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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the berkeley city council cancelled its meeting tonight after threats by protest groups to try to shut down that meeting. demonstrations are stiexpected john sasaki is at city hall in berkeley where he talked with berkeley's mayor and police chief today, john. >> reporter: frank, they told us why they cancelled that meeting just hours before it was set to start. >> we received credible threats. but i was reluctant to say i'm going to give into those people. the reality is, our chamber only holds 125 people. it's right next to the police department. >> reporter: since the city is in the middle of such tumultuous protests it was wise to cancel the council meeting. >> i think the mayor's point is, we don't know who's still in town. there's probably a lot of people who are held gun on violence and tearing our city up and we don't want that to
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happen. >> reporter: that's after nights of very disruptive protests. more than 1,000 people put to the streets of berkeley. but it took a turn toward chaos as hundreds of people rushed to 880s stopping traffic in both directions. >> and in the last 48 hours, the highway patrol at golden gate division has arrested 223 individuals who have chosen to demonstrate on the freeway. the charges have stemmed from assaulting a peace officer to resisting and delaying to blocking the roadway. >> reporter: all this comes in the name of michael brown and eric garner who police killed even though they were unarmed. >> we agree that something has to be done. while working closer with the police and the community. >> reporter: there are questions about how the protesters are treating others. this woman who wants to remain anonymous says she was walking home on sunday night when she
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saw some masked protesters. she started shooting this video but within minutes they saw her and started to attack her. >> what the bleep are you doing. they tried to chase but but i'm fast and got away. at that moment they weren't doing anything disruptive. i just happened to be filming. it doesn't make much sense to me. then i realized those were the people that were at the protest the other evening that were messing things up. >> reporter: and she told me that she did file a police report with berkeley police. now back to this cancelled city council meeting, i did talk to jesse arrogin and he handed me this hand out right here which he says indicates that the mayor's unilateral move to cancel the meeting was wrong. and in fact, arrogin tells me
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that that move was wrong. >> we'll be in berkeley all night to keep an eye on those demonstrations if and when they begin, john sasaki live in berkeley tonight. new at 6:00, another protest in richmond but this one was different. the police chief joined with protesters today in hopes of bringing the two sides together. ktvu's noelle walker was there. >> reporter: it takes time and care to build anything. it starts with a strong foundation. >> there was a relationship building between the community and law enforcement. >> reporter: so when protesters in the community of richmond picked up the mega phone. law enforcement joined them. >> i think it's pretty awesome. >> we have a lot of respect for our community. we share a lot of similar concerns. >> that's why i'm glad to see the chief because here in richmond he's been very
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instrumental in taking away that divider. >> reporter: protesters generally have police officers standing in line right here facing the protesters over there. today they're standing in one line together. that's richmond's police chief chris magnus. >> we do want to send a message that all lives matter here in our city. black, brown, white. all of us. >> reporter: holding a black lives matter sign. with martin luther king jr. reminding them of his dream, richmond tries to make it a reality. >> we do it for mike brown. >> reporter: young and old, civilian and police stood side by side. starting at 10:00 a.m. >> 10:00 a.m. is when mike brown was actually shot and killed. and his body layed on the ground for 4-1/2 hours. >> reporter: so they stood for 4-1/2 hours. no rocks or tear gas. >> i'll take a bite first.
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>> reporter: but plenty of pepperoni pizza to go around. >> because eventually we want to get to a place that's healing where we can all work and live together. >> reporter: and continue to build community. >> you have to work together. >> reporter: in richmond, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. those protests and freeway closures weren't just an inconvenience for some they created a medical emergency. adriana torrez gave birth to a healthy 8-pound baby girl. she was in labor headed to san francisco general when she got stuck on interstate 80 after protesters closed the freeway in both directions. paramedics took her to alta bates hospital where she delivered her daughter. and torrez was not the only person in the freeway having a medical emergency. >> i have a male having a stroke in a blue acura. >> reporter: that was a radio
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call for a man having a stroke. authorities say officers had to get on bicycles to get access to him. >> reporter: some bay area civil rights leaders are calling on protesters to stop destroying property. they say enough is enough. >> reporter: we are tired of other people determining the agenda. who have used violent means to make it appear that they are concerned about the loss of lives. >> reporter: reverend brown is a veteran of the civil rights movement. he marched with dr. martin luther king in the 1960s. he says the recent protests bare no resemblance. we posted a link on
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for when protests happen. and a mother is speaking out tonight as a former uber driver heads to court tomorrow morning. david stevenson broke the news. the family of that little girl, they had some harsh words for the driver and for uber today. >> they did. there's a lawsuit, a civil lawsuit pending against the uber ride share company and that driver. the mother for the meantime will face off with that driver as he's arraigned tomorrow here in san francisco superior court. >> reporter: the flowers, candles and teddy bears are long gone but the scars from the collision that killed sofia liu in this san francisco intersection are still there. >> i just cannot stop crying. >> reporter: liu's mother spoke out today about the december 23rd accident. former uber driver musafar struck them as he made a right
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turn. surveillance video shows that collision. >> i was just so sad, i cried at that time about my daughter. >> reporter: prosecutors are now charging musafar with vehicle manslaughter. district attorney gascon said the nearly yearlong investigation found no evidence to support a felony charge. >> without in any way diminishing the loss of liu, this loss has really struck musafar. >> reporter: musafar and uber are now the target of a civil lawsuit by the liu's who say the cell phone app is a dangerous distraction for drivers. >> the system is so bad, that the driver is driving and at the same time looking at the phone. it's hurtful. >> reporter: uber did not respond to our request for comment earlier this afternoon.
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is musafar is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow morning. sofia liu's mother says she plans to be here for the hearing tomorrow. frank, julie. >> just heartbreaking to hear that mother talk. also in san francisco district attorney george gascon is suing uber accusing the company from failing to protect its passengers. the consumer protection lawsuit was filed with jackie lacey. the district attorney's say they have already settled a similar lawsuit with lyft. that company has agreed to pay half a million dollars to settle it. a third ride sharing company is still under investigation. 14 people accuse of gang related crimes in east palo alto today. several murders and attempted murders and a gun battle on
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highway 101 near belmont. a trial in the case of a robbery is scheduled for january 20th. prosecutors in sacramento plan to seek the death penalty for a utah man charged with killing two deputies. bustamante and monroe are charged with the shooting free that killed danny oliver and detective michael davis jr. prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty against janel monroe. they said they reached the decision after talking to the victim's family. a string of nine armed robberies yesterday afternoon ended with the arrest of four suspects. those robberied all happened in oakland during a two hour period. officers say they caught the
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robbers by tracking the man's system. -- they also agree to purchase water from a facility along the sacramento river if it's needed. that water will be paid for by a new 14% surcharge on rate payers bills. one homeowner says he's watched rates go up for years despite his own conservation. >> they need so much revenue to cover their operations and their bonds an therefor if we use less water, there's less revenue to them and therefor they need to increase the rates that's been happening for the last few years. >> reporter: if the utility does obtain the water, it will go into effect january 2nd. it is a daring and risky high wire act that's designed to save life, limb and property. the critical work to
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protect home from this week's impending storms. >> i'm tracking that major storm. take a look at the latest models that brings rain into the north baby tomorrow night. let's push it forward. i'm going to push the model all the way through and we will talk about the significant rain and wind and snow that we're going to be experiencing.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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a judge heard closing arguments today in the trial concerning the future of san francisco city college. the suit was filed by san francisco city attorney herr era against the accrediting commission. if filed, that ccsf would ultimately close the school. the city will decide whether the commission treated the
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college unfairly during the process. it looks like a mountain rescue but it was something quiet different right in the heart of san francisco as ktvu's tom vacar shows us the city is doing it as a safety precaution in an effort to stabilize the hillside before this week's powerful storm hits. suspended on repelling gear 150 feet off the ground. a gio technical stabilization crew hired by the city of san francisco is racing the clock to get as much work done before thursday's storm hits. by taking these massive rocks down now in a controlled way, we're not likely to have the massive slide that we had in heavy rains two years ago. in january of 2012, a weaker storm caused a huge slide sending down car sized boulders that smashed a car and damaged the apartment building as well. it's been a problem here for generations. >> traditionally this was a
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quarry that was undocumented. they left it in a pretty precarious position. >> reporter: the sand stone rock face is not only easily cracked by weather. earthquakes have also made it unstable, even when weather is not a factor. the six month project will involve some 300 rock anchors to be drilled into and anchored deep into the base. a mesh screen will be installed and in certain areas where there are deep gouges or overhangs, a concrete will also reenforce. >> it will be held as a big mountain. >> reporter: considering the likely liability of injurying or killing residents and visitors the price tag is cheap insurance at a time the city can easily do it thanks to residents. >> maybe down the road this qualifies for federal aid but we're not worry about that now. >> reporter: the over all project will be completed in june of next year.
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tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. in other parts of the bay area work crews were also busy today bracing for the heavy rain and strong wind. in fremont crews have spent two days using heavy duty pumping equipment to clear out, mud debris and storm drains. >> this is not the most glamorous work that there is. even with equipment like this. this is still really hard work. hard and dirty work. but it's something that has to be done to make sure that the system functions properly when we do have a big storm. >> reporter: along interstate 580 in oakland, -- 880 in oakland, workers cleared debris to prevent branches from crashing down on to power lines when the storm hits. >> and that storm is on the way. for more now on its timing we want to check in now with bill martin in the weather center. is it still gearing up to be what it's expected to be.
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>> julie and i were talking in the newsroom earlier. looks like it's going to hit between 7:00 and 10:00. there's not a lot in front of this in terms of rain. there's not a ton behind it. so in terms of rain. that's good. if we had a cup ofl -- couple of these back to back. but nothing like what we're going to experience on thursday morning. so let's look at the computer model now. you can see this is setting us up for tomorrow. 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 you're starting to see rain show up. by afternoon near point arena. that's going to be basically where the rain starts and works its way down. we are looking for wind with this. that's one of the big deals is the wind. i think here we are tomorrow night at about midnight. and the reds here they're representing 80-mile an hour winds. i haven't seen this before in
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this particular model. this is just an isotach map that shows forecast winds. look at these reds and yellows. these yellows are 60-mile an hour winds. over the entire bay area. i don't know if that will actually happen but this is a very aggressive system in the area. winds will continue to blow hard by 8:00 a.m. on thursday. then they dissipate rapidly. what's all the wind mean? with the rain which is going to be heavy in those early hours the winds are going to be a problem for power outage. i think power outage is going to be the bigger story with this system. it's going to hit between 7:00 and 10:00 on thursday morning. a little before, a little wind before and a little rain after. 7:00 and 10:00 is the wheel house for the crux of this storm which is pretty significant in terms of its rainfall rates it's going to produce. it's going to produce rainfall rates easily over 20 miles per hour. we're going to expect some
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debris flows. your neighborhood you get some of these ditches which overflow. it's going to be one of those kinds of deals. napa river will come up a bit. it will get up to the banks but it won't flood. the russian river is going to get a lot of water but should not flood behind this system. társ going to be one of those, wow it's raining hard. and just when you don't think it's going to -- it'll breakthrough. >> thanks, bill. >> thank you, bill. a's general manager billy bean trades away another player. and the 49ers gets a boost to their line.
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a job fair in san francisco brought out hundreds. it was the job fair in san francisco. they included employment opportunities with companies like apple and solar city and
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jobs in the public sector with government agencies. the openings range from entry level to highly educated experienced positions. organizers say today's job fair offered a lot of opportunities for people who are unemployed or just looking to change jobs. >> here in the bay area, it is definitely a job seeker market. with the unemployment rate decreasing, it means that there is definitely a shrink of the labor pool. >> the hire event also offered employment seekers free one on one resume help. the oakland a's veteran player dump continues. pitcher semarges on the way back to chicago to the white sox. the a's got semarges from the cubs last year. he's the third all star to be dumped in the last two weeks. in exchange the a's get a pitcher, a catcher and two infielders who's name does not
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matter. bob melvin towing the company line. >> we're looking down the road. we lost quite a bit of talent. billy is as good as it can gets as far as being able to handle that balance and keep us competitive. currently yet also having to look down the road for the future. >> 49er linebacker navarro bowman is back on the active roster in time to return to the stadium where he was injured last january. bowman suffered a severe injury in the championship game. he's rehabbing from surgery. and he's eager to contribute to a team. >> it's hard to go out there and play teams like seattle where you've got, young guys that haven't been in those type of games yet. so, you know just me putting on a helmet again. those guys seeing me put the work in. just showing them that i really do love this game. hopefully it will raise the
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moral intent. >> the aftermath continues. this was the exchange between collin kaepernick and raiders linebacker moore as the two teams headed off the field at halftime. & % f 0 >> a little more fuel to this fire. here's more during a tv time out in the second half. in the end it was the raiders who had something to dance about while the 49ers licked their wounds. and the sharks get another crack tonight at the oilers after losing sunday in the great white north. the two teams meet again tonight in san jose. >> is it my mistake or at the coliseum do both teams go through the same tunnel. >> it's not your mistake. they do exactly do that. that could make for incidents like we just saw. they funnel into that same place. if emotions are running high. >> is that the case at other
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stadiums? >> most have opposite tunnels. >> all those hot guys going into one tunnel tomorrow. all those emotions roaring there. >> a lot of testosterone there. >> and what won't be ready for the big game. that's tonight at 10:00. >> we're always on for you on facebook and twitter. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. good night. >> good night. ♪
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