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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 19, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, the prayer is being hit by another round of rain. we're tracking it to tell you what it means for your weekend. and if you are traveling out of town, we'll tell what you the conditions look like at the airport as well as what you can expect if you are heading to the slopes. plus, right now in the south bay, several schools on lockdown as police conduct a house-to-house search. we'll tell you who they are looking for. the rain is really coming down around the bay area as the scattered showers continue to
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move through. the north and east bay areas are already seeing quite a downpour. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. ktvu's rosemary orozco is tracking the rain and joins us with the conditions and what we can expect for the weekend. >> yes, a wet day out there. you can expect minor flooding as welled a ponding. the north bay was hit pretty good early this morning and it's over the central and moving into the south bay. a live look at the soggy conditions. as we drive into the radar, we'll stop along the peninsula, first of all, stretching from san francisco, san mateo, through mountain view and into los gatos. wet road way along 101 as well as 28 o we'll shift into the south bay where we have light scattered showers in areas like sunnyvale, campbell, milpitas, now beginning to have light showers fall as well. into the east bay, it's been fairly steady and light. 680 vsh 580, 880 all a wet
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commute. we have steady rain falling in and around richmond and oakland and into an tip okay. i will go north and show you that finally over parts of the north bay beginning to get rain in novato and san rafael. santa rosa picked under more than .50 thus far. it's nice to see they are getting a bit of a break. sierra is getting snow with advisories there for today. i will have more on that. i will talk about how much rain i expect with the final system and we're tracking a drier pattern coming up. >> all right. thank you. take a look at this. crews in san francisco are busy clearing a large tree that came down this morning. this was at lombard and buchanan. the tree fell on that prius. but luckily nobody was injured. it appears this was a ficus tree, a tree that's caused problems in the past. this has prompted the city to stream line the process for removing dangerous or unstable ficus trees. many people are getting ready to head out of town for the holidays and while there
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are no major delays at the airports right now, that could change in the next couple of hours. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live from sfo with the conditions at the airport. good afternoon, paul. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. now, with christmas less than a week away, a lot of people are making that mad dash out of town and heading to the airport. but if you are flying southwest airlines out of sfo, you might want to make some plans before you head for your departure. >> we have a two and a half- hour delay and then we have to fly into st. louis and then try to find a hotel and maybe we can have a flight tomorrow morning. >> reporter: now, weather across the nation is impacting flights here at store. there are long lines of passengers waiting to find out the status of their flight. a check of the board shows most planes were on time for now with some cancellations. the duty manager at sfo said there have been delays running 20, 30 minutes for departures and they expect the numbers to grow from 90 minutes to two hours later today. that's because of a low ceiling
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rain and some wind causing weather related delays. some people will have to wait longer to see their families. >> i've been gone from home for tree-- three weeks and i have to wait no another line. kind of ridiculous. but i know it happens. >> reporter: of course, as the weather changes, so might your flight status. you might want to check with your airline before you hop out and you are expecting to come in or if you are leaving. we checked with oakland and san jose. and there are no problems and delays. people planning to head up to the sierra will be ready for snowy driving conditions. snow is expected throughout the day. that means chain requirements on 80, though not yet on highway 50. forecasters say 8 inches of the fresh snow may fall in the higher elevations. ' that's great before the
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christmas holidays. >> we're happy fob at 70%. typically we're sitting around mid-40s. but because of this earlier dusting and storms we've had, it's been a good thing for us. >> many resorts are full -- expected to be fully booked under all the way until new year's. happening now, three san jose schools are locked down and neighbors are being asked to stay inside as police search for a shooting suspect. ann ruben is on the scene where things are changing right now. good afternoon, ann. >> well, the s.w.a.t. team was going door to door out here. they thought they had the suspect contained within their perimeter but now it appears he may have gotten away. it all started around 5:00 a.m. when police responded to a shooting. the victim was taken to the hospital with a non-life- threatening injuries. but before he was transported, he was able to give police a description of the shooter. police think they spotted that man a short time later and he took off running into the
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neighborhood. officers quickly established a perimeter around lee and put three nearby schools on lockdown. blackford, valley christian and delmar. they've been searching for that man. they were going door to door clearing houses one at a time. but no sign of the suspect who they do believe is armed. >> i come down and i'm greeted by an entire ail salt team. he goes -- assault team. he goes, you need to go. okay. to the store i went, got myself and here i am. >> reporter: police believe that the shooter somehow got around their perimeter and got away. they are now going to be clearing the scene here and allowing residents back into their home. >> ann ruben live for us. thank you. there was also a vehicle accident at one of those lockdown schools. an suv crashed at blackford elementary. officials say a parent dropping off a child tarnd 9:00 a.m. had a seizure and lost control
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of his vehicle. crashed into a pole and bench, the child in the suv suffered minor injuries. president obama made his first public remarks about the north korean hacking attack against sony pictures. in a news conference, he said he felt sony made a mistake canceling its movie, "the interview." >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the united states because if somebody is able to intimidate folks out of releasing a movie, imagine what they start doing when they see a documentary that they don't like or news reports that they don't like or even worse imagine if -- >> the president also said the u.s. will respond to the hacker attack by north korea in a place, manner and time that we
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choose. president obama also addressed the opening of relations with cuba, saying he expects that we'll slowly bring greater freedom to the country. the president and his family head to hawaii for their christmas holiday. a 6-year-old boy has died from his injuries after a driver ran into a crowd outside of a clutch in in-- church in southern california. the boy's mother were one of those killed in redondo beach. the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter. 56-year-old margo bronstein used hand controls. investigators say he had take an large amount of pain killers. unpanted pets being left to fend for themselves. that's what the spca is happening in an oakland parking lot. a closed pack and save near the coliseum has been a hot spot
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for illegal dumping. but now people are leaving unwanted pets. the spca says they have a shelter around the corner. it would like people to dispose of pets at the fault where pets can receive proper care. miking phelps enters a plea nearly three months after being arrested for drunk driving. and it's described as an on- demand valet service. we'll introduce you to drive a service that prevents drivers from ever having to park again.
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san francisco supervisors are calling for a public review of secret police surveillance technology. in september, 2 investigates reported on the sting ray technology. it can intercept cell phone data through a device mounted 0en a police car. the examiner reports the san francisco police department obtained the sting ray as early as 2009 but cannot acknowledge it because of a nondisclosure agreement with the fbi. privacy advocates worry police will tap cell phone data without warrants and share the information with the government. san francisco police have now released photos of a man who robbed a bank dressed up as santa claus. take a look. police say he walked into the
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wells fargo on suttert street and gave the teller a note demanding money. the man said he had a gun, no one saw a weapon. >> the teller gave him cash and he ran away. the robbery happened during santa con last saturday. that's the citywide pub crawl with hundreds of people dressed as san taupe clause so that made it easy for the bad santa to make his getaway. police say art worth $10 million that was stolen six years ago from a real estate investors's house has been recovered. the break in the case came after an l.a.p.d. detective was hipped off that a man in europe was -- tipped off that a man in europe was looking for buyers for the art. espinoza received not guilty. he's behind bars on $5 million bail. three artworks are still missing. chevron says a huge flare at its richmond refinery was normal despite concerns from
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the public. the bigger the normal flare could be seen for miles just after 7:00 last night. it lit up the night sky for almost an hour. chevron says the flare came from a unit that had to be depressurized and what appeared to be smoke was actually steam. the company and county air quality officials say there was no impact to the community. >> we're monitoring the community. we're making sure we're downwind making sure there are no odors off site making sure there's no chemicals reaching the fence line. >> what did you find? >> we didn't find anything. >> last night's flare reminded many people of the refinery fire in 2012. it sent up a huge plume of smoke and sent thousands of people to hospitals for treatment. there's a new transit option for people planning a late night in san francisco who live in the south bay. a new shuttle service called midnight expression starts this weekend -- express starts this weekend. for $12 the shuttle would pick up passengers at 2:00 a.m. saturday morning after b.a.r.t.
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and caltrain have stopped running. the shuttle leaves from the fourth street caltrain station. it will drop off passengers at the palo alto, san antonio, mountain view and san jose caltrain stations. if you love spending time in san francisco, but hate trying to find a parking place, there's an app for that. it's a growing bay area business. pam cook shows us how to works and how much it costs? >> reporter: never park again. that's the slogan of a new yawn called zirx. it's described as va la service. you download the app, let zirx know where you are headed. and then it tracks you. estimates what time you will be there and has an agent meet you there. you know who it is because the picture is sent to you along with a pass code. >> our company exists to save people time. i think in a day and gauge when most dread coming into san
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francisco because of parking, this is a great solution. >> reporter: zirx pays for parking spaces in bulk. and they are strategic lick located around san francisco so they can get your car back to you even if you have traveled to a new location within ten minutes. you can leave it all day for $15 or even overnight for an additional 15. >> people that work in restaurants, people that work in law firms people that work in high-tech companies. at a $15 price point it works for a lot of people who work in and around san francisco. >> reporter: the driversunder go background checks both for driving records and criminal records. your car is covered by a $2 million insurance policy. so how do they make money? well, you workshop or watch a giants' game, you can pay to have your car washed, the oil changed or even charged if it's electric. the goal is to continue to expand into other cities across the country. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the wet weather has forced
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the closure of angel island state park this weekend. park rangers found treated waste water overflowing into the park yesterday. so angel island will be offlimits to the public tomorrow and sunday to allow the island to recover from the excess stamp water. crews have rerouted the overflow so it is not in danger of froing into the bay. ferry service has been canceled to the park this weekend. olympic gold medal swimmer michael phelps pleaded guilty today to drunken driving. he was arrested three months ago for dui after leaving a baltimore casino. the 18-time gold medalist was sentenced to a year in prison but the sentence has been suspended. instead, he will be on probation for a year and a half. a week after his arrest u.s.a. swimming suspended him for six months. this is his second dui conviction in maryland since 2004. these last in our series of
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storms is moving to the bay area this afternoon and it's going to be a soggy one for most of us. giving you a look here over parts of the east bay, mt. diablo. we've got the clouds. we have the wet weather. a little bit of fog reported out there. visibility could be low and now onto stormtracker2 where yes, the rain continues to fall over parts of the north bay beginning to get a break. i have rainfall amounts coming up. let's get back along the peninsula where we have just light, steady rain falling from san francisco through san mateo. mountain view to los gatos and all of these small communities in between. it will be a very slick, slick commute if you are getting outdoors this afternoon. crossing over areas of the san mateo, the dumbarton bridges, we've got fremont, milpitas, san jose, light rain falling at this hour. the east bay is widespread from antioch through concord, san ramon, livermore, shifting over to the east bayshore line. the light rain continues over richmond, oakland, hayward and into the north bay where we continue to see scattered
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showers and late rain over areas like san rafael. a little bit in novato. napa reporting a little bit of light rain. i-80 in and out of fairfield through vallejo. you will find the roads wet as well. as we get into the sierra, we have snow falling. tori talked about this a little while ago. there is a winter weather advisory. it lasts until 10:00 this evening which means it will be tough to get over the passes. as aras amounts 2 to 5 inches at 6,000 feet. the higher elevations could pick up 5 to 10 of additional snow for today. that's great news heading to the sierra maybe saturday into sunday. as far as amounts, we're not finished but notice the north bay, pretty good dousing today. anywhere from .50 to 1 reported in san rafael almost an inch for you. napa reported 8/10. as we get into the central and south bay, no accumulation just yet but we will because this is where the rain has shifted to. i think the rain is going to sort of stall along the central and south bay as we get into
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the second half of the afternoon. he it's 5:00 in the afternoon, we have rain painted over the central and south bay. it will be with us through the afternoon drive as we get into the evening urs who, scattered showers in the forecast, we start tomorrow morning with mostly cloudy skies. maybe drizzle. a few scattered showers. the rain line awfully close to the northern edge of sonoma county. there will be a slight chance for scattered showers in the forecast for tomorrow for parts of the north bay as well. widespread 50s to 60s in the forecast for your afternoon. upper 50s in areas like san francisco, san jose, you are expected to be right about 60 for the second half of the day the. the extended forecast, today will be a wet one. tomorrow dry. north of the golden gate bridge we'll leave in the possibility of scattered showers. we finally dry out on sunday. we're dealing with the fog as the residual to the rain but we're going to be dry through christmas. >> and warmer, too.
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>> and warmer. protesters in san jose want the police department to fire the officer who posted controversial comments on twitter. >> keep him off the streets! >> about 100 demonstrators marched from the santa clara county district attorney's office to the san jose police headquarters last night. they are angry over phillip white's tweet about protests over police use of force. one tweet read, "threaten me or my family and i will use my god- given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you." >> i don't feel it's right for officer white or any other police officer to take advantage of the power they've been given by us, the tax payers. >> the protesters gathered 15,000 signatures on a petition demanding that officer white be fired. light is on leave while the department investigates. a warning now about prepackaged caramel apples. the number of deaths linked to
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the treats and the search for the source of the contamination.
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after bouncing around a little bit, major stock indexes are up again as the market comes off a two-day rally gaining more than 700 points. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up another 77. the nasdaq is up 27 and the s&p is up 13. california's unemployment rate dipped slightly last month to 7.2%.
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that's down from 7.3 in october. a year argue, the jobless rate was 8.4%. the new numbers show the state added more than 90,000 jobs in november. more than 392,000 people received unemployment benefits. government health officials are warning people not to eat any prepackaged apples because of an outbreak of deadly illness. five deaths are linked to an outbreak of listeria. the centers for disease control says 28 people have gotten sick from the bacteria and more than half said they had eaten caramel apples. ten states have reported cases, including one in california. the cdc is trying to trace the source. in the meantime, it's warning people not to eat any brand of prepackaged caramel apples. the salvation army kicked off a holiday shopping spree to benefit 2,000 families in san francisco. >> merry christmas. happy holidays. >> the two-day event allows parents to pick eight specific
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toys for their children. the options range from items for newborns, and parents preregister. the idea is to create a retail like experience while minimizing the handout charity feeling for families. in addition to the toys, the familiar is giving each family a large frozery bag of -- growersry bag of food -- grocery bag of food. a woman has made it her mission to make sure underserved children are not forgotten. mary smith is known as mrs. claus. 27 years ago, she began a toy drive at her bork at bay alarm -- work at bay alarm. today it's grown to more than 14,000 worth in twists for kids. she makes lunches for participants at bork who give her donations which are matched by the owners of bay alarm and uses it to go shopping for children. smith was full of emotion. >> i love kids. i kept -- i don't like that
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question. i can't imagine a child having a christmas and someone not caring for them, someone not -- they have to know people are out there that care. >> the marine corps came by to pick up the toys. in all there were 34 barrels of toys and 75 bicycles. thank you for making ktvu your dhis for -- choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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