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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  December 28, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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. now at 6:00 p.m. the end of an era for the 49ers. >> 49 wins. >> the future facing the team after today's final game of the
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season. >> bracing for a cold snap and facing an advisory. the restrictions in place that could cost you. >> mystery in asia. the search is back on for the plane that disappeared mid- flight. we'll hear from the families of the passengers who are still holding on to hope. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am john sasaki. in for ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. we staw right here. the 49ers celebrating a -- saw it right here. the 49ers celebrating a final game and the final game with jim harbaugh. officials announced after the game the team and jim harbaugh decided to part ways. this is not a sower send -- sour send off. ktvu's scott joins us with more. >> reporter: crow don't see teach whose -- coaches who win
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70% of their games shown the door but personalities were too significant to overcome but the team announced their parting ways. jim harbaugh led the 9ers to three nfc championship games and one super bowl in four years. it all unraveled this year due to off field drama so the coach bids fair tuille the bay area -- farewell to the bay area. . >> tremendous football. so many people to thank for that. so many people worked so hard to construct where this football team is. great to be part of it. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> yes. yes. as i said, everybody, this is -- as i described it, this has been -- time of my life.
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that song, had the time of my life. i did. i really did. a lot of fun. >> reporter: he will take overs a head coach at the university of michigan, you can expect an announcement on that tomorrow and more in sports. >> you heard, jim harbaugh with one of his memorable quotes -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. as the 49ers look for their next new head coach fans are reacting to his job switch. ktvu's cristina rendon is live at levi stadium. >> reporter: some fans say it was a rough season but they are about loyalty and they are support the team even after they announced their head coach is heading out the door. >> reporter: jim harbaugh's last time on the 49ers sideline as head coach. and this fan couldn't help but
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sport a shirt of jim harbaugh's khaki pants. he is disappointed with reports the coach is heading to the university of michigan. >> what jim harbaugh did, three championships, one super bowl loss. >> the season started out pricing at the levi stadium. >> the stadium is beautiful. gorgeous. better than any stadium i have been in. >> reporter: then the switches. traffic headaches, issues with players off the field and the losses added up. >> the team has been upstaged by this incredible stadium. >> fans see the potential. >> the team is a championship level team. i think we will be there again next year. >> even without jim harbaugh. >> i am sad to see him go. if that happens i wish him
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well. and the team. >> he brought energy back to our fan base. and for that, i love him. >> reporter: and regardless of who replaces jim harbaugh fans already have their sights set on next year especially since levi stadium will host super bowl l next season. how sweet it would be if they are playing in that championship game. >> thank you very much. reporting live at levi stadium. today was the last regular season game for the oakland raiders. the team took on the broncos. the organization faces an uncertainties a it too searches for a head coach. scott will have more on that including with tony sparano fits into this. coming up in sports wrap. the search is back on for missing air asia flight qz8501 after officials suspended the search due to weather and night
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fall. it vanished last night with 162 people on board. several countries are assisting in the search. the u.s. state department said it is ready to assist. officials are asking people not to jump to conclusions on what happened. >> to be his last vacation with his family. >> reporter: friends and relatives of people on air asia flight qz8501 are awaiting word on fate of their loved ones. the plane lost contact with the ground yesterday after a pilot requested to fly at a higher attitude. 162 people were on the flight. >> i was on the way to the airport and i listen to the radio and they said the plane was missing. >> reporter: it was on its way from indonesia a singapore. officials report it was flying at 38,000 feet. the ceo says investigators
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don't go enough to speculate on the cause of the disappearance. >> storm clouds and pilot made a request to change attitude. that is as far as we know. we don't want to speculate. >> reporter: unlike malaysia airlines flight 370 which vanished over the indian ocean in march they believe air asia flight qz8501 disappeared in a shipping channel. everyone is concerned for the safety of the passengers, crew and their families. >> there is nothing more important for us, the crew, the family -- [ indiscernible ] >> more details on the missing air asia flight qz8501 plane.
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the pilot reported bad weather before losing contact. the crew of malaysia airlines flight 370 did not report bad weather and malaysia airlines malaysia airlines flight 370 kept -- it is unlikely the air asia flight qz8501 plane continued flying because radar would have pick ited up -- picked it up. [ speaking foreign language ] >> pope francis prayed for the passengers of the missing air asia flight qz8501 plane today. he said he is close to the family and those searching for the plane. there is a rescue operation underway for the hundreds of people who are trapped on a burning ferry. it went up in flames on its way from italy to greece with 478 people on board. some passengers were transported to nearby ships but
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hundreds are stuck in stormy conditions waiting for rescues a the fire smold -- rescue as the fire smolders. passengers are reporting floors are so hot they are felting the souls of their shoes. cold weather is hitting the bay area and expected to hang around. hazy skies across the region. there is another spare the air day alert tomorrow. it will be illegal to burn wood and those caught burning can be fined. >> i was surprised last night how chilly it was. our meteorologist mark tamayo. it got really cold. >> talking 30s and 40s. we will have another round of cool temperatures as we wrap up 2014. live storm tracker 2, the flow from the north, transporting the cool air.
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the next surge will be moving in tuesday into wednesday. right now we have the cool conditions out there. satellite, patchy low clouds and fog near the coast. around the bay. a look at the cold numbers right now, 6:00 p.m. hour, 47 degrees in fairfield. walnut creek 48. 48s in novato. napa mid-40s. chilly start monday morning, over night lows in the 40s with patchy frost possibility. a few clouds, patchy frost. coolest locations will be freezing. flappa, fair -- napa, fairfield. san francisco 44. i talked about the cool weather system to the north, this is the guy we are tracking tuesday and wednesday. energy dives into northern california, approaching the bay area. coming up, we will have more on the system and a high wind watch. new information on the
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bicyclist that was killed that we told you about yesterday. they identified the bicyclist as a 40-year-old. he was with a group of cyclists. he swerved to avoid a collision when he was hit. he was slated to become a principal in napa in july. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. a car went off a road and into a creek this morning sending one person to the hospital. the driver was traveling on the road before crashing into the creek around 8:30 a.m. witnesses say the car was speeding, struck and bridge and became air born. police say hazardous material crews were called to the scene
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because oil leaked into the water. a sink hole in san francisco, the discovery that helped crews catch the hole before it caused a big problem. >> college football players take a break from the field to give back. >> football is just a game, this is life. >> the teams that helped serve meals before their bowl game. >> and controversy at a california high school basketball tournament, why t- shirts are keeping players off the court. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed we'll find it.
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that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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the high school boy's basketball team has been reinstated. the shirts refer to the words spoken by eric garner. this is a picture of the girl's team wearing the same shirts. not enough of those players agreed to the conditions to reinstate their team.
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they applauded their beliefs but the issue was too emotionally charged so they banned the t-shirts. football players from stanford and university of maryland are lending a helping hand. they served hot meals to clients at the st. antany foundation in -- anthony foundation. the coach said volunteers helps shift perspective. >> anytime you can volunteer oor help people in need it is -- or help people in need it is important to do. this is life. >> such a positive thing. enjoy this. every hand they touch, every person they speak to has a chance to give them something positive. >> stanford players served meals at glide memorial church. you see them there cooking in
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the kitchen. coming up the story of a football player as he gears up to his final game, the student that is inspiring people on and off the field. how coffee shop -- helped his reach his customers and his idles. ktvu's katy eustis has more. >> reporter: we all have a morning routine. he sits in the shadows of the starbucks. >> i think i was born to paint. >> reporter: stretches his talent beyond the canvas. [ indiscernible ] >> where did you get that? i paint them. i started doing them.
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>> reporter: he drives to embody bould -- strives to embody bold move. [ indiscernible ] >> these guys are really truly the best in the world. and if i can just duplicate something where that could stop that moment and put it right there. >> reporter: two years ago -- >> i was inspired. man, i got oo paint that -- to paint that. i said i did this hat for you. he put it in his show case and somebody came by and bought it. >> reporter: an artist himself, he respects the work. meanwhile that coffee shop -- >> if there is any hat i have to have -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he falls in love
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with his favorite player. madison bumgarner is known for staying true to his roots, he won't forget his either. he donates a portion of his proceeds. >> giving back. i had to use a pencil that was that big sometimes. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in a few hours another hat is complete. katy eustis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> quite talented. the beginning of a sink hole in san francisco was caught in time by contractor. that contractor discovered discovered the are void yesterday. crews closed the intersection and had the water and gas
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turned off. they have been refilling the void and expect it to have it back open by tomorrow morning. gas prices continue to drop including in the bay area. gas in fremont, $2.50. one station was $2.39. gas is higher in san francisco, $2.84. oakland and san jose, $2.69. that is a drop of 5-8 cents. cheaper gas is due to a drop in crude oil prices. i want to head back over to our meteorologist mark tamayo for another check of the forecast. >> yeah. talking about cold numbers when you wake up. first thing monday. no rain clouds to talk about. looks like the dry weather sticks around. get ready for another surge of cold air that moves back in. the circulation to the north, in the pacific northwest, the
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source of very cold air. not here just yet, won't be here till tuesday. you will notice the change. right now clear skies with patchy low clouds over the past hour or so. a look at the numbers already 40s for walnut creek. livermore 52 degrees. san francisco 54. and san jose 50 degrees and clear skies. here is our live camera towards the bay bridge, san francisco, the lights here, partly cloudy skies, patchy clouds for your monday. especially for the morning hours. major cooling on tuesday and strong winds pushing into the region. here is the spare the air alert for monday. you can see the numbers creeping up, especially for the east bay and the valley tomorrow. i think by tuesday we will have enough mixing to improve the
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air quality. over night lows, tomorrow morning, 30s and 40s. purple and blue shade. into the afternoon hours, we will warm back up, most areas in the 50s for tomorrow afternoon. 53 to 56 degrees. here is the cold pool of air tomorrow, for your mondays, partly cloudy skies, cool to mild out there. gnomonner changes. here is the -- no major changes. sheer the track -- he is the track, cooler, gusty winds. a chance of showers in the bay area but the main action will be to had south and -- to the south and the east. winds ramping up. a high wind watch in the hills and mountains for tuesday and wednesday. gusts 50-60 miles per hour. possibly power outages tuesday and wednesday. the winds increasing out of the north and east.
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as far as the forecast we have this, monday, patchy clouds monday morning and fair skies for the afternoon hours. tuesday, the chance of snow showers towards the sierra. cold air and the strong gusty winds tuesday and wednesday. highs for tomorrow, lots of 50s for afternoon highs. not a big change from today. low 50s for san jose. mountain view and half moon bay. your five-day forecast, breaking out the lows to show you the cold over night lows. especially for wednesday morning. coolest locations inland 30 degrees. first morning of 2015, coolest locations in the upper 20s. no rain clouds in the five-day forecast. coming up we will look at day six and seven. also we will look at the new year's eve forecast. the fiduciary rebuild, the
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deadline -- the push to rebuild, the deadline to apply for federal assistance following the earthquake in california. and big milestone in the middle east, the ceremony that marked the end of the 13 year long war in afghanistan.
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george h. w. bush is getting better and doctors are discussing when he can leave the hospital. he was admitted to the hospital on tuesday for shortless of brother. his condition -- shortless of breath. -- shortness of breath. she the oldest living -- he is the oldest living former president. the cambat mission in fang is over. they ended the car with a -- afghanistan is over.
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they ended the war with a ceremony in kabul. >> the ceremony marked the transition of the fighting from u.s. led combat troops to afghanistan's security forces. president obama thanked troops for their sacrifices. 2,200 american troops were killed in the war. the president said they made the u.s. more secure. while the mission is over, the u.s. military will continue to have a limited presence in afghanistan. hundreds of new laws will take effect in 2015, some on thursday. january 1. one is the yes means yes law. it requires colleges colleges and public schools to adopt a policy that only yes means sun cent to sexual -- consent to activity. workers can earn one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours
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worked. and hens must be allowed enough space to stand up, lie down and spread their wings without touching another bird. coming up, a push to track down on drunk driving. the new proposal that will help prevent dui offenders. >> months after the napa earthquake, they look towards the future. >> the critical deadline for victims looking to apply for federal aid. tag: sooner or later everyone needs a helping hand, or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge!
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there's a lot of wounded ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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. a deadline is approaching for the napa earthquake. the time to apply for fema assistance is tomorrow. ktvu's noelle walker was in napa today where one family is hoping for help. >> reporter: the yelly tag faded -- yellow tag faded but the memories have not. the earthquake rumbled through the house. where a fire place once stood her kids now watch tv. >> this is where we had the most damage. >> the earthquake shook everything. >> gosh. very scary.
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i still get the chills. the shaking it was horrible. >> reporter: there are still reminders. >> the crack on the wall. >> reporter: every. >> the door doesn't close. >> reporter: it hasn't worked since the earthquake. >> i had an inspector come today, i applied monday. >> people have to get registered by tomorrow. >> reporter: fema is urging anyone who thinks they might have damage from the august 24 6.0 earthquake to register for fema help by monday. >> if you don't get anything you haven't lost anything but what if you could have gotten the benefits. >> the local assistance center will remain open but fema will close at the end of the day monday, getting assistance isn't limited to major damage. like this house that slipped off its foundation. >> i thought it was for major
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damage. not for small appliances. but i got a letter in the mail, i saw it was for things like that. >> reporter: like a new refrigerator. >> it will be helpful if they help me. >> reporter: and help the memories fade. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> there are three ways to apply, in person at the assistance center, call 1(800)621-fema or go to shelters are taking extra steps to help people living on the streets. a rescue mission opened last night to homeless clients. they are working to provide meals and a warm place to sleep. >> hoping that the people who
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really need be inside are taking advantage of the shelters and getting inside where it is safe. >> in sonoma county 30 peopleless people die every year living on the streets. police arrested two people for a shooting that left a man injured after 3:00 a.m. a man was shot and hospitalized. the investigation indicates an argument broke out among neighbors before the shooting. a police chase today began when a man tried to hit an officer with a stolen truck. and the chase was on. 20 officers took part in the chase before the driver abandon the truck. >> suspect went into park. crashed into fence and began
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hopping fences. we set up a perimeter and requested air support. >> police arrested the 21-year- old. he faces four felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon. two people were injured when a vehicle smashed into a building in san jose around 7:30. firefighters say the injured person was inside the building. the driver was also injured and arrested for drunk driving. senator plans to introduce a bill tomorrow to crack down on repeat drunk drivers. an ignition interlock device, he wants all dui kicked drivers to install the -- convicted drivers to install the device. they are connected to the ignition and require breath
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stampal before the engine starts. -- sample before the engine starts. aaa will offer a tipsy tow program, starting on new year's eve at 6:00 p.m. anyone can call for a free tow him up to 10 miles away. >> one way to stay off the road is public transit. b.a.r.t. plans to run till 3:00 a.m. on new year's day. there will also be service changes after 8:00 on new year's eve. trains heading into the seatsa will going to city will make a stop at montgomery street. service on new year's day will resume at 8:00 a.m. >> play station games are back in business -- gamers are back in business.
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it went down on christmas. it was due surges in traffic. s a hundreds of thousands of people unwrapped new consuls they were unable to log in. the coming up, a man is fighting adversity to play the game he loves. >> we will introduce you to a football player as he gets ready to suit up for his final game. >> and bracing for a cold snap. our meteorologist mark tamayo will let you know what to prepare for your work week.
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the stanford bowl game will include a snapper. ktvu's scott reiss tells us he won the admiration of his teammates for making the varsity squad despite having turrets syndrome. >> reporter: if you blink you might miss it. he blinks often yet misses
6:39 pm
nothing. >> i blink spuratically -- spuradically. . >> it is something that has never been a problem. >> reporter: when austin was younger it was a problem. the symptoms were more severe, the audience less forgiving. >> used to be tougher for him. younger kid in school, you know how kids are in school. >> something that was something that he had to push through and learn how to handle. >> i was bob my head, blow in my hands. i was at my most still when i was playing football. i am just like a statue. >> reporter: perfect form and the perfect demeanor to go with it. >> uses it as a sense of humor. he will make jokes about it.
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if you can laugh at yourself, what else can hurt you? >> come on, you are jumping more than the guy with turrets. >> gave him a lot of strength. helped make him a strong guy. >> i realize this is something i can use it my advantage. this is what made me who i am. it is how you react toed a varsity that shows who you are as a person. >> there is not a lot of glory, just allotted of repetition -- just a lot of repetition. it is that kind of dedication that makes him the ultimate team player. >> most monotonous thing i have ever done. >> it could be a grind sometimes. i am going out there 200 times
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a day. to two hundred times tomorrow. >> despite knowing he would never get into a game. but on august 30 the stars align. stanford was blowing out uc davis and he got his chance. >> i ran out. it looks bigger from out here. >> awesome. something he worked so hard for. >> my favorite part was running off the field. like a lot of the coaches and players and the equipment guys were cheering for me. people were really happy. i haven't got to go in as much as i want but they love me and they are family to me. it was the coolest feeling in the world knowing that many people were happy for me. >> reporter: scott reiss, ktvu channel 2 news. >> very, very impressive. >> it is. nice of him to embrace it and
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make his mark. >> they are taking on maryland at levi stadium on tuesday and tuesday it will be cold. >> yeah. we will have the cold temperatures. the cold blast of air. cold and windy. keep that in mind. wehave a dry one as well. looking at the satellite. clear skies across the west. and as we zoom in we have live storm tracker 2 not detecting rain. we have dry five-day forecast, with a slight chance of a shower on tuesday. the main activity will be to the south and east of the bay area. current numbers, updated for 6:00 p.m., cooling off, walnut creek 47 degrees. san francisco 53. and hayward 51. the bay bridge, a few clouds
6:43 pm
out there. patchy low clouds. tomorrow the same deal with more sunshine for the afternoon and more cooling. a big drop off in temperatures in the tuesday forecast. over night lows tomorrow morning, lower 30s for santa rosa, napa, fairfield. the coast, the bay, in the low 40s. here is the cold pool of air approaching northern california right now. tomorrow it stays to the north. with that partly sunny, cool to mild side. here is the area of low pressure into northern california. a drop off in temperatures on tuesday. gusty winds with high wind warnings tuesday for the bay area hills into wednesday. we could have winds gusting to 50 miles per hour for the higher terrain, immediate shoreline. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. that is for the tuesday forecast. tomorrow morning, showing you scattered low clouds and
6:44 pm
tuesday, showers developing towards the sierra in the form of snow showers. that is the day we could have a chance in the bay area. but all the activity is to the south and east, we should wind up with dry conditions. lake tahoe, partly cloudy skies tomorrow. temperatures for highs in the upper 30s. very strong winds and a chance of snow showers tuesday. winds gusting approaching 100 miles per hour. that is on tuesday. still windy into wednesday and fair skies thursday. cold over night lows to the single digits by mid-weekend. tomorrow morning, low 50s. san jose 55. half moon bay 53 degrees. your five-day forecast, temperatures dropping off into tuesday, cold over night lows wednesday and thursday.
6:45 pm
wednesday evening, new year's eve, we are expecting dry conditions out there. temperatures dropping off by 11:00, mid-40s. with the weekend in view, looking for rain but it is not going to happen. temperatures up by a few degrees. cold numbers in the bay area, guess the over night low in truckee thursday morning. [ talking at the same time ] >> low i am going going to say 15. >> 20. >> 3 below. [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> no good. >> that is why you are the expert. that is chilly. >> okay. >> thank you. all right. coming up, more from levi stadium. jim harbaugh coaches his final
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game for the 9ers. breaking news on the raiders. sports wrap with scott reiss is coming up next.
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jim harbaugh won 49 games as 49er head coach. the fitting ending, depends who you ask, the team announced today jim harbaugh is out as head coach. expect an announcement tomorrow of his hiring at the university of michigan. in four years he lead the 9ers to three nfc championship games and one super bowl.
6:49 pm
his record 49-22-1. a good run and yet a turbulent run. >> time of my life. been a lot of great memories. great moments. things that were accomplished here were very, very good. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> so who is next man up? jim harbaugh's defensive coordinator has presided over top notch units. another possibility, defensive line coach, management loves him, he served at interim coach for the 2010 season finale. other candidates according it espn patriots offensive
6:50 pm
coordinator. seahawks defensive coordinator and broncos offensive coordinator, all three have a history with the 49er organization. joe fonzi has been with the team all season long and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: one thing we always knew about jim harbaugh, he would never talk about injuries or team strategy or publicly criticize his players, no surprise the players were supportive of the coach. >> everybody is going through something. we expected it. like i said, coach is my coach for the last four years. we did a lot. we have been up, we have been down. it was a road -- a journey. >> lot of us have been with him since he has been here and the players that were here before him saw how he turned the
6:51 pm
organization back dine a winner one. tough to let that go. but at the same time we have to keep moving forward as players. our careers keep going on. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> if it was my decision he would be here, but it is not my decision. >> reporter: there was a report tonight that there was maybe a late offer on the table from the raiders, it does appear that that report disappeared. it does now appear that jim harbaugh is on his way to the university of michigan.
6:52 pm
the official announcement could come tomorrow, probably tuesday at the late and say the 49ers will have an announcement tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and talk about their future. a lot of change, that is what we have come to expect, more so this year than in recent years with the 49ers. live from levi stadium, joe fonzi, back to you. >> thank you. interesting couple of weeks. there was a game today too. 9ers and cardinals. awkward, jim harbaugh, jed york hugs. colin kaepernick, anquan boldin, 76 yards to tie the game 7-7. 204 yards passing. just before halftime ryan lindley to michael floyd. 41-yard connection. it is 17-13 arizona at the break. 3rd quarter. frank gore still getting it
6:53 pm
done. 24 yards. 144 on the day. 1,000 for the year. same drive. cap, play action. finds miller. nice catch in the back of the zone. 2017 san francisco. 4th quarter. arizona, 90 seconds left. lindley is picked off. game ball, coach harbaugh. gatorade bath also jim harbaugh. the 9ers send him out a winner. much more ahead on sports wrap.
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welcome back. the raiders also have a coaching vacancy. also tony sparano made the dice get the job. 3-8 heading into the finale against denver. the broncos clinch a first round bye with a victory. 10-0. peyton manning's pass is a backward pass, he takes it in for the touch. 20-7 denver at the break. anderson 25-yard run. 13 carries. 87 yards and three touchdowns. broncos blowing it out. derrick car finds -- derek carr finds him. just too much orange.
6:56 pm
ball is fumbled. carter. i got it. broncos win 47-14. they clinch the two seed and a first round playoff bye. >> rams and seahawks. russell wilson watched the defense do the heavy lifting. the pass. hello. thank you. 49 yards. back the other way. seattle clinches the number one seed with 26 wins. the road to the super bowl goes through seattle. >> lots going on. [ talking at the same time ] >> only the beginning. >> thank you. coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, more on the big changes that could gee coming the -- could be coming by way of drunk driving penalties. >> join us at 10:00 p.m. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you so much for joining us. see you back here tonight at
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10:00 p.m. everybody. have a good night.
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ball guns firing) that was close. god, i love the smell of paintballs in the morning. yeah, still funny, raj. (paintball guns firing) there's no way we can get to the ridge. the chemistry department has us completely cut off. but what about the creek bed?
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the pharmacology department controls that, and they're all hopped up on experimental steroids. that's it then. we're doomed. i think the time has come to acknowledge that we are paying the price for some of us failing to attend my physics department paintball strategy meeting. i told you my mom has spider veins. i had to take her to the laser clinic. and i told you i wanted to see a doctor's note. we need a plan. how about operation hammer of the gods? i forget.
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