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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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california needed rain and we got drenched. intense sustained downpours dumped heavy rain from santa rosa to san jose. >> and we're not done yet. more showers in the forecast tomorrow. >> and all that rain accumulated swamping roadways and leaving some unlucky drivers with an unfortunate predicament. >> there's a gaping hole in the ceiling and tonight the supermarket is red tagged. plenty of problems but there's also a silver lining. frank somerville is off
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tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. we're on storm watch with rain in the bay area and snow in the sierra. it's not a drought buster but still a very strong storm exactly what water agents say we need. the latest on the flooding, the power outages and other problems. we're going to start out with chief meteorologist bill martin and rain totals. >> absolutely. rain totals are extremely impressive education -- especial little in the north bay. 8.49. that's 4-1/2 inches of rain in 36 hours. you get the picture. rainfall accumulation impressive. now here's what's going on. i want to back this up just a little bit for you. this is the radar loop right. i'm going to go all the way back to this morning. so let's watch it move through. look at the north bay. look at the rain continue to
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fall near half-moon bay. near the peninsula. okay now, keeps going. 4:00. just keeps hammering. especially along the peninsula and san jose. hence the red flag warning there. as we get closer, watch it start to move. see how it starts to bend down and move out. this front is starting to move on. it was stalled for a while. now it's starting to progress. with that we can expect some clearing. the current radar shows us this. that's basically snow trying to be recognized by the radar. or snow that's melting. what we have in the bay area now are breaking up here in the north bay. it's still showery. just know this something is starting to pro progress in the area. >> thank you bill.
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we're going to the north bay where the sheets of rain hit first. tonight we're still feeling the effects with road closures and neighborhood flooding. a major rout into the city is impassable especially now. >> it has been raining out here easy for 24 hours. the rain has not let up. behind us is petaluma boulevard north. it's right off 101. the way into town. all you can see is water because the petaluma water is overflowing. >> they didn't arrive on water raft but that's how a dozen people left work in an industrial area where their offices became island and flood water. trying to drive home obviously a bad idea. so those who wanted out climbed aboard a boat or dump truck. others just waited it out. >> we have approximately 30 people who are sheltering in place. we're doing continued emergency
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operations based on the localized stream flooding. we're anticipating that we should be close to the peak dependent on weather. it all depends on weather. as high 47 fluctuates between open and close. and keeping water back in so many places. how many more trees will fall on cars [audio difficulties]
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as rain pours down you can see it right now. the bigger the chances the roof could come down and even more damage. >> you could hear it. it was loud. it just sounded like thunder. just swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. >> you just hear loud noises crashing and just sounded real scary. >> reporter: luckily everyone made it out safely. one customer with a previous leg injury somehow reinjured it during a collapse but didn't have to be taken to the hospital. >> we were very lucky with one
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minor injury. >> reporter: a san jose police officer assisted in the air. >> it could still collapse, that's why we still have the building secure. we're not going to allow anyone to go in it. >> video inside the store showed a large structural beam, the cause of the roof collapse still under investigation. although weather could have played a role. >> we're saying water could play a cause. we don't know until the investigation is complete. >> reporter: aguilar described it as a hectic scene. something straight out of the movies. >> i felt a lot of adrenaline, going and going. i had to call 911 and freaked out. >> reporter: well a city building engineer red tagged this building as well as the store next door since they share a common wall. it doesn't appear that this safeway will be opening up any
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time soon. >> all right, azenith smith reporting live in san jose. azenith, thank you. and chain saws and woodchippers were being crushed. over in willow blend a cedar tree also toppled in the rain. it felt like an earthquake no one was hurt in either incident. in oakland, city inspectors yellow tagged two homes when a retaining wall gave way. the unrelenting rain caused the earth movement. when the retaining wall collapsed it fell to the side of a house below. the building owner says she had been concerned about its stability for about a year. >> you could tell it was shifting. i've been telling the city. >> i don't know if we can call
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that a red tag. >> reporter: the city inspector came out to see the damage to see what needed to be done. the debris is crushing the gas meter. in the meantime, the homeowners will have to try to find other places to stay. >> reporter: in santa cruz a very close call for a boy struck by a falling tree as santa cruz sentinel photographer took this picture. the wind blew over a cypress. the 11-year-old boy was pinned for 20 minutes until crews could free him and took him to the hospital with a broken arm. the school shut down for the day. a stretch of highway 1 in marin county washed out in the storm and is closed tonight. the portions of the roadway that closed today are between panoramic highway. highway1 is now closed in both directions there. the chp tweeted this picture. you can see the wash up comes right into the side of the
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road. no word yet when the highway will reopen. most bay area school districts plan to resume classes tomorrow but some schools will stay closed for a second consecutive day. that includes hard hit areas including novato, santa rosa or healdsburg. the decision to close schools and businesses may have provided a silver lining keeping most people at home and off the streets during today's drenching. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in millbrae on how the water is paying off. >> reporter: this is highway 101 behind me. you wouldn't expect heavy traffic this time of nigh it's hard because many people decided to weather this storm at home. >> reporter: this is downtown san francisco at 4:30 this afternoon. it's rush hour but looks like a
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ghost town. very light traffic and the same is true on the highway even though it was a workday. >> the traffic was light because of the storm. i mean basically, people backed down the hatches and stayed home with their kids because school was cancelled. >> reporter: as a result there were fewer accidents than one would expect on a rainy day despite significant flooding. he says school and business closures really paid off. >> oh yeah. a lot of people were safe because of that. >> we're very excited that we're getting this amount of rainfall this early in winter. >> reporter: the agency planned ahead by moving the water out of reservoirs such as crystal springs on the peninsula to capture every drop of this rain. what we needed most is snow in the sierra. this morning the snow pack stood at 22% of normal. it's too soon to know what this
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storm will leave behind. >> we're expecting the storm to pass over our watershed and dump a fair amount of snow and rainfall. >> reporter: tomorrow we'll know just how much this storm helped the snow pack. we already saw how a little planning ahead did on our roads today. >> we all hope we get good numbers from the sierra. an officer pulls a gun in a crowd of protesters. hear what the chief says led up to that moment. >> and when this system will blow out of the area. >> and next, the explosion that left people without power today. >> no refrigerator. >> the problem leaving people in the dark tonight.
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big waves crashing at the pacific pier today a testimony to the gusty winds that accompanied this storm. a high surf advisory is in effect until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. today's winds knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in northern california leaving them without electricity for a good part of the day. currently there are about 6,000 customers without power across the bay area. at its peak the bay area saw 151,000 outages. pg & e tells us since the storm started 357 customers lost power system wide.
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many san francisco customers lost power when a transformer blew near union square. lucas green took this picture. he shot a fire at postand stockton. you tube video shows a plume of smoke rising in the same area around # -- 7:30 this morning. dozens of traffic lights were knocked out and stores and hotels in the union square area also lost power. the montgomery area also lost power because of the power outage. >> reporter: ktvu's amber lee is live now in the city with what delayed pg & e from restoring power, amber. >> reporter: julie, we're at the student apartments near san francisco state which is closed today because of the storm. we found some students who are without power most of the day. it's kind of creepy around here. there's not really any natural light coming in anymore. >> reporter: that's the sound
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of katie walking in the door in a nearly pitch black apartment. >> reporter: the candle barely lights the kitchen as she cooks dinner. it's a good thing she has a gas stove. the college student says the power outage started this morning before she woke up she overslept. >> first of all my alarm didn't go off. so that was the number one thing. and then we realized that the computers and everything didn't have any power. >> reporter: pierson's apartment is across the street from san francisco state where she's a sophomore. she and her roommate tells us they have home work. >> it was fine in the summer. but we have to study because i have a test tomorrow. >> reporter: and studying at the san francisco state is not possible because it's closed there. >> we're like, oh no. how are we going to do our home
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work, how are we going to submit our work. >> reporter: and all the food in their refrigerator is spoiled now. >> we had a lot of trees coming down. when they come down they are the possibility of bringing down power wires with them. >> reporter: workers were able to connect a generator. pg & e crews won't start the permanent fix until tomorrow. >> i was upset, i was hoping that it would be back within like an hour, you know pg & e is usually really quick about getting our power back to us. >> reporter: pg & e was able to restore power to most customers in this area about an hour ago. crews say they will be working round the clock to restore power to all customers as soon
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as possible. >> this could be a long night. amber lee live in san francisco, amber, thank you. this was not a good day to have a flight booked at san francisco airport more than 200 flights were cancelled. even more delayed. tonight a ground delay is still in effect at sfo due to the low cloud ceiling. incoming flights are being delayed an average of 53 minutes. that ground delay lasts until 11:00 tonight. right now at san jose there are slight delays, 15 minutes for incoming and outgoing flights. oakland is also seeing minor delays for flights. on top of delays and cancellations, almost 1,000 workers walked off the job today. they've been working without a contract for about a year. workers are striking over health care. the rain made for dangerous
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driving throughout the area. >> reporter: it was almost like crossing a swollen creek. >> i saw the alerts earlier that they were advising because of the flooding to stay away. >> reporter: as cars either carefully or quickly went through up to 3 feet of water and covered six lanes of traffic. >> we've been having a drought for so long that i had forgotten what it's like to rain a lot. i think it's caught everybody by surprise. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows what it was like to drive through what was essentially a small pond. drivers in a honda civic and coupe had to be rescued from either side of that water. >> when you get water in an engine, it's going to shut off and you're going to find yourself in a financial difficult because it's going to
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cost a lot to fix the problem. >> most drivers didn't take the detour. >> i'm not actually from the area. so i was following my gps on my iphone. but yeah, took a very long time to get from the city to here. >> reporter: the good news is that there were no serious injuries and no accidents along the corridor. concern about the weather means there were far fewer than the normal 245 drivers who use 101 daily on the road today. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. tracking the showers out of the area now. and here we are the last 12 hours and watch here at the end. it was stuck in one place for a while. right here. and all of a sudden you will see it starting to rotate out. that's good news. the showers are going to end but the heavy rain is going to end. most of the showers behind here are going to continue on as we go into the evening hours and again into tomorrow. there's more rain in the
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forecast. after today it's hard what's coming rain. it was such a significant event today. as we look at the radar you can see a lot of yellows representing the cooler air coming in. or colder air coming in. the radar is picking it up. it's picking up snow that's melting. makes it more severe than it is. snow levels now are up there but they're starting to drop rapidly. they're going the see another foot of snow tonight and just really good news for mountaingoers because over the next 24 hours the snow level is lower. more snow in the forecast. the story with us, this area back in here is going to move through and it's going to bring us scattered showers tonight. more showers tomorrow, and perhaps the chance of a thundershower. so when i come back, we're going to look at the latest computer model. next time you see we're going to look at the river forecast models. after that we're going to take the latest computer model and we're going to push it there. this is the actual radar. our storm track coverage
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continues with flooded vineyards in wine country. there's other news we're following tonight. we'll tell you about an incident involving an ac transit bus. and a chief defends an undercover officer withdrawing his weapon during last night's protests. with kaiser permanente, you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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this imagine of an undercover officer pointing a gun at protesters in oakland has sparked new questions about police and their use of force. tonight the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defending that officers decision to draw his gun. eric rasmussen joins us with more details. >> reporter: avery brown says
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his officer believed his life was in danger. >> reporter: the man holding a silver handgun sideways is now identified as an understand cover chp officer. in a second photo his partner also in plain clothed is seen on the ground trying to arrest someone on 27th and harrison. the officers had been with a crowd. when they got out on foot to try to identify someone who vandalized a store protesters outed them as police. that's when a chp says a protester punched one of the officers in the back of the head. >> any time a gun is drawn. any time a weapon is displayed that there's grave concern. we take that seriously. >> reporter: over the phone, chp golden gate division. avery brown says an
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unidentified woman also kicked the officer in the head. only after that did the officers partner pull his gun. >> he originally drew his baton and and badge. he identified himself as an officer. >> chief do you support your officers decision to draw his gun at that moment. >> yes, i do. his decision to draw his weapon is because he felt his life was in jeopardy. >> it's very dangerous. i would say this is reckless behavior. >> it was excessive and i think when you take police who are not accustomed to situations like this, bad things are going to happen. >> reporter: now the chp says the mission of those officers last night was to keep the
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protesters off of the highway. those two officers are not being named. chief browns says the alameda district attorney is reviewing what happened. >> such a tough situation. eric thank you. we have new video out of alameda tonight where they said an ac transit bus struck and killed a man. the man was walking in the crosswalk when the bus hit him. the officers have not released the man's identify. the ac transit driver is set to be cooperating. cars submerged when an underpass flooded. >> also snow in the sierra. the accumulation so far and road conditions tonight. >> but up first, swelling rivers in wine country, bill is tracking when they will crest.
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back to the storm watch tonight. this web cam picture of the russian river look at this. it's swollen and muddy after 24 hours of rain. people in low lying area are being advised to evacuate. you've been looking at the napa. >> we haven't been talking about the flood stages of the river in a very long time. >> we're talking about flooding stages on major rivers. that's how much rain we got. usually it takes three or four days to get these things to come up to this level. we're literally up in just the last couple of minutes or so. it's forecast to go to 20 feet. flood stage 23 feet. so it should stay below flood stage. gurville 28 feet now. forecast to go to 24.7 feet
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friday afternoon. that puts it a couple of feet of flood stage. the south end of the gerville bridge you're going to see some flooding near the trailer park. that river or that point on the russian river is under a flood warning it will go two feet. that's not massive flooding but going to cause some problems in the typical area. let's do the napa river here too shall we. sorry about that. we're looking. that was the russian river. we're going to look at the napa river. what we have right here on the napa river, we're talking about 9 feet in san helena. flood stage is 16. we're good there. napa at the napa river at napa. 22feet right now. forecast to go right to where it is. 22. and it stays under flood stage. just want to get those numbers straight. two feet above flood stage forecast for friday at noon when i come back we're going to
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have the forecast. there's more rain in the forecast. across wine country people are dealing with flooded homes, businesses and roads tonight as ktvu's mike mibacl reports. some are still worried about the high river level. >> reporter: roadways flooded. tasting rooms closed, the ride to wine country is a wet one. >> rock slides and mud slides coming down on the roadway. >> it's going pretty good. >> reporter: bedaluchi lives where the water was slowly creeping up the road. >> with flood stage at 16. we know we can take 17, almost touching 18. >> reporter: holmes and his
10:33 pm
family live in the flood area. the worse flooding they've seen here was back new year's eve 2005-2006. i remember this storm because it was in gernville stuck for three days working. the water got up just about 7 feet on his house and made its way right inside. >> right to the ceiling here. we were at the top of the stairs and probably two stairs down. >> reporter: just on the otherred side of the river. sandbags lined the home of the lesakies. >> we actually did the bay but came to our senses and decided to get smart and put them out any way. >> reporter: with the napa river just 60 feet away, they know what can happen here at the polk street bridge. >> it's just acting like a dam here. it's pretty unknown. in our opinion what's going to happen. >> as long as it continues to rain the threat of flooding
10:34 pm
still remains. in san helena, mike mibach. >> you can see the effect of the rain when you look at what's happening. lexington was just above capacity. right now it's nearing 23% of capacity. and the guadalupe reservoir was just at 23% of capacity. neighborhoods in the peninsula spent the day knee deep in water as well. one of our photographers spent the day trudging water. water comes up from the ground, from title flooding adding to flooding caused by all the rain. roadblocks came out today but some cars still drove through the flooded streets pushing all that water into yards and homes. water got so high some people needed help. firefighters helped evacuate a half a dozen families at the rv
10:35 pm
park. >> people are coming out. first of all thinking they're oak then they realize the water levels have gotten beyond. >> next door, residents scrambled to pack up and leave. ktvu's viewer sent us these pictures. the water was almost high enough to reach cars and driveways in an apartment building also on 88 street. cars outside were almost fully submerged in the water. cars were making their way through waste high water earlier today. of course all this rain in the bay area means a lot of snow in the sierra. here's a look at i80 near king vale tonight. so far the sierra has seen about 12 to 15-inches of snow and another 8 inches is expected to fall overnight. there are restrictions in effect for parts of interstate 80. right now caltrans is requiring chains on all vehicles except
10:36 pm
four wheel drive vehicles from nayac to the interchange. there are currently no restrictions at highway 60. and this is something you don't see at tahoe lake. surfers road the waves. the water temperature this time of year is about 50 degrees. >> some people making the best of the weather up there. we want to show you twitter pictures we got. here's one from the highway patrol up in truckee. best thing about being a chp officer in truckee is we get to play in the snow first and here he is. a little sideways there, making a snow angel. and carlos the coyote has been spotted in crissy field. you can see the poor little guy is a little wet out there in the grass. his ears are down but he's out there in the rain trying to make the best of it. people also making a good time when they can with the weather
10:37 pm
out there. this guy is wake boarding behind a pickup. in pacifica, kind of a similar situation. a guy out here in a kayak. there's a guy in front of him. we don't see a rope. he's out there making the best of this storm. the brunt of the storm is passed but rain is still in the radar. the staying power of this system as we head into the bay area friday. up first, new video just into the newsroom. firefighters working a two alarm fire in the rain. (vo) nourished.
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it's customer appreciation at subway!our taste of the season, we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six-inch sandwiches for $2 each! the meatball marinara and the cold cut combo. join our customer appreciation celebration today. subway. eat fresh. new video into the ktvu newsroom tonight. from the scene of a commercial building fire in san leandro. the building is on william
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street west of 880. the fire started just before 8:00 tonight. it prompted a two alarm response. as you can see firefighters were out there working in the steady rain. no word yet what caused the fire. the cia is defending itself in the wake of an explosive report about bush era interrogation techniques in guantanamo bay. john brennan acknowledged some a mistakes. enhanced interrogation techniques such as mock executions were more brutal than previously revealed. house lawmakers narrowly approved a spending bill tonight that will avert a government shut down. in a rare split with president obama, some house democrats
10:41 pm
aposed the bill. the senate is expected to approve the bill in the next few days. wall street rebounded today after yesterday's sell out. the dow closed up. the nasdaq climbed 24. california's population grew at a steady rate this year. the state department of finance released new figures on population changes between july 2013 and july 2014. most of the increase came from the 243,000 babies born in the state during those 12 months. that brought california's population to 38.5 million. san beni to the best -- benito county was the fastest growing. applications for the university of california are also growing. they hit a record high for the 11th year. if you include undergraduate students that number rises to
10:42 pm
174,000. it appears phase two of california's rail project will cost substantially less than expected. the segment will run from fresno to north of bakersfield. the bid came below cost at $1.2 billion. the price tag was estimated at 1.5 to $3 million. the winning team had the highest ranking. one of the most unusual scenes today. hear from two brothers who decided to kayak to safeway. >> the rain is not over, in five minutes, bill martin's complete bay area forecast. >> a major road in the east bay is flooded. three cars are submerged. we will give you the time line for reopening.
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right now to storm watch. and in berkeley the heavy rains caused more than just flooding. take a look that is a car down there. just peaking above the surface of the water. it's one of three cars. tonight crews are still working to try to get them out and reopen that roadway. >> christien kafton is live now with the progress being made there tonight. >> progress is at work. a lot of progress has been made. you can tell most of the water is gone. caltrans brought big pumps to get the water off the road. caltranss is telling me that the pump house there to the right where you see that green light is actually the part of this whole equation that's failed. failed this morning and that let water flow into this low lying section of road. >> highway patrol spotted the flood waters. caltrans crews were already on
10:46 pm
hand trying to repair the pump house. in all three drivers found themselves stranded in water that completely submerged two cars and left just the roof showing of a third. michael larick says this section of ashby can have standing water even on dry days. this undercrossing is wet july 1st. there's always water under it. so i don't know anybody who would try to ride through it. caltrans says all three drivers were pulled out to safety but have little information beyond that. they're asking drivers to stay out of water, since there's no telling how deep it is. flooded roads were just one hazard. all throughout the area drivers had to get through intersections. it wasn't just traffic lights
10:47 pm
they had to get through. >> customer after customer drove in, only to find the pumps gone. workers kept the doors open and making their -- and working with a calculator. they're going to have the check the road and call tow trucks to get those three vehicles that are still in the road. they're hoping to have this section of ashby open in both directions in time for tomorrow morning's commute. >> certainly good news out there tonight.
10:48 pm
sees cars totally submerged like that are amazing pictures. some used the rain to stay inside all day. other saw it as an opportunity like these two brothers in healdsburg. the two spent the day kayaking through flooded streets. they told us they were hungry and hoped to get some groceries at safeway. they say they saw flooded cars and decided not to drive but kayak instead. >> we thought we were going to get a ticket. so we had to run around a few cars around the street with the kayak. >> we decided to canoe to every single car that was abandoned and we would go and knock to see if anybody was in there. if there was somebody in there we would ask if they needed help. >> reporter: getting a ticket for kayaking. some businesses including a heald sburg fire station spent the day clearing water from their location. >> so much water there in
10:49 pm
healdsburg. still showers going on. nothing like what we saw earlier today. >> there's more coming. we're looking at a lot less rain than we saw earlier today. that's great news. the national weather service says san francisco, downtown. i haven't checked the numbers yet. just .2 from setting it's all time record. you're thinking, the records go back to 1849. one of the longest records in california. so to break a record. it's not going to break but that's a pretty impressive. .2 or .3 of an inch from that record. yeah just illustrates, underscore what is we're talking about here. showers are winding down that's great news. but there are more out there. you can see the kind of system shifting out, remember these orange cones just represent a cooler air mass that's being reflected as a larger water particle. this isn't really happening. what you're seeing in these areas are these darker greens in here. but any way, it is winding down a little bit.
10:50 pm
more showers are in your forecast as we go into tonight. how about those wind this morning. boy i'll tell you, i didn't come in, i wasn't in as early as steve or mark. but i came in this morning and the wind on the bridges were just pumping. we had super strong winds out there. this system had it all. it had lots of moisture. you saw that come out of the sky. you saw lots of wind. we got surf along the coast and now the snow is starting to happen in the mountains. tomorrow the cooler air is starting to come in. those orange cones are in the radar. but widely scatter showers. maybe a thundershower. everyone tonight. can't take it out of the question. look here in the computer model. here we are at 10:00. here is san francisco and everything. nothing but or doesn't seem to be. they know we go through the day tomorrow. 1:00, there looks like there might be some sun. a chance for the rivers to
10:51 pm
come down. in the tahoe area, lake tahoe. it's snowing up there. it's going to continue. tomorrow is a snowy day still. for us looks like we're going to get a break. i think you're going to see more of that yellow stuff than lightning. saturday and sunday, and a bit of rain back in the forecast. but, as we've talked about earlier, that deal with the, it's not going to break. i don't suspect in san francisco. 1869 1869-- 1849 is the record on that thing. that would be a huge deal. >> for this date. >> for this date. >> i don't remember that one. all lanes on highway 101 in redwood city are closed in both directions according to 101. >> flooding a big problem. >> second time today 101 has gone down. >> thanks, bill.
10:52 pm
sharks playing well. >> yeah, frozen water really the story in san jose. sharks goalie alex staylock is minnesota through and through. his cousin plays hockey for minnesota. but until today he had never played against minnesota. justin braun setting up burns. one time. and he got it. ninthof the year for fernsie and the sharks have a 1-0 lead. 1-1 now. third period and again san jose on the attack. great look coming up from joe thornton. from the corner finds pavelski, pretty stuff. it's 2-1 and staylock did his best. he stoned parise and as they say standing on his head. stopping just about everything in sight. 18 saves and 19 chances. the sharks have been 3-1. they
10:53 pm
have won six of their last season. on paper this match up looked great. cardinals against rams. on tv it looked, at one point i went searching for the uloge and the fireplace. we can -- remember they proclaimed we can win a super bowl with bruce staton. well not anymore. because he went down with an injury. six field goals scored by cadezaro. 49ers by the way cannot win the nfc west. might the giants have an answer at third base. might being the operative word. what we know is a --
10:54 pm
>> and what sherman says about another chance at the 49ers.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
sunday it's been 49ers versus raiders, kap versus tmz. finally we move on to niners versus seahawks for better or
10:57 pm
worse. the seattle whopped on the niners. sherman did his thing. the result 19-3 seahawks. but sherman knows that has no bearing on the rematch. >> there's nothing guaranteed any given week. i don't care if you played a team and beat them a bunch of times. the next time, they can beat you bad. that's the way this league is. and that's why you have to be prepared. you have to prepare every week like its it's own individual match up. there's no effect. the scores from last game don't effect this game. all the giants want for christmas is a new baseman. the giants would like cabrera to play third for them but there's a catch. cabrera wants to remain a second baseman. so giants vp of operations evans is thinking this might not be a good fix. cabrera was a two time all
10:58 pm
star. cespedes traded again. >> and we thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues on >> good night. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures
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as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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okay. okay, here she comes. together: happy mother's da-- aah! what are you wearing? you don't remember this shirt? you made it for me for mother's day in kindergarten. it's adorable. it's perverted. it looks like you were felt up by that creepy guy around the corner. ew! why him? 'cause he's got, like, freakishly tiny hands. thank you! i cannot believe you kept that shirt. of course i kept it. i'm your mother. i keep everything you make me. please take that off. oh, when i'm dead. today is my special day, and i am gonna enjoy me some coffee. you know that's a pencil holder, right? i do now. jay: go first. no, you can go first. manny, go first! no, jay, you go first. ah, somebody give me a present! oh, jay, a diamond necklace!


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