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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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possible? san jose, oakland, san francisco. that is a lot in just a day. and we are talking about up to eight inches in some of the coastal hills. it will be a very wet thursday. it is raining already. i have showers showing up as you can see here in the napa area. in the santa rosa ukiah area. in san rafael, reports of showers. i have reports of showers in san francisco as well. here is the model. 6:00 a.m. this is when it starts going off. 6:00 a.m., track it south. and here it is at 9:00 a.m. it takes about three hours to clear the north bay. they are going to get the most rain based on how it sits up there. hammering san francisco at 9:00 a.m. look how much further it travels now. it progresses out of the area.
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the headline is the frontal bound that lingers in the north bay tomorrow. that will cause problems for the creeks and even rivers in the north bay. we will be tracking that for you. we will get a little more specific. i went in three hour chunks. we will look at the five day forecast. a big storm, but one and done is how it looks. in a rare move, more than 20 bay area school districts have canceled school tomorrow. oakland, san francisco, and more than a dozen school districts in marin county. david stevenson is live in the city with what is behind this decision. >> reporter: the last time san francisco closed its schools on this scale was 9/11 making this somewhat of an unprecedented situation for the school
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district. the principal of bessie carmichael got word out to parents and tried toics plain about the closure. there are about 50,000 students and 8,000 employees in the school district. the decision to close was made at about 1:00 today and officials relied on facebook, twitter, e-mails and fliers to warn parents about what is ahead. parents took it in stride, but the children were a little nervous. >> for the safety of the kids. we are fine with it. you know. the teacher will e-mail us. >> we are not willing to risk child safety. >> ha are you going to do tomorrow with no school? >> i'm going to go take a nap and
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driveways. school buses will be running. parents should expect deplays. the schools will serve alternative meals. pg&e is getting ready in the event there are widespread power outages. tom vacar is live where space responders are working now to
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coordinate efforts. tom? >> reporter: what is happening now is people are filing into this place for the city to make sure that everything goes well. pg&e's system will start up about midnight here though the north bay center is already open. the most important thing that is going to affect the most number of people are going to be power lines knocked down by branches falling down onto pg&e's power lines, but remember this, you could also be an unwilling participant in killing power. pg&e says it is ready to respond to any contingency the extra crews and equipment that have been prestaged. most often, falling branches will short out and down power lines which is why so much attention is paid to trimming trees. but lurking in your neighborhood, perhaps even in your own backyard, missiles just waiting for winds to drive them into your home or unwilling targets nearby. >> we are going to see such chevy winds here blowing things out of the yard. >> reporter: when it comes to lawn furniture, make sure the
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umbrella is out and stowed away because it will fly. and make sure your furniture is heavy enough to not fly as well. power lines could short circuit. don't forget, to securely anchor those holiday displays before they fly away. >> check your
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as well. a muni official said there will be plenty of transit workers out tomorrow keeping watch. >> we are going to have extra personnel out on the street to make sure there isn't any flooding. if there is, we will reroute the area. throughout the city, we will have park control officers, tran inspectors, eyes on the street. >> ferries will be running though there is a coastal warning so riders should expect a bumpy ride. whatever you do, allow extra time to get where you are going or, if possible, work from home. people in the town of san anselmo are keeping an eye on their creek which has a history
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of flooding. we talked with shop owners today along san anselmo avenue preparing for the storm. they have sandbags in place and are relying on storm doors to keep their stores dry. >> these are the barricades for the front and back doors we have channels for that hopefully will keep the water out. >> we found another store that installed clothing wracks ten feet off the ground. the owner says she is moving merchandise as a precaution. the santa cruz mountains will likely be heart by the storm. ann rubin joins us now with the warning officials have for the people living in the area. ann? >> reporter: santa cruz county officials say they are expecting downed trees. mud slides, flooding. so they put out word to residents to stay home if you
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can. the work has already begun. they have been clearing debris and flagging trees ready to topple all in advance of the storm. >> basically, i'm concerned about if we get the winds. the trees come down. >> reporter: crews are hard at work trying to fix a storm drain in an area known to flood right in front of sandra o'brien's house. >> they have been able to get an emergency crew out here. i thought they waited until the last minute. >> reporter: still, she is hoping it makes a difference this time since she has been flooded out on three different occasions. old pictures show the muddy mess the san lorenzo river can cause when it rises out of the banks. >> it comes in and goes out and leaves all this sludge and mud. >> even if you sandbag, the water is in and it just comes up through the floor. >> reporter: neighbor david is taking recautions moving everything he can to higher ground. >> we are moving that hot tub because it is too low.
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it will get wrecked. we took it apart. we are moving it up high. >> reporter: others are preparing too. business is tripled at felton paint and hardware with customers looking to stock up. >> tarps, batteries, flashlights. anything to do with the storm coming up. >> reporter: stock is running low, but thankfully for customer jim, they have propane. he said it was sold out around town. >> i was wrestling with my big generator. it is all fixed up. so i'm set. this was the last item on my list. >> reporter: the national weather service has issued both a high wind warning and a flash flood watch here. the santa cruz county does plan to open the emergency operations center first thing tomorrow morning. >> a lot of people stocking up tonight. thank you ann. and we will continue to follow the progress of this storm over night as it heads our way and starts to hit the bay area. the ktvu channel 2 news morning news will be on 30 minutes early tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. to keep you posted as you
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prepare to head out to work. you can get the latest on weather advisories on you can track the live radar of the storm by clicking on the weather tab on our home page. protesters are gearing up for another demonstration tonight in the east bay. right now, they are gathering at uc berkeley, a crew is there monitoring their actions and will show us what protesters are planning for tonight. >> a bay area school where the students helped hire the teachers. just one part of a new educational paradigm. ♪
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>> protesters are gathering right now in berkeley, but tonight, at least for the moment, they are inside a building on the cal campus reviewing the police killing of michael brown in ferguson, missouri which touched off a nationwide wave of protests. ktvu channel 2 news' paul chambers is in berkeley with
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that and also an active protest today that went online. paul? >> reporter: let's talk about what happened with the ferguson issue first. the city of berkeley is preparing for possible issues tonight. another city to have problems was oakland. we could take a look at video here. this tweet by the activist group known as anonymous claims the group hacked into the website and shut it down. op site. the it department worked hard to restore it. in berkeley, the mayor talked about the use of force during officers protest over the past week. his fellow council members are calling for investigation and
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he agrees that those who cross the line should be punished. >> somebody may step over the line. if they do, we will discipline that kind of behavior. but these people are provoking. 20 officers have been injured. >> reporter: he said from now on, he wants the police department to only use tear gas in prior situations. he is not criticizing what happened saturday because he was not there. as for last night's canceled council meeting, the mayor hopes to have it next tuesday. now one more time, the protesters will be back out here allot 7:00. we will monitor this situation and have more throughout the newscast as it happens here and on our website and twitter and facebook and at 10:00 tonight. >> paul, have they said anything about where they are going at 7:00? >> reporter: frank, they are supposed to meet out here at
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the intersection of telegraph and bancroft. that is where they are starting the protest. this is where they started it last night. we were actually with them before they took it to oakland and emeryville. >> thanks paul chambers in berkeley tonight. speaking of the protests last night, peaceful protests turned violent again last night. it was emeryville. surveillance from inside a 7/11 store shows a rowdy crowd breaking through with a trash can. looters streamed inside and stole cigarettes and other items and they tried to break into the cash register. >> i don't know if they think this police is corporate but it is not. me and my dad spent all night
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picking up glass. >> a nearby supermarket was looted and windows were smashed at a bank of america. the vandals shattered the windows of nearby cars. emeryville police estimate the crowd at 300 people. new at 6:00, it was honors day at a unique bay area private school. that school is called basis independence, silicon valley. parents say it charges a lot, but it also delivers a lot. basis students are having remarkable results and john fowler reports from san jose with what organizers say is a lesson for competing globally. >> reporter: in this renovated ibm building, this may seem like any typical american high school until you talk to students. >> i think it is very challenging. i took this school because i wanted a bit more intellectual stimulation. >> or a drop in the classroom. >> reporter: eight of ten science teachers have phds . this is the newest of a dozen
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students across the country founded by a stanford grad and his wife focused on science, texnology, engineering and math. independent rankings put them in the top ten nationally and students achieve three years ahead on average in reading an science. four years ahead in math. >> if you provide an environment conducive to students success. student learning alongside a rigorous curriculum and excellent teachers, any child can achieve excellence. >> we need the get through a
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lot of math curriculums. we can teach science at an earlier age. >> reporter: we found a test being given in differential calculus you might see in college. students have a vote in hiring teachers. an awarding program honoring student achievers in the school's first semester. the 90% club, they average above 90 on the test. his software executive dad says it is worth the tuition. >> my son was ahead of the curve a little bit. we wanted something more challenging in math and science. >> reporter: they have sports as well. but it is the academics that sends a message to public schools. >> far too many institutions in the united states underestimate the potential of young people. >> reporter: basis says it is taking applications for another 200 students to fill grades five through 12. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, and more now on the big storm headed our way. we are seeing some rain showing up in parts of the bay area. let's check in with bill martin who is tracking when the big part will hit. >> that is the story here.
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there will be rain, a little rain now. there is rain after big part. but when the big part hits, you will know it. there is a big storm out there that will whack the bay area. you know all about it. let's walk you through it. this is the computer model. here we are at 6:00. showers showing up. midnight. you still have rain and the system has not ( yawn )
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we saw a whole different colin kaepernick today. >> not only did he blow way
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past the 87 words of last week's press conference, he did so graciously, genuinely, no headphones, no hoody. it was almost erie. the most important of which, the questions were about sunday's opponent, the seahawks. he did not play well against seattle thanksgiving throwing for just 121 yards and throwing a pair of interception. he know it is rematch in seattle will be no picnic. >> the defense is great. they do a lot of things well. and it is always good competition out there. we try to take everything we can and see if we can atech them a different way to try to get the win. >> slowly but surely, the sharks are swimming downstream. winners of five of the last six. home for the next four. seems the only thing that could disrupt the mojo would be injuries. two of them last night between
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edmonton. mike brown will miss an extended period of time after falling awkwardly into the boards in obvious pain. and mark edward-vlasic also left the game after this injury. meanwhile, the team keeps chugging along. >> we are competing hard. we have been getting timely goals. we have been playing very well. we have been playing as a team and it has been working well for us. >> we have a complete team effort. it is not consistent enough yet, but it is good enough to win games. coming home from a very tough road start really put our team behind i believe. there was fatigue factorment we performed like it. >> yep, more than 18 hours into the day, the as have not traded anyone. but they did say good-bye to another important pitcher. usa today reporting the astros signed luke gregerson to a three-year $18.5 million
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contract. gregerson posted a sterling 2.12 e.r.a. 72 and a third innings out of the pen in oakland. he could set up or close in houston. you may want to check your roster carefully. >> thanks. >> plus only six hours lev today. >> plenty of time. >> thanks scott. >> thank you. heavy downpours as bill has been telling us. dangerous winds. tonight at 10:00, where the rain is falling female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster,
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