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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> and several people concerned after a large flair. the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we are on storm watch again. another round of rain moving in. we have live picture of the bridge this morning. and going to see a little water on the roads in a lot of parts this morning. steve has been telling us heaviest rain will be seen north of marin county. >> that is 880. >> there is 880. it was a little more crowded. it seems like people are setting up early. roads across the bay area a little slick. i will see rain on my commute. we will have team coverage looking out for the flooded roads also. thank you for joining us friday, december 19th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is already saying take an umbrella. >> today for sure.
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>> when will it pick up? >> it's picking up north. it will pick up here throughout the morning. cloudy for some. maybe south bay peninsula, east bay may take awhile. but the system is starting to move in here. in the last few frames the north bay beginning to show itself. and with so much rain here and there just saturated, inch of rain already. and back toward parts now northern sonoma county and napa county and starting to inch its way toward marin county. it's on its way here. but for some as we said south of san francisco oakland and concord may take awhile. over all cloudy and breezy. our system will barrel in here and the next system will take an aim to the north. i still think it give the north bay an aim. 50s the breeze is beginning to ramp up as well out of the south. 16 at oakland. i expect to see gusts 25-30. a cloudy rainy day with 50s and 60s. so for some, sal, i think
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farther south not a big deal. but the rain is beginning to get in here pretty quick. >> i'm happy about all of this rain. it just feels better to be outside when you kind of see the wildlife coming to light. >> the creeks and the streams, sal. the ground has sucked up that water. >> with that said i'm going to enjoy the break you are predicting. good morning. let's take a look at commute now. if you are driving on 80 westbound. it's not a bad drive. 23 you are driving to the toll plaza, we have a pretty decent commute. it's backed up a little bit as it normally would be. but we don't have any major problems for you. we had an earlier accident in south san francisco that had been cleared up. but southbound 101 it looks pretty good. the rest of the peninsula through palo alto and mountain view it looks pretty good. whenever it rains even a little bit we tend to have more collisions. and with the rain heading back in the bay area this morning,
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flooding is a concern for drivers in the north bay. alex savidge is out there. are you getting wet out there yet? >> no. just a light rain so far. and this is not supposed to be the strongest storm we are going to get today. there is always the potential for problems. that is why here in downtown tiburon, they are not putting away the flooded signs. they want to be cautious. this is the scene they saw earlier this week when they saw quite a bit of rain that flooded businesses in this area and the town hall was left with a couple feet of water in the basement. and a week ago the bay area got drenched by that huge storm that dumped several inches all at once. and we are certainly benefits from all of this rain. reservoirs across northern california are filling up fast. and for the fire time in five months, a majority of california is no longer in a state of exceptional drought.
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according to this map from the u.s. drought monitor, 32% of our state remains under the exceptional drought category. that is shown here with the dark red color. come pay that to last week when 55% of the state was facing exceptional drought conditions. so just week to week that is the difference we've made. scientists say all of this rain is a good start, but we still need three seasons of above average rainfall before we can truly say that the drought is over. pam, just a light rain but we are expecting more. >> thank you, alex. if you are planning to head to the sierra, a lot of people are ready for the snow. but prepare yourself for a slippery ride. snow expected throughout the day. chain requirements expects on 80 and 50 to the north lake
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tahoe and south lake tahoe area. eight inches of snow could fall adding to the two feet of snow. that is welcome news to businesses that are seeing more green with the white. >> typically we are sitting around mid 40s but because of this early dusting and storms we've had, it's been a good thing for us. >> many ski resorts a completely booked for christmas and new years with people eager to hit the slopes. if you do plan to drive to the sierra, make sure you have your chains or four wheel drive. we are finding out more about that huge flairup at the chevron refinery in richmond over night that it will up the sky. the big flames and billowing smoke you can see it for miles. it caused a great deal of concern for thousands of people. but chevron is telling the public, don't worry. brian flores is live in
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richmond to tell us why. >> reporter: chevron says what many people saw here in houston. that flairup you saw from the refinery is considered normal. there was no impact to the community. but you didn't know that initially. it certainly raised a lot of concern for several people. several emergency responders in fact got several calls about that concern. now it all happened around 7:00 last night. many of the community and even commuters who saw it along 580 obviously worried after seeing that larger than normal flair come out of the refinery. of course the refinery fire of 2012 still on the minds of many. according to chevron and officials with the county, they call this normal operations in a statement by chevron. it says in part we have a process unit that needed to be depressurized. the flair is part of a safety system which enables us to safely shut down a unit. while the word of it being normal is good news for those in richmond, the scene in the skies above their neighborhood was certainly alarming. >> it makes me nervous. >> why is that?
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>> it could be dangerous. >> we were monitoring the community. we are making sure we are downwind. making sure there are no odors off site. >> reporter: chevron spokesperson told ktvu news the flair and white smoke that appeared was water vapor being released. the flairing conditions all normal practices to release quantities of water vapors. no one was injured inside. it remains unclear what caused the unit to be depressurized. we will of course continue to contact chevron for any.
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dave, back to you. last nights flairup brings back memories of the last major fire at richmond chevron refinery. led to the biggest shelter in place orders in bay area history. more than 10,000 people from the richmond area sought medical treatment at area hospitals. last year chevron pled no contest to a half a dozen charges connected to that fire. the company also agreed to pay $2 million in fines and restitution. they want to fire an officer that posted controversial comments online. last night about 800
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demonstrators marched. they are angry over officer phillip whites tweets. one tweet read quote threaten me or my family andly use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. >> i don't feel it is right for officer white or any other police officer to take advantage of the power that was given by us. white is currently on administrative leave. oakland police investigating the discovery of allness hanging on a tree. a woman spotted the noose on tuesday and posted a photo of it on instagram. she thinks it's a reaction to violent police incidents. 6:09 is the time right now.
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a popular state park now off limits. the problem that is forcing the wicked closure. >> more fallout from that sony hacking scandal. what it's prompting other companies to do. good morning. we are looking at commute where traffic is doing well. >> only cloudy and breezy and light drizzle for some. our system is on the way but a little later than sooner for some. ♪
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welcome back to the morning news. more coverage of the fallout from that sony hacking scan. crews in southern california look at them taking down the billboardstizing sony's movie the interview. that is after sony canceled the movies release when hackers threatened to attack any theaters showing that movie. it was supposed to debut christmas day. the comedy is about an assassination attempt against the leader of north korea. the white house is calling the cyber attack and threats against sony a national security issue. the obama administration is considering several options to respond to it but so far they have not said publicly it believes north korea is to blame. the president's national security team has been meeting at the white house deciding on
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a response. u.s. investigators suspect a top secret group within the north korean military is behind that attack. the group is known as bureau 121. reportedly as made up of 1800 cyber warriors and they are spread and scattered around the world. companies all over the world are tightening up their network security after that cyber attack on sony. security experts say the sony attack is different than previous security in companies that were focused on stealing customer information for fraud. they call this new kind of attack cyber extortion. it's focused on causing major corporate damage. san francisco supervisors are drafting legislation that will call for the public review of top secret police surveillance technology. they reported on the sting ray technology. it can intercept cell phone data through a device mounted in a police car.
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now the examiner reports that the san francisco police department obtained the sting ray as early as 2009 but cannot acknowledge that because of a nondisclosure agreement with the fbi. critics say police can tap cell phone data without a warrant and share the information with the government. our time is 6:14. there is a new option for people who are out late at night and need to get to san francisco to the south bay after midnight. starting this weekend, there is a new shuttle service called midnight express. now for $12 the shuttle will pick up passengers in san francisco at 2:00 in the morning on saturday after bart and cal train have stopped running. this shuttle will depart from the fourth street cal train station and drop off passengers at the palo alto, san antonio, mountain view, and san jose cal train stations. this new service comes after bart and ac transit launched
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their pilot late night bus service. the whole idea is to let people enjoy the night life in san francisco without having to rush to get on that final bart train. >> that is nice. especially in the holiday season. people like to come into the city and stay out late. coming up on mornings on 2, another option for people heading into the city and hate to find parking. >> i see. i was just going to say if you come into the city using bart and you don't have to worry about parking. >> yeah but some people have to take it. if you come from marin county. >> that is a good tease. i will be looking forward to that. let's take a look at what we have now. if you are driving into the city and across to the peninsula, san mateo bridge does not look bad. there was a stalled truck on
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the bridge. the crews got out there and removed it. bay bridge is backed up at the toll plaza for a 20-25 minute delay. when i say the delays have spared people who are not using fast track. as we take a look at the south bay, the commute here doesn't look bad. as a matter of fact it's looking good on 101. we had a hit and run accident on the richmond san rafael bridge. but didn't turn out to be a huge problem just yet. we also have an accident eastbound 80 on highway 4. but now i want to go to steve. it's coming down heavier farther north. for other areas cloudy and breezy.
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a pretty good southeast breeze. rain to the north. breezy. rain picks up late morning or early afternoon and should taper off later. we have one more system that will brush us saturday. so far the heaviest rain has been focused up to the north. lake county a couple reports coming in. you can see pretty good cells there around clear lake oats. and wrapping back around toward northern sonoma county. right along the coast down toward bodega bay and heading over to the russian river. not yet on the marin coast. this is what is offshore and this is on its way. within an hour i expect the rain to pick up. after that it's cloudy or drizzly. but not really showing up on radar. water temps continue to be amazingly warm for this time of year. upper 50s and 60s. they really haven't changed. but to be this warm, this time of the season helps feed in energy to some of the systems. they are very warm systems.
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that is why we have not had cold air by the coast. their low has been way up. 50s on our temps due to that south breeze but cloud cover is holding everything up. half-moon bay did see a gust to 24 earlier. mountain view and sfo showing south, southeast. front direction 39 tahoe. weather advisory out there. it's mainly above 6,000 feet and goes until 10:00 tonight. not much going on right now. it will pick up a little later. below that there is no advisory. some of the heaviest will be above 6,000 feet. 5-10 inches. below that not nearly as much. plenty out here that has to visit us. not only today but into saturday. that saturday will lift a little northward and give rain to the north bay. our system coming in today will give a half an inch to over an inch. less to the south. but still 50s and 60s. a rain day. cloudy.
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over all later this morning we will bring the rain down and weaken it. that system on saturday will give us a gray day. sunday, monday, and tuesday we get a break here. >> some people, i'm not going to mention any names but probably have to do shopping saturday and sunday. last big weekend. so good weather. good shopping weather for people who waited. >> you know when you're in front of your computer and doing online shopping, who cares. [ laughter ] time is 6:20. facebook's popularity took a dive. between 13 and 17 say they used twitter this year. that is down 6%. there are likely a couple of reasons. just 9% of teenagers describe facebook as safe or trustworthy. only 18% say facebook is fun. google which is known for
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the multicolor logo is conducting research on how businesses use color. google calls it a silent salesperson. one researcher says most consumers evaluate products in 90 seconds or less so color can grab attention. sometimes it becomes an identifying feature such as tiffany blue or ups brown. when shoppers are asked for a word they associate with home depot, the overwhelming first is orange. >> i always think brown. it's a painkiller you probably use but could it do more than make your headache go away. coming up in the next half hour there is a new study from bay area researchers about a pill that may help you live longer. >> we pray in the morning and ask god to bless us. we feel like this is a great blessing. >> a blessing definitely. salvation army secret santa. the big surprise donation that
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will help many families this holiday season. >> hi my name is marie. i'm here at naval base guam. i want to wish a merry christmas to my mom and dad in san jose. (vo) nourished.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. people effected by the napa earthquake have another ten days to apply for fema disaster release. the deadline is december 29th. the agency says federal assistance for the august quake has already totaled $30 million. and that includes housing help for 5300 families that are displaced. new research shows the faultline where a last august quake was centered holds more potential risk than previously thought. many buildings still being repaired. extensive damage there. fences surround the areas that still show damage caused by that magnitude 6 earthquake. that quake happened when a ten mile stretch of a faultline ruptured. scientists thought that fault was 30 miles long but the quake shows the fault is actually bigger. >> we added additional 15 miles on the north end. so it runs from one side of the valley to the other. >> now he adds that if the
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entire faultline were to rupture, it could produce a magnitude 7 earthquake which is 30 times more powerful than the quake that hit in august. time is 6:25. tomorrow expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. it's called super saturday. the last weekend to finish holiday shopping. retailers are doing their best to get you to buy more with special deals and extended hours. people are spending more one money because they feel more secure many their jobs and paying less money for gasoline. there is a sneaky secret santa out there that managed to leave $10,000 in is vision army kettles in florida. the donor took bundles of $100 bills and wrapped each one in a $1 bill. and then he or she slipped the bundles into a dozen deferent salvation army kettles. the salivary army there says
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kettle donations make up 60-70% of their budget. so this is a huge help. >> i just starred crying. i couldn't believe it. >> the first kettle was five crisp $100 bills and open another kettle and there is another five $100 bills. >> all of that money will go to help needy families in the florida area where it was collected. bra sow for them. santa gets some unlikely help in the east bay. what some water workers chose to give up this holiday season in favor of giving back. >> abandoned furniture and tires. you may be surprise what people are dumping here that are upsetting a lot of people. >> driving into the valley westbound 237 is not bad. we don't see a lot of stop and go traffic here. we will get you an update on this and some of the east bay commutes. >> rain has been picking up to
6:28 am
the north and now in parts of the north bay. we will take a look at a pretty wet friday.
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good morning to you. welcome back. these are live pictures. you're looking at the toll plaza and the cars backing up. more rain is coming into the bay area. the roads may be slick for you as you head out this morning. don't worry, we have live team coverage. sal and alex are out there. we will keep an eye on what is going on. good morning. thank you for joining us here. ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. i guess a little more rain today. >> correct. >> and then not for awhile. >> a little bit tomorrow. >> it's starting to rain outside. >> mainly north. and then it looks like a break. some rain has been moderate to
6:31 am
heavy. that line is moving south. for some it won't be a rain day, there are a few breaks in the clouds. a little sunrise for those that are listening. a few breaks. but the rain is moving in. cloudy for some, rain for others. the breeze has cranked up. after that, it should taper off but it looks like a cloudy day. you can see the rain just beginning to show itself. very moderate to heavy reports coming up. sow to ever that beginning to -- south of that beginning to pick up. and just off the marin coast. look for temperatures to be on the mild side. it's kind of chilly out there. over all we are in the 50s. that south wind is cranking up about 20-25. you can see a lot of cloud cover moving in. rain today. heaviest to the north and far less to the south.
6:32 am
one more system needs to -- here is an update with your friday traffic. >> you know, steve, i think we are going to see -- someone told me yesterday was the last day. one of these days will be. and then we will not have a typical commute at all. let's take a look at the bay bridge. if that looks pretty typical to me. westbound backed up for a 25 minute delay. also as you look at north and southbound 880, the traffic is okay. a little windy in advance of that storm. traffic is still doing well as you drive through. this is a look at 101 and 285. as yet another round of rain moves into the bay area this morning, there is a chance we
6:33 am
could see flooding and a slow commute. here is alex. >> reporter: sal, good morning to you. so far out here in marin county. all we have seen is the light drizzle. more rain on the way. it's not supposed to be a huge amount of rain, but there is still the potential for problems. and here until tiburon, that is why they are not putting away the flooded signs just yet. this area was hit hard by a storm earlier this week. all the run off from the rain flooded several businesses. even the town hall was left with a couple feet of water in the basement. a week ago the bay area got drenched by a huge storm that dumped several inches of rain leaving roads and freeways flooded. we are certainly benefiting from all of these rain. a majority of california is no longer in a state of exceptional drought. that is in severe level.
6:34 am
compare that to last week when 55% of the state was facing exceptional drought conditions. scientists say all of this rain is a very good start, but we still will need three seasons of above average rainfall before we can say the rain is over. but of course we are waiting for the heavier stuff to arrive here shortly. we anticipate. we are all set for it. >> i know you are. outside our studios light rain is coming down right now. keep us posted alex. >> reporter: yeah even the light stuff you have to be careful with. >> you do. time is 6:34. cal tran crews have been real busy fixing potholes out there.
6:35 am
the recent storms have caused potholes all over the bay area. cal tran crews have been using the breaks to get out there and fix the road damage. >> the crews we talked to say they have used two tons of pothole mess. they will be getting financial help today thanks to the generosity of people all over the bay area. a community relief drive has raised more than $30,000 helping those families who's homes were badly damaged. that money will let them buy food and replace things that were ruined in what has turned out to be a very difficult
6:36 am
holiday season. all of this wet weather has forced the closure of angel island park. angel island will be off limits to public both saturday and sunday. crews have rerouted the over flow so it's hot in danger of flow into the bay. ferry service has been canceled to the park this weekend. police in australia trying to figure out who killed eight children. their bodies were found in a home early this morning. the mother of seven of the children was also found with serious injuries after being stabbed several times. the victims range in age from 18 months to 15 years old. >> eight children gone. >> police are expected to be at that scene for the next couple of days trying to figure out
6:37 am
what happened. prime minister tony abbott is speaking out about the incident. he's saying the news out of cans is heartbreaking. all parents would feel a gut wrenching sadness at what has happened. this is an unspeakable crime. all of this comes as australia is already still reeling from the shocking deadly take over of a cafe in sydney earlier this week. we just found out that a fourth person has died after wednesday nights horrible crash outside of a church. a six-year-old boy died during the night at the hospital. his mother was one of the three women that was killed. eight others were hurt. police arrested a driver a 56- year-old woman on suspicion of felony vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated.
6:38 am
39-year-old gilbert lamb was found guilty of possessing as many as 49 videos of children. prosecutors say some of the victims were as young as ten years old. investigators found the videos on lamb's home computer. he is scheduled to be sentenced next month. the spca is saying people dumping unwanted pets is a really serious problem in parts of the bay area. a place where many people leave their pets is near the oakland coliseum near the parking lot of a super market that has been closed down for years. paul chambers is live to tell us how the spca is trying to get the word out about safer places if you do want to take an unwanted pet. >> exactly, dave. i will tell you. we were at the former pack and save. there is furniture out here. couches and tires and a lot of other things we have seen out here. a lot of unwanted items. another thing we are hearing is animals. thankfully we did not find any
6:39 am
animals out here this morning. but that is also a situation that we've seen out here. published reports say let me tell you the interesting thing about itself. you saw where the furniture is right here. that is the east bay spca. that has been a major issue with a lot of people. they were able to nurse a pit bull mix back to health after an employee found a dog in a lot in september. leaders went on to say they know people can be overwhelmed by animals. they are asking instead of leafing the animal in the parking lot, go less than a block away and leave the animal with them when they are open. there is also a big push for neighboring businesses and city leaders that have redeveloped this land. hopefully that will happen and people will not dump their animals out here. as i said, you can see furniture and things right
6:40 am
here. luckily we did not find any animals. but this is you know a pretty well developed area. there is restaurants. there is also a gas station and things right next door. as we showed you the east bays is pca is behind me. dave. >> all right paul, good report. time is 6:40. san francisco police they have released photos of a man that robbed a bank dressed up as santa claus. police say he walked into the wells fargo last saturday and handed the teller a note demanding money. and then he said a gun although no one saw a weapon. the teller gave him cash and he ran away. now the robbery happened during the event called santa con. it's the city wide pub crawl with hundreds of people dressed
6:41 am
up as santa which made it easy for the bad center to blend into his crowd. peevey and the giants have agreed to a new deal. espn says it's for two years $24 million. it also includes a full no, ma'am trade clause. the 33-year-old was 6-4 in the regular season for the giants. time is 6:41. the white house talking about the cyber attack on sony. what they are saying about an official national response to the hacking and to the threats. >> and we're live in richmond this morning following up with that huge flair that came up from the richmond refinery. coming up the response from chevron and how people are responding to it. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute where traffic is looking good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. another check of the south bay
6:42 am
is straight ahead. >> rain is picking up in the north bay. so it's on its way. the heaviest amounts will be to the north.
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welcome back to the ktvu
6:45 am
channel 2 morning news. 6:44. we are learning more about that huge flairup at the chevron refinery in richmond. it it will up the sky last night as you can see. chevron telling the public don't worry. brian flores is in richmond to explain why. brian. >> reporter: hi, pam, good morning. chevron says what many people saw last night is part of the normal operations and there was no impact to the community. as you mentioned for several people that saw it, it does raise a lot of concern. in fact, many of our emergency responders got several calls because of that concern. this all happened around 7:00 last night. people from as far as san francisco saw the huge flames coming from the refinery last night. the main reason for that concern is because the refinery fire of 2012 still on the minds of many people. according to chevron and officials with the county, they again called this normal in a statement by chevron it says we had a process unit that immediated to be depressurized.
6:46 am
now while word of it being normal is good news for those in richmond, that was a lot of concern for them. >> thought there was something going on in the sky. i saw a bright orange flickering lights and felt something funny. i was asking a coup of friends. they said it was a fire. >> we are monitoring the community. we were making sure there was no chemical. >> reporter: the flair and white smoke was water vapor being released. and we contacted a chevron firefighter who says no one was injured inside the refinery. no alarms went off indicating a sure chemical lock. the person identifying themselves as a plant being
6:47 am
says there with a we chock will continue to contact chevron this morning. we have v tried this morning but are not looking back. guys, back to you. >> thank you. we'll talk to you later. time is 6:46. let's check in with tori campbell. >> coming up on mornings on 2, it's santa like you have never seen him before. coming up the controversial ad in california and the feed back for the business that put this ad up. >> and a very special treat. we'll have 12 members of the san francisco gay mens chorus in the studio. we'll find out how hard it is to join this group and where you can see them live. those are some of the stories
6:48 am
we are working on for mornings on 2. thousand back to you. >> they are so great. i'm so excited to have them here. if you weren't in the holiday spirit, before that, now you are. reluctantly i'm beginning to enjoy christmas music. it must be my old age. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is backed up at the bay bridge. it is backed up from the mccarthur maze. metering lights are on. i think we will have one more full strength day. schools are out next week so that makes it easier to go. san mateo bridge we had earlier -- this is a look at the south bay where not a lot of slow traffic just yet.
6:49 am
the traffic continues to be okay. we had a crash eastbound 80 at highway 4. i'm just going to do the old school thing and drag it up there with my mouse. there is a little bit of a slow down but westbound traffic is not slowing and it looks pretty good. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome sal. reports of heavy rain. radar is just about lighting up pretty fast. ly show you our system is on the way. it's just beginning to move into the north. it is moving in and to the
6:50 am
50s. that wind is turning over to the coast. so 53 ukiah. 53 sacramento. 39 up in tahoe. this is a warmer system but there is a winter weather advisory out until 10:00 tonight. but that is for areas above 6,000 feet. below that there may not be as much. but above that it could get 5. you can see our system right there will move in. there is still plenty upstream. we will have a cloudy day. the heaviest rain will be in the north bay. i think areas could pick up
6:51 am
over a half an inch to three quarters. i think it's under performing on that. 50s and 60s. we have a couple little breaks this those clouds. rain is on the way. it will get here. some toward the south bay you may escape the morning commute without any rain. one more system it won't be that much but enough to give rain to the north bay on saturday. and then we start to see drier weather sunday, monday, and tuesday. we have warmed on the coast. >> i was sitting here watching darling love. >> is that sleigh ride together with you? >> yes. 6:51 is the typewrite right now. ford expanding its recall. ford added 447 how long vehicles to the recall list. it now covers the entire
6:52 am
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coming up in 20 minutes the pressure on the san jose police chief to fire the police officer behind some controversial tweets. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. new firefighters will soon be responding to -- the san francisco fire department will be graduating 52 new firefighters. the department had 39 graduates. san francisco mayor ed lee is scheduled to attend this morning's event it does get under way at rear den high school in san francisco. the over the counter painkiller ibuprofen may help you live longer. ibuprofen is often used to fight headaches, arthritis and sore muscles. but the buck institute has found it also increases the life spanover fruit flies, yeast, and worms. >> this is kind of a revolution if it happens. what it means instead of picking on one disease at a time and trying to cure it, we
6:57 am
will target the common thing behind all of the diseases which is aging. >> researchers say alzheimer's disease and diabetes and cancer are some of the diseases that set in as they get older. they have side effects including liver damage, ulcers, and internal bleeding if you take it too long. santa got a helping hand in the east bay. workers at the main office of the west contra costa county water district decided to skip their usual holiday party and instead they used the money to adopt three local families. santa and mrs. claus even stopped by. most of the families have been living at the bay area rescue mission and working to turn their lives around. >> i've been there for a year clean and sober.
6:58 am
right now i'm not working. >> i got an mp3 player which i really wanted. and more that i don't know yet. >> the water district's staff chipped in for gifts and a buffet lunch. they say they would like to do it again next year. what a great idea. >> time is 6:58. coming up for you on mornings on 2, more wet weather for you this morning. stay tuned we will go live to one area where the rain may cause flooding. >> believable story. unwanted animals left behind. the area near a popular east bay landmark that has become a hot spot for illegal pet dumping.
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>> reporter: a light drizzle but more rain son the -- more rain is on the way. the


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