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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> but we begin with meteorologist bill martin with impressive rainfall totals. >> you felt it was one of those days. it was a 10 out of 10 on my sc a lot of rain. rainfall accumulations over the last few days, impressive. take a peek. you may have had more at your house, especially in the north bay. these are sites that we can use to check some of the more hefty totals. venado, northwest of guerneville, 10 inches of rain. guerneville, coming up on 10 inches. los gatos, half a foot of rain. impressive rain totals for two- day storm. what we're seeing now are scattered showers. i'll put the loop on this. you see scattered showers moving through the area. you see the rain moved into southern california. they had heavy rain. we showed you mudslides down there. still more scattered showers to come in behind tonight, but not a big deal compared to what we've seen. when i come back, i'll detail the weekend for you and let you know as we get into sunday, there's a chance for more
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showers. we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. work continues tonight to get san francisco back up and running 4 hours after the storm. the city was hit hard by power outages and flooding. cristina rendon is live along the embarcadero with the timing it will take to get things back to normal. >> reporter: you know, actually removed over to the mission district, where work just wrapped up about an hour ago on these residents and businesses. even though the rain let up today, the work here is far from over. the sun made an appearance 24 hours after the storm, shining down on tourists near city hall and teams of cleanup crews in the mission district. this woman says residents and businesses know the area near 17th and fulsom always floods. >> is the water came up one foot on our sand bags. luckily the city had put out about 500 sandbags on the building, so it came up on them, but it didn't go through. >> reporter: but across the street, other businesses
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weren't so lucky. the repairs to this block will likely take more than a month. in other parts of the city, a few downed power lines and trees kept crews working. >> it was a busy day all day for everybody. >> reporter: strong winds knocked out power this morning in diamond heights. safeway turned customers away. >> everything, we take advantage of all the new gadgets, new electronic things. they run out, we help. >> reporter: pg&e quickly restored power. at this hour, less than 50 people remain without electricity, a major improvement from the thousands of customers left in the dark during the height of the storm. and traffic is back to normal. a few onramps to highway 101 remain closed off due to standing water, but the highway is free of the river that flooded it yesterday. and the project manager for the cleanup crew says they have to go in and take out all of the contaminated water damage. so that's going to take maybe about a month or so. so likely won't be finished until next year. they just hope another storm doesn't come along and set them
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back. julie? >> thank you, christina. there is a flood warning tonight for the russian river in sonoma county. several areas surrounding the river are under water, but as ktvu's mike mibach reports, residents have seen this all before. >> reporter: camp grounds, beaches, homes, street signs and buildings. >> this is how powerful it becomes. >> reporter: all blanketed by flood water, as the russian river shows its strength yet again, by jumping its banks, with guerneville right in the middle. >> obviously there's property damage out here by the russian river. several homes have been put in danger. some have already been flooded. we're seeing a lot of vehicles that have been flooded out. >> it's the russian river. you know, it floods sometimes. >> reporter: steve says he's owned this guerneville campground for six years. at 5:00 a.m., he was on the move as the river was rapidly rising. >> moving the last camper out, moving the u-haul out. about half hour later, it was 3 feet under water. >> reporter: then the lodge
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manager says there's so much water downstairs, he hasn't even been able to access the area to find out how much damage is done. >> simply cannot access this right now. so we use the downstairs area for storage. we have all of our wine, our liquor, everything down there. we have a win cellar down there. we have a lot of furnishings down there. >> reporter: herb says the lodge is opened. a christmas party set for this weekend, a weekend he hopes is drier than the last couple of days. >> this is amazing. i've never seen that much rain in such a short period of time. >> we're used to it. we're all really prepared. we really need the water, again, so hey, it's mother nature and mother nature at her best. >> reporter: not as devastating, but almost a decade later after the last major flood, the russian river has struck again. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. a 90-foot uk live tuesday tree crashed into a senior care home in union city today. luckily, nobody was hurt.
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the tree landed just inches away from the bed of two senior residents. five patients and three caretakers were home at the time. >> i heard a large thud sound and then 30 seconds later, the ground shook and my whole room shook. >> just narrowly missed the occupants, just very fortunate situation that no one got killed. >> here's what it looked like this afternoon from news chopper 2. you can see the gaping hole in the roof. the home has been red tagged by city officials. residents are being cared for at another facility right across the street. and in san jose, a safeway store is now red tagged, after its roof gave way in the heavy rain. these are new pictures from news chopper 2, showing two big holes in the roof. the collapse happened at the safeway on east capital expressway here silver creek road late yesterday afternoon. fortunately, there were not many customers inside at the time. one person did suffer a minor injury. well, it wasn't a drought- buster, but the storm is
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providing much-needed relief. david stevenson tells us about the boost to san francisco's water supply. david, we're hearing the storm actually dumped 1.5 billion gallons of water into county reservoirs. >> reporter: that's right. it's no surprise that's good news during a drought, though water officials here in the city warn we're not out of the woods yet. afternoon sunshine in san francisco and a break in the clouds brought welcome relief from the morning rain. >> we're so lucky to get such good rain, but now to have the sunshine, it feels great. >> it's very lovely today. yesterday, a horrible day. >> reporter: the city struggled yesterday with power outages and flooding. you stilts officials today had reason to smile. >> you're cheering at the water, getting a lot of rainfall, great for the water system. >> reporter: great, because thursday's storm dumped 1.5 billion gallons of water into san francisco county reservoirs in the east bay and on the peninsula. this is crystal springs reservoir last january. today, we're told it's nearly
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full, a great relief during this time of drought. >> we were at roughly 56 to 57% of total system storage capacity. normally, we would be at 80% in a normal year. this last storm put us at about 100% of normal. >> reporter: that means shifting water supplies from local reservoirs to other storage areas head of the next round of rain. the focus is also shifting to snowfall and what the spring melt could add to the system. >> we rely on the snow melting down in the springtime to really start providing supply. we really won't know the total picture until the snow surveys start to be done later on in the winter. >> reporter: even with the windfall of water, the san francisco public utilities commission is warning folks here in the city, we're still facing a drought. they are asking people here to continue to conserve by at least 10%, julie. >> david, thank you. as david mentioned, the storm dumped 1.5 billion gallons of water to bay area reservoirs.
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to put it into context, officials at the utilities tell us customers use 217 million gallons a day, so it will only take about a week to use up the water from the storm. the salvation army held its annual celebrity bell ringing event in san francisco's union square today. the nonprofit says this year the event was toned down a bit because its teams were busy responding to flood victims and others affected by the storm. a spokeswoman says the rain also resulted in the cancellation of some musical performances today, but she emphasized weather did not dampen the spirit of the community leaders, musicians and others taking part in today's event to raise money for the salvation army. our coverage continues on, where you can take a look at some of the pictures of the storm damage from all over the bay area. we'll also keep you updated on facebook and on twitter. police say the wet weather may have played a role in the death of a long-time alameda resident. 78-year-old sam sauce was taking his daily walk at about 5:40 last night when he was hit by an ac transit bus turning
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left onto otis drive and grand street. that's two blocks from his home. his wife says she made sure he was wearing his reflective vest and flashing bracelet when he went out. >> i'm sure there's a higher authority that knows the reason, but at this moment, i'm not coming up with anything. >> ac transit says the accident is under investigation. sauce leaves behind his wife, two daughters, and five grandchildren. south bay firefighters are on a mission to honor one of their own. >> he would be stepping up. >> the big project the firefighters plan to finish to help take care of a family left behind. >> and mudslides and evacuations. southern california is getting hit hard now by the massive storm. one man describes what it was like when mud and rocks slammed into his home. >> tracking some scattered showers into your bay area weekend. i'll time line what you can
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. new developments tonight in the case of a woman found dead in a stairwell of san francisco general hospital. we have learned there is a proposed settlement between lynn spalding's family and the city. spalding was a patient at sf general when she went missing last september. her body wasn't discovered until weeks later. the city has agreed to pay the family $2.9 million. the san francisco city attorney's office released a statement, calling it a tragic case, but the agreement will bring resolution without the cost and heartache of litigation. tonight, a free-lance photographer says a highway patrol officer was justified in pulling out his gun on a crowd of protesters in oakland earlier this week. the photographer snapped pictures similar to this one of
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a plain-clothessed chp officer with gun drawn. the images sparked intense debate. last night, the head of the chp in the bay area told ktvu one of its officers was punched and kicked before his partner pulled his gun on the crowd. today, photographer michael short backed up that version of events saying, quote, i think it was justified. i tried to put myself in his shoes. if there was an angry crowd of 30 or 50 people coming at me and i just saw my partner punched in the back of the head, i would be pretty scared. however, short did dispute part of the chp's story, saying he never heard the officer identify himself or show his badge before he pulled out his gun. new at 6:00, family and friends are preparing to say good-bye to a san jose veteran firefighter, captain darryl weeden, who passed away unexpectedly on thanksgiving morning, leaving behind a wife and four young children. weeden's fellow firefighters are now pulling together to
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honor his legacy. as ktvu's claudine wong reports, they are picking up where weeden left off. >> reporter: from the outside, station 35 looks like it always has, and yet nothing is the same. >> it's just unfair. >> reporter: there is a void. >> for me, i don't know if it's hit me yet. >> reporter: and a pain. >> everything when you look around just reminds me of him. >> reporter: this was home for 50-year-old captain darryl weeden. >> we had our family here. >> reporter: and weeden always told them the same thing. >> the motto he always used around the fire house and with his family, i got this. >> that's exactly what he said. >> reporter: what they don't get is how to go on without him. >> there was a 911 call to the neighborhood. >> reporter: that call came on thanksgiving from weeden's home. he had gone to bed the night before and never woke up. >> we all got there and just held each other, held his kids, held his wife. it just doesn't seem real. doesn't seem real even standing here today in front of you. >> reporter: weeden grew up in
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san jose and served as an army ranger. he was a husband and father of four. >> he sewed all his kids -- he was a seamstress. he sewed all his kids' halloween costumes since they were little. >> reporter: now they ask a single question. >> how would darryl handle it? >> reporter: they will do that by finishing what he started. it was well known weeden was building a dream house for his family, all by himself. there is still a lot of work to be done, but firefighters say it will get done. >> we just need all the help we can get to finish his home for him, to finish his legacy. >> reporter: from the outside, things look the same. >> i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: look closer and you will see the void, where his turnouts should still hang, where his mail should still sit. the captain's chair he should still fill. >> we all try to be that guy, including myself, but i'm not. >> reporter: but he always told them, i got this. >> thanks for what you've taught us. >> reporter: as they mourn his
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loss-- >> we'll take care of each other and we'll take care of your family. >> reporter: -- they also make a promise. >> we got this. we'll take care of each other. >> reporter: from one brother to another. >> never going to be replaced. back now to our continuing coverage of the storms slamming into the west coast, the rain has made its way to southern california and it's triggering mudslides and evacuations. heavy rain sent mud and rocks sliding down a hillside in camarilla springs, north of los angeles. in some areas, the debris is piled 10 feet high up to the roof tops of houses. one homeowner said he stayed in his home until the storm chased him out. >> i knew there was 2 feet of mud behind me and soon the front window blew out. i knew that we had a complete flow of mud and water going through the house completely. >> in all, there were 125 evacuations. many of those evacuation orders have been lifted and most people who could go back have
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already done so tonight. here in the bay area, officials closed san jose's alum rock park after mudslides there. crews counted almost a dozen landslides along hiking trails at the park's main entrance. storm damage closed the regional park in san jose. both parks are expected to reopen after crews clear debris left behind by the storm and when considered safe. great news for skiers and snowboarders tonight, as the storm brought more than a foot of fresh snow to tahoe. boreal slopes were packed today. the ski area opened more than a month ago thanks to man made snow. only a third of the lifts were open today, but about two- thirds of the mountain should be open by tomorrow, thanks to the new snow. while many skiers can't agree on sierra cement or sierra powder, conditions are looking better. >> with clear skies and sunny skies coming tomorrow and sunday, it's going to be a fantastic weekend. >> sugar bowl plans to reopen tomorrow after being closed for
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a week. now to unusual pictures here in the bay area. while the storm forced a lot of schools to shut down, students in santa rosa took advantage of their extra free time. >> take a look at this. heavy rains flooded a baseball field at herbert slater middle school in santa rosa, so it became the perfect spot for jet- skiing. as you can see in the video, a group of young people are making the most out of this rare situation, despite the chilly weather, putting on their bathing suits and pulled out the jet-skiis. looks like they are having a the lot of fun out there. >> we've seen kayaks, jet-skiis on baseball fields. what's next? we're getting a break from the rain, but there's more rain to come, right? >> and it's so important -- if it was raining today, we would be doing a whole different newscast right now, seriously. we're so fortunate that we got the big break after significant rainfall yesterday. we've talked about it, almost a foot of rain in some places in the north bay. the russian river, getting right to its crest. i'm trying to remember, you know, i don't know if i can
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remember the russian river ever going up as rapidly as it did. i'm sure it has, but it's been a while since we've had, in 24 hours, have that thing get to flood stage at guerneville so quickly. fortunately, we got the break. the showers out there now are widely scattered. got a little something here moving into oakland and san francisco. through san francisco, pardon me. this is the kind of thing we'll see tonight, as these systems kind of wobble onshore. instability will drop off a few showers in our area. that's what we're seeing out there now. widely scattered, though, so it's not an issue for flood warnings or flood advisories. overnight lows tonight will be chilly. the ground is wet, so fog will be an issue in the inland bay valleys. tomorrow's a nice-looking day. sunday, clouds increase and we have a good shot at showers by sunday night into monday. then more rain into next week. but again, nothing -- the ear marks of these next systems are nothing like this last one. there's the fog forecast for the morning hours. certainly seeing it in the valley, the big valley. then you'll see patchy valley
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fog in clayton and livermore valley. you'll see it out there by st. marys college, black point up in petaluma, you'll see the fog. wherever you usually see it, you'll see it tomorrow morning. the high pressure sits here and keeps some clouds spilling over tomorrow, so partly cloudy, partly sunny. but then that high drops out, as i mentioned on sunday night and that lets more rain in. here's the forecast model for tomorrow. you see the signature of the fog here. you see -- there will be fog. don't worry. the model doesn't always do well in the micro climates. tomorrow afternoon and evening, a few clouds move in. sunday morning, valley fog again. some high clouds. then here it comes. so that's sunday evening. it bleeds into your monday morning commute. who wants to think about monday right now? but there's monday midnight and monday morning's commute right there. that looks like rain. this will change a little bit. mark and rosemary will be in this weekend and time it out for you. monday morning commute looks
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dry. forecast highs tomorrow, warmer than they were today. five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, there you go. again, julie pointed it out. if you lived here any amount of time, you know the game. we can take a bunch of water, but boy, we can't take a bunch if we don't get breaks. what we had last night, if it had been followed by an inch or two of rain, we would have had real trouble. >> mudslides? >> petaluma, napa, all those rivers would have come over. >> we saw how fast they went up. bill, thank you. a raiders rookie honored this week after a stellar performance from sunday's game against the 49ers. >> and the 49ers are getting ready to face a familiar foe. how the deck is stacked against them, next in sports. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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. scott reiss here with sports. the 49ers have a pretty tough road game ahead of them. >> so you're saying there's a chance! >> i don't know. >> it is an uphill battle for the 49ers. can't win the west. going to need a lot of help to earn a wild card berth, and oh, yeah, they will have to find a way to prevail in seattle, a city that has been none too
6:25 pm
kind to them. we remember the agony of last year's nfc championship game, this close to advancing to the super bowl. then there are the last two regular season games at centurylink field in which seattle outscored san francisco by a combined 71-16. it's just never easy. >> yeah, they have been playing good football from most of the year, any time i've watched them, just the same things. lot of talented guys. they fly around, play great team defense and they made plays. got a tough job this week. later accolades have been few and far between, so this feels pretty good. derek carr named nfl rookie of the week for his stellar performance against the niners last sunday. 22 of 28, 254 passing yards, and three touchdowns, that will get it done. the raiders are at kansas city this sunday. andrew bogut is good at many things. healing, not one of them. the warriors had hoped bogut's knee injury would mend quickly,
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but the big guy has been ruled out for saturday and sunday. he will be reevaluated on monday. the w's remain the best team in the nba and they wouldn't be opposed to getting better. to that end, they reached out to ray allen to gauge interest. allen is 39 years old, not currently with a team. warriors gm bob meyers telling 95.7 the game, no contract has been offered and allen has given no occasions of his plans. but one of the best three-point shooters in nba history, he might fit right in. >> absolutely. >> never know. >> three-point team. >> scott, thank you. before we go tonight, we want to let you know the san jose fire department has started a go fund me account to help finish the house for their captain, darryl weeden, who suddenly passed away on thanksgiving morning. donations can also be made to the premier one credit union in san jose. we'll post a link on our website, and stay with us. tonight at 10:00, we'll share the story of a south bay family helped by a holiday angel. the big surprise they got and why the timing has them
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particularly grateful. that's tonight at 10:00. we're always here for you at, facebook and twitter. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a great night and a great weekend. see you tonight at 10:00.
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