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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it's happened again, traffic stopped right now as hundreds of protesters swarm on to interstate 880 on the east bay. at this hour authorities are still working to move them out. >> and another group of protesters has blocked train tracks in emeryville tonight. at this hour two capital corridor trains are delayed. they've been waiting more than an hour now. one headed east, the other west. it is another busy night. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. more than 1,000 people hit the streets in east bay tonight
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with a message. >> their march began about 5:00 in downtown berkeley. did he -- demonstratorred gathered at police headquarters. then hundreds of protesters marched to the over pass shutting it down in both directions. debora villalon has been with those protesters for much of the night. debora is in berkeley light now, debora, what's the situation? >> it is still a very chaotic scene. you can see one of those stopped trains right here on the tracks with protesters in front. there's also a vehicle blocking and if we spin over to the right. that's where the freeway is. and as you said, it is completely shutdown both directions after protesters brought -- walked into the traffic lanes over an hour ago. let's go to video so you can
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see they have made their way toward the westbound entrance to the toll plaza. they have not managed to get on to the bay bridge. but that would appear to be their goal. and and they've blocked at this point from getting on to the bay bridge but that's certainly what chp is focusing their effort. we've also been told that a woman in labor was stuck in the traffic on interstate 880 and that was between ashby and university and that she has just been off loaded into an ambulance so that she can get the medical care that she needs. so it is a third night of protests and a third night of turmoil here in berkeley. >> three hours into this march it invaded the traffic lanes and shut down 880 at university. despite the efforts by chp to
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block entrance ramps. they were simply overrun. protesters also blocked tracks. the march twisted through the streets as they reached the berkeley police quarters to face off with officers behind riot shields. it also blocked traffic and some major intersectionings. at one point sitting, chanting but peaceful. even as they continued marchs past shattered atm and other remnants of last night's destruction. police say they're seeing the same masked and hooded people
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as last night. >> i think the problems will start after. they all broke all the windows they wanted to break so hopefully it stays peaceful tonight. >> reporter: so again one woman in labor on interstate 880 has been taken by ambulance to the hospital. because she was stuck in traffic by protesters who have invaded the lanes. blocking the railroad tracks here, we understand that two trains are now idle and the protesters show no signs of dispersing nor are there any police or law enforcement here ordering them to. all evening it's been hang back wait and see attitude from berkeley pd. they've been criticized for their saturday night enforcement in which they were criticized for being aggressive using tear gas, using rubber bullets. last night they hung back and
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did not employ those tactics and there was a lot more vandalism in berkeley. tonight we're seeing them on bicycles but keeping a pretty wide perimeter. the marchers have been allowed to go where they want and do what they want. this is what we're seeing now, the result of this is that the train tracks are blocked and the freeway still closed. reporting live in berkeley, debora villalon, ktvu news. >> debora villalon there in berkeley. thank you. police and protesters got into a stand off on the university avenue pedestrian bridge at one point. that pedestrian bridge goes over 880. motorcycle police drove up and forced protesters to line up. eventually the protesters made their way off the bridge and toward the freeway. tonight police are looking for a person who attacked a peaceful protester with a hammer. the attack was caught on camera during last night's protest.
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and a warning now the video is difficult to watch. it shows a man in a bicycle helmet trying to stop people from smashing windows at a radio shack store. suddenly a person strikes that man in the side of the head
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you just have to be steady. so that you don't give up when we don't get all the way there. the president also said that it is important to acknowledge the progress the the country has made because that gives us hope that we can make more progress. these pictures come to us from chopper 2. these protesters here are now behind the shopping center which is right next to i80 in emoryville near the shopping center and ikea. if we take our emoryville camera which i think we have here. there's the problem right
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there. as soon as the freeway opens we will let you know. new information tonight on another major traffic trouble spot in the bay area. some lanes of interstate 680 in san jose have finally reopened after being shut down in both directions there for the entire evening commute. we first brought you the story at 5:00. a woman threatening to jump at elam rock avenue. now seven hours later the southbound lanes just reopened.
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azenith smith. the height of rush hour commute it was a nightmare. this is what traffic looked like at interstate 880. the gridlock only grew worse as the night wore on. just before 3:00, police shut down both directions of 680 at the elam rock exit. after a distraught woman climbed the fence. an estimated 40-foot drop. >> we did the normal precautions, we shut the freeway down. at that point we started negotiations. the situation creating havoc for drivers using the mayor thoroughfare in san jose. at one point extending to fremont for those heading south and interstate 280 in san jose for those heading north. >> i came all the way from santa clara. san tomas and it's second road, first street. everything is just backed up. >> reporter: as police try to negotiate the patience among
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drivers grew thin. >> tired. i have been at work all day, i'm just tired. >> i'm coming from cosco, which is two or three miles from here and it's already taken me 50 minutes. >> it took like 10 minutes to get there. it's just crazy. >> reporter: while most students were frustrated, others understood the tense situation at hand. >> it's bad but i feel sadder for the person that feels hopeless enough to do what they're doing. >> bare with us, we're doing our very best. obviously it's a volatile situation it can go either way at either time. and police have their crime intervention team. a group of specialists who deal with situations specifically like this one. we're told the woman is being cooperative and police won't reopen the other side of the highway. highway680 south until this is fully resolved. julie. >> a long night for thousands of people. azenith. thank you. university police evacuated part of san jose state this
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afternoon. they were looking for possible gunmen. a spokesperson for the university says a student who was going into the bacardo business complex overheard over students saying there may be a gunman outside. authorities then evacuated the students and searched adjacent buildings floor by floor but in the end they didn't see anyone. we're back on storm watch. this storm is going to bring heavy rain and strong wind. >> this next storm has the potential to be one of the strongest systems we've seen in several years. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking when the first rain will arrive. >> the rain is going to be out a few more days but we're primeing the atmosphere now as that moisture starts to move on shore. take a look at the weather system. we're talking about this early because it's a big system. it's got a lot going on. it's got a high speed jet. a lot of subtropical moisture. two 1/2 inches of rain possible
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in san jose, oakland. over a couple of days. how about the wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. so here's what i'm tracking right now. here's where it currently lies one of the big things with this storm is the jet stream, the jet stream instead of going on a straight line it gets an arch to it. the speeds really increase. we have a super strong jet core. we have cold air coming this way. subtropical moisture coming this way. all the ingredients for a subtropical event as we go into the next 48 hours or so. when we come back, we're going to give you the timing on this thing. we're here in florida with these youngsters from richmond who are trying to bring home a trophy for national youth football. hear how they're preparing and what they face as their next
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challenge. after the break, some bay area schools caught spying on students. why parents say it's unacceptable and why one school district says it's necessary.
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controversy erupted tonight over the orinda school board meeting. at issue the decision to hire a
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private investigator to follow one child home. district officials say they're simply confirming residency status, jana. >> reporter: thousands of people came here to protest the district's actions. even some of them called for a change of leadership. now the girl and her mother said that they were too upset to come to the meeting but they did say through an interpreter that this has been a horrifying situation for them. >> while we were still settling into our new home, the district hired a private investigator to follow our nannie and her daughter around. >> her home work is on the kitchen table. her bicycle is in the garage. she is so much a part of our family, that my told her cries when she leaves.
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>> reporter: responding to public outrage, they sent a letter to vivian about the decision. they and maria submitted all of the proof of residency listed on the district's website including a rent lease letter. the district says they never offered an explanation on why vivian was investigated. >> i think it's the wrong thing that happened and someone has to be held accountable for it. >> reporter: the district responded through their attorney. >> they don't have a dedicated person that they can send out who is trained who is available to do the investigation. so it's not a frequent occurrence but they do on occasion use an investigator. >> reporter: i checked with
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other school districts, san francisco and oakland say that they primarily use staff to investigate but only use private investigators in rare cases that are more complex. vivian is being allowed to attend the orinda school. but the employer says that they and others plan to keep pressing the board to try and make their transparency of their policies more transparent and see if they can get more clarity when it comes to when the policies are and when they investigate. we will send it back to you. >> jana, thank you. the city of san jose has given notice to another homeless encampment to clear out by tomorrow. just days ago the city cleared people from a large homeless encampment that was known as the jungle. some of those people simply moved their things to another
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part of the creek in another encampments. >> we've prepared for the worse. we've actually taken this notice that we were given to a lawyer and we had this law firm looking at it and trying to decide whether there's something we can do. >> reporter: the posted notice says items can be removed. noelle walker reports, people are already preparing for the next round of storms. >> reporter: luke garrison is ready to load his pickup. with peace of mind. >> these are going to go by my house. >> reporter: it's a little insurance wrapped in a 30-pound sandbag. >> we have a lot of water which we needed because of the drought. but i'm not having any problems at the home but i'm just
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getting this water, getting these sandbags just for security actually. >> others had the same idea. >> we need the rain. to pay oakland's municipal lot a visit while the sun is still out. last week's storms opened up a sink hole and downed trees. the city commission met today to come up with a plan of attack for the approaching storm. the first rainfall doesn't cause major issues it can cause other things to fall and that can set things up for a problem when the second storm hits. oakland public works crews, are clearing leaves. and checking to make sure storm drains are clear. >> sometimes mother nature isn't so nice to us. it comes at 3:00 in the morning and we have to get up and do that work. but that's what we're here to do. so we're ready for it. >> reporter: come rain or
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shine. in oakland, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. tracking a pretty strong storm here and this is how it looks offshore now lots of subtropical moisture. strong jet stream. a little bit of cold air. and really fast moving upper level winds. the jet stream, so that's definitely going to add to a fairly volatile event here as we get into thursday morning early. that's when it's going to happen. the next couple of days are just about clouds. we have fog now showing up in the central valley. we had that dense fog advisory this morning out toward sacramento, up toward marysville. south toward the fresno area. be ready for dense fog in the valley and in our inland bay valleys. so look for that tomorrow morning and that's your tuesday. wednesday a few more clouds move in. and then wednesday night into thursday morning is when we get hit pretty good with a strong event with wind, rain, and snow in the high mountains.
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the radar is showing nothing now but that's all going to change in about 36, 48 hours or so. forecast model for tomorrow. you see how that fog forms. you see how it -- valley fog reaches. you can tell fog by the way it sets up. clouds in the morning, fog in the valley, patchy fog around here. temperatures are going to be overnight lows mostly in the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon just like that. tomorrow evening you can see the fog coming in through the gate. just business as usual. just a little more fog than what we usually expect. when we come back, we talk specifically about the system that's coming in. really in terms of power is like a 10 out of 10. it's not going to last for a long time but it's going to get us wet and windy. when we come back we'll give you the details on that. a controversial arrest at levi's stadium and it's all caught on camera. why police say this video doesn't tell the whole story. and we are continuing to follow that breaking news from
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emoryville and berkeley and the east bay. live pictures here of interstate 80 where there's a monumental traffic jam. again continuing coverage throughout this newscast.
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there's word tonight that apple and amazon are both refusing to make public information that they gave to the government about the diversity of their work force. that information includes data on the race and gender of employees. usa today reports that some tech companies claim that information is a trade secret. but google, facebook, intel and yahoo have already released their figures. twitter posted their numbers last friday and microsoft is promising to release its diversity report later on this month. now to a cinderella story that has really touched a lot of ktvu viewers. it's about a youth football team from oakland that is now
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playing in florida thanks to the generosity of many of you. >> sadly they lost the first round. and we're following the team as they get ready for another game tomorrow. >> reporter: these youngsters practice where they can when they can. no strangers to adversity, coming from a community where gun violence is common and the sounds of gunfire a constant. >> whistle, whistle, whistle. >> reporter: they turned an open space at the florida hotel they're staying at into a practice field. a chance to look ahead into the next game. >> we had a good practice. and everybody was practicing hard. >> reporter: it was inside
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their hotel rooms after practice, time for home work. their focus on school and football during this trip of a lifetime. for many, their first plane ride. >> it was, fun. and more scary. >> so cool. because usually i'm afraid of heights, but i wasn't afraid of heights when i was on the plane. >> reporter: a chance to meet people from all over the country while competing in the american league football championships. >> a lot of different teams play out here, you get to see a whole bunch of different sports. out here in florida and california richmond. >> reporter: the trip to florida is a dream come true for the youngsters from richmond. the coach says yesterday's loss was a set back but also a lesson about life. >> the way they fought hard, to let them know when you do good in life, this is a reward.
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>> reporter: a hard practice today for game two tomorrow against a team from florida. they remember a coach and teammate lost. teammates say with hard work their optimistic about their potential for success on and off if field. in kissimmee st. cloud, jana katsuyama. a scathing report is expected to be released tomorrow but not everyone on capitol hill wants the report to be released. a third night of protests going on in berkeley and the east bay. live pictures here from the berkeley train station where train service has been shutdown in both directions. again more information coming up right after the break. ♪
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we have an update now on breaking news in the east bay. we've been showing you the huge traffic jam here on interstate 80. some updated information now. it appears eastbound traffic is now moving although it appears to be moving slowly in the area. westbound toward the bridge still stopped all of this happening on i80 near powell street in emoryville. live pictures here from the scene. you can see some protesters, actually you can't see the protesters but hundreds of protesters had made their way up on to the freeway. now they're being pushed off the freeway. some had been gathered on the freeway near powell street and some near the powell shopping center. other protesters have blocked trains in emoryville.
10:32 pm
all of this stemming from two grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the killings of unarmed black suspects. one of those cases in missouri, another in new york. just to get a sense of this from chopper 2. an absolutely massive traffic jam. what we want to do is go live to berkeley and debora villalon talking about is train service there still blocked in both directions there, debora? >> yeah, it's still blocked frank. you can see the train right out here. people have been climbing up on to it. if you take a look up, there are people protesters who have climbed up to the top and they're clashing up there as well. this train was stopped here in berkeley. it wasn't as if people went on top of moving trains they just went out on to the track and blocked it. that's the same thing that happened at emoryville with the train that had stopped. these are capital corridor trains with commuters on them. we don't know how many
10:33 pm
passengers were on this train but those numbered pailed by those affected tonight by the 880 closure that continues now. the freeway is where law enforcement are putting their resources right now. we haven't seen any police presence here at all. this protest started at 5:00 tonight, was peaceful for the first two hours and became very disruptive here in the end. back to you. >> still no police, obviously they're very busy with the situation there on 80. no police in sight at all? >> reporter: no police here as of yet, frank. throughout the evening we didn't see many police tracking this march. we saw police on bicycles and communicating by radio signaling where this crowd was headed and how many people were in the crowd. but police have taken a stand back, wait and see attitude this evening and some will be saying this is the result. >> reporter: train service blocked in both directions there in berkeley and massive
10:34 pm
traffic jams on interstate 80 in berkeley as well. thank you debora. a scathing senate report on the use of torture following the 9/11 attacks are set to be released tomorrow. the decision to maybe the information public is raising concerns between republicans and democrats that it could fuel violence on american personnel and property over seas. why senator dianne feinstein says it should be made public. >> reporter: we have heard much of this before how the cia used so called enhanced interrogation techniques post 9/11 which president obama says he put an end to when he took office. this report years in the making is expected to give more details including on what some call clearly illegal interrogation practices. >> reporter: it is a battle that pits feinstein against the cia. she is asking for the release
10:35 pm
of the report which she spear headed. >> the use of these techniques was not worth it. because of the harm that was done to our national values and the sense of what it is that we believe in as americans. >> reporter: the report on the cia's release is being debated. >> our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths. >> reporter: the university of san francisco political science professor ribens says other damaging reports have not resulted in violent backlash. >> i think there's a little bit of overstating of the issue. a little bit of fearmongering. which i would see it as a way
10:36 pm
to try and suppress the information. >> reporter: failing to release the information could -- we may learn interesting new information. >> the specific ways in which torture was made acceptable. right and the specific ways in which after 9/11 we went down this slippery slope. >> reporter: senator feinstein was quoted in the l.a. times as saying the report exposes interrogations that undermine our societal and constitutional values. and she says anyone who reads it is going to make sure that this never happens again. >> it all comes out tomorrow. ken, thank you. an arbitrator has found that b.a.r.t. was justified when firing a police officer who was involved in the confrontation that eventually led to the shooting death of oscar grant in 2009.
10:37 pm
b.a.r.t. fired officer tony peroni after that deadly shooting. he was blamed for escalating tension between police and b.a.r.t. passengers before mehserle fired the one shot that killed oscar grant. peroni later joined the u.s. army. the royal couple is wrapping up a busy night on the town in new york on the second day of their u.s. visit. tonight prince william and kate attended a cavs and mets game. prince william got to meet lebron james before he took the court. i'm tracking a big storm making its way across the pacific. looks like it's headed right toward us. the possible rain totals, wind gusts and how much snow it will bring to the mountains, coming up. up first a fire sends towering flames over downtown los angeles. the delay of getting arson investigators a close look at the scene. (vo) nourished.
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los angeles fire officials say a high rise fire today may have been deliberately set started about 1:00 this morning at a apartment complex being built in l. a. damaging two other near by buildings and melting a freeway sign. arson investigators are waiting for the debris to cool before entering the site. agents from the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are set to join the investigation. santa clara police are defending the officers involved in a controversial arrest at the pac12 championship game at levi's stadium last monday night. >> he's not fighting back, he's not fighting back. >> reporter: this video shows multiple officer moving in to
10:41 pm
remove lighten. witnesses suggest police overreacted. an officer hits him with a baton and at one point appears to use a choke hold. a santa clara police spokesperson says before the camera started recording, ligthen got into a fight with stadium staff. >> at one point mr. lighten is grabbing on to one of the officers clothing and not letting go. if he would have submitted to the officers authority a lot of this would not have happened. >> reporter: santa clara police say their investigation division is now looking into how officers handle the situation. lighten was responding to two counts. thousands of people ended up being taken away from the raiders 49ers game in handcuffs. 93 fans were ejected from the coliseum. another 23 people were arrested and eight were cited. but the alameda county
10:42 pm
sheriff's department says that's only a few more arrests than normal. several fights broke out in the parking lot before the game even started. and video of fights inside the park showed up today on you tube. the two teams hadn 't played each other since the preseason game in 2011. we're told all in all yesterday's game remained relatively peaceful. another milestone for the golden state warriors. plus a big night for the warriors dance team. the event tonight that could help with the guys on your holiday shopping list. >> and in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin and his complete bay area forecast. he's tracking a major storm system headed our way. >> plus raiders defensive end justin tuck clausy. i know who knew. i catch up with the players as
10:43 pm
they try to spread some holiday cheer.
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new at 10:00, a special evening for young sports fans. they got a chance to spend quality time with some very well known bay area athletes at san francisco's at&t park. >> they sure did. heather holmes is live at the ballpark where the sixth annual holiday heros events was held and tells us why one of the athletes says he felt humbled. >> reporter: talk about an amazing experience for these kids. most of whom are from low income families. most have never gone to a game, and nonetheless mingle with the players. the gold medalist was one of several bay area athletes at today's holiday heros events put on by the wonder wise heros. >> it's sad that there are environments like that that kid
10:46 pm
have to grow up in. if we can do something like tonight to make them feel better, that's awesome. >> reporter: justin tuck was also showing off his crafty side. >> they get such a kick out of it. getting an opportunity to meet us. it's a great event. get an opportunity to come out and help these kids, it's just fun. >> reporter: for many of the children it is their first visit to at&t park a luxury that's out of reach for their families. >> i was very excited. >> reporter: 9-year-old mccala is homeless. she and her mom are staying in shelter in the city. it was a night for mccayla to escape her world. and enjoy a day of autographs and pictures with the athletes. ishikawa said he was humbled. >> honored. just to come out here and see
10:47 pm
what the holidays are about. just making sure they have a little bit of fun out here. >> fun. >> reporter: and fun is what 13- year-old juanita was having. she had an ear to ear grin after creating a holiday stocking with the help of justin tuck. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: little juanita says she can't wait to go tomorrow and show off her raiders inspired stocking. as for tuck, he said he came here with a couple of priorities. number one not to get glue on his fingers and walk away with his fingers stuck together. a very cute moment, sweet moment between justin tuck and juanita there tonight. >> so sweet to see all of those smiles. heather thank you. if you're looking to get into the spirit of the holidays there's now an an app for
10:48 pm
that. next door released their app today. the app is available for android and iphone. now to wall street where u.s. stock markets today dipped lower. the dow fell 106 points. the nasdaq fell 40. stocks are following the downward trend in oil prices. we're getting ready for some rain around here. it is wintertime or almost officially winter. we need it, we're going to get it. we're going to get a lot too and also snow in the mountains. look at all that moisture coming in our direction. it's doing a straight line. it's not going over the top the like these systems have. it's going to come right through us. sometime late thursday morning. we're going to get that in the models in a moment. we do have fog showing up in the central valley. you're starting to see it show up. i'm seeing some fog and inland bay valleys.
10:49 pm
you're going the see plenty of fog in those inland bay valleys then certainly in the big valley. we could see one tomorrow morning too. i bet we do actually. the wind is light. you got light winds for the most part. kind of just settling in there. fog back in the forecast tonight. overnight lows are going to be in the low 50s. dewpoints right now are in the 50s. so that's why the fog is forming. here's a forecast model. here we are tonight at 10:00, and actually does pick up here in the fog. just going to run you through the overnight model as we get into this rain event we're talking about. tonight is a lot like today. there goes tomorrow. now we move into wednesday which isn't that much different than tomorrow except a few more clouds. by wednesday night, we're 48 hours out. this is what we're looking at. what i want you to notice between 6:00 wednesday night and overnight. watch as this intensifies. this is the system but watch
10:50 pm
what happens. wham. see how it got in a fine line like that. the gradients are increasing. when you see a storm do this you know it's intense. you're going to see strong winds with this. heavy rains. it's moving through. when this goes through, the time is going to vary a little bit. you're going to hear it. you're going to notice it. you're gown -- going to be talking about it. that's the main punch. that's going to bring you the big wind. early thursday morning into thursday mid-morning. big wind, big rain. and just big surf along the coast. big issues in the morning commute. tomorrow wednesday, pretty much the same deal. wednesday night thursday everything changes around. we get into it. exactly what we need, exactly what we want and the good thing is there's nothing behind this. at least nothing big behind the rivers deal. they should be fine. >> that line for the snow. >> that's a pretty strong
10:51 pm
signature. >> thank you, bill. the warriors dance team. swim suit calendar was unveiled tonight. the dancers were introduced and signed some photographs. the pictures in the calendars were all shot in las vegas at the airport and several casinos. the calendars are available online for $20 and they will ship this thursday which should put those calendars under the tree just in time for christmas. >> the warriors on a role like we haven't seen in a long time. >> hop on the bandwagon everybody. this unchartedly successful start to a season continues for the golden state warriors. the team's win streak came to an end tonight with arizona. curry was -- curry with one of
10:52 pm
the 15 steals of the night. curry was three of six from the lane. the the wolves forget about andre iguodala as sean livingston finds him. the warriors have won eight straight in a row 18-2. if you're the type to bet on such things you probably like the looks of the green bay packers for a long run in this year's nfl play offs. the conditions they seem to embrace this time of year. aaron rogers with another night that further establishes his credentials as one of the league's elite quarterbacks. rogers lays one out perfectly for jordi nelson. rogers three touchdowns without an interception and the pack 33- 37. green bay now 10-3 and a game in front of detroit in
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this time it's brandon moss in exchange for moss, the a's get a minor league infielder by the name of joew wendell. wendell spent all of last year in triple a. another 2014 all star is on the way out according to a report from the winter meetings in sacramento. oakland is about to make a deal that would send jeff samargen to the white sox. chicago is his hometown. he'll be a free agent at the end of the year. finally tonight the giant's madison baumgartner has joined a pretty elite group of athletes that include muhammad ali and michael jordan. it was announced the 2014 mvp
10:57 pm
is the sports illustrated mvp. >> that's crazy, i feel like maybe you guys make a mistake. it's the most humbling award that an athlete can win in my opinion. >> and the three finalists have been announced for the heisman trophy and they don't include the reigning winner, james winston. this year's winners are melvin gordon and amare cooper of alabama. the heisman trophy winner will be announced saturday in new york. >> all right, joe, thank you. before we go, one more update on the protest tonight that has stopped traffic on interstate 80 through berkeley and emoryville. this is a live picture. you can see police has traffic stopped once again in both directions. this picture is from emoryville right where 80 curves on the right of your screen. a few cars are trickling through and headed to the plaza. on the left side is eastbound traffic. all of this has just created a massive traffic jam tonight.
10:58 pm
we will have complete coverage on this situation overnight beginning tomorrow at 4:30 on the morning news.
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i told you you could go if you got a "b" on your history exam, which you didn't. i have a learning disability. the letters jump around on the page and appear backwards. honey, we had you tested like six times. trust me, i was praying for dyslexia. oh, my god, why can't you ever let me have any fun?! [ muffled screaming ] ew. ew. dad, gross. your hand smells like cheese! i didn't want to dirty a knife. sit. now, we all know when nana dede comes to visit, your mom can get a little... psycho? scary. drunk? all true. therefore, i need you guys to be on your best behavior. don't worry. i'll keep to myself. i have to practice for my cello recital. [ groans ] ohh, fine. you know what? if it keeps you out of your mom's hair, yes, do that. luke, if your mom starts to lose it, i need you to lighten the mood by being extra cute.


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