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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 8, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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cleanup is underway in berkeley after protests over the weekend turns violent. we'll show you the damage and the action one man took to try to defend a business. plus, a woman who tried to use her car as a weapon is now in grave condition after being shot by police. we'll tell what you police say happened just moments before the shooting. and gray clouds across the bay area. it's dry now. but we're tracking a massive storm that's expected to slam the region later this week. good afternoon.
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i'm brian flores in for tori campbell. cleanup is currently underway in perkily after another night of destructive -- berkeley after another night of destructive demonstrations by protesters. here's more. >> reporter: work crews were out early this morning boarding up businesses in berkeley that were damaged during last night's demonstration. vandals smashed windows and busted the at ms at this chase bank. this nearby mcdonald's was ransacked and protesters hit city hall. people who work downtown are frustrated by all of this destruction. >> it's not necessary. the protests, it's not real. [chanting [brrk. >> reporter: close to 600 people took to the streets of berkeley for a second straight night. protesters are angry over the recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police.
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early on, things were peaceful here. but then some in the crowd got out of hand. vandalizing stores, setting bon fires and smashing patrol cars. at one point, protesters clashed with chp officers on highway 24, briefly shutting down the freeway. there was also a disturbing attack on a protester captured on camera. we want to warn you the video you are about to see is difficult to watch. it shows a man in a bicycle helmet trying to stop people from smashing windows at a raise yoshack store. suddenly, a person in a mask hits him in the head with a hammer. the victim was taken to the hospital but he's expected to be okay. >> unfortunately, this person was trying to do the right thing and keep the peace and keep the people from damaging this business. he did suffer some injuries that required him to be transported to hospitals. >> reporter: that radio shack was eventually looted with
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electronics stolen. berkeley police arrested a total of five people last night. and two of those people were arrested for crimes committed during saturday night eight demonstration in this city and that includes one protester who was seen using a skateboard to smash a window at this trader joe's. there are plans for another demonstration here in berkeley later tonight. according to the flier, people will be getting together at 5:00 near the intersection of bancroft and telegraph close to the cal campus. berkeley police and businesses are hoping for fewer problems tonight. in berkeley, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama is calling for patience and persistence in the wake of protests. he will speak about it in an airing today on bet. >> when you are dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias in any society, you have to have vigilance but you have to recognize it will take some time and you just
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have to be steady, so that you don't give up when we don't get all the way there. >> reporter: the president also says despite the grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york, there is hope for progress. >> as painful as these incidents are, and we can't equate what's happening now to what happened 50 years ago, if you talk to your parents, grandparents, they will tell you that things are better. not good in some cases but better. >> again, the full interview with the president is set to air tonight on b.e.t. well, today in richmond, 15 police officers are set to begin a new test program involving body cameras. the department says the poddy cam rahns will help protect the officers and the -- cameras will help protect the officers and the public. in january, 100 more cameras will be available for the rest of the department. a study found a 60% drop of use
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of force and an 88% drop in citizen complaints after the body cameras were worn. at least three people were killed in a private jet outside of washington, d.c. several homes were also damaged including one that was nearly destroyed by fire. it appears that no one on the ground was hurt. authorities also say may have been a fourth person on board. witnesses say the plane was struggling to stay up and suddenly took a nose dive into the homes. it's a dry start to the week but a powerful storm is expected to hit the bay. rosemary is tracking the storm and has more. >> dry so far. faud, mostly cloudy, a few scattered showers but -- today, mostly cloudy, a few scattered showers. giving you a live look over the east bay, where we will be
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mostly dry. a little bit hard to point out but this area right here circled is sort of the breathing area for this next pacific storm that will be moving in. it looks like late wednesday night lasting into thursday and this could be one of the strongest, at least wettest and windiest storms we've seen in the last few years. we'll be fine tuning as we get closer but onto thursday we expect wind gusts anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour for the coast and the hills. as far as rainfall totals 1 to 4 inches expected. 5 to 8 inches expected along the coastal rain as well as in our hills. so we are going to be tracking this for you. this could bring on the possibility of urban flooding, steep terrain mudslides expected and with very strong wind gust it could easily take down trees as well as power lines. a lot of snow expected to pile up in the sierra. that's some great news. we definitely need the rain but this is going to pack a powerful punch.
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we'll be watching it for you. i will have a look at what you can expect for today coming up. >> all right. thank you. well, a woman suspected of stealing a car is in grave condition today after police shot her during a pursuit last night. the chase started in san leandro and ended in an oakland cul-de-sac. katie utehs live in the newsroom with why police say they had to open fire. >> police say the driver rammed a patrol car during the pursuit and once trapped, she tried to ram them repeatedly. bullet holes and smashed cars are the final scene of a police purr sust last night. before 8:00, san leandro officers attempted to pull over the driver a vehicle reported stolen. they spotted it around halcion and dillo street. >> the driver initially pulled over after officers tried to top her but then sped off. >> during that pursuit, the driver did attempt to ram one
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of the san leandro police cars. >> reporter: as the female driver became pinned in a cul- de-sac, watson said she ranked -- rammed patrol cars and then investigators say officers shot her. >> using a vehicle in this aggressive manner is assault with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: a male passenger and officer suffered injuries but have been released from the hospital. opd, san leandro police and the leam county -- -- leam alameda county sheriff's office. . brian? >> friends say an-off-duty security guard shot in the chest is in stable condition. it happened around 5:00 p.m. outside of the brittania
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restaurant. the victim worked security there but was off duty and had just come to watch the football game with his girlfriend. surveillance video shows him leaving the restaurant without incident. friends say moments later, he was shot in the chest in the middle of the street. employees pulled him to safety and called 911. they say police responded quickly and several men were detained for questioning. there was plenty of violence before and during the 9ers/raiders game at the coliseum. according to the alameda sheriff's office, 100 fans were ejected and more than 30 were arrested. several fights were reported out in the parking lot before the game began. the game which had 55,000 people there ended with a surprising 24-13 victory for the raiders over the niners. a man and woman were arrested in san rafael for allegedly marketing a young man
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online. they got a tip from the fbi that the two suspects were exploiting a mine or on an escort website. they arranged to meet the minor and discovered she was a young adult. the victims tells officer she was being sold for sex. south bay immigrants seeking relief from deportation under president obama's executive order may get help from santa clara. dave cortese and cindy chavez about the proposed creation of a county office of immigration relations and services. the new office would help guide residents to programs and services and protect them from scams. the board is set to vote on the proposal tomorrow. perhaps thousands of county residents will seek protection from this executive order. we need to be ready to respond. >> the president issued an executive order that could help more than 4 million people avoid deportation. republican members of the house voted to overturn it last week but that vote was most lit sim
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bomb -- mostly symbolic. some say it sounded like an explosion. we'll show you the fiery scene in downtown l.a. after the early-morning fire shut down two major freeways. and prince william and kate middleton are here in the u.s. what they are doing here and what the prince has already discussed during his meeting with president obama this morning.
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welcome back, everybody. a new report says school districts across the bay area are spying on their own students. the report shows some have hired private investigators to make sure kids really live where they say they do. according to the contra costa times, the investigators photographed children whose parents are suspected of lying about their addresses. this comes after reports that some parents are using family members addresses to get their kids into better school districts. several investigations have already resulted in the dismissal of hundreds of students. well, today is the start of code week in which millions of students nationwide will get a one-our introduction to learn more about computer science. the first lesson, anybody can learn the basics. yesterday in palo alto, students from kindergarten through 8th great at a day school got a start. they enjoyed the fund and challenge of working are
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robots. >> i'm trying would make it to jump and change colors. >> i don't have these robots at home. i don't i don't get to use -- i don't get to use them every day. >> big technology companies are paying for this program. organizers say by the year 2030, coding will be like a basic skill like typing. they also say that professional coders are paid more than 95% of all other american workers. in los angeles, crews are mopping up two massive fires that closed portions of two major freeways. more than 250 firefighters battled the downtown blaze that was sparked at a construction site around 1:20 this morning. portions of highway 101 and interstate 110 were shut town. the fire consumed the wood frame structure and damaged three floors of an adjacent high rise before it was finally controlled. hours later, about two miles west, a meyer was reported at a -- fire was reported at a mix- used building. no injuries are reported from
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either fire. officials say there's no indication the two fires are connected. and the u.s. postal service says a large amount of mail was lost or damaged over the weekend in a big rig fire in hayward. the truck was taking the mail from san francisco to l.a. when it caught on fire on highway 238 yesterday morning. crews worked for several hours to remove the mail. they are still trying to sort through the damage and they plan to update the public about the situation soon. in the meantime, anyone with questions about their mail can contact the u.s. postal service. prince william and duchess kate middleton are in the u.s. over the next three days they are packing their schedules with various fund-raising events. as joel wauldman reports, the prince traveled to d.c. to meet with the president. >> reporter: prince william in washington, d.c. to attend a working lunch at the world beige where he talked against the illegal tracking of animals. it's an issue he took up
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earlier with president obama earlier today. president obama welled prince william in the oval office on monday. it's the first time in washington for the duke and the white house says the white house underscores the special relationship between the two countries. the president thanked the prince for the hospitality shown to him by the royal family during the president's esent visits to the u.k. they also smoke about illegal wildlife tracking an issue the prince is addressing at the world bank. meanwhile in new york, kate touring a child development center in harlem. she's also said to meet with british dignitaries before her prince returned to take her out to a brooklyn nets basketball game this evening. >> there's more to this trip what she's wearing and the basketball game. it's a serious trip. it's about diplomacy and about putting a spotlight on
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charitable causes. >> reporter: tonight the couple hits the nets' basketball game and tomorrow they attend a $10,000 fund-raiser for st. andrews university. joel waldman, fox news. back here at home, the san francisco symphony got into the christmas spirit with the holiday concert. ♪ >> the musicians at davies symphony hall performed for kids from underserved schools this morning. it's all part of the deck the hall community day. organizers say the performance includes more than just music. >> it's a sing along. so it's pretty much audience interactive. the kids are having a great time. we'll have performers from the san francisco ballet school, the presidio dance theater, the san francisco boys chorus is here. just a lot of fun. >> sounds like it. we're told 2,000 kids attended today.
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for most of tell, it -- them, it was the first time attending a symphony. a bit of a gloomy day over the bay area, even -- even a few areas reporting scattered showers. take a look at what's happening outside the doors. a few peaks of sunshine. we'll go with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon today. now onto stormtracker2 where you can see widespread cloud cover. we do have a little bit of moisture here. you can see it falling over northern california. but here at home in the bay area, areas right around santa rosa reporting a little bit of shower activity. this is going to be the case for today. it will remain primarily north of the golden gate bridge. north of i-80. favors this area right in here. the possibility of a few scattered showers. the rest of us will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy. maybe a sprinkle but not much. this system very weak. we'll continue with this for the day, tomorrow will be a dry day. by wednesday night, things
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start to change and by thursday, this major storm is expected to move in. we talked about it at the top of the hour. wind gusts anywhere from 50 to 60 miles an hour especially along the coast and over the hills. heavy rain anywhere from 1 to 4 inches expected for some of our urban areas. maybe even up to 8 inches for some of the coastal range as well as our hills. we have the soils already saturated and this could definitely bring some trouble with it talking about downed trees as well as power lines. maybe some mudsliding. so we are going to be tracking this. but just be aware, come thursday, we have a whopper of a storm. outside the doors, under mostly cloudy skies. 65 in redwood city. 65 in san francisco. 60 for name. 61 in concord. a bit of a cool one out there for the afternoon. for the second half, i expect to remain in the 60s. low to mid-60s expected for parts of the north bay. 63 in oakland. san francisco you will be 62 for the afternoon. 63 in antioch. san jose, you are going to 65
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for today. 67 in gilroy, one of the warmer spots. 66 expected for santa cruz and 65 los gatos. the extended forecast here, again, showing you a slight chance of scattered showers especially over the north bay for today. as we get into tomorrow, not bad at all. temperatures will be relatively mild. morning fog, followed by afternoon sunshine. partly cloudy skies. wednesday, sort of that in- between transition day. the clouds start to move in. maybe a few scattered showers come wednesday night. we get the doozy on thursday. it lingers into friday. right now your bay area weekend looks mostly dry. >> doozy. will it be cold enough for tahoe? >> it will be cold enough. so we're looking at fresh snow for tahoe. sport illustrated announces the 2014 sportsman of the year. we'll tell you which san francisco player has the new tight. title.
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welcome back. stocks have been lower in afternoon trading. energy prices continue to drop. also as crude oil drops to a five-year low, the -- the dow is down 95. nasdaq is trading 40 points down. s&p down about 10. ♪ let it go >> yes, the song that enriches my life as a father of two young kids. the album "frozen" is this
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year's best-selling album in the u.s. it's this year's best- selling movie on itunes and. this song, which is really cool, "happy" is the top season and game of thrones is the top tv show. young football players from richmond playing in a national championship tournament in florida will get another chance at a victory tomorrow. we first introduced you to the richmond steelers and their story last week when they needed donations to fly across the country for the tournament. they fell short in their first game yesterday, losing to the pepper mill pirates from maryland. 26-6. but many of these young players have overcome greater obstacles. two former steeler players and a coach whose son plays on the team have been killed in the richmond street violence. >> i think about all of the people that could have been here but they are not because they got killed. >> the richmond steelers are of one of 150 teams playing in the youth championships. the games are being played in
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kissimmee, florida, near ordinary. madison bumgarner is receiving another big honor. the world series mvp is now the sportsman of the year for sports illustrated. >> the most hutch belling award an athlete can win, in -- humbling award an athlete can win, in my opinion. >> madison bumgarner is on the cover of the current issue of sports illustrated. it highlights his outstanding season and his postseason performance. as have traded brandon moss for the indians. they are acquiring joey wendell in exchange. sports analysts say the as had been trying to trade moss for someone younger and because he was projected to make 7.1 million through arbitration next season. moss hit 76 home runs with the as over the last three years.
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well, new video emerging after the pac 1 championship at levi stadium. it show as fan being arrested. ba toen is -- a baton is being used and the crowd reacts. we're talking to police about this video this afternoon. we'll have an update tonight on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. of course, we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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