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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 22, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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an accident leaves a dog with a ruptured eye and that back leg was severed. see the amazing angels who brought him back to life. one minute he's flying high. the next, he's smacking hard. >> one paraglider's rough ride through the tree tops. >> the guy stops to talk to an elderly couple. >> he's just asking directions. >> that's not what he's doing at all. >> the world is loving this guy. >> he's called superman drawl. >> the talented duo behind the characters tell us about the wedding video making him famous.
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>> went viral real fast. >> pirate is wearing the cone of shame, but for pirate, this is the start of the rest of his life. that is pirate when he was taken in by animal aid in india. one of his eyes was ruptured. it had to be removed. you see them performing surgery on his leg. that back leg was severed. after being nursed back to health, his wonderful personality popped out. this is what they call a foster failure. the volunteer at animal aid loved him so much, she said, i'll take him home. that happen as lot, actually people who have big hearts usually end up taking them in. >> he's got people loving on him, petting him.
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playing with othering becau dog. that's him running around. he was a four-legged dog, but that doesn't stop him. >> his personality does shine through. he seems so cute and playful. >> right after he came out under anesthesia. >> probably felt so much better. >> just a flesh wound. >> police in covenantry in the uk are looking for these two guys for a disgusting crime that is getting people really angry. you can see an elderly couple at the back of their car loading it up. the grandmother has just put her purse in the back, as well. this guy comes around and starts asking questions. he is pointing to the left. the guy in the background with the hoodie slowly creeping up? that's his partner. they had been following this
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couple around. following since they were in the bank. they pulled out almost $1,100 to buy christmas presents for their family. they followed them around until they got to this point. he is distracting the couple. good night slowly gets closer and closer. the creep creeps up. grabs the handbag. knows what he is looking for. grabs the money and quickly throws the bag back in and starts walking away. they end the conversation. the grandmother starts going through her bag but the guys have gone. a little bit of a happy ending. the bank upon finding out this happened, reimbursed them the money. police are really looking for help to find them. >> this other video from malaysia. this is a common crime. you've got two ladies walking down the street. behind them is a motor bike with a couple of guys on them. this one's harsh.
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>> oh, my gosh. they dragged her. >> she gets pulled off her feet. >> what are you supposed to do in a situation like this? the girl has her arm through the bag. scooters are so common, it's not like you think, oh -- >> the only thing you can do is be aware of where traffic would be in relation to where the purse is. >> it's terrible you have to think of something like that. >> just be aware of where traffic might be. it's the only thing i can think of. >> this seemed like a perfect day to go out paragliding in norway. it wasn't. it quickly goes bad for this paraglider. as you see, he falls through the trees all the way down to the
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ground, smacking hard. he says he wasn'tnjured but his club except -- >> nobody saw him go down? >> he was really far away from their landing spot. conditions were terrible. apparently they had very small thermals and almost no wind. he was trying to get lift, he just kept falling down. before he knew it, he was surrounded by trees. had to walk an hour to get out of the woods. unfortunately, he wasn't hurt and was actually able to walk. >> this is absolutely what you call taking a negative and turning it into a positive.
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>> this was posted by brianne. big containers being given to mom. >> okay. open. >> watch mom's reaction. >> what's that? what did you do? >> it's christmas ornaments. mom is moved to tears. >> thank you. >> there is a heartbreaking but beautiful story of love behind this special gift. back before christmas of 2012, her grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. she battled bravely for seven months, but passed away in the summer of 2013. her grandfather also passed away in 2013. this woman lost both her parents in one year. one of their christmas traditions was to collect an ornament. they've been doing it since they were children.
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this year right before christmas, someone broke into their storage unit and stole all of their christmas ornaments. >> what are they going to do with that? ornaments are so personal. >> mom was absolutely devastated because these were the memories she had created with her mom and dad who are now no longer with them. so brianne and her siblings and cousins got together. the family hand made each one of those ornaments. they put them all together so mom would not have a bare christmas tree. and to make up for all the ornaments loss. >> what an awesome new ornament. >> back to the moment we see mom going through the ornaments, doesn't it make your heart melt? >> i love you. thank you. driving on the highway gets sketchy when the second box on that semi truck is starting to
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wobble. the miraculous way everyone avoids a mess. >> how this little boy puts his own spin on a popular children song. inintrtrododucucining.. a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to ok alall l ththe e waway y u. ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pm ththe e ononlyly o one toto c comombibinene a a s sad plus the 12 2 hohourur s strtreh ofof a aleleveve..
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the internet is the perfect place for awesome animal videos. that's why the internet was created. the cheetahs decided to use their vehicle as a lookout point so they could just see everything. even grab the gopro and took a little much. >> this is so darn cute your faces might explode. >> this is a weeks-old greater one horne rhino calf. >> it looks fake. it looks like this rubber thing.
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>> like something from "jurassic park." >> yes. >> it still doesn't look real. it's crazy. >> this little guy does not have a name yet. one day will be 4,000 to 5,000 pounds. >> rabbit ears and everything. >> so cute. >> the last video. >> this is cool. >> it's the noise they make you are going to love. it's almost as if they go num, num, num each time they eat. >> whatever she is giving them, they are loving. >> we made it through three videos. >> num, num, num. >> this is the season of miracles.
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i've got a couple of videos for you. this is on the import australia. you are going to notice that semi truck ahead, you see the back of that, it is a double. >> oh, no. >> it flips over. here's the thing. that thing didn't hit any other cars on this busy freeway. watch as the driver with the dash cam passes the accident. you notice the front of the truck and the first box? they didn't roll over. it was only the second box that rolled over. >> the cab was fine which means the driver is fine. >> this accident more incredible. this video shows what happens when that big semi truck hits that tiny little nissan. watch what happens. the truck is trying to move right. it clips that little car. notice, the car rides the bumper for a little while. then you see the car come back. does 180. hits the median wall. >> is this james bond?
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>> you see in slow motion. you would think that truck would have run over that car. that car bounces off. does a 180 and slides across the freeway. if they hit their brakes, they probably wouldn't have bumped up on the median wall. >> they could have gone underneath it. >> being a kid is awesome. especially when you're learning new things. one is the song "wheels on the bus go round and round." not according to this kid. >> baby on the bus goes -- >> wah, wah, wah. >> he changes the lyrics a little bit and gets into it. >> keep that baby quiet, keep
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that baby quiet, keep that baby quiet! >> this child is a genius. >> he's got the rock star hair, too. >> featuring crazy hair. >> the other first is that first brain freeze when you drink a cold drink? this is how this precious little boy interprets what a brain freeze is. >> did you just have a brain freeze? >> no. i didn't have a brain freeze. i had a brain froze. they opened my head and poured in the soda and take it back. they squeezed it and then my head came back together. >> there you go. >> i know what a brain freeze feels like. >> brain freeze doesn't do it
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justice. >> he nailed it. >> dude shows off his mountain biking skills for the camera. >> sadly, flair turns into fail. from on to ouch. >> it's being hailed as the world's most decorated christmas tree. why this festive pine puts all others to shame.
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a couple of fails caught on camera here. the first one a downhill mountain biking run in the uk. the guy wearing the camera ben deacon, a downhill mountain biking pro and coach. he's also a former royal marines commando. shot in the line of duty. >> the guy is saying, show off for the camera. sadly, flair turns into fail. >> no, no, no. >> you can just feel it. >> right into the dirt. he got crossed up mid air. didn't land it right. he is in pain. >> you all right?
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>> he's hurt. broken wrist. had to pull out gravel. >> at least it's on camera, right? >> so it will be funny in a little bit. >> fin gallway felt he needed another crack in his butt. he goes up to do a dock slide but doesn't hit it. he slides into that post. that crack looks to be perpendicular to the one he's got. >> he really did. >> the funny thing about this is that orthodonic banner in the end. >> you are looking at a
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beautiful winter scene in the small town in finland. they did something pretty incredible. they made what they are calling the world's most decorated christmas tree. it was the brain child of some upper secondary school kids. they wanted to put together a christmas tree, put decorations on it and then everybody else joined in. they got christmas ornaments from retirement homes, kindergart kindergartens, other schools. even the prime minister of finland got involved. they have what they claim are 13,000 ornaments when all said and done on this tree. how is that tree going to hold that many ornaments? they took 7,000 photos for the time lapse of them putting this together. you can see the number keeps going up and up. >> i want to see the finished
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product and the final photo. >> people are cutting them out of paper. put a piece of paper there. >> you wanted to see the final thing. >> wowzer. >> superman draws makes his grand entrance at a wedding. >> that is the ring bearer. >> that is smooth. >> meet the master mind behind the super internet sensation. eheh, , yoyou u dodon'n't t w. yea, actually i do. itit's's m mucucininexex f fasae anand d itit's's g gotot l decongestant. isis t thahat t rerealallyl? itit s sououndnds s mamaded. i i cacan'n't t slsleeeep pn i'm all stuffy. i take offense to that. i'i'm m nonot t gogoining g toa talking ball of mucus. i i ththinink k yoyou'u're a little hasty... hehe's's n notot w witith h. mumucicinenex x fafastst m m. mumultlti-i-sysympmptotom m rerl decongestant. brbreaeaththe e eaeasysy. . sl. ststarart t ththe e rereli. ditch the misery.
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lelet't's s enend d th.
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full-on rat fest. >> a christmas tree. >> this short video is so worth
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the watch. thousands upon thousands of people are watching it. >> this is a wedding ceremony in texas. that, my friends, is the ring bearer. >> wait, what? >> usually it's a little boy. that is a grown man. >> that's what you call smooth. >> you may not know that this ring bearer is actually an internet character, if you will. he is called superman drawl. see if you can get a better view of this wedding. i want to show you a video from sky fly studios from the altar at this wedding. he makes appearances in all kinds of vine videos, youtube videos. it's a duo behind this character. two brothers from tampa, florida. they are part of a hip-hop group called dq4e. >> lord have mercy. what am i seeing? >> we wanted to know a little
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more about them. so "right this minute" from tampa, florida, we have dido and keith. where did superman drawl come from? >> i was like, man, we've got to make this video crazy. we put it together. it blew up. >> talk to us about how you ended up as a ring bearer at a wedding. >> he liked superman drawl's move. they called us and we flew out and did it and it went viral. >> how do you decide who gets to be superman draw that day? >> it was supposed to be superman versus batman.
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it just became a household name. >> if you've got batman draws, we'll let you start batman now. you can skate right in front of us in your bat mman draws. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of rtm.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> so you have probably not heard this before, but twerking too much could cost you custody of your kid. >> well, that's what tyga seems to think because he is really ticked off about those videos we showed you with blac chyna, the mother of his, of their son, what's his name. >> king cairo. >> king cairo, king of something. >> one of the most awesome names ever. this is blac chyna twerking


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