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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 18, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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rescuers try to free two boys trapped in a tanker car. >> how they finally pull them out of the pit. >> this bad girl is about to see a parking official locking that boot on. she decides this boot was made for driving. >> it takes nerves of steal for this. >> nearly 700 stories? >> the view from the top of the world. >> amazing shots of an angry rattle snake. >> and she makes it look easy,
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but trust us, it's not. >> we almost choked while doing it. >> the adventure of the turkey slurpy reveals the secrets that let her do this. kids get stuck in all kinds of sticky situations this one in particular sticky. this in china. what you're looking at are two little boys ages 6 and 8 stuck in a tank of tar. >> oh! >> luckily this is not hot tar. these two boys are alive. they are recovering. i want you to know that. it took firefighters several hours to get them out. they had to use diesel to send out the tar to pull them out of the tank. >> one of his eyes is in the tar. >> you can see somebody is pouring one of them water. these two little boys were playing on top of the tank and fell in.
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this is what happened. they were eventually pulled free. they did not suffer serious injuries. >> this is the most horrifying thing. they were literally suffocating and being sucked into this. >> growing up, your mom and dad had a story that would keep you from messing around. this is the story. >> yeah. >> you can see the one little boy is clinging for dear life for that ladder to pull himself up. his hands are so slippery and slick. there is no way he could have pulled out of that. >> how do you get all that off you? they are still trying to clean it off. >> sit in the bath with with soap for about a week. >> this happened in may. the video was just released. parking in a metropolitan area can be difficult. sometimes your car gets a boot like this woman's vmw suv. you see the yellow boot? that's the parking official there locking that boot on.
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the woman still in her car. do you think she pays attention to that boot? nope. >> please stop. you'll tear your car up. >> eventually it breaks off. listen to the cheers of this large crowd. why do they all think this is such a great thing? because that whole line standing there is an audition line for these bad girls club tv show, a reality show on the oxygen network. that woman was reportedly one of the people there to audition and the woman that got this video, shea cross, also there to audition. didn't look like there was too much damage to that vmw and you know if the parking attendant's got her boot on, he's got her
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information. >> i'm amazed it didn't trash the car. >> that raises the question was it set up? >> i think this is real. if it was part of her bad girl audition, where's the camera on her? this might be somebody else's audition. >>. >> i have a video next i'm not going to call a video. i'm going to call it a short film. this happened early in the year. red bull got hold of it. these are the falls in british columbia in canada. it starts converting. you think look at this it's so cool. it's one of the world's best climbers. he challenged himself with a climb. >> 69 feet climb and is regarded as the hardest mix rock climb in the world. >> he's going up nearly 70
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stories? >> it's fraught with all kinds of danger. minus 20 degrees. to do this climb, you have to repel down. >> start at the top, get to the bottom and go all over again. >> there's all sorts of preparation that went into this. the team created seven pitches. they started from the bottom and top. >> this is where they actually start the ascent. you see some of the stuff he has to pull. this shot shows you how small he is compared to this. >> this is terrifying actually. >> it looks miserable. >> this looks scary. when it's all done, you can say, i did this. >> finally gets to the top. radios to the guy he did it. took eight hours to make the ascent, but look at that. if you guys want to see the full video, and i highly recommend with my entire being you do, head over to
9:06 am click on today's show or use the mobile app. you brave fellows scared of nature? >> this guy? >> you are about to sweat. this on engineer blend youtube channel. he is an engineer in the phoenix, arizona, area he put a camera off a long pole and got footage off a long hiking trail. that is a coiled-up rattle snake. listen to that rattle. creepy. the camera is far enough away that they aren't in real danger. they are not really agitating the snake much. >> the are agitatiey are just t their distance while doing it. >> you said you were scared of spiders. this from engineer glenn youtube
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channel. a giant harry tarantula. >> this is a baby one and the mama is the size of this table sitting in a web waiting to eat him. >> the reason why rattle snakes and tarantulas are so vilified because of this. they are not bad creatures. leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. >> it's a video that serves as a reminder to -- >> oh! >> see how a camera saves this driver's rear. >> two wheels, one world. >> the story behind the epic trip with a lot of twists and turns. >> what can i do to get out of here? >> oh, my god.
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here's not what to do when on the road. this guy is driving home from
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school. >> there is rear view footage of the accident, as well. >> i'm glad he had a dash cam to prove he was hit first. >> no major injuries because of this accident. >> this is another accident that was completely avoidable. watch this. >> this is really bad driving. >> we see this so often in the russian winter. driving across the intersections are so dangerous. maybe they do it without eyes closed. >> this is the weird part. you see that the drivers get out of their vehicles. they seem to shake hands and
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then this driver here gets back into his car and drives away. >> is your car stolen? >> yes. >> is your car stolen? >> yes. >> okay, good-bye. >> it's weird. y'all want to see little cuties? this first one 15-month-old georgia. georgia is dancing with daddy on that beautiful hardwood floor. dad knows how to tap dance. dad is a professional stage actor and dancer. little georgia has been watching her dad dance since she was born. now they have a daddy/daughter tap-off. >> she's almost better than dad. >> she is a show stopper because
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she is so cute. you can't take your eyes off of her. >> this little cutie not in a dancing mood, but more in a fighting mood. evidently the bake job gone off what looks like the breakfast plate in front of the camera here. >> i know a lot of grown-ups who would do the exact same thing. i'm with this kid on this one. do we know what act bacon? >>hy is the bacon gone? >> you hear other little kids laughing in the background? my guess is a sibling took the bacon. you know how to get him to calm down? save a bit of bacon. a new film documents the presence 210, two wheels, one
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world, no money. >> i knew it was possible to ride around the world because other people have done it. i wasn't sure where i could do it. especially making the money for it along the way. >> documentary is called "somewhere else tomorrow." it features an east german rider. he decided to get his buddy lars together, pack up the bikes and go. this trip began in 2008. the documentary being released. daniel went to parts of north africa, egypt, and where things got dicey, pakistan. >> my brain switched into survival mode. what can i do to get out of here? >> daniel planned to get through pakistan in four days. >> broke down. first 15 years i owned this. >> daniel named his bike
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marianne. he was stuck in pakistan for six weeks. >> oh, my gosh from four days to six weeks? >> right. to get the parts. in that moment, daniel realized instead of trying to rush through things to let the trip happen. he wound up having a beautiful experience in pakistan. kind people put him up, helped him get parts and transportation. >> i got to know so many people who were so kind and amazing. i let go of it and let the universe decide. >> it does make you believe everything happens for a reason. >> daniel never made it around the world. stopped in australia, went back home but continued the trip in the americas earlier this year. along the way i was fortunate to catch up with daniel. >> no way. >> yep. he came through arizona. there i am riding with daniel. now his golf joey joining him and another friend ingo. they were gracious enough to
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take my stick with nick stickers. i'm going to follow the rest of their adventure as they continue down through america, central america, south america. if you want to see "somewhere else tomorrow" check out click on today's show. check it out on our mobile app or go to open >> it's a wedding photo shoot. see what she says next "right this minute." >> and still to come -- a herd of elephants starts charging because -- >> right near them was a pride of lions. >> who stands their ground. plus showing off crazy trampoline tricks. [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] megan doesn't know
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that coffee breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully, she uses act restoring mouthwash. itit r rebebuiuildlds s tooth , making yoyourur teeth two times stronger. acact.t. s smimil. like us on"right this minute." stay in touch all day long. >> animal attacks caught on video. >> this first one in zambia where you see a herd of elephants charging toward a pride of lion. >> no. chickens. no, a pride of lions. right here we can actually see
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one. it camouflages into the ground around it. >> you do seehe pride side he tg to hold their ground. it's not going to happen. these guys keep charging at them. then we do see the lions running off into the distance. here's another attack. this time. >> chicken? >> goose. this guy gets really close to the geese. they start charging at this guy. wait till the camera pans over. we see the look on his face. >> okay. i got chased by a goose. >> that's tom green. >> he has that mtv show called "the tom green show."
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>> the geese are angry. >> i'm going to say i think team supertramp are officially the cinematographers of the internet. they are getting trampoline in slow motion. these guys are epic at what they do. you see how they grab each other's hands and swing around and stuff? >> when with is this going to be the pairs competition in the olympics? >> right. this is like devon's supertrampoline. >> how did i not get that? >> it's almost impossible to take in what they are doing.
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they suddenly slow it down. you get an idea just what's going on. to me it's amazing as you always expect. there is a great behind the scenes video. head over to, click on today's show or use the mobile app. >> it's the turkey trick that's harder than it looks. >> here it is. >> not exactly. >> meet the master who tells us how she got it down. >> that is hard to explain. >> you don't want that one. >> i do. itit s sououndnds s mam. i i cacan'n't t slsleeeep pn i'm all stuffy. i take offense to that. i'i'm m nonot t gogoining g toa talking ball of mucus. i i ththinink k yoyou'u're a little hasty... hehe's's n notot w witith h. mumucicinenex x fafastst m m. mumultlti-i-sysympmptotom m rerl decongestant. brbreaeaththe e eaeasysy. . sl. ststarart t ththe e rereli. ditch the misery.
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lelet't's s enend d th.
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puts herself in time-out. >> i'm really mad right now. >> looks like someone has fun. where you going? autumn, come here. come here. come here.
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come on. come on. yeah. that's what i thought. >> turkey slapping, not a questionable product. people get it at 2:00 in the morning. we did triumphant remember it? >> yep. >> here it is. >> that's just ridiculous. we almost choked while doing it. we got a little bit of a development. on skype we have tim and lacy to talk about it. how do you feel a simple ten-second video is exploding all over the internet? >> it's all right. little excited. i feel surprised, actually.
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>> how the heck did you figure out you had this talent or was it something you tried to do because you had seen it before? >> ner seen it i'm the original inventer. i was with my friends a couple of years ago. there was some deli meat. i said i'm going to try a trick and it works. >> what brand of turkey do you use? i don't think ours was thin enough. >> i don't have a specific brand. less expensive brand worked better. >> the cheaper, the better. >> do you have a piece of turkey to prove this isn't like doctored or that it's not magic editing trick? >> i do actually. >> yeah! >> we want to see it. >> go for it. >> okay. tim ran to the store. got some fresh turkey and i'll try it. if it has a hole in it, it
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doesn't work. >> you're swallowing it as well at the same time. >> how do you do it? explain. >> magic is hard to explain. i just do it. >> not going to give up her secret. >> you were recording this for a talent contest online? >> it's popular on snap chat. we did six talents. lacy's was the grand finale. comment, tweet us or comment on instagram which one was your favorite. hers obviously won. >> that's it for "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us. see you next time.
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it's a slugfest on the freeway. >> there was something going on inside that car. >> see where they wound up that makes this story so much better. >> firefighters are about to leave a charred home when they hear whimpering. >> one scared little survivor. >> a dude in a wheelchair starts rolling backwards. >> the frenzy to save him with a train on the way. >> he thinks he's a contestant in he


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