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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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african american and alameda county is 20%. >> reporter: a public defender said there are three things that could be done to reduce cases. >> officer involved shooting cases should be conducted to preliminary hearing. not grand jury. the second would be all police officers to be required to wear body cameras. and the third officer involved shootings should be investigated by outside agencies. >> reporter: in san francisco another show of legal unity. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: san francisco public defender led the charge, then invited the un-of oscar grant to speak -- uncle of oscar grant to speak. >> i am touched to see today
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our public defenders, attorneys, that have represented us in this system to hopefully get real justice that we deserve. >> reporter: public defenders held their hands up. >> our clients are stopped and searched illegally, mistreated by the police, feel there is racial bias. >> reporter: in martinez public defenders watched to the steps of the courthouse. he said the criminal justice system is ripe with racial bias. >> we see it in the fact that people of color are under represented in the jury and over represented in the jails. >> reporter: racial bias is also evident in the way suspects of color are treated in court and charged.
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they have blocked most of the traffic here in the streets, causing a problem here for people trying to get through. that is all for now here, back to you. >> one public defender said he wanted body cameras, we are getting evidence that they may help cut down on what people consider police brutality. >> reporter: that is indeed true. yesterday oakland released their numbers, in 2009 they had no cameras and almost 2200 incidents of use of force and they show now that they have more than 600 body cameras, 619, this year they had 572 use of force incidents. shows a decrease in the use of force incidents with the use of body cameras. there is evidence here in oakland that they do help. >> and of course president
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obama came out in favor of them nationwide as well. thank you. images of an under cover officer pointing his gun sparked questions. there was report there was a lack of communication. oakland police say the chp never informed the department that officers would be under cover during the demonstration. that could have been a problem if one of the officers spotted the under cover officer use a weapon. the officers were assigned to gather information that would help prevent the protesters from getting on the freeways. today for the first time 49ers head coach jim harbaugh talked about the decision to cut defensive tackle ray mcdonald. ktvu's ann rubin tells us the 49ers didn't waste time clearing out his locker. >> reporter: well, jim harbaugh said they have the right to employ who they want oemploy and now the -- to employ and
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now they are moving on. >> reporter: his equipment has been cleared out. his name removed from the wall. the last traces of ray mcdonald are gone from the locker room. >> tough to see a brother, you know, being in a situation like this. >> reporter: teams are reeling from the decision to terminate ray mcdonald but jim harbaugh said it is the right move. . >> we made the decision as an organization, contributed to it and in agreement with it. >> reporter: police confirmed they are investigating ray mcdonald's vomit in a possible sexual assault. involvement in a possible sexual assault. the team took swift action. >> the circumstances dictated the decision. >> reporter: the circumstances involved called a pattern of poor decision making. there have been previous run ins with the law. some fans think the 49ers should have severed ties with
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him sooner. >> finally they decided enough is enough. i am glad. >> reporter: others think the team should have waited till had investigation ran its course. -- the investigation ran its course. >> maybe like put him on probation till they fire him. >> reporter: the 49ers are working to fill the void ray mcdonald leaves behind. teammates say it won't be easy. >> all you can do is pray. i pray for him. >> reporter: san jose police say this is an active investigation but that there is no time line for how long it will take to wrap it up. >> what do we know about the woman who is making the claims? >> reporter: we know that she is not ray ray mcdonald's fiance. she filed the police report from her hospital room and that
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her medical records will become a part of the investigation. >> ann rubin, outside levi stadium, thank you. a break in the rain today but still clouds are moving back in and rain is on its way again. live pictures in san francisco. you see the bridge in front of us and the tower on the left hand side of the screen. our meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now. >> a break in the rainfall today. we have been talking about three storms. the first moved in monday. second one tuesday, wednesday. the third one moves in friday morning. has been a very active december 2014 for the bay area. look at the numbers. adding up. rainfall for this month, san francisco 10 inches. san jose 7.45. the numbers are adding up. we will add more rain to the totals over the next 24 hours. you can see right now the cold
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front approaching northern california, so far we have the clouds, santa rosa during the 3:00 p.m. hour, light rainfall. you can see the doppler sweeps. not picking up much over the north bay. spotty showers, heavy mist or drizzle but that will be changing. here is our forecast, midnight, rainfall on the increase between now and then. especially north of the golden gate bridge. look what happens for the morning commute, moderate to heavy rainfall across the bay area. friday morning, 6:00 p.m. it will be -- 6:00 a.m. it will be on the move. coming up the changes you can expect and the big change that will move in by the weekend forecast. >> thank you. >> tomorrow's commute will be wet. before that rain hits caltrans is trying to minimize the damage. ktvu's noelle walker is live in berkeley. hitting a pot hole could lead
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to a repair bill of several hundred dollars. >> reporter: yeah. i have found that out. the rain underfines the roadways and -- undermines the roadways and could cause pot holes. it could be costly on all fronts. >> reporter: a week of wet roads. >> this car was in a collision. big one. >> reporter: put the breaks on driving. >> wasn't able to stop on time. jobs like this come in more often in the rainy season. >> reporter: record rain caused 7 california counties to declare local disasters. in the bay area, marin, san mateo, lake and sonoma counties. before the next storm hits caltrans crews filling trucks.
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they are hitting the roads. trying to prevent drivers from hitting pot holes. it is tough work. basically running sprints. between traffic breaks. patching pot holes. trying to fix the damage rain caused. they are more than just bumps in the roads. >> now you are looking at $700. >> pot hole damage cost motorists $6.4 billion. >> this particular man, this is the 4th time that he had his tire replaced. because of pot holes. >> the newer low profile cars are his most frequent customers. >> just take as split section -- take as split second. >> reporter: it is like foot wear, they look good but in a storm you just want a sturdy rain boot.
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the shop told us a lot of people pay for the repairs because the cost is between the duckductible and the cost of -- deductible and the cost of making it worth their claim. caltrans gone through 2 tons of the pot hole patch mix in two weeks. nowell -- noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today, one of the best days in years. the dow had its biggest day in three years. the dow is up 421 to 17,778. the nasdaq is up 104 at 4,748. the s&p is down 15 to 1,862. the markets are still reacting, the reserve is in snow rush to raise interest rates. >> reporter: back lash is building after sony decided to
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scrap the lease of the interview. the white house is calling the attack on sony a national security issue. in los angeles with more on the film's fall out. >> reporter: sony calling off plans to release the interview on christmas day after theater chains said they would not so the movie. -- show the movie. those decisions coming after the group responsible for hacking the studio warned audiences to avoid seeing the film, threatening a 9/11 attack on the theaters. >> once it moves into the physical world, talking about possible physical harm, then it was inevitable that -- that you know, choices would be made. >> reporter: the plot centers around an assassination attempt on kim jong un. officials say north korea or proxies are behind it hack but so far they denied any involvement. >> this is a matter that is
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still under investigation by the fbi and the national security division of the department of justice. >> reporter: some hollywood stars are mad with the studio. taking a twitter to vent their frustration. rob lowe tweeting wow! everyone caved. the hackers won. complete victory for them. steve corelwrote, sad day, ear eats the soul. he was planning to star in a movie set in north korea however the studio canceled plans for that movie. in los angeles, fox news. bay area women recorded while using the rest room. >> i think that is just wrong. >> there are all kinds of weirdoes around. >> what happened after a woman confronted the man who was hiding in a stall.
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>> what people are saying about this nuse discovered hanging. >> after the break a uber driver arraigned on kidnapping and rape charges. the new measures the company is promising to improve rider safety.
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a scheduled meeting at the california public utilities commission had a new surprises. the president will be stepping down as expected. but what happened today was unexpected to some. ktvu's tom vacar is in the news room. tom, this turned into a love fest. >> bizarre one. the president may be gone from the c.p.u.c. but trouble will follow him. >> reporter: california public utilities commission president was given 30 straight speakers.
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>> you have always, always watched out for the interest of those who have no voice at the table. >> thank you for your service to california. and the planet earth. >> your name gained the same levels of folks like the pope and ali. [ laughter ] >> the first 30 speakers were there by invitation with no enforcement of the 3 minute comment rule. >> they had a relationship with him. he put them in the positions he has. >> reporter: and then the commission failed to impose the move. he gets credit for helping usher in the solar home program, reducing green gases,
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bringing more diversity and white access to broadband but much was done on the orders of the legislator and the governor. often that was a accomplished through his attitude. >> half the people are here to congratulate you on your retirement. the other are here to make sure you are retiring. >> reporter: he has been called a pragmatist. >> she the subject of a criminal investigation. >> i want you to go away with the retirement from this commission you belong in jail. >> reporter: his 12 years at the c.p.u.c. ends in two weeks. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san jose police say they arrested a 26-year-old parolee on charges that he sexually
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assaulted two women. officers arrested him yesterday after responding to a call of a sexual assault in progress in an apartment in west san jose. police say he assaulted two women. and he is on parole for a robbery conviction. uber is promising to improve rider safety amid charges another driver sexual assaulted a passenger. they are working to conduct better background checks of drivers and they will create special teams that could rapidly respond to safety related reports. a driver in boston was charged yesterday with raping a passenger in the back seat of his car earlier this month. also this month a driver was charged for raping a customer. talking about the rain. just as important are the breaks we are getting. >> they are so important. we had the big light in the sky today. what was that?
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cloudy skies across the bay area. but the clouds are already moving in. talking about rain showers tonight and into your friday forecast. we have storm number three, moving in just in time for the friday morning commute. quarter inch, except for the coastal hills, topping one inch. no wind advisories. gusts approaching 30 miles per hour. we have a high surf advisory beginning tomorrow afternoon. the waves push into the region on saturday. live storm tracker 2 showing you all the clouds out there. rain showers along the north coast, and the sweeps trying to pick up rainfall. even if you don't see any you have the heavy mist or drizzle out there, enough to wet the roads. the clouds continue to move into the region. talking more rain for your friday morning commute. over night lows tomorrow morning, upper 40s. clouds and rain and a breeze out there. our forecast model. the storm system, the cold
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front well defied, off shore. this moves in friday morning. next system really for the friday morning commute and then into the afternoon hours. more breaks in the action. the chance of scattered showers but the main impact is for the friday morning commute. over the next few days, a saturday shower in the north bay, but the storm track lifts up to the north, monday and tuesday as we approach christmas. here is our forecast model midnight. best chance of rain north of the golden gate bridge. still scattered showers elsewhere. and then over night, friday morning, the rain picking up here. this is a pounding rain out there. friday morning. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. this clears it out quickly. till 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. more rain. between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the wettest portion of the day and scattered showers for your
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friday morning. in addition to the rain, the tides, inflated water levels around the bay. high tide, golden gate bridge 8:50 a.m. and tides continue to head up. we could have minor flooding around the rim of the bay and rainfall on top of that. keep an eye on that tomorrow and into the weekend with the tides going up. highs tomorrow, mid-50s. few locations 60 degrees, san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz. and your five-day forecast. there is the rain, clouds for friday. scattered showers in the north bay on saturday. winter begins sunday. talking about the clear skies and warmer temperatures, low to mid-60s. a productive december so far and the next system for the friday morning commute. they are coming in just in time for the commute. >> all the. thank you -- all right.
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thank you. bank robber with a unusual skies, santa claus. also it is not what it looks like, why you shouldn't be afraid if you see this. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a drunk driving suspect pinned down and shocked with a taser. the video is from sonoma county, now the man is taking legal action over the deputy's use of force and christmas comes early for a family, the bay area water agency that traded in its christmas party for chartable giving. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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boston marathon bombings suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev made his first court appearance in a year and a half. he was in court in boston under heavy security. the trial will begin january 5. however his attorney told the judge he plans to ask for a continuous. he had a scruffy beard and curly hair style. his mother-in-law yelled out be strong, we know you are innocent. to southern california. police released new information on a crash that left three pedestrians dead and a dozen hurt. a woman is charged with felony dui and voluntary manslaughter. she struck a group of people leaving a church program last
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night. three women were killed. >> the vehicle actually carried some of the pedestrians and then collided head on with another vehicle that was traveling southbound on pacific coast highway and through a couple of pedestrians into another vehicle. >> five children and 8 adults were hut. the suspect and the driver of the car she ran in to were also injured. floor is expending the list of vehicles to be recalled because of air bag. 450,000 mustangs are added. they were made by takata. the problem is with the inflaters they could malfunction. they have been linked to five deaths so far. honda and mazda have also expanded their recalls. the u.s. navy is showing
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off a new drone. this is interesting, this is underwater. it is called a ghost swimmer drone and it looks like shark and it swims like a fish, you see it there. 5 feet long and could dive to 300 feet. it could also swim on its own or be controlled by a laptop. it has been monitoring currents and tides and it has the potential to conduct underwater surveillance and spy missions. woman recorded in the bath room of a walmart and the man filming her takes off. >> all kinds of wiredoes around. you have to be careful -- weirdoes around. you have to be careful. >> a sizable donation by apple ceo, the reason he is investing in a campaign outside of california. >> and on the board of one of -- on board of one of muni's old cable cars. why the roll out is so
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. a trip to walmart take as turn after -- take as turn after a woman spots a man with a phone recording her.
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the kind of thing you dread happening to you. the man was hiding in a stall recording away. ktvu's mike mibach reports police are looking for the man who escaped. >> the holiday rush is on. and this is walmart in union city. but the holiday shopping season took a twist right here at this walmart. tuesday, 9:00 p.m. the story involve as recording device, a man and the lady's rest room. he says this man phone in hand found his way into the women's bath room. >> based on the surveillance video he was there for about 10 minutes. >> reporter: recording away till one woman called him out. >> she told him i see you recording me. that is when he got nervous and left. >> reporter: do you use the
5:32 pm
public rest room? >> in walmart, yeah. >> reporter: reaction from customers -- >> should bow in jail. >> reporter: on this day, a common theme. >> should be arrested. an invasion of privacy. >> there is all kinds of weirdoes around. you have to be really careful. >> i don't know what his issue is, mental or anything like that, but that is just wrong. >> police say the man is about 45 years old, white, 6'4", salt and pepper hair. this type of crime is aggressive and does not happen often. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. the key players in the effort to bring the olympics to the bay area met today discuss their strategy. san francisco giants president and ceo is part of a committee trying to win the bid for the 2024 summer games and today he
5:33 pm
with mayor ed lee and others met two days after the u.s. olympic committee met and heard pitches from the contenders. the other cities in the running are los angeles, boston and washington, d.c. >> we are very excited about a potential olympics. >> wain month or so the committee is expected to make its decision on which city will compete against an international pool of contenders, including rome, paris and istanbul. look at the bad santa who robbed a bank. police sent us these pictures during the hold up saturday. it happened during santa con. hundreds of people dress up like santa claus. the man walked into the wells fargo and demanded money. the man had a gun. and police won't say how much
5:34 pm
he got away with. thousands of families are receiving help in time for the holidays. ktvu's alex savage was at sacred heart when the food was handed out and you can tell how much the families appreciated it. >> making the holidays a little happier for those in need. volunteers in san jose handed outboxes full of food this morning. she was so over joyed she broke into song. [ singing ] >> thank you. >> reporter: today and tomorrow saccharide heart will help 3300 families with boxes full of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, breads and a bird and this year the need has been overwhelming as many people struggle with the high cost of living. >> for a lot of folks that are
5:35 pm
working in service and retail and taking care of families, some cases even teaching our kids, those folks are really struggling right now. especially with the cost of live nothing creasing. >> reporter: she has been coming here for years and she looking forward to a wonderful holiday meal with her family, thanks to the generosity of others. >> very good. for the people. very good. nice. >> reporter: and while donations are strong, sacred heart is watching a troubling trend. the number of families in need is chose to the height of the recession. >> something we are concerned about. we have hope the community will respond. >> reporter: after they hand out food volunteers will hold their toy giving way next week passing out presents to 6,000 kids in need in the south bay. in san jose, alex savage, ktvu
5:36 pm
channel 2 news. apple ceo take as donation. all the money is going to a cause close to his heart but outside of california. >> a rope found hanging in front of oakland city hall, why police are now investigating.
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holiday canderals blamed
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for starting a -- candles are blamed for starting a house fire. the woman told them she left candles burning and when she woke up her room was engulfed in flames. she got out safely but her cat died in the fire. in the past 30 minutes new details released about the massive fire that tore through a building in los angeles earlier this month. investigators this afternoon said that fire was arson. it happened on december 8 in a 7 story apartment building under construction. portions of the 101 freeway was shut down and that backed up traffic for miles. there were no injuries but the building was destroyed by the fire. so far investigators have nod made any arrests. pope francis applauded the deal restoring diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. president obama announced the agreement that freed alan gross
5:40 pm
fled 5 years in cuba -- held for 5 years in cuba. the pope received thanks for acting as a go between. . [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: yesterday we saw two nations who were astranged for so many years took a step to bring them closer together. this was achieved by embarsders and diplomacy. >> it is the best way toachieve peace -- to achieve peace. . tim cook made donations to three southern states. it aims to build acceptance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. it hasn't revealed how much he donated but said it was substantial. he is the first openly gay executive of a fortune 1,000
5:41 pm
company. the effect of holiday lights is visible from space. check out these images from nasa. there is a seasonal increase in light coming from u.s. cities between black friday and new year's day and the biggest is in the suburbs, including the east bay and north bay. researchers are using the information to track energy use around the world. a symbol discovered in a public place. a nuse on a tree in the east bay. who found it and what city counselman had to say. >> san francisco rolls out a historic cable car. the worry about who will be able to fix these vehicles in the future. >> coming up, the timing of the rainfall, an update on the drought and a winter weather advisory in the sierra.
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a disturbing discovery is raising question tonight. this photo of a rope found in the form of a noose started circulating on social media this week. it was foundtuse outside of oak -- found tuesday outside of oakland city hall. ktvu's cristina rendon explains. >> this capture as noose hanging from a tree outside
5:45 pm
oakland city hall. we showed the picture to people to see what they think. >> hisry in this -- history in this country, it is a bold statement. >> could be a prank. also could be malevolent. in oakland, could be any of that. >> reporter: a woman said it is likely a reaction to the black lives matter movement and the protests and she wrote if you are still telling yourself race based discrimination is no longer an issue you are lying to yourself. >> too bad. too bad for us. too bad for them. too bad for the world. >> reporter: police are looking into whether or not there was criminal intent. he said it is uncalled for. >> it creates racial divide and i don't know -- i mean, the intent behind it, i don't know what the purpose is but it is
5:46 pm
negative. one that we don't condone. >> he believes it is a scare tactic but says this doesn't bother him. >> it will pass. the people are smarter than that. we are trying to move forward. we have to continue to progress. >> reporter: last week a group of artists claimed responsibility for -- [ indiscernible ] >> but this remains under investigation. reporting in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. a local mother reached out to 2 investigates after a dispute with the school district that put her children at risk. she a domestic violence survivor. she says her ex violated a restraining order. she requested the children be transferred to a new school but the district dragged its feet and didn't complete the move
5:47 pm
for eight months. >> i couldn't find had words to say why they weren't in school. how could i say to them they don't care about you? what do you say when they don't have a school assignment. >> 2 investigates looked into how they handled transfer requests when there is a domestic violence threat and discovered they are not all equal. at 10:00 p.m. we will hear the response to the complaints. a san francisco supervisor posted what he call as disturbing crime amid concerns that small crimes may be going unnoticed. in the video you can see a man walk up to a tree outside of a home and then tear off limb before walking away. he says the city is working to add extra officers but there is an anything goes mentality among criminal whose are committing smaller quality of life crimes. i ran out to the east bay
5:48 pm
this week and i am used to seeing brown hills but the hills on the way, they are nice and green. >> amazing what could happen in two weeks. beautiful. breaks in the rain, go for a nice hike and watch the water move along the creeks. the change in the drought status, comparing from this week to last week. you can see changes. last week we were in the exceptional range here with the drought monitoring. the most extreme, some improvement this week. that red is pushed to the south and east. this could change. depends on future rainfall. the significant rainfall having an impact. we need a lot more rain to really have a big change out there. as far as live storm tracker 2, clouds, scattered showers
5:49 pm
approaching the north coast, ueka. clouds in santa rosa. light rain this afternoon. even if you are not covered you could have clouds out there and moisture to produce heavy mist owe drizzle. the weather -- mist or drizzle. the weather, this is the source of organized rainfall for the friday morning commute. next storm moves in friday morning with moderate to heavy down pours. we could have a urban and small stream flood advisory kick in. once it moves through we will hold on to a chance of afternoon showers. in to saturday there is a chance of a shower in the north bay as it gets pushed up to the north. as it happens we are tracking a dry weather pattern and a warmer weather pattern next week. temperatures warming up monday and tuesday. more 60s showing up on the forecast maps. our model. 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. heavy rainfall moving into the
5:50 pm
north bay. 4:00, sonoma county. you can see how the forecast, 7:00, the rainfall, then it moves out for the afternoon hours. a chance of scattered showers and then maybe a few spotty showers saturday but the main action is to the north. sunday will be dry. the next concern is morning fog. a busy travel weekend coming up and a winter weather advisory, a dusty of storm, 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 4-8 inches. snow levels coming down to 6,000 feet. highs tomorrow, in the 50s. plan on a wet morning commute with heavy down pours and into the afternoon hours, more breaks in the clouds, a chance of a spotty shower. your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, the chance of north bay showers saturday. winter begins on sunday. we dry out for monday and
5:51 pm
tuesday. a long period of dry weather for the next 4-5 days. has been very busy. one storm after another. next one is tomorrow. >> thank you. well, still on the subject of the weather, a great couple weeks in northern california when it comes to snow. they are expecting more snow over the weekend. there is a lot of hope the storms will put a dent in the drought. >> reporter: by 10:00 a.m. monday morning it was packed with snowboarders and skiers itching to hit the slopes. >> all the powder and all the fresh snow that we just got. >> reporter: blanketing the mountains. it hasn't stopped coming down for several days. >> we received 20 ins of -- inches of snow. snowing every night. >> you don't check the weather anymore. >> reporter: a far cry from last season. >> with the drought last year and how it was, if there was
5:52 pm
snow it wasn't good. >> reporter: on the other side of the summit, truckee hasn't been as lucky as in year's past. >> a little dry. definitely. >> while there is plenty in the mountains the national weather service says snow pack is still 48% of average for this year. still residents are hopeful it will put a dent in california's four year drought. >> we are getting consistent storms and it is good to see that. >> reporter: what do you think of the snow? >> i like it. >> reporter: do you think it is a lot? >> i think we should get more. >> reporter: with more rain in the forecast, her wish may come just in time for christmas. back in service, we go on board one of san francisco's cable cars cars and why there is concern about keeping the cars going for future generations. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, this is tough to
5:53 pm
watch. now it is taking center stage in a federal lawsuit. >> the allegations made in a new complaint caming misuse of force by sheriff's deputy. also making ends meet, even at christmas isn't always worth the price. the warning to consumers who are considering a pay day loan. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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trial date was set for ex- california state senator leland yee. he appeared in court today with the 28 defenders indicted in the corruption case. june 1 trial date for leland yee along with former school board president and two other men. they face extortion, wire fraud and dealing with firearms without a license. the judge ruled the case will be divide into two parts. there is no word on the date for the other defendants that include raymond chow. new at 5:00 p.m. tonight san francisco cable cars, the first image many people have when they think of our city. cable car number one returned to service in the city after a three year repair job that cost
5:57 pm
hundreds of thousands of dollars. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco. you looked tyke the rapair -- into the rapair job. and there -- repair job and there is worry. >> the cars are the last of their kind around the world. which makes making repairs on them is different. >> reporter: a piece of san francisco history that is seeing new light after years in the shop. >> beautiful. this is all hand gun. it is real art work. >> reporter: cable car number one is back after a three year, $450,000 makeover. >> the car was restored. everything from the wheels, the breaks, the roof. >> number one was built in 1973 to mark the world's first cable car line, using parts recycled from a older car. half of the 40 car fleet is
5:58 pm
more than a century old. the wear and tear shows. >> we have a couple over in the corner that are so rotted. we are taking the roof apart to put it back together. >> reporter: the railway maintains its own shop. but those with the know how are now a banishing breed. >> more akin to wooden boat building or fine cabinettry. 4-5 are retiring and it is a craft that needs to be passed down before it is lost. >> reporter: on any given day 8- 40 cable cars are in the shop. since cable car number one returned to work it made aexperiences in a tv show, commercial and movie. it is the only one without advertising. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. car crashed into gym in the
5:59 pm
east bay today. this is what it looked like after it slammed into the ufc gym in concord. happened about 9:30 a.m. this morning. police say the 81-year-old driver hit the gas instead of the break while trying to park. no one was in the part of the gym the car hit and there were no injuries. now at 6:00 p.m. closely involved in our justice system and now the bay area public defenders are calling for change. what prompted theme spread the -- them to spread the message black lives matter. >> you have seen the video. a man is tased 20 times. now legal action is being taken. the allegations of misuse of force at a bay area jail. >> a helping hand for families working to get their lives back on track. >> i am not working.
6:00 pm
>> their unlikely benefactor this christmas. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> public defenders joining the call. the inequality they say they see every day that prompted theme take up the banner -- them to take up the banner that black lives matter. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> the cry of protesters since two grand juries decided against pressing charges where police officers killed unarmed black men. bay area public defenders joined the demonstrations to say black lives matter. >> we are going to take a message to our clients and that message is going to be that black lives matter. >> this protest took place on the courthouse and involved dozens of public defenders. they are wearing t-shirts that said black lives matter. similar demonstrations took place


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