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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 15, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a drenching rain in the south bay tonight, the latest downpour in a series of storms in the bay area. there's more behind it. we're tracking when the next round will arrive. good evening i'm julie haner. >> i'm frank somerville. we're on storm watch tonight with new problems from all the rain. take a look at this oak tree that fell over in nevada because of how saturated the soil was. this afternoon the crews will work to clear all that debris off the boulevard. >> the rain brought down these rocks from san francisco's telegraph hill. it's been a problem spot in the past. and navy base were worried that more rain could bring on bigger
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rocks. >> our chief meteorologist is tracking where the rain is right now and also when the next rain will be set to arrive. what do you think? >> there is more tomorrow in time for the commute. we've got this much rain here today. almost two and a half inches. that's significant rainfall, an inch and a half in san francisco. here is where we stand now with showers as you can see where they are lined up. most of the showers have moved out of the south bay. these are kind of widely scattered, a little heavier in places where you see the yellows, heavier out by richmond and hercules. tomorrow morning will look more like this now. we'll see widely scattered light showers. shouldn't be a big deal. here we are tonight. this computer model in the area of 1:00 a.m. that some want to go through this south bay and here we are in the morning commute. you can see how widely it is. check this out as we get in to the afternoon clouds increase and then a bang at 4:00, 5:00,
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somewhere in there the rain starts to come down again. a good rain event. we'll talk more specifically about the potential for the rainfall. and how much you're going to get and then we'll talk snow in the mountains as well. >> thank you. and now to ktvu as they will be live tonight where many people will be worried about storm- related problems, watching the next system very closely. amber? >> reporter: julie, we are in downtown san rafael where it has been raining steadily until a few minutes ago. still there's foot traffic that one shop owner in san rafael, excuse me where they will tell us that they would have them a bit concerned about more rain in the forecast. >> reporter: the sandbags at the store front. >> this is the wooden gate. minus the rain, so it will be a little worth. >> reporter: for the protection and peace of mind. >> i'm hoping that it has been another big night where i don't
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sleep. >> reporter: they own the doodle bug, a toy and art supply store. nine years ago the flood damaged closed their shop for six months. >> it's four and a half feet of mud that came in partly because they went to the door. >> reporter: a lot has changed since then. they would monitor creek just across the street. from inside her store. >> they would get up to almost nine feet today. >> reporter: the valley fire department would provide an online gauge. tonight the creek several feet below flood stage despite the rain. in san francisco, city crews are cleaning up and suring up. eyes on the cliff below their power. around 11:30 this morning, a pile of rocks would tumble on to the pavements. the people in the area are a bit worried. >> walking fast to get out of here. that's the most important part to be safe. >> reporter: they would catch the rocks that might come down. assessments on what to do for the permanent fix that is still a work in progress.
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the falling rocks are a reminder that this neighborhood saw the major rock slide here in january of 2012. and they would work to reenforce that nearby portion of the hillside that start at just a month ago. >> tomorrow we're going to add to this temporary fencing. we are going to extend it higher so it will catch any rock or debris that might slide down with the heavy rains that are expected. >> reporter: back here this shop owner says she is prepared, hoping for the best. >> we have the sandbags and fingers crossed. >> always. >> reporter: despite the inconvenience of some of the problems that the rain has caused, everyone we spoke with say they don't mind because the rain is much needed. >> we do need it. live in san rafael tonight for us. thank you. the financial toll is certainly amounting from that huge storm last week where already three bay area county haves declared the local states of emergency or they plan to. in sonoma county alone, it's
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estimated at $16 million and growing. where most of that damage has happened. deborah? >> reporter: well 15 of the 16 million, frank. thanks mostly to the false creek right here. the little creek that could and did flood them. >> it came through the kitchen probably two and a half to three inches. >> reporter: a restaurant just days away from opening. >> we have it all the way up to here and the sandbags all the way along it and the water would still find a way. >> reporter: they got a wild baptism last week with the flood that swamped dozens of businesses in downtown hillsburg. >> i was crying. i was mad. >> we have the cement floors and not carpet. i mean the places that have carpet, they had to be hit horribly. >> reporter: they may have made that flood look fun. but the flipside, the price tag for damage, clean up, lost
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business. and it will go higher. >> it's likely. i mean as we go through the event. >> reporter: damage reports are still coming in to the county emergency services. $16 million adds up four ways. individual losses, businesses, infrastructure, such as roads, and responding to all of it. >> and for us to ask the state for assistance, you need to show them how big is it? >> reporter: across the bay area, public works crews are still in recovery mode. it toppled today. >> this will not be it. i have a feeling that we will be busy this winter, especially if it is a wet winter. $they fell across the street, in the on to the house, lifting the cement patio right off the ground. >> i don't like it when you have so much rain and things like this happen. you know, it's too bad that nature does not know how to regulate. >> reporter: and it rained again through the evening.
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soon these restaurant owners would hope to put the brooms and mops away. with their kitchen, start serving steaks because the flood is an expense that they did not budget. >> it is easy. >> the next morning when we opened up the door and we were able to get in they were here and they helped us mop out. >> not just them, but their wives showed up, saying is there anything that we could do to help you? >> reporter: the small town spirit is alive and well. and sonoma county, damaged while high for such a quick storm that is tiny compared to the last big flood. you'll recall that it was new years eight years ago when it was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. >> i remember that well. thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage. bill will be back in 11 minutes to detail tomorrow's forecast. then at 10:45 the extended outlook including another chance for rain, and how the weekend looks. new at 10:00 the fire chief
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in san francisco has lost the support of many firefighters. we're told 680 firefighters voted no confidence in chief joe ann hayes white. 156 voted confident and nine members sustained. the vote was held last week, but the votes were revealed tonight. this is the second no confidence vote for white. we contacted the fire department today, but so far no response from the chief. a man previously charged with intentionally starting a devastate wildfire east of sacramento has been indicted by the grand jury. the 37-year-old was indicted of one count of arson of forestland where they would say he deliberately set that fire on september 13 in steep terrain. the fire charred more than 150 square miles. he pleaded not guilty. his next court appearance is set for january 23. the wife of bill cosby is breaking her silence, speaking out about the many allegations of rape against her husband. camille cosby released a
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statement saying, "he's a kind man a generous man a funny man, and a wonderful husband, father, and friend. he is the man you thought you knew." she also blames the news media for not vetting her husband's accusers. this is her first public statement since the accusations resurfaced that her husband bill cosby sexually assaulted more than a dozen women. the two have been married since 1964. new video now from sydney, australia where there is a growing memorial filled with flowers tonight after a deadly scene at a downtown cafe. tonight we're learning more about the risky operation to end that frightening standoff and about the hostage taker. heather holmes is here now with the new information. heather? >> reporter: well i want you to take a look at the haunting images of several hostages, you see them running from the cafe under siege for more than 16 hours in there. you see another man who races towards police and to safety with his hands up.
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authorities say that the gunman acted alone and that his motivations opened up a new and disturbing chapter in the war on terrorism. intense flashes of gunfire. and loud glass from the stun grenades. as heavily armed australian police stormed the lindt chocolat cafe. medics with stretchers followed. >> i made the call because i believe at that time if they didn't enter that there would have been many more lives lost. >> reporter: the barrage of gunfire came after hours of fruitless negotiations with the hostage taker, an islamist gunman identified as the 50- year-old man horan munis. he had a history of law run- ins. >> he has had a violent history of crime, and mental instability. he is sought to cloak his actions with the symbolism of
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the eyesore. tragically there are people in our community who are ready to engage in politically motivate violence. >> reporter: they say that one of the demands was to have a flag of the islamic state. the group delivered to the cafe. he was killed by police during the rescue operation. two hostages, a man, and a woman were also killed. >> i just feel like we have lost something. something that i felt like we were protected from. and that is what is making it so upsetting as i feel like we have lost our industry here today. >> reporter: earlier in that terrifying ordeal they were forced to hold up a black islamic banner and forced to stand against the window for as long as two hours at a time. they say that there are lessons to be learned from that standoff, highlighting the danger posed by the lone wolfs. >> it's beyond words that people are going about their every day business. that it should have been called up in such a horrific incident.
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>> and we also learned tonight that the female hostage killed was the manage of that cafe and other hostages say she grabbed the gun, which triggered a shot that lead to the raid. >> it's so sad. we're learning about the gunman. >> we are. more and more coming out as they would come -- they would continue now looking closely at his past. he was granted political asylum and was on bail for a strong of violent offenses, including being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. within the last hour we spoke to that woman's god father who lives in heyward. take a listen as he describes her as controlling. >> she was a very beautiful girl. very beautiful. and, you know, he didn't like her talking it anybody, any of the outsiders. and you know they didn't want
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that. >> so again a controlling jealous man. that's one past relationship that investigators will be looking at and also be looking at his twitter account, website, which will both be down now to see if there are any links to anyone else as well. >> you hate to see anybody killed in a situation like that. but it's remarkable that only two of those hostages were killed. thank you. a family desperate for answers after a young woman falls to her death on the cliffs of san francisco. >> her cell phone missing, it doesn't make sense. >> the they investigate why her family is now questioning the story that they've been told. and a south dade police officer under investigation. the fallout over the series of controversial tweets. you're not going to change the world for me, i'll have to do it myself. >> why they called tonight's demonstration unique. (vo) nourished.
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and no family ever pays st. jude for anything. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. a somber vigil tonight from police protesters where students, family, and peaceful demonstrators created a circle of candles in oakland. tonight's protest was different than ones we've seen in the past few weeks. we are live at the lake with what made this demonstration unusual. jana? >> reporter: some parents called this a family-friendly protest and it didn't have a very different feel as children again just five to six years old circling here tonight. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: it was a protest
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vigil with all the usual signs and speeches in a moment of silence. but unusual in a way with so many young children. >> reporter: to teach them that had is your opportunity and your choice and it needs to be heard. it's one of the first times that we have action. >> reporter: this too was a part of their movement. where hundreds gathered at 5:00. after the rain cleared their candle height join the city reflected in the waters of the lake. an hour later a large group of high school students, they joined the vigil saying they wanted it to be a peaceful demonstration that focused on young people and their choices. >> nobody is going to change the world for me. making posts, signs, fliers whatever it takes. i can't wait anymore. >> i feel like a lot of the adults and the people that they forget are the future as the change has to come from us.
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>> a group of 300 high school students met at the decision around -- met at the station. others shut down the bus lane. but this student lead protest was peaceful with no major disruptions, just major concerns by the city's youngest citizens. >> when i was younger the police busted in to my house for no reason at all. we were like five to six years old. >> this is our civil rights movement. >> i feel like people are fed up. but it's other ways you show your anger and it doesn't always have to lead to violence. >> reporter: peaceful tonight and that many people wonder about tomorrow. the group by any means necessary says they are planning another protest in berkeley at five o'clock p.m.,
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leading to the city council meeting. thank you. another demonstration in oakland lead to the arrest of 25-year-old people. it happened during a protest at police headquarters. the group of people chained himself together and brought traffic as they would say they were not notified of the planned action. one man was lying -- was crying the flag pole. organizers wanted to shut down their headquarters. today the father of michael brown was a guest speaker at the assembly organized by high school students in san francisco. he was the 18-year-old shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. that's my job, my duty to stay here. the event was sponsored by the black student union, but the students from all over the city attended. the other speakers included
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johnson who is the uncle of oscar grant who was killed by a bart police officer in oakland. a jury acquitted a san francisco man tried for arson in the south market area. last june police released video showing a man in a parking garage after a mercedes was torched. then the 38-year-old was arrested. during the trial the deputy's public defender said that the identification was tainted and told the jury that tests on his clothes and home showed no evidence of an accelerant. they say he was in that garage while going to serve legal papers. the public works director in san francisco says he's at war with a graffiti tagger who just won't stop. ktvu ken wayne reports on the back and forth battle to clean up the graffiti and why this situation has become parcel. >> reporter: the city's public works director didn't mince words, calling out what he considers the worse graffiti offender in san francisco. in a twitter post overt weekend he said, "i am at war with
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merz, i just wiped out all the tags on the freeway. if you know him or her, $1,000 reward." >> this sounds real personal with you. >> it is personal because it is my route home. and i just, i'm angry thinking why. >> reporter: along home is highway 101. these pictures show the graffiti along the freeway as well as intermission and bay shore boulevard areas. >> and friday we would clean it, you know, last night he hit, we've clean it. >> reporter: but he keeps coming back. >> we're going to find him and he's going to pay for all of these, because it's costing the taxpayers a lot of money. >> reporter: he has 25 new people just to clean up the graffiti. the best way to end graffiti is to clean it up so the taggers eventually tire. but that has not happened so far with merz. >> it sounds like someone with a problem. i hope that we could find him and get him help. and the resolutioners for the thousands of dollars that he has caused. >> and they say that they will
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be willing to call it truce, but they will not seek criminal charges, trying to have the person prosecuted if he would only stop. but he's not counting on that happening. in san francisco ken wayne ktvu channel 2 news. beneficial rainfall falling over the last week or so. check it out. oakland is at 191% average right now. look at san jose. 244% above average. numbers at this time of the year doesn't mean a ton, but it's sure nice. look at how close we need to be in oakland. this is for the entire year. they're about half of that need as nay are coming up on the half way mark in san jose right there too. so a lot of rain around here that has been helpful as we will need more and they will keep coming, especially as we head through the afternoon hours tomorrow. here is the current radar as you can see the rain is falling now, up to the north side, all day around san rafael with a big shower moving through earlier and the heavy
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downpours. the second computer model that we'll see tonight and tomorrow morning are more widely scattered showers. some could go through in morning commutes, but for the most part your morning commute will go off without a hitch. nothing like what we saw the other morning. as we get in through the afternoon, look at this. this guy will show up. you're getting ready go home from work and the roadways are wet. pretty significant rainfall, which will be a flow as you can see the strong dynamics of the heavier rain cells moving through 4:00 to 5:00 now. so your afternoon commute tomorrow will be compromised by this rain. then after it starts to die out, you get widely scattered showers. it's wet, more showers out behind this as well. so hi come back we'll detail the timeline for the rest of your week and down to the christmas holidays. we'll see you back here. a bay area police chief under fire why he's demanding himself to his own officers. >> they investigate a
10:23 pm
disturbing increase in the number of increases. by the family of the woman who fell to her death has serious questions about how it was handled. the man accused of killing his ex-wife and five former in- laws.
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in pennsylvania the search is on for the marine accused of killing six of his family members. it happened in three different locations today in philadelphia. police say that the 35-year-old bradley stone broke in to his ex-wife's apartment this morning, shot and killed her and then left with their two young girls. investigators say he then went to two nearby communities where he killed five other family members and severely wounded another. stone's daughters were later found safe at the neighbor's house. there are reports that he and his ex-wife were involved in a bitter custody battle over
10:26 pm
their daughters. new developments tonight in a controversy involving tweets by the san jose police officer where tonight that officer is on paid administrative leaves and his tweet haves since been deleted. but this is a screen shot of his message to their protesters. one tweet reads threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and appointed right and duty to kill you. allie rasmus on the investigation in to the officer's conduct. san jose police officer took to twitter to voice his frustration with the protest. under the hash tag the cops lives matter, they wrote threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. in another tweet he wrote, by the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight off duty carrying my
10:27 pm
gun. this -- this is video of officer white where he used to work in one of their anti-gang program. >> it's one element o l -- of a definition of the gang. >> reporter: this afternoon he's no longer involved in that program nor on patrol, now on paid administrative leave while they conduct an investigation. they said in a statement, "it's extremely important for the community to know the comments made on his private social media accounts do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here in the san jose police department." they add "nor do we condone this type of behavior." the san jose police officers organization is also not coming to white's defense. the union incoming vice president would not make any comments. >> offensives, disrespectful or inappropriate social media comment haves no place in the public discourse surrounding the recent tragic loss of life
10:28 pm
in the officer-involved incidents around the country. >> reporter: and the spokeswoman says that there is no timeline to complete that investigation. it could take weeks or even months. she would not talk about what, if any sort of punishment that the officer may face after that investigation is complete. in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. richmond's police chief is defending himself against complaints from the officers in his own department. last week we showed you the chief who is taking part in that peaceful demonstration, holding a sign that would read lives matter. the police officer's association says they shouldn't have taken part in what they would call a political action while in uniform. and they wrote a letter, saying that it was not political and, "most importantly it conveys that we want to build bridges and strengthen relationships with persons of color in our city." holiday wishes come true. tonight at 10:45, the giveaway on this evening that would put smiles on the faces of hundreds of children.
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the hoodie is gone and neither has been recovered. it doesn't make sense. a family desperate for answers after the young woman falls to her death. two investigates and reveals why they are now questioning how the investigation was handled. you can get ktvu news to go. download the new app, click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscast live on the mobile device.
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they attract thousands of people each year from breathtaking views of the ocean, beaches, and golden gate bridge. some of those visitors would end up beyond the barriers on the cliffs over the ocean. >> yeah, and now one family of the young woman who fell to her death has real questions about what happened, how her case was
10:32 pm
handled. we spoke to investigates. >> reporter: the treacherous steep cliffs around the coast where last year alone they rescued 11 people. so far this year that number is up to 28. only one did not live to tell what happened. the 26-year-old. >> we just want answers. >> reporter: randy's life ended on the morning of october 30. the 27-year-old was with her. he was pulled to safety from 150 feet down the cliff. but after talking to chris, randy's father, he hired a private investigator. >> he came up here when she reached the edge, she stood for a second, and then he just saw her disappear. >> reporter: a sign on the main trail warns that people have plunged to their deaths here. but the path beyond is well worn and people would slip through the cable's fence easily. just last week they rescued another hiker from this spot. the fire chief says that the
10:33 pm
cliff rescues along the stretch have spiked. >> yes, it is a big jump. i attribute to the fact that the weather has been nice. >> we expect our visitors to use our good judgment as we provide warning signs to help people understand where areas are especially dangerous. >> reporter: the body was found on the ocean rocks about 300 feet below. a cold crisp look was rescued more than four hours later. telling adam feldman that he ran down this cliff to administer cpr to her. >> do you think it's possible if somebody fell down there that another person would be able to rescue them by running down that cliff? >> no. that'd be pretty difficult. >> reporter: after half an hour they got stuck and he yelled for help until he was finally heard around noon. >> do you think it's possible if they were screaming for help for four hours that no one would hear them? >> that would be pretty difficult. usually there are always people as we have come out here as early as 3:00 to 4:00 in the
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morning and there are people out here. >> reporter: we asked the park service how they would handle the cases. >> all of our fatalities are investigated fully. >> reporter: they left repeated messages with the u.s. park police, but they did not return their calls for days. >> and the detective in charge didn't come out here until four days after the event. they didn't even visit that site to look and see where it took place. >> reporter: investigators say that he eventually gave an interview, including different details from the story he told brandy's father. >> he forgets a lot of things that happen, which is one of the problems. in the second interview he remembers everything that happened. >> reporter: he met chris the night she was out with friends at the north beach bar celebrating the giant's world series win. chris invited them to his home for an afterparty where they consume alcohol and drugs, including cocaine. after the friends left, the two
10:35 pm
decided to drive to the end and went after the sun rose. the coroner told dewitt that randy was still alive when she fell and fully clothed. the toxicology test results are pending. >> the hoodie is gone, her cell phone is missing, neither recovered. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: and they worry that questions about randy's death may never be answered. >> how do you feel about u.s. park police's investigation thus far? >> i think they've been over their head. >> reporter: we've reached out to chris who has hired an attorney. her daughter was studying to become a doctor and volunteered with several charities. >> we're devastated. she was such a big part of our lives and she had such a great future, it's the hole in our heart that will never be filled. >> reporter: this photo of randy wearing her black hoodie
10:36 pm
was taken the night before she died. if you believe you saw them the morning after the world series win the day before halloween, the selman family asks that you contact them. you can find more information on our website. ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco's district attorney has been temporarily suspended from practicing law. according to the san francisco's chronicle, it's all because she used a bank account designated for client funds as his personal account. no money that belonged to clients was in the account, but the state bars disciplinary court calling the violation willful. he has reportedly agreed to the 90-day suspension. the state's supreme court has to approve the order before it goes in to effect. governor jerry brown was in oakland today talking about what california is doing to fight climate change and reduce harmful emissions. >> we're doing everything that we can here in the state. we are making progress. but the problems that we have made, they are relative to what
10:37 pm
is left to prevent catastrophic change. it's a baby step. >> outside today's conference, about a dozen activists called on the governor to ban fracking, the process of injecting water and chemicals in to the ground to distract natural gas. but the governor did not respond to the activist. the cars that get their electricity from coal causes more than three times the environmental related deaths than cars that run on gas. where they would come from solar and wind are the cleanest of all. on wall street the stocks started the week with more losses. the dow jones dropped 99 points. nasdaq fell 48. the markets were dragged down once again by falling oil prices. the u.s. benchmark crews
10:38 pm
dropped to $55 a barrel. that's half of what it was selling for back in june. the appleipod and the anti- trust lawsuit are in the hands of the federal jury in oakland. they argued that apple unfairly restricted music downloads to drive out competitors. but the software was a product improvement and not a new product. if the jurors accept that argument, apple wins. if not they could be on the hook for as much as $1 billion. showers tonight and a stronger system tomorrow afternoon. the timing on when showers and downpours could cause problems on the road. in two minutes one of the busiest shipping days of the year. just how much more one bay area facility is expected to handle.
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it's not exactly what you want to see. the fedex truck, overturned in new jersey after they swerved to avoid that tire. the accident as you can see sent them spilling all over the highway and the exit ramp. no one was seriously injured, but they reloaded that undamaged package onto another truck. and the holiday rush is on for the postal workers across the country. the postal workers fired up the forklifts, filling them up with the packages and the letters. the crews here are expected to handle a million more pieces of the mail than what they do on the average day. across the country, the whopping 640 million cards, packages, letters were expected to pass through the u.s. postal facilities just today. >> they are exchanging the deadline for those that want coverage instead of having to complete that application
10:42 pm
process by midnight, sunday december 21. they simply must start that process by midnight. they say people need more time. the exchange is also encouraging people who will be covered to check the other plans because rates might be going up on january 1. a new doctor surgeon has been named. with a vote bush master rifle. it claims that the rifle should
10:43 pm
not have been made available to the public because of the military weapon. in all seven adults were killed in the school shooting two years ago in newtown, connecticut. a stanford fraternity has lost his privileges. the university says that it comes as a result of the investigation and in to the fraternity where members of the campus sorority were subjective to offensive material. that is in violation of the university's sexual harassment policy. fresh snow in the sierras, the accumulation tonight of the rain that moved through the bay area today. and chief meteorologist's complete bay area forecast. takes us through tomorrow and the rest of the week. a christmas wish fulfilled as we are there as thousands of
10:44 pm
dollars of donations are handed out to the specific group of children. the simple gifts that meant so much.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
new at 10:00 an early christmas gift for hundreds of children in east san jose tonight where it was not toys or games that they went home with, but something that many of us would take for granted. >> she is in san jose now with how this might be the only christmas gift that some of these kids would get. >> reporter: well tonight more than 200 children in need would receive a pair of shoes, but for some it meant much more. >> reporter: inside this building. an early celebration who waited for her son and -- waited in line with her two sons. >> i lost my job. right now i'm living with a
10:47 pm
friend and living in their living room. >> reporter: she has no money for shoes, which is why this event means so much. just watch their reaction when they get a set of brand new shoes. 270 children this evening got a new pair of shoes. this is a wish come true. >> i've been wanting converse and i never got any, but i finally did. >> this second grader wants a barbie dream house and trampoline and tells us why they are excited about these shoes. >> and i get to wear them. >> reporter: a lot of these kids live in the immediate area and if it wasn't for the programs like this, they might even go out, might not even have a christmas present to have. >> reporter: the san jose police activity would be partnered with their palace and the dancing el -- elfs.
10:48 pm
>> it means a lot to us to see it. >> reporter: it's one of the brightest smiles that we found that belonged to this high school junior. >> i love converse. it's one of my favorites. >> reporter: she's opinion in the foster care system since she was 2 years old. >> right now we are in a group home. and it means a lot because it means that people actually care. thank you. >> and hearing that teenager say that it shows that people care. and that story doesn't put them in perspective for everyone. thank you. new video showing some of the problems that the weather is causing on the highways,
10:49 pm
heading to the sierra. about the foot level where eight inches have fallen and another foot is expected by this time tomorrow. yes, snow in the mountains with the rain around here. heavy rain in the last hour up around the county area. those showers are kind of moving on, but there will be more behind it, coming in close here as you can see what we've got up here as you do have change coming, the concerns both on 50 and 80 as they have been going up and down. and really lasting the couple of days or so. here is what we're tracking right now, this yellow cell that will be moving out now, producing and it is still producing the moderate rain, but it will be widely scattered stuff right now as you can see it moving on shore right here. where are we there? coming up onto ocean beach moving towards, you know, the daily city area. that'll move on shore and bring in the heavier rain up by the
10:50 pm
cliff house. tuesday's storm would come in, but it does not get here until after lunchtime. as they move in, you will see the increasing clouds with maybe a few scattered showers, but nothing big. just little easy morning commute. again the afternoon commute, it will become less than easy, which is exactly what you would expect the way that things have been going. 4:00 tomorrow afternoon there, it is. your afternoon commute. okay isn't the morning starts off cloudy, increasing clouds with the scattered showers, then this thing starts to move in here and that is to about 5:00 to 6:00, where it will be wet on the afternoon commute. and then you'll be able to see this area rotate behind it. so tomorrow night it will be early wednesday morning. that will rotate on through and create the heavy showers. that's late tomorrow night that's about tomorrow night this time to about 1:00 in the morning. and that moves up in the mountains, unloading more snow. then 7:00 on wednesday morning, some widely scattered showers, still snowing up on south lake tahoe and then we move forward in to wednesday night and you'll be able to see it that keeps going. it's not a well organized
10:51 pm
pattern here towards the end, but tomorrow afternoon will be well organized. so i think that the rain will be pretty consistent and pretty steady. so as we move in to tomorrow's forecast highs, we'll be looking at 58 in concord. 55 out here. so it is not a mild day, upper 50s. a little valley fog on out there as you would get moving around there tomorrow. and the five-day forecast for you is looking for the showers to really start to kick up as we would go on in to the afternoon hours tomorrow. and that is going to be your day tomorrow, a wet week ahead for the most part. i think on thursday, friday, just a slight chance, not a big deal. but you know it's good. we need the rain, we're getting the breaks. bring it on. >> tomorrow afternoon you said we'd get the heavy downpours. >> just in time for the commute. >> thank you. and who would have thought at this point in the season that they would be 7-7? and they just seemed like they will be continuing to implode. >> yeah. just one thing after the other. three straight losses. and they would say you know, you think back to this season. they had a bad feel for the beginning. trouble with the law, one injury after the other for the
10:52 pm
players, the continuous hub over harbaugh. finally undermining everything. psychologically they were out of it weeks ago. mathematically out of it. as of yesterday with the fourthconsecutive loss to the seahawks. still two -- still two games remain on their schedule and coach harbaugh is asking what the team has to play for at this point. >> we have a lot to play for over the next two games. our lives depend on it. center they would be having a lot of different conversations. the saints with only six wins, eight losses. not only in first place, but they could host that playoff game with the memory coming up.
10:53 pm
that's all they've got going for them these days in chicago and their quarterback, they were sacked seven times, while the saints, drew breeze on his game. catching two of their threetouchdown catches. 375 yards passing. and 31-15 new orleans in chicago. and they are the first place saints, despite their record. the winning streak is now an outrageous 16 in a row where the warriors franchise would take on three to put it up there tomorrow night in memphis. and a team that would share a few similarities with the warriors and their coach, talking about that with sports part ii next. ♪
10:54 pm
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you remember this? the last 20 years or so they would have seasons when it didn't look like they would win 16 games all year. let alone not too many in a row, but likely that it is a big test for them during this record setting streak. tomorrow night in memphis, tennessee, they will be working out it earlier today in preparation for the grizzlies, traveling over to memphis. the grizzlies are 19-4 for themselves. the coach feels like their secret is much the same of the warriors. a lot of views with the core players. >> and the team has been together for a while. conley is back. and gasol, it's great group. they know each other well.
10:57 pm
they are well coached. and that is what it takes in this league. it's not just talent, but it's internal growth. and the development. >> there you go. i don't know, the giants are planning on bringing the crazy crap on out of retirement to play third base or not, but they better have something up their sleeves. another potential guy to fill the pablo void off the market, it would be chase headley meeting up with the yankees after the injury problems happened. only 30 from the golden glove winner. they would give him a four-year contract worth an estimated $52 million. he's been in the conversation, maybe the giants would be interested in him. >> yeah. >> those are all great. >> aren't they it? getting all of it. >> it's before your time here. [ laughter ] >> they wouldn't want him playing third base. >> all right, mark thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. our coverage continues on >> and if you missed any part
10:58 pm
of this newscast, you can view us momentarily on our morning news starting at 4:30 tomorrow. see you later. >> good night. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections.
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that's bank of america.
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