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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 10, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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been a long time since we've had a system front like this, but it's on its way. there is a powerhouse system that will arrive. but the dreaming could be tricky. we have team coverage of how people are getting ready for the pounding rand an hurricane-force winds -- rain and hurricane-force winds. >> reporter: it was another night of demonstrations. the demonstrations canceled the city hall down meeting.
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we'll tell you why there's criticism over the decision to cancel that meeting. "mornings on 2" starts right now. bracing for what may be the biggest storm the bay area has seen in more than a decade, but a pretty sunrise there. nice jot. this is a live look at pg&e crews who are busy loading trucks with power equipment in anticipation there are gonna be a lot of downed lines and outages. tara moriarty has been out there all morning. coming up, she will tell us what pg&e wants everyone to know ahead of the storm. so much preparation that needs to be done. >> oh, yeah. >> good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> welcome back, tori. >> thank you. great to be here. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. >> we could do an hour show. >> that's right. >> steve paulson show. >> we do have a lot of cloud cover over us. light rain drizzle, up aren't
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petaluma. light rain is falling. rain is beginning to take shape over the north coast. it will slowly work its way towards us overnight into tomorrow. but the wind will crank up. the breeze is what's going to be the key. there will be a surface low. a good source of moisture all the way to the hawaiian islands and cold air. we're going to get some cold air in here. tomorrow will be the prime time, the time be will be tough but the rates look like 2 plus an hour. the system will slow down, maybe stall out over the north bay. some of the higher elevations could easily pick up 5, 10. the breeze will pick up. already not much in the way of rain. this will slide south late tonight and maybe stall out in the north bay. again, we have a ways to go. cloudy today. light rain or drizzle in the morning. 50s on the temps here. some of these upper 50s to near 60. breeze picking up.
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parts of the north bay. east-southeast in areas that are calm. there's probably thick fog. we have a had a few reports of that. we have a long way to about before the system gets here. everything is falling in place for what looks to be a significant event. some of the rainfall especially up from santa rosa north, ukiah, mendocino -- you are talking about tremendous amounts of rain, even down to monterey. it may take a while to get down to san jose. i think the evening commute will be a bigger issue. there will be a lot of issues here with rain to the north and wind for everybody else. 60s on the temps. want to throw it out to tara moriarty. pg&e, don't forget the men and women who work -- if there's downed trees and power lines. they are away from home for a lock period of time. they are gearing up right now. >> reporter: they are. we're at the fremont yard and they are getting ready for when the storm hits. joining me is monica.
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if she slip around, we can see there's transformers. it looks like something from outer space. are these what you will use for those that blow out? >> this with sun of our primary equipment families. equipment facilities. we'll be able to provide them with all of the necessary equipment like the transformers in case the equipment goes out. >> reporter: what are some of the other folks doing? i see a lot of stuff. >> there's definitely a lot of movement. you see the trucks being loaded up with equipment such as the transformers. we have cable and pipe. this equipment is heading out to local yards. some of our local service centers so that our crews on the ground can have all of the necessary equipment to safely restore power to our customers when the storm does hit. >> reporter: i know you said the last big storm was 2008. i know tomorrow we're expecting winds up to 70 miles an hour. it doesn't -- the last -- the
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winds that we had weren't close to that, right? >> that's correct. we're preparing. pg&e has a plan in place to restore service to our customers when outages do happen but we also want to remind our customers to also have a plan in place as well and also above all, remain safe during this storm. >> reporter: all right. what are tips that you can give homeowners. i know you were talking about the holiday lights. >> definitely secure all of your exterior decorations, make sure you are battery operated flashlights and extra batteries. and you can stay updated on the outages. if you see a downed power line, assume it's energized. stay away from it. call 911 or pg&e. >> reporter: thank you, mon
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cau-- monica tell. we appreciate it. we're getting ready for the storm. the trucks are running around the parking lot. they will be dispatched most likely when the first downed tree and power line happens. right now we're gonna check in with sal and you will have a busy day tomorrow. >> we certainly are. we have power lines in contra costa on marsh creek road, east of sycamore springs. power lines have come down. three people have been taken to the hospital. the road has closed. they called for a helicopter to take one of the people away and one of the cars -- someone is trapped inside the vehicle. power lines have come down on marsh creek road near sick raw more springs -- sycamore springs. traffic is being turned around in both directions. i'm reading from the chp screen. pretty serious problem. don't use marsh creek road. we'll follow this story and have more coming up. let's take a look at some of
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these pictures. westbound bay bridge, that's backed up for a 25, 30-minute delay getting into san francisco. also, looking at the commute for the san mateo bridge and that traffic is moderately heavy. if you are driving on the peninsula, it has not been that bad. the south bay is getting back to normal somewhat. we had earlier problems on 101. 101280 and 85 are -- 101, 208 and 85 are heavy. let's go back to the desk. a fourth night of protests that started in berkeley ended with more arrests and another shutdown of a major freeway. >> hands up! don't shoot! >> a large crowd calling for change after deadly police- involved incidents in new york and missouri gathered in front of city hall. after learning the city council meeting had been canceled, protesters headed down telegraph avenue into oakland and part of highway 24 and b.a.r.t. service was shut down and
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people made it through a fence and onto the freeway. 13 people were arrested. there were reports of looting and vandalism. you see a fire there in the street in downtown oakland. alex savidge is live in berkeley with more on the division the protest is causing among city leaders. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. the mayor here in berkeley was worried about protesters taking over this council meeting lack night here at city hall. you can see his concerns here, why he has concern. you can see the damage that was done here during a recent demonstration when the front windows were smashed out. and that's why at the last minute, the mayor decided to cancel the meeting. in a statement the mayor said wife's postponed the council meeting because council chambers that hold 125 people could not accommodate the large turnout expected to attend, estimating 1500 people. along with the overcrowding issue, they were worried about violence. after word of the cancellation
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trickled down to demonstrators last night, this was the large crowd that took to the streets of berkeley. several hundred people held and impromptu meeting outdoors. that's where a pair of city council members blasted the mayor for pushing back this council meeting. >> the mayor thinks he has the power to cancel the meeting and not to listen to you. but the -- but members of the city council can overrule the mayor. we will be demanding an investigation. we will demanding having the meeting that shouldn't have been canceled tonight. >> reporter: protesters were planning to attend last night's council sessions that soundoff about the recent killings of unarmed black men by police in ferguson and new york. demonstrators were hoping to raises issue of excessive force by -- raise the issue of excessive force by berkeley police. that's something that council members say will be
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investigated. while many business owners are frasted by the vandalism that's come along with the recent protests. there's some stores that are showing support for demonstrators offering them food and water last night. in the meantime, that canceled meeting will be rescheduled. the mayor said a time and place will be announced soon. >> all right. a story we'll continue to follow. thank you. the disruptions are questioning tactics. some have seen enough. >> we're tired of other people who have used violent means. >> the pastors are inviting protesters to work with them to bring about change without resorting to violence or blocking freeways. that includes revisiting the grand jury system and better
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sensitivity training for police officers. 7:10. after days of watching protesters clashing with bay area police, it's a different scene in the city of richmond. yesterday morning, a small group of people held this peaceful rally in richmond. and richmond police officers and the police chief, chris magnus, joined them. the police chief held the sign that read black lives matter. the group lined the road for four and a half hours. that's the amount of time the body of michael brown was out on a ferguson, missouri street after he was shot by officer darren wilson. >> we have a lot of respect for our community. we share a lot of similar concerns. >> that's why i'm glad to see the chief. here in richmond, he's been instrumental. >> at one point, police passed out pizza to the protesters. both sides say richmond has a strong sense of community and they want that to continue.
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a meeting is set for december 16th in redwood city for the bids for the olympics. the final cities are boston, washington, d.c., los angeles and san francisco. the host of the 2024 olympics will be selected in september of 2017. the chairman of the olympic committee says san francisco is probably the city the committee would prefer except for three things. political tensions within the city, questions about venue and the number of nearby cities that would most likely have to be involved. it seems like it's a long time, 2017 but a lot of steps need to happen before that. >> and there are a lot of pieces you have to pull together. bay area food bank, they are worried, worried they won't have enough food to feed familys that need it. why they are coming up short this holiday season even the economy is better.
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>> nominees range from taylor swift to vladimir putin. up next, we'll reveal who time magazine named the person of the year. we have a big problem in contra costa county. we also have slow traffic on some of the bridges, including the bay bridge. you can see it here kind of spilling out over the macarthur maze. we'll tell you what the drive time is coming up. >> if you don't have thick fog, another beautiful sunrise. we've had many signature sunrises. if you are listening, you right there, there you go. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf.
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(vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. wow. 7:15. san francisco work crews are literally going to great heights to protect homes from tomorrow's big storm. we got this close look at the
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critical work underway on telegraph hill. 150 feet above the ground. workers are racing against the clock to stabilize the hill before the powerful storm moves in. telegraph hill has had storm problems for a long time. >> traditionally, this was undocumented in the early 1900s, this qar quarry. and they left it in a precarious position. >> a weaker storm in january caused caused damage. new this morning, time magazine just announced the person of the year. the winner, the ebola fighters. time magazine says these doctors, nurses and others who have been treating ebola patients in west africa, they are risking their lives to save others. time magazine says they are fighting a war using bleach and a prayer. the ebola virus has killed more
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than 6,000 people in west africa. an american doctor who contracted the ebola virus came to san francisco telling his story of survival yesterday. dr. ian crowser was speaking at ucsf. he voled to go to -- volunteered to go to west africa to help fight ebola. he took strict precautions, he said and doesn't know how he got infected. he urged support for health organizations caring for the sick and wants more research against this deadly disease. >> this is a villain of a virus that not only kills lots of people but it does it in a way that robs human beings of their dignity. >> now, the doctor, he gets tired and suffers from vision problems. his case may help researchers at ucsf who are working on a
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better treatment, a cure, maybe even a vaccine. >> that would be great, a vaccine. want to check in with sal. how is it looking at the back maze. >> it doesn't look good. welcome back. the traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge. everyone wants to know about the bay bridge. you can see it's just getting worse. i'm looking around to see if there's anything major on the bridge. i think people want to get on at the same time. there was a collision on the bridge east of treasure island but they got it out of the way rather quickly. it was reported before 7:00. bridge crews were on the way. less than eight minutes later, i haven't heard anything. but obviously something was up there because this doesn't look normal. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 traffic is going to be moderately heavy. dumbarton bridge traffic according to the road sensors is a little bit busy.
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speaking of road sensors let's take a look at san jose. 101, 280 is slow. i'm surprised 280 isn't worse. you have a window to get up tonight west valley before it gets worse. back to steve. and steve, tomorrow morning, some people will have rain but not everybody. >> that's correct. everyone will have the breeze. the wind is beginning to crank up. don't want to forget areas fog. there is a lot of reports of thick, thick fog. there is' even some over the bay. take a look at the flag down below. i'm seeing 15, 25, some of the higher elevations look to the north. everything is beginning to take shape. i get to talk weather. it's been a long time since we've been able to talk about this. it's like a recipe if everything comes together. first of all, there's plenty of moisture well above average for
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this time of year. we call it an atmospheric river. but atmospheric cloud tapped to hawaii. i was asked why isn't this a pineapple express because there is an end to it. the river of air called the jet stream is roaring along. you get up around 20,000 feet, 160, 180 knots that helps to enhance the system. when you get that, you will have strong lift. by that, you enhance the rain rates. you take the moisture, you cool it, you condense it as you lift it. that will ring out a lot of rain. the surface low is the factor. usually forms off oregon or washington, d.c. this will form off the northern california coast. that's the main factor and the water temps to be so far above normal in the 60s this will boost rainfall rates that i think add into convective nature. we saw that with the december 3rd system that came in. plenty to talk about. here is your -- here is your system. here comes the cold air coming in. there will be multiple waves forming on this system.
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what's that? that's just a change in wind direction on the front. what does it do? it slows the system down. there will be really heavy rain for some. for others, it will be windy. here is your water temps. 60 degrees. how can that not boost rainfall rates when up get a system like this coming in? it will. coastal hills, santa cruz mountains, north bay 4 to 8. 2 to 4. 1 to 3, south bay. a lot of high wind warnings posted. there will be hurricane strength gust, coast, hills, 50s for some of the lower elevations and the high surf warning. seas are beginning to build. that's when the cold air arrives. the sierra, snow level goes up, up, up. i why to get up on my toes. the snow forecast 1, maybe 5 feet. snow level 6500 feet. by friday, it will get down to 4500 feet. there will be a foot at lake level. the cold air doesn't arrive.
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by friday night you will feel it. the system will move in. it will stall, it will slow down. there could be heavy rain rates to the north and everyone else is -- where is it? it will get here. the wind is picking up. not too crazy. but some of the higher elevations, light rain to the north and that's where it will stay for a while. let's take a look at some of the rain, it will be heaviest to the north and the santa cruz mountains. the gusts will pick up. here is your timing. 7:00 in the north bay. but it never moves out of the north bay. finally moving at 8:00 in the morning. san francisco oakland south not as much. here comes the line, finally makes it by about 10:00, 11:00 or noon. san jose doesn't make it until the afternoon. i buy into that. that's because i think the waves are forming on it. the cold air will arrive on friday. and we'll get some good thunderstorm activity ac. things will calm down late friday, saturday. any questions? i don't think so.
7:23 am
morning fog. back to you guys. drizzle. temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow morning commute, windy, rain. mess to the north. it will a pro skier from santa cruz, this pro skier is making headlines with a death-defined run. check this out. this video of cody townsend's run down the chute has won him almost every award that skiing gives out. you can't believe how narrow it gets. >> i'm not even looking. >> it includes the prestigious line of the year award from powder magazine. the run is almost completely vertical, dark, narrow and has rock walls inches away. for most of the run, the exit is only visible as a thin crack of light until he exits. he said it was -- it was the scariest thing he's ever done. he smashes into that wall.
7:24 am
>> yikes. 7:23. over the course of two hours, a group of armed robbers in oakland, they targeted one victim after another. coming up in 20 minutes, the one thing they stole that ended this violent crime spree. the latest food trend, you might be interested in this, now you can get a beer in san francisco that includes siracchio chili. find out if it's a hit or a bomb. (vo) nourished.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 7:26. we're talking about this, food banks. bay area food banks say donations are way down even though the economy is getting better. donations at the san francisco marin food bank, they were down in october and november. the food bank is 13% short of what it needs during those months. with christmas eve just two weeks away, there's no sign donations are picking up.
7:27 am
food bank officials say donors may be doing better financial and incorrectly think that's the case for everybody. >> most of the uptick has been in professional jobs and so for those in our community that aren't in the professional jobs, oftentimes, times like this get tougher. rent prices are going up. food prices are going up. >> and the food banks say the biggest neat is protein foods like peanut butter, canned beans and tuna. an oregon brewery is going hot and cold with its later beer. it includes sriracha hot chili sauce. the company tested the brew and said it was a hit. bottles went on sale on monday. right now, you can get it in rogue pubs. there's one in san francisco's north beach. you can also get it online. the warriors are the hottest team in basketball. coming up, how the team hopes to continue its winning streak
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today. >> reporter: what people are doing to prepare ahead of the storm. good morning. we are still looking at a commute where traffic is really bad on some of the bridges, i'm afraid, including a big backup now beginning to form at the richmond san rafael bridge. if you have travel plans, today would be a good day to go. we're waiting on a system. we'll have the details coming up.
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good morning. this morning, everyone is talking about the big storm barreling toward the bay area. work crews and everyday people are doing what they can to get ready for what is looking like the strongest storms to hit the bay area in nearly a decade. katie utehs is out talking with people about how they are not just preparing for the rain but hurricane-strength winds. those winds do a lot of damage. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. i did run out. just to look outside. hey, steve. a little chilly. >> yes. >> i was looking for the red skies but we've got fog out there. >> we have a lot of fog here. to answer -- january 2008, the
7:32 am
last time and 1995, december 11th, ironically, our system is coming in december 11th. >> also. >> wow. >> okay. >> this is being compared to the 1995 -- for those of you who remember, that was a powerhouse. very similar on the features. the surface low is closer to us which gave us a howling wind. but also january, 2008. heavy rainfall is on the way. the wind will be the key. the timing is the toughest part here. it always is. there will probably be areas that are flooding. there will be tremendous rainfall rates. downed trees power lines. and there will be numerous travel delays. if you have to go, then go now or if you can or cancel or reschedule it. it looks like a mess tomorrow. our system is showing itself in many, many ways. it's developing. there will be multiple systems. it will also delay the onset, where it rains it will be heavy. it's tapping into moisture well, well to the west and also cold air is coming in which is
7:33 am
not something we've seen from these past systems. rain is beginning to develop off the north coast. that's where the low will form. that's the key. that's why the wind is already picking up east-southeast. cloudy here. light rain. there's so many warnings and watches. blizzard warning in the sierra. flash flood watch for us and high wind warning. that's enough for now. high surf warning as well. we do have 50s on the temps to near 60. here's your your easterly breeze. and south southeasterly breeze. by the time this gets to san jose, it might be tomorrow afternoon. it will be very windy. the rain will take a while to get here. 60s on the temps. i think i'm tossing to sal. >> it's already bad taufd. i can just imagine what it will be like tomorrow when we have
7:34 am
some of this weather and the next day after that. we have a bay bridge that has been affected by an earlier accident that really wasn't a major crash. but it was up there. anything on the bay bridge, you know does this to the traffic and look 51 minutes. that's almost three times as much as it normally tangs to drive from the carquinez bridge to the maws. average speed 22 miles an hour. this is getting you ready for what it might be like tomorrow. i think tomorrow it might be more like 90 minutes to do this drive. remember, the drive is not that long. it's about 20 miles. you are talking about a good, big slowdown. a big slowdown. i shouldn't say good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up. it's kind of slowing down. whenever they have a crash on the bridge, they turn those metering lights on to extra slope and that's exactly what they did this morning. westbound 580 is very slow as you drive into the livermore area. the traffic has been superslow in the area. i also want to mention on marsh
7:35 am
creek road near sycamore springs. a power pole has come down. injury crash. that road is closed. don't try to go on marsh creek out of brentwood. they are turning you around at deer valley road. 7:34. back to the desk. as sal and steve just told you, we're always away from the bay area's biggest storm in years. it's a biggie. katie utehs joining us live from the east bay hills to talk about how people are getting ready for the heavy rains and the hurricane-force winds. >> reporter: good morning. i hope you have time to prepare. i know i've been raking leaves this week. appears that folks have been heeding that advice from steve to clear out the christmas derkeration that is could catch -- decorations that that would get blown away. let me show you the scene that we found at piedmont's public
7:36 am
works yard. two empty sandbag pallets. people are clearing storm drains as we mentioned. we have such a mild fall. plenty of trees dropped leaves late which was the case at my house. there are flooding concerns because of leaves and debris flocking the storm drain system but also the fact when we get heavy rain, the ground cannot absorb it all which is an important factor when you talk about california's drought. >> i think it's really important that we get the rain. i am from australia. i'm used to the big storms. some of the storms it runs off into the ocean and doesn't do a whole lot for breaking the drought. so it's much better if we could see normal rain rather than the huge storms. >> reporter: that's an excellent point to be made. that woman also had concerns about the impact the rain storm will have on public transportation. san francisco's muni shut down the cable cars last week
7:37 am
because so much gunk got into the cable system which is dangerous for the cable cars. they may have to do the same this time around. but have not yet said so. they do use sands to help those cars break. it really just depends on how heavy this rainfall comes down and how much debris gets into the system. now, i did touch base with b.a.r.t. this morning. they tell us that there -- they are doing preps ahead of the storm to make sure the b.a.r.t. system keeps going as it should be. they also are gonna bring in extra staffing tomorrow to monitor the system and make sure it's safe with those high winds and heavy rains. we'll have much more on that throughout the day as those changes develop. but dave, most of all, people heeding this advice and doing what they can ahead of the storm. >> good info. everybody knows. this is serious. thank you. make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu and, of course, for the latest on the approaching storm. we have more on how the bay area is getting ready and when
7:38 am
the storm hits tomorrow. you can use our interactive tools to track the storms. well, despite all of the rain that's coming our way. east bay m.u.d. customers, you are still gonna pay more. the board voted yesterday, they approved a 14% surcharge it takes effect in january. an estimated $16 million raised by the surcharge will go to buy more water from the sacramento river. east bay m.u.d. says if we have a very rainy winter, the surcharge may be phased out. the city of santa clara is giving 49er legend joe mon tan nonmore time to -- montana more time to build a hotel and entertainment complex near leash vie stadium. last night the city council agreed to give him an extension until at least march 2016.
7:39 am
montana has spent the past four years trying to seal the deal on the proposed $400 million complex right next door to the new home of the 9ers. >> if we get a restaurant and bar that's named after joe montana, i mean, that's gonna be a huge drop. it will bring more visitors, more revenue to the city. >> disappointed in the way the city leaders have handed this stuff off to the 49ers and their friends without a consideration of what would have brought the best possible use for that land. >> the hotel and entertainment complex was supposed to be completed in time for super bowl l. that's coming up in february 2016. but construction was delayed after montana lost his development partner. today, the warriors will unveil the team's latest design plans for a new sports and entertainment center. in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. this comes two months after the architects released sketches of the first draft of the new home of the warriors. many critics pointed out the top of the arena, check it out. it looks like a toilet seat.
7:40 am
we'll have the moment the warriors are on a record- breaking hot streak. here we are. they will be going for their 14th straight victory when they host the houston rockets in oakland tonight. these two teams have had testy moments in recent seasons. they split the last six but golden state prevailed in the last two. oakland police say a stolen cell phone, it helped them track down four people who may be tied to as many as nine armed robberies across the city of oakland. the robberies happened monday afternoon over a two-hour period. the police say they tracked down the suspects through one of the victim's cell phones. there was a brief chase but those suspects were quickly arrested. police say they were also in a stolen car. the fate of city college of san francisco may be decided as early as early next year. closing arguments were held yesterday in san francisco's lawsuit against the community college accrediting commission.
7:41 am
the superior court judge announced he will decide in january on whether to overturn the commission's decision to revoke city college accreditation. once the jung's ruling comes -- judge ally's -- judge's ruling comes down, both sides have a chance to suggest changes. they can also appeal the decision. president obama is trying to reassure immigrants that if they register under his new executive action. they will not be at risk for deportation in the future. >> i think any future administration that tried to punish people for doing the right thing, i think would not have the support of the american people. >> some people at a town hall meeting in nashville, tennessee asked what happens if they sign up and then the next president ends this. under president obama's plan an estimated 4 million immigrants in the u.s. illegally could be
7:42 am
protected from deportation. republicans and democrats have come too terms on a $1.1 trillion spending bill that would prevent a government shutdown. it came just two days before the deadline. the deal funds the government through next september except for the department of homeland security which overseas immigration. that is only funded until february. that's because republicans want to try to reverse the president's executive actions on immigration when they control both houses and that , of course, will be coming up next year. 7:42. well, a woman -- a bay area woman took matters into her own hands after packages were stolen right off her doorstep. what she put inside a decoy box that she hopes will stop this from hoping again. and we're live in the south bay where several kids from san jose will be here at target to shop with a cop.
7:43 am
we'll tell you more coming up. we're still looking at slow traffic in many areas. the fog is playing a role. this is san francisco, you can barely see the freeways. the traffic is also heavy. the fog is a big deal. in fact, so cal, morgan hill, parts of the east bay. san francisco. until the breeze picks up, we have to deal with that but there will be a significant system coming up. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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happening now, christmas comes early for several dozen children in the south bay. they are on a holiday shopping spree thanks to the generosity of local law enforcement. some of the kids lost a parent
7:46 am
to domestic violence and two children were found living in a homeless camp. ktvu's brian flores is live at the target store in san jose to tell us about shop with a cop. kind of interesting concept, brian. >> reporter: hi, tori. welcome back. good morning to you. we're live here at the target store off coleman avenue in san jose. organizers are setting up for what is a pretty big event for a lot of these kids and their families. some of them have gone through a tough time this year, whether it be economically or they experience crime at their home or elsewhere. what makes this program so special, it's an opportunity for the kids and their families to take a break go shopping for their needs or even gifts for the holidays. this is the 7th annual event. the event is where kids can shop with a cop. about 75 kids are here from santee elementary school who earned their way for the readers campaign.
7:47 am
there are kids who experienced a loss of a parent due to domestic violence in the home or violence in the home. you mentioned there are kids living in the jungle. they are here. >> this is an exciting day for us. this is our 17th annual shopping spree. we'll give these children an experience they will not forget. for many of them, it's the only holiday experience they will have this season. >> reporter: each of the kids are given a $125 gift card to go shopping with and they will go shopping with law enforcement from san jose police, santa clara county sheriff's office, the california highway patrol along with police from campbell, los gatos and even a few from berkeley this morning. want to take it back out here live, where a sign outside the target store will be well -- will be welcoming their kids. they will be fed breakfast later on and roughly at 9:00, they will go inside the store where they will get a chance to go shopping. we're live in san jose, back to
7:48 am
you in the studio. >> it's so nice to have the stories. thank you. a woman in washington, d.c. took matters into her own hands after several packages were stolen from the doorsteps of houses in her neighborhood. in fact, a hidden camera was rolling as this man walks up, stole a box from in front of her house last week. there were no christmas presents in the box. instead she filled the box with dog poop. >> instead of shoveling it into a garbage box, i shoveled it in the box. you give mean a blank, i will give it back to you. she gave this video to the police. the police are out there searching for the thief. they are also increasing patrols in that woman's neighborhood. >> that's kind of -- it may make you think twice. 7:48. let's check in with sal. even though tomorrow is gonna be pretty bad, the commute, because of the weather, there's still problems this morning. >> if i could transition, tori
7:49 am
from, that story to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is -- >> it's a poof. >> it's -- it's -- anything that you can -- let's just take a look at it here. let's take a look. you can be your own judge of this commute. it's bad from the -- in fact, i think i'm -- let me go to the east shore. that's ken our director. 66 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. ken and dave and nelson, they help me out all of the time by getting these pictures up for us here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's slow. what happened was, there was an accident on the bridge. now, they cleared the accident. you can tell because the metering lights have been switched back on to a normal level. but it's going to take a while for this traffic to clear out. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, it could be a decent commute for you there. westbound 580 is also very slow. 680 out of dublin is slow. look at 880. it's backed up from 238 down to fremont. it's not even raining yet and
7:50 am
we this kind of commute. tomorrow, we are going to be in for something that you may not even want to deal with. you might want to think about that. let's go to steve. >> the guys in the control room usually help mean out. ken lawrence is always in my ear. what are you doing? what are you doing? [laughter] >> all right. >> they are the best. >> we do have a lot of lot cloud cover. thick fog out there. parts of the east bay. i know down to morgan hill, so cal, a beautiful sunrise for some. if you don't have that fog. there's been some light rain towards petaluma and points north. the breeze is picking up a little bit. it's all coming together. all right. i hope you are not in too much of a hurry. if you are, today will be cloudy. it will be mild. we get wind tonight and tomorrow. i want to talk weather because i be don't get an opportunity to do it. this is a significant system since 2008. even has similarities that go back to december 11th what.
7:51 am
what? december 11th, 1995. the moisture is in place. this is not a pineapple express. the jet stream, the river of air continues to roll along 160, 180 knots. you will see strong lift. you take the moisture well above average. you take it. you lift it over the coastal hills. you will wring out tremendous amounts of rain, especially marin county, the russian river and into the santa cruz mountains. the key, though, is the surface low. they usually form up around washington, oregon. this one is forming off eureka. that will tighten what we call the pressure gradient. that wind will crank up. also boosting rainfall rates, i think it's they are unseasonably warm ocean temps -- temps. here comes the colder air. that arrives on friday.
7:52 am
here is your water temps, bodega bay, 60. 60 san francisco buoy, monterey 61. rainfall 4 to 8. some of the heavier amounts will be in the usual suspects. high winds out. high surf warning. seas are already beginning to build. we're getting this powerhouse system coming in. tomorrow there will be rain in the north bay. it will be windy everywhere else. heavy rain moves in by noon. i think the afternoon and evening commute will be a mess. that's going to be a bigger issue than the morning. here is your system as it comes in. as it does, the cold air finally alive riv -- arrives. they will measure this in feet. the snow level will get down to below 4500 feet. today a lot of cloud cover. some light rain. the wind sw a bigger issue. there are a few 40s with the fog. morgan hill and gilroy, very thick fog. the breeze will crank up. our system will arrive. it will be a slow mover.
7:53 am
it will start in the north bay and stay there. stay there. and eventually it will start to move south. by 9:00 a.m., it's moving into marin county. by noon, it's finally making it to 2:00, 3:00, to the south bay. this may take a while to get here. we'll have a lot of shower activity popping up on friday. we'll get a break on saturday. another system, though, on monday. light rain drizzle to the north. a lot of fog, cloudy. 60s on the temps. that's a moot point. until that wind picks up, this will be an issue for today. but after that, look for rain and wind. that will take us into thursday, cold unset. ed on friday -- unsettled on friday. 7:53. prince william gave his phone number to a dancer. what? we'll tell you the reeent beep hind the move -- reason besigned the move coming up -- behind the move coming up. coming up, a bay area family that rolls out the
7:54 am
welcome mat when it comes to spreading christmas cheer. i'm the first to admit, i'm not the best student. i got into my back-up college, but on the acceptance letter it did say, please be aware, you barely squeaked in." which is why our new thermostat is the last thing i need. it's called the nest "learning" thermostat. it learns the temperature you like and programs itself to save you money.
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now my parents keep saying, "why can't you be more like the thermostat." not a confidence booster. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
7:56 am
♪ look at that. it's now reunited with its owner. this is gauge. got out of the shed last week. he wasn't hurt, though. walking through the neighborhood. humane society took care of him until his owner arrived. >> this is so -- this so so hard. he's my son. i consider him my son. he sleeps with me. he lays down. he follows me everywhere he goes. he's my baby. i love him. he loves me. >> i know. she loves gauge. they are really close. she said she's shocked he got out but plans to keep him inside more often. >> it looks like he needs the blanket, too.
7:57 am
we're searching the whole bay area to see you who is all decked out for the hoyle, kind of like that sheep and we asked you the viewers to send them in. >> today's entry is in novato. this is on our took page. this is spectacular. >> amazing. this house is unique bach the decorations don't stop at the front yard. family open their door to anyone who wants to tour the entire house. come on in. here's some home video of the inside. you can see the place is covered from floor to ceiling with christmas decorations, they just go all out. every room is decorated except the master bedroom. >> they've been doing this for 23 years. they start to decorate in august to get ready for the crowds. >> last year, they had about 49,000 people who toured the hole. >> here is a photo of ed and
7:58 am
mary jo. >> and the dog. >> and the dog too. >> ed said their december pg&e bill, 2300. >> wow. big, big bucks. if you or your neighbor is all decked out like this family is, post your photo or video to our facebook -- or our facebook page. >> you will get a chance to vote on your favorites. we'll reveal the winners. for the fourth night in a row, protesters take to the streets in berkeley. how the demonstrators are causing fiction among city leaders. >> reporter: we're live in fremont where crews are getting a jump start on tomorrow's big
7:59 am
storm. we'll tell you what pg&e's biggest concern is and we'll take you some place where pg&e has never shown us before. >> i might want to opt for the san mateo bridge. it's not too bad. it looks good. it could save you time. we'll tell you what's up with the bay bridge. this is foggy walnut creek. there's our tree, our ktvu tree. we'll have a fog forecast and a big rain/wind forecast for tomorrow.
8:00 am
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8:01 am
welcome back. these are live pictures. you know, we've been calling it -- they are calling it the storm of the decade. look at all of the prepareickses -- preparations. we're bracing for record rain and wild winds that can knock down trees, cause a lot of flooding and tie up the morning and evening commutes. tara moriarty is out here now. we're live in fremont. we'll tell you how crews here are getting ready already. stay tuned for her report. welcome back. wednesday, december 10th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >> a quick look, very important we're keep focused on weather and traffic. and it will be cold. but it's relative. i just came back from the new york/boston air.
8:02 am
it felt like 18 degrees there with snow flurries. >> that won't be until friday. today it's all about rain and wind. right now it's all about fog. the breeze is picking up. there's light rain to the north. overall we're waiting for pour system. there it is. it looks good. it will be good. it's just going to take a while to get here. until it does, there will be some really heavy rain on the north. there's plenty going on here. i want to get to the thursday commute. let's just get right to it. there will be heavy rain in the north bay. windy, really windy to the south. by noon, heavy rain moving over the area. power outages don't forget your pets. christmas decorations, i think the evening commute will be a mess. there will be some rain but the damage will have been done by then. we're waiting for the system to show up. there will be rain out ahead of it and the breeze will pick up. a cloudy day. not too much on the wind. it's all turning east and southeast in advance of the system.
8:03 am
and that's going to be the key. the rainfall amounts will be exceptional for some especially as we head towards tomorrow night. ukiah, 7 inches. santa rosa, 4. you know the russian river will have six to eight and the same can be said for marin county to the santa cruz mountains. fog, cloudy, light rain to the north. 60s on your temperatures. sal, ready for tomorrow? >> i am ready. i'm getting a crash course. we are looking at 880 northbound and southbound. it will be slow northbound 880 at the coliseum. when up get to the bay bridge, it's backed up big time. we had an earlier crash. the best approach is 880. 880 is not that bad. it's not much better than 80 and 580 this morning. the quick look at the east shore. you can see traffic is getting a little better. it's 69 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 580 and 680 in the dublin valley area and dublin
8:04 am
interchange will be slow. on the peninsula, south san francisco and san bruno, northbound 101 slowing getting into the city. there's slow traffic on southbound 101 through san mateo. it's 8:03. back to the desk. we're on stormwatch this morning as steve and sal have been mentioning. today is the lull before one of the biggest storms to hit the bay area in years. government agency, utilities and businesses are bracing for the worst. tara moriarty is live to tell us what preparations pg&e is taking. >> reporter: these look like huge robots but they are transformers. they are the ones that are gonna be used to replace any that should blow out tomorrow's storm. we're here at the main yard. this is something that pg&e has never done before. [audio difficulties] >> reporter: this is where all of the supplies that will go out so crews are prepared when the storm hits in the early-
8:05 am
morning hours. the winds could topple trees and bring down power lines. so pg&e is urging you to secure any outdoor decorations that you have so they don't get blown away. the last storm that kept crews busy around the dlok was six years -- around the clock was six years ago. >> this storm we're expecting 60 miles an hour which is more than 2008. for that reason, we're here. we're prepared. we have a plan in place so we can quickly restore power to all of the customers. >> reporter: caltrans is also prepping for the storm. they are clearing storm drains. crews used a vacuum truck to pump out a drain near interstate 880. obviously crews want all of the drainage chanpsles cleared -- channels cleared. hunker down and make sure you are prepared for tomorrow. back to you, tori.
8:06 am
>> clearing those drains is a good idea. well, anger over a canceled city council meeting fueled a fourth night of protests that started in berkeley and ended in oakland. >> the crowd gathered outside of berkeley city hall after learning the meeting was canceled at the last minute. the crowd maped their way down telegraph avenue into -- made their way down telegraph avenue into oakland. at one point they went down highway 24 and stopped traffic and suspended b.a.r.t. service. it took the chp ten minutes to clear the freeway. 13 people were arrested. there were reports -- there's looting and vandalism also in downtown oakland. >> these ongoing demonstrations has led to some disagreements among city leaders in berkeley. alex savidge is joining us live to tell us more about the backlash over the decision by
8:07 am
berkeley's mayor to cancel the meeting. >> reporter: good morning. the mayor of berkeley facing quite a bit of criticism over his decision to postpone last night's council meeting. the mayor was worried about protesters getting out of hand here at city hall. as we push in, you can see the front doors of the place are still boarded up after being smashed. the windows being smashed during a recent demonstration. along with concerns about the potential for violence, mayor bates said there was an overcrowding issue. the chambers can only hold about 125 people and many more were expected last night. after word of the cancellation trickled down to demonstrators, this was the large crowd that took to the streets of downtown berkeley. several hundred people held a impromptu meeting outdoors last night. and that's where they blasted the mater. protesters were planning to attend the council session to sound off about recent killings of unarmed black men by police in ferguson, missouri and new
8:08 am
york. they were also hoping to raise the issue of excessive force by berkeley police during protests here over the last several nights. >> was very surprised and concerned about the -- what i think was excessive force, police. i think it was an overresponse on saturday. >> in a statement he put out last night, mayor bases weighed in on the issue of potential excessive force. he said, i believe we have one of the best police departments in the nation. but i recognize that under great stress, abuses can occur even in the best departments. now, some city council members are promising an investigation into those accusations of police abuse and the mayor says he also supports such an inquiry in the city. >> alex savidge reporting live from berkeley. thank you very much. 8:08. well, the principal of berkeley high school sent a letter home to parents saying she was told students are planning a walkout to protest the shooting deaths
8:09 am
of michael brown and eric garner. she said the walkout is supposed to happen between fifth and sixth periods. parent are the being asked to talk to their kids to encourage them not to take part in this. any students that will walk out will be given an ununexcused absence -- unexcused absence and won't be able to make up any lost work. a very different scene with the protesters in richmond. yesterday morning a small group of people held a peaceful rally in richmond and richmond police officers including the police chief joined them. the chief held a sign that said black lives matter. >> we have a lot of respect for our community. we share a lot-similar concerns -- a lot of similar concerns. >> i'm glad to see the cheech.
8:10 am
he's been very instrumental in taking away the divider. >> at one point, police officers passed out pizza to the protesters. both sides say richmond has a strong sense of community, they want that to continue. another bay area law enforcement agency will start using body cameras. sonoma county approved a $1 million people to get those cameras to 241 sheriff's deputies. having deputies wear the body cameras that was one of the recommendations of a task force after a deputy shot and killed andy lopez. the 13-year-old was carrying an air soft rifle. it looked like a real gun. exactly how the cameras are gonna be used that still has to be worked out with the department. and also with the deputy's association and citizen groups. ready, set, shop. we're less than an hour away from a shopping spree with santa on -- it looks like some big military vehicle there. this is court -- this is courtesy of bay area police.
8:11 am
in 25 minutes we're live in at target in san jose with a lucky group of kids revving up their carts. is this an imlukes or is it -- illusion or is it real? after the break, video of two hikers walking on water. >> wow. good morning. it's not good trying to get to the bay bridge. but the richmond bridge, if you are in this area could be a good alternative. doesn't look all that bad into marin. we may be walking through water tomorrow. really strong system moves in here. not only rain but very windy conditions. there's plenty of fog to talk about. updates coming up. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
8:12 am
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8:14 am
welcome back. 8:13. the u.s. olympic committee may decide if they are gonna make a bid to the 2014 summer olympics. december 16th meeting is set for redwood city. now, the four finalists will make hour-long present takes. they -- presentations. they include boston, washington, d.c., los angeles and san francisco. the host of the 2024 olympics will be selected in september of 2017. now, the chairman of the olympic committee says san francisco is probably the city the committee would prefer except for three things. political tensions within the city, some questions about the venues and the number of nearby cities that would most likely have to be involved. 8:14. a pro skier from santa cruz is making headlines for a death defying run. this video, you gotta check it
8:15 am
out of cody townsend's run down a chute, it's won him almost every award in skiing. it's almost vertical. it includes bun of the -- one of the awards includes the prestigious line of the year award in prouder mag -- powder magazine. it's dark, it's narrow. it has rock walls just inches away. for most of the run, the exit is only visible as a thin crack of light until he gets out. townsend said it was the scariest thing he has ever done. but he survived. here's another cool shot. it's a gift from mother nature you have to see to believe. take a look at this video. it seems like -- they kind of look like they are walking on air. they seem to be elevated above the rocks but they are walking on a frozen leg. two hikers stumble the in the mountains of slovakia. they were supposed to go a
8:16 am
different route but changed their course because of snowy conditions. a crystal clear frozen lake is due to a combination of factors, the lake's location, water source and low oxygen content all played a part -- whesh you look down it looks like -- when up look down, it looks like you are walking on air. >> the only thing they are miss something music from eddie money. >> i think i hear eddie money. >> there you go. "walking on water." >> thank you very much. it's not good getting into san francisco. we are gina go to -- gonna go to the east shore. it's taking 76 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to
8:17 am
the macarthur maze. 50-mile-an-hour average speed. this is because of a crash that wasn't that major on the bridge. it was a noninjury accident that they cleared. but it had a chain reaction and the bridge itself, the traffic there is going to be very slow. let's go to 880 northbound. that's also very slow until you get to downtown oakland. but after that, it does clear up for the way to the bay bridge. you are gonna see some big delays there. 580 livermore valley has cleared up. so that's good news. and on the peninsula, we're seeing 101 in san bruno in case you are trying to get to the airport. it's a little bit slow. san bruno, south city, and millbrae on the bayshore. 8:17. let's go to steve in the weather -- >> give me some water. >> miracle walking on water. >> eddie money. he still tours. can we keep sal there? >> i'm sure. >> a couple of people made
8:18 am
comments. i will talk to you later. that's all right. we have cloudy skies and thick fog. the system is on its way for late tonight tomorrow. i will have all. details coming up. increasing -- great sky over san jose. san jose, you might have to wait a while to get this rain. you will get the breeze, you will get the wind but the rain may not make it until early afternoon. what's all come together are plenty of factors. i will try to make this as quick as i can. it's above average. way above average. it's called an atmospheric river. it happens into moisture back behind the hawaiian islands. the river of air is very strong. 120,000 feet. 160 to 180 knots. that will provide very strong lift that will enhance the rainfall overert coastal hills -- over the coastal hills. the surface low is the key, that usually forms farther north. the water temps are in the 60s
8:19 am
which could give a big boost. look at this. this is just -- there's going to be what we call waves developing on the front. that's a change in wind direction on the front. it slows it down. but also slows it down and intensifies it. bodega bay, 61 degrees. get to the thursday commute, there will be heavy rain in the north bay. i think it will be windy for most. peninsula, east bay south bay. it's a fine line. it looks like very heavy rain in the morning. probably downed trees. power lines. don't forget your pet, christmas decorations and i think the afternoon and evening commute will be a mess as this system works its way. there are so many warnings and watchings. flash flood for us. high wind warning. the system right there is just beginning to show itself. it's a slow mover as it all develops and wraps up a little bit. in fact, we're going to see a low develop over us on friday and then the cold air arrives. that will keep rain in the forecast.
8:20 am
there is something behind the front. that's cold air. i think more rain. >> , not only that there will be another one on monday. east-southeast breeze is beginning to pick up. there will be rain to the north bay. that's where it's going to stay. some of the rainfall totals looking towards late thursday into friday. amazing amounts over 7 for ukiah. 4 for santa rosa and all the way down to monterey. that tells us there's going to be a lot of rain. the system hangs up. 8:00 tonight. it's in the north bay and then it lifts a little bit. that's because a wave is forming. here comes the line at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 9:00 a.m., it's coming into marin county. then by noon, it starts to move into san francisco. then by noon points south, peninsula, south bay, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. by 6:00 we're still in that. we'll get a break early friday. here comes the cold air. the lift provided by a low forming over us. that and a boost from the water
8:21 am
temps might help convective activity. the breeze is picking up. 60s on yurn tell -- your temps. get ready. best system since january of 2008 or december 11th of 1995. 19 years to the date which is just amazing. that was a real powerhouse as well. the next three days look crazy. >> you were saying 2008 they closed the golden gate bridge. >> yes. january 4th, i believe they closed the bridge. we had high gusts. angel island. >> batten down the hatches for this one. well, it's time once again to turn up for american idol. in 20 minutes we're talking live to this guy about the upcoming season and what we can expect to see and hear. would you look at this video? do you see anything wrong here? well, the royal etiquette experts do. after the break, what lebron james did that was a big no-no. (vo) nourished.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
welcome back. time is 8:24. happening today, the city of detroit emerges from bankruptcy. the city's emergency manager submitted his letter of resignation. he says his work in detroit is done after 18 months. the governor of michigan accepted the letter. detroit leaders will make an
8:25 am
official announcement as the city pays off the creditors. the duke and duchess of cambridge are heading home. the british media now calling a personal foul on the nba's biggest star after his meeting with them. after the cavaliers/nets game in new york city. lebron james put his hand bees on the shoulder of the future queen of england. kind of a normal pose, i guess. but british protocol clearly states a commoner, even king james, is never supposed to touch a member of the royal family. that's why you kurtcy or bow. this young man here, 22- year-old steve prescott, is an entertainer who grew up in poverty in brooklyn. he performed for the royal couple during a benefit concert in new york city this week. the royal couple was so moved by his show that prince william asked for his phone number offering to help his career. can you imagine that on your
8:26 am
resume? >> wow. an incredible storm system headed our way, threatening everything from power lines, your commute, holiday decorations, flights, incredible. after the break, what you should be doing now to help prepare for this storm. >> we are also live in the south bay where several families and their kids will get a chance to shop with a cop. we'll tell you what the program is all about and what it means for several of the families here today. we're still looking at slow traffic in many of the commutes and remember, it's even gonna be worse tomorrow. but right now in the south bay, it's pretty bad getting up to highway 17. well, quiet now. we have a lot of reports of fog. cloudy skies, maybe light rain to the north. but everything is going to change late tonight and tomorrow on what looks to be a powerhouse system on thursday.
8:27 am
8:28 am
♪ [instrumental music] ♪
8:29 am
good morning. welcome back. these are live pictures as the camera pans around. everybody is talking about the big bay area storm that's headed our way right now. they are casually crossing the street. everything looks calm now but we know what's coming. work crews and everyday people doing what they can to get ready. what looks like one of the biggest strongest storms to hit the bay area in a decade. now, ktvu's katie utehs is out there talking to people about how they are not getting ready for rain. they are also preparing for hurricane strength wind. it's coming. wednesday morning, december 10th. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather and traffic. steve fog on top of that and -- >> this morning. that's a big issue, the fog.
8:30 am
clouds are increasing out ahead of the system. i knew that was coming. i knew that was coming. i may be in trouble here. i'll make it. i'll make it. i have the strength of ten meteorologists. one of them is choked up. heavy rain is on the way. windy conditions as well. flooding, towned trees -- downed trees, power lines. it will be a mess. the commute looks to be awful. heavy rain to the north. wind why the to the south -- windy to the south. i think the evening commute is a mess it. flash flood watch is out. high wind warning is out. high surf. blizzard warning for the sierra. that covers it for now. there will be many more. our system will slow down and stall. rain will start to the north and may take a long time before it gets here tomorrow. it might take until late morning. the breeze is picking up out of the east-southeast. there is a lot here that's gonna give us hefty rain
8:31 am
totals. morning, fog, cloudy. the breeze is picking up. not too heavy yet. but there will be heavy rain to the north. 60s on your temperatures. i was all choked up on the information. calistoga fire department is watching us. people are giving me funny tweets because i like saying pineapple express. i'm talking weatherweiss -- weatherwise. not the movie. >> i get you. we're already busy today. we'll be even busier. >> sal it, it will just be us two tomorrow. right. i want to show you the traffic is going to be busy. the bay bridge toll plaza is slow, backed up for 45 minutes getting into san francisco. and some people have been taking longer. if you are driving this morning on the san mateo bridge, that commute is a little bit slow once you get on it. but i think it's better at this point than the bay bridge. we do have slow traffic that's
8:32 am
cleared up, though -- that's cleared up a little bit in dublin. but has arrived in castro valley. san jose, every freeway getting up to sunnyvale is slow. 85, 280 and 101 and by the way, tomorrow, we're expecting commute times to be even more than they are today. 8:32. let's go back to the desk. as sal and steve have just been telling you, we are a just hours away from the bay area's biggest storm in years. it's gonna be a big boy. ktvu's katie utehs joining us live from the east bay to tell us how people are getting ready for the heavy rain and those really powerful winds. good morning, katie. >> good morning. well, people have been listening to steve. he certainly cannot leave us ahead of the storm. i hope he clears up that choking issue. people are gonna hunker down tomorrow. they've been sandbagging and here's one of the most important things you can do to help not only your self prevent flooding but also your
8:33 am
neighbors. clean your storm drains. if everyone pitched in, it takes stress off the storm drain system. we saw one man raking leaves along piedmont avenue. it's definitely needed. the city of oakland has 10,000 storm drains but only 17 people to cover the entire system. we're talking miles of gutters and pipes. so you can imagine if there is a major problem. those crews will be tied up in and your neighborhood storm drain will not be a top prepare attorney. you can is plan to spend a few days inside. if possible avoid messy roadways tomorrow which is what people are telling us they plan to do. >> i've gotten a lot of groceries and errands done way beforehand soap i don't have to drive -- so i don't have to drive out in the weather. >> i'm certainly concerned about it. i have to decide whether i will go into the city to work. i'm not sure what will be happening. >> reporter: he well, you can
8:34 am
likely expect the rain to slow traffic tomorrow. sal will be busy. b.a.r.t.'s spokesperson says they are not expecting delays. today maintenance crews will be checking the checks and drainage area to make sure everything is working properly. extra staff will be on hand tomorrow to monitor trouble spots. we've also for your convenience posted a list of sandbag locations on so get ahead of it. prevention is the best medicine certainly when it comes to this rain storm. clear the storm drains, have plenty of groceries. we even saw one lady walking down the sidewalk with her pancho already on. >> good advice. thanks for the update, katie. well, sandbag stations around the bay area, they have been busy. they've been packed with people getting ready for the storm. onetation in name said when they opened yesterday morning, people filled 12 tons of sand
8:35 am
and -- into 3500 bags and they did it within three hours. many people who don't live in flood zones. they still need sandbags when we get heavy rain. they are worried about urban and -- urban flooding. a high surf hige for san francisco, for the peninsula, and the northern monterey bay runs from 10:00 tonight to 10:00 friday morning. the waves and surf could reach 20 feet. people who want to stand on the rocks fishing or just look out at the waves, it's dangerous, you could be swept out to sea. make sure you stay right here at channel 2 and get all of the information on this storm coming our way. we have more on the way the bay area is getting ready. when the storm hits tomorrow, you can use our interactive tooks to track the -- dooms
8:36 am
dooms to track -- tools to track the rain. the board of directors voted to approve a 14% surcharge that will take effect in january. an estimated $16 million raised boot i surcharge will be used to buy more water from the sacramento river. east bay m.u.d. says if we get a very rainy winter, the surcharge may be phased out. the board voted to ask their customers to increase water conservation from 10% to 15%. 8:36. happening now -- some children in the south bay are getting a chance to go on a shopping spree. their guides, men and women in law enforcement. brian flores is live at a target store in san jose to explain why shop with a cop means so much to this group of kids. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it certainly does. i have talked to a couple of families here this morning. they have tears in their eyes.
8:37 am
this is probably the only time they will celebrate the holidays this year. we're live in front of the target store in san jose where you see several of the law enforcement officers here. they are taking part in this event. they are about to get ready to pose for a picture. they do this every year. but a lot of these families, they've had a tough time either economically, they experienced crime at home or elsewhere. what makes this program great, this is an opportunity for the kids and family to take a break and shop. this is the 7th annual event. the kids get to go shopping with a cop again at the target store off coleman avenue. about 75 kids are here from santee elementary school who earned their way through the leaders campaign. but also kids who experienced the loss of a parent due to violence or domestic violence. even two kids living in the jungle are here too.
8:38 am
>> it's been -- we feel for them. this is the time when they something and then it's so sad when you cannot provide with that. it's hard. >> a lot of kids are actually not getting what you might think. they are not getting toys and stuff like that. they are getting essentials that a lot of us take for granted. i remember last year, the young lady that i went shopping with, she was picking up diapers. things -- basically family needs that a lot of us take for granted. >> reporter: each of the kids are given a $125 gift card to go shopping with and they will go shopping with a member of law enforcement from san jose police, santa clara county sheriff's office, california highway patrol, along with police from campbell, los gatos, even a few from berkeley are here. we take it back out here live,
8:39 am
many are posing for this picture as we speak. we understand the kids from those schools that were picked, they are on their way as well. when they do, they will be welcomed with open arms here. they will applaud for them. they will be served breakfast. around 9:00 this morning that's the time when they will get to shop. we're live in san jose. back to you in the studio. >> it's great to see the smiles there. thank you. 8:39. well, san jose is now the second bay area city to tax air bnb rentals. the city council approved a 10% tax on all home sharing rentals booked through air bnb. that's the same tax that hotel guests pay. this requires hosts to notify the city of short-term rentals. air bnb already agreed to the tax. san francisco approved a similar measure back in october. ed lee will break ground on a long-awaited affordable housing project. it's a big one in the bayview
8:40 am
hunters point neighborhood. it will feature 60 permanently affordable family homes. it's part of the mayor's 7- point housing -- seven-point housing plan. 20 minutes before 9:00. a bone-chilling movie preview that kind of hits close to home. 12 minutes, a sneak peek at the movie shot partially here. it predicts what will happen when the big one hits. good morning. we have some traffic that's gotten a little better. come ought of pleasanton, it's good but it slows down to fremont. all eyes are on a system that is on the north coast. we'll have updates on wind and rainfall. ♪
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he has pizzazz. >> i loved it. >> i need something more. >> it's not coming with the sense of the need to express. >> it's crazy.
8:44 am
i loved it. >> i loved it. >> i loved it. ♪ >> well, the contestants on this season of "american idol" are spirited. they definitely have the keith urban hair flip down. we get to talk to keith urban joining us live from los angeles. good morning. >> as one of the more unique intrope ducks, thank you very much -- introductions. thank you very much. >> you are supposed to be watching them. but they are watching you. did you know you were doing so many hair flips and shoulder wiggles? >> no, no, no. jan has me way outnumbered with that. san fan delivered. we came up to san francisco to do auditions and we sent a lot of people through to holiday. i was gonna ask you about that. you were here in san francisco, i don't know if you can probable -- you probably can't
8:45 am
name names but are there a couple of people you will be keeping an eye on? >> yes. actually, it was a really strong city. we were there for two days. it was a great mix of people, too. it wasn't -- you couldn't define the style which is what i would have expected from san francisco. >> that's good. i would think with your country background that you like to see a little bit of style. it seems that you j-lo, harry connick junior, you are all pretty nice. is anybody taking on the bad boy simon cowell per persona? >> no, i didn't think so. we have doing it in our own way. i grew up in australia and harry grew up in new orleans and the kind of advice given to harry in a jazz world is different to the advice i got
8:46 am
in the country world. i think we deliver that kind of way of giving hopefully constructive device to everyone. >> i've seen fun clips of the you as kind of a youngster actually sort of trying out for some of these very similar short of shows. do you like the coaching of it? >> i do. i feel familiar with it because i did at least four of these kinds of shows. the -- unfortunately, several of them -- several of them i can't find. i can't find them on youtube. it might be a good thing. >> some are there. >> i was 9 when i did my first one. between the ages of 9 and 12. i did three different shows as a contestant. i can -- i have a lot of empathy for that these guys and girls go through. >> what is it like without randy being part of the show? >> i just e-mailed him yesterday. i stay in touch with randy.
8:47 am
for me he will always be part of it. that's the spirit of -- the spirit of randy is strong and alive but at the same time, we have a get synergy,les three of us. and ryan is the center of the whole thing. >> all right. awesome. i know we have to let you g give us a hair flip and we'll see new january. >> i don't know what they are talking about. it's ridiculous. >> thank you. nice to see you. [laughter] >> most of the show, i had really short air. i didn't have any -- short hair. i didn't have any hair to flip. we'll see you in january. >> nice to see you. >> great to get to talk to him. >> "american i toll" we have to wait for season 14. it begins january 7th. 8:00 on fox. special three hours. it will be fun. looking forward to it. he was fabulous. >> that was classic.
8:48 am
such a good sport. >> i'll do the hair flip. >> sal can do it, too. you still have plenty of hair. >> keeping an eye on traffic. he's always keeping an eye on his hairstyle. sal is not there. he's out prepping his hair. >> now we can show that sal was not -- i've been talking to you all this time. >> i do my hair, man. i actually walked to the newsdesk but it sounds better if i was doing my hair. i do have something to show you. >> do you? >> yes, i do. unfortunately, it's not good stuff. remember how we showed you the sunol grade. suddenly, i said it was good and it was good. and then suddenly we have very slow traffic on the sunol grade. it kind of popped up. maybe it's trolling me. but it's very slow. there is a traffic hazard nearby. northbound 680 north of washington. that's causing a hazard. it's causing a hazard northbound. but i think southbound people
8:49 am
are taking a look at this. something is wrong here. also looking at the eastshore freeway, it is pretty slow as you drive, although it's improved from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. it's taken an hour and about a 20-mile-an-hour drive time here. if you are driving to the westbound 580 commute. that's improved a little bit. southbound 680 through san ramons to look better than it was. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. >> good morning. a lot of fog out there. many fog reports. some light rain drizzle to the north. we're waiting on our system. it's on its way. but it's taking its time. it will start to southern southerly and really ramp up. some of the higher elevations are showing 15, 25. our system is approaching. it will develop slowly and slow it down as well. but there is a lot of moisture. there's cold air behind that. the rainfall will start late tonight and then slowly work its way over. it might be a morning commute
8:50 am
where it's raining in the north bay and windy everywhere else. 2 plus inches an hour. may take a while to get to you folks in the santa cruz mountains. 4, 8 north. hy wind warnings in effect. gusts to 70. hurricane strength coast. higher elevations. 50 at the surface. high surf warning is out. seas are already building. that goes until friday. the cold air also is going to arrive not until it looks like friday as well. we haven't had any cold air from the system. the thursday morning commute, the way to break it down. morning rain looks heavy to the north. but windie, peninsula, east bay, south bay. we'll fine tune it. by noon, heavy rain, possibility of downed trees. christmas derkrations, i think the afternoon and evening commute will be a mess. the system will go through and the wind will decrease.
8:51 am
blizzard warning out. snow forecast, the key show is the snow level coming down friday to 4500 feet. there is our system. rain will start to the north t will take its time moving. there is a system developing within the system. it will slow down. cloudy today. here is your time line. it moves to the north bay and sits there. doesn't move. finally begins to move tomorrow morning it moves into marin county. by noon it begins to move over the bay. we'll get a break friday morning but then thunderstorms will pop up friday afternoon and things will calm down on saturday. fog, a lot of it. cloudy, drizzle, the breeze picks up. i think you will probably notice that later on. highs will be in the 60s but tomorrow we focus all of our attention on what looks to be a strong system. rain, wind moving in. there will be a lot of issues and a little break into friday and saturday. >> another storm coming next
8:52 am
week? >> it looks like rain or colder monday. not as windy or strong, though. >> okay. >> thank you. 8:51. the trailer has been released for a new earthquake disaster movie part of which was shot in san francisco. >> everybody down! san andreas stars dwayne the rock johnson as a search and rescue pilot after a 9 magnitude earthquake hits california. he rushes to save his daughter. over the summer, they shot scenes in the area. the movie is set to be released in may. >> i want to see if pam's daughter makes it in there. >> that's right. that would be exciting. a traffic stop. it won't ruin your day. coming up after the break, you will see the holiday heartwarming surprise, compliments of the police. >> you are welcome.
8:53 am
i want to wish a merry christmas to my mom and dad in san jose. merry christmas! female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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normally eauts bad sign when you are looking in the rear-view mirror, you hear the sirens behind you and you see the lights and they are pulling you over. >> your heart is pounding a little bit. but this holiday season in lowell, michigan, drivers
8:56 am
received quite a surprise when officer stopped them to ask what their family wanted for christmas. >> i have a son. >> what does he want? >> he's only 5. he has all of these things that are unrealistic that i won't be able to get. >> so the police department posted this video on youtube. they flagged down drivers heading into a walmart and got them to talk about their children's wish list. meanwhile, the police officers were in the walmart picking up the items and dashing out with the items for free. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my god! no way! you are kidding me! >> it's so awesome seeing the reaction. this is aimed at showing law enforcement in a positive light. they teamed with the tv network designed to be uplifting. >> that's great. >> it really is.
8:57 am
especially in light of so much in the news lately and conflict between the community -- >> you can't leave until we're done. >> right. >> and i like the snow also in michigan. adds to the holiday spirit. >> let's check in with sal. our commute has been kind of rough. >> i think tomorrow will be worse. someone just asked me if marsh creek road is open. it's not. they are still trying to take care of the power lines. don't use that road because there is a big detour and delays. out to the live pictures. i want to show you that 80 westbound, still pretty slow as you drive to the macarthur maze and the bay bridge. when you get to the bay bridge, there is a backup there of about 30, 40 minutes and if you are driving into the livermore valley, that's become a little bit better. getting to the airport is rough on 101. allow extra time. >> cloudy, foggy today. temperatures in the 50s. they will end up in the 60s. the breeze will pick up. tonight our system will work
8:58 am
its way here. i think it's going toob windy more than -- to be windy more than rainy. may not make it until san jose until tomorrow afternoon. the nature of it moving so slow is a bad sign for what could be really heavy rain baits. >> and for flooding and the high wind warning. >> this is a slow-moving system. i think the morning commute, rain north. wind yip here. evening -- windy here. evening commute. >> it will be a mess. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> bye-bye. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event,
8:59 am
subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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look at those teeth. >> a dude reels in a piranha. >> this fish is dead. totally dead. >> why that doesn't mean it can't still attack. >> a tribute to paul walker. >> one car cut those vehicles off. >> the chain reaction that came fast and furious. >> a daredevil takes a tower climb to new heights. >> he's missing the fear part of his brain. >> the spot


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