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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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now is producing scattered showers. and it's not going to take long to cloud up. we will get a few sun breaks in the morning but the next system is up here. that will give us moderate to heavy rain over night tonight into tomorrow. i doubt with a few sun breaks things will juice up. if you are waking up going what the heck. that is stretching toward the santa clara valley. highway 17 you can see a pretty good little cell over parts of the east bay and the south bay. but that is the main cell that is moving in right now. it will continue to track off to the east. if you get caught in that or hear that, then that is what is going on. san jose and campbell. there is a hit and miss little shower activity today. clouds will increase. that system will give us moderate to heavy rain. tonight temperatures are chilly. 40s and 50s. we will get a little bit warmer today. i think a south wind will usher in upper 50s. but sun, clouds and turns to rain late tonight. 50s to low, low 60s on some of
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the temps. sal clear and then reiny. i listened to you. i have the umbrella, i have the raincoat. i will have it all week because you though off and son that is what you said already. i'm all ready. sol thank you. >> thank you for listening, sal. >> we'll have this conversation again soon. let's go to the east shore freeway and start you off with 80 westbound. it's about an 18 minute drive. i hope it stays this way but obviously it probably won't on a regular commute day. when you get to the toll plaza, it is light coming into san francisco. if you are out there soon, you should have a pretty decent drive. you heard about the standing water so give yourself plenty of extra time. there hasn't been really any
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major problems. either direction really. livermore looks good on 580 as you drive from livermore to dublin and into castro valley. let's go back to the desk. topping our news storm watch. the cost of last weeks storm watch continues to grow with more wet weather in the forecast. people in the bay area are preparing for the worse. three northern california counties have already declared states of emergency or plan to. they include san mateo, lake, and sonoma county. in sonoma county alone the damage is estimated at $16 million. one restaurant was just days from opening when water flooded right inside despite efforts to protect it with sandbags. kayaks may have made it fun. >> i was crying. i was a mess.
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>> i don't like it when you have so much rain and things like this happen. too bad nature doesn't know how to regulate. >> is sonoma county damage is high for such a quick storm but it's actually tiny compared to the last big flood on new years eve which was ought years ago and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. crews are keep an eye on coit tower. the rain brought down rocks from telegraph hill. there is a sign warning people about the falling rocks. neighbors are worried more rain could loosen even bigger rocks. they have put up a railing to catch rocks if they fall. we have continuing coverage this morning of a 17 hour hostage stand off in sydney australia that left three people dead including the gunman. the suspect has been identified as sources by self-proclaimed
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muslim claireic man moe niece. at one point a black flag with arabic writing was displayed. tara moriarty is joining us in the newsroom to explain his ties to the bay area and why his actions could spark copy cat crimes. >> huh succeeded in killing two people. the suspect is a 50-year-old man and his ex-wife had a connection to the east bay.
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[ inaudible ] >> he didn't look eye to eye with seven people. for instance me. he didn't want to do anything with us. >> reporter: moe niece became an extremist after divorcing his wife. he told people he was egyptian but was iranian. coming up more details about moe niece emerge. more than 700 children attend the school which is ran by pac tan's military. the spokesman for the taliban says six suicide bombers were sent to the school.
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school compound rather with orders to kill older students. the attack was revenge by a recent operation by the pakistan military to clear out the taliban. another patrol test is planned for this evening in berkeley ahead of the city council meeting. it follows a demonstration yesterday that was organized by high school students. about 300 students met yesterday afternoon at the fruitvale part station in oakland. they marched to lake norman. they wanted it to be a peaceful demonstration that focused on young people. >> nobody is going to change the world for me. i have to go out and do it myself. if that means marching in the rain or making posters and fliers, i'm going to do it. i just can't wait anymore. >> yesterday's protest was part of the black lives matters
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movement. now earlier in the day a demonstration in oakland led to the arrest of 25 people. that happened during a protest at police headquarters. a large group of people blocked off the area around the building and chained themselves to the doors. one man climbed the flag pole and put up a flag with pictures of people killed by police. organizers say they wanted to shut down police headquarters. the father of the teenager shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri has spent the past few days in the bay area. michael brown senior spoke to hundreds of high school students in san francisco. >> stand up and take a stance. and that is my job. and my duty to stand for all of us. >> the event was sponsored by the mission high school black student union by students from all over the city attended. other speakers include the
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uncle of oscar grant who was killed by a bart police officer in oakland. a city judge has ordered an attorney to turn over police documents. an investigator can review the documents the city attorney claimed were protected by attorney-client privilege. this was the layest ruling tied to the court order reform. happening today san francisco will make a pitch to the u.s. olympic committee at a meeting in redwood city to become the candidate for the 2024 summer games. this will be the fourth time they have tried to bring the summer olympic games to the area. u.s. initials are expected to choose early next year which city all represent the united states in the international bidding process. the international olympic committee all pick the winner
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in 2017. drivers who use highway 4 through pittsburgh should expect to see two electronic billboards soon. they voted to lift a ban on electronic billboards along a stretch of highway 4. the city's planning manager says the move could bring in more than $100,000 in new revenue. the billboards will have to be approved by the council. there is no public opposition to the proposal. 4:39 is the time right now. east bay high school student arrested in class for a triple shooting and homicide. coming up 20 minutes, the details about the crime that police are now linking together. >> also up next the serious warning about the dangers behind seemingly harmless holiday decorations. the hazard fire, fire and rescue crews want to warn you about. >> this is highway 4. traffic is coming okay as you drive through. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >> a little bit of a midwest pattern out there this morning. clear and all of a sudden it's
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pouring. one more system will give us decent rainfall again.
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welcome back everybody. time is 4:43. a crack and a water main sent water spraying high into the air in thousand oaks, california. the search lasted for about an hour yesterday until the water was shut off. officials say rain could have been a factor in the 40-year- old pipe cracking. it could cost at least $1 million to fix. san francisco public works director is declaring war on the person he calls the worst graffiti defender in vein. mohammed nur rue says crews cleaned up the graffiti and there was new graffiti. i just wiped out all the tags off the freeway. if you know him or her $1,000
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reward. nuru believes the best way to end graffiti is to clean it up quickly and the taggers will leave. but murs keeps coming back. >> we are going to find him and he will pay for all of these because this cost the taxpayers a lot of money. >> he is willing to call a truce with this tagger. he promises not to seek criminal charges if the taggers will stop. the high ranking san jose city official who was escorted out of city hall as a new job but also includes a huge pay cut. alex had served as the top labor negotiator. now city officials say he has taken a much lower position as an entry level analyst for the parks and rec department. he tells the san jose mercury news he was given no reason as to why he was fired annoys
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courted out -- and escorted out of the office. san francisco supervisors are set to vote on whether to authorize a settlement of nearly $3 million to the family of lynn spalding. the 57-year-old woman was found dead in a san francisco general hospital back in october of 2013. she disappeared from her hospital bed 17 days earlier. spaldings two children tiled the claim back in march. a sausalito man accused of killing his landlord with a crowbar is due in court today. conrad justin smith was arrested after police stand off. that is where he rented a garage from david richard morgan. smith and morgan had an argument the day before the killing. smith could face 26 years to life if convicted. bill cosby's wife is breaking her silence about the the more than a dozen rape allegations against her husband. she says he is a kind man,
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generous man, funny man and wonderful husband, father, and friend. camilia cosby blames the media. the two have been married since 1964. the personal information of 1600 current and former uc berkeley employees could be at risk. the university says servers used to support a number of real estate division programs was hacked about 1300 social security numbers compromised. 300 credit card numbers also effected. that breach impacts people in the system from the early '90s all the way until this year. san francisco police are searching for a man behind an unusual bank heist. he dressed up like santa and robbed a bank. it happened last saturday around 1:00 in the afternoon. he handed teller a note demanding money and said he had a gun. no one saw a gun and no one was hurt but the man dressed as santa did get away.
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in this case, the bad santa timed his crime perfectically. he hit the bank during the massive santa con event in union square. the bank robber simply disappeared into the crowd. >> i think he planned that in advance. now here is something you don't want to see during one of the busiest shipping times of the year. fedex truck over turned in new jersey after a drive swerved to avoid a tire. it sent packages spilling on to the highway and the exit ramp. fort fatly no one was seriously injured. fedex says it did reload the undamaged packages on to another truck. but undamaged the operative word there. speaking of the roads. you are talking about that on the commute over here. there is a lot of standing water. >> yeah is it just me, am i not used to the rain? or is there more water puddled on the freeway? >> i think the roads are not
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used to the rain. they are not draining. >> it is actually scary. because you drive along and you hit something. >> especially in the dark. we do have a lot of standing water out there. i want to show you this commute where you see traffic is going to be a little bit slow in some areas already but not here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have slowing kind of way out in the commute out near the altamont pass. right here coming into san francisco and no major problems if you are driving into the city. the traffic here until san francisco looks good but there is a lot of standing water as pam mentioned. we have reports of northbound 101 near hospital curve. a couple of right lanes will be kind of dicey driving through. and then you can see east 80th at 7th they have a lane blocked because of more standing water. it looks like there is a crew out there. if you drive through san francisco, please be careful and just slow it down. if you drive in the standing
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water, there is a possibility your car could become stuck in it and that would be terrible. looking at the east bay, still okay for the main part. 680, 580 and interstate 880. 4:49 let's go to steve in the weather center. good morning, steve. >> good morning, sal, how are you my friend? >> i am well. would you like a cup of coffee? i will get you one. >> i want a cappuccino. we have scattered showers out there. i don't use that term lightly. we are getting a break for some. 40s on the temps and 50s. oh we are going to zoom out. is that joe johnson back there? thank you, joe. yes, it is the man. i will step out. and then i will step in. tell me when to step in. thank you. [ laughter ] clouds over us, not yet.
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partly cloudy. they are on the increase. that will be the last decent system in the series. there will be one more on friday but that looks weaker and mainly to the north. morning commute showers. patchy fog but otherwise there are breaks in the clouds. by this evening clouds roll back in. rain returns. it may come back in at 6:00. to the north there is not a lot going on. mendocino county and lake county heading south. you can find some rain. it looks like a little bit around sonoma. and then a line stretches right there from bay point to concord. that is the heaviest cell. it has collapsed a little bit. and then from lafayette to concord. maybe some hit and miss out toward antioch. middle line from berkeley back across to the bay bridge. but that is pretty light. and down toward san jose, santa cruz mountains. our system is developing right
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there. it will roll in tonight into tomorrow. 40s and 50s on the temps. temps on the mild side. 32 in tahoe. snow at blue canyon. there is some snow up there. no warnings or watches unless you hear from kings canyon. our system will rom roll in late -- our system will roll in late tonight. 40s and 50s an inch of rain. sun, clouds, showers that will be tonight into tomorrow. chilly morning. patches of fog. rain late tonight into wednesday. one more system it's week on friday and then clears out. the pattern we will have to watch for sunday and christmas week will be really nice by the coast. but that fog could set up. you could see 49 in antioch or concord. 65 in san francisco. we've seen that before. it looks like that may set up.
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>> i think we had three inches of rain. >> mill valley had 3.75. somebody said it rained as hard as they have ever seen. did you hear that? >> it pretty much rained hard all night. yes. 4:52 is the time right now. the storm that blew through california last week brought both good and bad news for the states farmers. the heavy rain offered relief but the wind cost some farmers hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in damage. the almond industry took a big hit because hundreds of trees were knocked down. very old almond trees and since it's not growing season, the loss was not catastrophic. most people see only the
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beauty of holiday lights. but they also see the dangers of the season. emergency rooms treat thousands of people for electrical shocks, burns, and falls related to the decorations. one of the most biggest hazards is the real not artificial christmas tree. >> when the needles drop off, they need to get them undecorated, outside. >> if people forget to water them, they dry up really quickly. >> hundreds of people across the country fall off ladders or roofs when putting up or taking down lights. >> yes. 4:53 is the time right now. nationwide patrol test. coming up in ten minutes what some southwest workers are upset about and how passengers will be impacted. >> it could help save lives during a major earthquake. up next the long overdue
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project now gaining scene here in california.
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back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. take a look. lava continues to move through a small town on hawaii's big island. still very active. officials say it is on course to reach a shopping center and a gas station in 7-10 days. workers from a grocery store will begin emptying the store
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shelves today. the gas station is also selling its remaining fuel and then will evacuate. the lava started flowing back in june. two months ago it burned one house. covered part of a cemetery but stopped short of hitting a main road. >> incredible video. new report shows damage from the summers earthquake in napa is a lot more than estimates. the quake caused about $1 billion in damage. that is more than twice the amount of earlier local estimates. 40% of the $1 billion in damage was to homes. the rest was to businesses. people impacted by the quake have until december 29th to register for disaster assistance. we are closer to getting a statewide earthquake warning system. $5million is coming from walk to pay for rolling out the warning system next year. that money is included in the spending bill approved by congress. the bill is now on president
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obama's desk and he is expected to sign it. efforts to install the new warning system have been hampered by funding problems. the system uses hundreds of sensors to mop tour ground movements. fewer teen anallers -- teenager are smoking real cigarettes but are trying the e- cigarette. 17% of high school seniors have smoked ex-cigarettes this year. that comes another a time when a record number of teenagers say they have smoked a traditional cigarette in the last 12 months. coming up part of stanford's greek system punished. the serious allegations involving a campus sorority. >> developing news flooding concerns ahead of the next bay area storm. after the break, we will be live in tiburon with what is being threatened this morning.
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>> and there are people driving this standing water. also someone has driven on to the railroad tracks. could cause problems for the capitol corridor as you look at the san mateo bridge. we'll update all of that coming up. >> some of the rainfall over night was very heavy especially in marin county. there is pockets of scattered showers around. we have another system on the way. timing and update on totals coming up. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature,
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heavy rain led to flooding concerns this morning in the town of tiburon. this is the scene in the parking lot of tiburon's town hall. we'll also tell you about businesses nearby that are flooded as well and what the plan is to deal with all of this water. >> we are between systems but that doesn't mean we are done with any of the scattered showers but another one is on the way. >> the man believed to be responsible for a deadly hostage situation until sydney australia has ties to the bay area. >> plus a nationwide protest involving southwest airline workers. the message and how this could have impacted one local airport.


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