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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 25, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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this is dedicated to the service men and women around the world that i hope are home for christmas. >> they want to do something cool for christmas. >> why your tree can't do this. >> there is a big problem with his holiday packages. this guy has the christmas stress. he's taking it out on the delivery dude. >> the elvis turn the library into their workshop. they are spreading joy one toy at a time. >> and santa jumps on stage during a christmas concert. >> he has a few words he wants
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to say. >> why those aren't toys in that sack. >> this is a rocket-powered christmas tree. >> where are the reindeer. >> it flies magically. he was a war veteran. decided he wanted to do something cool for christmas. he fit it with a parachute. this should be the way we get rid of a christmas tree. >> you mean january 12th?
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okay everybody, outside. >> maybe it didn't need a parachute. >> take two. >> oh, no, mr. bill. >> three, two, one -- merry christmas! > think it catches fire a little bit. it's cool. this is how it all starts. nasa started out like this. one day we could have a christmas tree on the moon. >> one day we could have a christmas tree on the moon. >> a popular saying, don't shoot the messenger in czech republic. don't shoot the delivery guy. that guy is yelling saying i ordered presents for my family. where am i going to get presents
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now? >> it's not that guy's fault. >> you're right. that is lost on coat man. now he is saying, i want to see if my delivery is supposed to be there he's got christmas stress. he claims it is real. >> the tv falls out of the truck. >> picks up what looks like a hockey club. then he goes nuts. >> he smashes in the side view mirror then the window.
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he realizes he's on camera. accordin to the g who posted the video, this dude did about $2,500 worth of damage. what a jerk. >> he has turned this video over to police and they are investigating. >> most of us are still excited about opening our christmas gifts tomorrow. >> we're all excited. >> some people got their christmas gifts early and they are awesome. these girls, hannah, ruby and georgia, got a couple of gifts and they are opening them up. >> that's cool. >> they are confuse d.
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why would they need a dog pole? they are getting a dog. >> oh, my god! >> apparently the only thing on their christmas list was a dog and they got it. >> sweet. >> here is another girl that also got a super cute or should i say perfect gift. >> that's her reacting with her
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daughter. >> i'm going to name her peanut butter cup. >> that's perfect because of the colors on this cat. >> you have a beautiful tree sitting in the corner of your house right now. your tree may have come from this christmas tree farm up in maine. >> they mark them with tape whether it's 6 foot, 9 foot, 10
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foot. then they trim the trees to create the garland and cathedral. >> i like this. >> puts you in the christmas spirit. forever tree they cut out of their field, they plant three new seedlings. so it's an ongoing process that sustains the trees. >> you support a local family but you know three other trees. >> once harvested, it makes the journey down to the lot, unload the tree and there you go. you're strapping the tree to the top of your car. >> a skier is about to attempt -- >> undoubtedly the craziest thing you've seen in your life. >> what happens when he takes a leap of faith and heads down. >> plus the jabberwalk spin on
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"hanukkah lights." this is the perfect way to celebrate the last day.
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it's christmas eve but also the last night of hanukkah. the jabber walks from brand university know how to do it. this is an a capella group. ♪ extra bright baby. >> this is called "hanukkah lights" a parody of the kanye west hit.
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♪ >> it's a great video with the remote-controlled lamborghini. >> not nearly enough hanukkah songs. ♪ lights burning like a meteor shower ♪ ♪ hanukkah's here >> as if i needed another reason to look for santa.
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>> i feel bad for rudolph. >> he needed a break and santa loved to cruise. you can't strap up all the reindeer every time you need to go out for a ride. everybody having a blast. all kinds of different bikes, scooters, four-wheelers, all kinds of motorized motor. they brought small gifts to hand out to the kids and raised money and brought presents to local orphanages, as well. >> naughty rudolph.
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>> let's check out this christmas concert in arkansas. the conductor is a fine conductor amanda. you very soon see santa joins them on stage. >> he has a few words he wants to say to the crowd and to amanda. >> he's getting himself a mrs. clause. >> that is exactly what he is going to do. everybody in the crowd knows
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where this is going. >> santa brings a little ice from the north pole. >> this cutie wants a toy. instead of sending a list to the north pole, he is bypassing santa. >> not santa claus? >> no. >> he may be new to skiing, but he is going to attempt a jump. >> waiting might have been the better option. eheh, , yoyou u dodon'n't t w. yea, actually i do. itit's's m mucucininexex f fasae anand d itit's's g gotot l decongestant. isis t thahat t rerealallyl? itit s sououndnds s mamaded.
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>> we have a first person perspective of this running. you can see exactly what this person looks like. >> how do you scout that? >> if there is a branch you can smack into? it's a leap of faith. >> i was expecting something. >> he is a pro. i can't believe his skis stayed on the snow. >> that's what skiers do. >> this is the scene of a film put together. they did take them about two years to document all of these
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epic events. head over to and click on today's show. >> nicki being a grinch. >> leave the tree alone. >> 'tis the season to be jolly like this little girl. >> merry christmas. deck the halls with boughs of
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holly. >> his sister posted this video. he's singing "deck the halls." she is singing and dancing along. >> there is something awesome about being a little kid and knowing that santa is out there somewhere. >> fa la la la la la la la la ♪ >> this fellow is jolly talking about presents he wants. instead of saying he wants santa to bring them, he's bypassing santa going right to aunts and uncles. >> you want me to ask uncle bobby. who should i tell? >> uncle bobby. >> you don't have to be a good kid. >> just be a super cute kid, which this kid is. >> not santa claus?
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>> no. >> just uncle bobby? >> yeah. >> okay. >> santa's elves left the workshop to deliver a few presents. >> i have to make it first. >> how gift giving can get awkward. >> merry christmas.
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you are creative and you like to get your craft why i side on. >> ben is new at skiing. he lets us know when he is about to have a fail. >> he is going to attempt a jump. >> his friend says he got right up. he was banged up, but nothing was broken. >> big giant ramp meant for
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snowboards. tara posted this video. these guys aren't new to skiing. they are going fast. one guy gets too close. >> trying to take each other out. this is like roller derby on skis. >> it looks like roller derby on skis. watch what happens with the guy with the gopro on his helmet. >> right through the barrier. >> i wondered about those things. it's plastic netting. >> he said he was okay. >> maybe the elves gave you a gift. >> i would love that. >> they are about 5'8", 6 foot
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tall. >> santa told me you were a good girl this year. sent me to deliver a christmas present. but i have to make it first. >> the guy keeps doing it. waiting people out. >> merry christmas. >> so who wants this? you'll take it? why don't you come over here because i don't feel like going there.
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you thought this was free? $57.57. no? why don't you sit there? >> this is about the thought. >> it's mostly about weirding people out. >> if you want to see the prank go to or use our mobile app. >> that's our show. happy holidays. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] ♪ >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> merry christmas to everybody. >> merry christmas. >> by the way, if you got some nice gifts, guess what there's somebody who got nicer gifts than you. it's a 16-year-old kid, kid of a rapper and it is insane which each parent got her. it's warring parents. >> i want christmas at their house. >> ah to be 16 again. actually it will be 16 and lil wayne's daughter's the optimal thing to


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