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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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threats. i was reluctant to say i'm doing to give in to those people. but our chamber only holds 225 people and we're right next to the police department. >> we don't know who's still in town. there are people who are still focused on violence and we don't want that to happen. >> reporter: protesters shut down 880 twice as hundreds got on the freeway to stop traffic. they arrested 200 people. some that won't be getting any time soon because they are being held on $50,000 bail. they allegedly committed such crimes as assaulting police officers. city council member jesse erragin gave me this print out that indicates the mayor had no unilateral right to cancel the meeting. and he opposes the move. they have a meeting scheduledded tomorrow night that will go on as planned and
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he says they will welcome all these extra people. back to you frank. >> reporter: john are there any protesters out there now and are you getting any indication that canceling the council meeting will cause any problems. >> reporter: the old city hall is on the other side of the block on martin luther king way. right now there are no protesters there but we are expecting there will be some a bit later. i'm sorry what was the second part of your question. >> is there any indication that the protest will stop because the city council meeting has been cancelled or will the protesters still going to be out there if. >> reporter: there's expected to be a protest tonight. it's not exactly certain what the cancellation will do. the cancellation and heavy rain that we're expecting tomorrow night could quail these protests a little bit and return the city to normal. >> all right, well we'll be out
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there all night. thank you. john sasaki in berkeley. the reverend jesse jackson talked about recent police killings and protests that followed today. jackson spoke to students at the emiliano zapata school. it's important that the message behind the protest isn't lost and he pushed for peaceful demonstrations. >> i was hoping that the protests here would remain massive, discipline, focused and unviolent. >> i'm proud of people are rising up but i'm not proud that they're destroying the city because of it. >> reporter: jackson went on to say that much of the discrimination based on minorities is not only --
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rob roth joins us now. >> reporter: we're in downtown berkeley, behind me you can see some of the plywood boards where windows used to be. but some leaders are saying this destruction has to stop. scenes of protesters tieing up freeways. unexpecting drivers stopped for hours. that destruction has turned many off to that message. a group of mostly black pastors said enough is enough. >> we are tired of other people. determining their agenda who have used violent means to make it appear that they are concerned about the loss of lives. >> we realize that a life is more valuable than property.
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but the property is innocent people who have nothing to do with the loss of life. >> reporter: brown marched for civil rights with martin luther king in the 1960s and says that marks no resemblence of what has happened. >> we didn't just join to raise hell, but we wanted to bring our brothers and sisters forward. >> reporter: that change includes revising the grand jury system and better sensitivity training for police officers. >> we don't intent to paint every policeman with the same brush. but every department in the country has paint on it. >> reporter: still some people we spoke with said that perhaps the rowdy nature of the recent
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protests including spilling on to the freeways has its take. >> i don't mind delays, if it's for that cause. >> reporter: reverend brown also announced michael brown sr. the father will be coming to the third baptist church in san francisco on sunday. frank. >> rob, thank you very much. rob roth in berkeley tonight. we are also hearing about a pregnant woman who was stuck in the back up during those protests as she was going into labor. this is a picture of her. her name is adriana torrez. that's her new baby with her. she wasn't the only person suffering a medical emergency while stuck in that traffic and that story is coming up at 5:30. a former uber driver is going to court in the death of a 6-year-old girl. today the mother of that young girl who died is speaking out about this case. our david stevenson has been following the story since it happened and david that little girl's mother said the ride
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share company should face charges as well. >> gasia, she did. the mother of 6-year-old sofia lui who was killed around september 21st says she's waited a long sometime for this day but is disappointed that uber isn't facing charges as well. the collision happened on this intersection. 6-year-old sofia liu, her mother and younger brother were crossing the light. lui was killed and her mother and brother seriously injured. >> she's a happy girl, you know. >> reporter: surveillance video first obtained by ktvu showed that collision. prosecutors are now charging musafar with vehicle manslaughter. the investigation focused on whether he was operating and distracted by the uber. >> he kept looking at the
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phone. he kept doing it driving. >> reporter: george gascon says there wasn't evidence to support a felony charge. >> the elements that we have available to us will support the level of prosecution that we're doing. >> reporter: musafar's attorney says his client was driving carefully. >> it was a dark light and a busy night. he simply did not see the liu family. >> even though i see him i cannot forgive him. i'm so mad at him. >> reporter: liu's mother says she will attend the arraignment tomorrow. >> i'm glad the driver in charge, but what about uber. they're responsible. >> reporter: the liu family is suing uber and musafar arguing that he was working for them at the time of the collision even though he was without a fare. they also say that the app is a distraction to drivers and posing a danger. the ride share company did not respond to our requests for comments this afternoon frank and gasia.
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>> david, i know after the death of the little girl, uber expanded its insurance policy to include drivers whether or not they have a rider in the car with them. if they're logged on they're now covered by that insurance. >> reporter: that's right. they have made some moves in the wake of this accident and other accidents across the country. the state department of public utilities has closely followed that. there are other organizations that say that's not enough and there needs to be more done. >> thank you, david. uber faces charges in its home city. the da announced the civil consumer protection lawsuit against uber today. amongst the allegations is that uber operating illegally at
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airports and is not testing its app for accuracy in calculating customer fares. >> uber has refused to comply with laws that protect consumers from fraud. >> gascon says they will agree to make changes and pay a fine. side car is still under investigation. the senate intelligence committee today released a highly anticipated report on how terror suspects were tortured by the cia in the wake of the september 11th terrorist attacks. mike emanuel tells us the documents show most of the enhanced interrogation techniques were ineffective. >> the cia mislead the white house, congress and the american public about interrogation techniques use on terror suspects according to a long held senate intelligence
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committee report. >> it's been very difficult. but i believe documentation and the findings inclusions will make clearer how this program was morally legally and administratively misguided. >> reporter: five years in the making, the report exposes a brutal look at the cia and tactics used after the september 11 attack. they found they are often mishandled and led to no useful intelligence. >> torture produces more misleading information than actionable intelligence. >> reporter: records show that some detainees were not allowed to sleep for weeks and told they were going to be killed in their sleep. many of the republicans in the
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senate intelligence committee viewed the report as flawed and put out their own document criticizing senator feinstein's study. >> sometimes good people make mistakes. we have corrected the problem, we have interrogation techniques now that i think can protect the nation and live within our values. >> ahead of the reports released the obama administration stepped up security at u.s. facilities abroad to protect against any retaliatory strikes. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox news. what's your reaction to the report and do you agree with the findings, doctor. >> i agree with some of the findings. i do believe it's true that torture is an elegitimate way of getting information.
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it's a problem we're still living with today. i also think that the whole question of whether or not torture works is the wrong question. the real question is are we willing to live as a country that values absolute safety above everything else that matters to us. >> dr. gordon that actually leads to a follow up question. here. when you look at these terrorists they don't play by any rules, they have no problem flying planes into buildings. if they're not playing by rules why should we play by rules? >> that's such a good question. the reason is we're not terrorists. and if we allow ourselves to stoop to the level of the terrorists then there's really nothing to choose between us. the big prize is that we remain a country that is governed by laws not by fear. a country that is governed by human values not by terror. we let the terrorists win when we descend to their level. >> what's to stop us from saying, okay we won't do any
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torture here in the united states, but we're going to send these prisoners to other countries where they do allow torture. >> another good question. and in fact, there isn't anything to stop us right now. when president obama issued his executive order in january of 2009, he ended the so called enhanced interrogation techniques. but he did not end what is called extraordinary rendition, sending people some where else for interrogation. and in fact, the u.n. committee against torture is very concerned about the standard that the u.s. applies when we still, which we still do send people to other countries for interrogation. and it was part of their report issued last week about ways that the u.s. is not complying with our duties under the convection of torture. >> thank you for speaking with
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us tonight. while protesters stopped traffic, there was a woman who went into labor. and she wasn't the only one. a bay area school program that is so successful students all across the world read about it in textbooks. what makes this fish hatchery program so remarkable. >> a powerful storm is making its way to the bay area. i'm laying out where and when a flash flood watch will be in effect. subway. eat fresh.
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days after the city of san jose emptied out a homeless encampment, another opened up and is dew to be cleared. this is the third fire in the
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jungle since that encamp. was cleared out on thursday. since that sweep about 2,000 people have splintered off and set up camp near the tolly community library. >> i don't know why the city is doing this now. >> reporter: city officials are now planning to conduct a sweep of the new homeless camp friday morning. the carolina panthers cam newton is hospitalized tonight in fair condition after a car accident. it happened earlier today just a block from the panther's stadium in charlotte. the team tweeted out today that tests show cam newton suffered two fractures in his lower back but no other internal injuries. he's expected to remain under observation at the hospital for the night. it's not clear how long he'll be recovering or how many games he might miss. britain's prince william and wife kate on their last day of their quick trip to new york. right now the couple is attending a black tie event. we just received this picture
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of the duke and dutchess arrived for a gala event. joe walven now has more on the official visit and the symbolic significance of the trip. >> reporter: prince william and wife kate visiting the 9/11 memorial museum. visiting the twin towers once were. >> it's actually a serious point to this trip. it's about transferring william into more of a statesman. >> reporter: will and kate also visiting the empire state building. the last planned event is a $10,000 a seat event tonight. the star studded gala benefits the university where the two first met. >> tom hanks is going to be there. his daughter went to st. andrews and you're going to see the gliteroty trying to meet william and kate. >> reporter: today's event followed a busy monday for the couple. the prince met with president obama during a solo trip to
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washington. the royal couple also chatting with former first lady and secretary of state hillary clinton and chelsea before the two sat court side to watch the brooklyn nets play the cleveland cavaliers. the duke and dutchess also chatting it up with jay z and wife beyonce and james lebron, king james. in new york, joel walman, fox news. looks like it's raining there in new york. and a lot of rain is on its way to the bay area. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. looks like we're going to get inundated. >> we're going to get good rain. we're a couple of days out. we're talking about it early because it's a good sized storm and we need rain. don't be overwhelmed by all the reports it's going to be a big storm. it's going to hit pretty hard thursday morning. but we're not seeing a ton of rain before it and not seeing a ton of rain after the big hit. so we're not expecting big
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river flooding or things like that. but there will be inconveniences. downed trees, there will be a high wind warning in effect thursday morning. maybe 8-inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. this is over a couple of rains. and up in the russian river basin the they could see several inches too. if there was something behind it like a big storm behind it then you would have to start worrying. looks like this thing is not one and done but close to that. it's a big one and it has a lot of moisture streaming in. you can see the track of it now. and it's trajectory. i always look at it as a fire hose. it's the jet stream. but if you're watching your car, and this thing is jet streaming right at us, what's happening now is high clouds are coming in ahead of this lower level moisture. we're not seeing rain yet. we'll probably start to see showers when the atmosphere gets real real wet all the way
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to the surface. spinning the radars right now. you're not seeing really anything. some green showing up there. i suspect that's not a -- that's a false return there in san jose. could be a little bit of drizzle though. i wouldn't be surprised. but the idea being tomorrow night this time i'll be showing you significant rain occurring around point arena at this time. by about 10:00 tomorrow night, we're looking at heavy rain potentially in santa rosa now. the new models suggest a little heavier rain earlier in the evening. the main hit still, late, well actually early thursday morning through mid-morning. so thursday morning right. so the 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 something like that. this is the forecast for tomorrow. you see the drizzle showing up. this is wednesday afternoon. tomorrow not that dissimilar from today except the clouds. and this thing starts to shove into the marina. we're going to see winds down to sea level maybe 40, 50, maybe 60 miles per hour. system rolls in, it brings us quite a bit of rain.
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one to 4-inches for urban areas. that's a big deal because of how we say in the urban areas you're talking about you know, no run off. not easily getting into the creeks. arizona is set up very well for drainage. but when you get to a town like san jose and you get two inches of water in a few hours you're going to be ponding and minor flooding. i suspect this is what's going to be going on thursday morning. i would try to avoid that commute. it's not going to be the early morning commute. it's going to be the mid- morning commute. going into labor because she is stuck in traffic while protesters are blocking the freeway. how this new mom and her baby are doing tonight. and we learned she wasn't the only person who needed help. what emergency recordings reveal about the response. now to julie haener who's in the newsroom with what we're
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working on for 6:00. >> it has given way before under heavy rain. >> it is a daring and risky how water act that's designed to save life and property. >> the careful operation to prevent another landslide on telegraph hill. >> and frequently associated with the protests against police killings of unarmed black men, the reason richmond's chief felt compelled to join with demonstrators today. these stories and more are coming up at six clock. -- coming up at 6:00.
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a new york design firm has been chosen to create a new park near the presidio. landscape architect will design the 13-acre park in san francisco. here's a look at the designs for the project including gardens with sweeping views. it's all being created at the site where the old doyle site is being rebuilt. heartbreaking new details about a deadly plane crash. the private plane lost control and damaged three homes in gather sburg washington last night. tonight we're hearing a mother's body was found with her arms around two small boys inside a home that was burned. three people on the plane also died. investigators plan to remain at that crash site for several
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days collecting evidence. no word yet on the cause. the house of representatives is moving on a drought relief bill to help farmers here in california. however it could be headed for a roadblock. the house today passed a bill designed to give state and federal agencies authorities to move more water in the coming months to the state's farm bill. authorities call the bill a water grab designed to help farmers at the expense of others particularly the state's salmon industry. the senate is not expected to take up the legislation before congress adjourns. many lawmakers will likely have to start over next year. despite all the rain we've had. east bay mud voted in favor of voluntary conversation and a possible surcharge for rate payers. they also agreed to buy water from a facility along the sacramento river if it is needed. that water would be paid for from a new 14% surcharge on
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rate payers bills. one homeowner says he's watched rates go up for years despite his own conservation. >> they need so much revenue too cover their operations and bonds and therefor if we use less water, there's less revenue to them and therefor they need to increase the rates that's been happening for the last few years. >> reporter: if east bay mudd does end up raising prizes that would show up on january 2nd. a pregnant woman stuck in traffic after protesters shut down interstate 80 in both directions last night. and she wasn't the only medical emergency. what emergency recordings are revealing about their response. difficult and dirty work. how crews are getting the bay area ready for the big storm that's ahead. it may not be one of california's biggest fish hatcheries but it's certainly one of its most important because it is run completely by north bay high school students. ♪
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with kaiser permanente,
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you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ you see the mother and new baby smiling for the camera but they had quite an ordeal trying
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to get to the hospital. see she was stuck in a huge traffic back up when protesters blocked interstate 880. we learned that wasn't the only medical call that was impacted by all that traffic. we have claudine wong with the recordings of a night of civil disobedience. >> i want to show you this picture, little cami -- camila. she is not even a -day-old but her life has already been eventful. her mother did call 911 but turns out she wasn't the only one stuck in that mess who needed help. you saw the picture, the protesters and the police but what you didn't see were the calls for help. >> it's going to be on i80 westbound, on i80 westbound at
5:33 pm
university at the overpass. we have a male having a stroke in a blue acura. >> reporter: you didn't see the efforts to get to them. >> is that car with the possible stroke on the freeway or overpass? >> reporter: one man reportingly suffering a stroke. the chp had to help get those emergency responders in. >> it's on the freeway on the overpass. >> reporter: another woman was stuck many traffic calling for help. >> engine six, we have a medical emergency. i have a female in labor stuck in traffic. she's going to be in a beige tahoe, nothing further. >> reporter: crews got to her 45 minutes later, she was on her way to the hospital. >> reporter: camila's mother didn't want to do an interview but in a statement released by the hospital she did explain that her contractions were just two minutes apart when she called 911. she was actually trying to get to sf general. that's her hospital where she
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had gotten all her other care. but instead of course she ended up at alta base medical center. we got to talk to the fire chief who explains the challenges of firefighters trying to get to her. >> traffic was already backed up from university ashby to gilpin trying to locate her, one of our fire chiefed used his light to try to get to the woman. we took out to the location that we could safely transfer the patient. and transport her to the hospital. >> reporter: the fire chief says they actually used that technique twice yesterday. once for the expectant mom and one for for the heart patient. they had to send in bicycle officers to another call on the streets. for the last several days there's been a lot of concern about safety. >> there's 16 calls what we
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involve inside the perimeter, the hot zone. where protesters or potential threat of violence is located. >> reporter: now the chief says every patient in every one of those calls was transported safely. but as you might imagine, it did take longer. he says the delays range from five to 25 minutes. gasia,. >> thankful that mom and baby and stroke patient are okay tonight. thank you claudine. we've been talking about the heavy rain in the bay area. wáe could also get -- we could always get winds of up to 60 miles per hour and all of that could cause potential problems. cara liu is live with how officials are working around that area. >> reporter: crews are keeping our roads safe from flooding and other issues. at a storm drain in fremont, crews have spent two days in a
5:36 pm
row pumping up mud, debris and crash. the goal to keep the drainage system free and clear so when the rain comes it'll work the way it's designed. >> as you can see, this is not the most glamorous work that there is. even with equipment like this. this is still really hard work. hard and dirty work. but it's something that has to be done to make sure the system functions properly when we do have a big storm. >> reporter: on the side of 580 near high street in oakland, workers cleared styrofoam cups and debris out of a ditch. in orinda, pg & e crews were cutting branches from a downed pine tree. this cyclist says he took care of things around his home earlier and is happy to see pg & e trying to minimize power outages. >> all over, i went to diablo and there were a lot of people out cleaning out gutters and storm drains and things. >> reporter: if you do see a
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downed power line assume it's live. stay away and call 911. cal trance adds if you do see police officers or workers on the side of the road -- caltrans adds if you do see police officers or workers on the side of road, please do move over. >> good advice. cara liu. thank you. he's never spoken about his long struggle with ebola until now. >> nobody has ever received the level of critical care that i did. >> how he is now helping doctors here in the bay area work to find a cure. >> and a heated exchange during the battle of the bay between niners collin kaepernick and a raiders linebacker. hear what they shouted at each other and how the serious trash talking continued on social media. and a flight out of sfo takes a very unexpected turn. >> and this woman sitting there saying she just gave birth. and we're like -- >> how the mother and the baby
5:38 pm
are doing and more passengers talk about what happened on board. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities.
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if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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the supreme court today ruled that amazon will not be required to pay warehouse workers for extra time spent undergoing security checks at the end of their shifts.
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workers filling orders wanted compensation saying they waited 25 minutes to clear security before going home. today the court said the workers don't have to be compensated for that extra time because those screenings are not related to their primary job duties. a high school program long underway has been so successful it's even been highlighted in japanese textbooks. we go to petaluma where that course has gone from textbook to real life. >> you created life and you got to put so much dedication, so much work and time. >> reporter: as fish hatcheries go. it's not california's biggest but it's the biggest in the
5:42 pm
nation run entirely by high school students. >> they are coming in every day taking care of their fish. and this goes through the holiday season, the weekend, this teaches them that sense of responsibility. >> reporter: besides classroom work and hatchery duties, the students also regularly clean up and rehabilitate local creeks. in fact, almost 20 years ago, teacher and hatchery director was one of these students caring for his own generations of fish, only to be put back in the wild as these students will be. >> we will truck them back up to dry creek and lake sonoma and we'll release the fish. >> we have hatchery managers in the state. >> when we kiss some of the fish goodbye. we hold them and kiss them and we watch them go out. all of the work that we've put in for the past several months it makes it worth it. >> it is a lot of optimism for the youth of today. >> reporter: the students also
5:43 pm
work to keep the salmon from extinction. new video after the battle of the bay. the heated exchange between collin kaepernick and moore. how the trash talking continues on social media. talk about a surprise for passengers going on at sfo. a baby born on the plane. >> i heard a baby crying. i'm thinking some baby had too much milk or whatever. i'm like there's no babies on this flight. right after the break, we're going to be talking about that big storm that's comeing in here. you'll start to notice the showers by tomorrow night late. we'll have more on the details and what you can expect.
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we're getting a new look at just how intense the battle of the bay was for the players last weekend. that was collin kaepernick and seal moore getting into it at halftime. after the exchange you just saw and heard, moore called kaepernick a few choice words. it all started when moore sacked kaepernick. of course the raiders went on to win the game. seal moore posted this photo of himself and kaepernick on
5:47 pm
instagram. you can see the caption, there's a difference between boys and men. talk about fighting words. i spoke with tmz. we talked about harvey's take on it all. >> we got it on camera and it was right back at you for collin. because collin came out and started talking smack on seal. and said i'm coming for you. and seal just comes right back and i can't tell you what he said. what seal said to collin because it was really filthy. but it was also, he was good in his word because the raiders ended up winning 24-13. and then moore instagrammed. remember oakland does not have a great word and they still beat san francisco handily. and morris instagramed afterthe game there's a difference between boys and men chump.
5:48 pm
so this turned into an incident. somebody held kaepernick back. >> this happened during halftime. the game was tied at that point. do you think what had to do with what was happening on the field or themselves and their egos. >> i think it was all about the game. because it was tied i think that's why, again collin started it by saying, i'm coming for you. and that just set morris off. that's when things got crazy. oakland had the fire power. >> so far collin kaepernick hasn 't had anything to say about that video or instagram picture. a baby boy born on a flight shortly after take off. >> i heard a baby crying, like a gurgling sound, and i thought
5:49 pm
a baby had too much milk or something. and i thought, there's no babies on this flight. and i turned around and a woman said, she just gave birth. >> reporter: the flight was headed to phoenix. it was diverted to los angeles so the mom and baby could be checked out. we're told they're doing just fine. what are the chances that both a doctor and nurse would be on board. >> i know late in my term, i wouldn't even cross a bridge. let's go to bill martin. i like that guy's double take. like what there is a baby. >> i am thinking about myself in that situation. it wouldn't be pretty. it would be uncomfortable to bring a baby on the airplane. we have some rain coming up. and it's not going to impact your weekend just your thursday. this system starts to click on inland. it's a nice looking system. we mentioned it last night.
5:50 pm
it has rain, big moving strong upper level wind. it's flowing in a straight line so it's accelerating. we have tropical moisture coming in from the south. we have cool air here pulling in behind it. you have a strong surface low right here and it's going to create a pretty good storm. it's not going to be long- lived. it's going to rain for a couple of hours for sure. it's going to rain for a couple of hours for sure. but the real stuff is going to occur, two or three hours on thursday mid-morning. and you will notice it you will hear it. you will -- you may even lose your power from it. this is one of those storms that's going to pack a lot of wind. let's go right to the computer models. here's right now. let's move through tomorrow and there's the progression. clouds come in. and here you see it gets closer. this is tomorrow night at 6:00. this storm is going to -- to stall out for the next six hours. they're going to get a ton of
5:51 pm
rain in mendecino. as we get into midnight it starts raining toward san rafael. down to bodega bay and steinson beach. here's what's interesting to note. look at this line right here. that doesn't look like much. watch it intensify. that tells you a lot. this thing really puts itself together and at 7:00 a.m. maybe 6:30, 7:00 a.m. at least the way it goes now. slams into the north bay and you will know this line that's like a squall line in the midwest. i mean there's going to be big wind. extremely heavy rain. you can get thunder and lightning from something like this. the rainfall rates within this band are going to be massive. but here's the thing to notice. not a bunch in front of it. not a bunch behind it. you shouldn't see major river flooding because behind it you're going to get little breaks right. here's what we're tracking. 7:00a.m. here we are at 9:00 a.m. now it's into the heart of the
5:52 pm
bay area redwood city and out toward oakland. it's weakening a little bit but it's still hammering. it's 9:00 a.m. and boom. we're getting the brunt of this. it's coming right through the area. we're getting the brunt of this wind event. there's the breaks. okay, so we're going to time this out. that times looks pretty accurate so far. because a couple of models have been sticking to that. it's going to be a heavy deal. a lot of rain, it's going to be boom, boom, boom but there's not a lot going on. there's three of those lined up and then head for the hills. that little line, that's a squall. that's what you might see in a major thunderstorms or tornadic event in the midwest. the amount of rain that's going to come out. >> so pronounced too. >> it's going to go off. at least according to the models. we'll be timing it out for you. changes a little bit each day.
5:53 pm
at 10:00 tonight too we'll update it. >> thanks, bill. he was hospitalized for two months and barely survived ebola. for the first time we're hearing from a doctor about what it was like to hear he had the deadly virus. and how he's helping local doctors find a cure. back now to julie haener in the newsroom with more on what we're working on for 6:00. >> a bay area police chief carrying a sign usually carried by protesters. what compelled richmond's police chief to join a protest even as demonstrations nationwide against police killings turn disruptive. >> these stories and more are coming up at 6:00.
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robin williams widow plans to honor her late husband by attending the premier this week of the last film he ever made. the director said he personally invited schneider to the opening and she accepted. williams committed suicide back in august in his home in tiburon. the premier is scheduled for this thursday in new york city. new at 5:00, a mystery u.s.
5:57 pm
ebola patient talk about for weeks finally revealed tonight in san francisco. he's just the third u.s. patient with ebola and kept his illness quiet until now. dr.crosher is talks about his illness. >> reporter: at uc san francisco, he went public. >> i'm the sickest ebola survivor. so far. >> reporter: 44-year-old dr. ian crosher flanked by infectious disease officials talked about his illness. these pictures from when he volunteered to fight the exploding outbreak. >> i have a fever and headache, i hoped it was malaria. >> reporter: he worked in the hottest of the hot zones of west africa. >> this is a villain of a virus that not only kills lots of
5:58 pm
people but it does it in a way that robs human beings of their dignity. >> reporter: he urged support for organizations caring for the sickness and research. how the speed up the bodies response. >> surviving ebola is all about staying alive until you make an antibody response against the virus. >> i still have ongoing medical issues. >> reporter: he tells me he has profound fatigue and vision problems. >> these are things the south african survivors are struggling with as well. as we learn about postebola syndrome. >> reporter: but he would love to go back. >> i would love to go back. with antibodies coarsing through my veins and i want to be part of the response there. i love what i do. >> reporter: they're working on a better treatment, a cure, possibly a vaccine for ebola. they say they have a good
5:59 pm
opportunity now to accomplish all three. john fowler, ktvu news. now at 6:00, richmond's police chief holding the very same sign used during nationwide protests against police killings. the reason the chief felt compelled to carry their banner today. >> scaling a wall of unstable rock. the crucial work today to make sure telegraph hill in san francisco can withstand this week's storm. and a former uber driver is now facing criminal charges for striking and killing a 6-year- old girl. what the girl's mother say it is driver was -- mother says the driver was doing right before the deadly crash. a chp is on alert tonight bracing for more possible protests after hundreds of people block interstate 80 for hours last night. good evening i'm julie haener.
6:00 pm
>> and i'm frank somerville. the berkeley city council cancelled its meeting tonight after threats by protest groups to try to shut down that meeting. demonstrations are stiexpected john sasaki is at city hall in berkeley where he talked with berkeley's mayor and police chief today, john. >> reporter: frank, they told us why they cancelled that meeting just hours before it was set to start. >> we received credible threats. but i was reluctant to say i'm going to give into those people. the reality is, our chamber only holds 125 people. it's right next to the police department. >> reporter: since the city is in the middle of such tumultuous protests it was wise to cancel the council meeting. >> i think the mayor's point is, we don't know who's still in town. there's probably a lot of people who are held gun on violence and tearing our city up and we


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