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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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rushing water on the russian river. the storm has passed but not the problem. tonight the flood warning in effect as firefighters head out on the water. >> plus trees on holmes and buildings the threat that still exists from the downpours leaving soaked soil all over the bay area. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. we're back on storm watch as the bay area continues to dry out after the much needed soaking that lasted well
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through today. >> reporter: let's get to bill martin tracking lingering showers and adding up all the rain we received. >> two day rain totals impressive. it reached flood level a couple of spots. check them out. pretty impressive. we're talking about numbers that were half a foot, 10- inches of rain in benato. gernville coming up at 10- inches of rain. almost 9 incheses inches -- inches of rain in petaluma. los gatos with 6-inches and san anselmo 5.6. it was rainy out there for sure. the percents of average may be wondering to yourself what does it mean. percentage of average does not mean much since we still have a long way to go. san francisco 165. last year we were at 40%. 35% of average.
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this is much better. we are seeing a few scattered showers as you look around you can see a little bit of activity. especial little right offshore. when i come back we're tracking some of these showers that will be moving off tonight. perhaps as we head into the middle of the weekend. there's more showers in the middle of the weekend. right now we're getting a much needed break as ken and julie pointed out. a flood warning is in place tonight for the russian river. right now sits right near flood stage. that brought out fire boats today ready to pluck people from flooded homes or cars or other wise caught in that fast moving water. debora villalon is live where she saw firsthand just how ferocious the river is right now, debora. >> reporter: from inside a zodiac boat ken. we are at steel head beach this is the entrance and the parking lot. and you can see, it's all under water. which makes it a good boat
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launch for the water team. the draft starved russian river, no longer a lazy river. it's wide and wild. you wouldn't want to be in it. but it's a great time to train. forestville fire is on the water practicing swift water rescue even as they explore watching for people who might need help. submerged to the roof. the river five times as deep as behind the storm. >> about 6 feet, six intense feet. we're just a foot over flood stage. >> reporter: and no major rescues, people were warned. got prepared and didn't take foolish chances. the river is flowing at 10 miles per hour. the current much stronger below
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the surface. >> most of our calls are going to be related to people driving through flood waters. >> reporter: stalled cars traditionally a problem. living on stilts they will try to ride out the flood but then cry uncle when their power goes out. but this time the river is up and down fast. >> our main concern is debris in the water. >> reporter: it's still dangerous with lose logs floating around. firefighters watch out for that. floating feet up so they don't snag on anything. people who need rescue usually want to reach out for the tree and end up pinned. >> time to get the men overboard back on the zodiac. training to save someone in a
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river that is so alive but can be so deadly. >> reporter: this is valuable training, best done when the russian river is up like it is now. i'm told that it will soon settle at about 12 feet which is much healthier than it was before the storm. >> some tough training out there. >> reporter: evacuations along the russian river begins yesterday. in gernville we found street signs, homes and other damage done by the rising water. >> i was the last camper out of here and moving the uhaul out. a half hour later it was 3 feet under water. >> reporter: this is amazing. i've never seen that much rain in such a short period of time. >> reporter: the downstairs level is flooded. that's where they store the
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wine and liquor among other supplies. a waterspout was flooded. christian anthony of the west marine feed took this pickture off the point rays lighthouse. he said he saw it at sunset and watched it for about 10 minutes before it dissipated. we have more information on the stretch of highway 1. it may not reopen until january. this photo from caltrans gives you a good look. the roadway under the pavement has eroded. crews are working on a plan to fix the road. the potential for storm related damage is not over. trees toppled over throughout the area. with the soil saturated right now we could see more trees come down in coming days. ktvu's ken pritchett live with what experts say you can do to reduce that risk. >> reporter: what you're looking at here is what is left
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of a 90-foot eucalyptus tree. it doubled on to that home which was a senior center, there were eight people inside. >> i heard a loud thud sound. and second later the ground shook and my whole room shook. >> reporter: the tree took out a fence and roof of the home. it's fortunate no one was killed. >> this morning another one fell a larger oak tree. we fear we're going to have more of them. up draft winds we figure we can have more potential. >> peter: 18 miles away in alamo this oak tree crashed into gail gabore's home at late
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of night. >> i came out here and saw this horror. >> reporter: the tree pierced her roof but she's lucky just where it came down. >> on my garage. luckily not where i was sleeping. >> reporter: a manager steve duncan says we can see more downed trees in the next few days. >> there's still gong -- going to be more rain. >> reporter: the wind in the east bay were lighter than expected resulting in only seven calls to his company of downed trees since wednesday. he has advise for homeowners with large trees. >> people could look, watch and see if they can see some uplifting. if they see movement in the soil. and that's when they should be more concerned. >> if you have a large tree on or near your property he says you can check for that soil movement that uplifting of the earth and a good time to do that is when the wind picks up. >> a big tree there.
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thank you ken. stay with us for continuing coverage. this video that's coming up in about nine minutes of a rare tornado in los angeles. yesterday's fierce storm headed there today and caused significant problems. new video tonight from an oakland coffee shop where a robbery happened tonight. we have learned a customer and a worker at the black spring coffee company at telegraph avenue and 29th street were forced to the floor and robbed. it happened at about 6:00 tonight. police are still looking for the robber. there are new developments tonight in a case of a patient who was found dead in a stairwell of san francisco general hospital. we have learned the city of san francisco has a agreed to pay $2.9 million. spalding was a patient when she went missing last september. her body was discovered 17 days later. the san francisco city attorney's office said today the agreement will bring resolution without the quote
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heart ache of litigation. b.a.r.t.'s new connector is back up and running after a mechanical problem shut it down for much of the day. paul chamber s is live and this connector just opened a few weeks ago. >> reporter: the half billion dollars system was shut down for seven hours today leaving a lot of people frustrated. eagerly awaiting a ride to the oakland airport everyone though her means of transit is just a few yards away. this was the scene for many people on friday as the b.a.r.t. to oakland airport connector train was out of service. >> if the city invests money in something i want it to work. >> reporter: that was the feeling more many who could not wait to try the system. a tree hit the track and damaged the system. and later a tree damaged a car.
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>> i really like the service. i'm glad it's here. it's a little expensive. but i would like it to be more reliable. >> reporter: that all changed just after 5:00 this evening when the service was restored in a limited capacity only using one track while crews worked on the other. still some say they're upset that something so new didn't work as planned. >> you looked it up on time. told me exactly what to do. now i'm more frustrated because i told them i would rather just drive to the airport but i trusted the tram and it let me down. >> reporter: officials aren't sure what caused the second train to go down and they probably won't have any answers to that until monday. stock prices fell further. there must have been some relief on wall street when the closing bell rang. traders appeared discouraged with the way oil prices are
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going. analysts say some companies could go out of business if their costs exceed the price of crude. the dow jones lost 315 points it's down 378 points. nasdaq dropped 64. a silican company bucked the trend. it's fourth quarter earning beat expectations and shares closed 5% higher. that pushed the market evaluation to $3,500. adobe has done well with its new suites software. it plans to acquire an imagine software. we all got there and held each other. held his kids. held his wife. >> the huge project they're teaming on to help his family. new details as a cop is
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because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. new at 10:00, a holiday gift from an anonymous angel. today a santa clara woman called ktvu wanting to thank the secret santa who is making christmas possible for her family. amber lee is live in san jose after speaking with that woman and found out today's gift came just in time, amber.
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>> reporter: the secret santa showed up at this toy's are us store and helped the single woman grant her daughter's wish list. >> i said i would like a sparkly set, coconut the puppy. >> reporter: 8-year-old briana bianchi had written up a list of toys she would like for christmas. she and her mother recently moved into this one room apartment when the rent on their previous home doubledded. her mother works as a nanny and says it's a struggle. >> even feeding my daughter day-to-day is hard. >> reporter: her car was recalled, and says that she worries about becoming homeless. >> every day. every day. >> reporter: still the day after thanksgiving bianci went to toys are u.s. to put some of
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the toys briana wanted on lay away. she put $20 down but the total was $200. >> i was like oh my god how am i going to pay for this. and then this happened. >> reporter: what happened was a phone call from toys r' us today. >> just to let you know we had an anonymous guest come in and pay off your layaway. so when you're ready we actually have your lay off ready for pick up. let us know. thank you. have a good day. >> i just said thank you god, thank you god. that's what i said. >> reporter: bianchi picked up the list. >> reporter: the secret santa wishes to remain anonymous but the mother wanted to show her gratitude. >> i just want to say thank you so much for making our christmas the best christmas i've ever had. >> reporter: bianchi hopes her
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story will help others. >> i want other people to not give up. that a miracle can happen. >> reporter: secret santa paid bianchi's account just in time. people's accounts will be cancelled if not picked up by tonight. secret santas paying lay aways anonymously is a nationwide trend. in massachusetts, a woman walked in and paid $20,000 and paid everybody's accounts. a man caught a tornado on camera. it's not kansas. the national weather service says a small tornado did touch down in south los angeles around 9:20 this morning. as you can see it snapped palm trees and tore off a roof. the good news nobody was hurt. in ventura county, tons of
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mud, rocks and debris have buried more than a dozen homes in the city of camario. efforts to shore up the area which was hit hard by a wildfire could not stop the mud slide. >> we're still in a state of shock. our friend and neighbors many people have lost a lot. >> reporter: phil leads was one of them. he was of the here when the middle of the night rains fell and all hell broke lose. >> it rained very hard for probably i don't know 40 minutes and then all of a sudden, up on sam cuomo the water just flooded down. it was going 50 miles per hour. >> reporter: those high rails were put up. they actually came around the river straight down this way and up off into the street in that direction. >> rocks, debris and everything else was just shooting right out into the street. >> reporter: streets were like rivers of rocks and boulders poking into garages. drowning homes after their
10:19 pm
rooftops. >> i'm devastated. i couldn't believe this could happen. >> reporter: thelma acosta was lucky. her home was not damaged. in another home three people were trapped. an elderly couple behind a bed were pushed by a wall of mud. >> the caretaker was on the kitchen on a counter with knee deep mud below him. he jumped up on the counter to get away from the mud. >> reporter: a home of retired u.s. congressman was one of them. the home belonged to his inlaws when they were alive. >> you look at that home what goes through your mind? >> there's a lot of memories there. fortunately no injured were reported and mandatory evacorderrers were lifted this afternoon. the city is now working on plans to try to prevent any further mud flows. an update on bay area power outages. pg & e crews from washington, oregon and southern california spent the day helping to repair
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downed power lines. at the height of the storm more than 236,000 customers had lost power. that number is now down to 1,000 customers. the peninsula still has the most outages at 235. and in the east bay 235 customers are still in the dark. we're getting a nice little break now. a few scattered showers. here comes another system. it's going to get us wet next week. wet into the weekend. showers outside right now. you just see lingering stuff. out by 35 heading into the great highway. heading into daily city. a few showers specifically. it's just light stuff. that's what's going to slide through. we're going to see more wide scattered rain. this yellow might respect a little more rain. you expect to hear a few drip drops tonight. that should be -t it until we
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head into sunday night. the first thing you notice tomorrow morning is fog. there's already fog in the contra costa county in the valleys of the east bay. and in the north bay, and in the south bay the fog is already materializing. it's wet. it's cool. so valley fog tomorrow morning. you know absolute possibility. this high pressure center will be with us right through the weekend. your saturday looks good but sunday this ridge breaks down. when i come back we will focus on sunday. temperatures in the upper 50s. a couple of low 60s. mostly sunny, cloudy. we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. and there is snow in the sierra and that has tahoe ski resorts ready. and the hopes that the snow gets the ski season to a good start. a widow in shock tonight after a deadly accident involving a transit bus. what she says she and her husband talked about right before he went for a walk.
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>> police in portland oregon are searching for a gunman who shot and wounded five people outside a high school. police say the gunman may have gang ties. a 16-year-old girl is in critical condition. two males 17 and 20 are in serious condition and a 19-year- old woman suffered a grazing wound and was treated at the scene. police say the gunman ran off along with two others an argument may have preceded the shooting. new information about a confrontation during a protest in oakland this week. a freelance photographer told ktvu today a highway patrol officer was justified in pulling his gun on a crowd of protesters. the photographer snapped picture similar to this one of a plain clothed officer with his gun drawn. the head of the chp and the bay
10:25 pm
area told ktvu one of his officers was punched and kicked before his officer pulled the gun at the crowd. today michael schwartz backed off that. he said, i think that was justified. i tried to put myself in his shoes. if there was a crowd of 30 to 50 coming at me and my partner had been hit in the head, i would have done the same thing. the hugs are common and warm inside helen's alameda home. she just lost her husband of 50 years sam to a traffic collision. >> i think he was just a warm
10:26 pm
loving person. it's hard to think of stevie in the past tense. >> reporter: the accident happened around 5:30 thursday evening. >> then i had realized how long it had been. then i heard sirens and things. >> reporter: steve sauce was hit just two blocks from his home. sauce was doing what he loved to do. taking his daily walk. he was in the crosswalk when he was hit on a night his wife says she tried to stop him from going. >> we quarreled. i wanted him. it was a quarter to 5:00, it was already quite dark, it was raining. >> reporter: but she made sure he wore his reflective vest and bracelet. but that didn't seem to help. the collision is still under investigation. >> it appears the driver was
10:27 pm
acting in a unlawful manner up until the point when he struck the man. he nearly died 20 years ago of a heart ailment. >> he was a series of miracles saved him. >> reporter: now sauce leaves behind his wife, two daughters and five grandchildren. >> i'm sure there's a higher authority that knows the reason behind this. but at this moment, coming up with anything. >> reporter: in alameda, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a billion and a half gallons of water. the impact of yesterday's rain on storm reservoirs. but first we will take you to the sierra where skiers and
10:28 pm
skiers alike are saying this christmas may be the best in years. and a reminder you can get to go. watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device.
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it was a treacherous drive to tahoe. more than a foot of snow fell in some spots requiring drivers to stop and chain up. but tonight some good news both interstate 80 and 50 are clear with no chains required over the summits. and all that new snow has tahoe area businesses loving the start of the ski season. as reporter richard sharp found out ski areas are now able to open more terrain than expected. >> reporter: compared to last night there are a lot more cars on the interstate. you can see over my shoulder here interstate 880 a lot more
10:31 pm
taillights headed into the sierra. many staying for the weekend but most of the people we found with coming for the snow. tonight in the sierra, you don't even have to ask about the snow conditions. >> it's awesome. >> it's going to be lots of fun i'm ready. >> reporter: skiers and snow boarders already think this season is off to a better start than last year. >> we're going to have a great season this year. >> it's perfect. >> reporter: skis boots and clothing, it's not just the out of towners. >> for locals too. everyone here is fired up and ready to roll into winter. we've been waiting and waiting and waiting, is it going to come in. is it going to happen. it's mid-december now, and it's happening. >> reporter: on the other side. >> i pretty much have the coolest job in the world. >> reporter: they're preparing for a busy weekend. >> it's been good. i would say this year is definitely thumbs up. >> reporter: sugar bowl opens tomorrow. talk about timing. the snow gave them so much snow they're opening more than
10:32 pm
double the terrain they had anticipated. >> this is a preholiday storm which is what we want. it came in wet which is great because it's a good base builder. >> reporter: the snow the storm delivered the setting up the industry for one of the best christmases they've had in a few years. >> so great, the snow is perfect. >> yeah. >> i think this storm really did us good. >> there's a lot of excitement in the sierra about not only the snowstorm but the season in general. we also found a lot of people who are not just coming up and staying for the weekend, but also contemplating buying more season passes and more season passes throughout is season because they see this storm and they're very excite about the possibilities. in the sierra, i'm richard sharp, ktvu channel 2 news. california's biggest state registration soys are filling up thanks to the storm. fulsome lake is at 24% of capacity. lake oroville is at 34% of capacity up from 26%.
10:33 pm
and the st. louis reservoir has gone from 24% to 29% of capacity during the first 12 days of december. all three are still below the historical average level on this day. here in the bay area the storm brought more than a billion gallons of water to our reservoirs as david stevenson says that is welcomed news. >> reporter: after a break in the clouds brought welcomed relief from the morning rain. >> we're so lucky to get such good rain. but now that we have the sunshine it feels great. >> it's very lovely today. yes it's been the lot of wet days. >> you're cheering at the water. we're getting a lot of rainfall. great for the water system. >> reporter: great because thursday's storm dumped 1 --
10:34 pm
1.5 billion gallons of water. a great relief during this time of drought. >> we were at roughly 56 to 57% of total systems to our capacity. normally we would be at 80% in a normal year. this last storm put us at about 100% of normal. >> reporter: that means shifting water supplies from reservoirs and other reservoirs. >> we really won't know the total picture until the snow surveys start to be done later in the winter. >> reporter: the san francisco public utilities warn we're still in a drought and they're urging residents to continue to
10:35 pm
conserve. crews counted a dozen landslides spilling boulders and mud on the park's main entrance. >> this has been running for the last 24 hours pumping out water from what looks like a rain but is really a meadow. >> both parks are expected to open tomorrow. in san jose storm damage forced a safe way store to close indefinitely. you can see the holes over the roof of the produce section which opened up during the heavy rain yesterday. the store on east capital expressway is now red tagged. scattered showers continue tonight, how much of a break we'll get this weekend before more rain returns. and preventing violence one mother at a time. the work of a bay area group that was celebrated tonight.
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nfl star adrian peterson is going to have to wait until next year before he plays another game. this afternoon an arbitrator
10:39 pm
upheld his request until april 15. he was hoping to be reinstated immediately. peterson and the nfl's players union are expected to appeal the decision in court. the killer of a 14-year-old was sentenced today 40 years after her death. she was sexually assaulted and killed in her home. that led to the arrest of rapist and burglar curtis tucker. he pleaded no contest to second degree murder. the judge apologized for only being able to sentence tucker to five years to life because of sentencing guidelines in place at the time of the crime. new at 10:00, reaching out to those who have experienced the pain of violence. the bay area group 1,000 mothers to prevent violence held a purple gala in oakland this evening. 1,000 mothers provides supports for victim and survivors of gun
10:40 pm
violence offering friendship and knowledge. every year they single out individuals for a special honor. the founder says it's especially important this time of year. >> holidays are usually difficult for us and we come together just so we can share in and pour out love on our families that are grieving this holiday season. >> reporter: lorraine taylor's swing son -- twin sons were killed in a drive by shooting. she says since that time, she has dedicated her life to helping other parents of victims. chrysler is adding five more states to the recall of the cars with air bag inflators. california is not on that list. the new recall includes 608,000 cars, trucks and suvs. last week ford also agreed to widen its recall. stanford says it has offered admission to 743
10:41 pm
students who apply for its early admission program. the university says it received more than 7,000 early applications. the most in school history. of the students admitted more than 75% had a gpa above 4.0. the regular deadline to join the class of 2019 is january 3rd. stanford says it expects to receive 30,000 applications. last year it offered admission to about 2,100. we all try to be that guy including myself but i'm not. south bay firefighters are mourning the unexpected loss of their captain. the effort under way to honor his legacy and take care of the family he leaves mind. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking more rain for the bay area. he's back with the complete bay area forecast. up first, a home crashes into the ocean as people watch, the home that fell victim to heavy rain and fierce waves.
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a few weeks ago this vacation home was blocks from the beach. tonight it's in the ocean. there it goes. fierce waves are beating at the ocean at wash away beach. homeowners said they knew the risk because the land has been eroding for decades. several homes in the area were inundated and had to be evacuated. high tide combined with heavy run off raised concerns of new flooding. >> we feel lucky. like we had our stuff lifted up
10:45 pm
to like knee. so we didn't have any damage in the house. >> reporter: akeel and his family were among those who had to move to a motel for the night. the good news is city officials say they're not predicting any problems with creeks or the river later tonight. this weekend a san jose firefighter family will say goodbye to one of his own. captain weatland passed away on thanksgiving morning. fellow firefighters are pulling together to honor his legacy and take care of the family he left blind. >> reporter: from the outside, station 35 looks like it always has. and yet nothing is the same. >> it's just unfair. >> reporter: there is a void. >> for me i don't even know if it's hit me yet. >> and a pain. >> everything i look around here it remind me of him. >> reporter: this was home for
10:46 pm
50-year-old captain daryll wheaton. >> the motto he used around the fire house and his family is i got this. he's the kind of guy that would say i got this. >> is there was a 911 call to the neighborhood. >> reporter: that call came from wheaton's home. he add gone to bed the night before and never woke up. >> we just got there and held each other. held his kid, held his wife. it doesn't seem real. it doesn't seem real even standing here. >> reporter: he was a husband and father of four. >> he sold all his kid. he was a seamstress. he sewed all his kid's halloween costumes since they were little. >> reporter: so now they answer themselves this question. >> how would daryl deal with this. >> reporter: daryl was building a home for his family all by
10:47 pm
himself. and his fellow firefighters say it will be finished. >> i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: look closer and you will see his void. where his mail should still sit. the captain's chair he should still fill. >> we all try to be that guy including myself. but i'm not. >> reporter: but he always told them, i got this. >> thanks for what you thought us. >> reporter: and as they mourn. >> we will take care of us, we will take care of your family. we got this. >> reporter: and hold on to each other. >> the firefighters have started a go fund me account to finish the family's house. we're not seeing rain out here tonight obviously. we are seeing scattered showers but nothing like last night. we do have a weather system
10:48 pm
peaking around the corner. this system will get in here most likely sunday night. it's going to be, it'll be a nice little system. nothing like what we just saw. we have scattered showers outside right now as this instability rotates through. and as you see there it really is just real minor stuff. which is great because as we pointed out, a ton in the last couple of days how important these breaks are. the breaks we're getting by not getting heavy rain right now. the russian river which we have been reporting on. the petaluma river and russian river are having a chance to come down. almost .02% of average in san jose. it's been plenty of valley fog in the inland bay valleys. i have reports of it all over the area. north and east bay right now. so look for the fog, showers wind down tonight. saturday and sunday great. sunday more cloud move in and
10:49 pm
then sunday night some showers. looks as though monday through wednesday we have more showers in the forecast. so here's the computer model. that's 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. a lot of it in the north bay. that's valley fog. it's going to be low visibility is tomorrow. so 5:00. not a bad day. right after the fog goes away. this is sunday, sunday morning. fog, clouds. and then here is sunday evening. this is the system that comes in. so here comes in as we head into sunday night late early monday morning. here's your morning commute on monday. that's an okay system. there's something going on there. your afternoon commute should be mostly dry. looks like that system is pulling out of the area. i hate talking about monday on friday. boy it's the last thing you want to hear. just think monday morning's commute. mark and rosemary will be here tomorrow and they'll try to update it if there are any changes. 59 in mountain view, 60 in los
10:50 pm
gatos. your five day forecast with the weekend in view. there it is. morning fog the story. both saturday and sunday morning and then showers late on sunday. so not a big, a big deal but enough to get the break we needed and enough to put more rain in the reservoirs early next week through wednesday. i think i look at the long range models and there's even more out there. >> that's good news. >> you're funny saying, talking about monday. the bay area is hoping to host another major international event. the bay area submitted its bid to hold the world cup seven. the san jose earthquakes new stadium would host it. the world cup two years later would include 24 men's team and 16 women's team. san francisco hopes to lost the
10:51 pm
olympics. >> i was thinking just how good the warriors could be if they were at full strength. they could be better right. >> i'm not sure how they could be everyone better but hopefully we will find out sooner than later. bogut is blessed with the power to rebound but the power to heal not one of his strong suits. he will be reevaluated on monday. and today, they will be in dallas. the mavs haven't exactly played at warrior level this season. nobody has. but they've been very good and will provide a stiff test. >> well this is the best offensive team in the league. they have shooters and guarders and pen -- penetrators all over the floor. you have to guard the paint, that opens up the three point
10:52 pm
shooting. it's probably our biggest challenge of the year defensively. >> all right just for fun we harken back to the 1996 nba draft. the warriors with the number 11 pick selected to fuller. two picks later at number 13 charlotte takes kobe bryant. just imagine, the course of warrior history had they realized that today. kobe would be on the cusp of passing michael jordan on the all time scoring list. kobe still with the lakers needed 21 to pass mj all time. two minutes to go in the third. he hits his first three of the night. it's a long three. 22 points in regulation. but we go to overtime. so there's still a chance. bryant will drive and dish to carlos boozer. actually kobe didn't score in ot so he remains eight shy of michael. final 15 seconds. nick young. how about swage. nick young is now 26,230 points
10:53 pm
shy of michael jordan. a nice honor for an oakland raider i will tell you who and what. and round two in the emerald city. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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here is the sobering state of the 49ers. can't win the west and they must somehow find a way to prevail at their home of horrors, century link field. the niners this close to vanquishing the seahawks and advancing to the super bowl. then there are the last two regular season games in seattle where the hawks outscored san francisco with a combined 72- 63. it's just never that easy. >> they've been playing good football for most of the year. any time i watched them just the same thing, a lot of talented guys and they fly around. play great team defense and they make plays. so we have a tough job this week. >> the raider accolades have been few and far between this season. so this one feels good.
10:57 pm
derek carr named nfl rookie of the week. 22-28 passing. 254yards, three touchdowns the raiders will be at kansas city this sunday. and you know after that clunker of a thursday night game we had last time with cardinals and rams i think we're all everyone more excited to get to the real nfl day on sunday this week. >> the 49er fans aren't even having high expectations for sunday. this season has just taken a big downward turn hasn 't it. >> they're a big understood dog. they could win a game and stay in the hunt if they don't win on sunday they're pretty much done. >> i think seattle is peaking right at the right moment. >> let's check the forecast. >> saturday talk about the valley fog. it's everywhere. but then it burns off nice day saturday, sunday cloud increase and then showers come back in the forecast. so we're wet again but nothing like what we just saw with the flood warnings and the whole bit there. so much better set up. real nice to see the sun today.
10:58 pm
>> nice to dry out. thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage always continues on have a great weekend. good night. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper,
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