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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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how business owners are cleaning up this morning. a man is suffering life threatening injuries following a shooting that may have stemmed from viewing of the battle ofbay. what we've learned about the victim. a major fire in downtown los angeles is taking over a building under construction, how it is also messing up the already-busy morning commute. and millions of students taking the same steps today, the program to teach young people to code. the news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live in berkeley this morning, what started at a peaceful demonstration turned destructive and violent for the second night in a row. you are looking live at some of the damage there. complete windows knocked out. stores were looted. coming up in 2 minutes, brian is going to show us more of the damage to several of the
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stores, tell us how business owners are now working on the clean up today and how they are preparing for possibly more of this. good morning thank you for joining us monday december 8th. i'm pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic steve paulson. >> it is getting thicker too. >> east bay and south bay so far. >> if you're headed out the door. >> i'll tell you, wednesday, thursday, friday, my feet will not be up on the desk, i guarantee it. it is going to be, could be a wild little system here coming in right now still a couple days away. light rain unless you're far enough north, south of that, not a lot left in the system. with so much moisture in place, temperatures, they come together. and poof, we get fog. thick fog. as marie said, i can't see my neighbor's house. that's foggy. and there is a few reports of
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that all the way down to gilroy as well. mostly cloudy could be very light rain again to the north, higher elevations santa cruz mountains, berkeley hills, otherwise, i don't think we'll see much here. this system is kind of toppling apart. looks like marin county north. san jose went from 49 to 51. they had a little breeze still east at 6. for us, cloudy to mostly cloudy a few sun breaks to the south, i would think after that fog lifts, thick morning fog, light rain to the north over all, mostly cloudy skies. the other half of the fog brothers is my good friend sal. >> we have been getting those same reports all morning long. gilroy, driving may be an issue and steve and i of course we're all over it for you. let's go out and take a look at
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the area that's not foggy, that is the bay bridge toll plaza. got a backup here at about 25 minutes before you make it on the bridge, let's say 15 to 25 because some lines will be better than others, if you're moving onto 880 this morning on the east shore freeway, also on 580 getting a little bit crowded as you drive over the pass and parts of livermore. the morning commute is okay here in san jose. along northbound 280, also on 101 and 85, we're off to a decent start here. let's go back to the desk. thank you. violence, vandalism and what started off as a peaceful demonstration in berkeley over night, brian flores is right along shattic avenue, looks like many businesses cleaning up this morning. >> good morning to you. it started off as a peaceful protest, this is the aftermath of what happened last night and
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early this morning. several businesses, are damaged this is a mcdonald's on the corner of university and shatick. people wanting to cause problems last night. as we speak, though, there are a few workers putting up plywood to protect the businesses, this is law enforcement actually forced to clean up after a lot of damage. this is what the chp sent out through twitter last night. several cars were damaged in the protest, these pictures show broken windshields and dents if not clear, exactly where the cars were damaged but they say they face a large crowd trying to shut down highway 24. they say 8 people were arrested and 2 officers also suffered minor injuries. this was the scene at a radio shack, ktvu was there this morning several windows boarded up from people breaking the
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glass last night, we're also told several electronics were stolen from this store. also damaged were the windows of a chase bank, it is unclear if anything was taken inside. also a whole foods market, also berkeley city hall was vandalized as somebody had spray painted something in the building. take it back out here live there are reports that some of the protesters tried to stop some of the unruly people from damaging businesses, but it did get ugly with some reports of violence as well. alex savage will be here to talk more about that. we're live here in berkeley this morning, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. another protest began peacefly, also erupted in violence. it started at about 5 p.m. an the uc berkeley campus. they say people were looking for trouble. they began breaking windows at
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businesses and as a wells fargo and trader joes. police were busy investigating a shooting yesterday it may be linked to yesterday's battle of the bay between the raiders and the 49ers. one man has life threatening injuries. ktvu is in san jose with the latest on that investigation. >> they say the shooting happened here, it is a popular sports bar where people were watching the game yesterday in downtown san jose, police detained several men, but we have not heard of any official arrests. someone called 911 around 5:15, according to the san jose news, police arrived at a location along west santa clara avenue to find one man suffering a gunshot wound. they say according to its source, the man was a security guard attempting to break up a despite. police detained several men
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outside the bar, around the corner. customers watched the battle of the bay between the 9ers and the raiders game prior to the shooting police wouldn't say what led up to the shooting but said it was quote, game-related for sure. we are working to learn an update on the victim's condition as well and confirm the identity of the people. no arrests report at this point. this is the only report of violence following the battle of the bay which was as we said last night. dave? >> thank you. time is now 6:07. we have details on a stolen car chase that started, and ended with police shooting a female suspect in oakland. the pursuit started about 8:00 last night. ended in a cul-de-sac on springfield street near 98th and bancroft in oakland. police say they tried to pull over the female driver, but she sped off. at one . rammed several police cars and then police open fire.
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the woman was wounded, she was taken to the hospital, police say she is in grave condition. one police officer was treated for minor injuries. a major over fight fire has shut down portions of 2 major freeways in downtown los angeles. it starts at 1:30 at an apartment building under construction. that spread to 2 near by office buildings. crews shut down parts of the freeways. 110 remains closed because of possible burned framing collapsing on the road. the damage is estimated in themillions. so far no injuries are reported. another big storm will hit the bay area. steve says it is expected to be even stronger than last week's storm, may cause some flooding and damage around the bay area. the heavy rain and strong wind are expected to hit wednesday night and continue all the way into friday morning pg and e is
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preparing for major power outages during the storm. time is 6:08. happening today, this is the day the hour of code week will begin. millions of students all over the country. they'll learn more about computer science. the first lesson, anybody can learn the basics. here students from kindergarten through the eighth grade, they got a jump start. they enjoyed the fun and challenge of working with robots. >> i'm trying to make him to jump and then have colors. >> i don't have these robots at home, i don't get to use them every day. >> the big technology companies are paying for this program which by the way, will be taught by employees from 5 technology start-ups. they say b 2030, coding will be a basic skill like typing.
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the professional coders. and o'ryan is due to arrive in san diego today. o'ryan returned safely to earth, just floated back, splashed down off the coast of mexico on friday. it circled the earth twice before being picked up by the uss anchorage, almost the 3-day trip to san diego. it will be taken from that ship and driven by truck to kennedy space center in florida. it should get there just in time for christmas. nasa is counting on future capsules to carry astronauts to mars. time is now 8:10. did you watch the game yesterday? it was a set back for the 49ers. coming up at 6:30, how the out come of the battle of the bay greatly hurt san francisco's play off chances. first, a salary for santa. how a local company calculates
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how much money saint nick would get in he were paid? >> good morning right now traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on 680, we'll tell you a little more about the morning commute straight ahead. >> a little bit of rain out there, not much mainly to the north, fog, really for some, especially eastbound, let's take a look and have an update what looks to be an active weather week especially around thursday.
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. welcome back, time, 6:13. people here in the bay area who have family in the philippines, closely watching a tropical storm. 21 people have already died. while the storm is weakening, look at the winds here, those strong winds rough waves are expected in that region today, it is already hitting. the big concern now, flash flooding and landslides. thousands of people are still in shelters. >> i am worried. i'm thinking about my children and grandchildren. they are so young, that's why we're here. it is so hard for me, every typhoon that damages our home, we don't have the money to fix it. >> the storm comes more than a year after a super typhoon caused major damage to the philippines, that killed 7,000 people, destroyed dozens of villages. and they are trying to clean up the storm at this airport. you can see how the hangers
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have been damaged. cardboard signs are posted saying all flights have been canceled because of that storm. an apparent gas attack at a convention outside chicago is now under investigation. first responders were called to a hotel in rosemont illinois yesterday after people reported smelling a strong odor. they found powdered chlorine in a stairwell. it forced thousands of people dressed as animal into the street. i saw a ambulances, a fire truck, i figured something was going on, the fire alarm went off, everybody started leaving. >> 19 people were rushed to hospitals after complaining of nausea and dizziness. technicians decontaminated the area. guests were allowed to return. the convention is called fur fest. it sell operates animals that
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are anthropomorphic. it means animals that have been given human characteristics through art. president obama will welcome prince william of england to the white house. the president said he is he is looking forward to thanking hill for the last visit. kate will spend the day in new york. visiting a child development center. tonight prince william and kate will watch them play the cavaliers. and visiting the september 11th memorial. looks like santa is getting a gift this year in the form of a raise. if santa were paid a salary he would make $139,000 a year. this year anyway, that's up 1.5% from last year and to
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determine santa's salary. they compare it to similar operations, running the workshop like being an industrial engineer, piloting the slay, and the calculations comes from piloting the slay, wrapping gifts and taking care of reign deer. how do you pay sal from getting us through the morning commute? >> with money. >> yeah. >> with money. thank you very much. the traffic is moving along pretty well in most areas all though it is getting more clouded on the east shore freeway as you drive from the bridge, average about 20 minutes to make that drive, maybe a little bit more when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see a backup, it's not too bad but i wouldn't say it is lighter than usual, normal monday. as we take a look at san jose.
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still looks good into the west valley, so does 101. this commute usually doesn't start get going until 7:00. let's go to the weather center, a lot of people tweeting about the weather and the fog. martinez to gilroy, it is picking up in intensity. we have a little bit of rain to the north, there could be rain by thursday, i've seen the 5 day outlook for presip which could take it to the end of the week. there are painted bullseyes of 7-inches of rain. 7 and a half. right where we live. >> wow. >> but we, are a couple days away. there's some rain to the north, not much left but the fog is the bigger story here for most, i should say, some areas all though they said, it is clear here. some it will be okay today, the rain line is mainly to the
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north, fog, sit thick, thick, thick. our thursday system is moving across, it will be here a weak system today. mostly cloudy, light rain to the north, a much stronger system, again, i don't use major or strong very often, but this system has all the elements for heavy rain and windy conditions as we head towards thursday. 3 days to go. everything is pointing in that direction. any rain is very light, some of the higher elevations santa cruz can pick up, a drizzle or light rain can pick up. and high clouds, some mostly cloudies today, this system you can see right there, that's the dividing line. there is just not a heck of a lot going on for us. 40s for some, 50s for others, the fog, though, north bay, south bay so far, morgan hills in there, gilroy, foggy report. freemont, 52. there is a hint of a breeze that kind of stops the fog for a few.
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san jose, east at 6. if the wind dies san jose will pick up really thick fog really fast. 20s up in the mountains, 30s in reno, because of this system that's coming in national weather service in sacramento said, winter storm watches out for wednesday night into friday. snow will be measured in feet this will have more cold air. the snow will come down,'s into that as we get into towards wednesday, you can lead and head up monday, tuesday, and wednesday will be best, it will be howling over the passes as well as we get towards thursday. the rainfall here with this system today is not much. i mean, just a couple 100, and wednesday and thursday, stronger system comes in wednesday, thursday, friday, there's the start of it wednesday night. thursday morning we'll be very busy thursday morning. most of the day into early friday. we'll get a break on most of the weekend, another system rolls in here on monday. mostly cloudy rain to the north, sun to the south, thick
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fog, east bay, south bay, maybe you can't see a couple feet in front of you. this shows fog mostly cloudy. light rain. but everything changes as we head towards wednesday night, thursday and friday. rain and wind. >> steve was i dreaming when you said 7-inches? yes. >> wow. okay. that's not for everybody santa cruz mountains. 6:21. $629 million consumer lawsuit against the country's biggest mortgage lender goes to trial today. that suit claim claims wells fargo is liable because they over charged borrowers. they say it is not responsible for those fees and penalties charged but jury selection begins today in new york.
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singapore, 900 business and premium class tickets between australia and asia sold for -- now it says it will accept the tickets as the full fair so passenger's trips are not disrupted. it is still investigating how that price mix up happened. and kids on the trip of a lifetime thanks to your generosity. we'll update the young football players from richmond playing in a national championship in florida. another nice story coming up, a surprise for 2 war veterans how they were rewarded for their work of helping others. this portion of the channel 2 news brought to you by subaru.
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. the time now is 6:25. several survivors of the attack on pearl harbor return to hawaii to mark the 73rd anniversary of the bombing that drew into world war ii. they say they remember the attack by japanese bombers as if it were yesterday. more than 2400 soldiers, marines, died in that attack.
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the bay area hosted a similar memorial on coast guard island, pearl harbor survivors were honored for their bravery, they included people at the diamond headlight house, and on a smaller ship and road out the attack in the middle of the action. i was a destroyer and they went after us. >> it happened so fast and quick, it was only about 10 minutes of action. >> many survivors have been reluctant to talk about what they experience, but some are spoking out now so they that they can make sure the stories are not forgetten. 2 california military veterans got big surpriseover the weekend. one of them is a retired airman, the other retired from the may i have. they are members of the wounded
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warrior project which helped service members. both men were honored with their years of service to help other vitreins suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. and they told them to pick out any motorcycle they wanted off a showroom floor in san diego. >> shock and awe pretty much with all of us, we weren't expecting that. it is just, a blessing really. unbelievable. unimaginable. that's a lot of money. >> each of those motorcycles sells for about $30,000, but the emotion? priceless. time is now 6:27. bay area school districts spying on their own students we'll tell you why some are hiring private investigators to protect school resources. and this is a common scythe all around berkeley, boarded up windows after a destructive demonstration that goes late
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into the night a demonstration over police brutality we'll tell you about how many people were arrested and tell you about a protester who was injured trying to protect this store. we are looking at a commute that is getting busier, you can see the freeway is pretty busy here heading out to the mcarthur maze. and we'll talk about that, there could be a lot of rain here later in the week more on that.
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. we are live in berkeley this morning, look at the camera panning over to this. you can see right through it, a lot of damage left behind people started breaking windows of protests against police brutality. this is a mess inside the
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mcdonald's. look further back, even more damage. you'll have more on the damage and the arrests and details of what happened out there in berkeley. good morning, ktvu channel 2 morning news, monday, december 8th i'm dave clark. good morning i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. let's check in with steve so we can enjoy a couple of days. >> a little bit of rain, more fog. i just posted on facebook and twitter it is called quantitative presip forecast valid today through saturday. 7-inches of rain, wednesday, thursday, and friday. there will be wind and little bit of rain but mainly east bay, down in santa clara seems to be the thickest, the recent rain, old-timers will tell you
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we get some clearing that fog will set up in the sacramento, and you would rather drive through rain or snow than that fog. it is not something we've seen a lot of. and we do see some rain to the north, this is mainly i'd say, south of that there wouldn't be a. over all, this is falling apart and moving north, it does kind of stretch it out, weakens it. 50s on the temps, looks like mostly cloudy, rainfall from this system here, not much as we get towards tuesday into wednesday, things are going to really pick up here, you'll see inch amounts on some of these. mostly cloudy here, rain to the north, thick, thick fog going. going up right about now. >> all right thank you, steve. that was a very nice toss. i was wide open too. let's look at the commute,
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traffic is getting all the way down to the richmond area, most of the traffic is here approaching the mcarthur maze. we've had slow traffic approaching the bay bridge, a little something going on at the toll plaza. it's been enough to slow traffic down and a little while ago, that is already on the shoulder however the traffic is going to be slow. so 680, moderately heavy, sometimes things take awhile to be reported to chp and they are out there anyway, we get them on twitter or see them on ourcameras. at 6:30. let's go back to the deck. another night of protests in berkeley, they turn destructive and violent too. >> yeah. they started out peaceful, but some people broke into businesses even injured some police officers. we do have live team coverage
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for you, brian has a closer look at the damage done in several stores. >> we're going to start with alex savage from berkeley city hall. it was also damaged. >> well good morning to you guys. the number of businesses vandalized during last night's demonstration, these are the front doors they were smashed out as well. you can see they are boarded up now this morning, this began as a peaceful demonstration but quickly turned destructive in some dayses there was violence including an attack on a protester. the video you're about to see is difficult to watch. in this video that was posted to youtube, a man in a bicycle helmet is trying to stop people from smashing the windows at a radio shack store.
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someone wearing a mask hits him in the head. >> this person was trying to do the right thing, trying to keep the peace and keep the people from damaging this business, one person's intent to damage and loot the store struck him in the head with a hammer. he did suffer injuries that required him to be transported to the hospital. close to 600 people were taking part in last night's demonstration which was sparked by anger of unarmed black men at the hands of police. the crowd was dispersed after lighting several trash fires. police say they arrested a total of 5 people last night. 2 of those people they say were arrested for crimes committed during saturday night's demonstrations that include one protester seen smashing a window at a trader joes store with a skateboard on saturday night as we bring you back out here live this morning you can
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see there is already a plan a flier has been passed out here. a plan nor another demonstration tonight. meeting at bancroft and telegraph. police again, bracing for another demonstration tonight hoping, pam, it will remain peaceful. i think we all do. thank you alex. we continue our live team coverage this morning with brian flores who is on shattic avenue where businesses are cleaning up there in berkeley. >> i want to repeat what you've said, hopefully these protests are peaceful. we're on the corner of shattic and university. crews are putting on plywood to protect several of the broken windows from this mcdonald's that were broken as a result of people just wanting to cause trouble last night. these workers were here early on around 5:00, 5:30 when we arrived, it is unclear whether this mcdonald's is open, the
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lights are on. this is just one of many businesses that were forced today clean up after a lot of damage. also, forced to clean up chp, they say 5 of its patrol cars were damaged these are pictures from twitter showing broken windshields and dents, it is not clear where the cars were damaged. the chp says they face a large crowd that were trying to shut down the highway. 8 people arrested, 2 officers suffered minor injuries. this was the scene this morning at a radio shack also along shattic avenue. several windows had to be boarded up from unruly people breaking the glass we're told at that radio shack several electronics were stolen from the store. also damaged were the windows of a chase bank. it is unclear if anything was taken from inside. we understand a whole foods market even berkeley city hall
6:38 am
was vandalized somebody had spray painted something on the building, broken windows as well. they are planning another protest tonight, we also understand some protesters actually tried to stop some of the people from damaging several buildings, and again, that protest, pam, scheduled to begin at 5:00 this afternoon. hopefully you won't be seeing scenes like this tomorrow morning. ktvu channel 2 news. hopefully people can do that peacefly. 15 police officers in richmond will start wearing body cameras. they say the cameras will help protect both officers and the public. in january, about 100 more cameras will be available for the rest of the department. a study by a southern california place department found a 50% use of drop, and an 80% number of complaints after
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officers started wearing cameras. 6:38. police are investigating a shooting that may be linked to yesterday's battle of the bay  between the raiders and the 49ers. one man has life threatening injuries. katie is in san jose, you have the latest on this shooting investigation. katie. >> reporter: i just spoke with a man who is setting up tables here in downtown san jose, he did not know much about the shooting last night. he said that the reports that he'd heard were just from media reports over night, so we're still working to confirm many of the details but we do know police detained several men last night. at this point we have not heard any arrests. we do know someone called 911 around 5:15. police found one man suffering a gunshot wound, the reports say the man is a security guard who was attempting to break up
6:40 am
a dispute outside a local bar and last reports say he is suffering from a life threatening gunshot wound. officers detained several men outside the bar, that's around the corner. customers watched the 9ers raiders game before the shooting, police say a sergeant told the mercury cuse, the shooting was quote, game- related for sure. we do have calls and e-mails into the san jose police department to try to get an update on that victim's condition and confirm if there were any arrests made from those people that were detained last night. we'll of course be checking with them for updates throughout the morning, dave. we'll wait for your updates thank you. yesterday's battle of the bay was a surprising victory for the raiders. a stunning set back for the 49ers. rookie quarterback, had 3 touch down passes in oakland's victory over the 49ers. that's a sold-out coliseum. it was only the raiders second
6:41 am
victory of the season, arguably their biggest win in years. >> i'm really proud of the guy ins that room. it take a lot of courage to do what they did today. a lot of courage. >> 49ers quarterback had another rough day with just one touch down, 2 interceptions, the 9ers are now 2 games out of the second nfl wild card spot with 3 games left. time is 6:41. school districts reportedly were spying on their own students. a new report shows some have highered private investigators to make sure school kids really live where they say they do. according to the times, the investigators photographed children suspected of lying about their home address. this comes after some parents are accused of using family member's addresses to get their kids into a better school district. several investigations have already resulted in hundreds of students being dismissed. well, a scene from southern
6:42 am
california coming up at 7:00 a huge fire burning right now in downtown los angeles. and an american journalist killed during a failed rescue. they say what the u.s. was lacking during that mission. we are looking at a commute getting busier by the moment, not here on the golden gate bridge, looks good heading south. and the bigger story, monday morning's fog. mainly down to the south bay, there are signs of a very strong system coming in later in the week. more on that. it's cheaper to eat at my place. i've got -
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2 breakfast croissants for just $4 - both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese. try supreme or sausage. hey, you can't make a commercial in my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me.
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. welcome back to the morning news, time, 6:45. the u.s. did not know that the south african hostage was about to be released when navy seals were sent in on a rescue mission. he was killed on saturday during that rescue attempt, along with american photo journalist, luke summers. they were shot after someone spotted the u.s. commands approaching the compound. reportedly he was supposed to be released by al-qaeda yesterday, after negotiations on his behalf with a south african relief group has taken place. the u.s. ambassador says the u.s. did not know about those
6:46 am
negotiations. new this morning, the u.s. and nato have ended their combat mission in afghanistan. the coalition will maintain a force of 13,000 troops inafghanistan, that is down from a peek of 140,000 troops back in 2011. all right. our time is 6:46. have you fixed everything in our morning commute? >> no, no, dave. >> don't you wish you could? >> no i haven't fixed anything. but i am going to let you know what's going on here, and i will let you know that traffic is busier. but i do have some good news just a little but. we haven't been in any major crashes, just typical slow downs, you see 101 as you drive passed the exit, the traffic is getting a little bit bunched up. northbound 101 looks okay, about a 30 minute drive coming into san francisco, with no major delays. by the way, i want to mention the livermore valley, even
6:47 am
though i'm not showing it to you, westbound is going to be slow, northbound 280 traffic heavy downtown, that's northbound 280 getting off highway 17. it is very foggy in some areas let's bring steve in. so far, most of the reports have come in from east bay to the south bay, a little bit of rain to the north, from martinez, let's see, to brentwood, oakly, walnut creek, concord, clayton, livermore, to gilroy. you can see me or sal facebook or twitter message. some rain to the north there's hardly any in the north bay. the recent rain, you get the calm conditions or a slight puff of a breeze, any breeze would wipe out the fog, if it is calm, you get that over night, that thick, thick fog. so foggy for some, mostly
6:48 am
cloudy, mild temps, you can see there is just not a lot of rain up there. it is going to stay up towards here. there are a few breaks in those clouds. this system smooth, moving north. there we go. it is like a rubber band, stretches and the middle part gets thinner. 50s on the temps here, 33 up in reno, 51, sacramento. 50 in monterey. 59 in la. national weather service in sacramento, says let's not mess around this could be a significant storm. winter storm watch, wednesday night into friday, snow forecast will be measured in feet this will have colder air with it. the snow will come down not until later thursday and friday. and maybe thunder showers. for the next 24 hours
6:49 am
everything is going to be northward, otherwise really won't be much in the way of presip, once we start getting to thursday and friday, our system is coming across the pacific off of alaska. mostly cloudy, fog is a bigger story. strong system on tap for thursday. wednesday night thursday into friday, some of the rainfall projections between now and saturday are over 7.5-inches of rain. plus you might want to, christmas decorations, i would secure those, we could get gusts of 60 miles per hour. also falls on the anniversary of one of the strongest storms, that was 103 miles per hour, strongest ever recorded 19 years to the date. anyway, mostly cloudy and fog on tuesday, and then we clouded up wednesday, rain will start in the north bay, i mean rain
6:50 am
and wind will kick in thursday, and friday get a little bit of a break saturday sunday. >> watch out for the christmas decorations. >> you get a 60 miles per hour wind, they are going to end up somewhere else. okay. batten down the hatches. 6:49 is the time, one of the first cars to promote a movie, he is selling a pontiac transam used for advertising for smokey and the bandit. the black and gold car as a v8 engine, the opening bid, $30,000, right now, they gave me the current bid, $130,000 for that car. >> all right. all right. time 6:50. prince william in the oval office up next with president obama, what he wants to talk
6:51 am
about this morning and why his wife, she'll be in harlem. their goal was to make it to the national championships. thanks to our viewer, up next, the richmond steelers and their first game.
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. well good morning to you,
6:54 am
welcome back, time is 6:52. today, tmz live premiers on ktvu. the program takes you inside the tmz newsroom, tmz's harvey joining us live from los angeles with more on today's show, i'm glad to see you again, harvey, thanks for getting up early to be with us. >> dave, i got to tell you, sadly, this ain't early. we start at 3:00 in the morning. >> we have something in common, okay. >> i know you're busy, i want to start first, what's the latest on chris brown and the break-up with his girlfriend. what is that? >> this is a bizarre story. chris brown went on the raging attack against his on and off again girlfriend. and was saying, really horrible things about her, but also said essentially he is saying that
6:55 am
she cheating on him when he was in jail, by going to toronto and dating drake. now, that's weired. because if you remember, chris seemed to bury the hatchet with drake at the grammys but reignited this whole feud. drake is totally pissed off. he is livid saying he isn't even his type, and so he is saying, it is not true. chris brown just apologized and he apologized in an erie way. he said he loves, but reacts excessively when he gets his feelings hurt. that brings you back to rehanna. this whole thing is kind of bubbling back to the surface. >> he said some really bad things about her, and about him. thank you for the update.
6:56 am
let's talk about matt wallburg. i heard he wants to become a police officer? >> yeah. you know he went to, or he filed papers to expunge his criminal record in massachusetts, he was convicted in '88 of felony assault and we found out that he wants to become a reserve officer in the l.a. area. and you can't do that if you have a felony on your record because you can't handle guns. so that's why he has gone to court but that's the motivation for it. he is doing this show, this new show called port of l.a. where cops go and inspect containers at the port of l.a. and my sense is that the reserve status has something to do with that show. i'm not positive of that, but i am positive he wants to become a reservist. that's interesting. sounds like shaquille o'neal becoming a reserve cop. harvey, always fascinating to talk to you. good luck with the new show, harvey, the new show. >> by the way, dave, by the
6:57 am
way, i'm really excited, really excited that we're going to ktvu at 4:00. >> me too. >> this is a really interesting, what i love about this show, we'll tell you about the stories we break and a lot that's behind them. i'm going to do a live twitter chat, if you're interested you can log onto twitter @harvey11tmz. don't forget, thank you. do catch tmz live right here every weekday, 4 p.m., followed by the channel 2 news at 5:00. perfect timing. all right, well their story has reached thousands, people, here in the bay area. in fact many viewers donated money to help some young football players from richmond travel all the way to the national championship tournament in florida. a season of 11 wins, just one loss earned them the spot there, and yesterday the
6:58 am
richmond steelers hit the game one. they showed the spirit that has helped them survive the gun violence that they've seen too often in their commute. >> i just think about the people that could have been here, but they are not because they died and got killed. >> you can do anything you put your mind to. >> that was a good thing to think about. the steelers, they lost to their opponent with a final score of 26-6 but they have another chance at a trophy when they play tomorrow. and i heard the message, they are still winners. still winners. >> yeah. >> time is 6:58, another night of violent protests in berkeley. coverage on the looting the vandalism and the arrest as police clash with protestest. and a man injured at a popular san jose restaurant
6:59 am
we'll be right back.
7:00 am
boarded up windows all around the city of berkeley after a protest goes late into the night. we'll tell you


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