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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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getting sandbags ready ahead of the rain. the bay area is preparing for what could be the strongest storm we've seen in half a dozen years. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it is still at least 24 hours away, but people across the bay area are being proactive and take steps to prevent possible damage. a major storm set to bring strong winds and rain to the bay area on wednesday or thursday. we begin in napa where two low lying parks are being closed and where ken pritchett found a lot of activity under way as
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people get ready, ken. >> frank, even late tonight you can see that there are people here filling up sandbags at this free sandbagging station provided by the city of napa. we arrived here at 7:00 this evening and this place was packed. there were people surrounding this entire area filling sandbags and that went on for several hours. this sandbagging station opened this morning. this is one way that napa is preparing. napa just one of many cities preparing for this coming storm and a flood watch. we're expecting the possibility of strong wind and flooding all over the bay area. >> we've seen a lot of comraderies. some gentlemen over here helped us out. >> reporter: a steady stream of residents stopped by to get ready for the storm. most of the people we talked to are not in flood zones but need
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sandbags when heavy rainfalls. >> we have a storm drain in front of our yard that when it rains it goes up to our driveway. >> reporter: flooding is a main concern around the bay area this week. >> we don't anticipate any problems on napa creek where the flood project work was completed before last winter. >> reporter: barry martin says napa river already higher due to last week's rain is expected to rise more but not to a serious level. >> i think the big concern is the winds. that could lead to high power lines and power outage issues. >> reporter: the city has prepared for the rain. it has closed a low lying park. as for the sandbagging station opened this morning, in the
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first three hours, residents bagged 8-tons of sand in 3,500 bags. a big effort in what many are expecting it to be a significant storm. >> we need the water but, wish it was not all at one time. >> reporter: now the recent rain we have experienced exposed some damage from the napa earthquake that has not been noticed before such as leaking roofs. and with the rain we've experienced coming this weeks it is possible that we can see even more of that earthquake related damage exposed. >> ken, thank you. now from ken pritchett in napa we turn to chief meteorologist bill martin in the channel 2 weather center, bill. >> tracking this very powerful storm. it's not here yet but the system has been firing up. maybe 5-inches of rain. this is over a couple of days. this main hit is thursday
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morning then it continues into friday with lesser rainfall. here is the deal we're checking though. it is a serious storm in that it's got a jet stream that's going straight across the pacific. tons of subtropical moisture, lots of cold air and it's focused really right on the bay area. we're going to see rain coming right into the bay area. we will see urban and small stream flood advisory. in the mountain we have a blizzard warning. when i come back i want to show you the computer model, the latest one. it's really impressive when it show this is line, almost like a squall line going through the bay area on thursday morning. i'll have that after the break. >> you've been talking about that line, bill. thank you. caltrans crews are also preparing for the storm heading our way. workers were busy today clearing a storm drain in fremont near thornton and i80. workers used a pump to remove
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water. no matter how much rain we get this week customers with east bay mud are about to pay more for their water. the board of directors approved a surcharge. and an estimated $5 million will go to buy more water from the sacramento river. the board also requested customers to conserve water. the surcharge takes effect in january. east bay mud says the average family will pay $4.30 more per month. east bay mud also says we have a very early winter. a fourth night of anti
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police protests in berkeley. several hundred people are taking part in tonight's protest march. it is much smaller than last night but still very vocal. ktvu's paul chambers is live in oakland and he tells us there have been traffic disruptions in just the past half hour or so, paul. >> reporter: yeah julie, as you can see people just crossing 25th and telegraph. we have marched with these people for several several blocks. miles, we started in berkeley. throughout berkeley. and then we got to 40th and telegraph. let's show you the video of what happened. this is video when we got to highway 24th at oakland and 40th street. protesters came to the freeway, stopped at tiburon for a short amount of time and it is now reopening at this hour. there are tons of people trying to get on top of the freeway. shutting it down temporarily. i will tell you police officers
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shot off some bang grenades to disperse the crowd. we saw dumpers out in the street, in the freeway, we saw people on the street when people are walking. also when we get to chp, there are a team of officers out there protecting the area. let me show you what happened earlier today in berkeley. for the fourth night in a row, protesters took to the streets of berkeley. the threat of protesters led to council members canceling a meeting. >> we don't know who's still in town. there's probably still a lot of people who are tearing our city up and we don't want to see that happen. >> reporter: the meeting may have been cancelled but that didn't stop 250 people from holding their own town hall. people here say they're upset with the city and police
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handling of protesters over the last few months. >> i was very surprised and concerned about what i think is excessive force, the police. i think what was an overresponse on saturday. >> he's referring to this, when some officers went toe to toe with protesters becoming hands on with some including this photographer who was shoved by officers. now city leaders say they want answers. >> we're looking into an investigation into the use of force against protesters. >> reporter: city leaders say they're tired of destructive protests. monday night, people turned their anger to the highway. as hundreds of people went on highway 80 stopping traffic in both directions which led to chp rounding up several people. >> the highway patrol at golden gate division has arrested 243 individuals who have chosen to demonstrate on the freeway. the charges have stemmed from
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assaulting a peace officer to resisting and delaying, to blocking the roadway. >> reporter: all right, we'll tell you except for a handful of people. most people out here have been very peaceful. let me show you these are the people behind me but there are a team of officers working their way down behind the crowd. make sure exactly what's on the other end of that. we will stay on top of this. once again we're on 24th and telegraph. 500 or 600 are on their way to city hall. but the there are officer behind them to make sure everything goes fine. most people have been very peaceful and very polite. except for a couple of exceptions who tried to get up in our face. but no problems so far and it's been very nice. of course we'll stay on top of this as it develops. >> they are on the move, paul
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chambers reporting live. paul thank you. at this time last night we were showing you hundreds of protesters swarming on to interstate 80 and berkeley bringing traffic to a standstill. we were telling you about a medical emergency. >> medic two we have a medical emergency. it's going to be on the west lane of berkeley. >> with the freeway blocked emergency workers called in an ambulance to pick up that woman and bring her to the hospital. adriana torrez was heading to san francisco general with her sister behind the wheel when protesters shut down the freeway. the ambulance took torrez to berkeley where she gave birth to a healthy girl this morning. san francisco is suing one ride sharing company just as it settles a potential lawsuit
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with another. a consumer protection lawsuit against uber has been announced. allegations include misleading stations. >> uber has refused to comply with straightforward california laws that protect consumers from fraud and harm. companies can be innovative in the way they deliver services without ignoring the laws that protect the public. >> gascon also says that uber's rival lyft has agreed to pay $1 million to address the issue. california lawmakers all agree. uber is an integral, safe and part of the inspection system. the statement continues to say that uber will continue to engage in discussions with the district attorney. in 14 minutes, charges are filed against a former uber driver who's vehicle hit and
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killed a young girl. tonight the heartbreaking words from the girl's mother and why prosecutors say the facts don't support a felony charge. volunteers are filling up holiday food bags at the san francisco t food bank. why they say that supply is even bigger than last year. i'll break down the hours when the most heavy rain is expected. >> the bay area's road to hosting the super bowl hits a bit of a bump. we'll tell you what won't be ready for the game. that's coming up.
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a delay for a major development project with a big name backer. the santa clara city council approved an extension for joe montana to build a new hotel. that delay is drawing criticism tonight. >> reporter: yes it is, julie. in fact, these two plots of land here serve as parking for levi's stadium and it will likely stay that way during super bowl l. this rendering shows what city leaders are betting on to score big for the city. a hotel and conference center developed by joe montana. at tonight's city council meeting, council members approved an extension for the montana group to develop a
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deal. the former 49ers quarterback lost his development partner. a representative for the montana property group at tonight's meeting declined to comment. the extension is until march 2016 and that means construction won't start until after super bowl l. city leaders don't consider the delay a set back and neither does a santa clara convention bureau all banking on montana's name. >> it's going to be a huge draw. it's going to bring more visitors, more revenue to the city. >> reporter: they're confident the city will have plenty of hotel rooms and city attractions for 2015's saoául -- super bowl. >> i understand that it's getting delayed. it's a very complicated project and we want to make sure we do it right. >> disappointed in the way our cities leaders have simply handed this stuff off to the 49ers and friends without a
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consideration of exactly what would have brought the best use for that land. >> reporter: saying the city should allow other developers to bid on this prime piece of land. >> i think we're entitled to better use out of that. i think we're entitled to people coming in and getting the job done. >> reporter: the montana group is making progress. addressing several issues including getting the proper building approvals. 25-year-old cam newton flipped his truck this aofpb -- this afternoon in a crash can another car in charlotte north carolina. a person in that other car was also hurt but is expected to recover. the team says that newton suffered two fractures in his lower back. doctors say it appears that it's not the kind of injury that affects the spine or the
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nerves and they say that theoretically he could play as soon as the pain goes away, possibly even this sunday. newton is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. we have been following that youth football team from richmond that went to the national championships in florida. the richmond steelers played again today and unfortunately they lost. the giller dogs from arizona beat them 21-12. even so the steeler players all received a medal today. after the game the coach talked to each of the players individually he told them they played their hearts out. this was the team practicing earlier this week. tomorrow they get to go to universal studio then fly back to the bay area on friday. the team says this is an experience they will never forget. and they thank the bay area. the deal funds the entire
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government through next september except for the department of homeland security which oversees immigration. it's only funded through february. today for the first time we're get ago look at the long awaited report into the cia's's interrogation into terrorists after the 9/11 attack. it's a scathing report that describes the tactics as brutal. >> frank, the explosive senate intelligent report includes graphic details about waterboarding, sleep depravation, sexual threats and other harsh interrogation techniques. methods that were far more brutal than the cia has acknowledged. >> reporter: in an effort to squeeze information from
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terrorist, they found that the cia crossed the line. >> stripped naked, diapers, physically struck and put in various painful stress positions for long periods of times. >> reporter: the report shows some of the worse abuse took place at a secret location called cobalt. where detainees were walked around naked and blindfolded for a long time. >> releasing this report is an important step to restore our values and show the world that we are in fact, a just and lawful society. >> reporter: as senator feinstein defended the report's release some republicans condemned it.
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saying that it will set off a backlash over seas. >> what it does for the u.s. government is endanger every one of our people overseas. every embassy flying an american flag. >> are we a nation of laws or we a nation that every time we become afraid of something we descend to the lowest behavior. >> reporter: gordon is the author of a book of enhanced interrogation. >> the harm wasn't done when the report was released, the harm was done when we began torturing people in the first place. >> reporter: president obama ended the cia detention and interrogation program when he took office in 2009. he issued a statement saying the techniques did not serve our counter terrorism efforts or interests and did significant damage to america's standing in the world. the president said he will continue to make sure that the
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country does not resort to those measures ever again. >> thank you, heather. we're tracking this storm and doing it all week. there it is. it stretches past the date line. a lot of high clouds over head now. we have fog all over the place. education -- especially in the inland bay valleys. here's the computer model. i told you about this. here's tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. this is what i'm looking at live storm tracker 2 picking up the rain. you see how it's spread out a little bit. it's heavy rain for sure. watch it tighten up right there. that's a big deal when it does that. that's something you see on the severe thunderstorms like a squall line coming through.
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this is 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. it's hammered, i mean the gusts are going at 50 to 60 miles per hour. moves through the bay area at 9:00. that's going to drop a couple of inches of rain easy in the hills maybe 4-inches of rain. 9:00a.m. it's hitting in redwood city, san francisco and oakland, berkeley. and then boom right into san jose at 11:00 a.m. looks like it weakens a little bit. it pushes off. after the break i will take you through the model again. that's the good news. once you get through this intense period it's going to back off a little bit. i'll be back and i'll talk more specifically about your forecast and what we can expect after that front moves through because there is more rain behind it, we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. we are monitoring that police protest that started in berkeley and has now made its way into oakland. several hundred people are marching toward telegraph and oakland city hall. we've seen some people in the
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crowd block dumpsters, others set small trash fires as they go. details coming up. taxing rentals the same way hotels are taxed. the proposal that would affect users of air b & b. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the san jose city council is meeting right now to consider a surcharge on air b & b. the ordinance would require them to notify the city when they rent their homes so that neighbors can be alerted and the rentals would also be limited to 130 visits per year. san francisco passed a similar measure back in october. a former uber driver was
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charged. a 6-year-old girl was killed. david stevenson has been following the case and has reaction from the young girl's mother. >> reporter: the flower, candles and teddy bears are long gone but the scars from the collision that killed 6- year-old sofia liu almost a year ago at this intersection are still there. >> i just cannot stop crying. >> reporter: liu's mother spoke out about the accident. she and her two children were crossing when former uber driver struck them. surveillance video obtained by ktvu show that is collision. >> my daughter's life was so great. that driver is so bad. >> reporter: district attorney george gascon today said the nearly yearlong investigation found no evidence to support a felony charge. >> without in any way diminishing the loss of sofia
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liu and the liu family, this incident has devastated mr. musafar. >> reporter: musafar's attorney says his client simply did not see the liu family in the darkness. musafar is now part of a civil lawsuit against the liu's family. >> the system is so bad. the driver has to drive and at the same time looking at the phone. it hurts our public safety. >> reporter: musafar is out at $50,000 bail and is set for arraignment wednesday morning. sofia's mother says she plans to be in court for the proceedings. a suspected car thief who was shot by a san leandro police officer during a chase has died. san leandro police officers spotted a pickup truck that had been reported stolen on sunday. they say the driver a 27-year- old woman from union city refused to stop. officers then chased the car
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into oakland where they say a woman struck the car. the bay area doctor who contracted ebola but dodged death tells his story for the first time. and a peaceful protests turns a little violent as protesters start a fire and attack one man. i'll have that story just ahead.
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time now for another live update on tonight's anti police protest. paul chambers has followed several hundred people marching from berkeley into oakland. paul what's the latest now? >> reporter: julie, i will tell
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you the mostly peaceful protest turned a little violent out here on telegraph island. across the street was a dumpster. that dumpster was overturned and set on fire. let's take a look at some video here. some of the protesters decided to torch the dumpster here. as they torched the dumpster one man came out and asked them to not do it. he said that is not what this protest is about. that's when at group of protesters got in his face, started hitting him telling him to let it burn, let it burn. other people came out to defend him. but i will tell you, this is has been mainly peaceful. firefighters and people out here on the street have put that fire out. let's take a look at frank ogawa plaza, they've marched to
10:32 pm
oakland. this march has gone for many many miles. like i said, mostly peaceful except for this event. and some protesters did try to get on the freeway but police dispersed them. the community band together, put out the fire and helped the man that some of the protesters tried to beat up. county has approved the $1 million deal to provide cameras for 241 deputies. using cameras was one of the recommendations after a deputy shot andy lopez who was carrying an air soft rifle that looked just like a real gun. exactly how those cameras will be used has to be worked out by the department. the deputies association and citizens group.
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an east bay family is asking for help to find a diabetic man who needs his insulin. he may be in a white toyota carolla. the family knows firsthand what can happen when someone goes missing. 15 years ago 13-year-old james fasasila disappeared and his body was found near a homeless encampment. james and the missing man were cousins. san mateo police released a surveillance video they say shows two burglars breaking into cars. the man is described as white or latino. 30 to 35 years old. about 5'10" tall. the woman is described as white, 25 to 35 years old and about 150 pounds.
10:34 pm
anyone with information about the pair is asked to contact authorities. christmas is now just a few weeks away and tonight there is concern at some bay area food banks. they're worried there will not be enough food to feed families. >> jana katsuyama is live with the reason why they think donations are down and the economy is up. >> reporter: ironicically the food bank staff say it's easier to fill these bins during the recession than it's been this past season. >> reporter: people are buying up and bagging food for their own holiday meals. and even though some people try to make food donations. >> we always try to put something in there. >> we have to help to the people. we have to make a donation for sure. >> reporter: the san francisco
10:35 pm
marin food bank bins aren't filling up fast enough. >> we are concerned because it seems we have seen a little less attendance for the need this year. >> reporter: the chief operating officer at the food bank says donations in october and november fell 13% short of the food bank's needed levels. even with christmas around the corner it has not picked up. the up tick in the economy might be to blame for supply and demand. >> most of the up tick has been in professional jobs. for those in the community that aren't in professional job, times like these get tougher. because when prices are going up. >> the first two people are what we call guestimators. >> reporter: a big need now that's expected to continue well into the next year. >> we have a goal of distributing 1 million more pound of food and we'll do that
10:36 pm
by opening five or six new pantries this year. >> reporter: the foods they need the most are peanut butter, tuna fish and everyone beans. what they can't accept is sodas, glass containers and anything that is past the expiration date. an american doctor who contracted ebola but survived shared his story in san francisco today for the first time. john fowler tell us his survival may also help others. >> reporter: at uc san francisco, he went public. >> i was the sickest ebola survivor so far. >> reporter: ian crocher speak out at uc flanked by doctors. these pictures for when he
10:37 pm
volunteered on fighting the ebola epidemic. he says he has no idea how he got infected. >> i had fever and a headache, i hoped it was malaria. >> reporter: he worked in the hottest of the hot zones in west africa. >> this is a villain of a virus that robs people. >> reporter: how is urging for research on how to ending the ebola. >> i still have ongoing medical issues. >> reporter: he told me he has profound fatigue and vision problems. >> these are things the african survivors are dealing with as well as we learn about postebola syndrome. >> reporter: but he's now immune to ebola. >> i would love to go back. i want to be part of the
10:38 pm
response. i love what i do. >> reporter: the doctors case may help researchers. they're working for a better treatment, a cure, possibly a vaccine for ebola. they say they have a rare opportunity now to accomplish all three. in san francisco, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. labor at 30,000 feet. hear from passengers who witnessed a woman give labor. a powerful storm is making its way through the bay area. i'm detailing where and when a flood warning will be in effect. and your router used as a public wifi. the lawsuit facing comcast. ♪
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one year bus service. will take riders from the city. 22 will run in the morning. the frequency of the bus lines has also been increased. an unexpected delivery on board a southwest flight. thank goodness a doctor and tpháurs -- nurse just happened to be on board. the plane took off when she went into birth. passengers say it all went very quietly. >> no noises. mom didn't say anything. dad didn't say anything. >> no one freaked out. it was amazing. that's how calm it was. >> reporter: all of the passengers were awesome and started clapping after the baby arrived. that is a whole new meaning to
10:42 pm
baby's first flight. a pittsburgh father and brother have filed a lawsuit against comcast over their wifi spots. the two say comcast is using their home's wifi. they say it adds to their power bill and slows down their internet. a sight to see in san francisco. the work being done on this hillside before the major storm headed our way. the specific timing of that storm. our chief meteorologist bill martin will have our forecast. >> but first, a night at the met for prince william and kate. the cause that is close to the hearts of the couple. 3w4r57
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♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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the duke and dutchess of cambridge are flying back home
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after a whirlwind affair. the $10,000 seat event raised money for their alma mater the university of st. andrews. it's where will and kate met and fell in love. after the fundraiser the couple was taken to the airport for their flight. one thing that's causing attention is when kate and william met lebron james. touching the future queen is a big no, no. the new rules go into effect on july 1st. supervisors also ordered the
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report. u.s. stock markets closed mixed today as investors reacted to declines overseas. the dow dropped more than 61 points. the nasdaq gained 25. the volatility followed a sharp decline in the shanghai market and an even bigger drop in greece. back now to our storm watch. crews were busy trying to prevent fallen tree limbs. pg & e workers removed down trees. in san francisco city workers went to great heights literally to protect homes from the approaching storm. tom vacar shows us the critical work done today to protect telegraph hill. >> reporter: a stabilization crew hired by the city of san
10:47 pm
francisco is racing the clock before thursday's storm hits. by taking these massive rocks down now in a controlled way, we're not likely to have the massive slide that we had in heavy rains two years ago. in january of 2012, a weaker stormed caused a huge slide tending down car sized boulders that damaged the apartment building. it's been a problem here for generations. >> traditionally this was a quarry that was undocumented in the 1800s andearly 1900s. they left it in a pretty precarious position. >> reporter: the sand stone is not usually cracked by weather. earth quakes have made it unstable even when rain is not a factor. a mesh screen will be installed and in certain areas where there are deep gouges or overhand a concrete like substance called shock crete
10:48 pm
will also reenforce. >> it will be held as a big mountain. >> reporter: considering the likely liability of injuring or killing residents and visitors, the $4 million price tag is cheap insurance at a time when the city can easy afford to do it thanks to higher tax revenue. >> to be quiet honestly with you, i would spend whatever it takes and later it might qualify for a government -- i'm not worried about that now. there's a lot of weather around this storm before we get the sprinkles. after we will get some showers but in the heat of the moment between sometime thursday morning you're going to notice this thing. it's got some significant earmarks. powerful upper level jet stream. a ton of subtropical moisture.
10:49 pm
and some cold air too. right now there's no rain but tomorrow night at this time i'll be showing you rain in santa rosa. here's how it breaks down as we go through time. this system rolls through here tomorrow or not tomorrow pardon me thursday morning. we'll start seeing clouds tomorrow. but it rolls through here thursday morning. the main punch is thursday morning. i mean i keep stressing that. because everything that comes after, it's going to be heavy rain showers, breaks and thundershowers. as this system rolls through, it's going to be one of those ones, it might be one to remember in terms of the intensity not for a long long time but just for a few showers you're going to be like wow that's a storm. notice the scale here. so 50, 60-mile an hour those are yellow right. look at these wind speeds gusting 60 miles per hour. some reds showing up. some where around 9:00 a.m. the models suggest that's going
10:50 pm
to be the windiest time. these aren't greens, these are yellows and oranges and pinks. so are purples. wind is going to be a big story with this. plenty of power outages. that's the thing, that's the beauty of this thing. it looks like it's translating through. you get a system like this that stalls. it doesn't look like there's anything massive behind it. you worry about that too. here we are at 10:00. showers up north. that squall looks to be like, 20 miles there. maybe 10 miles wide. as it rolls through it's going to deposit heavy heavy rains. at 10:00 a.m. it's going to be hitting hayward, heavy rains throughout this period. san jose by noon. and this is the upshot. by the afternoon it's starting
10:51 pm
to square out. and then by friday it breaks out big time. so again the timing is going to change a little bit on this. i just want you to know that that thursday morning, that's the money right. that's the money shot. there's the five day forecast. that's when things will happen. we will see advisories. we will see wind warnings. we will see flash flood watches. napa river is not going to come up. they're not going to flood. but maybe walnut creek could see some problems. >> the red in that squall line. >> very intense moment in time. >> if this storm takes you by surprise you've been under a rock. joe is here now he's in for mark. good news tonight for the sharks. >> it was good news. the sharks got a second chance to beat the team with the worse record in the western conference. baseball hero travesty. the sharks hosted edmington the team that defeated on sunday. i think the rookie is excitemented about his first
10:52 pm
nhl goal? both teams scored a goal. watch this effort by couture to redirect that shot right out of the air. the sharks added another goal 1:20 later. the fifth win in their last six games. the sweepstakes pursuit for john lester is apparently over. the a's free agent is assigned to -- agent is expected to sign a six year contract with the cubs. the a's got marger from the cubs. bob melvin says all the right things. >> you know we have to look down the road, we lost quite a bit of talent the last couple of years making some trades. billy is about as good as it gets as being able to handle
10:53 pm
that balance and keep us competitive currently yet also having a look down the road for the future. >> the 49ers get a probowler back on their active roster as they prepare for another tough challenge in the pacific northwest. as the aftermath of their loss sunday in oakland continues to do so. we'll be right back.
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49er linebacker navarro bowman is back on the roster in time to return to the stadium where he was injured last year. he's been rehabbing ever since. the raiders 24-13 win all but eliminated san francisco. and a run-in between kaepernick and moore escalated as the team's headed through the tunnel they share at halftime. >> reporter: then in the second half a little more fuel to the fire. here's moore during a tv time
10:57 pm
out. he ended this little number directed toward the 49er bench. there was nothing about the way the game ended that made the 49ers doing any dancing. >> all right. >> too bad they play only once every three years. >> that was something. before we go, we want to take a last look at the anti police efforts. several hundred people regrouped in city hall. right now appear to be heading back to berkeley along the way they managed to get on highway 24 and briefly block traffic. the highway is now open again. we've also seen dumpsters set on fire. while there's no unruly element in the crowd we have seen no major violence. there has been a little bit of unruliness to this crowd. so far police have been keeping their distance. they only mobilize when those protesters made their way to highway 24 to briefly block traffic. more news when the morning news continues at ktvu at 4:30 a.m. and they go on to mornings on
10:58 pm
two in the morning. >> our coverage continues as well on twitter and ktvu app which we are constantly updating. have a good evening everyone. good night. >> good night. vds
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that haven't paid for them? claire... um, yeah. i guess i could stop by on my way to school. really, really important. um, uh, cheryl, can i call you back? okay. great. bye. yes? what? hey, yeah... i was going through your drawer in the bathroom looking for some lip stuff because my... lips were dry. god, you know me. phil... remember the spa certificates we got at the children's hospital auction? mm-hmm. well, look at this-- they expire tomorrow. oh, wow. what are you gonna do? claire, i don't think you're grasping the magnitude of this package, valued at over $250. sweetie... if you don't use them, then all our money just goes to charity. and so what am i supposed to do? somewhere between dropping off alex at orchestra and picking up luke from practice-- oh, and burning a bunch of dvds of the talent show, i'm gonna, what, pop in for a quick salt scrub?


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