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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 20, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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you've been watching me since you were 2. >> a 10-year-old takes center stage at a concert. to justin timberlake. >> greatest gift ever. >> now meet the new york kid who's a crowd favorite. >> you're becoming very popular with the girls? >> yeah, kind of. it's a video that may look like -- >> just a lovely day in a hot air balloon. >> but see why the next step is mind-blowing. >> no! >> so cool!
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>> a dude in a wheelchair starts rolling backwards. >> he rolls into the truck. >> the frenzy to save him with a train on the way. >> and why we were not quite so elega elegant. we're going to go inside the barclays center in new york city for the justin timberlake concert. >> look at this. >> that little 10-year-old, he's wearing a suit and tie. it's actually more of a tuxedo if you look more closely. this little 10-year-old then hands a present to justin timberlake. >> you're 10. you've been watching me since you were 2. >> and you have this great close-up look at little sal's face. he's mesmerized. you can tell justin timberlake is his idol. that is so sweet. the 10-year-old, you can see him there on the screen. he's breaking down. and justin timberlake is so
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moved. >> hey, man. greatest gift ever. >> do you want to know what's in the box? >> aw! that's so sweet. i love you, kiddo. >> it's really nice to see someone as huge as justin timberlake get moved by his fans. >> he broke down. he walks back to his band, back to the crowd and has to catch his breath, put his hands down on his legs and kind of lean over because i think justin timberlake was moved to tears. >> you're the coolest dude here. >> to tell us how cool this experience really was, we have little 10-year-old sal from new york. welcome to the show. tell us what this felt like to have justin timberlake talking just to you, man. >> it was just incredible.
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i've been watching it sin i was so little. it was so fun. >> did you plan your outfit based on what you thought justin would like? >> i wanted to look just like him. >> you did! >> did you just know that justin timberlake was going to see you and would want to take your present? >> i didn't know this was going to happen. felt like i was in a dream. i started to cry. i was like, is this really happening? because he's my idol. he's justin timberlake. >> what does the bowtie look like? describe the gift. >> it was something i made with a little montage as a child growing up watching him. >> dude, that's awesome! how does it feel like to have basically the coolest guy on the planet to say you're the coolest guy in the room? >> it was just so, like, amazing. it was really great.
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>> you're the coolest dude here. >> some from around the world. the first one comes from brighton in australia where a dutch tourist is in a wheelchair. this is where he starts rolling backwards. in the end, he falls into the trap. immediately, a young girl runs over to help. there is some urgency as a train was due any minute. they lifted his chair up first. they lifted him out as well. fortunately, everyone was okay. he only suffered minor neck and minor arm injuries. >> thank goodness there were other people waiting for this train. sounds like he wasn't paying attention. like he was distragted by something else. >> fortunately, everything ended up okay. a t-shape d thing.
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it's a meat grinder. they've actually got another version. how are we going to help this child get out? they actually get a small circular saw here and they're pouring water to keep the temperature down because the friction of the metal on the metal would increase the heat. it seems like an almost industrial meat grinder. eventually, they are able to pull it off. loose translation, he's actually lost a little bit of his fingers at the end of it, but of all things for a child to put his hand into. two videos that show disagreement over mere inches. this first video in the uk -- yeah, i will let your mind wander for a moment while i describe the first video. in the uk, a man you see walking
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out to this fence, and then just starts ripping the fence out of the ground. that is richard oglethorpe. he is irritated with the neighbors standing out in the street. mr. and mrs. john newton. they put this fence up when mr. oglethorpe was out of town. they got all the necessary permits. mr. oglethorpe is not happy. he believes it's encroaching on his property by two inches. >> jiminy cricket. >> a hammer and knocking off the bricks at the bottom. and the disagreement. now this next video is over where cars are parked. the maintenance workers are shoveling the sidewalk and throwing the snow that they're shoveling on to the cars. and you think, well that's just rude, isn't it? >> well, yeah.
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because i'm someone that wants to drive. that car is going to have to get rid of all that snow from the windshield so they can see where they're going. >> lots going on here. this is like a retaliatory strike or something. >> apparently the apartment has put out a notice saying please do not park your car bumper over the sidewalk. we've got a brand-new atv snowplow that fits the sidewalk perfectly and we need to get the plow down the sidewalk. i guess now they can't use the plow, so they have to do it by hand. >> that's got to be frustrating for those guys, though. if they've got a new atv that can plow it in just a matter of minutes and they're out having to do this by hand. >> this is one of those awesome videos that was from a little while ago, but we just had to show it to you. this is three guys going up on a hot air balloon to hang out for a thousand feet up in the sky. no big deal. see that all the guys are geared up with the helmet and the go pro camera. >> that's not exactly going to
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help him, is it? >> safety equipment is on, i'll be fine. >> because they're going to rappel on these ropes off the basket and they're going to hang out there so that they can record their other buddy jumping out of the basket. >> oh! wow. that's a great shot. >> so cool. >> but hanging there, it's a little nerve racking. we've all kind of rappelled a little bit from the rock wall. >> yeah, like 20 feet up in the air, max. >> that's a whole different story, dangling thousands of feet in the air. >> wow. that's a whole different perspective. >> and then the other guys unclip from their rope and free fall for a little while. pull their chutes. i just love this. >> i honestly say i'd rather jump than hang there, you know i mean? that rappelling for me is
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scarier than jumping up. >> because you're just dangling. >> i feel like this should have been done before. i can't imagine this is the first time somebody's ever done this. but if it is, good job. >> this is pretty cool >> she's about to get a very special early christmas surprise. the homecoming that has everyone tearing up. and the video of a high speedboat race resurfaces. the spectacular wipeout the driver walked away from. o?oowq
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stay with us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. >> i want you guys to pay close attention to the little girl in the purple dress. >> somebody is going to get a very special present today. >> and christmas is coming, but she's getting hers early.
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>> you get to have a special present today. what do you think about that? >> yeah! >> so the teacher calls her out in front of all the others. she's getting a special present right now. >> we have a special present for you. i don't know if it's wrapped up in a bow. >> her daddy. he has been overseas with the u.s. army since april, so he is home for christmas. that is sergeant travis drury, so we say thank you for your service, merry christmas to the whole family. >> people standing around. they're all in tears. look at the lady in the gray coat. she can't keep it together at all because it's such a sweet moment. >> daddy seems like he's barely holding back the tears. >> this is how you get a military man to cry. you bring him back to his kids. how about one from the navy?
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he comes out looking good in his suit. candace davis just posted his video. this happened on thanksgiving. her brother is stationed in japan. didn't know he was coming home for thanksgiving. gives her a big surprise. >> mom is hugging him. she can't even say anything. she just cries. she's so happy to see her baby. ♪
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>> a video from a few months ago. it's from the detroit gold cup. just put it on their youtube channel and it's exploding all over again. i think what makes this whole thing, it's footage of john zimmerman in his h1 unlimited hydroplane and he's going to go out and have some fun. >> sounds amazing. >> it does sound like an airplane. they like to go extremely fast. you can see the other one just ahead. you can hear it all going. and then, he hits a bit of a wave. the nose comes up. and then he's in trouble.
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>> it hits the water. and then it just cuts. he chipped a tooth. >> that's it? >> that's it. he choipped a tooth. >> this is crazy because it gives you a sense of what that must have felt like. >> like uh-oh. and everything in your life feels like slow, silence. >> a cat stuck in a tree for two very cold days. how sweet sugar finally got down. and ten holiday prank presents from beats to. >> breast enhancement. >> see why sometimes it's just so easy. >> you just give her a pair of balloons. >> sometimes it looks like that.
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want to see a video again and again? head over to, and share with your friends. patrick brandt is climbing a tree on this cold day. why would he be doing this? >> there's a cat stuck. >> there's a cat. he goes about 35 feet up. this cat was way up there. poor little family cat named sugar stuck in this tree for two very cold days, and two very
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cold nights. and sugar is not coming down. >> how did it not freeze? two days is a long time to be out in the cold. >> yeah, you're so wet and cold. >> so he gets the cat in his arms. and look, she is just hanging on. he puts her inside this little bag, and then he harnesses, he hooks that bag to his belt safely so that he can climb down safely, and he tells us that this is very different from most of his cat rescues because usually the family is down waiting at the bottom and they scoop the cat out of the bag and they run inside. but the family wasn't hope. they instructed him to leave the cat in the screened porch. and he let her out of the bag. she's a little bit timid. then he shows her where her food is. then you see her start to gobble up some much-needed kibble.
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cat slap. >> this comes with a warning. holiday pranks are conducted by professionals. just one professional in particular. he's showing you how to prank people with christmas gifts, and i have to say, kind of clever. let's start with the second one. >> i don't think that's a prank. >> they're good with everything. >> the next one, there's always somebody who knows what to happen. breast enhancement. and they could be very expensive. he's found a way that is very economical for you to give that woman what she wants. just give her a pair of balloons. some of them look like that. the next one, i think that's brilliant. you give somebody batteries because when you have something that requires batteries, the
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batteries are never included. >> i think that's awesome. >> i love this one. you want to tell somebody, i want to give you 100 grand. so you give them a 100 grand candy bar. >> uncomfortable. >> this next one is mean, but funny. you get an ipad case. they think, i'm getting an ipad! you give them a literal eye pad. >> everybody could use an eye pad. >> if you're a guy, you want to give this your lady. you give her an ipad mini, but put it in an ugly box. but this bun, you get a bottle of colon, empty it out, and then pour in this vomit smell. the first thing they're going to do in the room with everybody there, let's smell it! >> that's awesome. that's a good gift to prank your buddy. or a good secret santa present.
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>> i knew you'd love it. >> she calls it the turkey slurpee. the quick trick we just had to try. bells, jingle bells
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oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh ♪ >> malibu can't reach. >> i am somewhat notorious with my family and friends for eating like a marine under fire. i eat at a speed heretofore unmatched until now. this is
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going to eat some turkey. >> holy smokes. >> it's there one second, gone the next. >> does she chew it? >> no. >> does she like, quick chew, and swallow? >> she literally inhaled her food. >> the guy behind her tries to as well. not so easy. he's almost choking on it. >> this ten-second talent thing. >> is this trickery? is it visual trickery? >> or is it a sleight-of-hand? >> no, she's doing it. >> anyone else want to try? >> those are huge! >> i'm not doing this by myself. >> okay. >> ready? [ laughter ] >> i'm out. >> i'll give it a shot.
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>> here it is. >> you can't suck it in. there are holes in this thing. >> ours is like swiss cheese. >> she probably has that process. >> here we go. >> two, three. >> that's not -- that's just ridiculous. >> did you get that? i actually did it. i actually sucked in a small part. >> you did it? >> thanks so much for joining us, everybody. that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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a plane lands next to drivers on a freeway. >> so confused. >> now meet the pilot with some rush hour skills. >> they're just parting like the red sea. >> this little fellow got his little fellow stuck in a zipper. >> oh! >> why he'll probably never wear a snow suit again. it's a slugfest on the freeway. there was something going on inside that car. see where they wound up that


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