on the outside. i'm worried about the down and we didn't do that today. >> all we can do is win. if we win out, maybe there's a chance. we'll see. >> jim, do you think -- [ inaudible question ] >> am i -- my priorities are number one, winning football games. number two, the welfare of our players, coaches, our staff, and lastly is what my personal
6:54 pm
professional future is. >> you in particular don't seem to be playing at your usual level the last several games. do you understand why-- [ indiscernible ] >> i have to play better. >> i'm sorry? >> i have to play better. >> i understand that. do you understand why you're not playing better? >> i haven't been playing well. >> well, another bit of dysfunction for a team that seems to have the hits coming, one after another, ahmad brooks apparently missed a team meeting this past week. he didn't play, breaking a consecutive game streak for him at 60. so you just can't say the events are happening one after another for the 49ers. it's going to be a very strange off season and final three weeks. >> it's not unfolding well. you heard mark mark say it. they would basically have to win out at this point. they still have games coming against arizona and next week against seattle. that will wrap it up from the coliseum. mark, back to you. >> okay. classic post game comments
6:55 pm
from our man colin kaepernick. in the meantime, we've got more football to talk about and that would include college ball as well, when we come back. sports wrap part 2, next. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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6:57 pm
. they still have to go up to the great northwest and take on the seattle seahawks, a team that smothered them badly at levi a couple weeks ago. not even two weeks ago. seattle in philly, 17-14 trailing russell wilson to baldwin, over the top 23-yards touchdown. seattle wins on the road, 24- 14. and the cardinals, still first in the nfc west, trailing 14-9. drew stanton will hit brown 26 yards. cardinals come back to beat the chiefs, 17-14, remaining one game up on the seahawks for first place in the nfc west. meantime, if you have not heard yet, stanford's going to a bowl game.
6:58 pm
it will be the foster farms bowl in their own backyard. they will be taking on maryland. that game will be held on december 30th. that, right now, is the sporting life. man, it's going to be an interesting off season, but a very interesting week even to come for the 49ers. wow, some people are even predicting harbaugh may bow out even sooner than the end of the season. >> wow. >> tumultuous stuff going on. >> to be continued. >> hearing the word "imploded" being thrown around. >> unraveled, you name it. pick your word. thanks for watching. see you tonight at 10:00. >> good night, everybody.
6:59 pm
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