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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a shooting that followed the battles of the bay, what we've learned about the victim and the shooters. bay area schools hiring private investors to spy on their students the common practice districts are trying to stop. it is a computer code of honor what millions of students will start doing today. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are in berkeley this morning, and you are looking at the aftermath of another violent protest that just ended a short time ago. coming up in 2 minutes, ktvu is out there in berkeley thismorning, he is going to show us a video of an attack of a man trying to protect businesses from looters and what police are doing to try to find the people who attacked that man. thank you for joining us,
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monday, december 8th. let's talk about weather and traffic, you think steve wants you to take an umbrella today? >> it sounds like it's been delayed a little bit. >> it's been a little bit to the north. >> fog. >> there is some to the north, it is a very weak system, still mostly cloudy skies, maybe sun breaks to the south. you can see a little bit of rain, more towards north sanoma county, with the recent rain, temperature dew point comes together, you get the fog. those of you who have been around here, remember the fog forming in the valley? looks like that's coming back thanks to the rain. but it can be really tough driving in. seeing some of that rain to the north, i would think .01 of an inch, that's not usually reefing the ground, 50s on your temps for many, couple upper
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40s, san jose, 49. and the water temps are incredibly warm. sab francisco, monterey at 61. for december 8th, it is probably a record in a situation. mostly cloudy, rain to the north, some sun to the south, big morning fog, watch it out there, i'll tell you, take it a little slow there coming in for a bit. 60s on the temps a few upper 60s. here's an update on what we hope is a quiet start. good morning to you, we are looking at a commute off to a very nice start coming in from oakland to san francisco, it is very light and there are no major problems getting onto that bridge, the bay bridge and the traffic also looks good if you're driving from san francisco to oakland. traffic is moving well, and 580 doing well as you drive through
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the area and towards interstate 980. san jose, 85 are off to a good start. today is thedy you want to get ahead of the crowds. the roads are dry and kind of actually very good right now. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, what started at a peaceful demonstration in berkeley ended in violence, and vandalism. alex joining us live now to show us the damage left behind and alex pretty shocking video of a protester who was attacked because he tried to stop the looting. good morning. >> reporter: this began as a peaceful demonstration but quickly turned destructive. you can see many of the windows smashed out here, the lobby of the chase bank building. we are learning a disturbing attack on a protester last night. the video you are about to watch. we want to warn you is
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difficult to see. this is that video, posted to youtube over night in it you can see a man in a bicycle helmet trying to stop protesters from smashing the windows at a radio shack store, moments later someone wearing a mask hits him in the head with a hammer. police say the victim had to betaken to the hospital but he is expected to be okay . police say they have seen this video and actively trying to find the person behind this attack. in the meantime, over night, clean up crews have been busy boarding up store front windows all around berkeley. this is the radio shack that was looted, i'm told, twice during this demonstration with quite a bit of electronics stolen. there was a whole foods supermarket that was damaged, berkeley's city hall also had damage as well. there were close to 600 people taking part in last night's demonstration, of course sparked by anger over the
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recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police. it did begin peacefly. but as the crowd began to move through the city, some began to vandalize stores, the crowd was dispersed after moving into oakland and lighting several trash fires near telegraph and alcatraz. police say they are bracing for more demonstrations. >> we are looking to see if there are any protest marchs planned. we welcome anybody that wants to peacefly express themselves here in berkeley, that's kind of our history, we're the birthplace of a free speech movement. we're more than happy to accept them here but we ask that it does maintain a peaceful presence. >> berkeley police say they arrested a total of 5 people last night, there were other arrests made when a group of protesters moved onto highway 24 for a period of time. the freeway had to be shut down
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for about a half hour but it is back open. as we come out here live, this is the clean up underway in downtown berkeley. many other stores have to be boarded up as well. we understand a group of students will be pitching in later this morning. alex savage, channel 2 news. all right alex, thank you. san jose police are investigating a shooting that apparently stemmed from yesterday's battle of the bay between the 49ers and the raiders. 1 man suffered life threatening injuries we're in san jose with the latest on this investigation. katie? >> good morning, police detained several men but have not heard of any official arrests, they did scour this area, along santa clara avenue. someone called 911 around 5:15. according to news, they found one man suffering a gunshot
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wound, they say the man is a security guard who was attempting to break up a dispute outside the bar. and those suspects were detained around the corner in front of another bar in this area. customers watch the 9ers raiders game before the shooting and police wouldn't say what led up to the shooting but told the paper that the shooting rather was quote game- related for sure. we are working to learn an update on the victim's condition as well as find out the identity of those men that were detained and if they have been charged with anything at this point we do have calls and e-mails into the police department for an update. all right. thank you, katie. we'll continue to check in with you throughout the morning. time is now 5:07. it is a second shooting involving a police officer, a stolen car, and a female suspect in just 3 days, a stolen car chase ends with the
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officer in the hospital. now the pursuit started about 8:00 last night. it ended in oakland in a cul-de- sac near 98th and bancroft avenue. a female driver sped off, and the police open fire. that woman was wounded taken to the hospital, reportedly in serious condition. one police officer was treated for minor injuries. new this morning, a major over night fire has shut down portions of 2 major freeways in downtown los angeles. started at about 1:30 at an apartment building under construction. hundreds of firefighters are still fighting that fire. crews had to shut down parts of the 101 and 110 freeways and the fire also spread to 2 near by office buildings. the cause of the fire is under investigation but so far no injuries are reported. well get ready, another big
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bay area storm is headed your way. it is expected to be bigger than last weather channel's storm, this one may cause flooding and damage. expected to hit wednesday night, it will continue until friday morning. we are already getting ready for power outages expected during that storm. school districts across the bay area are spying on their own students. a new report shows some havehired investigators to make sure kids live where they say they do. they say the investigators photograph them lying. using family member addresses using kids to get into school districts. they resulted in the dismissal of hundreds of students. today is the day that the hour of code week begins. millions of students all over the country will get a 1-hour introduction to learn about computer science. the first lesson, anybody can learn the basics.
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yesterday these students from kindergarten through the eighth grade at the jewish day school, got a jump start. they enjoyed the fun and the challenge of working with robots. >> i'm trying to make it jump and change colors. >> i don't have these robots at home so i don't get to use them every day. >> the big technology companies are paying for this program, it is being taught locally by employees. they say 2030, coding will be a basic skill just like typing. they say professional coders right now, they are paid more than 95% of all other american workers. well disney is responding to a request from a mother to include more characters withdisabilities in disney movies. the woman's daughter has down's syndrome. she delivered a petition with 75,000 signatures to disney studios.
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according to the times, disney wrote a noncommittal response they said the company is committed to creating characters that are accessible and relatable to children. the mom says she is optimistic that disney will consider her request. nasa's newest spacecraft is expected to arrive. o'ryan returned safely to earth and splashed down on friday. it circled the earth twice, there it will be taken from the ship and back to kennedy space center in florida where it will arrive just in time for christmas. nasa is counting on future arrivals to carrastronauts to mars. and this is paid for in part by you, our viewers. >> i just wanted to get the ball and run my fastest down the field. coming up in 20 minutes we'll give you an update on the
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young football players from richmond playing in a national championship. and amber lee is with them in florida. and next, the fest convention under attack, the frightening discovery that leads people dressed as animals into the streets of chicago. we're still looking at a decent drive around the bay area, golden gate bridge looks good, fog not an issue here, looking good into san francisco. >> little bit of rain to the north, fog to the east bay so far. we'll tell you what looks like a very interesting week.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news, people here in the bay area with family in the philippines continue to keep an eye on that powerful tropical storm, at least 21 people have died and while the storm is weakening, strong winds and rough waves are expected in the region today. the biggest concern is the threat of flash flooding and landslides. people are still in shelters. i am worried. i'm thinking about my children and grandchildren. they are so young, that's why we're here. it's so hard for me, because every typhoon damages our home, we don't have the money to fix it. >> the storm comes a little more than a year after a super typhoon caused major damage to the island.
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that natural disaster killed more than 7,000 people and destroyed dozens of villages. and clean up after a storm at the airport. you can see damage to the hangers and inside the terminals, there are signs saying flights have been canceled. president obama will welcome prince william to the white house. they'll meet in the oval office. he says he is looking forward to thanking him during the president's visit to england, she'll spend the day in new york. she'll start to a visit to a child development center. >> the children, they don't really know exactly who it is that's coming to see them but they are excited to see a real life princess. >> tonight they'll watch the brooklyn nets play the cavaliers. also, a visit to the september
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11th memorial museum. an apparent chlorine gas attack outside chicago is now under investigation. first responders were called to a hotel in rosemont illinois yesterday to locate an odor. they found powdered chlorine. they forced thousands of people dressed as animals out on to the streets. >> i saw a couple of ambulances going and also i saw a fire truck, i figured something was seriously probably going on, and the fire alarm went off and so everybody started leaving. 19 people were rushed to the hospitals after complaining of nausea and dizziness. technicians decontaminated the area. that convention, i didn't know this, it is called fur fest. it celebrates animals that are
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anthrohomorphic. that means they've been given human characteristics through art, literature, and performance. i tried to practice that word. >> you did better than i would. >> it is a monday. you can be forgiven for all kinds of stuff like that. >> not even with 2 cups of coffee. >> some person out there watching is an expert on that. >> good morning. that sounds like a fun convention, huh? let's go out and take a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, that traffic is moving along very nicely. if you are driving on southbound 101 it looks good to the airport. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. usually 5:30 is when we start seeing a little bit of crowding up by 5:45 is when they turn those lights on, on a normal day. you don't have the day off do
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you? southbound 680 as you drive, it does look good as you drive all the way down into san jose. 5:18. bringing in steve. steve, yesterday that weather at that football game, no rain, it was actually pretty good. >> that's true. all though, did it really matter? >> no, no, no. ugly game. >> it was a very ugly game. thank you. we do have some mostly cloudy skies out there. fog, concord, clayton, livermore, towards brenton, santa rosa, rain to the north, boy, this is not a strong system. this is a weak system. it will still give light rain. because of the recent rain we've had really good rain as you know there is more coming up later this week that's for sure. the fog is thick, thick, thick. so be careful, pockets of it. san jose, they have an east wind at 6, i think that's
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enough to stir things up. 49 degrees, john also checking in. 48. there are some cool readings to the south, a little bit of rain to the north. point arena, towards fort brag parts of lake county, a little bit here after that, pretty weak. this system kind of toppling over and lifting north word, that take a lot of the energy out of it. 50s on the temps. this is not el nino. we've had a south wind on the coast since june, all this warm water has gone to the north and we have not had a northwest wind. to have this kind of a temperature, this late in the season without an el nino is probably a record. 10 degrees above average. 27, 51 sacramento, monterey, 52. the national weather service in sacramento says we're not messing around here. a winter storm watch, for
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wednesday night into friday for the sierra nevada, the snow level will fine tune all of this as we get closer. if you have to travel to the sierra today or tomorrow would be really good times to go. wednesday it will fall apart, it will be incredibly windy, late wednesday into thursday. mostly cloudy, rain to the north, sun breaks to the south. 60s on the temps and over all, today is kind of quiet some light rain to the north. a lot of fog will be with us late tonight into tuesday, rain starts wednesday night and then i mean rain and wind will take us into friday. all right. thank you. time now 5:21. a big change may be coming to the summer olympic games, the international olympics committee voted to take the limits off the number of sports during the summer games. that could lead to adding
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baseball and softball to the 2020 tokyo olympics. those 2 sports are very popular in japan. just wanted to let you know. 5:21. northern california firefighter arrested coming up in 20 minutes, the official business police say he claimed to be doing in order to trick his elderly victims. first, 2 california veterans get an incredible surprise and a big hug. after the break, the unsuspected rewards for their years of service.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. $629 million lawsuit against the country's biggest mortgage lender goes to trial today. they claim wells fargo is liable because it owns the assets that over charged borrowers. time is 5:25. several survivor us of the attack on pearl harbor went back to hawaii marking the 73rd anniversary attack that drew the united states into world war ii. the handful of survivors here, gathered at the memorial built on top of the battleship the uss arizona, they say they remembered the attack by the japanese bombers as if it was yesterday. more than 2400 sailors, marines and soldiers died in that attack. the bay area hosted a similar
5:26 am
memorial on coast guard island. pearl harbor survivors were honored for their bravery on december 7th, 1941. they included the people at the diamond headlight house, an a smaller ship in the middle of the action. >> i was the destroyer, and they went after us. >> it happened so fast and quick, there was only about 10 minutes of action. >> many of these survivors they rarely talk about what they went through, some they are talking now because they want to make sure their stories are not forgetten. >> 2 california military veterans received big surprises over the weekend one is retired airman with 17 deployments under his belt, the other retired from the navy. they are members of the wounded warrior projects. both men were honored for their years of service to their
5:27 am
country and peers who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. and they were told to pick any bike off the showroom floor. >> shock and awe, it was just a blessing, really. >> unbelievable. unimaginable. that's a lot of money. >> each bike retails close to $30,000. it's now 5:27. will he stay or will he go? more speculation on the head coach jim harbaugh following yesterday's embarrassing loss against the raiders. a lot of businesses here in berkeley are being boarded up this morning as you can see after they were damaged during a late night demonstration over police brutality. we're going to tell you how one protester was injured trying to
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. good morning to you, welcome back. ktvu channel 2 news, live pictures we're in berkeley. you can see smashed windows, businesses that are being boarded up as we speak after another violent night of protests in berkeley. ktvu alex savage is walking around looking at the damage, he'll be here and tell you what he found and what he is seeing out there now. coming up in just 2 minutes stay tuned.
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monday morning december 8th. i'm dave clark. >> time now is 5:30. and i guess it is a little bit delayed we thought we'd get rain early. >> there is a weak system today, we talked about that. there is rain to the north. >> you gave us some fog this morning. >> there is a lot of fog. concord, livermore, maybe where you are as well. if you have thick fog you can tweet me, e-mail me. i understand. some of you say, i'm not tweeting . there is great information on there, or facebook works just as well too. i get them all and try to answer everybody. sometimes i get a thousand e- mails it is tough to follow. i try my hardest. we have some light rain to the north, not a lot here. recent rain, though, calm conditions, temperatures due points come together. we have fog. radar is not working overtime or anything. but it is up there. mostly cloudy skies, maybely
5:32 am
north bay there is not a heck of a lot here, some light rain to the north or higher elevations squeeze out a little bit of rain, oakland, berkeley hills. 50s on the temps here, the breeze of san jose temperatures and dew point are the same, once you get a breeze that stirs things up, if that dies there will be fog forming in other areas as well. this will light up like your christmas tree. as we get closer to thursday and friday. actually wednesday night. mostly cloudy some rain to the north very light, some sun breaks to the south, thick morning fog. 60s on your temps. i want to give a shout out to one of my twitter followers who is dove taling on what you said, tommy just sent me a photo of fog, i think it is livermore area. >> livermore, concord, clayton. >> i'm looking at it here, it
5:33 am
is pretty thick out here. you're absolutely right. one thing i always tell you, slow down in the fog and do not use your high beams. they just don't work and they might make it worse for your visibility. steve and i may be the fog brothers, we'll see. there is no one still celebrating that win last night at the coliseum, the traffic is moving well in both directions here. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems in the toll plaza, there is a little bit of slowing. and that doesn't look bad, as a matter of fact, southbound 680 as you pass mission boulevard, it is moving well. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, businesses are being boarded up after another night of protests in berkeley. ktvu reporter has a look at the damage and also more on a shocking injury to one of the
5:34 am
pr testers alex? >> a lot of the businesses have a lot of clean up to do. take a look at the atm, broke in during last night's demonstration. they are busy boarding up all the windows that were smashed here in the lobby areas as well. this began as a peaceful demonstration but in some cases it turned destructive and there was also violence as well. including a disturbing attack on a protester. the video you are about to see is difficult to watch. in this video posted to youtube a man in a bicycle helmet is seen trying to stop protesters from smashing the windows as a radio shack moments later someone wearing a mask hits him in the head with a hammer. police say the victim was taken to the hospital but he is expected to be okay. >> unfortunately this person was trying to do the right
5:35 am
thing and trying to keep the peace and keep the people from damaging this business and you know, there was intent on continuing to damage and loot the store actually struck him in the head with a hammer, he did suffer some injuries that required him to be transported to the hospital. crews have been busy boarding up windows around the city, this is a radio shack that was looted twice the last night with lots of electronics stolen, and close to 600 people were taken part in demonstrations sparked by the anger of deaths at the hands of police. things began peacefly, as the crowd moved through berkeley, a group of protesters blocked the highway 24 and oakland for a short time. berkeley police arrested a total of 5 people last night and as the clean up continues the city is preparing for even more protests in hoping they
5:36 am
remain peaceful. we're leave this morning in berkeley, alex savage, channel 2 news. well the chp says 5 of its patrol cars were dabbled in last night's damaged. they say -- faced a large crowd. 8 people were arrested, 2 officers suffered minor injuries. another protest saturday night in berkeley began peacefly, but then erupted into violence. it started at about 5 p.m. on the berkeley campus. protesters say they were soon joined by groups of people in black masks, who were looking for trouble. they began breaking windows and businesses including a radio shack, wells fargo and traderjoes and police made several arrests. 5:36. the end of the eagle's game there marked by a die-in stage by hundreds of protesters. the crowd lay in the streets as
5:37 am
you see here, they were outside the stadium for 4 and a half minutes last night symbolizing 4 and a half hours that michael brown's body lay on a ferguson missouri sidewalk after he was shot by a police officer. when the die-in was over, protesters got up, they moved back on to the sidewalk clearing the way for game day traffic. police were out there as you can see they say they were pleased everything stayed peaceful. >> people have the right to their opinions and they have the right to protest that's what this country is founded on and we have the obligation to protect everybody. protesters say they scheduled their die-in at a major supporting event as a way to force this issue into the spotlight. football battle of the bay turned into a victory for the raiders in a stunning set back for the 9ers . derek carr through 3 touch down passes over the 49ers at the sold out open coliseum. this is the raiders second
5:38 am
victory of the season, arguably the silver and black's biggest win of the year. >> i'm really proud of the guy ins that room. it takes a lot of courage to do what they did today. a lot of courage. >> 49ers quarterback had a rough day with one touch down, 2 interceptions. they are 2 games out of the second wild card spot with 3 games left. meantime, mutual interest between the raiders and the 49ers coach, jim harbaugh, that's according to the nfl network. they say harbaugh has quote intrigue in that situation. last week it was reported that the raiders would pursue harbaugh in the form of a trade after the season, he began his full time coaching career as the raiders quarterback coach in 2002, 2003. the boston globe said it is quote lock that he won't be back with the 49ers next season. for fans this battle of the bay was either the best or worst of times depending on who
5:39 am
you are rooting for. >> thousands of fans from both sides of the bay gathered for tailgate parties in the oakland coliseum parking lot. some down-play between the 2 teams and called the battle of the bay a family reunion for raiders and 49ers fan. >> we don't take it personal. at the end of the day, it is still love. it's family. >> we're just here to be a family, have fun, love each other, in the end of the day, go home. >> police made several arrests, mostly for public drunkenness. there was no repeat of the serious violence as happened in previous games. >> it was quite a game. the cameras stayed on jim harbaugh, we were talking about him shaking hands the owner of the raiders. time is 5:37. a police chase that went
5:40 am
through the east bay coming up at 6:00, the damage a woman is accused of doing that ended with her being shot by police. a dog is going to get the biggest bone he's ever gotten for christmas. >> up next, a hero dog leads police to a boy trapped 10 feet under ground. good morning right now we are looking at a commute that's getting filled in just as we suspected at the plaza. we'll give you the drive time coming up. rain to the north, not much around here locally but fog. there is a lot of fog. they said it is ridiculous down here in gillroy. we have some updated fog.
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. welcome back to the morning news, time is 5:32. everybody loves this story, the young football players from
5:43 am
richmond had a goal to play in the national championship tournament in florida, ktvu amber lee first told you theirstory about how they played football and tried to survive gun violence. amber followed the steelers to florida where the team played their first game. >> reporter: it's game day at the park near orlando. the opening of the 2014 american youth football national championship. 150 teams from around the country. game time for the richmond steelers, high noon, jerseys, helmet, and cleats on. a show of support for each other. >> people can know we're close, i think about like these could be my brothers, they are like my brothers and sisters. >> on the hop to the sideline,
5:44 am
on the hop. on the road, rituals are as important as warm-ups. >> amen! let's go! go! >> a season of 11 wins and 1 loss earned them a spot here. but this was tough. the opponent got out ahead for an early lead and scored often. >> the richmond steelers are a long way from home, they are on a journey of about football and more. what it means to win on and off the field. it teaches them to want more, you know, to strive to be the best in everything not just football, school. >> it was kind of good in the first half. >> it was when they showed the spirit that has helped them survive the gun violence they've seen too often in their community. >> we just ran one of their best players.
5:45 am
hit it again. come on. you hear me? >> 11-year-old, number 5, scored a touch down putting what would turn out to be the team's only point on the board. i just wanted to get the ball and run my fastest down the field. >> still he says he misses 2 former players and a coach whose son played in this team all killed by gun violence. >> i just think of the people that could have been here but they are not because they died and got killed. >> for many players it was the first time out of richmond or the bay area the first plane ride, a new environment. >> i hope what they take out of it you can do anything you put your mind too. the steelers play again tuesday, another chance at a trophy. a loss on the football field today, final score, 26-6. but this journey, a win. >> i learned we have to come more from the start to the finish. >> we did it the best way, win.
5:46 am
>> that's okay. but listen let me tell you something, you're all winners to me. >> near orlando in florida. >> amen! >> amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. what a great story. time is 5:45. back here at home, the sacramento fire department wants to rebuild public trust. a firefighter was arrested on suspicion of burglary and elder abuse. he claimed he was expecting fire detectors to get into homes, would go through people's medicine cabinets looking for prescription drugs. the fire officials say they received at least 8 complaints and that led to the arrest of craig white. >> i was both a little mystified and just you know, disappointed. >> if he is going around taking things from people, well he is the grinch that stole some
5:47 am
people's christmas. >> as of this morning craig white remains in custody, he is on administrative leave from the fire department. he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. a boy is safe and found after following into an open manhole where he was trapped for hours. he was found thanks to the senses of a police dog. copper is calling his new 4 legged best friend. collin was flying a kite in a field in utah on friday when he fell down 10 feet into an open manhole. he broke his arm and for 3 hours he yelled for help. when he didn't come home, his mom got worried. >> my mom and dad couldn't hear me. >> we go out to him, he wouldn't be with us today if we didn't have those k9 units and great police officers. collin and copper were reunited yesterday, police gave collin a
5:48 am
stuffed version of copper and collin gave copper a tasty bone. the city is looking into why that manhole was uncovered. all right. pam. time is 5:47. sal, you have everything all together on 880? >> traffic is kind of'sing into it, but we are seeing more people join us for this morning commute. if you're looking at 880, it is not stop and go, but there are people out there and the traffic continues to look pretty good up to the bay bridge toll plaza. where it will slow down as you come up to interstate 80 coming up into san francisco, it is backed up into the toll plaza. not too bad, definitely a delay. 680 southbound looks good, by the way, we don't have any accidents or stalled vehicles in the valley in case you're wondering about 101 or 280, you may have seen a tweet i just retweeted saying the fog is
5:49 am
ridiculous in gilroy. concord, clayton, livermore, right, you had one from livermore, also walnut cream towards southern end of the santa clara valley. light rain to the north, emphasis on light rain, say fort brag, yes you're getting rain. south of it, not that much. a weak system kind of toppling over, not doing much here. a big system on the way, starting wednesday into friday, the recent rain, though, if you get a breeze, san jose has an east wind at 6. that's preventing the fog from developing there. otherwise we have very thick fog, i think it will get thick between 6 and 8. we have a storm, i don't use the word major or storm very often, this one coming in on thursday is not. it looks very impressive. today is a weak system mostly cloudy, light rain to the north. everything is pointing towards what could be a significant system for us here the biggest in years.
5:50 am
maybe 4 or 5, heavy rain, forecast models backed off a little bit on the surface, suffice to say, it is going to be active wednesday, thursday and friday. if you have christmas decorations you might want to tie those down or keep an eye on things. we could get gusts up to 60 miles per hour. some light rain only a few, not much in summit county yet, at least not saying too much, marin county north, looks to be the cutoff, there is not a lot to this system, we have fog mostly cloudy skies in the forecast, 50s on the temps, a few 40s, san jose, walnut creek, up you are 40s as well. easternly breeze, helping stir things up towards san jose. and if you have the fog, then there is probably no breeze whatsoever. 20s up in the mountains, 50s for everybody else. the national weather service
5:51 am
says, this looks impressive to us, a winter storm watch is out. the watch is we think it is happening. wednesday night into friday. snow will be measured in feet, the snow will come way down,there is a lot of cold air, that is not something we've seen from these other systems. unless you're far enough north you'll get some rain otherwise until we get to wednesday night, thursday. this one really taking off in the color scheme. rain to the north, thick fog goes around there. you can meet, tweet, e-mail. even on facebook. morning fog gives way, temperatures will be in the 60s for everybody here. thick fog again tonight into tuesday kind of mix of sun and clouds, tuesday is the last day where things are quiet. wednesday, thursday, friday, i mean windy and rainy could be heavy, heavy rain. we'll get a break on the weekend, another system monday. travel plans. >> i think there is going to be, it's going to be rough on
5:52 am
thursday. >> thank you, steve. 5:51 is the time right now, more than a dozen people rushed to the hospital after fumes from a hotel. the reason police in chicago say it was a deliberate attack at a convention hosting thousands of people in animal costumes. first, there is black friday, cyber monday, now green monday up next, the story behind this day and how it may be able to save you money. o?oowq
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
. welcome back to the morning news, time5:54. u.s. and nato ended the coalition in afghanistan. they'll keep 13,000 troops, they'll be in a training and support roll, that's actually down from 140,000 back in 2011. the u.s. postal service has a big amount of mail saying it was lost and damaged in a big rig fire. the truck was taking the mail from san francisco to los angeles when it caught fire on highway 238. the crews worked for several hours to get the mail out. they are still trying to sort through the damage, they plan to give us an update about the situation soon. in the meantime, if you have any questions about your mail, you can contact the u.s. postal
5:56 am
service. global spending an ads is moving. they say they'll spend more next year than they have in the past, the growth is expected to continue. they say by 2019 companies will spend as much for digital ads as they do on television. don't be surprised if you get e-mails offering special deals for green monday. ebay cooked up the idea, the word green in this case refers to the color of money, not anything environmental. retail analysts say it is the second busiest shopping day of the year, after cyber monday. amazon, wal-mart, and sears are using the term as well. they are offering discounts of up to 50%. the sound track to have the animated movie of all time is this year's best selling album on itunes . ♪ let it go, let it go ♪.
5:57 am
apple announced frozen is number one. beating out taylor swift's 1989. frozen is also thier's best selling movie on itunes, and happy, like a room without a roof, top selling season, season 3, the game of throwns is the top tv show. i like all those. >> i know. coming up in our 6:00 hour, it's been another night of protests in berkeley, we have team coverage of the latest in the looting vandalism as police clash with protesters. a man critically injured in a shooting that happened in a restaurant, how this is tied to football's battle of the bay. good morning we're still looking at a commute that's good, san francisco, that looks good coming up to the 80 split. fog, martinez, livermore, gilroy, maybe where you are as well. a little bit of rain to the
5:58 am
north. all eyes are on the system coming in later this week. with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. i've been babysitting these kids for years. there's like eight of them - eight? maybe three. i don't know whatever. it's like really hard to keep track of them. it's a pretty big house. anyway, that's why i really love this nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. it tells you which room the smoke is in and tells you when things are getting bad. heads up - there's smoke upstairs. that's probably taylor. he's like so into fireworks right now. anyway, it's nice to- emergency - there's smoke upstairs. i should probably go. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
5:59 am
. good morning. a peaceful protest turned violent and destructive.
6:00 am
how business owners are cleaning up this morning. a man is suffering life threatening injuries following a shooting that may have stemmed from viewing of the battle ofbay. what we've learned about the victim. a major fire in downtown los angeles is taking over a building under construction, how it is also messing up the already-busy morning commute. and millions of students taking the same steps today, the program to teach young people to code. the news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live in berkeley this morning, what started at a peaceful demonstration turned destructive and violent for the second night in a row. you are looking live at some of the damage there. complete windows knocked out. stores were looted. coming up in 2 minutes, brian is going to show us more of the da


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