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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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valley. >> they should have locked him up and thrown the key away. >> there is a bay area connection to the sydney gunman. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning december 16th i'm pam cook. >> g i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. >> we could do a half hour show. some of the rain totals coming in. 17 inches of rain. bruce had 176% of normal. i'm trying to get as many as i
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can. we still have a little bit of break here. it looks like light rain has returned to tiburon. downpour last tight a cell right over sausalito and tiburon. not a lot going on right now but we are waiting for our next system. it will be later this afternoon into tonight. some of the rainfall and the north bay will have to watch out for things especially until southern marin county and petaluma. look at the projection coming in. we could easily see two inches or more of rain. this is something that bears watching. for the morning commute there is only a few scattered showers. not really a lot. patchy fog. there are area where is it's clear. you get breaks by this evening. a little bit over by livermore. but also right over tiburon again you can see it right there wrapping back to mill valley and sausalito as well. and gilroy is over a little cell. 40s and 50s on your temps. our system is taking shape right there. i will get out of the way.
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it will be here tonight for moderate and heavy rain. i think we will see pretty hefty totals here. this one will get one more punch. i think 1.5-2 inches could fall. sunshine and clouds and showers. sal, we have all sorts of issues. where do you want to begin? we will start in the santa cruz mountains. we have a problem on highway 17. both directions of highway 17 are blocked by a down tree and power lines near the glenwood cut off on highway 17. traffic is being turned around. the best thing to do is avoid it. you can use highway 9 as an alter gnat. you can use other alternates. but the main thing to know is traffic is going to be very, very slow approaching. people will be surprised. so-cal san jose road is a decent alternate as well.
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let's move over to san jose. we have slow traffic because some crashes approaching highway 280. livermore valley already slow. but dublin traffic looks okay. and highway contra costa is slow. quickly now let's go and take a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic here is moderate. we have a sold out crowd already at the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 25 minute delay. 6:03 let's go back to the desk. speaking of the wet roads, we are continuing our storm watch coverage. more rain continues to come down across the bay area. it is causing some big problems in tiburon imparticular. several businesses were flooded over night after a marsh was pushed over the limit. boy take a look inside that business. i think that is a nail salon or hair salon.
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there was also a mud slide impacting three homes. coming up at 6:30, alex savidge is out in tiburon. he will give us a look at the dam and talk about why the situation could get even worse at about can this morning. people living in marin county are used to flooding during heavy rains but many downtown businesses they have put up the sandbags. they have custom made flood gates outside of their stores as well as they get ready for more rain opinion marney owns doodle bug. nine years ago flood damage closed her shop for six months. >> 4.5 feet of mud came in. partly clouds it went through the door opinion >> city crews in san francisco are also preparing for the storm that is expected later today. they are shoring up the cliff near coit tower to prevent mud slides.
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this is outside of memorial. the gunman man monis took several people hostage monday morning local time. we were covering it all morning opinion 17 hours later police stormed the cafe after they heard a gunshot. now two of the hostages and the gunman they were killed. several people including a police officer were hurt. it is believed that monis was acting alone and doesn't have any connections to an extremist group. he was known to police and he did have a long criminal past. last year he was charged with being an accessory in the murder of his ex-wife. yesterday we talked with her god father who happens to live in hayward. ktvu tara moriarty is is live in our newsroom with more on their concerns about his behavior. tara. >> reporter: the god father of the gunman's ex-wife tells us monis was jealous and controlling. the family told her to stay away from him after they found out he was writing letters to
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families of dead australian soldiers saying they deserved to die for taking part in the iraq war. yesterday we spoke to kaleek who said his god daughter would visit them often. the two married after the second child the marriage crumbled. last april noleen was killed stabbed more than a dozen times and set on fire. monis was charged with being an accessory to her murder and then released on bail. >> this is a beautiful. stabbed 31 times, burned beyond recognition. the only way they found out it was her is because she had tattoos that she did here in vegas when she came to visit and put her kids name on her body. that is how they found out it was noleen. >> reporter: he says monis became an extremist after divorcing noleen. he told people he was egyptian
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but was actually iranian. he said if he was still in jail, the hostages might still be alive. tara moriarty. back to you. a pittsburgh high school student was arrested. police say the 17-year-old opened fire on three men outside of a party. police say he was not a guest of the party or associated with any of the people there. the man who was killed has not yet been identified but police say the two other men who were shot are expected to survive. time is 6:07. the city of pittsburgh lifted its ban on electronic billboards along highway 4. katie utehs is ever -- good morning, dave. there is enough traffic on
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highway 4. you can see den ever for the city it could bring in $100,000 in for. there are some specific restrictions. they mast -- they cannot be more than 55 feet tall. we are showing you video of the electronic billboard that is on the bay bridge. and there are restrictions on how bright the signs will be. only still images remain on the screen for eight seconds will be allowed because distracting drivers is the main concern. >> i just think that bright, bright lights. i don't think that is good on a freeway. personally. it throws my attention away from the highway. >> reporter: in lifting the ban, city council will allow
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two electronic billboards and they will have final approval on that billboard location. dave. >> all right katie utehs, thank you. time is 6:08. once again a majority of san francisco firefighters they have given a vote of no confidence to the fire chief. last night ktvu obtained the results of a latest vote. 680 voted no confidence. 156 voted confident. newspaper firefighters abstain -- nine forecasts abstained. later today a new contract for the san jose fire department will be on the agenda. now the contract would include an incentive for better response times and medical emergencies. san jose and santa clara county's only city with an incentive contract but it
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failed to meet county standards by responding to 911 and ambulance calls 90% of the time. it's 6:09. there was a horrifying attack in pakistan. coming up at 6:30 the group claiming responsibility for killing at least 126 people this morning. most of them children and what they say it was in revenge for. >> but first richmond's police chief is under fire. how he is responding to criticism of this gesture. (vo) nourished.
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welcome back to the morning news. pennsylvania the search goes on for a u.s. marine suspected of shooting and killing his ex- wife and five of her family members. police say 35-year-old bradley stone broke into his ex-wife's apartment, killed her, and then left with their two young girls. police say stone then went to two nearby homes and killed his ex-wife's sister, brother-in-
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law, mother, grandmother, and 14-year-old niece. her 17-year-old nephew is badly hurt. stone's daughters were later found alive and safe at a neighbors house. police say they have located stones car and cell phone but he is still on the loose. now the tweets by officer phillip white included this one saying quote if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i will be at the movies tonight off duty carrying my gun. this is video of officer phillip white earlier this year where he used to work in one of the departments antigang programs. the san jose police officers association is not coming to his defense. >> offensive, disrespectful or inappropriate social media comments. they have no place in the
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public discourse surrounding the recent tragic loss of life in officer involved incidents around the country. >> san jose's police chief says in a statement quote it's extremely important for the community to know that the comments made on officer white's private social media accounts do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here at the san jose police department. now the police department is conducting an investigation after offers white's actions. richmond's police chief is under fire because he took part in a peaceful demonstration against police brutality. last week we showed you chief chris magna holding a sign. the sign read black lives matter. the police officers association now says magna should not have taken part in a political action while in uniform. chief mabna wrote an officer to the poa he said it was not political. he said most importantly it
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conveys we want to build bridges and strengthen relationships with persons of color in our city. google says the tragic death of robin williams was the fastest growing search request of 2014. williams suicide in august set off global reaction making it the top trending topic for the year. the internet giant released the top searches this morning. other trending topics imcollude the world cup, the ebola outbreak and the disappearance of flight 370. the ice bucket challenge for als very popular and the adecorative smart phone game flappy bird. i can tell you the word of the year this year is one you are familiar with but it's got a new twist. mariam webster unvailed
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culture. consumer culture to coffee culture. the number two word of the year nostalgia. the rest of the top five insidious, legacy, and feminism. 6:17 is the time. let's check back in with sal. hopefully not a bunch of accidents but there is a lot of water on the roads. >> yeah there is one we've been talking about and that is is highway 17. there are some alternates but the best thing to do is avoid the area all together. and these roads are going to be crowded as well. these people are coming up on this closure. please give yourself extra time. don't drive on highway 17 if you can. call ahead and let them know what is going on. pg&e is on the way. it will be awhile before this road is reopened. let's move along and take a look at live pictures now.
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this is highway 4. you can see it's pretty slow. we are off to a slow start coming over the hill to concord over to pittsburgh and bay point. it's also slow in antioch. at some point we will see lighter commutes as we get closer to christmas. i don't think today is the day. maybe later on this week. monday is the 22nd. you can count backwards. 6:18 let's go to steve. what do youthy? thankfully the rain is tapering off here. we had very heavy rain. been some scattered showers around.
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there is a couple little showers. thankfully it looks like most of the rain has ended. that was right over tiburon and sausalito. that is why they had that very heavy rain. things are calming down now. rain forecast is pretty impressive here on the next system. the loan on friday will -- wood acres in there. this is something we need to keep an eye on. wettest ever in san francisco.
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look at san jose. san jose hey 244% of normal with over nine inches of rain. some of the rainfall in the last 24 hours the heaviest it has been in marin county. san rafael 2.82. and then about a half an inch to an inch and a half for some. the rain continues to be rather wide spread. there are a few showers around but generally it's pretty cloudy. but this afternoon the next system approaches. by this evening cloudy and rain returns. there it is. starting to get enhanced a little bit. and 40s and 50s on the temps. kind of cold out there for some. 30s up in the mountains. no warnings or watches. there is one for yosemite. there will be off and on snow showers down there. down to 4500 feet. monterey 49-degrees. you can see that snow shower activity continuing. but not that wide spread. for us, our system is moving in but it will take awhile to get here. we will get a little bit of a break in the morning. the atmosphere is so saturated.
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it won't take much to trigger scattered showers out ahead of it. look at some of the projetions. again approaching two inches for some. jeff is up in mendocino county and sent us a picture of the novar row river. that is raging. we have rain returning tonight. take us into wednesday morning. one more system friday. that one looks weaker. and then the pattern changes. it will be nice on the coast. probably a lot of fog in the valley. >> tonight will have a little bit of a punch. >> i think so. i would get home fast and beat it. >> thank you, steve. 6:21 is the time. crude oil prices continue to tumble this morning. it's selling for slightly more than $54 a barrel. that is down a barrel. oil prices are down 47% from
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their peak in june. now that of course pushing national gas prices down $0.70 in the last year. analysts say that doesn't mean more americans are hitting the road. they say americans are actually less sensitive about gas prices than they were in the mid 1990s when gas was selling for more than a little more than $1 a gallon. it now takes a 25-50% plunge in prices to increase our car travel just 1%. >> since we can't remember, maybe we need to recreate it again. >> yeah a little more than $1 a gallon. could we see the olympics in the bay area? coming up in 15 minutes the sales pitch being made today and the other big cities competing for the olympic games. >> i've been wanting converse and i never got any but i finally did. >> new shoes but it's a wish come true for dozens of bay area children. the early christmas gift they received and who made it all
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possible. >> my name is petty officer delpena. i'm stapled in naples, italy. i would like to say happy holidays to my family in california and my husband in verizon. verizon-- in virginia.
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welcome back. happening today some southwest
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airlines workers are planning to protest at airports across the country including here in san jose. it is an informational picket line. baggage handlers plan to hand out leaflets to passengers. they are upset over the companies slide and on time performance. for years the airline had the best on time. but workers say over booked flights have led to more delays. the workers are also upset about contract negotiations and lack of pay raises over the past four years. southwest says the protests won't impact any flights. time is 6:26. you want to smile this morning? i've got a story for you. hundreds of children in east san jose got an early christmas gift. it wasn't toys, it wasn't games but something a lot of us take for granted. more than 200 children in need received a new pair of shoes and for some it meant a lot more. you think he's happy? i think so. the san jose police activities league partnered with shoe
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palace along with converse and gave away dozens of shoes. some of the children told us this is a wish come true. >> i can show my friends and wear them, play. >> right now we are at a group home and this means a lot because they are giving stuff which means people care. >> a lot of these kids live in the immediate area. if it wasn't for programs like this, they might go out and not have a christmas program to have. >> how about that? these shoes sell for about $50 a pair. which adds up to more than $12,000 worth of donations. tonight marks the first night of hanukkah the jewish festival of lights. mayor ed lee will join in
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lighting the menorah. it is said that a one-day supply of oil for the lamp? jerusalem's holy temple lasted for eight days. so the celebration includes the lighting of eight candles. another bay area protest against police brutality. who attended this demonstration that made it very different from ones in the past. >> and heavy rain triggers serious flooding. we will show you the damage in this area and show you the work under way right now to deal with all of this water. >> good morning,. westbound 24 traffic is moderately heavy as you come up to the tunnel. we'll tell you a little bit more about the morning commute. >> rainfall 17 inches already. and there is more on the way. we have a pretty good system coming in tonight.
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good morning to you. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are busy this morning. these are live pictures. we are in tiburon. the rain has caused flooding and mud slide. the workers are out there cleaning up the mess. it's busy already. ktvu alex savidge will show you more of some of the damage already on this tuesday morning. he will be here in two minutes. i was just outside. >> oh you ducked out. >> it wasn't raining but it's cold out there. so prepare yourself. thank you for joining us. ktvu channel 2 morning news. tuesday, december 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:31. it has been a very cold storm. and there is supposed to be snow lake level. >> it is below that. there is only light snow up there. it's been a bigger event
6:32 am
actually for us than it has been in the sierra nevada. we've just been slammed here. and in some areas 10-20 inches of rain for the month of december. and the way things are going for this next system it might surpass us. we've had intense rain. cloudy to mostly cloudy. here comes your next system. that looks pretty good. already developing taking place right there. that will swing in and the low has to come in tomorrow. we are setting the stage for another round of moderate to heavy rain. really, really concerned now in parts of the north bay. some of the projetions come in. for the morning -- generally
6:33 am
cloudy. patchy fog. rain returns if not by this afternoon but this evening. system might slow down a little bit. 50s on the temps or 40s. santa rosa 46. just light snow showers. no warnings or watches. if you have to go earlier, it would be good. you can see some line and shower activity continue there is. our system will take shape and move over late tonight and tomorrow. and moderate to heavy rain is in the forecast. some sun breaks opinion they won't last long. clouds rolling in and showers develop and rain develops later on tonight. 50s and 60s. highway 17 south santa cruz mown tapes. >> that is right. and pardon me, steve we have a commute. all of these commutes and general i see we are now at almost full strength for the morning commute. we are going to show you some of the these things i'm looking at. first of all we will talk about highway 17 and highway 17 is closed in both directions because of a tree and power
6:34 am
lines that came down. we are getting word that northbound a lane may open soon but southbound is going to be closed for a longer stretch. southbound is the noncommute direction but you know i'm sure a lot of people still use it for commuting. northbound has really taken a beating. our crew is there. we will get a live picture from the area as soon as we can. let's go to the san mateo bridge. it's moderately heavy. no major issues all the way out to the peninsula. but it's slow. it's not a great commute at all. and this is a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay but i do look at 880 ramp and that is looking pretty good. maybe we are getting a little bit of a break for those drivers that are coming in from northbound 880 to interstate 80. 6:34 we are getting a new look at just how bad the damage is is from the mud slide in the north bay. ktvu alex savidge is live in tiburon where the rain over night caused big problems for homeowners and businesses.
6:35 am
alex. >> reporter: tiburon got slammed over night with a tennessee of rain in a short amount of time and clean up work is going on right behind us here. you might be able to see a public works crew from the city of tiburon. they have a bulldozer out and doing some clearing. trying to clear debris and mud from this creek and you can see how much water is rushing through this creek. early this morning the creek over ran its banks and that sent flood water rushing in. we don't think there are any homes damaged. this is one of many problems. i want to show you new video of a mud slide. this is up on a hill. and as that rain came dumping down early this morning between midnight and 2:00 a.m., it was really coming down and part of the hillside gave way. mud and debris went rushing down into the backyard and the swimming pool of one home we
6:36 am
saw. we were told three homes were impacted by a mud slide in that particular area. we talked with the fire battalion chief. he will try to get up there and assess the damage. >> we are going to wait until sunrise and get up there and take another look at it. there was some damage in some houses. we will take a look at them this morning and get some sunlight. >> reporter: they also had pretty significant flooding in the parking lot of tiburon's town hall. the water at one point early this morning as the rains were coming down was a foot and a half deep in the parking lot. and it went rushing across tiburon boulevard and flooded a salon and a nursery nearby. and again they are still trying to control the attainer that area. they have been doing sandbagging work in that area and the real concern is that high tide is coming in just a couple of hours at 8:00 this morning. that is when even more water could go rushing into the streets. >> all right thanks for the
6:37 am
heads up. alex savidge in marin county. thank you. the cost of last weeks big storm just keeps going up. and with more rain coming, people around the bay area are bracing for the worse. three northern california counties have already declared states of emergency or they plan to. they include san mateo, lake, and sonoma counties. sonoma county alone the damage is estimated at $16 million. this restaurant in healdsburg was a couple of days from opening when water flooded inside despite their efforts to protect it with sandbags. the kayaks that made the flood waters look like fun but boy the price tag for the damage, the clean up, and lost business is only expected to grow. >> just a horrendous story this morning. a taliban attack on a military run school in pakistan has killed 130 people. most of them children. taliban gunmen stormed the school early this morning and started shooting at random.
6:38 am
more than 700 children attend the school which is run by pakistan's military. a spokesman says six bombers were sent to the school compound with orders to kill older students. the attack was in revenge for a recent operation to clear out the taliban in the area along pakistan's border with afghanistan. pakistani troops shot and killed all of the attackers. a protest schedule the tonight inbergly ahead of -- in berkeley ahead of a planned march. last weeks city council meeting was canceled after reports of hundreds of demonstrators were planning to attend. they are angry about the berkeley police respond to recent protests over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. tonight's council meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.. it will be in a larger meeting space. the protest will begin at 5:00. meantime a peaceful protest was held last night in oakland.
6:39 am
hundreds of people gathered at lake merit. they held a candle light vigil. there were children as young as five years old there. organizers say they wanted it to be a demonstration that focused on young people and not violence or vandalism. earlier yesterday there was a demonstration in downtown oakland. it led to the arrest of 25 people. it happened during a protest right outside of oakland police headquarters. a large group of people blocked off the area around the building and they chained themselves to the doors. this man here climbed the flag pole and put up a flag with pictures of people killed by police. organizers say they wanted to shut down the oakland police headquarters. the city of pittsburgh has lifted its ban on electronic billboards along highway 4. katie utehs is in pittsburgh to explain the concerns people still have about those billboards. >> reporter: good morning, pam. conk jury excused along --
6:40 am
congestion along highway 4 is pretty bad. however, the pay off in city revenue appears this way. the billboards could bring in around $100,000 in revenue. they voted to lift the ban on electronic billboards along highway 4. we are showing you the bay bridge electronic billboard as an example. there are some specific restrictions for the highway 4 signage though. the billboards cannot be more than 55 feet tall. and there will be restrictions on how bright the signs can be. only static images that remain on the screen for eight seconds will be allowed. but when i mentioned the revenue, they are more open to the billboards. >> and in that case, everything can do. our schools need it. the roads need it. okay.
6:41 am
>> reporter: city council will pick those locations. and voted unanimously to approve the billboards and there was no public opposition. it appears this pay off out weighs the distraction. >> thank you katie. time is 6:41. happening today san francisco will make a sales pitch today to the u.s. olympic committee at a meeting in redwood city. they are become the nation's candidate for the 2024 summer games. this will be the fourth time they tried to bring the summer olympics here to the bay area. boston, los angeles, and washington, d.c. also making sales pitches. now u.s. officials are expected to choose early next year which city will represent the united states in the international bidding process. the international olympic committee will pick the winner in 2017. time is 6:41. east bay high school student arrested in class for a triple shooting and homicide. coming up in 20 minutes the
6:42 am
details about the crime that police are now linking together. >> we are now learning more about the man believed to be responsible for the hostage situation in sydney, australia. a bay area man's connection to him and why he says he's not surprised. we are still looking at trouble in the santa cruz mountains. you can see this live picture of traffic in los gatos here. >> some of the rain totals now coming in thanks to jim. southern marin county. about 5.5 inches of rain fell in the last 24 hours. no wonder they have flood issues. it's cheaper to eat at my place. i've got -
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we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. time is 6:45. boy, we have more on the developing news in the santa cruz mountains. sal has been telling you about all morning. a downed tree and power lines are blocking both directions of highway 17. ktvu brian flores you just got there in los gatos. what is going on. >> well a downed tree remains down on highway 17. you can see traffic moving slowly through here. but there is a little bit of good news we should say for the commute side of things.
6:46 am
i want to bring in diaz with the chp. >> all northbound lanes are open. the southbound side they got it clear. it should be 45 minutes before it opens up. right now all northbound lanes are open. >> reporter: can you talk about the amount of calls or trees down? it's been pretty wet. >> yes. due to the weather it has been kind of crazy. the back roads have been littered with calls with trees down. and messing things up a little bit on the road. >> would you say it's because of the rain? >> we don't know at this point. i believe it was the weather. we don't have any traffic
6:47 am
collisions up there anymore. i'm willing to bet it was the weather. >> we also talked about downed power lines. has pg&e been out there to kill that wire? >> yes. pg&e arrived on scene at the same time cal tran to clear the roads. they have at least -- wires killed in the northbound side. i'm not sure if the whole wire is killed. i know they're waiting to kill the wire. >> officer diaz with the chp, thank you for your time. take it back out here live. this is the southbound direction on highway 17 just before summit road. as you heard from jared diaz there from the chp, it will be another 45 minutes before the southbound lanes reopen. we've been talking about both lanes of northbound 17 are fully open for commuters this morning. that is the very latest update here. we will toss it back to you. >> thank you.
6:48 am
quickly before you go, is that fog out there that looks like it on the screen? >> it looks like fog. but actually you know there is a whole bunch of flairs on the road. so it's all the smoke coming from the flairs this morning. but be advised well. we talked about the ground conditions here along the santa cruz mountains. it is very soaked out there. we saw a few rocks that fell so be aware if you're on highway 17 this morning and in the next few days it will be very wet. >> all right. brian flores bringing us up to date. thank you. continuing coverage of the 17 hour hostage situation in sydney australia that left three people including the suspect dead. he has been identified as 50- year-old man monis. he was well known to police because of an extensive criminal background that included an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife. yesterday we talked to her god father that lives here in the bay area.
6:49 am
tara moriarty has more on that interview. tara. >> reporter: the god father of the suspect tells monis. saying they deserved to tie for taking part in the iraq war. it was just one of the many clues that the family says that monis was unstable. yesterday we spoke to da leak who says his god daughter -- the marriage crumbled z. monis was charged with being an accessory to her murder and then released on bail. kaleek says he warned noleen. >> he was calling everybody's hitler's army. and then i talked to her and i told her, stay away from him. he's dangerous. >> reporter: he became
6:50 am
extremist after divorcing noleen. he is angry that monis was out on bail. if he was still in jail, he says the hostages might still be alive. tara moriarty back to you. >> thank you, tara. we need to talk to sal. we will get you to where you need to go. you're following highway 17 and all over the bay area. >> yeah you may have heard brian say just now highway 17 was totally blocked but now it's only blocked in the southbound direction to the glenwood cut off. this is the southbound direction over on the left. there is a northbound direction. all traffic is getting through. and chp says another 45 minutes to reopen all the southbound lanes. out to the toll plaza it's a 25- 40 minute delay. if you're looking at interstate 880 in oakland, the traffic here looks good. 580 also doing well so you can jump ahead of the crowd. and 580 in livermore valley
6:51 am
that is a mess from the altamont pass and most of it is slow. so is 680. at 6:50, today's weather. let's go to steve. some of the information coming in from southern marin county on that torrential downpour. 4-5 inches of rain the last 48 hours. just incredible. we'll have some of that coming up. kevin had 1.28-inch of a quarter. in 20 minutes. five inches of rain in 38 hours. we are getting a little break. there is a system coming this. it will be later this afternoon. more likely tonight. morning commute should be okay here. maybe a few scattered showers. it will be rain on the go. mostly cloudy here. some areas of fog. maybe light drizzle and light rain. but i'm standing right in front of it. there is our system that will swing in tonight. the air is so saturated. low forming right there.
6:52 am
and then the low has to come through over night into tomorrow morning. that is setting the stage for i think another critical area of marine fog. especially in marin county, southern marin, up toward petaluma. we'll have to keep an eye on that. there could be easily two inch amounts on top of that. oakland 191% of normal. san francisco 185% of normal. san jose is 244% of normal. and there is more to go. mill valley had 3.75. ben lomond 1.25. for the morning commute it's rainy and cloudy. our system again just knocking on the door so it will be here pretty soon. 40s and 50s on these temps.
6:53 am
a little bit of snow. but for us all of our attention will be focused on the rainfall. there will be two plus inches of rain here as we go into wednesday night and thursday. a little bit of rain. 50s a few little 60s here. i think a little south wind in advance of that will help do it. we have rain returning late tonight. one more system friday. it looks weak, it looks more to the north and we'll see a better weekend. time to check in with tori campbell for a look at what is coming up. >> coming up on mornings on 2. bill cosby's wife is breaking her silence about the more than dozen rape allegations against her husband. what she is saying about the man everyone thought they knew.
6:54 am
and from the east bay punk scene one of the biggest bands in the world green day is about to solidify itself in rock and roll history. the prestigious new honor it is getting and why it is a historic move. those are the stories we are working on for mornings on 2. >> all right bay area band. time is 6:53. google the most in 2014. coming up in 20 minutes the number one search on google this past year it stems from a story that ties right here in the bay area that stunned the world. >> a war in san francisco against a graffiti offender who just won't stop. the exception one city official is willing to make in order to make his work disappear forever.
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welcome back. a boutique hotel damaged by the napa earthquake nearly six months ago is now back open. the hotel's first straight reopened two floors to guests yesterday. two other floors are being worked on though. until recently the thought of the hotel had been covered in scaffolding. san francisco's public works director declaring war on the person he calls the worst graffiti offend never san francisco. crews cleaned up highway 101
6:58 am
last friday and there was new graffiti by the tagger called mers by monday morning. nuru tweeted saying i'm at war. i just wiped out all the tags off the freeway. if you know him or her, $1,000 reward. he says the best way to end graffiti is to clean it up quick and the taggers will leave. but mers keeps coming back. >> we have to find him. >> the public works director says he promises not to seek criminal charges if the tagging stops. coming up next on mornings on 2, heavy rain causing major flooding and mud slides in marin county this morning. why the worst of it may not be over yet. >> also a toppled tree blocks the main highway in the santa cruz mountains. the new development within the past 30 minutes.
6:59 am
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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flooding, even mudslides in tiburon this morning after some very heavy rain here overnight. we'll show you some of the damage in the area and tell you why the town is not out of the woods just yet. we're getting some new news about the santa cruz mountains. all of the


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