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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> you are fine. >> the forecast is always right. sometimes the date is wrong. thank you. we do have our system producing rain up to the north. light drizzle. and right around all of those. picking up a little bit. there were pockets of standing water. cloudy and mild for others. the rain will increase not only in coverage. it looks like lake county getting some rain. so it's only a matter of time here. some of this is low level stuff as we say. it doesn't show up with light rain or drizzle. we will give way to more moderate rain. breezy to windy. the southeast breeze starting to crank up here. not the most organized system i had ever seen. there is plenty up here and it will continue to paint us a cloudy, breezy, rainy day. rain returns. 50s and 60s.
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there are signs of improving weather on the weekend. i'll have more on that in 12 minute. here is your traffic with your man, sal castaneda. >> steve, happy friday to you. today, we starting off with some moderate news. most of the commute is nice. we are looking at the east shore freeway. taking about 18 minutes. there has been no major problems. and also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. they had an accident blocking lanes. they have opened up some of the lanes. but a couple of the lanes are still closed. if you are driving out of san francisco to the airport, you should be aware. right now it's a good time to get on 280 instead. use 280 to 380 and you will
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bypass this problem now. the northbound lanes shouldn't be effected. but again if you are driving on 101 out of the city, there will be some delays associated with this crash. let's go back to the desk. steve just told you another round of rain moves into the bay area this morning. and there is a chance we will see flooding and a slow morning commute. alex savidge is already live until tiburon now with more on how the rain is making a difference when it comes to the drought. alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. it's not the strongest storm system that is moving in later on today but problems still can pop up. that is why here in tiburon take a look. they are not putting the flooded signs away. businesses were flooded, even the town hall was left with a couple feet of water in the basement. and of course a week ago the bay area got drenched by a huge storm that dumped several inches all at once leaving roads and freeways flooded.
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but there is a silver lining with all of this rain, reservoirs around northern california are filling up fast. and for the first time in five months, a majority of california is no longer in a state of exceptional drought. that is the most severe level according to federal guidelines. according to the u.s. drought monitor, about 32% of our state remains under the exceptional drought category right now. compare that to last week when 55% of our state is facing exceptional drought conditions. scientists say the rain is a good start but we still need three seasons of above average rainfall before we are back to normal. and if you are tired of all of this rain, once the storm system moves out later on today, we should stay dry through most of next week. we're live this morning at tiburon keeping an eye on the rain situation. we'll send it back to you. >> just between you and me, are you tired of the rain?
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>> we spent a bit of time in the rain. but we certainly need it. >> thanks for the update. talk to you later. meantime if you are heading to the sierra this weekend, prepare for a slippery ride. snow is expected throughout the day. chain requirements. eight inches of fresh snow may fall adding to the 2 feet of snow. that is welcome news to the businesses that are seeing more green thanks to the white stuff. >> we are very happy to be at 70% at this time. typically we are sitting at mid 40s. but because of the storms we've had, it's been a good thing for us. >> many ski resorts a completely booked for christmas and new years with people eager to hit the slopes. if you plan to drive to the sierra, make sure you have your chains. we're learning more at the huge flairup at the chevron
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refinery that it will up the sky last night. the big flames and billowing smoke could be seen for miles creating a big deal of concern. especially for thousands of people who live and origin in the richmond -- live and work in the richmond area. brian flores is joining us from richmond. >> reporter: hi, pam, good morning. chevron says what many people, residents, and commuters saw last night was normal operations. didn't have any impact to the community. if you didn't know that initially, what many people saw was concerning. this all happened just after 7:00 last night. even the commuters -- the refinery fire of 2012 is still ever -- in part we had a process unit that needed to be
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depressurized. the flair is part of a safety unit. >> we were monitoring the community. we were making sure there were downwind. that there were no odors. >> and what did you find? >> we didn't find anything. >> a chevron spokesperson tells ktvu news the flair and white smoke that appeared was water vapor. in flairing conditions, this is normal practice to release that amount of quantity of water vapor to assist with the flair quality. we also contacted a chevron -- while this is considered normal operations, it remains unclear what caused the unit to be depressurized in the first point. we will check back with chevron as well as people out here who may be concerned about what happened last night. pam, back to you. >> thank you, brian. 5:06 is the time. protestors in san jose want the police department to fire an
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officer who posted controversial comments online. last night about 100 demonstrators marched from the directors office to the zap jose police headquarters. they are angry about officer phillip white for tweets he posted in response to protests over the police incidents in ferguson, missouri and new york city. one tweet read quote threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. >> i don't feel it's right for officer white or any other police officer to take advantage of the power they were given. white is currently on administrative leave. the police chief says he also is troubled by the tweets and promises there will be a full investigation. time is 5:07.
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oakland police investigating the discovery of anus found hanging on a tree in oakland's frank ogawa plaza. a photo has been circulating on the internet ever since. one oakland city council member says he's especially upset about this because it's right outside of city hall. >> it creates racial divides. and certainly you know i don't know -- the intent behind it. i don't know the purpose. but certainly it's negative. and certainly one that we don't condone. >> the woman who posted this photo on instagram thinks the news is a reaction to the recent protests. in her post, she wrote and i'm quoting if you are still telling yourself that race based discrimination and violence is no longer an issue in this country, you are lying to yourself. there are now only six shopping days until christmas and tomorrow it's expected to be the biggest shopping day of
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the year. it's called super saturday. the final weekend to finish holiday shopping. retailers are doing their best to motivate shoppers. toys r us opens tomorrow morning at 6:00. it will stay open until 2:00 monday morning. economists say people are spending more because they feel more secure in their jobs and they're paying less for gasoline. there is a new option for people looking to get from san francisco to the south bay after midnight. starting this weekend there is a new shuttle service called midnight express. and for $12 the shuttle will pick up passengers in san francisco at 2:00s in morning. the shuttle departs from the fourth street cal train station and drops off passengers at the palo alto, san antonio, and san jose cal train station. this comes after bart and ac transit launched their pilot late night bus service last
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weekend. it provides buses from san francisco bart stations and stops at several locations in the east bay. the idea is to allow people to enjoy the night life of san francisco particularly during the holidays without having to rush to get back on the last bart train. it's one of those things you talk about a lot. fixing those beat up bay area roads. coming up at 5:30, problem caused by all the recent rain that may end up costing you hundreds of dollars. >> and it is santa like you have never seen him before. after the break the controversial ad that may be more naughty than nice. >> we are looking at a commute approaching marin county out of the east bay. we will tell you more about what should be a wet day for drivers in some spots. >> not the strongest system we have seen in this pattern which has lasted three weeks but it's one of the last ones. rain will be increasing here. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:13 is the time. fallout from the hacking scandal. taking down the billboards advertising sony's film the interview. that is after they canceled the film release. now it was supposed to debut on christmas day. the comedy is about an assassination attempt about
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north korea's leader. they are calling it a national security issue. they are considering several options to respond to the attacks but so far has not publicly said it believes north carolina is -- believes that nec north korea is to blame. they suspect a top secret group within the north korean military is behind the attack. the group known as bureau 121 is made up of 1800 cyber warriors scattered around the world. companies all over the world now tightening up their own network security. security experts say the sony attack is is different than previous security breaches at companies that were focused on stealing customer information for fraud. they call this new kind of attack, cyber extortion. focused on causing major corporate damage. reports san francisco supervisors are calling for a public review of top secret
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police surveillance technology. now in september, the 2 investigates team reported on the sting ray technology. it can intercept cell phone information through a device mounted in a police car and a network of antennas disguised as cell phone towers. be the san francisco police department obtained the sting ray as early as 2009 but can't acknowledge it because of a nondisclosure agreement with the fbi. they can tap cell phone information without a warrant and share that information with the government. a come accused of killing three people may appear today in court. she has been confined to a wheelchair most of her life and drives using only hand control. she had taken a large amount of painkillers wednesday night when she ran a red light and
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hit the group of people walking in a crosswalk. in addition to the three women that were killed, nine other people are severely injured. a judge has ordered arizona to stop denying driver's licenses to young immigrants known as dreamers. jan brewer issued an executive order. governor brewer says states not the federal government that should determine who is issued a driver's license. the governor says she will appeal to the u.s. supreme court. this is interesting a billboard just outside of chico causing major controversy. it shows a stern face santa claus with sun glasses holding an assault rifle. the tag line reads, we build ar's for santa. ar's are assault rifles. this billboard is for a gun range. the own earn says it has received a lot of feed back.
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most of it is positive. another depiction of santa claus is getting another look. it shows santa smoking pot and a snow man holding a bottle of prescription pills. the owner eventually had someone come out and scrape that painting off. >> i'm not happy about that. i'm not happy about the santa depictions. >> you know the real controversy there is not the whole santa and the marion, it's the whole san pedro thing. >> in southern california you better say pee-dro. >> however, the saint that was
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named by the people is san pedro. they don't say pedro they sea pee-dro. we can talk about this more, i'm sure you are rivetted but let's talk about the traffic. it's not too bad westbound as you head over to highway 101. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is not too bad either. we have a feeling today will be the transition day where on monday i'm not really thinking we're going to have much of a commute. we will have people at malls, but we're hot going to have much of -- but we're not going to have much of a commute. there is a crash. it has been creating a backup. you can use 280 to 380 that is a really good alternate. 280 is looking good out of daly city and down to san bruno. or if you know a different way, just stay off of 101 through
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south city. 5:18 let's go to steve in the studio. >> thank you, sal. that is how i say it. >> sal. [ laughter ] all right wise guy. >> we do have cloudy skies. there is a little bit of drizzle and light rain. almost all the observations in the 5:00 a.m. hourly said cloudy skies. the heaviest is points north. that is where the heaviest rain is going to be. an entire annual season is 2081. san francisco 1368. look at san jose. ten inches of rain already. the annual rainfall is is 13.90. i do have rain beginning to pick up in lake county as well.
5:20 am
50s on the temp. very mild. santa rosa at 13. gusts a little stronger. hayward south at 13. san jose east at 12. but that will pick up to southeast. there is a winter weather advisory through the sierra. that is above 6,000 feet. there is a warmer system. winter weather advisory around 6,000 feet. below that 2-4 and 3-6 inches of snow. it will give uses rain. heaviest rain to the north bay.
5:21 am
i do believe two-thirds or an inch of rain for areas of marin county and northward. south of that could be a quarter of an inch to half. 50s and 60s on your temps. no cold air associated with this. we did have a little cold air for awhile. rain, breezy, cloudy to breezy. one more system will brush us on saturday. it will be mainly to the north. it will be warm on the coast but fog in the valley. pam is already upset about santa. the way he was able to secretly give away thousands of dollars to the salvation army. >> people in napa county still recovering from this summers 6.0 earthquake. but up next the new evidence they could be in for an even bigger shake in the future. 22 bucks!
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco historic cable car number one is back in service. it was restored from the bottom up in a three year $450,000 makeover. it was built in 1973 using parts recycled from an older car but there are concerns about other cable cars in the fleet that need some work. muni says four of the five carpenters keep the cars in repair are retiring soon.
5:25 am
cable car restoration and repair is a craft that needs to be passed down from person to person before it is lost. >> great story. time is 5:24. there is new research showing the west napa fault line where the big quake was centered. it could mean a more dangerous quake. many buildings in downtown napa are still being repaired after the quake. fences surround the areas that still show damage caused by that magnitude six quake. that quake happened when a ten mile stretch of the fault line ruptured. scientists thought the fog was 30 miles long but that quake shows the fault is really bigger. >> we added additional 15 miles on the north end so now it runs from one side of the valley to the other. >> he adds the entire fault line were to rupture, it could produce a magnitude 7 quake. that is about 30 times more powerful than last augusts quake. >> amazon facing new challenges as it tries to expand the cloud
5:26 am
commuting business. some larger companies are concerned that amazon relies heavily on centralized public cloud servers. now provide cloud providers that offer dedicated servers just for them. that is giving amazon rivals including microsoft a boost since it gives companies more direct overoversight of their data. wall street another amazing day after a 2% gain the more than 2% gain than the next day. dow jones up 421 points. best day in more than three years. nasdaq up 104 points. s & p at 2,061. stocks futures up slightly once again this morning and it should be pretty quiet as a lot of money manufacture investors
5:27 am
take the last couple weeks of the year off. 5:26 is the time. a heartbreaking story of illegal pet dumping in oakland. coming up in just nine the minutes the reason the location on where the on malls are being left is especially frustrating for shelter officials. >> and another storm heading for the bay area this morning after a week of heavy rain here. we'll tell row how all of -- we'll tell you how all of this wet weather is making a slight dent. >> you will still need your rain driving skills. right now on the sunol grade it looks good. >> mainly cloudy out there. we do have a little system that will give us rain. we will pick up a little. but we have a proven forecast for the weekend. a hot chocolate?
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this an area that saw a lot of problems earlier this week with flooding and mud slides. alex savidge is out and about. he will tell you about what it's looking like out there right now and the silver lining of our recent storms. stay tuned. friday morning, december 19th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's 5:30. let's go right over to steve. people wondering how much rain we are going to get.
5:31 am
>> more to the north and far to the south. it could be darn right warm near the coast. today it's cloudy and mild. there is areas of light drizzle and rain. not a lot. some. it will pick up a little later. the front still has to work its way in. mendocino county and lake county where it's beginning to pick up here. it looks like pretty good rain. otherwise south of that a mild pattern. south hayward 15. it will be a breezy, blustery day. not terribly organized here but it will continue to paint us with a lot of cloud cover and rain. heaviest rain will be north of marin county and 50s and 60s on your temperatures. not too bad right now, sal. i think later on things will
5:32 am
pick up in the rain department. >> yeah. you know, i've noticed that people have been driving a little better in the rain. the very first rain people got into more crashes and every single day there is rain, we've had fewer collisions. >> i would agree on that. i see people got your message. >> yeah. they got your message. let's see what is going on. today will be a transitional day. and might even be the last major commute day as next week is christmas. a lot of people do have the entire day off next week. especially schools. this is a look at westbound bay bridge about a ten minute drive into san francisco. highway 101 in san francisco looks good but if you are leaving or heading south, southbound 101 there is still issues with grand avenue. i would instead of using 101 to leave, i would use 280 instead. southbound 101 remember grand avenue they have the two left lanes open but they had a couple of lanes closed.
5:33 am
it looks like they are making traffic with this. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. steve was just telling us another round of rain is move into the bay area this morning. there is a chance we may see flooding and a slow morning commute. ktvu alex savidge is out and about in tiburon with more on whether or not all the rain is actually having an impact on the drought. good morning, alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. we are supposed to get a ton of rain today, but there is still the potential for problems. that is why here in tiburon they have not put the flooded signs away. this was an area that was overwhelmed by rain. this is the scene where the town hall was flooded and so are several businesses in this area as well. and a week ago the bay area got drenched by that huge storm that dumped several inches of rain. but there is a silver lining with all of this rain. reservoirs around northern
5:34 am
california are filling up fast. and for the first time in five months, a majority of california is no longer in a state of exceptional drought. that is the most severe level according to federal guidelines. according to these maps here, right now about 32% of our state remains under the exceptional drought category but compare that to last week. scientists say this rain is a good start. but we still need three seasons of above average rainfall before we can officially beat the drought here and as we bring you back out here live, a bit of rain. light drizzle. but more of it expected to arrive here later this morning. we'll keep tabs on the situation here. >> all right alex and try to stay dry. >> i will do my best.
5:35 am
opened up potholes all over bay area roads. for drivers and their pocketbooks last week. aa estimates pothole damage cost u.s. drivers $6.4 billion. >> obviously they were not able to stop in time. jobs like this come in more often than the rainy season. >> crews we spoke to say they have used tons of pothole mix. two tons over the past two weeks. 11 families living in a flooded mobile home park. they will be getting financial help today thanks to generosity of people throughout the bay area. a community relief drive has raised more than $30,000 to help those families who's homes were badly damaged during the recent storms. the money will allow them to buy food and replace some of the things that were ruined in
5:36 am
what has proven to be a very difficult holiday season. our time is 5:35. the wet weather has forced the closure of angel island state park. yesterday park rangers found treated waste water over flow into the popular park. so angel island will be closed to the public both saturday and sunday to let the island recover. the crews have rerouted the over load so it is not in danger of flowing into the bay. ferry service is also canceled. unwanted pets left to fend for themselves. that is what the east bay spca says is happening far too often in one oakland parking lot. it's happening right near the coliseum where a closed pack and save is sitting. the area has long bin a hot spot for illegal dumping but  besides old furniture and junk, people are leaving unwanted pets out there.
5:37 am
sometimes in card board boxes with a little blanket. sometimes the pets are in bad shape. the frustrating part, they have a shelter around the corner from that lot. they want people to surrender pets at the shelter where the animals can at least get care and attention that they need. justin a horrible story this -- just a horrible story this morning. police are trying to figure out what killed eight children. their bodies were found inside a home. the mother of 7 of the children was found suffering serious injuries after being stabbed several times. now the victims range in age between 18 months and 15 years old. police are expected to remain at the scene for the next couple of days. tony abbott is also speaking out about the incident saying quote, the news of cans is
5:38 am
heartbreaking. all parents feel a gut wrenching heartbreak. the news comes after australia is still reeling from that deadly take over of a cafe. earlier this week. a former customs officer with the san francisco international airport is about to be sentenced to child pornography crimes. gilbert lamb was found guilty of possessing as many as 49 videos of under age children. some were as lounge young as ten years old. now he is due to be sentenced next month. san francisco police released pictures of a man who robbed a
5:39 am
saute are investigating former 49ers ray mcdonalds alleged involvement in a sexual assault. at this point they don't have a timeline on when they plan to send the case to the county da's office. on wednesday the 49ers cut mcdonald from the team less than an hour after police announced the latest criminal investigation. it comes just a month after prosecutors declined to file charges against mcdonald in a domestic violence investigation because there was a lack of evidence. a five-year-old girl who has had three heart surgeries already is the center of attention at a special holiday celebration in belmont. that is just adorable. jane morgan having fun. she was born with a heart condition though. she told us she had never been
5:40 am
to an ice rink before. she loved the experience. it was arranged by a family friend and it was a skate-a- thon. it let family members come skate and all the money raised went toward jane's medical bills. >> it takes you off guard. you are not used to this much support and love. even though it's around you. >> there is also a chance for a little girl to do other things that kids get to do all the time. they hope their daughter is done with surgery and can live a full and happy life. >> she is beautiful. >> yeah. time is 5:40. there is concern richmond this morning about flairing at the chevron refinery. coming up at 6:00 what happened over night and chevron's explanation about this alarming site. >> sparks fly as the boston marathon bombing suspects head to court. up next we will tell you about the emotional and heated exchange right outside the courthouse. >> good morning.
5:41 am
right now we are still looking at a commute that is effected by wet weather even though it hasn't been raining where you are. you will still see standing water. >> we are going to need a bigger boat. yes. [ laughter ] rain is moving back in. there will be one more system. maybe 1.5. ♪
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a trial date for early next year has now been set for the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. his trial is set to begin january 5th with jury
5:44 am
direction. now outside the court this small group of tsarnaev supporters exchange words with a bombing sur visor who waved -- survivor who waved his prosthetic leg at him. >> i want to be here not to see him so much as for him to see me. or to see us and to see us all together. >> prosecutors say they set off two bombs near the finish line last year. three peel were killed. more than 260 were hurt. tsarnaev could face the death penalty if convicted. a federal judge has set a date for leland yee. opening statements are scheduled to begin three weeks later. yee faces a long list of felony charges including bribery, corruption, and gun trafficking. and he is among 28 people tied
5:45 am
to the mass i corruption case. the head of california's public utilities commission has ended his controversial 12 year term. michael peevey prided over the final puc meeting in san francisco yesterday. many people thanked him for his years of public service but critics also showed up for yesterday's meeting. they say peevey was far too friendly with pg&e executives in the wake of the san bruno pipeline disaster. >> i want you to go wait with the retirement for this commission because you belong in jail. >> on behalf of our children, and grandchildren thank you for your contribution to california and planet earth. >> private e-mails that became public earlier this year shows pg&e went judge shopping in a critical rate setting case. that is sneaky santa. a secret santa managed to sneak $10,000 into some salvation army kettles. the donor took bundles of
5:46 am
hundred dollar bills and then wrapped each one in a $1 bill. then he or she slipped the bundles into a dozen different salvation army kettles. the salvation army says it's a huge help since kettle donations make up 60% of their annual budget there. >> oh my gosh i started crying. i couldn't believe it. >> the first kettle was five crisp $100 bills and then open another kettle and then another 5 $100 bills. >> that money will go to help needy families. but that is just an idea that can be used here in the bay area too. the salvation army needs some help. they have been hurting and they need -- i know. i've been helping them out. >> and we have some millionaires and billionaires in the bay area. >> i'm just saying. >> not here. [ laughter ] but out there.
5:47 am
wouldn't it be great you had a ton of money you can do that. >> and all of those kettles. >> i often thought about that. all of a sudden awin the lottery, there would be a lot of happy people. we will figure out that problem once we have it. [ laughter ] let's take a look at the commute. it's not lighter than usual. this is very typical for the bay bridge. 20-25 minute drive into san francisco with no major problems. also looking here at 880 oakland north and southbound. it is a nice drive westbound 580 looks good if you are driving from san leandro over to the 980 and 24 interclang. i have good news for south san francisco. that crash that was there blocked the entire freeway. all the lanes are open here so you can go ahead and leave for the airport out of the city. there might be a slight backup. and it's okay on 101.
5:48 am
let's go to steve in the weather center. >> sal. >> yes, sir. >> did a live shot from benicia. it was very pretty. it was very cold out there. but a lot of fun. >> cool. >> it's a great little town. we do have cloudy skies and a little bit of drizzle or light rain. there is not a lot out there. we will see the rain rates pick up. and a little bit of fog, cloudy. one more system here. for the morning cloudy, light rain. breeze has picked up out of the south, southeast. and then start to decrease later on. we have another system that has to brush us. that will be on saturday. but each of these are lifting a little bit to the north. rainfall oakland 11 and a third. entire season is 2081. past the halfway point. san francisco 13.68. probably 13.79. and look at san jose ten inches of rain for the annual
5:49 am
rainfall. 13.09. five inches of rain. they are already there. winter starts this weekend. this is usually our heaviest month. a lot of cloud cover streaming in. to the north things are definitely picking up. dunlap had an inch of rain. .94. some heavier cells look like they are taking shape. south of that we will have to wait a little bit. there is light rain and drizzle. otherwise cloudy, breezy. again sometimes the radar beam doesn't pick up. and there is that south breeze or easterly breeze. that will be with us for most of the morning until that system goes through. winter weather advisory out until 10:00. but that is above 6,000 feet. this is a warmer system. the snow level has begun up. below that will not be as bad. this will take us through tonight. winter weather advisory is the least of all the advisories.
5:50 am
for us cloudy, breezy. rain picking up a little later. heaviest rain from marin county northward. look for a half an inch to an inch for some. south of that probably not as much. 50s and 60s on your temps. a mild system. so not cold at all. rain returns though. it will pick up a little later hoop rain, breezy. and then another system to the north. north bay on saturday. after that it looks good expect for fog it will be warm on the coast. upper 60s by tuesday. >> i ran outside for you, it's cold. it's not raining outside our door but the ground is wet. >> so we could have drizzle all day. >> in the morning yes. but it will pick up. >> okay. take an umbrella. the warriors they are back home and they are smiling after a road trip with their 16 game winning streak ended. but the warriors bounce back. they won last night.
5:51 am
they beat the mighty oklahoma city thunder 114-109. steph curry was ridiculous. he had a game high 34 points. look at this. behind the bag. the warriors are now 22-3 on the season. they will get a long weekend off before they host the sacramento kings on monday. time is 5:50. the san francisco giants holding on to another piece of the championship game. details of the deal reached. >> it's a painkiller you have probably taken for a headache before. up next the new evidence suggesting it may also help you live a longer life 37 q
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. keeping an eye on hawaii the lava flow on the big island has slowed a bit but it is still on track to hit a shopping center in a small town. taking a look at a grocery store. they are emptying shelves. businesses cleared their shelves, removed all the flammable materials. the last store shut down for good last night. the lava is more than 1300 yards from the edge of the shopping center and expected to reach that area as early as this weekend. some bay area medical researchers say the over the
5:55 am
county painkiller ibuprofen may help you live longer. ibuprofen is often used to fight headaches, arthritis, and sore muscles but the buck institute has found it also increases the life span of fruit flies, yeast, worms, and mice. >> this is kind of a revolution if it happens. what it means is instead of picking on one disease at a time and trying to cure it, we are going to target the common thing behind all of the diseases which is aging. >> alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and cancer are some of the diseases that set in as we get older so they are saying -- they want to know if aging is the common link. they also warn ibuprofen has side effects including liver damage, ulcers, internal bleeding if you take it too long. ford is expanding its
5:56 am
recall of cars. the government pressured all car makers to make that move national. the toyota camry hybrid is the best value of all 2014 model year vehicles. the choices are dull but the buyers dollars go twice as far with the camry compared to the average 2014 car. >> and you may never have heard of plum creek timber but its chief executive officer is turning heads. they awarded him a $2 million bonus. rick holly returned the stock to the company saying he did not believe he should receive that award unless stockholders see an increase in their
5:57 am
investment return. they've had flat revenue this past two years. more rain this morning adding to the record breaking december rain. what we have live this morning in an area where yeah, water. the rain could create more flooding. >> also a refinery flairup. it it will up the skies over -- it lit up the skies over night. >> we are looking at some improvement in the commute and also a nice looking bay bridge coming into the city. we will give you a time as for how long it will take to drive across. >> a cloudy morning. but main to the north. it will pick up late morning, early afternoon. what about the weekend? will we finally see an end to this rain? more on that coming up.
5:58 am
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more rain moving into the heart of the bay area after more than a week of wet weather. we'll tell you how all of this rain is slowly helping california recover from the drought. >> already some decent rainfall up to mendocino county and lake county. it's picking up here but what about for the weekend?
6:00 am
>> and several people concerned after a large flair. the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we are on storm watch again. another round of rain moving in. we have live picture of the bridge this morning. and going to see a little water on the roads in a lot of parts this morning. steve has been telling us heaviest rain will be seen north of marin county. >> that is 880. >> there is 880. it was a little more crowded. it seems like people are setting up early. roads across the bay area a little slick. i will see rain on my commute. we will have team coverage looking out for the flooded roads also. thank you for joining us friday, december 19th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is already saying take an umbrella. >> today for


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