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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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sony pictures cancels the christmas release of a controversial new movie, after threats against movie goers are linked to north korea. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. pressure mounting, sony pictures buckled and scrapped the release of its new film, "the interview." ktvu's jana katsuyama is live, where a screening was abruptly canceled. >> reporter: a long man drove a long distance to come to this
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screening, only to find out that the entire thing has been canceled. >> kim jung un wants to do an interview with dave skylark? >> reporter: it was satire intended for a holiday release. >> up here from sonoma. about an hour and a half in the rain. >> reporter: those who showed up left disappointed, and disturbed by the controversy. y there's some things you just don't joke about. i don't think it was one of the best topics to joke on. >> reporter: the film depicts two television producers asked to assassinate kim jung un. a comedy that didn't strike some as a laughing matter. a group called guardians of the peace, hacked themselves into sony pictures. the nation's three largest cinema chains all announced
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they would not show the film. security was a concern raised in 2012 after a gunman opened fire inside a theater in aurora, colorado. >> i don't think there's anything ever been quite like this. >> reporter: he saw the film and shared information with us. >> it is no more or less offensive than a south park episode. >> reporter: but the cancelation of the film presents a big threat to free speech. >> i'm upset about this, because i think it's a real blow to freedom of expression in our country and the film industry. i don't like the precedent that you can stop a film from being in theaters if you don't like it. >> reporter: some have asked that sony release the film from on demand. so far, the company has released no plans on what to do next. the "new york times" is
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reporting that u.s. officials have implicated north korea in the hacking of sony computers, with quote 99% certainty. ktvu's gasia mikaelian spoke with tmz's harvey levin about the growing scandal. >> i've never seen anything like this. this is crazy beginning to end. now the u.s. government apparently believes that the north koreans are indeed behind this. so in a way it makes it even worse that it's not some rogue at sony who got fired or whatever. that may still be the case, they may have helped, but apparently the u.s. government believes north korea is behind this. so this makes it a bigger issue in terms of what sony did. >> reporter: hollywood has never shied away from tackling controversial topics. what makes "the interview" different? >> you've got a sitting north korean dictator is the subject of a movie where he gets assassinated, so they're pissed. you know, there have been
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situations where people have done movies mocking the united states, and there have been, there's been an outcry as well. it's not unexpected that the north koreans took a stand on this thing. but the way it all played out is just bizarre. now, two new details about the historic breakthrough between havana and the united states. the reaction to president obama's surprise announcement is pouring in tonight. the united states is reestablishing full diplomatic relations with cuba. the shift in policy comes after 18 months of secret negotiations. the obama administration is making plans to open an embassy in cuba, and ease the long standing embargo, relaxing restrictions on commerce, travel, and internet access in cuba. heather holmes is here with more on today's announcement.
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>> reporter: it is indeed a historic day in u.s. foreign policy. one that thaws the chilly relationship between the united states and its old cold war enemy. the bold, colorful streets of havana have largely been offlimits for americans. the doors of the communist island in the caribbean has been closed since the cold war. after 50 years of animosity, president obama opens a path. >> we will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance or interesting, and instead, we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. >> reporter: in simultaneous speeches from washington and havana, president obama and castro changed the tide. >> we begin a new chapter among the nation's of the americas.
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>> reporter: castro welcomed the new relationship saying it will help cuba move forward, but there are still areas of disagreement. on issues such as human rights, free elections, and the scope of the u.s. embargo. the policy shift comes after secret talks in canada. after a pivotal meeting with pope francis last march that produced a prisoner swap. a phone call with castro from the oval office on tuesday finalized the exchange. >> it's the best hanukkah that i'll be celebrating in a long time. >> reporter: allen gross was released on humanitarian grounds after being imprisoned for five years. the united states freed three cuban spies. >> this president is the single worst negotiator we've had in the white house in my lifetime. >> republican senator, marco rubio from florida, a son of cuban immigrants vowed to block funding for a future u.s. embassy in cuba. >> all this is going to do is
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give the castro regime, which controls every aspect of cuban life, the opportunity to manipulate these changes to perpetuate itself in power. >> republicans could have some leverage here. a complete end to the u.s. embargo cannot be accomplished without resolution, and republicans are set to gain control of congress. >> so not a done deal. it doesn't mean you can book a vacation at a cuban beach just yet. the white house is expanding the special travel permits needed for specific reasons, such as human rights work. the embargo on travel for tourism is still in place. only congress can lift that. americans who do get to cuba via a third country will be able to use their credit and debit cards, they can also come
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home with cuban cigars and rum. the san francisco chronicle says a draft report by an advisory panel found that the bolts and rods are not in danger of failing, and should remain in place. you will recall questions were raised last year when 32 of the rods cracked. caltrans ended up spending about $45 million testing them, and securing the cracked rods. the draft report is scheduled to be presented to the bridge oversite economy. the light show on the western span of the bay bridge is going to keep shining. the light show was expected to come down in march. today, the sponsors said that private donations and the deal with the bay area toll authority have saved the light show. crews will now remove the lights next march for bridge maintenance, but they'll be reinstalled permanently in 2016. we're back on storm watch tonight, tracking some lingering showers moving
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through the bay area. our camera captured these pictures of a light rain in san francisco about two hours ago as shoppers made their way around union square. palo alto police tweeted this photo of a rollover accident on hamilton avenue this evening. we understand one woman was briefly trapped there, but not hurt. a peninsula family is finally back home tonight after finally having to evacuate from their home in belmont because of flooding. >> they're just one of about a dozen families that were forced to leave when rain water flooded their homes. amber lee tells us how the community is really coming together for those families and in fact has already raised thousands of dollars. >> reporter: frank, we're at the bellmont mobile home park. we spoke with the family finally able to return home tonight. >> reporter: there's no place like home. >> right now, we want to tell
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everybody that we are home. that is our big happy news right now. >> reporter: this family of five evacuated five days ago to a motel. when flood waters rolled several feet firefighters had to cut power to the mobile homes. today, new waterproof casings were installed to protect each home's power source, and electricity was restored to homes. but more rain tonight raises concerns. >> would we have to move, or are we going to stay? is the water going to get any bigger? >> reporter: 10-year-old rowlando says it was hard not to sleep in his own bed, even for a few days. >> afraid, stressed. worried. kind of afraid about our home when we're not there because how about if somebody goes into it, or i don't know what's
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happening. >> reporter: rolando is diabetic. the only thing right now in the refrigerator is insulin. everything else thrown out, spoiled. all the other items including power tools, belonging to rolando's father, now in a dumpster. damaged by the water that flooded the mobile home park. >> what's the best part of going back home? >> being back with the family. >> reporter: rolando's school, in partnership with a city council member is raising money to help the boy's family, and others who were displaced by the flooding. as of tonight, almost $12,000 raised online, and another 10,000 by people donating in other ways. >> even though, a pretty tragic event. but they know belmont takes
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care of its friends and neighbors. >> reporter: they tell me they will use that money to buy food. >> i bet they're so glad to be back in their homes tonight. >> i like hearing belmont takes care of its families. amber lee in belmont. thank you. a $16,000 bill for a few hours in the emergency room. >> just floored me. >> 2 investigates why the same procedures can cost 2 to 3 times more from one hospital to the next. >> and next, 49er lineman ray mcdonald accused of sexual assault, and cut from the team. we talked to his mother. the evidence she told us will prove that he's innocent. (vo) nourished.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ fast action today from the 49ers front office. the team released defensive lineman ray mcdonald after learning that a woman reporting about sexually assaulted on monday at mcdonald's home in san jose. this of course comes just one month after prosecutors decided that ray mcdonald would not face domestic violence charges. ktvu's as myth smith is live. >> reporter: some say it's because of the nfl's new emphasis on personal conduct. even if this is a big
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misunderstanding, it's a predictment mcdonald shouldn't be in again. the 49ers wasted no time cutting ties with mcdonald after a reported sexual assault this week. >> ray has demonstrated a pattern of poor decision making, that has led to multiple distractions for this organization, and this football team that really can no longer be tolerated. >> reporter: san jose police say they received a call tuesday from a hospital, where a woman, claims she had been sexually assaulted and mcdonald was a suspect. >> perhaps the 49ers know something more. perhaps they know more about this sexual assault encounter, and they are saying look, we want to get rid of ray mcdonald sooner rather than later. >> reporter: it suggests they want to avoid another pr
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nightmare. four months prior, mcdonald was arrested after his pregnant wife claimed he committed abuse. >> situations that don't fare lightly on his behavior. >> reporter: clark says the 49ers likely told mcdonald what he needed to do, and not do in order to be in good standing with the family. >> this is devastating. the allegations in general is devastating. >> reporter: tonight, sea phone from her florida home, mcdonald's mother defended her son, saying the truth surrounding these new allegations will come out. >> there's some things that the camera will tell the whole story. my son has lost his job over some accusations that will be proven were merely accusations. >> reporter: earlier this month, the nfl adopted a new personal conduct policy, where players could be suspended for
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6 games without pay for violations including sexual assaults. the 49ers did not wait for the nfl to make today's decision. mcdonald has been with the team for eight seasons. now to sports director, mark ibanez. a very different response from the 49ers than what we saw four months ago. >> yeah, they weren't going to be held to delay scrutiny. they're not going to go to the playoffs no matter what, and no lack of decisiveness, as the 49er brain trust got together, and apparently all were in agreement. that includes ceo jed york, and of course jim harbaugh. the 49ers got it together and decided this is a player who's just got a history of conduct problems. they weren't going to risk any further damage to reputation. this has certainly been one of the most embarrassing seasons in 49er history. even back it to when they only
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won two games. consider a team not making the playoffs, when they were considered a super bowl hopeful, and they had so many off field problems. they wanted to risk no further damage. here's what some of the teammates said about ray mcdonald, and his release earlier in the day. >> it's tough. he is the good friend to a lot of people on this team. no one ever, no one around him ever thought bad of him, he was always a good person to everyone around here. hopefully it's just a misunderstanding. >> we had that meeting with the whole staff a couple of weeks ago. i felt like jed made it pretty clear on how he feels about everything. you know, that's, we've got to, you know go with what the owner says. it's his team. and everyone knows what's right and wrong. >> it's an organization. it's a franchise. you want to have a high
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standard, and we do around here. you have to be able to abide by that. >> i think we all remember how badly the 49ers were criticized when he had those alleged problems, spousal abuse, or whatever you want to call it. they said this time around, there's an nfl policy, a conduct policy in place so they felt they were definitely within those guidelines to release him immediately. no fooling around this time, that's for sure. >> his eight year career with the niners done now. >> he will be hard-pressed to probably get another job, but we'll see. at, you'll find more video of the ray mcdonald saga, including unedited video. there was a strong rally today after three sessions of declines. the dow jones industrial average was up 288 points. the nasdaq was up 96. falling oil prices had been
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pulling stocks down. comments today from the federal reserve boosted the markets. fed chair janet yellen said the central bank is in no hurry to raise interest rates. she said the fed would be patient when to start increasing rates from their record lows, and gave no hint when the rates would start changing. san jose's city manager announced today, he is resigning just one year after taking the post. he says he's leaving at the end of the month. the mercury news reports he decided to step down after the city council met yesterday in a closed door session to discuss his performance. the council was reportedly planning to vote on friday to terminate his contract. the showers still out there. pretty moderate rainfall on the afternoon commute. just like yesterday, but not as much rain falling. yesterday, we saw quite a bit of rain. today, it was wet on the
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commute, but not, you know as higher rainfall rates. we have some pleasanton showers, livermore showers. as we head south, down here towards san jose, a few light showers. it's been moderate at the heaviest, and then became light as the back edge of the system approaches us, and a few light showers falling over by the san francisco airport. but that's kind of it. another system coming in on friday, i'll talk more about that, but let's get you through the morning hours. here's the back edge of the system. more scattered showers. you can see here, some clearing. we get a little further along towards the morning, 6:00 a.m., i think we'll see valley fog. not along the bay. but the inland bay valleys, patchy. 6:00a.m., commute looks dry. the model stuck some showers in there early thursday morning. for now it looks like we're dry. a few high clouds. then we tee up for what's behind it as we head into
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friday morning. tomorrow is your dry day. friday, we get back into a weather system kind of similar to what we saw this evening. i'll time that one out, it's going to hit the morning commute a little differently. we'll see you back here after the break. see you then, thank you bill. sticker shock that only adds to the pain, coming up at 10:30, 2 investigates finds the bay area hospitals charging the most for common procedures and why prices vary so much from hospital to hospital. >> we demand that you stop profiling, targeting, stop frisking and killing black and brown families. >> plus the list of demands presented tonight as local leaders open a dialogue about divisive issues. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a few dozen oakland high school students walked out of class today to protest recent
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police killings of unarmed black youth. previous demonstrations have resulted in vandalism. city leaders say dealing with demonstrations for several weeks now is getting expensive. tonight, hundreds of people packed a town hall meeting in oakland on bridging the divide between police and protesters. new at 10:00, ktvu's ken pritchett joins us live with both the dialogue and demands. >> this town hall meeting started at 7:00 and wrapped up a half hour ago here at db memorial cathedral on telegraph. there were hundreds of people here. many of he them spoke, expressing and offering ideas. >> we come together as one unit and one body. >> reporter: a prayer began this meeting inside a packed cathedral. elected leaders including barbara lee. >> this is a very important gathering. here in my community, we know what police misconduct is about.
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>> reporter: before the politicians spoke, the community had their ideas. >> we demand that you stop profiling, targeting, stop frisking and killing black and brown families. >> take off your uniform some time, come to the events, talk to the community and get to know them. >> reporter: one man said the oakland protesters were not represented at this meeting. >> this is another failure. if they're not here, who are you talking to? >> reporter: the people here are addressing elected leaders who potentially can affect change. congresswoman lee says she wants the president to appoint a police czar. >> we have racial profiling. the president has taken several executive actions. we need to go much further.
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>> reporter: jean quan says the police have appointed cameras on uniforms. >> we're now at the point where nearly every field officer has a personal recording device. >> reporter: she says 210 police body cameras were in use, which increase today 619 this year and over the time period, use of force incidents have dropped by 75%. >> oakland has not had an officer involved shooting at 18 months today. >> reporter: there is nothing concrete expected to come from tonight's meeting, the organizers say they hope this discussion will push lawmakers to pass laws to create change, to what some argue is institutional racism. >> ken pritchett reporting tonight in oakland. ken, thank you. christmas came early today for hundreds of children in the tenderloin district of san
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francisco. >> st. anthonys with help from the mcceaseen corporation hosted a holiday party with fun and games, and of course santa. the guests were 250 patients and families. shot in another man's home, the early morning mistake that nearly cost one man his life. >> we're still paying off $5,000 for our out of pocket for that one. >> and dramatic differences for common procedures. 2 investigates which bay area hospitals are charging the most, and what you need to know before the bill comes. >> up first, breaking news we're following in southern california, where a vehicle has plowed into a crowd of pedestrians.
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breaking news now from southern california. police in redondo beach say a vehicle struck up to 12 pedestrians tonight. at least one person was killed. other victims are critical. the accident happened about 8:00 tonight. "the l.a. times" is reporting that a crowd had just left a christmas concert, when a vehicle going north on highway 1 ran a red light and hit the pedestrians before plowing head on into another vehicle. the times says the woman driver was detained, and is being evaluated for dui. a $16,000 medical bill for a few hours in the emergency room. tonight, 2 investigates uncovers which california hospitals are charging the most. a family asked ktvu to take a closer look at hospital bills, after they suffered some serious sticker shock. eric rasmussen is here with what they found out after going
10:32 pm
through a state database of prices from hundreds of hospitals. >> reporter: it's not just the high prices, but how much they vary from hospital to hospital. take a chest x-ray. the uninsured price can vary from $150 to $6,000. it is tough for consumers to shop around. 15-year-old julia iseman is ready for the holidays. on one inside, she wasn't even sure she was going to make it home. with urgent care closed for the night, iseman's mother took her to the emergency room at dominican hospital with extreme stomach pain. blood tests and ultrasounds came back inconclusive. >> they said we think we should do a ct scan. >> reporter: even with the
10:33 pm
scan, doctors sent julia home with her ailment a mystery. just as perplexing, the bill, for $16,862 that came into the mail. >> that just floored me really, for being four and a half hours in the emergency. i had no idea costs could accumulate like that. >> reporter: that cat scan, included in this $11,000 charge under medical services. insurance reduced the cost, but the iseman's were still left with a large bill. >> we're still paying off $5,000 for our out of pocket for that incident. >> operating in the dark. sort of like buying a car without a price. >> reporter: julia's grandfather called around, and discovered a local radiology center does the same procedure for less than $6,000. >> i'm almost sure they would have gone to a different facility if they would have known these differences and
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their dramatic. >> reporter: the hospital is among the most expensive in california for abdominal ct scans according to the uninsured prices. 2 investigates sifted through state data from 400 hospitals and ranked the prices for 10 common charges from emergency room visits, to x-rays, to arthroscopic surgeries. good samaritan in san jose was one of the priciest hospitals for every procedure we reviewed. the south bay hospital posted the single highest price in the state for a colonoscopy. the exact came procedure is lifted at $1,500. north bay medical center in fairfield also came up again and again in our list of most expensive hospitals. a trip to the er is listed at more than $1,900. serving as a chest pain and
10:35 pm
stroke center as well as taking a disproportionate share of government insured patients play a role in driving up costs. the california hospital association insists no one pays any of the prices compiled by ktvu. >> you're saying those numbers are irrelevant. >> they are irrelevant. >> then why publish them? >> because state law requires us to. >> reporter: spokeswoman, janice emerson shea says the real cost varies from one consumer to the next. >> would would it take for consumers to know how much they're going to pay for something. >> the first thing you do is go back and talk to your insurance company. >> reporter: she says overhead, covering those who can't afford to pay, and simple supply and demand explain why charges vary among hospitals. some consumer advocates aren't satisfied. >> even with that dynamic at play, it's still true that the same exact procedure should not cost 2 or 3 or more times more from one hospital to the next. >> they ask us, is this with
10:36 pm
insurance? i said yes. >> reporter: julia iseman's family say they want just a chance to shop around. so an upset stomach doesn't cost an arm and a leg. >> if you're hit with a surprising hospital bill, consumer advocates say your first step should be to call the hospital to try to negotiate a lower payment. dominican santa cruz tells us, it works with patients to set up interest free payment plans. hospitals are also required to offer a good faith estimate if you call ahead and ask about a particular procedure. >> in an emergency, you don't have the luxury of shopping around. eric, thank you. it wasn't mistaken identity, but a mistaken address that nearly ended in a deadly shooting earlier this morning. police say this man, 24-year- old true hatch started pounding on the sliding glass door of a home in venetian early this morning. the people who live there called 911. within seconds, the man smashed the glass door and walked in. the man walked right into the
10:37 pm
family room. that's when the homeowner shot him. police arrived shortly afterward. they say that hatch wasn't trying to steal anything, but was highly intoxicated and accidently went into the wrong house. >> right after my dad fired the shot, benicia police broke in and arrested him right on the spot. >> hatch was treated at hospital and then released. it appears the gap between the rich and the rest of the country is widening. the gap between the top 20 percent of earners and everyone else is at the highest. most of them recouped what they lost in the recession. middle income families have not made many gains. a plea for information in the unsolved killing of a woman
10:38 pm
in the north bay. >> scattered showers tonight. i'll pinpoint the chance for more rain. >> and the annual tradition that puts car keys in the hands of someone who really needs them. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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new at 10:00, a candlelight
10:41 pm
vigil in downtown san rafael for a young mother who was killed six yearsing a remains unsolved. they gathered near what used to be the 4th street tavern. it was december 16, 2008 that the body of a 33-year-old woman was found in the parking lot nearby. police say she had been raped and strangled. tonight, her brother pleaded for anyone with information to come forward. >> hopefully, the message will reach the right ears. the $50,000 reward is out there. hopefully it will reach the right person, and he's compelled to come forward, hopefully. >> she left behind a daughter who is now in her teens. fires started about 4:15 this morning in noel valley. this is all that's left of one of those burned vehicles. residents are concerned that a serial arsonist is on the loose
10:42 pm
following four car fires in the last month and a half in the castro district. the first fire was at cumberland and church street. san francisco firefighters set a fire deliberately on a sidewalk. they wanted to show just how quickly a christmas tree can go up in flames. this one took about 4 seconds. new at 10:00, a christmas miracle for bay area families struggling to get around. >> ready, 1, 2, 3, yes. >> this is the annual car giveaway at mike's auto body. mike's auto body started this program back in 2001. since then, they have donated 46 cars to families and non-
10:43 pm
profit organizations. the vehicles donated are all considered totaled, but after countless hours of donated time, they're refurbished, and returned to like new. one recipient just had his car returned. >> schools, soccer practice. >> the vehicles weren't the only surprise. the trunks were also packed with presents. >> i love seeing those stories. >> the faces on those families are just wonderful. >> not having a car or transportation like that, with families trying to get around, it makes all the difference. a new twist tonight in the battle of a bay area beech. then bill martin with the next chance for rain. >> first, a touching reunion of man and dog. you won't want to miss the story of daisy, who escaped a sinking boat, off sausalito, then embarked on a journey to find her best friend.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
a dog that was on a boat that sank last week has been reunited with his owner. the owner says it's a miracle, he was positive his dog was dead. >> the unlikely story of daisy's survival and journey home. >> are we all here? will you pray with me? beloved god, we thank you always for the opportunity to be together. >> once a week, steve alioto and his dog daisy come from a free lunch at sausalito presbyterian church. it's a routine that proved fateful. >> she knew right where to go. >> reporter: last wednesday, leaving daisy behind on his boat. when he returned both were gone. >> my mast of my boat sticking
10:47 pm
out of the water, and my boat submerged. i thought my own negligence killed my dog. i just started to cry. >> reporter: in this place, where prayers are offered up. >> i know. >> reporter: one was answered. >> my neighbor jackie came and got me at home and said there's a dog, wet, and shivering on the church steps. >> reporter: it was daisy. >> here she is. >> reporter: who escaped a sinking boat, swam more than a mile, and walked another half mile. >> daisy is clearly motivated by great love. >> reporter: to find a dog's best friend. >> i cried for two days. i guess i'm crying right now because i'm really happy that i didn't lose daisy. >> reporter: when some things can't be explained, sometimes people look to the church. >> i think i'm called as a
10:48 pm
pastor to witness to them. >> reporter: sometimes there is no explanation. when all is lost -- >> you realize the finer things in life are something as small as daisy and her unconditional love. >> reporter: we find out -- >> especially today for daisy who made this amazing journey. >> reporter: in sausalito, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> he and daisy look so happy now. the battle over access to martin's beach on san mateo county coast still isn't over. the owner of the property has now filed a motion to throw out a judge's order that the one gate leading to the beach must be open. also claims there's language in the order that allows him to lock that gate in bad weather and when he wants to.
10:49 pm
he keeps it locked. he is the cofounder of sun microsystems. a few scattered showers lingering out there right now. those showers are out of the area by the morning hours. still showers falling towards the livermore area. light scattered showers. it was moderate and just in time for your afternoon commute, just east of livermore up on mission peak. moderate rainfall. a little heavier. the afternoon commute was impacted by these showers, nothing like yesterday's commute which really got hammered with upwards of a half inch of rain. it's going to clear up a bit. a lot of moisture at the surface. look for fog in a lot of the
10:50 pm
inland bay valleys tomorrow morning early. it should just be patchy up in the spots that you usually see it. tomorrow is our break day. high pressure sets up. thursday sets us up with partly sunny conditions, and mostly dry. shouldn't see any rain tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle in the morning, or drizzle. here is your friday. friday we bring showers in. a p.m. chance on friday, but mainly in the morning on friday. the morning commute on friday is the one that gets hit. 7:00a.m., thursday morning, that's us tomorrow morning, maybe a little sprinkle. but there's your thursday. here comes your friday right? that's friday morning. all right, so showers. then friday afternoon. then saturday, cloudy, not really sunny and nice, but you get the picture. it's just going to be kind of clearing and drawing. i think last night's wallop was the last wallop we're going to see for a while actually. it looks like there's some rain
10:51 pm
coming, but it's down after christmas actually. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, some morning showers on friday, and then that's it. tomorrow's a nice day. morning showers friday. and the rest of the weekend looks pretty good. the five-day forecast shapes up pretty nice. we're talking about plenty of dryness after plenty of wet weather around here. >> it will be nice to try out. >> thanks bill. >> mark is here now, we've had a lot of fun. hold your horses there. >> i got so excited. a little while after this. >> she was so gung ho. a one of a kind san francisco experience. drag queens on ice was held tonight in union square. ♪ [ music ] julie is beat red now. people crowded around the rink for the show. the sisters of perpetual
10:52 pm
indulgence. a portion will go to the boys and girls club of san francisco. >> i was trying to go fast over to mark, because we learned something about the warriors today. having so much fun talking about the warriors, but they had a little bit of bad news today. some concern tonight, they're clearly one of the best teams, upper tier teams in the entire nba. no matter how good you are though, the threat of injury always lurks. there's growing concern tonight for the warriors with regards to one of their key components. that would be center andrew bogut, initially out with knee tendonitis. not going to play tomorrow night against oklahoma city. the knee is not going to respond to treatment. he now has bone adena. an injury that causes bones to swell with fluids. he will be out for a while. coach pop looking loose against the team that knocked off the warriors last night.
10:53 pm
spurs up 2.5 left. mark gasol hit a wild three and the game goes to overtime. spurs get tim duncan to bank one in. and this thing goes on to a third overtime. the spurs now down one point. 8 seconds left. ginobili, the veteran brings it into the full court. nobody to pass to. he says i will win it. no. he's way off the mark. there you go, clank, 117-116. the grizzlies knock off the world champs. they're something to be reckoned with in the west. so spoiled we are for the stanford women for so many years, you just don't see a game like this coming. cardinal, number 7 in the land, bumped off by little chattanooga, tennessee. if you shoot 27% from the floor, that will do something for your chances too. carly samuelsson hitting the j there. jasmine joiner had herself a
10:54 pm
game. 9 points and 11 rebounds. unranked chattanooga beating their second top 20 team in two weeks. the men of stanford, no such issues, as they toss it around. there's the owner of the warriors there, as he checks out the cardinal. 11-2 run in the late 2nd half. the put back. he had 15 points, but the big guy though, tonight for stanford, chasen randall. he will put it down. stanford now 6-2, as they polish off loyola marymount. all of the question about the 49ers. they have one player beyond reproach. that would be frank gore. he may have played his last game with the niners. colin kaepernick has a word about his great teammate, next. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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think it's something we want to win for everyone. frank, obviously has been a huge asset to this team. he's been a great player, a great leader on this team, and we want to win as many games as we can for him and everyone. we have an opportunity to win two more before the season is over. that's where our mind's at. >> frank suffered a concussion against seattle, and
10:58 pm
considering he's a free agent, might have played his last game with san francisco. that's the sporting life tonight. >> thank you, mark. >> good night. >> thanks for joining us. good night. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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