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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we're live in alameda county where pg&e crews are gearing up for tomorrow's storm. we'll tell you what has them so concerned. tomorrow, mother nature is all in. we have plenty of warnings and watches. >> last night the threat of violence prompted the cancellation of the berkley city council meeting. we'll tell you why he's now
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taking heat over that decision. >> we do not support the destruction of property. >> bay area civil rights leaders joining forces. they're speaking out against the recent protests in berkley and oakland. what they say needs to be done if they really want change. that's all on channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> yes. >> wednesday, december 10th. i'm pam cook. >> brand new morning. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. i'm fascinated by how you put that map in motion. >> well, it's a big system. honestly, it's been a long time. you spent two hours looking at all the information because there's plenty to look at. this is for tomorrow. today we're setting up the scenario. the low is moving up north. at least i think going to be development on the western side of that. it's called a wave developing.
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this system will stall out tremendously. rains on the north coast. then you go not too far from the south, it will be windy. the wind is not a huge factor yet, but it will start to pick up a little bit. it will be out of the southeast. the rainfall will be the biggest story tomorrow morning. it may be a case where it's pouring in napa and south of nothing, nothing. our systems are just approaching the north coast, already cloud cover increasing. there's drizzle out there. now is a really good time to go because there's a blizzard warning out. the snow level will come way down by friday as the cold air gets in here. 50s to almost 60 degrees. the breeze is not strong yet, but it will pick up by later this afternoon. it's showing every sign of being out of the southeast. boy, will it howl as the surface low begins to move off the coast. the breeze picks up later, cloudy, light rain in the morning. it's tonight as we see the
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system approach 60s on the temps. here is an update on your traffic. >> a lot of dense fog. as you know, it could be hard for people to see let's go out and take a look at the morning commute. not too foggy here. it looks good. the traffic is moving along nicely coming into the city. we're also looking at 880 northbound and southbound. it is a nice looking drive here in front of the coliseum. levermore valley to dublin looks good. it's 5:03. let's go back to the desk. >> we're on storm watch for you this morning. it's the lull before one of the biggest storms to hit the bay area in years. government agencies, private businesses, utility companies, they're all bracing for the worst and taking precautions. you can show us the preparations for this huge storm, tarra. >> the wind gusts are expected to reach 60 miles per hour in
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some spots. that's quite a lot. the last time we had a major storm, it was half of. that pg&e is hunkering down. they're getting things readily. the powerful wind gusts could topple trees and down power lines, so pg&e is not only mobilizing the troops here in alameda county, but they will span out all over the area. today workers are loading supplies onto trucks so pg&e can quickly send them out to restore service. they're asking people to bring in outside christmas decorations so they don't get blown away. another preparation before the storm hits is clearing those storm drains. cal tran used a vacuum truck to pump out mud and debris near interstate 80 and fremont. we're going to head inside the
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gates to show you exactly what pg&e crews are doing. >> thank you. we'll talk to you late they are morning. crews are busy and literally going to great heights to protect homes from tomorrow's big storm. >> that's a big boy. we got a close look at the critical work that's -- about 150 feet above ground. these workers you see here, they're racing against the clock to try to stabilize the hill. telegraph hill has had storm problems for a long time. >> traditionally, this was a corridor that was undocumented. they left it in a pretty precarious position. >> now, january, 2012, a weaker storm caused a big slide on telegraph hill. boulders as big as a car slid down the hill, smashing one car and damaged an apartment building. now, all over the bay area, pg&e crews are getting busy for
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tomorrow's big storm, trying to keep falling tree limbs from knocking down power lines. pg&e says just assume it's live. it's dangerous, and call 911 right away. >> now, as the rain and winds approach, make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu for all the continuing coverage. we'll keep you ahead of the storm on the air and, of course, online. >> fourth night of protests started in berkley, ended with more arrests and another shutdown of a major freeway. a large crowd calling for change after deadly police involved incidents in missouri and new york gathered last night in front of berkley city hall. after learning a meeting had been canceled, protesters headed down telegraph avenue into oakland. part of highway 24 and birch was shut down as people made it through a fence and onto the
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freeway. it took 10 minutes to clear the road and 13 people were arrested. some looting and vandalism were also reported in downtown oakland. now, the decision by berkley mayor to cancel last night's city council meeting is leading to backlash among city leaders as well. alex savage joins us with more on the action some of them plan to take. >> reporter: the mayor of berkley was worried that out of control protesters would take over the meeting last night. that's why he decided to cancel it at the last minute. in a statement, mayor tom bates said we've postponed the council meetings because chambers that hold 120 people could not accommodate is large turnout expected, this was about 1500 people. the mayor and police chief were worried about violence if the meeting went on as scheduled. once it trickled down, a large crowd took to the streets of
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berkley. 700 people held an impromptu meeting outside and that's where members blasted the mayor for scrapping the council meeting. they sounded off about the recent killings of unarmed black men by police. they also wanted to ease excessive force over rowdy protests here. >> i was very surprised and concerned about what i think was excessive force, the police, and what was an overresponse on saturday. >> some city council members are planning -- promising that accusations of police abuse during those demonstrations will be investigated. while many business owners are frustrated by the vandalism that has come along with some of these recent protests, some store owners, like at this print shop we saw in oakland, are showing support for protesters offering food and
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water. by the way, pam, that canceled city council meeting has not been rescheduled, but the mayor is promising it will happen. >> it could be crowded when it's rescheduled. >> reporter: yeah. >> the violence from protesters have civil rights leaders questioning the tactics of activists. yesterday a group in san francisco, a group of mostly african-american pastors say they've seen enough. >> we're tired of other people determining their gender who have used violent means. >> the pastors are inviting protesters to work with them to bring about change without resorting to violence or blocking freeways. that includes revisiting the grand jury system and better sensitivity training for police police officers. it is a different scene in the city of richmond. yesterday morning a small group
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of people in richmond held a peaceful rally. they were joined by richmond police officers. the chief held a sign that said black lives matter. the group lined the road for 4.5 hours to symbolize the amount of time michael brown's body laid on a street in missouri after being shot by darren wilson. >> we have a lot of respect for our community. we share a lot of similar concerns. >> that's why i'm glad to see the chief. he's been instrumental in taking away that divider. >> now at one point police officers handed out pizza to the protesters. both side say they have a strong sense of community in richmond, and they want to keep that going. happening right now in norway, the nobel committee is warning the -- awarding the peace prize to two advocates for the rites of children. -- rights of children. there they are, the nobel peace
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prize winner winners. malala, she's the youngest person ever to be awarded the nobel peace prize. she became known around the world when she was shot in the head by the taliban when she was out campaigning for the education of girls. now, 60-year-old -- of india, he's the cowinner of the nobel peace prize. he has worked to end child slavery and the exploitation of children around the world. these two winners will split the $1.1 million prize. >> and congratulations to them. >> absolutely. 5:11 is the time right now. we're following the preparations for the storm that is headed our way. people in napa getting ready for flooding, but that's not all. coming up at 5:30, the problems they're still dealing with from this past summer's earthquake. >> first, he's back.
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after the break, how this fashionably festive sheep found his way home after a surprising escape. >> well, that was weird. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along very nicely on the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you more about that. we have a big system coming in, but take a look outside and see my christmas tree here. boy, it took me forever to get that on top of the tree. it took a while. okay. we'll get serious now. we have a big system coming in tomorrow. more on that, coming up. at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof.
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a man who made a desperate sinking call has been found near honolulu. the 67-year-old called for help, saying his boat was taking on water and in danger for sinking, but the coast guard could not find any sign of him or his boat. then yesterday morning a short may day call came in and rescue crews scrambled. this time they found him within an hour and a half a navy ship had reached him. >> if you spent time at sea, it's nice to get just the salt water off of you, get some food, water. he's doing okay. >> a rescue and assistance team is now helping to try and repair the man's sailboat so that he can get it back to
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shore. time now, 5:15. new this morning, just about a half hour ago, time magazine announced its person of the year. the winner, the ebola fighters. time magazine says they risk their lives. they persisted and sacrificed and saved lives. they're fighting a war waged with bleach and a prayer. so far the ebola virus has killed more than 6,000 people in west africa. it's an area that deals with poverty, corruption, and civil wars. taylor swift, the ferguson, missouri protesters, apple ceo tim week and nfl commissioner roger goodell. today the warriors will unveil plans for the center in mission bay neighborhood. this comes months after the architects released the sketches of the first draft. many critics pointed out that the top of the arena looks like
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a toilet seat. well, good news for the warrior is golden state is now on their way to a -- victory when they host the rockets tonight. time is 5:16. a sheep found roaming around omaha, nebraska, it's now reunited with its owner. gauge got out of his shed. thankfully he was found unarmed, not too close to the camera. he was walking through a neighborhood. the humane society took care of gauge until his owner arrived. >> it's been so hard because, you know, it's my sun. i consider him as my son. you know, he's -- he sleeps with me. he lays down. he follows me everywhere i go. he's just my baby. i love him. he loves me. >> can i tell. as you just heard, gauge and his owner are real close. she says she's shocked gauge escaped. now she plans to keep him
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inside more often. >> that's her little boy. >> yeah. >> that's cute. >> the baby. all right. 6:17 is the time. sal, enjoy the quiet traffic today, i think. >> i think you're right. we're going to have a decent commute. we're having traffic that's doing very well around the bay area. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's looking good. there are no major problems. it looks good getting into san francisco. this is moving well, getting out to the high rise. 580 is getting busy. still looks good in livermore and dublin. now here is steve. >> i was planning to talk about this. let's get right to it. i'm into the system. it's been a long time since we've had something to talk about. i know what you -- you love
5:19 am
this as well. let's hope we don't have too much damage. the key factors here, there's plenty of moisture. the cloud cover goes all the way to hawaii. the jet dream, 20,000 feet. flights from hawaii to oakland are probably making record time, maybe a couple of pilots can say, yeah, that's true. surface low developing. low forming off eureka. it's going to strengthen the pressure gradient, and that's going to give us a howling south wind and the water temps that are so warm will boost rainfall rates. there's your moisture tap all the way back to the hawaiian islands. the jet stream right there is enhancing the surface low. then the water temps all aid in the system. there's your water temps. 60 in san francisco. mounted ray at 61. this also may help in convected activity as we head towards friday. we saw that last week, by that,
5:20 am
thunderstorm activity. rainfall rates, marin county and russia knifer, 5-10 at the urban areas, 2-4 inches. high wind warning is out. there will be hurricane strength wind gusts tomorrow, not today. that will be thousand feet, up to 3,000 feet. high surf is out. a blizzard warning is out for the sierra nevada. that doesn't start until late. the snow level will come down. they will get a foot at lake level. that's not something we've seen in a long time. out ahead of that, we'll get a lot of cloud cover and fog. there's thick fog out there. drizzle, mist. the wind is turning east, southeast. it will begin to pick up. napa is 9, showing southeast direction for almost everybody. the system will slow down and then begin to move in late tonight. i think stall tomorrow morning. south of that, it will be windy as heck. i think the evening commute
5:21 am
will be a bigger mess than the morning commute unless you're to the north. rain to the north starts tonight. there's already light rain. 60s on your temps w. the storms developing, the flash flood watch, the high wind warning is out and the high surf. with all of those developing, there will be downed trees and downed power lines. tomorrow morning into friday, that's when the cold air arrives. we'll get a break on saturday and sunday. >> delayed canceled flights. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> we have a whole team of people who will be here especially tomorrow morning and out checking on the spots. >> very good. >> working with you. >> yeah. >> all right. steve. thank you. time now, 5:21, a big surprise on a southwest airlines flight forced to divert to l.a. in 25 minutes, how passengers were shocked by a surprise delivery. >> but, first, they help the needy, but now they need your help. after the break, the reason bay area food banks are holding out
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is 5:24. supervisors have approved legislation designed to cut tobacco stores in half over the next 15 years. yesterday the board gave final approval to a bill that has been in the works since 2008. the legislation does not eliminate any of the estimated
5:25 am
1,000 current tobacco permits. once closed, it goes away with it. the federal government says the gas prices will stay below $3 for the next we're. it's expected to be 2.26 for 2015. it will be the lowest full year average since 2009. the drop in gas prices is because of the decline in global crude oil prices. >> and there's another car recall to tell you about this time. it's nissan with a fuel leak problem in 470,000 cars and suvs. they include some from the 2012 through 2014 model years. they're on your screen. some infinity models from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. nissan says there have been no injuries from the problems so far. owners of the effected vehicle
5:26 am
will be notified next month. >> we're keeping an eye on bay area food banks. here is a reason why. donations are way down, even though the economy is getting better. donations at the san francisco food bank were down in october and november, and the food bank is 13% short of what it needs during those months. and with christmas eve just two weeks away, there's no signed donations or picking up. in fact, food bank officials say donors may be doing better financially and falsely think that's the case for everybody. >> most of the uptick has been in professional jobs. for those in the community that are not in those professional jobs. times get tougher because rent prices are going up, food prices are going up. >> now the biggest need is for high protein food like peanut butter, beans, and canned tuna. the food bank says there are some things they cannot accept. anything in a glass container,
5:27 am
sodas, sweet items and foods that are passed their expiration dates. >> politicians on capitol hill take aim at school lunches. up next the changes it will bring to how your child eats. we're live in the east bay hill. what people are going to prepare for the upcoming rain and wind storm and what resources are available in your community. good morning on -- traffic is doing very well if you're driving on 680, it looks good headed south. we'll tell you more, coming up. >> well, quiet before the storm, which will be here tomorrow morning. we'll have an update on what is a messy commute. watch out for fog. plenty to go around, coming up.
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well good morning to you, welcome back. we're live in oakland right now. somebody is walking in front of the camera. it's dry, as you can see. it will be a lot different this time tomorrow. steve has been telling us all the biggest storm we've seen all years in the bay area, it's coming our way. coming up in two minutes, katie is out there. she'll have more on what she can do now to get ready for what's on the way. wednesday morning, middle of the week. december 10th. i'm dave clark. >> time now is 5:30. thank you for waking up with us. it's not just the rain, it's the wind too. >> that's correct. very windy. south bay will be windy.
5:31 am
it's going to be a fine line there where it's pouring and then howling. again, we'll update this as we go along. today, it's just the fog in the morning. be careful. there's a lot of fog going around. very thick. might reduce visibility down to an 8th of a mile or less. there you go. there's drizzle in there as well. all right. good morning. there's the system. plenty going on there. 's a ton of meet logical factors coming together. it's fascinating because we have not seen anything like this in a long time, since '08 or '09. late to the north tonight and stall out. heavy rain. 2 plus inches an hour looks to be possible as it moves south and if it stalls out, that could be heavier. 5-10 russian river. also santa cruz mountains. rain is beginning to develop off of eureka. the development taking place there will be what -- that's
5:32 am
going to give us the wind as it begins to pick up. there are so many warnings and watches. a blizzard warning for the sierra, flash flood watch for us and high wind warning for us, a storm warning off the eureka coast. 50s to almost 60 degrees, the breeze is picking up, but it is showing signs of being east or southeast. it will really begin to howl by later this afternoon and this evening. rain is on the way, but it's going take a while to get here. 6.36. even santana rosa, all the way to monterey. we'll have wind gusts, drizzle out there. breeze picks up, cloudy day, the wind begins to crank up. we'll have more in 12 minutes south. >> steve, good morning to you. traffic is moving along pretty well along the bay area. if you're looking at let's see the east shore freeway, it is a nice looking drive here with no major issues coming through. also, looking at the commute
5:33 am
here, the traffic is moving along nicely at the toll plaza. we're getting a little bit of a delay at the toll plaza, no problems getting into the city. there's a delay in the cash lanes, as you can tell. if you're driving to the livermore valley, traffic is slow on 580. things look pretty good. 5:33. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we have all been mentioning the biggest storm in years is about to slam into the bay area. from the east bay hills and how people are getting ready to prepare for the near hurricane winds. >> it looks like people have heeded steve's advice. as we were driving around, we didn't see many holiday inflatables in people's yards. that could cause quite a mess. it appears people are really
5:34 am
getting prepared. let me show you some video. people had wiped it out. this is the city works department along red rock road. this is what we found around 4:30 this morning. empty pallets and a sign that reeds piedmont residents only. another thing you can do to prep for the heavy rain forecasted over the next two days, clear storm drains around your home. while, yes, public works department have people responsible for the drainage system, every little bit helps. now, in oakland, there are only 17 people in charge of more than 10,000 drains and the miles of pipe that connect the storm bearing system. the oakland hills where we're located are especially susceptible to flooding because of the trees, if the system -- oakland has an adopted drain program. today we'll be out talks to
5:35 am
folks to see what they're doing to prep for the storm. i know i've slept the leaves many times. we've got the rain leading up to this storm. clear the leaves when you have a fans today. let us know what you're doing to prepare. >> i'm so glad you see that. you still see a lot of leaves in the gutters in main street. let us know if you see that as well. >> time now is 5:35. people in napa county are headed to sandbag nation. many people we talked to don't live in flood zones, but they need the sandbags when there's heavy rainfalls. one sandbag station reports when it opened yesterday morning in just the first three hours, people filled up 12-tons of sand. >> we have a pavement situation on our street. if we don't bag the driveway, we're going to get our front
5:36 am
yard washed out. >> it comes rolling through the driveway. >> the city of napa is closing two low lying parks. they're closing as a precaution, the recent rains exposed rain from an earthquake that has been missed, such as leaky roofs, but with more rain coming in, even more damage could be revealed. already in effect through the north day coast, including point rays and national seashore, a high surf advisor for san francisco and northern monterey runs from 10:00 tonight noll 10:00 friday morning. wind and surf could reach 20 feet. people standing on the rocks, fishing, looking at the waves could be swept out into the ocean. we're going to have team coverage for you this morning and to keep ahead of the storm here and then also online.
5:37 am >> time now, 5:36, a fourth night in protest. it started in berkley and ended with an arrest and a major freeway was shut down again. demonstrators in missouri and new york, they marched to berkley city hall, planning to go to last night's city council meeting. according to a statement from the mayor. tom bates, the meeting was canceled, in fears that it was too big for city hall. some did not agree to cancel the meeting. >> i think it's important to give the community an opportunity to be heard, which is why we're here. >> after leaving city hall, this ground marched through berkley down to oakland city hall. there were reports of vandalism and looting at stores like a pack and save grocery store, a 7-11, and a metro pcs store. now, police say the
5:38 am
protests became violent as the crowd of hundreds made its way toward oakland. this is about 8:00 last night. now, this fire was set by a small group using trash and debris. more small fires were set as the march got closer to the downtown area, but they didn't cause any damage. about 9:15 last night, the protesters ripped down a fence. they made it onto the westbound lanes of highway 24 in oakland right near the macarthur bart station. traffic came to a stand still. as you can see, people were marching on the freeway. bart also stopped all the trains moving through the macarthur station. it took about ten minutes to clear the freeway. we can tell you at least 13 people were arrested. >> oakland police say a stolen cell phone helped them track down four people who may be tired to as many as nine armed
5:39 am
robberies. they happened over a two-hour span. police say they were able to track the suspect through one of the victim's cell phones. there was a brief chase, but the suspects were quickly arrested and police say they were riding in a stolen car. >> time now is 5:38. san jose is now the second bay area city to -- rentals. the tax was on all home sharing rentals booked through b&b. that's the same hotel hotel tax guests pay. san francisco approved a similar measure back in october. san francisco mayor ed lee will break ground today on a long awaited affordable housing project. it's in the hunts bay neighborhood. it will feature 60 permanently affordable homes. this is part of the mayor's housing plan that sets a goal of 30,000 new and rehabbed
5:40 am
homes throughout the city by the year 2020. >> the city of santa collarra santa clara is giving joe montana more time to build. he's extended to mar of 2016. he's spent several years trying to close the deal right next door to the new home of the niners. >> if we get a restaurant/bar named after joe montana, that's going to be a huge draw. it will bring more visitors and revenue to our city. >> they've handed this off to their friends without the consideration of what would have brought the best use for that land. >> the entertainment complex was supposed to be completed by 2016 but it was delayed after montana lost his development
5:41 am
parter. 5:40. republicans and democrats in washington come to terms with a $1.1 trillion spending bill. now this, comes just two days before the deadline. the deal will fund the government through next september, except for the department of homeland security. it will only be funded until february. that's because republicans want to try to reverse the president's executive actions on immigration when they take control of both houses next year. now, as part of that spending bill, the republicans tried but they failed to put in a provision to allow schools to opt out of the healthier meal standards that were championed by first lady michelle obama. but they were able to ease the standards that require more whole grains and less sodium in school meals. rules are said to be very expensive and restrictive and some of the kids don't like the healthier meals. this is obama has said she will fight to the bitter end to make
5:42 am
sure kids have good nutrition in schools. 5:41 is the time. the u.s. olympic committee could decide next week whether to make a bid for the 2024 summer olympics. san francisco is reportedly the preferred candidate. coming up at 6:00, what could end up hurting the city's chances. >> plus, fighting back against the people who steal packages from houses. up next, the smelly surprise one woman put in a box, hopes of stopping thieves from stealing boxes at her doorstep. good morning. right now we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well, but the fog is creeping in. there are some areas where you may have to drive more slowly because of it. >> and before we get to tonight, actually tomorrow's system, we do have to deal with some of that fog. some of it is thick. it's the best system we've seen in years moving into the picture. we'll have updates coming up.
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welcome back to the morning news. the duke and duchess of cambridge, back in the u.k. after a busy trip to the u.s. if their visit ended early last night at the university of st. andrews. both william and kate received their degree at st. andrews in scotland. they visited the 9/11's memorial museum. they left behind a bouquet of flowers. california senator diane feinstein calls the cia tactics detailedtailed in a new controversial report a stain on the nation's history. >> the release of this 500 page summary cannot remove that stain, but it can and does say
5:46 am
to our people and the world that america is big enough to admit when it's wrong and confident enough to learn from its mistakes. >> senator feinstein says she feels it's important to make the information public so it doesn't happen again. some republicans are criticizing the release of this report. they say it will lead to a backlash overseas. >> what it does for the u.s. government is endanger every one of our people overseas, every embassy flying an american flag. >> this new report details very harsh interrogation methods, including waterboarding, sleep derivation and physical abuse. it also says techniques did not produce useful information about terror attacks. >> closing arguments were held yesterday in san francisco's lawsuit against community
5:47 am
college accrediting commission. the superior court judge said he will rule in january on whether or not to overturn the decision to revoke city college's accreditation. both sides have 15 days to respond and suggest changes. they can also appeal the decision. >> all right. the time is 5:47. people stealing packages, it's happening more often, especially around christmastime. a woman in washington, dc is hoping what she put inside a box stolen from her house will make a thief think again for doing it again. play on words here. she took matters in her own hands after several thefts happened in her neighborhood. this hidden camera was on. a man stole this box from in front of her house, but there weren't any presents inside. instead, the box was filled with poop from her two dogs. >> instead of shoveling it into a garbage bag, i put it in a
5:48 am
box. >> she gave this video to police. they say they're looking for this thief. they're also increasing patrols in her neighborhood. >> big surprise. >> good for her, i say. >> yeah. >> you know what, she was tired of it. 5:47. >> somebody here has an idea now. >> i would just worry about that gentleman. i use the term loosely, coming back. >> true. true. >> good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute here. westbound as you come up to the toll plaza, you can see the traffic is backed up for a 20- 25 -- well, i will tell you it's 20-25 minutes. it's backed up. you can see for yourself all the way back out to the macarthur maze, the lights are on. traffic is going to be okay here. there are no major problems on the peninsula. we're looking at your drive to the airport, north and southbound 101, that's looking
5:49 am
okay. 5:48. steve is kind of like the day before tomorrow. >> isn't that a movie. >> today is wednesday. tomorrow is thursday, but i'm trying to say it's going to be a tough morning for us. >> i will get a lot of sleep tonight. >> seriously. >> i will. you and i can do an eight-hour show tomorrow. we do have fog out there. drizzle, but the system is taking shape. let's get right to the weather factors contributing to this system. for those of you, you want to write me, why is this going on. the cloud cover is an atmospheric river. the jet stream, this is where the pilots, planes fly 20,000 feet. it is roaring across the pacific. that, in turn, will give strong lift. you take this moisture, you lift it, cool it and condense it. that's why you have a roaring breeze -- the surface low is the key.
5:50 am
that's the factor for the -- forming off the coast. usually these form well to the north. we don't see anything like this. this will be close enough. that's a tight pressure gradient. the water temps are in the 60s. that will help boost rainfall rates and provide a little convective activity. the colder, unstable air moves in. everything is okay today. here's the water temps. amazingly warm for this time of year. rainfall will exceed five to eight inches in some of the elevations. at the surface, more than 2-4. the high wind warning is out. tonight through thursday night. 25-50, 70 plus. some of the coastal hills and higher elevations above 1,000 feet. the waves are beginning to build here. the high surf takes us all the way into friday and rightfully so. the sierra nevada will be dealing with a blizzard warning. snow will be measured in feet.
5:51 am
i think at least a foot at lake level. this one has a lot of cold air, rain, beginning to form off the north coast. there's going to be a wave developing. it's just the change in direction. this will slow this system down to a crawl, which is why tonight it starts about 10:00. it may not even reach the north bay until early tomorrow morning and stall out. it will be bad news if it does because the rainfall rates will be here. it may be a windy commute tomorrow morning but a mess in the afternoon. the breezes showing southeast. that will pick up later on. 32 in reno. 63 in balmy degrees. best system we've seen since '09-'08. it's on its way. there's going to be downed trees, power lines, and the morning commute tomorrow looks to be really tough. there's going to be areas that
5:52 am
pick up some heavy duty rainfall as we mentioned, santa cruz mountains and also in the north bay. morning fog, cloudy today, drizzle out there. the breeze will pick up later. tomorrow's commute, breaking it down. heavy rain in the north bay. windy, san francisco, oakland south. then by noon, heavy rain moves south. there will be downed trees, power lines, christmas decorations. i think the evening will be a mess because of all the residual effects. >> all right. steve. we've been warned. thank you. >> time 5:52. the ebola fighters, coming up in 25 minutes, why the editors of time magazine just named them the group -- well, the person of the year. >> something we use every day may soon be available on some cell phones. up next, the personal item that's going digital in one state for the very first time.
5:53 am
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welcome back. time 5:55. this is one of the stories of the day, an unexpected delivery. shortly after taking off from san francisco, a pregnant woman on board went into labor. there was no time to land. she gave birthright in her seat. luckily a nurse and doctor were on board to help out.
5:56 am
the plane was diverted to los angeles. the passengers say everything happened quietly. >> no noises, nothing. dad didn't say anything, mom didn't say anything. >> no one freaked out. no. it was all very calm. it was really amazing how calm it was. >> how about that, pam. >> i would freak out. >> we can tell you the baby boy and his mom, they were taken to the hospital. they're doing fine a. flight attendant says all of the passengers were awesome. no one was bothered by the change in plans. >> the bay area has a lot of good places to work. according to a new survey, google tops the list as the best places to work. six of the companies in the bay area are also making the top 25. they're chevron, facebook, adobe, apple, and linked in. >> all right. drivers' licenses in iowa are going digital. the state is in the process of developing a smart phone app. one that could contain all the same information normally found
5:57 am
on a regular plastic license. the digital license will be accepted during a traffic stop or at airports in iowa. now, the features of the app are still -- they're still being worked out, but developers are confident it will be safe safe and secure. the state is hoping to roll out the app but regular licenses will also still be available. >> coming up next in our 6:00 hour, protesters take to the streets of berkley for the fourth straight night. how these demonstrations have sparked political battles among city leaders. >> also the countdown is on to the bay area's biggest storm in years. get ready, we're talking about how people are getting ready for the pounding rain and almost hurricane force winds.
5:58 am
5:59 am
another night of destructive demonstrations of police brutality and the violence prompted the cancellation of the city council meeting last night. we'll tell you why the mayor is facing criticism for that decision. >> the calm before the storm. we're live in the east bay hills with what you can do to prepare and what resources are available in your neighborhood. >> plus, the u.s. olympic committee may decide next week if they will make a bid for the
6:00 am
2024 olympics, the three things that may hurt san francisco and its chances of getting e games. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. wednesday, december 10th. i'm pam cook. it's tax day. isn't december 10th tax day. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. speaking of steve. he's right here. bring us up to date. >> well, it will be tomorrow. >> so not tonight. >> tonight north but not until tomorrow. i think that will stall out and over the north bay and windy to the south. we'll have details coming up today. we start out with fog. just -- if you haven't heard, you're just getting back. you say, wow, what's going on. heavy rain is expected late tonight to the north and


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