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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 22, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's chaos after a rally crash. >> they are waving the yellow flag to warn the other cars. >> see who didn't get the message. >> something is trapped under that pile of bushes and twine. the moment firefighters make one amazing save. >> three, two, one. >> rock star athlete eric rowener lifts off with -- >> 50 tanks of helium, 90 giant balloons. >> the journey 7000 feet up and the insane way he
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a guy tells his wife, get the camera closer. >> living inside his leg for decades. this video is from a rally in spain. this red car has taken a pretty serious crash. it's missing parts. everybody is gathering around. it's a rally and there are lots of cars in a rally. >> why are all the people standing in the road then? >> that is exactly right. >> one comes around at serious speed. >> holy moly. >> he skid off the road and there what is an impact. fortunately everyone there had a camera. we have a second angle. he goes from 100 miles per hour to zero. he hits an olive tree that stops
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him in its track. the car breaks apart. he only felt the shock, no injuries. people run over to try to help him. as we switch back to the first angle, listen up what's coming down the road. >> the guy goes running. he saved the guys in the red car minimal damage. >> this is so mind blowing. i cannot believe nobody is seriously injured. >> there is always room on "right this minute" for a few animal rescues, awesome animal rescues at that. this is in the middle of a frozen lake there is a deer stuck. unfortunately, as it's trying to
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get up, the ice around him is breaking and cracking so it is going know where. fortunately, the wildlife sanctuary partnered up with air rider. they started sliding over to where the deer is. >> all they do is secure his head above the ice and then drag him over the ice towards the shore. >> this must have been terrifying because those hover crafts are loud. >> they finally get him on the shore and release him. he runs back into the woods and not back over the water. >> this poor dog somehow got himself stranded over this embankment. firefighters have to repel down to where this dog is. look where it got stuck. >> that is a giant patch of
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bushes, twine, thorns and twigs. >> he's finally up and does return to his owners. he just got lost. >> childhood imaginations run big when you are kids. remember having balloons and wondering if i could fly away? eric is all grown up and is a rock start athlete. he decided to make his childhood dreams a reality and really fly on balloons. they got 50 tanks of helium, 90 giant balloons. >> is he going to be a lounge chair? >> yes. he gets into this lounge chair and they give him a nice countdown. and doesn't it work?
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look at him. he gets way up there. it completely works. >> is there a parachute attached to him? >> oh, yes. the whole time he is kicking back. >> what is going to happen when i get all of them? >> he's carrying a shotgun. watch what he does when he starts descending. starts blowing away the balloons. >> this is really irresponsible. i'm proud of him. >> everything you dreamt of as a kid. watch what he does. >> here we go. three, two, one. later.
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>> down he goes with the chair and pulls the chute. big high fives all around. safe success to the ground. true rock star. this is hedda. her brother is a marine. when he wants to talk to his parents they do it by skype because he is stationed in japan. >> she is spying on mom and dad because they say her brother andrew is having a problem connecting with them. >> they are trying to skype with him right now. >> there's an issue with the connection allegedly. >> he is going to try something different. try another plan to see if he can communicate with them better. >> restart the computer. >> or something better than that. >> somebody's at the door. the dog goes, mom goes. mom is happy as can be. he wasn't on the internet. he was standing outside the door.
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>> that is the best christmas gift his mom could have gotten. how fun they thought they were just going to skype with him and got to hug him. >> never gets hold seeing a marine home for the holidays. she's a pop star causing all kinds of buzz. >> what do you notice about her? >> a prosthetic leg. >> a whole new meaning to rocking it. >> a reminder to watch for the red lights. >> proof not paying attention gets them time after time. inintrtrododucucining.. a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to ok alall l ththe e waway y u. ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pm ththe e ononlyly o onh ofof a aleleveve..
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the rtm video is out. you can watch videos while you wait. the cure for boredom. download it now. a big cry out and appeal to my old neighbors, watch for the
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red lights, man. the people that put up the red light cameras, time after time blasting through. not any major crashes, a lot of fender benders, but explain how you miss these lights? >> they are not paying attention. they are not looking at the signs on the road. >> distracted driving. it's not just a problem in new jersey, it's everywhere. >> very true. how do you miss this enormous tractor trailer crossing in front of you? >> that person had to be looking down at a phone trying to text. >> it would be a clue if you saw it. >> it's always a good reminder to keep your wits about you while driving. watch out around you. >> let's ban cell phones. >> good luck. >> this video is going to force you to forget what you think you
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know about disability. this is latvian pop artist. >> she has a prosthetic leg. >> this is the music video to her song "prototype" that is getting a lot of attention because she is changing the way we look at disability. when she was born her leg was damaged. for many years after that she had 15 surgeries to try to repair the damage. she chose to amputate the leg that had been hindering her ability to live her life. she has made it very, very sexy.
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one of the things getting attention is this part of the video where she does the spike dance where her prosthetic is the spike with a very sharp point. it is mesmerizing. the great thing about this, imagine if you are a young person dealing with an amputated limb. she is changing how we think about sexy and beauty. >> dog's first snow. >> is this your first time seeing snowfall from the sky?
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>> sure there are some countries with nuclear. this is a case of police harassment but it's in the uk, so it goes differently. there is somebody playing a harp around this quaint village. he's just shooting. walking down the street when suddenly the police come up to ask him questions and things get really british. >> she tries to block his camera. wh are you do grab my camera. >> she's not asking anything. >> he is immediately controlling the conversation. >> don't point it to my face. i'm talking to you.
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>> i'll ask you a few questions. >> you go your way and i'll go mine. >> he wasn't doing anything. walking down the street. he had every legal right to say excuse me. they split up and go their way. >> i like a good british telling off. it seems so proper. >> you go your way and i'll go mine. >> okay. >> good-bye. >> time for epic urban skiing. >> next still to come -- >> how he doesn't give up till he fits right in. >> this cutie's responsible for 677 selfies.
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>>. >> like us on this minute. stay in touch all take long. this video is on youtube. it has over 85,000 views. it looks like a jittery video of a little kid with a phone. there is a bit of a story behind
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him. this is g. g. had her aunt's phone. her aunt had no idea until she plugged it into the computer there were 677 selfies of g on the phone. they decided to play it like a stop motion video. only 3 years old so she is selfie obsessed like a machine gun. >> they have called this generation the selfie generation. that's starting young. >> it's hilarious. a lot of parents are getting onboard. >> isn't that bizarre though? this is a thing now. there are so many selfies. not like we took polaroid cameras when we were kids. we didn't care. i guess because you can see yourself on the phone screen and you get mesmerized by your own image? >> it happens to me all the time.
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>> it's so easy, too. >> spread 'em. spread 'em. spread 'em. spread 'em. good boy. >> what you are looking at is what ryan schmidt claims to be a 25 to 30-year-old cyst. >> they were hard lumps. i had them forever. my wife is going to take the camera over. >> why do people get videos? who has a cyst for 25 years?
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>> right. >> you can smell it on me. >> there is something rotting inside his body for 25 years. >> squeeze that sucker and get all the pus out. >> here we go. >> he is excited. get theameraclos >> that's so gross. >> it is so disgusting. you'll never believe where he hit it. he has deadly aim. >> it's all over. >> they give us a shot of what the phone looks like. >> that's 25 years of nastiness right there. >> i hope their marriage is over. >> this is the greatest day of my life.
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valleys and boats. i've never seen anything like it. >> you see this squirrel carefully walking up this balcony. takes peanuts out of the kid's hand. not just one time. comes back for more peanuts. >> wouldn't you, easy access to peanuts if you're a squirrel? >> see how many times this lucky hand will offer you food.
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>> the first time the squirrel peeks in. >> this is morrow the cat, very popular and famous on youtube. this cat has found a box that it wants to get into, but it takes some figuring out. how am i going to get my entire body, my paws and my butt, my tail and everything in there. >> it is a larger cat. >> a very small box. >> has three paws in there now. >> four of them are in there. >> finally gets its tail in. >> it's in the box. >> all the way in the box. >> she is on what she thinks is
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a modeling shoot. her boyfriend decided to book her on a modeling shoot for wedding photos. the male model called and canceled so he says, i'll filled in. they are both dressed up. her in a beautiful bridal gown. he in a nice suit. they are on the street taking photos. when they go back into this restaurant, something is revealed to her. >> how weird to get proposed to in a wedding gown. >> let's get this thing moving along. >> all her friends start rolling out. >> too soon. >> she is a little overcome. it takes him a while to get the question out. >> three years ago on this spot we met and you asked me -- >> he's annoyed. >> you're the person i want to
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be with forever. will you marry me? >> she doesn't immediately answer the question. >> is that a maybe? >> did you ask my mom? >> she asked him a question. now she starts she's. >> he had to ask three questions to get the answer. he got the answer he wanted. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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an accident leaves a dog with a ruptured eye and that back leg was severed. see the amazing angels who brought him back to life. one minute he's flying high. the next, he's smacking hard. >> one paraglider's rough ride through the tree tops. >> the guy stops to talk to an elderly couple. >> he's just asking directions. >> that's not what he's doing at all. >> the world is loving this guy. >> he's called superman drawl. >> the talented duo behind the characters tell us about the wedding video


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