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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 24, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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a cow is struck in a construction pit filled with water. >> rescuers rolled out all the stops to make the save. >> tandem paragliders. the scary moment they let it rip. >> the whole family is outdoors waiting for the party to start with a boom. >> why they were not disappointed. it's madison's birthday.
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the surprise for turning 12 that bought her to tears. >> firefighters were called to a construction site in china because of this. that is a cow stuck in a construction pit. why would the cow venture into that? lean over and get a drink. the former realized one of his cows was missing and searched the area. he heard the cries of this poor cow almost drowning. he decided to call in emergency rescuers. they tried several different ways to get this cow out.
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they bring in this six of concrete piping and tubing and put it down in the pits. they get this long stick. able to guide him through that piece of concrete tubing and force his bottom to get up on that concrete. he steps out. only has minor injuries to his shins from the rescue itself. is able to walk away with the farmer. >> like he was at a pool bar. >> six miles and he's on holiday. >> gets the excitement going.
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>> aggressive moves for a tandem flight. >> no! >> they are 2,600 feet in the air. he is just over 280 pounds which is right at the limit if you are going to go parasailing. once they started pulling the more extreme moves, increases the weight stress on the parasail. >> that is really irresponsible of the pilot. why push the envelope? >> he is probably really confident. has done this all the time. this time it went too far. >> this time the envelope tore in half. >> it's really scary as they are full-on freefall. eventually you see he gets one and another one and get three emergency parachutes in time before they hit the water.
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>> basically had no parachute. >> you can see this thing as he is walking back up the hill looking shaken. still in one piece. everybody is okay. just spectacular footage at the same time. >> you don't want to get into a road rage incident. you never know who the other person behind the other wheel is and what they are capable of doing. that is demonstrated from this video from kiev, ukraine. looks like he is trying to merge into the car from the dash cam. these people are upset about it. that car gets in front of him. starts making sketchy moves. >> has hazard lights on. is something wrong? >> something is going on. some of these cars like ts oneh
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alongside the right, those contain security forces. you could see security forces hanging out on the car. there is a couple inside the car with the dash cam. the woman is upset. she is telling them leave her husband alone. the woman in this car is very pregnant. very close to her delivery due date. these people don't care. you don't see what happens, but you hear the woman scream. she is screaming for these men to let her husband alone. they beat her husband up. they get back in the car. luckily people on the roadway got out to give them assistance. police are looking for the guy who did this. ministry of the interior opened an investigation.
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that is a bad vision all the way around. you have to pay attention when getting in your car. you never know what the people around you are trying to do. notice the guy in the black coat? he appears to be the owner. the hoodie? suspicion. he's able to get his keys and barricade himself inside. that's when the bad guy he says, says to him, "i'm going to kill you" but he runs away. >> you see that spark there? that is gun powder. it crawls across the grass. you can see the crowd of people. they are all waiting for the party to start with a boom. whoa! >> that wasn't a boom. that was a full-on party starting with a bang. >> right. that is exactly what was supposed to happen. have a good time. get the marshmallows out.
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no injuries. i love it. >> a guy dropped a gopro on to his dog to see what the dog does when he leaves the house. >> not a fan of being left alone. >> when pulling a wheelie turns into a wipeout. cocougughihingng c canany be disruptive. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an adadvavancnceded t timime e ra for all day or all night relief. bibianancaca!! [c[cheheererining]g]
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so much fun when you get your buddies together and get them out on the trail. this is the arrow head trail. >> ruben is out there.
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lots of traction on the trail. >> looks like fun. >> no incidents until it's back to the parking lot and decides that felt good. let's crank off a couple of wheelies for fun. >> oh! >> what a place to eat it. he just goes head first. >> face plant there. >> do you walk that off front of your buddies? >> you laugh it off. everybody thought it was hysterical. >> dude covered in that dirty, muddy water. >> i've got a gopro. >> this posted on the mr. crazy biker youtube channel.
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you expect something super crazy. >> extreme. >> instead you see some bone head with his little brother's bike. >> you know what he needs to do? he needs to crawl into that little hole. >> he's just learning. >> wind up doing the old scorpion. >> he's sweet and cute and a great youtube channel name. >> cat's self-sufficient. dogs need human attention. this video will make you feel worse. >> oh, no. i don't want to feel worse. >> he attached the gopro. >> the dog sits by the door. this makes you feel guiltier and guiltier. >> this is heartbreaking.
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>> he runs to a window. no, no mike there. >> he runs to the bedroom where mike has a pile of laundry on the bed. that is a perfect place to start whining. >> this is so sad. he loves mike so much. >> he was probably sad the first few minutes. >> at the end of the video he gives the saddest sigh you'll ever hear. >> this will cheer you up, a pig with a legal-on. ope tries to eat a lemon. >> he doesn't like a lemon. >> even pigs have taste, y'all.
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the owner is like you gave it a good try. ope does not eat the lemon. why are you giving this to me? >> she opens up the tissue paper and pulls out paper. >> read it.
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>> she breaks down in tears. her hands are in front of her face. >> concert tickets? >> arianna grande concert tickets beings like the ticket for a 12-year-old girl. that is one of our awesome editors. this is his adorable niece. >> april for spring break we'll come back and you get to watch arianna grande. the seats are right in the front row. >> she can't believe it. we work with brad every day. you can't just have the tickets. >> only way to get the tickets is to sing the song. >> she sings love me harder.
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>> she's got a pretty voice. >> she might be arianna grande ten years from now. happy birthday, madison! >> forget traditional haircuts. at this barber shop you will get anything. >> free throw hairstyles for people who dare to get wild. >> dude uses a drone to deliver sandwiches and cash. [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] megan doesn't know
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smsmarartrtrelelieief f frfromo. a a wawaveve o of f rerelalaxis ththatat b blolockck e eveven. smsmarartrtrelelieief. right there. oh! makes me crazy. [ [ mamalele a annnnouounc] relief starts now. golold d bobondnd extra strength medicated lotion hahas s a a popowewerfrful ir to relieve all day. ggolold d bobondnd. this is one of those videos that is going to make you feel good. this is by dennis known to be a prankster. he uses a drone to deliver sandwiches and cash to homeless people. it is amazing how well it actually works. the next thing you know, they are getting subway deliveries via drone.
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>> if you are asleep in a park and you see a sand switwich flo in your face, you might freak out. >> this guy smiles. wait. there is money and a sandwich? this isn't the only person who got takeout. >> he talked to the guy about getting the drone food delivery. none of them were suspicious like nick. >> that was fun to wake up to. >> i thought i was under attack. >> you could sit there in your house there. >> this is one of the neatest things i ever saw in my life.
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forget about having a traditional hair cut at this barber shop in japan. the barber just gets to work. you may or may not get a say on what your hair will look like. by the time you get up, it's going to be crazy, funky, definitely different. >> the barber takes creative
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license with your head. >> yeah. watch this. they do it for free. people come in for free and get whatever. some people get a variety of colors on their head. >> look what you could have if you had a choice. this is so japan. that's what i want. >> this is like a funky mullet. >> look at his eyes, he's got a little bit of regret. >> if you look at all those photos, everyone looks sad. they took the picture the second they saw themselves in the mirror. this is what you get with a free hair cut. >> all of it sponsored by snickers. >> we are all snickering. >> the guys in the chairs, are they prisoners?
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>> community service or a snickers ad, which do you want to do? >> commenting by couples during the holidays. >> sometimes men and women are speaking completely different languages.
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>> i got it. >> first time playing in the snow. >> anybody that had any relationship knows how important communication can be. sadly it seems men and women are speaking completely different languages.
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>> this buzz feed video centering around the christmas season and what things mean to the man and woman. >> you know what we should do? look for a perfect tree tomorrow and set it up over there. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> which means i look for the tree and you set it up. >> exactly. >> that's the practical side of the equation. she is communicating so you get it. >> we get it. >> when we go to your parents, will we have time for us? >> yeah. totally. >> no? >> absolutely not. my father will be on you like a hawk and we'll sleep in bedrooms in different hallways. it will be very awkward. >> you can't sleep in a same bed at mom and dad's house. >> even if you're living together outside their home. when you come home it's the rules. >> one thing they seem to be on
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the same wave length about is going to the movies. >> my parents are thinking about going to a movie. i was thinking we could use a n nap. >> yeah. >> we are going to stay here and nap. >> see you. >> we're not going to nap. >> that's it for our show, everybody. glad you joined us.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to "tmz live." happy holidays, everybody. harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> so hi -- rihanna paid a visit to the white house and sherks something, which i got to say raises some racial issues but also i think does a big disservice to president obama. >> oh, i don't know. she's got a little bit of pride, maybe too much pride, i think. that's my problem wilt. >> imlove this rihanna goes to the white house and she becomes a character in "sandal"


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