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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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may reveal the gunman's motivation. a rock slide continues to block the lanes of southbound 101 in sausalito. when the highway could reopen. we are not expecting another storm, but some people could see flooding today, the winterer phenomenon bringing unusually high tides. we are live in san jose, looks like christmas in here. this charity is giving away toys later this morning we'll tell you what they specifically still need. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning thank you for joining us monday morning december 22nd. i'm in for dave clark, let's get your day started. rosemary is here in for steve. >> really foggy in some spots. oakland reporting visibility down to an eighth of a mile. it could be a little bit tough
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getting along that morning drive. look here at storm tracker 2, no rain in the forecast but we do have a lot of residual moisture and once we have that in place, we get a little bit of cooling in the over night hours and it is really easy for that fog to form. we reached that dew point and it is widespread this morning and it is very thick in some areas, oakland and hayward reporting thick fog at times across the bay bridge you're going to find it and chp reporting it. 52 degrees in oakland, 54 in napa. we have 56 in walnut creek. 59 in livermore. we're going to be mostly sunny for the afternoon. our temperatures are going to feel nice. 67 in concord, 66 in napa. 66 in redwood city. 66 in san jose. we're going to hold on to the nice winter pattern for a couple of day, we may have the
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possibility of rain coming our way as early as wednesday. we're following developing news in sausalito where crews are dealing with a rock slide. a traffic alert is in affect for rodeo avenue. it 7 happened around 2:00. the slide took out a tree and a light pole. traffic is backed up all the way to marin city. crews are working to clean up the rocks, traffic is expected to be impacted until 10:00 this morning. tara will have the latest at 6:30. let's move along and take a look at a live picture at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that traffic is backed up for about a 20 minute delay, it is not lighter than usual. the 880 approach is a little bit better than it normally is getting entosan francisco. we continue to follow highway 4, there is a crash there.
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a deadly crash involving a couple other cars, also one of the medic units got into a fender-bender so this area is one to be avoided if you can. let's go back to the desk. thank you. topping our news this morning investigators are taking a close look into social media posts of the man who killed 2 new york city police officers. ismaaiyl brinsley shot wenjian liu and rafael ramos execution style. then he went into a near by subway station and shot and killed himself. he posted on instagram. he said, they took one of ours let's take 2 of theirs. they took multiple references to the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. >> we're asking all new yorkers
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to turn this pain into purpose and to ensure that we send out a very clear and loud message, all lives matter. before killing 2 policeofficers ismaaiyl brinsley shot his exgirlfriend in baltimore maryland. investigators are waiting to question her when her condition improves. police officers are sharing the grief of the police department.flags are being flown at half staff, officers wearing black bands on their badges. the police chiefs took to twitter to express their condolences to the family and friends of the officers killed. other bay area officers say it doesn't matter what city of state you are in, the loss is always felt. >> they are our brothers. they are our brothers. there is something different when it comes to law enforcement and fighting and comradery.
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we look out for each other. >> the office's association saying it is considering sending officers to new york to attend funeral services. police and firefighters in san francisco are investigating the latest suspicious car fight. crews found a burning car on hartford city early yesterday morning. this is in the same area where 4 other cars went in flames. they are still trying to determine if the same person is responsible for all of the car fires. 6:05. restaurant workers are set to ratify a new labor contract. the deal comes less than 2 weeks after a 2-day walk out which led to shut downs of the restaurants at the airport. they wanted job security protections and health care coverage. their contract includes pay raises and more employer contributions to pensions. the record number of americans are set to hit the road. the massive storm threatening
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travel plans for up to two- thirds of the country. the system which stretches from the midwest across the south and all the way up the east coast will bring heavy rains and winds. it is expected to hit on christmas eve. a lot of people will be driving to family. meanwhile a smaller system will target the pacific northwest on wednesday. aaa prepredicts people will travel 50-miles or more for christmas. a lot of parents in the south bay will be smiling, they are going to be picking up toys for their children that they couldn't afford to buy themselves. but as ktvu tells, us there may not be enough for everyone. i'm here at sacred heart community services. as you can see this room is filled with gifts, toys here for children. parents will get to come in here at 10 a.m., they are going to pick 2 toys as well as book
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for their child. some of those parents are actually waiting outside in the cold right now, they've already preregistered and have an appointment to select toys, but they are concerned they want to be the first in line. they'll be providing gifts for children and donations have been generous, so many families registered this year but they are still short 4200 gifts. they hope the community steps up with financial donations on line or takes time to drop off presents here. >> we're going to be digging deep. trying to raise additional funds, but in particular, we want to make sure people can drop off their toys and other things they would like to give to families that are doing what they can to get by. >> if the charity does not receive enough donation, the children will be receiving
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less. they do have enough for today, it is tomorrow that they are really worried about. one of the age groups that they'd like people to focus on is teenagers. back out here live, you're looking at some of those gift that is people have donated. so anything like make up and curling irons, jewelry, gift cards, sporting equipment for young boys, anything really would be appreciated. again they are going to be opening up their doors at 10:00, welcoming anybody who wants to come by, drop off money or presents. back to you. hopefully people can help out this morning. in the meantime saint anthonys is continuing its holiday curb side ham donations this morning. according to saint anthony's facebook page they collected 200 hams over the weekend which is shy of their goal of 500 hams. they are also looking for other food items, hygiene products and socks, still 2 more days to
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donate. you can drop off your donations this afternoon. saint anthonies is located off golden gate avenue in san francisco. 6:08. the return of the king tied. the problem these big waves are causing in some parts of the bay area. a teenage boy being hailed as a hero. the actions he took to save his little sister from a would be kidnapper. we are still looking at a decent community in many areas, this is a look at 680 southbound, that's causing a little bit of slowing, we'll tell you about the east bay commute when we come back. still an hour and some change until the sun rise, we're waking up with mostly cloudy skies this morning, thick fog in areas, even a little bit of patchy drizzle. and the afternoon, sunny dry and mild, we'll have a look at your temperatures for today, and the possibility of wet weather in the extended forecast coming up.
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. welcome back, everybody, time is6:12. a 13-year-old boy is being called a hero after he saved his sister from a would be kidnapper. a man snatched the girl on saturday, the girl's brother saw what happened and ran after the man. he grabbed the man's arm and prompted the man to release the girl. >> he was quick on his feet,
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obviously his sister. he is our hero for today. >> no doubt about that. good for the older brother there. deputies in the area track down the man and are later arrested him. investigators say he has a pryor record of violent offenses. neither the girl nor her brother were hurt. north korea says it is not behind the attack on sony pictures, it is threatening the u.s. government for accusing it of involvement. through the media north korea warns its retaliation against the u.s. would be much bigger than the hacking attack on sony. they accuse the u.s. government from being behind the movie making. and they say if sony releases the movie, he'll make sure copies get into north korea. he routinely sends dvds into north korea using giant balloons. he says it is something north
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korea never gets to see. he says he'll send the interview there if it gets released. and $3 billion in cash will be divided among ticketholders. the top prize is $490,000. other people will take home smaller amounts. a small town that shares the name with one of santa's famous reindeers is a big hit. the tiny post office in rudolph wisconsin is getting a lot more mail. the reason? a special postmark featuring the popular reindeer. once the letter goes to the post office, it gets a special stamp, sent back to the owner. >> if they can't physically drive here, we get cards, and boxes and envelopes from all over the country. we've had one from china. >> they'll get even more.
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the post office says they normally have, they say this year they got 16,000 letters. they acontribute it to the stamp of rudolph, and the investigation special. i love rudolph. time now is 6:15. a couple problems out there this morning, sal, 101, 680 you talked about? we have a couple of different things, southbound 101, 2 lanes taken away at rodeo drive at the golden gate bridge. we have slow traffic in mari. we'll have a live report coming up at about 6:30. i also want to mention the other traffic at the east bay commute into san francisco, westbound traffic backed up for a normal delay. it is a little surprising dense
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fog here, the 880 approach better than it is, this commute won't last the entire morning by 8:00 we'll see a little light up in this community. and the fog is not here, so dense fog in some areas but not foggy on the bridge. >> and a deadly crash where a truck was hanging over the side of an over pass. we had a medic unit get into afender-bender. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up shortly. 6:16. let's go to the weather center. good morning to you we have fog definitely one of theheadlines at this hour, today as well as tomorrow. the next high tied coming in just before 11:00, we have the earth, the sun and the moon all sort of aligned and that gravitational force helping to bring in above average high tides. this is where we are looking at the possibility of some minor
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flooding the entire shoreline from north bay into monterey, the bay area shoreline as well, and for our local bay area. this goes on until tomorrow afternoon. outside of that a bridge of high pressure building in, you can see the curve here pushing that storm track to the north. we're going to remain dry today, tomorrow, that begins to switch a little bit on wednesday. so morning fog and drizzle this morning. once it clears up we are mild and dry for the afternoon. temperatures will sore into the 60s, a few upper 60s in the forecast for today, i'll get to that in just a moment. by wednesday, the clouds begin to increase and we even have a chance for scattered showers in the forecast by wednesday night, yesterday the models bypass california, drop that system into the sierra nevada, at least east of us, brought some snow to the sieurier ra nevada. and on wednesday night, and
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also bring in snow showers to the sierra for wednesday night as well. if you have travel plans for your christmas eve. 52 in oakland, 54 in napa. a foggy, chilly start for you. 56fso, upper 50s in san jose. as we get into the afternoon today, these are nice mild temps. 66, mid-60s in san francisco, upper 60s for oakland . 65 in antioch, pleasantton, a pleasant day for you. 66 this afternoon, 66 for san jose. upper 60s morgan hill. santa cruz, gilroy, mostly sunny skies. above average for today, tomorrow, nice dry weather in the forecast, morning fog day after day, a lot of residual moisture. we'll be dry. possibility of showers come christmas eve. during the evening, it is a
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quick hitter out of here by christmas day. we remain dry as we get into the bay area weekend. i was going to say these temperatures feel warmer. >> yeah. >> not even wearing a sweater yesterday. anyways. something for everyone. 6:19. the final numbers are not in yet, retail analysts say super saturday sales could be close to $10 billion, that would make it the busiest shopping day of the year, black friday rang up 9 billion in sales, mastercard says it stands by its forecast that say it will be 5 and a half percent higher than last year, also includes holiday expenses. >> you brought upon them only ruin and death. >> a lot of people have been excited for this. movie goers stormed theaters for one last chance to spend
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the time, the "lord of the rings" made $90 million, the hobbit, the battle of the 5 armies had the weakest opening, but it is still one of the biggest releases of the year. night at the museum, secret of the tomb which featured one of robin william's onnd, and mocking jay part one rounded out the top 5. coming up, he was in the right place at the right time. in our next half hour, how santa ended up rescuing a man from a house fire. coming up next, oakland raider gives back. his special holiday gift to a young girl suffering from a serious heart condition. this is the nicolas family coming here from gwam. we'd love to say merry christmas to those in
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california, happy new year! merry christmas! >> happy new year! we love you guys! happy holidays from ktvu, fox 2.
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. 7 people were hurt in a lightening strike after the buccaneers game against the green bay packers. witnesses say the lightening strike kicked up rocks and
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gravel and hit a few people. and hit the top of the car. one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. officials say nobody was hit districtly by the lightening. the raiders played the role of spoilers, the raiders led much of the game and took a 26- 17 lead on this touch down pass late in the fourth quarter. the bills would answer with a touch down to cut the lead to 2. but the onside kick was recovered for the raiders to get their third win this a row. raider fans were filled with the holiday spirit as they attended yesterday's game at the oakland coliseum. they arrived with new unwrapped toys for the toys for tots drive. marines were stationed in several locations collecting toys and cash donations, one marine says the raiders game is the perfect place for the event. >> football, as american as you get, you know, i would like to believe that the spirit and the holiday spirit is within everybody right now. >> all of the toys collected at
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the oakland coliseum will be given to needy children all across alameda county. one raider made this special holiday for the family of a young girl suffering from a serious heart condition. offensive lineman donated his game check to the family of 4- year-old ava reya. it is about $18,000 after taxes. they visited the raiders team facility last week. she was born with half a heart and has had 14 surgeries. watson has a young daughter of his own and says it just felt right to donate his check to go towards ava's medical expenses. new information about the death of 2 new york city police officers, what we are learning about the motivations and the tensions following the killings. we're live where a rock slide on 101 southbound, we'll tell you how much of a delay
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you can expect. we're looking at a community that is affected by poor visibility and some areas it looks good, there is slow traffic anyway. we'll decipher all of it for you in the next traffic update. greeted by that fog out there this morning, visibility down in many areas, a little bit of patchy drizzle for some. by the afternoon, dry, mild weather will take center stage. we'll have a look at what you can expect today and the weekend coming up.
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. boy, good morning everybody, we are live in brent wood this morning where a deadly crash is blocking lanes of eastbound highway 4. that remains a very active scene, ktvu alex savage just talked to the chpment he'll p. peel have
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-- he'll have more in a few minutes. thank you for waking up with us, 6:28 is the time. hello. good morning to you. and pretty nice mostly sunny skies on the way, temperatures will be in the 60s, at this hour, though, a different scene. we have to get through the morning first, that's where we are met by fog and in some areas, very thick. oakland down to about an eighth of a mile is what you can see right in front of you. hayward, down to a quarter of a mile. and delaying flights about an hour or so. if you know somebody flying in, they may be delayed. santa rosa. visibility about a mile and a half. livermore. about 50 minutes or so until the sun rise, it is between now and then we'll start to see some of those areas thicken up as well. as we get into 10:00, 11:00, here we are still inside the
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bay, still along the coastline. for the second half of the afternoon, mostly sunny skies for today. 57 degrees right now in fair field. 52 in oakland, and santa rosa trailing behind, 48 degrees and foggy. a chilly one for you. 51 redwood city. 57 mountain view, 58 for san jose. slightly warmer for some. and 68 for oakland. you'll go to 67. mid-to upper 60s from mountain view san jose into morganhill. i do see changes in the extended forecast, and they could be wet changes, more an that in just a little bit . good morning sal. road rosemary good morning. >> and a lot of people have the day offer, when we go to these pictures, a little bit of slowing, just a touch lighter
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than usual. about a 20 minute delay getting into san francisco. you'll see slow traffic here and there. when you go to other commutes, we had an earlierincident here. that cleared quickly. you can see the traffic is moving well 680, going up to the maps here getting out of pleasantton, not too bad. but 580 coming in is going to be slow as we look at the south bay we have some slowing here and there for the most part a nice looking commute through that area so far. to the breaking news in the east bay. alex salvage is live at a crash. >> good morning to you. both directions of highway 34 blocked because of this dramatic crash. we have a tow truck pulling this white pick up truck off of the side rail where it came to rest, the driver was killed in this crash this morning, he was
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traveling this morning eastbound on highway 4 when he collided with a work truck that was coming in the opposite direction, the 2 vehicles hit each other, this white pick up truck that you're seeing here rolled several times and the driver was dead once first responders arrived here at the scene. i want to bring in sergeant ken martin nice enough to join us this morning. talk to me about this situation you have behind us here, precarious situation, you have the road down below blocked. >> yes we do. the pick up truck is hanging over the edge and it has been since the collision occurred. our concern at time and still is that it would have went over the edge. we blocked down the roadway below so we could try to stabilize the situation. just for folks in this area. this is highway 4 where it goes over fairview road. people are familiar with the area. good idea to stay away from
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this part of town. as you try to piece together. you know the trucks collided. how do you figure out what caused the driver to lose control this morning? >> we had an initial witness statement that said that the white pick up truck that's over the edge right now actually entered the lane where they had that sideswipe collision. also to our investigation, the physical evidence bears that out. >> how much longer do you think the highway is shut down? >> i would anticipate another half hour to an hour. >> we appreciate your time this morning, again, highway 4 closed right now in both directions as they investigate a deadly crash here in brentwood. the passenger uninjured, and the other driver uninjured as well. we'll check in with you in
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just a few moments. >> and another traffic problem in marin county. on highway 101 in sausalito where a mud slide is affecting traffic. >> we have at least 3 hours to go before caltran reopens the lanes near rodeo avenue. there are bulldozers, hauling away this rock slide boulder by boulder, traffic is already backed up. the rock slide happened at 2:40 this morning sending a tree and a light pole down the hillside. workers are clearing the rock. when it is daylight crews will take a better look at the sidelining the freeway to make sure there is no more danger to drivers. >> other people who are looking at hillside understanding what's going on with them, we'll continue to evaluate it, see what's going on if additional steps need to take them, we'll take them. we took a drive up 101 to
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see how far back the traffic extends, it is bumper to bumper to the split. if you take an alternate route this morning into san francisco, a good idea, or at least leave after 10:00 this morning, that's when all lanes are expected to reopen back to you in the studio. all right thank you so much. we'll check back with you in a few minutes. more details are beingrevealed this morning, ismaaiyl brinsley had been arrested 19 times in georgia and ohio for assault and robbery. on saturday he shot his exgirlfriend in her home before getting on a bus to brooklyn. now that is where he shot officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos inside their car. they say he was mentally ill and that his mother was afraid of him. the exgirlfriend is 29-year-old
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shanika nicole thompson. police say she was shot in the stomach and is in critical condition. there were reports that after shooting thompson, he called her mother, told her what happened and apologized for shooting her daughter. police are waiting to interview thompson when her condition improves. officer wenjian liu got married 2 months ago, officer rafael ram moe celebrated his 40th birthday on december 12th. ramos leaves behind a wife and 13-year-old son. yesterday his son jadan posted a heart-breaking message on facebook about what happened. he wrote quote here today i had to say goodbye to my father, he was there for me every day of my life. he was the best father i could ask for, it is horrible that someone gets shot dead just for being a police office. he went onto say that quote, everyone says they hate cops but they are the people that they call for help. i'll always love you and i'll never forget you, rip, dad.
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president obama offering his support and federal assistance to the police department it comes as tensions run high as officers and city leaders following protests under the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. they turned their backs on bill deblasio as he made his way to a news conference. they say he failed to support the department, following the grand jury's decision not to indict the officer involved in the choke-hold death of eric garner. they also say the mayor has shown strong support for ongoing demonstrations against police brutality. >> there is blood on many hands tonight, those that incited violence on this street under the guise of protest that tried to tear down that new york city police officers did every day. yesterday new york governor andrew cuomo visited the families of the 2 officers, calling their deaths senseless.
6:38 am
later today, he is expected to address the criticism as he gives a speech about strengthening ties for the community. and an a man shooting and killing a police officer, and ran him over. this is video of the suspect. 20-year-old marco. early yesterday morning he was banging on people's doors looking for someone he believed reported him to police. the officer was 45 years old. police say this does not have any connection to the deadly shooting of 2 new york city police officers. tonight san francisco police will honor an officer killed in the line of duty 8 years ago. 28-year-old brian tuvara was shot while trying to arrest a robbery suspect. a second officer returned fire and killed the suspect, he died at san francisco general hospital the next day. people can pay their expects at
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a community room dedicated to officer tuvara at the district police station. it will be open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. there is also a public memorial garden across the street at the park. happening today, high tides are expected to flood some low- lying coastal areas this morning, the winter phenomenon is expected to bring in unusually high tides along the coast and in san francisco through tomorrow. surfers, taking advantage of the big waves in spots, but in mill valley the tides caused puddles and shut down the beach off highway 101. it is so close to the boulevard here, it is pretty incredible. >> you just kind of plan your day when the high tied is, it is not good to go to certain areas because you can't get to certain roads. the highway will flood down here. >> a spokeswoman says king tides show how vulnerable the coast is to floodin she says
6:40 am
the level is expected to arise 1 foot by 2050. surprising word about the water levels in marin county reservoir. a lot of relief for parents here in the south bay who can't afford gifts for their kids, we're live in san jose, where they will get to shop for free but we are learning there may not be enough toys. good morning. we are looking at slow traffic in a couple of different areas and a deadly crash that has closed the highway 4 bypass. i'll have another report coming up from the scene from this incident. pleasant weather shaping up over the area as a ridge of high pressure continues to strengthen, by midweek that may change. what weather could be on the way i'll have a look at what you can expect for today and
6:41 am
the week ahead coming up.
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. welcome back. happening today, a south bay charity opening its doors for parents who can't afford present. we're joined from san jose where it seems like there is a mountain of toys. actually, there are a lot of toys out there.
6:44 am
there we go. we can see all the toys. they are coming up short right ? >> reporter: they are still in need of donations but duffly looks like a toy store. lots of frozen, we have elsa here, hot wheels, how cute is this? a little rocking horse. so much for kids here, people have been really generous, there is still not enough, and they are short some donations. this has been set up for parents to come here and shop for free, sacred heart community service wants to provide 2 gifts and a book 2 each child. they do this every year, each year they still need 4200 more toys. family preregistered last month and there was an overwhelming response, organizers hope people will be able to dig deep and give financial donations or drop off presents here on first street and amla. >> the financial donations are
6:45 am
what matters the most. what some of the families really want and need this time of year, that's something, that is competing. particularly think of the gifts for your teens? we often don't think about teens, we'll think about the doll or the lego set, but we want to make sure they are not forgetten this time of year too. >> here is a video of handful of parents waiting in the cold, they have an appointment to select toys at 10 a.m. if the charity does not receive enough donations children will receive less. they have enough for today, it is tomorrow they are really worried about. back out here live you can see some of the donations the money they were able to buy bikes, they have 600 bikes. so again people have been very giving but they really want people to dig deep. and if you have any chance today to donate online or come down they would really
6:46 am
appreciate it.. 4 40 kids in richmond, they got to live in a police car or limousine to the mall, each given $100 to spend anyway they wanted. some bought things for themselves, others bought holiday gifts for family and friends, the point was to make a friendly connection with police. officers surprised the shoppers with several gifts including a bike for every single child. a 3-year-old is lucky to be alive this morning after choking on a piece of candy. luckily, a police officer happen to be near by. you okay? wow, scary situation. it happened inside a convenience store last week in nevada. a couple rushed into a store with a toddler who was joking on a piece of jaw breaker candy. an officer heard the call and
6:47 am
rushed to the store to help out. after several back blows as you saw earlier the candy dislodged and the child could breathe once again. scary. 6:46 is the time. good morning. good morning. coming up on mornings on 2. this takes reality tv to a whole new level. in iraq a popular show called in the grip of the law, forces convicted terrorists to face their victims. what the country hopes to achieve by doing this. imagine handing out goody bags to an entire plane? that's what parents recently did we'll tell you the reason why, what was inside those goody bagsnow back to you on the morning news. we'll see you in a few minutes. my wife may have to do that today. time now 6:47. a couple of problems sal is keeping an eye on. >> going to be pretty slow,
6:48 am
also closure brian, and pam, on highway 4 bypass. a deadly crash is blocking freeway. they are trying to get it off. the person driving that truck was killed at the scene and they had also closed below because they thought it was too dangerous to have cars driving below. the coroner also on the scene, so is our crew. we'll let you know when they reopen it. looks like it is going to be a little while. in marin county, the right lanes are taken away by a rock slide by rodeo exit. the traffic is backed up all the way out to mill valley. southbound 101 as you come down, you're going to see slow traffic heading to the golden gate bridge. please give yourself extra time. bay bridge toll plaza to themcarthur maze, i took a pole on twitter and asked how many are working. very few have the next few weeks off, many are working on
6:49 am
monday, tuesday, that kind of thing. so today it doesn't look like we're getting much of a break so far. >> speaking of dense fog, we'll go to rosemary. >> we have prime time ingredients for that fog out there. we have a lot of residual moisture, temperatures cooling to their dew point. isn't that a beautiful shot? we have a half hour until the official sun rise, the skies are beginning to lighten some. you can see that layer of low cloud along the skyline. we have temperatures warm into the 60s for the afternoon today, but we have to get through this morning first. that fog developing this morning, santa rosa, reporting fog to a quarter of a mile, highway 1, chp reporting fog there as well. we've seen it on the approach or coming into the golden gate bridge. that to be aware of, by 10:00,
6:50 am
11:00, by the afternoon mostly sunny skies in score. this ridge of pressure i've got a snapshot here. satellite view you can see the curvature in the clouds, storm track being pushed to the north as that ridge of high pressure takes control of our weather pattern at least for a couple of day, we'll have the morning fog. a few areas reporting drizzle, mostly sunny skies, dry weather in the forecast for today as well as tomorrow. we're going to be above average for the afternoon. by wednesday night we have the possibility of a few scattered showers, this is something new. the models hadn't brought the rain to the area until last night. the possibility of scattered showers by wednesday. as we get through this morning, clouds out there, tuesday looks just as good. notice the storm line above washington even.
6:51 am
as we get into wednesday, that rain begins to move in. earlier models had dropped the system in this direction. sort of by passing california. now the models have switched it up and bringing scattered showers into california by wednesday. wednesday evening, awfully close to the bay area, tracking between now and then. we need to error on the side of caution. here we are by christmas day. a little bit of soggy weather by wednesday. temperatures a chilly 48 in santa rosa. 56 fso. delays for about an hour:for the afternoon, 65 san francisco, 67 livermore. you're looking at 67 in areas right around santa rosa. as we get into the extended forecast which i apparently don't have up for the moment. we're going nice. today, tomorrow, very similar,
6:52 am
the morning fog, afternoon highs. showers on wednesday and dry again for the back half of the weekend. >> a little bit christmas eve. 6:51. a new study shows that people who wait today buy electronics made a good decision. they checked items on amazon, wal-mart, sears, they found prices dropped 5% from black friday until mid-december. the study was prompted by consumers complaining by complicated pricing systems. americans won't see the interview in theaters but coming up in 20 minutes, how one man is trying to make sure people in north korea will. up next a 9-year-old bay area girl left paralyzed from a stray bullet. how the community came together to make her holiday a little
6:53 am
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see these hands? they gripped the wheel of a humvee in afghanistan. twelve years, flying choppers. my hands? they're here for the person who fought in afghanistan. i made the call and got support for my sister. mine take care of the person who flew those helicopters. and if life gets overwhelming they're ready to dial the veterans crisis line. confidential help is just a call, click or text away.
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. welcome back everybody. time now is 6:55. an outspoken sheriff is going to court to try to block president obama's executive actions on immigration reform. the sheriff and his attorney plan to tell a judge that the u.s. immigration system is not broken, despite what president obama says. they say the president violated the constitution by going
6:56 am
around congress to issue his executive orders. under president obama's immigration reforms, nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants would be protected from deportation. meantime, young immigrants are celebrating a court ruling that allows them to apply for driver's licenses starting today. known as dreamers, they received work permits under the action. but last thursday, a judge orderarizona to stop denying driver's licenses to dreamers. hundreds of people gathered in oakland to show support for a young girl whose life was changed forever by gun violence. >> holiday music was just part of yesterday's fundraiser at the academy to help the family of 9-year-old jackie. earlier this year, she was playing outside her home on 66th avenue when she was hit by
6:57 am
a stray bullet and paralyzed from the neck down. organizers say this has brought the entire community together. i heard it again on ktvu at the team we were playing, and as a father, i felt compelled to do something. we always try to have extended family, and the concept how important it is. >> jackie's doctors say she is making slow but steady progress since the incident in may. the 9-year-old is able to move her right han she does have some feeling in her legs. it looks like santa is pulling double duty down under. a video shows the firefighter dressed as santa coming to the rescue of a man in his 20s. he was with a group of firefighters handing out candy in a neighborhood when they smelled smoke from a near by house. that's where they found the man slumped unconscious. he administered first aide before the ambulance arrive,
6:58 am
the man is expected to recover. coming up next here on mornings on 2. tough news to report, a deadly crash in the east bay this morning, we'll tell you why emergency crews needed help themselves. and hate that fueled the police officer's attack in new york city.
6:59 am
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>> reporter: a deadly crash shuts down highway 4 in brentwood this morning. we'll tell you how this accident happened and how this pickup truck wound up dangling over the side rail. new information about the killings of two new york city police officers. what we've learned about the motive in this deadly attack. >> reporter: we're live in sausalito where two lanes of 101 southbound are shut down due to a rockslide. we'll tell you how long to expect delays. also, a holiday charity drive in the south bay coming up a little bit short. how you can help out this morning. "mornings on 2" starts now. 7:00. we're live in brentwood this morning where there's been a deadly crash on the highway 4


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