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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 23, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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you see people looking up and holding a blanket. >> obviously, somebody's in danger. >> see who's about to come barreling down. >> it worked! it's a great jump for a paratrooper until -- >> what he knows he's going to hit. >> uh-oh! >> nowhere else to go. i've been holeless for a year. >> a guy reaches out for help online after falling into -- >> a very deep depression. >> took a lot of courage. >> hear from a man who says a christmas dinner might make all of the difference. >> i can only hope that somebody i helped in the past might see this and say, you know what?
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maybe i'll help him. plus, can you tell what's wrong with this picture? >> crap, are you okay? >> a street magician makes a car disappear. >> where do you think the card is. >> why you will never, ever guess. >> dude, i don't want to know if that's my card or not. this video coming to us out of china. as you can see, there's a g oute of the camera, something's going on high up above. seem to be grabbing, they start gathering around, they start holding. obviously somebody's in danger. one, two, three, four, five. wow, nice touch. they go. >> it worked! >> it did work. and then part of me going hang on a second, why is there a dude there? sitting in the middle of the street? see the broken stuff as well. turns out this woman, some reports have said, she may have been drinking or she was in some way inebriated. she had been shouting, throwing
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belongings out of the window, stuff going out. this from her apartment and she was teetering on the edge. these people saw it, run up, grabbed it capture. >> she saved her own life by throwing that out the window? >> yeah. >> without it, she would have mashed -- >> no, she facilitated. if it weren't for all of the people -- >> saved her own life by not jumping. that would have been helpful. >> that would have been helpful. >> hopefully this will serve as a lesson for her and get help to whatever led her to getting in the situation in the first place. >> a lot of good samaritans throughout. difficult to explain the next few videos. this first video from new orleans, you see these two guys walking down the street, before you know it they get attacked. one of the attackers holds a guy on the sidewalk while the other guy gets chased away by the second suspect. the first man is beinging dragged onto the street. >> who is that third guy that aren't out? >> seem leaks another robber
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that runs up, sees what's going on and keeps going. as the guy's against the wall on the sidewalk, he gets stabbed. do you see that. see the hand. >> somebody's wallet? >> how serious are on the g injuries. >> no word on injuries. >> the tv's being blocked you, can't see what happens. they get a good look at guys' facing doing it. >> police are looking for those guys. they're looking for this guy. this video from australia. this guy in the middle of the night, targeting water taps from people's garden. >> a copper theft kind of thing? >> going for the ore, whatever it's made of? >> it's very possible. but police, they're puzzled by why this is even happening on one night? he hit 29 homes. now the thief that wasn't as lucky as the other two to get away the one in this video in california. we see a mailman walking up to the porch of this home,
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including gifts for christmas, right? walks away. minutes later you see a woman walking up to the driveway onto the porch. >> i hate these people. >> so many of them. >> yeah. >> so many people that seem to have no problem walking up and stealing mail. >> where are you seeing ones that have cameras as well. think of the 95% of other ones happening now. >> fortunately, this woman was identified because menlo park police were called about some solicitors. turns out this 36-year-old woman, terra mckenzie, was in town selling magazine subscriptions but decided to take this opportunity to steal this package. she was arrested and charged with mail theft. this army paratrooper practicing maneuvers, as you can see. they're all on the static line and they're about to drop. so he gives us thumbs up,
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everything's going okay, it's beautiful. just what a relaxing kind of moment this is for him. until things start to go awry. >> oh my god, i'm going to hit a tree! >> exactly where he lands. >> oh, ah, oh! >> dangling there. >> as you can see, definitely in a tree. pretty awesome. >> he's got figure out, how do i get down from here and complete the practice mission? first thing he does, adjusts himself, get the camera off. you get a great view of what he looks like hanging there. >> this is a first. >> my impression of a pinata. >> parachute caught up in the tree, and he gives us a rundown of his injuries. >> definite pinched a nut. >> most of us, we'd be stuck in a tree like that, we'd be going, my gosh, calm down, calm down. not this guy. takes it like a champ. >> weeee! >> you can tell how high up he
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really is. >> hard to get perspective until that little bitty guy walks up. >> he does release the parachute to the ground and then shimmy down on his reserve. >> smart idea. >> everybody's watching me now. i've got an audience. his buddies are giggling like, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. >> totally. >> successfully climbed down, making it look like he's the boss of than when he gets to the bottom his friends, not mocking him. >> awesome, dude! >> guys, a story that's going tug at your heartstrings. >> it's late night. my brain's racing. i can't sleep. i'm in the back of a truck right now. there's no really where else to go. i've been homeless for a year. unfortuna unfortunately, all i'm trying to do is spend christmas with a family. that's all i want. i used to have great christmases, i had everything i needed and then some. things went down hill. i don't do drugs or drink or anything like that.
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>> ryan fitzgerald, he's reaching out to the online community, hoping someone will say, come have dinner with my family. he posts his real phone number in the title of the video. >> i just don't know what to do anymore. i just want to try to be with a family, have a christmas normal. i'm 27. some people might know me. i put my number on youtube back in '07. >> we talked to ryan before here on the show. ryan put his phone number out and asked for people online, if they had a problem, he wanted them to call and he'd talk to them, offer them support, offer them kindness, generosity. >> it turns this thing, i went on today's show, everybody thought i was rich and all of this but i'm not rich. i spent four years taking phone calls from people. you know, now look at me. i'm -- it's so bad. >> he just wants to begin a new life. >> takes a lot of courage for someone to put themselves out there. >> i hope one of those people who called him sees this and wants to return the favor. >> we warranted to know if he
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had heard from anybody. we wanted to talk to ryan again about where he is in his life right now. so we do have ryan via skype. we're so sry to hear about this current sua are in. >> i just want that normal feeling. i haven't had it since i was 13 or 12. >> one thing you've done online, set up a go fund me page. >> a nice woman, mary, in massachusetts, saw my story. she called me yesterday. she told me to set it up. she's donating to me in an hour. >> does that give you a little bit of hope? >> that make me feel awesome. i've been talking to her all day long. >> all of the people that you spoke to on the phone over the past few years, do you think they'll reach out to you and return the kindness? does that bring you peace and some hope? >> i can only hope that somebody that i helped in the past might see this and say, you know what? maybe, maybe i'll help him but again i don't expect it. it would be great to reconnect to some of the faces.
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it's great you still remember me. in ten years you'll remember who i am, which is still cool. two brothers head to head in -- >> the very first championship in this new style of racing. see the race from every point of view and who comes out on top. a guy firing shots in a bar. >> an undercover police officer standing nearby. quickly responded. >> see how this came to an end. cocougughihingng c canany be disruptive. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an adadvavancnceded t timime e ra for all day or all night relief. bibianancaca!! [c[cheheererining]g] dedelslsymym. . sisilelencnce e.
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. when you think of a racetrack that's been unwound, you think of a straight drag strip. but, dirt bikes on that drag strip, on that unwound super cross track, you have the red bull straight rhythm series. this is the very first championship in this new style of racing. what you have here are brothers, malcolm and james stewart. james stewart, extremely
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successful championship rider in the supercross series. behind the scenes video about the racing series and the brothers' first racing experience in this rhythm style event. >> people say your brother won this, your brother won than but in my state of mind, back in the day, i didn't care about dirt bikes. i wanted to try to get away from the footstep because everybody expected me to do the same things that he's achieved. but at the end of the day, it ended up me racing their bikes. >> here they go, brother against brother. gates drop and out they go. great vantage points from the gopro on both brothers' helmets. bar-to-bar action. >> wow. >> the rhythm series. you get slightly off, you totally are done. >> yeah. >> some of the shots that red bull's put together of these guys racing side by side, no room for any kind of mistake. i love that monster jump. you see james adjusting his helmet midair. >> checking on his brother. i'm going to land this bike now. >> overall winner of the first
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red bull rhythm winners championship, marvin. >> who won out? >> james. >> it's cool to have a brother that's achieved these things and you're trying to do the same thing. people respect that. deck of cards. >> a deck of cards. people in the street. and you've good a street magician. you're about to see what isn't your typical magic trick. he starts by telling somebody to pick a card. >> don't show it to me. >> 5 of clubs. but he says he's going to make the card disappear. >> all right, your card has disappeared from the deck. >> where do you think the card is? sometimes magicians pull it from behind the ear, pull it out of a sleeve. you won't believe where this guy pulls the card from. >> tell me if that's your card. that's not your card? >> no. >> i knew >> it's not in the wallet. >> i got it.
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i got it. okay. so i don't want to touch the card. >> he drops trou. look what's poking out of his booty. >> have a look. have a look. >> i don't want a card that's been in somebody's tuk. >> your card? >> i would have been more impressed if it came out of the other guy's tuckous. that would have been imaginic. >> this isn't the only person he pulls it on. a lot of people are a lot of creeped out reactions. >> okay. i don't want to touch the card, okay? >> he has nerve to say i don't want to touch the card. >> think how many times he's doing this trick over and over, touching the card coming oust his behind and not washed his hand and playing with a deck of cards and somebody takes it. look i got a card and eat french fries. >> pick a card, pick a card. you've got pink eye. >> exactly. >> who would touch the card? >> somebody does. >> okay. i don't want to touch the card.
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>> oh! >> he doesn't even hesitate. >> that a girl. >> that's your card? we've got real or fake videos with mac dreidel. >> what's up my web gems. >> dude eggs on a girlfriend. >> what? >> speakiness in the bedroom. >> it's like someone tries to make paranormal activity. >> and a girl goes for a wild ride. >> ebaum's world is next!
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hahas s a a popowewerfrful ir to relieve all day. ggolold d bobondnd. "right this minute," follow the show all day long. >> guys, what you say we check in with mac dreidel from ebaum's world. real or fake videos. >> what's up my little web gems. happy hanukkah. let's get into real or fake. >> whoo! first video. >> what? >> no. >> what? >> oh my god! oh my god! >> he cracked an egg on what look like his girlfriend's head. >> not for long. >> a big difference between
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doing that to your buddy with short hair and doing it to your girlfriend who's got long, beautiful hair. >> all of the stuff you put in your hair, protein this and goo that. >> great for your hair. >> yeah. >> smashed eggs in my sister's hair all the time as a kid. she as beautiful, glowing, radiant hair. >> five reals. >> 100%. >> next rid video. >> fake. >> don't get creeped out here, all right? >> i already feel like this is fake. too much setup. i don't believe it. >> seriously? the sound effects? no. the music. >> someone tries to make paranormal activity. it's someone on the other side of the bed. >> yeah. this is fake. i don't believe this is paranormal activity at all. i'm the one who wants these to
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be ghost and aliens, and i believe this is just a prank. >> nothing's right. should be a night vision. >> you called it. this is fake. >> third video. >> got me on this [ bleep ]. they can't deal with the program. so [ bleep ] you all. [ bleep ]. [ horning ] >> the karma. >> thank you with the program. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ horn ] >> it's the car horn. you see the arm. makes it my favorite. >> awesome. >> real. >> al. >> real. >> thanks, guys. >> road rage caught on camera in poland. if you're going to be a jerk in your car, maybe you shouldn't do it in a car that you advertise your business in. okay? this little black car cuts off the guy with the dark cam,
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swerves in front of him again with the catering business name and phone number on the back of the car. >> and the smallest car on the road as well. >> he continues to bully back and forth and then takes it to a whole other level when the black car gets back in front of the car with the dash cam, the driver window rolls down and -- >> what? >> the guy fires a shot out of the window. police believe they know who the driver is. if and when they catch him, he could face up to eight years. >> all they have to do is call that phone number and order a catered lunch, he'll show up at police station and they can cuff him. wearing a hood, running away from the bar. he's already fired three shots into the bar. >> undercover police officer nearby. quickly responded. you see the guy unloading his weapons towards that police officer. the cop returning two shots and repeatedly yelled back, i'm an officer trying to identify himself. but the guy continues to fire
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and he runs down the street. only after he's emptied his weapon in the direction of that police officer. does he surrender and give up. >> was the officer injured? >> the officer was not injured. he only fired two shots. the guy was captured and was convicted of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life but cleared of attempted murder. >> dude gets in a box in the road and. >> why would you be filming yourself in the middle of the road. >> why this had ollie walking off set. >> bye. susuffffererining g frfromu is a really big deal. wiwithth a achcheses, , fefeve- ththerere'e's s nono s sucg as a little flu. soso w whyhy t trereatat e it's a little cold? ththerere'e's s sosomemetht works differently ththanan o ovever-r-ththe-e-coc.
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giant-hearted old fella. cutest stocking stuffer ever. ♪
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♪ one of the cool things i like trolling through youtube, you come across the guys with a lot of talent, like a cv or resume. they made a simple video. he's in a box. we were trying to make one of the seven-second videos people like do and the guy's in the box. a car's coming. >> tell them to go around me, we're filming. >> the box is still there. >> gosh. >> the guy's inside. >> right. okay. >> what? >> inside. >> is this a trick? >> of course it's not real. >> well done. >> cute, funny video. >> slickly done i was trying to spot the cut point. they move the camera away, they're not look at the box. but i thought it was quite slick. >> why would you be filming yourself in a box in the middle of the road?
3:58 pm
what was the story line supposed to happen? >> true. what's the reason for being in a box in the middle of the road? >> if this is a resume for a hollywood movie. >> it's for special effects. >> that's not special effects. >> he's shaking the camera. i wants something that looks seamless how did they do that? >> if h was in the box, stuntma >> true. >> yeah. >> bye. >> see ya. >> when you come back, bring a better video. >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> we are going to show you something that is shocking, horrific, arguably racist. but it is just an unbelievable thing. there was a christmas party at an elks lodge in the los angeles area, glendale elks club. it was not an official elks club function. there is a member of the club a retired lapd officer with a charity golf tournament every year. 50 to 60 piedmont


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