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tv   KTVU News at 5PM  FOX  December 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> now at 5:00, new developments from new york city where two police officers were shot and killed. the heartbreaking words from the 13-year-old son left behind -- another christmas, grinch, caught on camera in the bay area. the community now on alert after packages went missing this holiday season. good evening, i'm ken wayne
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>> and hello, everyone, i'm heather holmes. we begin with new developments out of new york city where two police officers were shot and killed yesterday. dozens of people in the last few hours have gathered near the sight in brooklyn where the two officers were shot, sitting in their patrol car. many have placed flowers and lit candles in remembrance of the two. the aunt of officer ramos asked for peace -- >> i hope and play we can reflect on this tragic loss of that has occurred so we can move forward and find an amicable past to a peaceful coexistence. >> they lost their hero and it's for no reason, you know? when they say to me "why?" there is no answer. >> that was the new york governor andrew quo mow. he spent time meeting with the families of the two slain
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office e officers. the they are creating a rift between groups today. former new york govern pataki accused deblasio of putting police officer's lives in danger. >> >> meantime, investigators trying to piece together a motive. >> police believe the gunman shot and injured his girlfriend in baltimore before heading to new york. they are hoping she will be able to provide more clues as to why this tragedy happened. >> blood is on the hands of one individual, sick mind that did a sick act to two minute people. >> reporter: details emerged sunday on the man authorities say shot and killed two new york city police officers while
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they sat in their patrol car. police say he shot his ex- girlfriend in baltimore before traveling to new york. >> he calls the mother on the phone, the girlfriend's mother and said he shot her by accident and he hopes she lives. >> reporter: baltimore officials say she is hospitalized in critical condition. they hope she will be able to provide information about the new york shootings. baltimore police began to monitor him as he began heading north, hours later, i killed officers and then took his own life. brooklyn borrow president eric adams condemned the slaying. >> what happened yesterday was a strike at public safety and things we hold dear. >> reporter: police are trying to determine his motive, saying he made anti-police posted on
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social media, one insta-gram post showed a handgun and said it might be his last post. >> most of his postings and rants are on the insta-gram account. what we are seeing from this is anger against the government. >> brinsley was no stranger to police. new york police said he had a prior combined 19 arrested in georgia and ohio. he served a two-year prison term from 2011-2013. >> >> 13-year-old jaden ramos, son of officer ramos wrote an emotional facebook post, saying saying ing" -- >> word came today the new york yankees will pay for the
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education of ramos' two children. george steinbrenner's silver shield organization has paid for the education of fallen officers over the last 30 years. the other officer had no children. >> >> coming up, we speak with bay area law enforcement about the tragedy in new york city. the message they are sending to their fallen brothers tonight. >> >> today is the official start of winter. king tides are back. water flooded some low lying coastal areas just this morning. kristina randone is live with more on the problems already being caused. >> reporter: high tide peaked around 10:15 this morning at the golden gate bridge. you can see some of the effects left behind by that puddle right there, but at this hour, it's low tide. still, earlier, it caused some minor flooding in marin county. the sun was shining down on the first day of winter.
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winter soltice means king tides are back. >> it's so close to the boulevard. it's incredible. >> reporter: some say the waves were unimpressive. >> you call it king tide? i wouldn't call it king tide, maybe prince tide. >> >> reporter: it caused puddles to form fast and drain slow. the exit shut down for several hours expected detour for folks in marin county. >> you plan your day around when the high tide is. it's not good to go to certain areas when the tide is too high. you can't get through the roads. the highway will flood down here. >> reporter: a spokes woman for san francisco bay keepers say king tides show how vulnerable the coast is to flooding based on climate change.
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>> reporter: robertson said he has seen changes over the past 40-years at the clipper yacht harbor in sauce heat surfers are taking advantage of the waves caused by the natural phenomenon. water rose to where we are standing, you can see how much it has reseeded. like we said, low tide at this hour and it's all going to happen again tomorrow. just a head's up for commuters tomorrow morning, who live in low lying areas, kent, heather. >> thank you kristina. >> what are the king tides exactly? how do they work?
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let's check in with mark tomeo in the weather center. >> did has to do with the sun, the moon, and the earth and alignments. they are all aligned and with that a greater gravitational pull, with that, we are seeing more higher tides and lower tides as well. that has been the case that has been developing over the past few days and it will continue into monday and tuesday. here'sed mood with the new moon we have right now and the earth is in this position because today is the winter -- winter soltice. >> just to give awe reference here, this is the golden gate, the high tide layout if you can see this afternoon from this morning, we had around 10:15. 6.7 feet, we'll do it all over again tomorrow at 6:58. and minor improvements for
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tuesday, not by much and wednesday, we'll gradually shape up until wednesday and thursday, all a function of the moon and a change in the phase, will have a big impact on the tide situation. >> thank you very much, mark. >> >> a christmas fund-raiser is underway, right now to help a young oakland girl who was paralyzed by a stray bullet. you may remember the nine-year- old. we introduced you to jacqueline awhile ago. she was playing in her yard last may when a bullet severed her spinal chord. there was a celebration this afternoon in her honor and a foundation is the collecting donations. when she got out of the hospital, she said she did not want to use a wheelchair and is determined to walk again. >> >> saint anthony's foundation collected donations curb side gearing up to serve 4,000 hot
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meals on christmas day. details on how those in the giving spirit can help out. >> buzzing sunday, it all started early in the morning, chefs worked on dinner, but they are also working on christmas dinner. need is great this year, as of sunday monday, they collected fewer than 140 of the 500 hams needed to feed the 4,000 people the staff is expecting christmas day, beyond. >> >> donations that come in throughout now to new year's day, turkeys, hams, perishable items. >> reporter: staff here sid food is part of the equation. they called on an army of volunteers to help with cooking and formed a knitting brigade. volunteers are working to
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collect curb side donations of food and clothing, one item always in need, new pairs of socks. >> we need seven pairs of socks per week. folks that are homeless -- the more donations we'll pass them out four weeks to come. >> donated clothing to st. joseph's church here to saint anthony's >> we tell our teens, even if there is one thing, if you are not using it, think of people woe will be grateful in using it. >> >> reporter: saint anthony's accepting curb side donations until christmas day, but they say the need doesn't end there.? attention, ktvu channel "2 news." we have new video of yet another thief stealing a package right off a bay area porch. this time it happened in oakland. watch, right here, you can see the woman, she gets out of a
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black sedan, walks up to the stairs and swipes the package. police say this time of the year, this is not unusual. yesterday, we showed you a man and a woman casing a home and taking packages. to help guard against package thieves, be sure to ask drivers not to leave deliveries in plain sight. especially at this time of the year. >> countdown to christmas. parents hoping to buy the hottest holiday toys might have to let it go. >> >> and it's a big day for elton john, a look inside of the entainter's wedding and why he waited so long to get married. >> >> bay area -- big surprise for dozens of children. we'll see their reaction and hear from the officers that helped to make the whole thing possible.
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strolling through stores with bay area police. the gift give away aimed to build better relationships between kids and cops. recent events have strained relationships, but long before the headlines, police in richmond were already trying to build stronger ties with kids. today, their months of planning paid off big time. >> they rolled through the mall in style. to a ground of waiting photographers and santa himself. 40 richmond youths received the star holiday treatment courtesy of the richmond activities league. >> a fantastic community relations tool that we use to let richmond citizens and our youth know we care about them. >> reporter: the kids from low- income communities each received $100. some bought gifts for themselves, others picked out presents for loved ones. the hope is that spending a few
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hours of socializing with police, stronger bonds will be created between law enforcement and the community. >> my grandson was thrilled because he got to ride in a cop car with the sirens on. >> reporter: a unique experience that only happens once a year, but has a lasting impact. this year, every child was surprised with a new set of wheels. >> this has been a great merry christmas for my children. >> a great event indeed. this was the sickth year for that event. many richmond businesses make it all possible. all of the bikes were donated by a richmond company called veri flow. >> >> christmas of caring. benefiting 75 members of oakland's homeless community, treated to a free hot meal. members of the church say the event is a way for every person in attendance to share it in
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the spirit of christmas, no matter what their current circumstance. >> we want them to know there is a church that cares for and about them. we want them to know they matter and they are as important as anybody else in this community. >> after dinner, each guest was given a $75 gift card. new details following the sony cyber attack. a lawyer for them said the company plans to distribute "the interview." today, senator john mccain called the attack "an act of war." >> this is not vandalism, it is a new form of warfare and we have to counter with that form of warfare with a better form of warfare >> i don't think it was an act of war, it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly
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and very serious. we take is seriously. >> president obama said he felt sony's decision to cancel the showing of the movie was a mistake. sony said they are looking for ways to distribute the film. there are reports that sony may release it on its own streaming service, but those reports have not been confirmed. >> >> good news from tom brokaw. his cancer has gone into remission. in january, the 74-year-old was diagnosed with myeloma and he said doctors are optimistic that the cancer is gone. he is going on a regimen of maintenance drugs to make sure it does not reappear. >> >> elton john tied the knot today with his long time
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partner. one of his best hits, "beny and the jets" announced online that he and long time couple have married. the couple have been together since 1983. elton john posted photos of the wedding ceremony on his insta- gram account. the couple was married in their home outside of london. same sex marriage became legal in london and wales back in march. they have two children. this is a shot of little elijah standing with his parents as the two exchanged vows. >> >> most the bay area, drying out. we have spotty drizzle in a few spots, but also some breaks in the clouds as well. rainfall numbers really adding up. of course we all know it has been a very productive first
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part of december. santa rosa, very dramatic, last year, december 21st. 19.35. last year, santa rosa, by comparison was two inches. a big idea of how different this year is compared to last year. as you can see on live "stormtracker," two, a lot of clouds over northern california. not much in the way of rainfall, there is enough moisture out there to squeeze out drizzle to wet the roadways. later tonight and early monday morning. current numbers out there showing you a lot of 60s for san jose. santa rosa, 62, san francisco down down checking in at 62 degrees. our live camera, beautiful out there and a lot of clouds, talking about all of the low level moisture in place. tonight, mostly cloudy skies, a lot of 60s showing up.
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the chance of a shower for christmas eve. we'll be watching out for that, but no strong storms showing up on the weather charts for this week. overnight lows, starting out monday morning in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s, mostly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. we could have some patchy dense fog reform for the morning hours, keep that in mind for the commute, mild pattern. storm track pushed to the north. this will be the case for monday and into tuesday, wednesday, christmas eve, increasing clouds by the afternoon hours, there is a chance of an evening shower, especially up in the north bay. that chance will last into early thursday morning through christmas morning. we'll be watching out for that until 5:00 or 6:00 thursday morning. it's just a chance for here's our forecast model. we could have a few patches of fog regroup in parts of the bay area and into the afternoon
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hours, skies becoming partly sunny, temperatures warming back up into the 60s, pretty mild over the next few days, brent booth, 64, santa rosa, 67 degrees. a lot of 60s to talk about. flirting with 70 degrees. here is a look ahead as we approach christmas, the two warmest days of the week, monday and tuesday, by wednesday, we thicken up the chances of showers. it could linger into early thursday morning. a lot of clouds start for christmas and skies becoming partly cloudy once again, no major storms, no real rain clouds, extreme rainfall rates to talk about. coming up, we'll take a look at day six and day seven and the upcoming weekend and let you know if the pattern changes by them u then. >> >> from coast-to-coast, the shooting death of two new york
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city police officers hitting home. >> >> and a santa snap shot with a twist. for one bay area shopping center, this year's lines are longer than ever before. >> we had a family the other day who told us they heard about this experience and they drove up from l.a. >> that's right, the added bonus that keeps so many people coming to this particular spot. >> >> it's expected to be the most coveted toy this christmas, but getting your hands on it will cost you, big money parents are dishing out for a piece of the disney craze.
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pope francis is sending a message of joy and brotherhood for christmas thousands of followers jammed into saint peters square for today's mass. the vatican's nativity scene is on display. this is the last day of advent before christmas on thursday. >> >> 'tis the season for that time-honored tradition, the santa snap shot. in one bay area shopping center, seeing record setting crowds with families standing in very long lines for hours. claudine long tells us it's not just santa claus they are waiting to see. >> reporter: he may be the most popular man on the planet right now, at the sun valley mall, santa is not the only one
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drawing the crowd -- >> we came here four presents, for sure. >> reporter: welcome to the ice palace, a little bit of the north pole and a lot of disney's most popular franchise. the ice palace is not new. it's in their third year. >> reporter: for the first time in forever, ola, elsa has joined the party. >> we have never seen lines like this. this is the only ice palace "frozen" disney package west of the rockies. >> >> reporter: safe to say they kicked a u things up another two. >> we had a family that told us they heard about this experience and they drove up from l.a. for a weekend in the bay area, predominantly so they could experience the ice palace and "frozen." >> it lets you sing with olaf,
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sing "frozen" songs -- >> reporter: here's maybe the biggest bonus, if this picture doesn't work out -- this one might. >> the shopping center said the wait, especially on the weekend, really, really long, sometimes folks waiting two to three hours. if you want to catch santa during the week, your wait is expected to are 45 minutes. >> >> hottest toys of the christmas season are linked to the movie "frozen" and they are selling out fast. "frozen" castle and ice palace is sold out in toy stores and it is getting jaw trapping prices online. some industry analysts expect these high priced sets to sell out with demand pushing right
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into christmas eve. >> well, just in time for christmas. pump prices take a drive. the big drop over the last two weeks and how much you can expect to pay the next time you fill up. >> >> police departments across the bay area are mourning the two officers killed in new york. their reaction and reaction from the group that organized last week's prosiest in san jose. that's coming up. >> >> casualty of the game, missing teeth and crooked smiles, how the dentist for the sharks fixes players smiles and have them back on the ice in just an hour.
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it is a sad day for law
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enforcement around the country and here in the bay area, following the shooting death yesterday of two new york city police officers. local police departments are offering condolences to the nypd. live now for us at san jose police headquarters and shows us how the police department there is remembering the fallen officers. >> reporter: you can see the flags are flying at half-staff here. they all put on the uniform together, they risk their lives together and tonight, they are grieving together. >> it's senseless, it's a tragedy. it's cowardice and the violence needs to stop. >> reporter: never having met the police officers ambushed in brooklyn. he calls their deaths sickening and can't help but mourn the loss. >> they are our brothers. there is something different when it comes to law enforcement and firefighting and the comraderie. we look out for each other.
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>> >> reporter: flags are at half- staff, offices are honoring them with bands. many have taken to twitter -- lu and ramos were gunned down sitting in their patrol car. the suspect that committed the murders had used the hash tag on social media referencing the two black men that died at the hands of police. >> it's time for shootings to stop all over the place because we seem to be in a very whose still world. >> reporter: deaths come as anti-police brutality protests erupt across the country.
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>> it's very sad people are dieing for no reason. you need the police. there is good cops, bad cops, but it's getting out of hand. the president of the san jose police officer association tells me officers can't help but be more concerned, more alert because of what happened in new york. the association is looking into sending officers from here to the funeral services, heather, back to you. >> a florida police department is dealing with the loss of one of their own today. a man under arrest for allegedly fatal ashooting a there. 45-year-old police officer a 17 year veteran of the tarp pen springs police department near tampa. he was originally called to an apartment complex for a noise
5:35 pm
disturbance. they say the suspect was banging on doors. when officers arrived, the suspect shot him. he attempted to drive away, but crashed his vehicle into a pole. the police officer killed leaves behind five children. >> >> san francisco police set to honor an officer killed eight years ago in the line of duty. december 22nd, 2006, he was serving an arrest warrant when the robbery suspect shot and killed him. a second officer returned fire, killing the suspect. a private memorial is set to be held in the community dedicated to him. the public is invited to visit the memorial garden across the street from the station. >> >> restaurant workers at san francisco airport are expected to ratify a new labor contract. workers previously held a two- day walkout on december 11th.
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at issue, job security protection and health care coverage. the six year deal includes pay raises and more employer paid contributions. gas prices have fallen more and industry analysts expect prices to continue to fall. here in the bay area, it will cost you $2.77 a gallon to fill up. oakland, san jose, across the bay in san francisco, out average cost is $2.91. >> >> holiday travelers will likely make use of the lower gas prices in the coming days. triple a is predicting the busiest travel season on record. 100 million americans are expected to travel 50-miles from home. it's the most since triple a
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started to keep records in 2001. >> >> weather isn't a problem for people traveling to the sierra. interstate 80, but, there is no snow further east at donor summit and the lake and tahoe city roads appear dry a few hours ago, cal-tran does not recommend anything u anyone traveling -- does recommend anyone traveling in the sierra has chains in their possession. in a sport where the biggest victims are often the smallest body parts, somebody has to tend to the pearly whites, for the sharks, that superbowl is dr. don goudy >> my job is to keep the players on the ice. no one likes to go to the
5:38 pm
dentist, but when you have to go to the dentist, dr. goudy is the one to see. >> i have had the front three knocked out a few times. i have been to see him. >> after games, you are going to go on a long two week road trip and you need your teeth. >> the least of people's worries. >> except for dr. goudy. >> who uses state-of-the-art technology to keep his clients smiling pretty. >> i have models on everybody. i can scan the models, a copy of what they looked like before the injury and i can make them look exactly like that 45 minutes after the injury. >> reporter: all of it which makes teeth as replacement as
5:39 pm
pucks. >> >> reporter: needless to say if you have a tooth dangling or suddenly missing, time is of the essence, he husband a makeshift dental chair nearby. he is always on call even if he is not at the game. >> i'm on tv watching it with the rest of the family, dressed and ready to go. >> reporter: because for hockey players, oral issues are a real nuisance that costs them something precious, no, not teeth, ice time. >> it's like patch me up and get them back out there. >> pick them up, put them in your pocket and they get repaired later on. >> honestly, they wear missing teeth like a badge of honor. >> reporter: a badge that some old school players are --
5:40 pm
>> i'm afraid of dentists. i don't go often. >> he has been like that for a long time. doesn't matter what i say, he is running the other direction. >> i'll get them fixed one of these days. >> reporter: in san jose, scott reese, ktvu channel "2 news." >> wow. we have seen our fair share of extreme christmas decor this year, but one house took their decorating to a whole new level. the display that is setting a new record tonight. >> >> a little break from the rain, is that sun going to stick around for the holiday week? our ktvu meteorologist mark tomeo will let you know with his complete bay area forecast.
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check this out, a family in poland setting a new record in that country for having the most number of christmas lights. the couple and their sons decked out the home with more than 60,000 lights. they began the holiday ritual 17 years ago and have been expanding the display ever since. let's check in with our meteorologist, mark tome o, by now, everybody has their holiday decorations up. is it going to be very nice if you are out looking at that? >> very nice. we have been stuck inside with the storms, finally, a chance to go outside. hills really green. this weekend, no real organized storm system moving into the bay area, but enough to squeeze
5:44 pm
out some rainfall. santa rosa, over a quarter-inch of rain, san francisco picking up a 10th of an in there is a chance of spotty light showers. in the form of drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning. right now, on live "stormtracker" 2. clouds toward the sierra, the greens just to indicate some clouds there, not much in the way of organized rainfall out there. as far as the current numbers, pretty mild, looking at the 60s, san jose, 61 degrees. fairfield, 64 and santa rosa, 62 degrees. isn't this just beautiful, looking across the bay and san francisco. for the most part, we have partly cloudy skies, a few mostly cloudy observations as well. clouds thicken up overnight. a mild pattern for monday and tuesday. a few neighborhoods to be flirting with 70 degrees. the chance of a shower by wednesday night, a weak system approaches the bay area. for your monday, starting out the day with areas of fog.
5:45 pm
temperatures near 50 degrees and into the afternoon hours, partly sunny skies. it will be mild, 63 to 68 degrees. >> >> overnight lows to start out monday, near 50, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, watch out for patchy dense fog. a few patches will develop near the bay, especially for the inland areas toward the north bay. high pressure is building, pushing the storm track to our north, the source of warming for monday and tuesday, more wednesday, christmas each, the weak system moves in, a slight chance of a shower by wednesday evening, a better bet by late wednesday night and thursday morning. favoring the north bay, but some of the forecast models keeping us dry, some of them producing scattered showers, something we will be watching out mid-week. tomorrow morning, showing dense fog toward sacramento and modesto, bay area, patchy dense
5:46 pm
fog forming for the morning commute, afternoon, skies becoming partly cloudy, temperatures a lot of 60s before monday. san francisco, 65 degrees. more neighborhoods, san jose, 66, a lot of upper 60 says toward morgan hill and gill roy. we were talking about pretty potent storms, this week, one, fairly weak, between now and monday and tuesday, fair skies after patchy dense morning fog. the chance of a shower by wednesday evening, thursday, on christmas day, we should have some clouds to start out the day and skies becoming partly cloudy, a slight chance of a shower during the 7:00 hour on thursday. sun cloud mix in the afternoon. we will be cooling off by that time frame and with the weekend always in view, sun cloud mix with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures, no major changes out there. finally, we get a break to enjoy all of the green hills out there and do a little shopping and play outside.
5:47 pm
it looks like we have a break in the stormy pattern over the next few days. >> thank you mark. >> thanks, mark. >> we'll go around week 16 in the nfl as teams hunt for the playoffs. >> >> raiders going for their third home win this weekend. sports wrap is next.
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good evening, welcome to this early edition of "sports wrap." derrick car, down the middle. 50-yard play the quarter ended. they switched sides, on the first play of the second quarter, james jones back of the end zone. murray takes this pass from carr and turns it into a 19- yard game, setting one of four field goals, raiders lead 1013- 10 at the half. bills got closer. six seconds into the fourth quarter, 19-17. every series crucial as the
5:51 pm
bills try to take the lead. nice play by armstrong. 3rd down, raiders in to cap the game. 30-22 from the 19. holmes goes up and makes a fine play. that would turn into and 80- yard scoring guide. bills got a late score, but could not convert an on side kick. oakland, three straight wins, 26-24, the final. bills out of the playoffs, raiders have been out for some time. >> >> 49ers have won seven games, but have lost four in a row. one of the games in oakland last night's 38-35 loss in over time seems to have raised more questions than providing any answers. murray's surgically repaired hand. the big topic of conversation. he played with a heavy bandage.
5:52 pm
as it turns out, he wasn't needed. romo threw four touchdown passes on the day u cowboys win 42-7, right now, they are the number three seed in the nfl indy the number four in the afc. atlanta in the super dome, building a 13-point lead over the saints in the third quarter, freeman breaks free, 31-yard touchdown run, final seconds here, the saints can only close the gap, but brees' hit, he fumbles, the ball is picked up from oc. he is keeping an eye on the clock to make sure it runs out. 30-14, 6 and 9, tied with the saints, half game behind
5:53 pm
division leading carolina. >> detroit and green bay game in tied for first, bears in front in the third quarter. 14-10, bears. a pair of touchdown passes. lions back in front in there play. bell hits the dead end at the line. but he is looking for an opening. he finds it, goes in for a 17- yard score. lions on to win. doing their part at the top of the division and so did aaron rogers and the packers in tampa. eddie lacey makes a side step. on the way to a 44-yard touchdown for the games first score. packers have not played all that well on the road this year, but they got it done, today, rogers with a quick score to jordie nelson. green bay wins 20-13. miami's all time coach, don shula in the house to see the dolphins and minnesota.
5:54 pm
dolphins fight all the way back to tie this. ryan tannehill to williams. vikings punting from their own end zone. the kick is blocked and it goes out of the end zone with 41 seconds left. safety gives the dolphins a 37- 35 win. after the game, owners ross said the coach philbin will be back despite his team missing the playoffs. >> >> still to come -- two o the nba's high-profile teams in action, today, we'll be right back.
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>> pretty play for the cardinals here -- two inside, hammond lead all scorers with 18. bears have lost three straights after falling this one 70-57 and will fall out of the rankings. >> in is the football coach speculation season. stanford's david shaw considered a top prospect for vacant college and propositions. consistent with shaw has said ever since being hired at stanford. sources close to him said there is no chance he is going anywhere. shaw has been highly regarded assistance with with the ravens, eagles in the nfl. >> stay out of the way when lebron is heading down the lane. don't get down there way when he is on the receiving win of
5:58 pm
an alley-oop. warriors back at it tomorrow night against sacramento. >> sunday night game, a good one, seattle, arizona, we'll have it for you tonight at 10:00 on sports wrap. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> we are always here for you an ktvu. com. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00, good night.
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