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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 16, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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feeding the animals certainly looks fun but -- >> i wouldn't get as close as this woman would. >> what happens when the fence comes down and the camels come out? >> mom! >> he nearly rammed a cyclist but doesn't seem to care. >> but he does care now. >> what happens to the aussie with one bad attitude? a guy reaches into a fireplace to relocate -- >> a family of squirrels. >> the sweet moment mom comes to get her babies. pranksters stage a fake crime scene.
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ask people can you identify this person? >> see what freaks them out when they get close. it was not a good day on the farm for 51-year-old arena in russia. she along with family members went to the camel farm. they thought it would be fun to hang out. these camels get close to the fence and the fence breaks. what happens next will terrify you. >> mom! >> my gosh. >> you get a glimpse of the woman on the ground. she's been trampled by that camel, and it starts to bite her. she was taken to the hospital. she had to undergo surgery. she suffered fractures to her clavicle, she has six screws there. recovery time will take six months. >> my gracious just from a trip to a petting zoo. >> the allure of a little bit of food caused the camel to press
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up against the fence and they wanted more and went after it. >> that's weird. >> yeah. >> the second video, this is an example of good animal behavior. we have a wild elephant in cape town, africa, but this elephant, again, wild. watch what this elephant does. it's walking over to this area near this building and sees something on the ground. the elephant uses its trunk with the aid of its foot and throws away crumpled paper that the humans didn't throw away. >> looks like soda cans he's picking up. are you kidding me? >> respecting the requirement. >> here's the thing, this is supposed to be a wild elephant and he's doing this like he's done it before. do you think that's believable? when it comes to dealing with people on the road in cars, take a reach out from aretha franklin's book, respect. what are they doing. getting a thing out, maybe they're stuck.
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>> stuck in the snow. >> exactly. maybe the car's broken down. maybe the car's stuck. no. see the black bmw there? the guy that drives that black bmw laid claim to the parking space and he's not happy. they've got the car connected. they start dragging it across the car park and it slides in the snow. he take it 50 meters away. >> it's not like a car park. it's just the grass. >> the guy goes back to his bmw, swings it around, sticks it it in the space, there you go. the guy comes back is going to be so confused. another video, not from my home, it's from melbourne, australia. the helmet cam of a guy cycling through beautiful melbourne. you can see in melbourne they have bright, green bicycle lanes. >> in the bike lane, please. >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay, the guy's whatever, passing, cycles off, comes to a red light and obeys traffic laws
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the guy on the horse doesn't and goes straight through the red light. so the guy comes alongside him. he's all right. >> do you have a name? >> what. >> do you have a name. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh. >> that's what he says. >> you know what he is? he's that stuff horses leave behind. >> if you're a tourist in the carriage, i would feel like i'm getting the true australian experience. authentic. >> but it gets worse because it's gone viral in australia. >> i'm sure. >> because of what comes up here. the bike guy slows down, he's going to give him an example of what you're doing. >> you're giving your industry a bad name, mate. >> oh my gosh. >> not high speed but using a vehicle, two horses he turned the horses in and tried to knock the guy off his bike or get him run over. >> everything's been recorded on the camera. >> i don't care. >> he does care now. he doesn't have a permit to be doing this. >> oh. >> he's an independent
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contractor. and the people from abc found the guy they gave him a call. i can't say it out loud. this is what he said. we'll see how this comes along. >> wow. you've got to love people who go out of their way to rescue animals. the first individual glow singapore, a little cat got stuck or fell into a drain. do you hear the cat? and then here comes one of the workers. he's basically up to his neck in water. pulled in that poor little cat. look, put it into -- >> a road cone. >> a little rode cone. >> you hear the woman behind the camera, she cheers. the cat pops behind the cone and runs away. >> thanks, thanks. >> the cat lives another day. this next video, a sweet fellow named dan newbrook, from wildlife control, rescuing a family of squirrels. check this out. he's going in behind the chimney
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in the home because there are baby squirrels back there. >> are they being rescued or just being relocated? >> technically, yes, they are being relocated. >> i'd say being rescued. if you're living in a fireplace, you don't have much time. >> they're fresh babies, teeny, tiny. >> they don't have any hair. >> at all. dan puts the babies in a box. his idea to put the box next to the chimney and the fireplace. waits for mom to hone in on the scent of the babies. the moment she takes them to be recated, orable. her mouth and starts using her hand to kradable the baseball. you see how she's cradling the baby? >> adorable. >> so sweet. >> so unfortunate to see video like this, especially around the
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holidays. especially a house fire. firefighters responding to the house that's showing fire and smoke. the challenging part, again, the weather. it's cold. there's a bit of snow coming down, making things even more dangerous for these firefighters who are working on the house fire. right here this one part shows how dangerous their job is. the firefighters climbing up the ladder at the front of the house. there's another ladder they've laid on the roof of the house because there's so much snow and ice. it will help him get grip, but that doesn't work either. >> oh, no. >> the ladder starts to slide. thankfully, they are following protocol. the ladder he was on doesn't fall back. he manages to stay on the roof and work his way into the upper window, where some of his colleagues are working, ventilating that upper space. >> look at the smoke coming out of the window he's about to go in. >> what these guys do on a daily
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basis, something most of us can't imagine. >> firefighter was uninjured. they knock down the bulk of the fire within about an hour. they spent the next several hours putting out hot spots and extinguishing this. >> max is feeling festive and -- >> the christmas spirit, singing a christmas carol in the backseat. >> hear how his lyrics are a little bit off. >> [ bleep ]. >> plus, why you've got to watch closely to see what causes this crash. closely to see what causes this crash. >> oh.i cse beakth
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"right this minute," follow the show all day long. >> a monster has been resurrected. a more than 100-year-old monster. >> italian, to be exact. >> the beast of chiren. built over the winter of 1910 to
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1911, put together by duncan pitaway for the better part of the last ten years. built for the purpose of breaking the land speed record in the early 1900s. >> no way. where's it been all of this time? buried it? >> found one chassis in australia. he already had the engine. he cobbed together, rebuilt some parts. final moments. trailer of a new film in february documenting the monster, it's the largest car engine ever built. 290 horsepower, 28 liter four-cylinder. to put that in perspective, your four-cylinder engine of today has around 1.2, 1.6 liters. the best part about the trailer the moment they fire the beast up for the first time in more than 100 years. >> wow! >> it's a fire-breathing beast. i love it! back in the day, this thing
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achieved about 135 miles per hour. there is rumor the car will make an appearance at the goodwood festival of speed, a big event showcasing different historical cars. i don't mean to scare y'all, but y'all got to be very careful on the roads. in the dash cam, we see the van, emergency lights flashing. buthen decides to pass the car with the dash cam and then this happens. let me rewind just a little, tiny bit. there's something blocking the road. watch this. as it moves out of the way, you see right here -- >> like a construction barrier because of that big excavator. >> yeah. >> that's why. >> so the car, when the van moves out of the way, doesn't realize it's there until it's too late. tries to swerve out of the way but ends up hitting the barrier and slamming against the big
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excavator. >> serves him right. going too fast for that environment. hopefully he doesn't hurt anybody else or himself. >> another example why you need to be careful on the road, especially now that the weather's getting rainy because even when you're following the rules of the road, other people may lose control and you may end up running into a truck just like this. >> wow, that person looks like they just spun out, lost control. nothing the car with the dash cam could do. >> kids say the darndest things but wonder, where do they learn this stuff? >> parents. >> 3-year-old max, and he's in the christmas spirit singing a christmas carol in the backseat. ♪ >> singing "santa claus is coming to town". ♪ better watch out better not pout i'm telling you why♪ >> doesn't quite have the
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lyrics. ♪ santa claus is coming to toe- toe- toe-en♪ >> no idea he's being recorded. >> ♪ [ bleep ]. >> might dropping a little f bomb. >> because he forgot lyrics. >> directed towards santa. >> [ bleep ]. >> that's not a good way to get presents from santa. >> mom says maybe he learned this extra bit of lyric at school. next boy, how did he possibly learn to act this early? he's in a high chair. swinging his food everywhere. mom says, noah, do not sling your food. >> no. >> oh! >> wow! >> he went from a smile to full-on tears. >> not exacting. manipulation. nailed it. got it. >> look at that. go, go, inside the access studio. >> he knows what he's doing. no part of him is actually sad. >> what a thespian. >> go back to it.
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you've done this to me. okay. and scene. >> time to get real. get the fakeout. >> three videos. a car goes sledding. i can't stay on the sled. how the heck does a car stay on it? >> dude raves with a slinky. >> he's good. >> a jaw-dropping piercing. >> ebaum's wor
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>> closed captioning provided by --
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want to see a video again and again? head observe to find tons of videos and share them with your friends. fun is a good thing. >> uh-huh. >> it's a good thing we have mac dreidel here from ebaum's world. it's fun time. >> yeah! >> what's up, my web warriors. time to get real. get the fake out. >> the first clip from juken. >> look at that. >> use a sled instead of spare tire. >> that's clever. desperate times call for desperate measures. you've got to get your car to the shop in the snow. >> why not? >> exactly. let's face it, the safest thing we've ever come out of a russian dash cam. >> i'm saying real. >> real. >> real. >> i don't know. fashizzle it's real. >> i can't stay on a sled. how the heck does a car stay on it? >> you weigh less than a sled. >> five reals. >> right.
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you can trust them. i confirmed. russian ingenuity here, real. >> second video. cool. he's really good. >> yeah, he's got crazy slinky skills. they should make this into a slinky commercial, because it no longer goes downstairs, alone or in pairs. >> everyone loves a slinky. >> totally real. >> of course. >> cool. >> for real. look at that. he's got skills. i'm going with real. in asia, people find ways to perfect things that don't require perfection. >> i say real. >> real. >> five reals. >> frame by frame, it doesn't look nearly as impressive in slow motion. so it looked real the whole time. >> all right. here's the last video. >> what is he doing? what is he doing? >> he's going ing ting to go -.
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>> his mouth. >> i love that he's got gloves on. >> holy smokes! find a sharper knife. >> you're doing it wrong! >> he didn't go through both sides, okay. >> better. >> i say real. >> congratulations. i mean what do you say to this? >> going through the other side! >> oh my -- >> yeah. >> what happe's the point. >> i'm going real. >> oh -- >> oh. >> i'm going real. assuming everyone thinks this is real. >> yep. >> real weird. >> can't fake this. >> disgusting and amusing, thank you. >> bringing people together, one week at a time. >> dude. >> you want to be one of my groomsmen? >> so lame, right.
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>> totally lame. >> that was lame. >> well, there's guy knew that something like that would be lame, so mike o. decided to go epic. ♪ would you be my groomsman baby ♪ ♪ you can be one >> this is mike o''s way of asking buddies to be groomsmen to the tune of enrique iglesias' "hero." >> got some musical talent as well. i'm not going to the bachelor peter but i'm already fired up. >> sounds like a good weekend. >> youtube channel. the other cool part that mike did, made individual songs for all of his buddies ♪ you're so groovy you already know ♪ ♪ stand beside me until i can't [ bleep ]♪ >> one song for one of his buddies using "fancy." >> fun to have a customized song
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for you. >> people come across a dead body and -- what would you do if investigators said, can you identify this person? see how the crime scene comes alive when they get up close. of this year's superstar... (coughs) coughing can really be disruptive. with a record breaking fifty million votes, your superstar is... that's why there's delsym. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief. up to twice as long as other cough liquids. so the only sounds you'll hear are the ones you want to hear. bianca! (cheering) delsym. silence is relief. and now for a limited time try delsym for free, with mail in rebate.
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>> it's a gift. it's the thought that counts. >> malibu can't reach. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you happen to stumble upon a crime scene, what would you do if investigators said, can you identify this person? >> my gosh, i would
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>> what happened? >> you want to get closer? >> no. >> hey, detective, get over here. show her, see if she recognizes him. >> detective steve. >> see if you can identify the body. >> people, time and time again, come up to the skrim scene. they're asked to look at body. they go behind the yellow tape to get a closer look. but watch what happens. >> see his face? >> oh! >> the body underneath the piece of plastic moves and scares the dickens out of just about everybody. this is, of course, a prank. >> oh! >> this is put together by full screen webbers way and twin tv. it was all part of a game. the employees of full screen are challenged to be a part of. there are 300 employees, they have a yearly invent project, challenged to create a video or build an app or make some kind
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of cool pec in 48 hours and it's an interoffice competition. this prank video is one of the entries. >> let's be honest, if you enter the contest, make sure it's a video. designing an app or inventing technology in two days, not so easy. making a video, i reckon i could do it. >> oh! >> that's it for "rtm." we'll see you next time.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles >> there is a stepped up game now in the whole sony hacker scandal and it appears that the hackers are now threatening 9/11 type terrorism at places that show this movie beginning on christmas and before during previews. "the interview" which sony is putting out and prompted the hackers first to leak e-mails ad


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