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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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weather and traffic. did you welcome steve paulson back? >> of course i did. >> some of the coldest air have seen in quite some time is on the way. it's not here yet although some may be saying it's cold. there is our system visiting portland. not much moisture with this. but for us the end result is going to be very cold conditions starting tuesday and carrying into wednesday and thursday. some low clouds are out there. not a lot. so far alls here menlo park flirting with upper 30. there at foster city 40. some patchy low clouds. as far as any rain everything is being held in check. there are signs that the next 7- 10 days something might break. that is no screaming message right now. temperatures partly cloudy, partly sunny. it will be chilly to mild. the big news is tonight and tomorrow. i'll have more on that in 12 minutes. here is brian with an update on
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traffic. things are looking okay on bay area roadways. depending on where you are head his morning. one major problem we do want to talk about westbound 580 near foothill road onramp there is an stent involving a volkswagen jet that and a big rig. chp canceled a cig alert on that. right now the right lane is blocked. but as you can see, a little bit of red on westbound 580 this morning. i want to go to the emeryville cam. looking pretty good. this looks a lot busier than the christmas week. still 17 minutes to get you from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. finally san mateo bridge everything looking great. 5:01 let's go back to the desk. rescue crews searching for the missing asia flight says the plane may be on the bottom
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of the sea. [ inaudible ] >> the strong family members of passengers are being given updates. the plane took off fromsore bioheading toward singapore but lost contact about 42 minutes into the flight yesterday morning. we know the pilot asked for an altitude change because of severe thunderstorms in the area. whatever happened to the plane happened fast. there were no distress calls made. the airliners ceo just family members and reporters. >> the weather conditions were not good. but other than that we don't
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want to speculate anything more. >> reporter: the plane is an air bus a-320. they will be looking into the pilot and backgrounds. the pilot had more than 20,000 flight hours. search crews are planning to head out for another day of searching as sunlight and weather conditions allow. there were 162 people on board. we will keep you up to date with those efforts. claudine. >> thanks katie. some people who were scheduled to fly on that now missing air asia plane are thankful they did miss their flight. a passenger manifest found 26 people who bought tickets did not board that plane. by the time they got to the airport, the plane had already left. they were negotiating with the airline for refunds when the news came in that the plane was missing. our time is 5:03. a local lawmaker proposing a
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new requirement for anyone convicted of drunk driving in california. you say this could mean checking the blood alcohol level of those drivers every single time they drive their cars. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. mountain view is part of senator jerry hills district. he says california needs to do a better job at reducing deaths by drunk drivers and he wants to follow what two dozen other states are already doing. this legislation would make it mandatory for anyone convicted of driving under the influence to install an ignition inner lock device or ied. the device is connected to the cars ignition and requires a breath sample before the engine starts. hill thinks it will -- repeat dui offenders make a third of convictions.
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the bill would force even first time offenders to install an ied. >> over the last 30 years we have injured over a million people by drunk drivers and killed over 50,000 individuals. tragic, very sad. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies support ever his bill. hill will be unvailing the bill this morning at 10:00 a.m.. he says 24 other states require the devices for offenders and there are four counties in california that are already participating in a pilot program. dave. >> thank you very much, janine. as part of a pilot program, inner lock devices are already required for convicted dui drivers in alameda, sacramento. 24 other state has similar
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laws. those devices are 67% more effective at preventing repeat drunk driving. a fairfield man is set to be charged on suspicion of start -- it all happened as they were driving near the intersection of route 29 and highway 221. the victims girlfriend told the napa valley register that she was driving when it all happened. the attack appeared to be unprovoked. police arrested a man in palo alto after a dramatic police chase. police say 21-year-old augustine angola was driving a stolen truck early yesterday morning. a police officer on foot tried to stop him but police say angola almost ran him over. that officer jumped back into his car and chased him.
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at least 20 other officers from several other agencies joined the chase before the driver abandoned the truck. he was eventually arrested. he is now facing four felonies including assault with a deadly weapon. if you are headed to lake tahoe for new years eve, expect a lot of company. thousands are expected to attend the snow globe music festival in south lake. the festival kicks off today and ends at 1:00 in the morning on new years day. z if you are going be prepared for cold weather. the high is expected to be a balmy 39 degrees. on tuesday and wednesday the high is expected to be in the low 20s. it has been two years since a petaluma woman died while attending that snow globe festival.
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but the heavy rains washed out the rail bit where the tracks were supposed to go. now officials are working on fixing that problem and then preventing storm damage once those tracks are in place. 5:08. both bay area nfl teams are spending the off season searching for new head coaches. how 49er fans are reacting to the mutually agreed departure of jim harbaugh. >> two vietnam vets reunited after they lost touch with the war. how they made the amazing discovery that they have been neighbors for the last 18 years. >> good morning, everybody. keeping an eye on your bay area traffic this morning as we take a look at the south bay. we will give you an update there.
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>> not too bad right now. it's a little chilly. it will get cold, very, very cold. if you are heading out to new years eve, it could be very cold.
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welcome back to the morning news. winter spare the air alert is in effect across the bay area today. that means no burning logs in the fireplace. you can't do it. unless, that is is the only heat source you have.
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violating the spare the air alert could lead to a $100 fine. a weekend funeral in los angeles was delayed because the hearse was stolen. right in front of the church. this happened saturday morning while the funeral director was in the church arranging flowers for the funeral. family members of the deceased they were notified immediately. they actually saw the stolen hearse blocks away from the church. the hearse by the way was recovered about 30 minutes later and the funeral went on as planned. a mendocino high school girls basketball team that was disinvited will hold a rally today. the t-shirt reads i can't breathe. those are the last words of a new york man who died. the girls were oredly wearing on those shirts during warmups at a basketball tournament. but school officials at fort bragg say they are concerned the shirts could lead to
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violence. two ormy veterans have -- two army veterans have found out for the past 18 years they have been neighbors. he says that day will always stand out in his mind. roger was injured early on and was never reunited with his friend until now. >> he came running out of the house and over to the corner. had to beat back the brush over there to get through. and we just shook hands and just couldn't believe it. it was just incredible peopling. just amazing. >> about five years ago roger befriended a neighbor named peggy. it just so happens she was married to dave. but peggy didn't put those pieces together until late october when she noticed one of those hats.
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>> what a story. >> that is awesome. small, small world. 2014 brought the good, the bad and the whacky and it seemed to be a year of animals on the loose. >> there were lots of stories. daring animals including bulls and polar bears popping up in backyards. take a look at the video. >> three, two, one.
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>> i felt that. [ laughter ] i felt that. >> i didn't see that coming. we were joking though we said it was all about animals but they are random. >> crazy videos. >> there are no animals unless they are acting like animals. let's see what is happening on the roads now. the great brian flores is watching the roads for us. >> the great brian flores. >> that is what i always say. >> man i have to put another $20 in your mailbox. g everybody. time is 5:16. i'm in for sal this morning. enjoying the rest of his christmas daybreak off. part of fourth street is still shut down. a sink hole opened up on friday
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between mission and market streets. at least one lane of forest street should reopen at one point. the hole may be connected to construction work. a private contractor is working on a fix as we speak. 580 westbound in if an accident loving a ever -- traffic started to build up from phylon road already. i want to go to the toll plaza, things are looking great. still 8-10 minutes to get you across the span. 5:17 steve it is cold. it will get even colder there, brian. much, much colder. that won't be until tonight or tomorrow. some of the coldest air of the season arrives in 24 hours. and not only that the breeze
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will really crank up. not much of a system but in the way of moisture. it will pack a heck of a punch when it starts to arrive. but main impact for us is that cold air is on the way. not too much although right now. some low clouds are preventing temps from getting much, much colder. our system will sweep in here and to areas to the north. some 30s out there. a lot of 40s here. some of that low cloud deck is certainly helping. 34 ukiah. 37 down in palm springs. las vegas 31 degrees. patchy low clouds. partly sunny to mostly sunny for awhile. but the the plunge of cold air is on the way. not only that, but also the breeze almost pick up. that won't be until tonight or
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tomorrow. more likely tuesday and it will be sunny to mostly sunny and it will be cold and very windy. maybe that crazy cold. a possible high wind worning will be out for the north and east bay hills. now for the sierra nevada it will be extremely cold. there could be a few snow showers tuesday and then after that lows on truck key. sun and clouds chilly to mild here. 50s on our temps. we are looking for partly cloudy, partly sunny day and much colder and windy conditions. probably freeze warnings out for the inland areas. it looks like things calm down and will be mostly sunny and a little warmer. but get ready. >> cover the citrus plants. >> don't forget the pets. >> all right steve. your time is 5:19. the big attraction at this years international consumer
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electronic show will be the cars. video games have drawn all the attention. the record ten auto makers will be talking about everything from self-driving cars to electric cars. bmw has the largest exhibit with more than 100 vehicles. the show opens in las vegas on january 6th. the dow industrial will start trading at their all time high when wall street opens at 6:30. and nasdaq is at its highest level. but light trading volume is expected today. time is 5:20. a possible scam and this one was caught on camera. coming up in 21 minutes you will see the elaborate way suspected thieves targeted an elderly couple in their own home and how their daughter saved the day. but first. >> i feel great. a big giant gorilla off my back. >> saying good riddens to bad
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memories. how people are getting ready ring in the new year with a clean slate.
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welcome back to the morning news. the controversial comedy the interview was an online hit in the first couple of days it was available. sony picture saysset roe began, james franco movie earned more than $15 million from down loads and from rentals through saturday. that is a record for on demand
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movies. most of the movie sales came through youtube and google play. it was also available on x-box video apple itune store and sony website. it earned less than $3 million in the independent theaters where it was shown. the countdown son to 2015. thousands of people will be ringing in the new year. a popular spot is the embarcadero. the san francisco police department says it will have every available officer on hand to help control the crowd. >> we do encourage people not to bring alcohol because we are going to ask you to leave. >> people are being encouraged to take public transit. bart and muni are adding extra trains and buss to help accommodate the crowds. the the trains are not stopping
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at every station. pit bull will help ring in the new year. enrique and the band perry are some of the performers. that special starts at 8:00. and then the party will resume from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.. >> that is your buddy pit bull. >> yeah. [ laughter ] some people in new york city can't wait for the new year to begin. they are shredding away 2014. yesterday was the eighth annual grid riddens day. crowds of people showed up in times square taking advantage of an industrial size shredder. some people brought their divorce papers and pictures of cheating spouses to shred. others brought pink slips and junk mail. >> i think this is a reset and reboot we do as humans every year. >> yeah the organizers also give people a chance to write down on this piece of paper
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what they wanted to enjoy. many people road down back stabbing colleagues, stress, poverty, cancer, and death. this event was organized by a paper shredding company called shred it. time is 5:26. there is warning for thousands of undocumented immigrants getting ready to apply for a driver's license this week. coming up in 13 minutes why some are being urged to think about it twice, talk to a lawyer before they head to the dmv. >> and the 49ers this morning are in search for a new head coach of parting ways with jim harbaugh. we will tell you how players and the coach are reacting to this news. >> we're also keeping an eye on the bay area traffic this morning. things are looking pretty good on this week after the christmas break. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll also keep an eye on your north bay traffic. >> some of the coldest air of the season is on its way. it will be here tuesday,
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wednesday, and new years eve.
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good morning. welcome back. we are still following the search for that missing air asia plane. crews in indonesia suspended the search until daylight. coming up in two minutes we'll tell you the new information we are finding out about the pilot. horrible story. it is monday december 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm claudine
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wong in for pam cook. time is 5:29. let's head over to steve paulson to talk about the cold weather. i told you it's a smidge too cold for me. >> you better go to hawaii then. it's going to get colder. it's on its way. no doubt about it. because it is up in oregon right now. it will make a beeline toward us. doesn't have much in the way of moisture. but if it does produce any snow, it could get down to 2,000 feet. i don't think it will happen here. the wind will pick up and it will get cold. some low clouds are around. 30s, 40s, to near 50s for some. some temperatures down toward morgan hill. a lot of 40s elsewhere including san jose state. the wind advisory is out. high wind warning out for tuesday for the north and east
5:31 am
bay hills. that is how that system is looking like it will take shape. today is that transition day. 50s on your temps. here is brian with a pretty quiet traffic morning. >> yeah so far so good. [ inaudible ] z the chp issued a travel advisory. reporting of heavy fog between highway 37, 101 near south antonio road. i want to take a look at bay bridge toll plaza now.
5:32 am
traffic has picked up on this wonderful monday. especially in the cash lanes. we will keep an eye on that traffic and take a look at 880. things are looking really good. the family of the pilot has released videos of home. you have more on the pilot. >> reporter: some officials say it's likely at the bottom of the ocean. here are those just released images of the pilot of air asia flight 8500. company leaders say the man had logged more than 20,000 hours in the air. so clearly an experienced pilot. the plane took off headed
5:33 am
toward singapore. we know the pilot asked for an altitude change because of severe thunderstorms in the area but he was denied because at plane was flying at that altitude. whatever happened to the plane happened fast. the airliner ceo tried to give reassurances for the safety record. of course there is going to be some reaction. we are confident in our ability to fly people. we will continue to be strong and continue carrying people that could fly before. >> family members of the 162 missing people are being given updates within an airport. trouble due to severe thunderstorms are a strong possibility in that region. we'll have more from those experts in our next live report
5:34 am
and dave and claudine any updates on the search information. >> thank you. it has been a terrible year for southeast asian planes. the search for mh370 it ended without ever finding that missing jet. 239 people were on that flight when it vanished in march over the indian ocean. in july soldiers in ukraine shot down malaysian airlines flight 817. 298 people died there. your time is 5:34. happening today both bay area nfl teams are searching for new head coaches. ktvu alex savidge is live in santa clara where 49ers manager about is about to talk about tear ever -- but this morning head coach jim harbaugh is gone. according to a statement put out late yesterday, the 49ers
5:35 am
organization and harbaugh agreed to part ways. harbaugh he went out a winner. the 49ers beat the cardinals. after the victory the players on the sideline gave the coach a gatorade bath to honor him. during his four seasons here he come biled a record of 49-22-1. even though he still had a year left on his five-year contract, the time just seemed right for harbaugh and the team to go their separate ways. >> i feel great about what we accomplished. i feel great about the friendships that were made, the relationships that were made. >> he's done numerous things for me. not only as a quarterback but as a person. i think he is not only a great coach but a great person and that is what he preaches to the team. >> reporter: as far as what is next for harbaugh, there are multiple reports he will become
5:36 am
the head coach at the university of michigan. and in the meantime there is the question of who will replace harbaugh. a couple in house candidates are possible. including vick and defensive line coach jim tomsulo. the gm and the ceo of the 49ers will be holding a news conference here in santa clara to discuss the search of the 49ers next head coach. >> yeah that is the question. it seems like okay a done deal. we all get this press conference from harbaugh i think tomorrow. >> yeah that is when he expected to be introduced over there. that will be official and the 49ers have to sort of look around and figure out who will lead them in the right direction. >> what is next for them. all right thanks. appreciate it. players are not the only ones bidding coach harbaugh farewell. fans reacted to the news.
5:37 am
>> we went through years of turmoil. >> it was a farewell game for harbaugh. >> any time i bring new friends to this particular stadium, we want to look around and see it. it is a dramatic difference. >> fans say they have already had their sights set on next year. and they say of course the only thing that would make that game better is if the 49ers are in it. the oakland raiders will start the process of finding a new head coach. they finish the season with a 47-14 loss to the broncos yesterday.
5:38 am
tony sopranino has been told he get the chance to interview for the job. meantime a massive man hunt is under way in los angeles. the police are searching for a second gunman when two people fired shots at a patrol car. the officers were driving in a south los angeles neighborhood. the officers fired back but no bun was hurt. police arrested one of the suspects at the scene and recovered a rifle. they are still out there searching for the second gunman. in florida, someone fired three shots at two sheriffs
5:39 am
deputies who were sitting in their cars yesterday morning. a $3,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. the sheriffs office is searching for whoever spray painted a road barrier. funeral arrangements have been set for a second new york city police officer shot and killed in his patrol car. 23,000 police officers from all over the country were there at the service. liu and ramos were both shot and killed december 20th. today is the deadline for anyone in napa or solano county who had damage from last august's quake.
5:40 am
>> i thought it was for major damages. not for small appliances. i got a little letter in the air during the weekend. i saw that it was for things like that. >> fema will consider all claims. but if you have damage and don't register by this afternoon, you will not be eligible anymore for help. fema operations will shut down at the end of today. thousands of undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for a california driver's license. the new law takes effect on friday and allows immigrants to get driver's licenses. all they have to do they are living in california. most people should be able to get a license without any trouble but they are advising anyone who previously obtained a driver's license under false name or used someone elses social security number should
5:41 am
speak with a lawyer before applying. there is a new bill. it's aimed at stopping people with dui convictions from driving drunk again. coming up at 6:00 what offenders would have to do before they could start their car. >> talk about a new years resolution. after the break one elderly mans quest to run across the country. >> that is simply amazing. we are keeping an eye on your bay area traffic. things aring look pretty good out there. >> a lot of low clouds out there. cloudy conditions. 40s for many. but cold air. i mean really cold air and the breeze will be filtering in.
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oakland family is trying to get the word out about a home invasion scam that is apparently targeting the elderly. they were con bod opening their front door by a man who pretended to know them. this is surveillance video. the two daughters needed to use their bathroom and then the man two women and two children all went into the house with the couples daughter. there she is. she lives next door. she noticed what was happening and intervened. >> as i was watching from my porch i was in disbelief and shock. who are these people? and once they went in the house, something told me -- >> they did leave empty handed. but they were careful to wipe away any finger prints. the man was holding a piece of paper when he entered the home and when he left. the family believes the group had some sort of roster of the names and addresses of elderly people that they are looking to
5:45 am
target. time is 5:44. tesla and space x founder elon musk says he has a new challenge. they want to land the rockets right there on the barge floating in the middle of the atlantic ocean. no one has tried to do that before. and even space-x says the chances are 50/50 another best. the company says trying to control the rockets reentry it would be like trying to balance a rubber broom stick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm. e listen musk plans to launch that jock on january -- rocket on january 6th. this guy should inspire you. right there. wearing that blue shirt. that is 91-year-old ernie. he came home for the holidays to spend time with his family in redding. but as you can see, he is not sitting on the couch. he is out there. he's spent more than a year pursuing his goal of running
5:46 am
across the country the world war ii veteran is running to raise awareness about ships. just like the one on your screen. >> the younger people aren't being educated about it. and then we are all getting concerned. >> he will get back to his cross country run after the first of year. he usually runs between 3-10 miles three days a week. he's run from san diego as far as new mexico but he hopes to make it to georgia in the next three years. that is incredible. we should get up and start moving and running. >> why are you looking at me when you say it? >> i'm not.
5:47 am
>> you don't have to look at brian because he does all of that. but he is very inspiring and getting lots of national attention. >> what do we need to get off of? >> you know. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. we digress in the morning show. let's keep an eye on your bay area traffic. i want to show you my maps. this is the south bay. 280 and 85. a little bit of a problem there. accident involving a four. it ever taking a look at the livermore valley. see that accident. that was an earlier accident but as you can see causing residual delays. i want to go to the sunol grade cam. looking really good. and then we take a look at the
5:48 am
san mateo bridge. things are looking really great. 5:47 steve paulson is here with your cold forecast. not too bad but tomorrow. tomorrow into wednesday looks very cold. our system doesn't look like much. it's up portland. that is it. behind it will set the stage far cold tuesday, wednesday. all the way down to san diego. so this is a system that is digging in here. a lot of low clouds have been forming. most locations say cloudy. some areas have fog. santa rosa has a quarter of a mile of visibility. i did see 28 up at grayton. lake county there is a couple
5:49 am
upper 20s. bismarck is cold. minus 8 there. billings 5. denver 15. you can see the plunge of cold air has come back after a mild pattern. tahoe 19. all the way down to 37. a brisk 31. after the low clouds we will have partly sunny skies. you can see the temperature plunge. the high temperatures for tuesday may be set in the morning. because that cold air will be arriving in the afternoon. and not only will the cold air arrive but with it will be a robust breeze. a win advisory is out for the bay area. we may have to upgrade that to a wind warning. could get cranked up pretty good. today is that transition day as we wait for the system to come in. partly cloudy up in tahoe today. tomorrow a possibility of a few
5:50 am
snow showers. the lows will take a plunge and it will be brisk. partly cloud you here. some sun. only 50s on the temps. this will be some of the warmest temps we will see. cold and windy drops in. some highs will struggle to get out of the 40s. could and breezy. it looks very brisk. and a morning freeze is possible on the first day of 2015. a little bit warmer as we go into the weekend. >> reminding us winter is here. >> thank you. 5:50 is your time. sony says its play station network is back online after three days of disruptions that began on christmas. but sony says there can continue to be problems. heavy traffic as customers try to play their favorite games could slow the system.
5:51 am
hackers calling themselves in the lizard squad. the last movie in the hobbit franchise remained at the top. the battle of the five armies held off several new movies to hold its position as number one. angelina jolie's -- into the woods, night at the museum, secret of the tomb, and anne. >> you were at the movies too. >> i said. i saw annie. i didn't know it was the fifth or i would have seen the hobbit. coming up at 6:15, we will
5:52 am
look back. remember that moment? some of the best and most controversial moments in bay area sports. >> but first a great white attack off california's coast. how a surfer was able to get to safety after escaping the jaws of a shark.
5:53 am
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life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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montanio says a man was dragged under water and bit on the hip while surfing yesterday morning. he paddled to shore and taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. 12 other surfers were in the water at the time but the beach was not shut down. the shark was likely a great white shark about 8-10 feet long. i want to show you cell phone video of the fire. there you see it. it broke out of a car deck after that ferry was sailing from greece to italy yesterday. only the ships captain and four rescuers remain on board. time is 5:55. today golden state warriors star steph curry one of my personal favorites will be handing out food to those in
5:56 am
need. you are looking at photos from last years event. it's part of the oakland warriors the golden state warriors prays for the holidays community outreach campaign. meantime stanford football players help prepare for their appearance in tomorrow's foster farms bowl game by serving the needy. cardinal players help serve hot meals at glide memorial churches dining room yesterday in san francisco. some of them also helped prepare the food. pretty good job. coach david shaw says it's really important for people who have really achieved something to help others who have not had those opportunities. >> this is such a positive thing. i hope i can just relish this and enjoy it. every hand they touch, every person they speak to have a chance to give them something positive. that is what today is about. >> stanford's opponent in the bowl game is the university of maryland and the terrapin
5:57 am
players were serving meals not far away. they were at st. anthony's dining room. putting the brakes on drunk driving. we'll have more on this law and device that will make it harder for repeat drunk drivers to start their cars. >> plus get ready for big crowds if you are heading to lake tahoe for new years eve. the big event attracting thousands of people and the concerns about the weather. >> and more people heading back to work this morning. this week after the christmas weekend as we take a look at the south bay. we'll give you an update there as well as the east bay. >> our change in the weather and there will be one on tuesday. wednesday is up in the pacific northwest. it doesn't look like much but it will give a lot of cold air and wind.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. oil spots and debris in the sea. >> this morning the san francisco 49ers are in search of a new head coach after parting ways yesterday with jim harbaugh. we will tell you what is next for the coach and the team. >> a new bill aimed at stopping
6:00 am
drink drivers -- drunk drivers from hurting people. we will tell you what offenders would be required to change in their vehicles. you are taking a live look. >> it is very pretty. >> later today the 49ers will hold a news conference. they will talk about the teams search for a new head coach. alex savidge is out there. he will have more on how the players are reacting to the news that coach jim harbaugh is leaving. that is all coming up in four minutes. good morning, it is monday, december 28th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> good morning, i'm ready. i'm dave clark. i don't know if your ready for how cold it will get. >> tuesday


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