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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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we're seeing rain start to fall in parts of the bay area ahead of tomorrow's big storm as people all over the region get ready. >> the wind is also picking up, it this is a live picture of the american flag on top of the fairmont hotel. we're expecting gusts of 60 miles per hour or more. >> bay area schools are closing. staying students to stay home and safe. >> we want them to be safe and that there's a storm coming but everything will be okay. >> we are on storm watch tonight as the bay area braces
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for the irony of the deluge during a drought. we have team coverage, ktvu's amber lee on tonight's effort to get people off the streets. ken pritchett has the dozens of school closures around the region. we begin with chief meteorologist, bill martin and his computer model. >> reporter: the storm is teed up already. we've got over an inch of rain in parts of the bay already. this is all ahead. the storm is not here, it's just a lot of moisture streaming into the north bay. we've got rain in san francisco. right now, showers out been st. helena. we've got over a half inch of rain reported in roaner park, heavy at times. as we back it out, look at the computer mod. here is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. note how much rain is falling on the north bay. it's been raining on the north bay at this point for about five hours. so north bay is going to have
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drainage problems. this is 6:00 a.m. heavy showers starting to move into san mateo. push it ford. the strong line of showers moves into san francisco about 7:30, or 7:00. the model has sped this up a bit. orangely it had san francisco more like 8:30, 9:00. now it's got san francisco 7:00, 7:30. fremont, san mateo at 9:00 a.m. 10:00, with more heavy showers. the rainfall accumulations and rainfall rates are going to be extreme. we're going to see rainfall rates of over an inch an hour easy. there's no question, your ebs on your iphone you're going to be hearing it tomorrow morning especially if you're in the north bay. one good thing, it's a one and done. after this we get a bit of a break. when i come back, we're going
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to lay that out for you, and look at the forecast as we go through the rest of the day, and into friday. thousands of students are getting an unexpected day off tomorrow. schools all over the bay area decided to cancel classes because of the storm. that includes schools in oakland, and fremont. south san francisco, berkely, west contra costa, and alameda. ktvu's ken pritchett is in alameda tonight with why the district decided on taking this precaution. >> reporter: here's the sign you rarely see in california. school closed. for many school districts around the bay area, it's unheard of to cancel classes due to foul weather. high school sophomore jade herbert says the announcement came on the pa system. no school tomorrow. >> everybody like ran out of
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class. it was like a big outburst. >> people were happy. >> yeah. >> reporter: as the sky darkened, and the winds picked up, several students said that happiness is mixed with concern. >> i'm kind of concerned about the storm. the storm is the biggest part. >> when the school announced it today. i kind of felt worried. >> reporter: she says the oakland school district made the right decision for safety sake. >> it is very unusual. i have been a parent and principal, and a graduate. i have never known for schools to close because of the weather. >> reporter: at san francisco's betsy carmichael school, on the playground to warn parents of tomorrow's districtwide closure. >> this is something that is knew to them. we just told them that we want them to be safe. that there is a storm coming, and everything will be okay.
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>> reporter: the last time san francisco schools closed in an emergency was on 9/11. parents we talked to around the bay area agreed with the decision. >> it's bad that he's missing his school, because he loves school so much, but i would rather have him safe at home than anywhere else. >> i will be available, but it is a concern for working parents, and they didn't have enough notice perhaps. >> reporter: with school closed, the hope is that students will stay out of the weather, safe at home. >> that's the plan. stay home, and be safe. >> and study. >> and study, right guys? >> yeah. >> reporter: the school building maybe one of the safest places to ride out a storm, but for many of the bay area districts, the safety was for parents and students on their way to sool in the morning and on their way home from school, with the possibility of downed power lines and flooded streets. >> yeah, better safe than sorry. ken pritchett in alameda
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tonight. at, you'll find a complete list of bay area schools that have announced closures tomorrow. you'll also see them at the bottom of your screen during our storm coverage. some bay area companies are advising employees to skip the commute and work from home tomorrow. that includes sales people. anyone who does have to report to work should be prepared for a wet commute. ktvu's rob roth with how caltrans and public transit cleared out for the storm. >> reporter: trying to prevent standing water tomorrow. the message from the highway patrol is slowdown, and there's one other reminder. >> it's the law now. on top of that, it's for your own safety. >> reporter: while some bay area residents are trying to ride out the storm. >> i'm just going to hope the power doesn't go out. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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muni says all buses and trains will be up and running. >> we're going to have extra personnel out on the street to make sure there isn't any flooding, and if we do have flooding ring we'll reroute around that area. throughout the city, we'll have park control officers, transit inspectors out there, eyes on the street. >> reporter: san francisco may be without its main tourist attraction tomorrow if the storm comes as advertised, the cable cars will have the day off. >> that's why we're here today. tomorrow was shot. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. tells me all of its trains will be running, and the storm is not expected to stop the ferries. passengers can still ride between marin, and san francisco if they have the symptom okay for it. >> actually a little more concerned about getting to the ferry in the first place. >> reporter: the main advice is to allow extra time and to work from home if you can. in san francisco rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. another major tourist attraction will be closed to
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the public tomorrow. alcatraz island. alcatraz cruises says all cruises to the island are canceled for tomorrow. crews from the department of public works plan to close the great highway between lincoln and sloat in the northbound and southbound directions. officials tell us they're worried about the winds. another potential problem? blowing sand. so far its still open. pge is also preparing for broken limbs. a spokesperson says it's a good idea to secure patio furniture, christmas decorations, and any other yard items that could blow away, and potentially short circuit overhead lines. pg and e also delivered extra
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equipment. that way the equipment will be right there if they need to use it for repairs. at midnight, pg and e's emergency operations center in san francisco is set to open, and help coordinate the response from local crews. san francisco saw a run on sandbags today, as people scrambled to prepare for the storm. tonight, many there are focused on getting people off the streets. and the city's emergency operations center is activated ahead of the storm. amber lee is there with all of the information for us tonight. >> reporter: it was activated at 6:00 tonight. small staffing right now, but full staffing at 6:00 tomorrow morning for the storm. the eoc is the nerve center for coordination and collaboration of all emergency response. it is working with city departments, along with red cross and pg and e to respond to storm related problems. >> we're here, i mean, to support the other department of
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operation centers. we're here to support first responders on the streets. it's basically, we'll make sure the resources get where they're needed, if we can anticipate there will be power outages, that's why there was a lot of pre-planning efforts going on with the department of public works. >> reporter: at the department of public works on caesar chavez, there was a long line of people waits for sand bags. >> i have a leak in my basement. i need to get sand bags to keep the water from getting into the basement. >> reporter: at times, they had to restock, giving out some 12,000. it is advising people to call 311 to find out if there are sandbags available before heading over here. >> we started out this morning, we had 1500 bags. they were gone in two hours. this has been going on all day long. >> reporter: in the tenderloin, st. anthony's dining room opened its doors at 6:00 tonight to offer temporary shelter. it is part of the effort to
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bring inside as many homeless people as possible. this woman tells me, she would have been sleeping in an aalley. >> what does it mean to have a bed and a shelter tonight? >> it's a blessing. >> reporter: st. anthony's is also offering a hot meal in addition to a place to sleep. >> i'm already pregnant. i'm going to be cold and outside. >> this is a big deal. >> uh-huh. and i'm very, very grateful. >> reporter: the temporary shelter closes at 6:00 tomorrow morning. but the homeless will be able to use the pews next door. so they'll have shelter during the day. back here at the eoc, i'm told the center will remain open at least until tomorrow night. if it remains open beyond that depends on what happens with the storm. >> amber lee live in san francisco, amber, thank you. people in other communities around the bay area have also
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been filling sand bags to protect their property. our camera captured this crowd at a sand bag station in napa today. the city opened a second distribution point this afternoon to try to meet the strong demand. just look for it in the web links section. stay with us for continuing coverage throughout this newscast. and the ktvu morning news begins at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. so you'll know what to expect before you head out the door. i'm continuing to track that strong system moving through the bay area. why the commute on some bay area bridges will be especially difficult, and which one may not see the same problem. >> granted the power to pick their own teachers. the bay area school with a revolutionary way to prepare students for 21st century jobs. >> the message protesters delivered after they got on stage.
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join our customer appreciation celebration today. subway. eat fresh. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪ protesters storm a lecture hall on the cal campus, and interrupt a book signing during yet another night of protests. right now, it's marching along streets in oakland, after a 5th consecutive night of protests. but this time, the group is decidedly smaller, fewer than 400 people. noel walker is in oakland right
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now, walking along with them. >> reporter: yep, we're right behind them now, we're on telegraph, just about past 27th. they're following a very familiar pattern here. this started at the cal campus, they appear walking toward downtown oakland. they were prevented from getting on the freeway at 51st. also prevented from getting into the chp headquarters a ways back there on telegraph, but moving at a pretty good clip toward downtown oakland. >> we want to make sure that we all stay safe, and that we all are okay. >> reporter: the protests started after 7:00. what began with 30 people picked up more into about 130 people, burst into wheeler hall. the crowd moved on to the
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chancellor's residence. >> whose university? >> our university! >> reporter: they faced off with a few police officers, then back to wheeler hall. a few body surfed their way past their way on the other side of the doors, trying to keep them out. and then, the crowd burst through. effectively ending a book signing event, much to the bewilderment of those who came out for it. and the frustration of uc students who say they set up the event. >> the irony of this is that i believe in the movement. i believe that all black lives matter. but the fact is that the movement has just invaded a space where knowledge is spread for berkely students. >> reporter: the crowd then moved onto berkely street, encouraging people watching to join the march. >> to be able to honor people,
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especially when he die in the manner that they do. >> michael brown, and eric garner shouldn't have died. >> reporter: so many here feel they have to march. so we are still going down telegraph right now. we're trying to, we've got people in front of us right now who want to not have us on live tv, but we've had two blocks that we've covered since the beginning of the live shot, and i think it's time for us to pass it back to you right now. >> all right, noel walker live in oakland, stay safe, noel. this surveillance video from a 7-eleven store shows about 0 dozen -- a dozen people breaking down a trash can. police say the vandals also trashed a nearby supermarket, broke windows at a bank of
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america branch and shattered the windows at parked cars. a mass protester punched a man wearing a white shirt who wanted to put out a dumpster fire. we've learned that punch knocked out two of his teeth. others yelled at the man, telling him to stop acting like police. the victim says he was try simply trying to keep the demonstration peaceful. in all, authorities made less than 20 arrests last night. despite the vandalism in emeryville, no arrests there. hackers also appear to be joining the protest. the group called anonymous is claiming responsibility for shutting down the oakland police website today. other sites connected to oakland were also taken down, but they have not been confirmed. new at 10:00, a controversial plan to expand a
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landfill in the south bay. some say the smell from the nubian landfill is already bad enough. ktvu's azimuth smith is live in san jose with how leaders are responding to concerns. >> reporter: there's ongoing litigation between the city of san jose, and millepedes over this landfill. right now, the planning commission is deciding whether or not to move forward with the landfill permit. dozens of neighbors of the landfill held signs that read, we want fresh air, and stop the stink. some wearing garbage bags. >> millepedes stinks. everyone knows us. >> a reason to deny this terrible project. >> reporter: all of this demanding the san jose planning
10:20 pm
commission deny a permit that would increase landfill heights. for this 8-year-old, he says it's affecting his quality of life. >> please stop the odor, i can smell it from my home, my school, and my school playground. i do not like it. >> reporter: they claim the stench from the landfill has only gotten worse over the years. >> garbage that's produced in santa clara valley has to go somewhere, and newbie island is an economic place to truck that garbage to. >> reporter: last week, the san jose city council authorized a study to get to the root of the odor problem. saying the landfill shouldn't be ruled out. >> landfills have to be nearby where people live, or their garbage rates get really high. >> reporter: it uses state of the art odor mitigation systems
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to limit the smell. still, millepedes neighbors remain unconvinced. currently dealing with a lawsuit over the city of san jose. over an environmental report. >> azimuth smith reporting in san jose. tracking significant rain already showing up. i've got over an inch of rain to the west side of town. >> raining pretty hard in the st. helena area. clear lake, you just had a band moving through. this is the stuff ahead of the storm. the moisture teed up here. showers showers in san francisco. starting to see .02 of an inch in ocean beach. raining in santa rosa the last few hours, it's going to continue to rain through 1:00 a.m. i'm going to take you through
10:22 pm
early morning. right through here. 7:00a.m. so six hours later, it's still raining in the north bay. that's where the problem is going to be. it hits san francisco now at about 7:00 a.m. the model just updated. it sped this up about an hour. san francisco is going to get whacked at 7:30, maybe closer to 8:00. small stream flood advisories. then it moves through san mateo and fremont, at 9:00 a.m., that's ahead of the schedule from what i showed you at 6:00. the model keeps progressing this forward, which is actually good. speeding it up is good because you want to get it out of here. san jose hit hard at 10:00 a.m. the big story is going to be the north bay. big story with the wind with this and the heavy rain. a big day tomorrow, nothing behind it. very little, but not a big one behind it. we've just got to get through tomorrow. when i come back, i'll update
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the model, and look further out, see what else we can find, and look at the five-day forecast which has more drops in it. see you back here. there is a report tonight of thousands of potential job cuts at a major bay area employer. later he was missing at sea for 12 days. the rescue of a voter who many figured was dead. >> up first, the new sound of a bay area workplace, or is it a noose. the conclusion of a city investigation and why some say it's flawed.
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mand i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i've been with pg&e for 17 years and i work in vallejo. i grew up in vallejo and this is where i want to be. i ride my truck around on the same hills i rode my bike around when i was a kid. as a troubleman, if your power goes out, you call and here i am. i feel like my job is important because all the people in this community are people that i know. my family is vallejo too so i need to make sure it's safe for them. when i pull up to a house, i want customers to know i'm there to help. we need to get the power back on, that's our job. you get a good feeling from fixing stuff.
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(vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. new developments tonight in a racially charged case we've been following. an investigation into a noose hanging from a truck at a workyard is now complete. and the reports are raising concerns. heather holmes concluded the incident was not racially motivated. >> julie, this is the 26 page
10:26 pm
report right here. a controversial conclusion that took place last summer. the investigation turned that the noose was actually a slip knot. at the same time, this reports there are racial tensions in the department that cannot be ignored. >> reporter: the noose is a symbol with a long and horrific history. there was outrage in oakland when two black workers found a noose like knot hanging from their city issued trug back in august. >> we want people to know, we're people too. we're humans. we're not going to stand for this. >> reporter: the city hired an inspect investigator to look into the incident, to determine if it was an isolated occurrence. now the results of that investigation are in. the report found the employee who tied the rope in that manner did so for quote, a legitimate purpose, and was securing something to his
10:27 pm
truck. the report determined the evidence does not support the conclusion that this incident occurred because of racial animus, or harassment. >> it's just a way for them to sweep things under the rug, and not make it what it really is. >> al marshall is president of the local chapter. he says the report is flawed and by dismissing the noose as a slip knot, the city is discriminating concerns. >> what it symbolizes is what it symbolizes. it just carried on the emotions for the tensions for several years. >> reporter: gardener added that racially motivated incidents will not be tolerated, and that quote, we want to ensure that we all remain mindful, and sensitive to maintaining a workplace free
10:28 pm
of discrimination. the union is conducting its own investigation. as well as into a noose that had been found inside a desk several months prior. the union believes there is more at play within that department. san jose based ebay may be laying off thousands of people early next year. the wall street journal says the cuts are expected to total about 3,000 jobs, which works out to about 10% of ebay's workforce. most of the layoffs would be from ebay's core marketplace division. some from paypal. the cuts are not set in stone and plans could potentially change. a rough day on wall street. falling oil prices continue to drag down the entire market. the largest single day decline in two months. the nasdaq dropped 82. oil prices hit a five year low
10:29 pm
today. west texas crude fell nearly 4% to $61 change. back in june, crude was selling for more than $100 a barrel. there is a glut of oil on the world market right now, and opec is custing its estimate of how much oil it will need to provide next year because of the increase in supply from north america. a school like few others. a bay area school where students achieve far beyond their years. >> a powerful storm system moving into the area. bill will be back with where the heaviest rain is falling right now.
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back on storm watch now, and a view of the sierra.
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both 80 and highway 50 are cleared tonight. this storm is expected to bring about two feet of snow tomorrow. and as bill's been saying, the rain has already started in the bay area. where is it getting hit the hardist right now? >> it's all about the north bay. it's been raining in the north bay now for a few hours at least. it continues to rain. it's raining hard just north of santa rosa right now. take a look at clear lake. you've got showers. i want to do this with the model again. i think this is the poignant thing. here we are at 1:00 a.m. raining still in the north bay. at 4:00 a.m. raining still around santa rosa. that's that russian river drainage basin. it's still raining there and it's 7:00 a.m. now the storm starts to progress. it starts to move about 7:00 a.m. the north bay has already had five, six hours of pretty significant rain, especially with that red line now in santa rosa. look at this in san francisco.
10:33 pm
7:00a.m. in san francisco. that is going to hit hard, heavy wind, heavy rain. the red areas, the rainfall is going to be massive. it's going to create some serious urban flooding. as the storm moves into san jose at about 10:00, it is a little bit ahead of schedule. that's good news. it's progressing. if this thing stalls out, we're going to have bigger problems. the ebs's are going to be going off tomorrow morning in the north bay. when i come back, we'll talk more about this storm. the storm has knocked out power to more than 30,000 people. a majority of them in vermont. some places have seen more than a foot of snow. the nor'easter is also blamed for two traffic deaths. farther to the south, some places, such as seabright, new jersey are dealing with flooding. new england could see the effects for a couple more days.
10:34 pm
12 days after making a mayday call, a boater was rescued 50 miles west of hawaii. the coast guard searched for him, but suspended the search four days later, his friends thought he was dead and were planning a memorial service on saturday. a navy destroyer picked him up, and towed his boat back to the hawaiian island of molokai. >> knocked out my antenna. but i had a rope and pulled myself back in. >> ingram says the seas were probably 15 to 20 feet at the time of his accident. he was weak, hungry, and dehydrated when he was rescued. but you saw him a moment ago.
10:35 pm
he's otherwise pretty much okay. nfl commissioner roger goodell has removed the process of handing down punishments. this comes after the commissioner initially gave running back ray rice a two game suspension for punching his fiance. a school in the south bay is showing some remarkable results. it was founded by a former professor at stand point. telling us what makes this school so different and so successful. >> reporter: in this renovated ibm building, it may seem like any typical high school. >> i picked the school because i wanted more intellectual relations.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: 8 of 10 science teachers have phd's. this is the newest of a dozen schools across the country founded by a stanford grad professor and his wife. focusing on science technology, engineering and math. independent rankings put basis schools in the top 10 nationally, and students achieve three years ahead on average of us average schools in reading and science. four years ahead in math. >> if you provide an environment that is conducive to success. any child can achieve excellence. >> we need to start teaching science at an earlier age. >> reporter: we found math teacher and nuclear engineer, matthew lynn harry giving a test in calculus you would more likely see in college.
10:37 pm
an awards program in the students first semester. averaging above 90 on his tests, his software executive dad says the $22,000 a year tuition is worth it. >> my son was sort of ahead of the curve, literally. so he wanted something more challenging in the math and the science arena. >> reporter: the school does have sports. intramural now. excessive soccer tennis, and basketball next year. but it's the academic message. >> far too many institutions in the united states underestimate the potential of young people. >> reporter: now taking applications for another 200 students to fill grades 5 through 12. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. time magazine's annual person of the year. and this year, it's not just one person. plus -- >> fueled by warm water. why above average ocean temperatures are helping strengthen this storm. and the outlook after the storm moves on. >> later, the warriors release
10:38 pm
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the sonoma county district attorney has dropped charges against a man who was recently
10:41 pm
tased. the trial was scheduled to start tomorrow for resisting arrest, assault, and dui. his lawyer claims he was kicked, punched, and his arm was wrenched out of its socket. ross's lawyer says he plans to pursue charges against the sheriff's department. this is secretly recorded video of ringling brother's circus trainers using the bull hooks on they're elephants. animal right supporters call those instruments of torture. the oakland zoo stopped using them decades ago, this new ban goes into effect in late 2017. after that ringling bros. says it will not be returning to oakland. they also deny that those bull hooks hurt elephants. the metropolitan
10:42 pm
transportation commission voted to approve a permanent light show on the bridge. under the agreement, a non- profit light group would control the l.e.d. display, while caltrans would assume operations. they would have to raise $4 million by the end of the year to install new durable lights. the winner of time magazine's person of the year isn't an individual. it's a group of people. time magazine honored the ebola fighters because they quote risked, and persisted, sacrificed, and saved. five ebola fighters are featured on different covers representing all of those to save lives in west africa. that includes dr. kent brantly. ebola has affected almost 18,000 people. 6,000 of them have died. really is remarkable that someone is willing to risk their live to go over there and help. the warriors came home
10:43 pm
tonight with hopes of extending their impressive street. but to win tonight, they would need to do so without their big man. scott reese has the outcome coming up in sports. >> in five minutes, our chief meteorologist is back. >> mudslides, downed trees, and wash outs in the santa cruz mountains. with kaiser permanente, you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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the golden state warriors debuted updated design plans. some thought the original design looked like a toilet bowl. that is no longer the case. here are the new drawings of the privately funded arena. it would be located right off the water in the city's mission bay neighborhood just a few blocks from at&t park. >> i think we'll no longer hear
10:46 pm
references to porcelain household pictures, as it relates to this project going forward. >> the proposed arena would seat more than 18,000 people, and could also be used for concerts. it expects the project to be completed by the fall of 2018. google has been named the best place to work in 2015. it's the first time that mountain view company has been claimed the top spot, which is based on anonymous surveys. consulting firm, banen company came in second place, followed by nestle pet care which is a subsidiary of nestle. facebook came in at 13. twitter, which was number 2 last year didn't crack the top 50 this time around. back now to our storm watch coverage. in the santa cruz mountains, crews spent the day getting
10:47 pm
ready for the wind and rain. people there are bracing for the possibility of mudslides, flooding, downed trees, and power lines. >> reporter: the work has already begun. caltrans crews say they're determined to keep the roads passible in the santa cruise mountains. they've been clearing culverts of debris and trees ready to fall during the storm. crews are hard at work, trying to quickly fix a storm drain in an area known to flood. >> they've just been able to get an emergency crew out here. they waited until the last minute. >> reporter: pictures show the muddy mess the san lorenzo river can leave behind. >> the water goes in, the water goes up.
10:48 pm
the problem is it leaves all of this sludge and mud. >> the water is in the silt and the sand, and it just comes up through the floor. >> reporter: taking precautions, moving everything he can to higher ground. >> we're moving that hot dub because it's too low and it will get wrecked. we're moving it up high. >> reporter: others are preparing too. business is crippled with customers looking to stock up. >> batteries, flashlights, anything to do with the storm that's coming. >> reporter: thankfully for customer jim ashley, they still have propane. he says it was sold out around town. >> i've been wrestling with my big generator to get fixed up. so i'm set. this was the last item on my list. >> reporter: santa cruz county does plan to open the emergency operations center first thing in the morning. let's get back over now to our chief meteorologist bill martin who is tracking the storm for us. it's a little ahead of
10:49 pm
schedule. is that a good thing, or a bad thing? >> i think it's a good thing. it's going to move through the bay area more rapidly. in the north bay, it's hung up there. it's going to be hung up for four or five hours. once it gets to san francisco, it looks like it translates quickly. here's the current radar. heading towards the chico area. santa rosa getting moderate rainfall. like i said already a half inch of rain. i'm showing you rain. i'm going to go to we call these storm reports. from observers, trained observers on the ground. what we're seeing up here in fern dale, a 58 mile-an-hour wind. a wind gust. what's going on up here, there's a wind gust at 50 miles per hour. let's trickle further north. 60miles an hour in west haven. i know it's northern california, but that system is coming this way. that's what we're up against. that's what's headed our way. this system, as it moves in has
10:50 pm
a lot going for it. a lot of moisture coming in off of the subtropics. cold air. significantly strong upper level winds, that's fueling this thing. on top of this thing, we've got a warmer sea surface temperature. the warmer water fuels the storm as well. this warmer water, relatively warmer, upper 50s, is actually enhancing the moisture content of the atmosphere. so here we are. here's the model 1:00 a.m. santa rosa. continuing to rain. at 7, or 8:00 a.m., it starts to roll through san francisco. this line is massive. it will go off when it hits your house, you will hear it. it slices into fremont at 9:00 a.m. either way it goes, i'd say tomorrow between 7:00 a.m., and about 1:00, it's going to be a wet, wild day around here. so just be ready for it. behind the storm, not bad.
10:51 pm
showers, but nothing like we saw. that's a big break. friday, we do have a chance for more showers, but not a big deal compared to what we've seen. the five-day forecast, with the bay area weekend in view, it's all about tomorrow. it's a 10 out of 10. i have never said that, frank. i've never said 10 out of 10. it's a big storm, but it's a one and done, it's exactly the way, we're very fortunate that's the case. if it wasn't we'd be in big trouble. scott reese is in now for mark. the warriors tonight hoping to continue that winning streak. >> yeah, we'll all be shocked when they finally lose a game. who says 13 is unlucky? it was november 13, the warriors were just 5-2 coming off back-to-back losses. since then, 13 straight wins. tonight, a chance they would get the rockets without star james harden, who wears, yeah, number 13. that luck ran out. harden did play despite a sore back. dwight howard, and andrew bogut did not for their respective
10:52 pm
teams. seth curry drives. loses the handle throws it off the window. things are going well for this group. curry doing the more conventional work from way downtown. 7 rebounds for steph. 46-46 at the break. the dubs pull away late on the break. harrison barnes passes up the open 3. a great look to sean livingston. the bench productive again. clay thompson the dagger. a 15-3 run to end it for the air yores who have won 14 in a row. 105-93 is your final. must be an east bay thing. cal, off to its best start in seven years at 7-1, with very little fanfare. tonight, a sneaky tough home game against wyoming. bob melvin may be scouting for baseball talent. got some slots to fill all of a sudden. a low scoring 1st half.
10:53 pm
larry nance jr., put it on the deck and the finish. the cowboys 16-15 at the half. yeesh. 2nd half, the bears do just enough. 12 of his 17 in the 2nd half. cal does win 45-42. the a's set to bid farewell to yet another quality arm. i will tell you who. plus colin kaepernick like you've never seen him before. hear from the media friendly quarterback, next.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
they play hard. didn't execute. all areas. they're a good team. same as always. >> he's a man of few words, and fewer facial expressions. colin kaepernick has perfected the art of saying nothing. today, he turned over a new leaf and a new look. new head phones and hoody. the most important of which were about sunday's opponent, the rival seahawks. the qb did not play well against seattle on thanksgiving. throwing for just 121 yards and tossing a pair of picks. he knows that the rematch in seattle will certainly be no picnic. >> their defense is great. they could a lot of things
10:57 pm
well, it's always good competition out there. you have to be able to rise. the game we played thanksgiving are two games we look at. we try to take everything we can from those. see if we can attack them to try to get this win. barring an 11th hour blockbuster it appears the a's will not trade anyone today. that doesn't mean their roster didn't take another hit. u.s.a. reporter relieving luke gregerson and the astros have come to terms on a 3 year, $18.5 million deal. gregerson, sterling e.r.a. out of the bullpen for oakland last season. he could either set up, or close in houston. just another piece of the puzzle that will have to be replaced by billy bean prior to next season. getting back to colin kaepernick, i like this version. >> nice to hear from him. >> smiles, answers questions. beautiful thing. >> makes it a lot easier too when you're trying to get answers to your questions. thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues at
10:58 pm >> tomorrow morning, tune into the morning nows for the latest weather, information, our coverage begins 30 minutes early at 4:00 a.m. see you then. >> good night. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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excuse me. i'm so sorry. i never do this with celebrities, but are you by any chance the foxy mom on the new horizon realty ad? am i gonna regret doing that? did the marlboro man have any regrets? this ad is perfect. see, i'm not just selling houses, i'm selling myself, and the best part about me is my family. and my teeth. and both...are on display in this ad. mm. "i can't be satisfied until you're satisfied"? coming soon to a bus bench near you, not to mention our minivan. so that's really happening? wait. what's happening to our minivan? having this bad boy shrink-wrapped on it. classy. yep. now all that driving around your mom does will serve a purpose. alex: good morning, family. how are you all doing on this beautiful day?


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