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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 12, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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traffic is moving smoothly. watch the car up ahead. the last-minute decision that nearly turned deadly. >> a war of words over a boy. >> whatever, mate. i'm done. >> see why she's done all right. >> they glide over -- >> transparent ice. >> the surreal scene of sheer beauty. >> the groomsman dance for the bride. now the lucky lady tells us
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about the surprise that -- >> made the wedding ten times better. dash cam with a couple of accidents that could have been prevented if people were just paying attention. this first video from dash cam owners australia on a highway in australia. vict victoria, as a matter of fact. the car we are riding in doing what you're supposed to do getting off the freeway. watch the car up ahead. >> that was so stupid. >> this silver suv is in the far lane and tries to make that exit almost going through the grass on that exit ramp. fortunately, no one was injured. i imagine the next time this happens, they may go to the next exit. >> the next video from a cold road in russia.
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>> are you serious? the change in pavement made them lose control? >> the dash cam flies out of the car. the car is flipped. let's watch the road heading up to that zone. the poster of the video says had they just noticed the signs that were warning of the construction zone, that maybe things would have been different. >> the guy was going too fast. >> it's a short video but spreading like viral video wildfire on the other side of the planet. forrest gump said it best, stupid is as stupid does. two girls having a disagreement
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over a boy. >> he's probably got pimples and not worth it. >> the girl on the right, she is antagonistic. the girl on the left, i haven't done anything. i'll block good night. it's none of your business. >> the girl on the left, whatever, mate, i'm done. she gives her a right-handed hay maker. there is something about kicking when you're down. fortunately there is a gentleman there with his head on tight. the video stops there. this has been viewed hundreds of thousands of time. the comment section is full of people's opinions. it's two teenage girls being teenage girls. >> the problem with video going
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this viral, the girl who did the punching is never going to hear the end of it. everybody is going to know the ugly behavior she displayed. the bullying is going to come back on her. >> kids need to know the power of social media. >> let's head to western sweden. you are do to see something beautiful, wonderful and perfect for winter time. this guy is about to go ice skating on transparent ice. you can see through the ice. is that possible? yes, it's possible. when you go from mild temperatures to cool temperatures very quickly, this can happen. the person who got this video is out there with the girlfriend and their dogs.
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in some places you could see them on thin ice and the cracks forming under their ice skates. crazy. >> it would be cool if you walk across it and pretend you're walking on frozen time. >> you're walking on frozen water. >> a cool way to locate where the fish will be in the spring. there's the fish home. he's under that log. right? scout out your spring fishing. >> not a bad idea. >> you know that trick you do with the mirror to style the back of your head. hard to do, right? imagine trying to use that same maneuver to aim and fire a
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rifle. today she is going to try to hit a small target backwards. >> i never attempted this shot before. hopefully i can get it with you a shot. >> wow. >> like trying to brush your hair backwards. >> how can she do it what is she aiming at? a playing card turned sideways. she is definitely up for the challenge because she also extends the length of where she is standing from the targets. all these things make this trick more difficult. shot after shot after shot she misses.
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but she is a perfectionist and tries over and over again until she gets this right. >> wow. did it. >> she started her training late in high school. >> look who is hitting the kitchen. >> sherry shepard. >> how they are cooking up more than a meaty meal. >> leave it to rise gradually. >> the snowman that will send chills down your back. is a really big deal.rfromu wiwithth a achcheses, , fefeve- ththerere'e's s nono s sucg as a little flu. soso w whyhy t trereatat e it's a little cold? ththerere'e's s sosomemetht works differently ththanan o ovever-r-ththe-e-coc.
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she's back and with sherry shepard who is in the movie "top five." she is getting a cooking lesson.
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aunt fee hasn't changed a bit. >> i'll say my part. >> hey, everybody, this is auntie fee. >> let her say it because it's her show. >> these are pork chops. if you mess them up, we can do them again. >> she is going to get a cooking show but it has to be on hospital. >> put onions in here like you know what you're doing [ bleep ] okay? this is what we are going to do here. >> she is not afraid to tell her what to do. >> sherry shepard is a diabetic. she doesn't know this. >> do you have any legal issues? >> i'm actually diabetic. >> you told me after i put all this butter in this?
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>> starts sherry sauteing onions. >> i don't keep seasoning. you didn't put enough on this. recently sherry's divorce made the headlines. >> jeffrey is gone? >> he's gone. >> he's gone. >> they had quite the interesting time. if you want to watch the video go to >> the numbers on toaster dials mean limits. >> they don't mean anything. they are there to mess with us. numbers don't mean ae
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darn thing. he puts four different toasters to the test. >> we have the cheap toaster. and the not so cheap toaster and the slightly more expensive toaster. i guarantee you none will pop-up in exactly two mince. >> the timer already started. the first one pops up less than a minute into the test. >> it doesn't even make sense. it doesn't even work. >> he is so upset people are wrong he is guaranteeing none of these will pop-up at the minute.
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>> this toaster still hasn't popped up. >> maybe it is a minute setting. >> you pay more, you get a timer. >> this snowman scaring people never gets old. >> it's so bad. it's got an evil space. it's a frowning snowman. when do you see a frowny snowman? >> what cracks me up is some people expect it, some people don't. when they expect it, they still get surprised. there is over five minutes.
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>> the guy doesn't know what to say. >> this girl gets a little frisky after her initial scare. >> give me a hug. >> i hope you're faked under there. >> i am. >> well. that just got racy real quick. >> that guy did the river dance. >> this is my favorite one. >> right on her caboose. go to and click on today's show and check it out on our mobile app.
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>> guys turn bikes into trikes to hit the ice. the chilly drifting next. >> the groomsman dance popping on the internet. >> you see them lift up the bride. this was all put together for her by her groom. >> meet the lucky lady who tells us about it. alalririghght,t, s so o thtl arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. anand d alaleveve e isis p woworkrk b betetteter r onon p l arthritis. soso w whyhy a am m i i ststilit this? hohow w arare e yaya?? gogoodod.. alaleveve.e. p proroveven n be.
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you may have seen this video earlier this week getting a lot of attention. this groomsman dance where all the groomsmen are amazing dancers. they are dancing to "love never felt so good" with michael jackson and justin timberlake. >> this doesn't look like any groomsman dance i've ever seen. >> these gs are alldancers. some were together for the same company. you see them lift up the bride. that is victoria. this was put together for her by her groom. we actually have victoria all the way from mexico city.
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welcome to the show. what was it like having your groom put together such an amazing dance for you? >> it was amazing. amazing, amazing. i was so happy. two months before the wedding he asked me, what do you want as a gift? i said can you please dance for me? he was like no, i don't want to put on a show. no, no, please. in mexico we didn't know if the wedding was going to happen or not because of security reasons. even if no one dances, everyone's day is more pofrmt it was such a surprise and amazing. >> what was the reaction from the other ladies? >> everyone was thrilled seeing them perform and giving their best and having an amazing time made the wedding ten times better.
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>> you said your husband now stole your heart dancing. how did you meet him? >> it was a dance workshop. the company he works for. i remember he was doing a solo. looking at him, i told him you just stole everyone's heart, including mine. he is so honest when he moves. there is nothing you can do but fall in love. >> true love. we've seen it via skype. puppy twirling. >> if you have a motorcycle fan
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during your family but the ice is preventing them from riding, consider this. >> this is be a add-on kit to turn your two-wheeler into a three-wheeler. they put spikes on to the tire and have gone out on the lake. >> never occurred that was a kit. i just thought it was made like that. >> no. these are used for getting around the pit area they adapted it to run on the ice. >> and it's motorized. >> yes. >> it's perfect for you.
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>> imagine getting a phone call from mickey mouse himself and he's about to tell you that you're going to disney world. >> how little hanna had that dream come true. [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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[tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit."
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[chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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he laughs it off. >> for dinner? dinner? for dinner? >> as a kid, no doubt one of the most amazing trips you can take is to disney world. hannah is about to get a surprise. she is reading a book. she gets a phone call. >> hi, did you know who this is? >> mickey mouse. >> how awesome, right? you're talking to mickey mouse himself. he is about to tell you that
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you're going to disney world. >> how would you like to come back and see me? >> i'm so excited. >> that's not it because mickey's friends left a gift for her at her front door. she can't wait to hang up and get her gift. she takes up the box. she starts opening her gift. >> it's the mickey mouse ears. she can wear on her trip. she walks over to her mom and gives her a big old hug. >> are you excited? >> that is a cool surprise. >> even if you can't get mickey to make the call himself, there is a guy who will call for you. he can mimic all kinds of different voices. he'll do it for five bucks. >> mickey or goofy. you're coming down here to see
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me. >> this is a cool way to make money. imagine how happy the people on the other end of the line will be? >> i'll get mickey mouse call nick but be really aggressive. >> he'll call. you'll have a great time for $5. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. that's it for our show. see you for the next edition of "right this minute." female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to les liv. harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> so it's pretty shocking, but we got hold of a 911 tape where one of the biggest singers of the 1990's is allegedly out to assassinate president obama. it sounds shocking, but that's exactly what his sister in law and wife were telling the 911 dispatcher. >> we're talking about scott stapp, the former lead singer of


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