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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 29, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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49ers players speaking out about a new coach as they clean out their lockers. a stolen newspaper truck sparks a chase. and the search continues for the missing asia airplane missing. the clues investigators are focusing on. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. in about an hour, the 49ers are scheduled to discuss the team's search for a new head coach
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after parting ways with jim harbaugh yesterday. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: none of the players wanted to come out and criticize getting rid of jim harbaugh. many are sorry to see him go. he appears to be headed off to michigan. this was the scene at levi stadium as players cleared out their lockers after a mediocre 8-8-see plan plagued by off the field issues and a short time ago, the team held their final meeting of the season without their head coach and after that players talked about harbaugh's departure. >> unfortunate. i think we all have our opinions and what we feel is best and what we think is best. at the end of the day, that's way over urour -- over urour
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heads as players. >> you think it's -- it's always the thing where, you know, when the decisionmakers want to move in a different direction, sometimes you are just not part of that direction. >> just that, you know, i wish him nothing but the best and appreciate everything he did for us. had a great run and wish nothing but good things for him in michigan. >> reporter: des leading the -- despite leading the 49ers to three nfc championship games and the super bowl, harbaugh is gone. according to a statement put pout yesterday, he and the teemu team mutually agreed to this. during his four season, he compiled a 49, 22 and 1. he still had a year left on his
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contract. fans were waiting outside for players to sign autographs. many are not happy to see the harbaugh era come to an end. >> really sad. why get rid of the main coach that brought us this far. we went to the super bowl, nfc championships, two of them. why? why would we get rid of the coach? >> reporter: the season is over and the coach left. how do you feel? >> kind of sad. we made some signs for the players. i hold it up and see if they stop. >> reporter: now, according to multiple report, harbaugh hopped on a plane and headed off to michigan where he's expected to be inthrow duesed as the new head coach. that means the 49ers need to find their replacements. possibilities vick santigo and jim tosmsulo. we should learn more when the
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49ers and the gm hold as 1:00 press conference to talk further about a new coach and where the franchise goes from here. >> we'll stay tuned and have more online. thank you, alex. the oakland raiders are also searching for a head coach. they finished their season with a 47-14 loss to the broncos yesterday. interim head coach tony sporano has been told he will be interviewed for the permanent job. denver defensive coordinator jack del rio and mike holmgren are also thought to be on the list of candidates. a driver of a stolen contra costa delivery van led officers on a chase through counties this morning. the chase ended in a residential neighborhood in san leandro. investigators say it began when police in san francisco tried to pull over the suspect in the bayview district and the driver took off. officers chased the vehicle south on the peninsula and across the san mateo hayward
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bridge to san mateo. police say at one point, a passenger jumped out of the van, that person was arrested. investigators is say the driver ended up ditching the van and ran away. police from multiple eagetses launched a search. officers say they eventually located the suspect hiding in a creek and took him into custody. a cass ka zer roman sh -- a cazadero man is dead after his truck crash. the truck missed a curved a portuguese beach and went 75 feet down an embankment. the 46-year-old driver was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. his name has not been released. a winter spare the air alert is in effect across the bay area today. that means no burning logs in the fireplace unless that's the only heat source you have. it comes as we get ready to see a big dip in temperatures. steve paulson is here to let us know how cold it's gonna get.
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>> it's gonna get very cold. the fog bank has been slow to clear. especially in the north. they've been stuck in the 30s. cobb, 25. that low cloud deck is in advance of a system dropping down out of oregon. there's already snow near the oerg/california border. it's mainly a weak system as far as moisture goes. it will pack a good punch as far as cold air and wind picking up. the low clouds persistent for some. this is a better day for those near the coast. 48 novato. 48 napa. 48 santa rosa. low to mid-50s at best for other locations. i mean some areas are really cold struggling to get out of the 40s. you are in the higher elevations. you will probably not get above 45, 46. the cold air will start to move in here on tuesday.
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after that, you can expect not only the cold air. there's our system beginning to work its way in. also the wind will pick up. this will be okay for the sierra. we'll see how long this cold pattern is gonna last. crews looking for the missing air asia plane will expand the search after a second day turns up nothing. brian flores has more. >> indonesian officials asking the u.s. for help. it still needs to be determined where the u.s. can best be of assistance. in the meantime, the indonesian government is still calling this a search and rescue mission. a c-130 plane from singapore joined the search as the search for 8501 flight has turned up nothing. the airbus 320 jet carrying 162 people aboard was first reported missing on sunday. but now two days into the search and time is quickly running out on finding
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survivors. >> we pray for them. we realize the worst thing that may happen. >> the search area is 240 by 240 nautical miles. this morning, crews found what looked like an oil slick in the java sea. but their remains conflicting reports that indonesian reports that it's not the plane. >> we're confident in our ability to fly people and continue to be strong and continue carrying people who never before do fly -- could fly before. >> last time air traffic controllers heard from the flight was 42 minutes into the route. the plane's pilot asked for an altitude change because of severe thunderstorms but was denied that request because of another plane flying at that altitude. what's even more puzzling, no distress calls were made. >> you do not climb above a
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thunderstorm. they are too high. >> as the search area expands, indonesian government officials have asked for u.s. assistance. crews will be looking on land. but indonesian officials came out today and said it's likely the plane is at the bottom of the ocean. we'll be following this all day long at ktvu. tori, back to you. >> thank you, brian. the death tom has risen to -- toll haz risen to ten on a greek ferry. greek and italian helicopter crews worked throughout the night pulling people from the burning boat in the adriatic sea. a total of 417 people were residued. but authorities are trying to determine how many were on board. they believe some people who reserved a spot did not show up and others were on illegally. the ferry caught fire on the car deck. hundreds of people were trapped outside on the upper deck. many are being treated for hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning. an update for you about an
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inspirational family. the woman who delivered a baby boy while in a coma at ucsf medical center is now out of the hospital and back home in fresno. kate tip utehs spoke with the family about her progress. the baby and the challenges ahead. n a story equal parts joyous sad and inspiring. a new captor, as told by melissa carlton's father. >> it's indescribable to watch her, catch her on her cheek and tell her good morning and get a smile from her. >> reporter: she suffered a coma inducing seizure last march while undergoing treatment for a benign tumor. she carried her baby to term and doctors delivered him via c- section in may. >> we're raising a baby and taking care of someone who needs 4/7 care. >> reporter: following months of treatment at kentfield
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hospital, melissa went home to fresno where she will be cared for by her husband and family. >> wes is at the other end of the spectrum. she's a joy, he's beautiful. he's start, he's healthy. >> reporter: insurance coverage cut her time at kentfield and will also make home care a challenge. as john says, he's embarrassed to admit it. >> the challenges that are ahead for us are primarily financial and they are not financial because we don't have good jobs. they are financial because healthcare is so very expensive. >> reporter: community support will continue to be crucial for the family in the many more poents. sad and happy chapters to come. >> you learn to carry the sadness and the grief around with -- with the joy and the love and you are happy to do it. >> reporter: if you would like to learn more about me list sought's story, head to the
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family's facebook page. support melissa carlton. katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. beachgoers being warned about a shark attack after a surfer along the california coast was bitten. and cracking down on drunk drivers. the new state proposal to install special devices in the cars of dui offenders.
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hackers announcing they leaked personal information related to 13,000 accounts on amazon. microsoft's x-box live and other sites. the hackers uploaded the document with credit card information and passwords to the ghost bin website. but that information has been taken down. it's not clear if the hackers actually had the information since amazon and microsoft deny any cyber attacks. a new bill by a bay area state lawmaker could help keep drunk drivers off the road. state senator jerry hill was flanked by law enforcement officers when he introduced senate bill 61 in redwood city this morning. it calls for ignition interlock devices on the cars of people convicted of drunk driving. drivers would have to breathe into the device before they can start the engine. >> what prompted a lot of this legislation for me was a couple
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of years ago reading in the newspaper that an individual right here in san mateo county was arrested for his 9th dui. 9th dui and he still had a valid california driver's license. >> first timers would be forced to use the device for six months. repeat offenders would need it for increasingly longer times. senator hill says more than 1,000 californians are killed by drunk drivers each year and that similar laws in other states have reduced dui fatalities by as much as 42%. police in san francisco are investigating an early-morning home-invasion robbery that happened near san francisco state university. police say around 3:00, two men broke into a home on camden drive and held the two people inside at gunpoint. they said the suspects then tied the residents up and stole cell phones and wallets and a bicycle before running away. police only have a vague description of the men
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involved. no one was injured during the robbery. oakland police have stepped up patrol in the grizzly peak area following recent armed attacks along the popular scenic route. police say last night a man was parked in the 5400 block of grizzly peak boulevard when two people approached him at gunpoint. investigators say they robbed him and then shot him in the leg before getting away. on december 19th, a couple was parked less than a mile away when their vehicle was hit by gunfire. police say the couple's okay. it's unclear what the motive was okay in the attack and investigators say at this point, they do not believe the two incidents are connected. los angeles police say they are still looking for a second suspect after two of their officers were shot at during an ambush type attack. police say last night two officers were on their way to a call in a south l.a. neighborhood when their patrol car was fired upon. neither officer was hurt. police issued a citywide tactical alert and launched a
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massive search. a short time later, officers arrested one suspect but say the second is still on the loose. police say there is a sense of uneasiness following this month's deadly shooting of two new york city officers. >> the potential for when you put on your uniform and your badge that you could be a target is always present and right now because of what is happening in the nation and obviously what happened in new york it's something that is mindful at the start of watch every time. >> investigators say they have recovered a rifle that was used in the shooting. a surfer on the central coast is now recovering after being bitten by a shark yesterday morning. it happened at montana state park in san luis obispo. the 50-year-old man was bitten near his right hip and thigh. bun the surfer was able to -- but the surfer was able to get to the shore and take on a nearby hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. the beach was not shut down. authorities say the shark was likely a young great white about 8 to 10 feet long.
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it's cold enough out there on this monday morning after very persistent stubborn low clouds finally lifting a little bit at least for most. it took a while. some of that was very thick and reduced visibility and a few locations still in the upper 40s. our system is on the way. what system is that? the one that has very cold air. some light shower activity. this is not a system that has a lot of moisture with it. but some isolated snowshowers or rain showers are possible certainly to the north as the system begins to swing in. a lot of this will held north and east. bun the cold air is on the way and the the low will form over southern california. temperatures around the area not very warm. higher elevations will not get out of the 40s for some. lakeport 45. had mid-20s for lows. i would not be surprised if teens pop up maybe wednesday or thursday morning. it's that cold of an air mass. if you still have the fog, still in the 40s for some, 50s, low 50s for some. alamo 51.
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some 40s around and this fog bank can be persistent. if you can, then you might get mid- to upper 50s. sunnyvale being in there. san jose state fremont, 30s. menlo park is now 57. for some it's not too bad. tahoe 44. that's not too shabby for them. ukiah, 48. the cold air is on the way. as it does, it will impact the entire state. last the sierra nevada. our system will move into tomorrow morning. there will be low clouds ahead of it. it's that cold air coming in. so the monday morning fog kind of persisting, partly sunny, partly cloudy. there are a few sunbreaks. colder to the north. a little bit warmer to the south. but turning colder, much colder. and the wind will pick up out of the north-northeast and you can see the plunge on the temperature forecast. watch how this comes in tuesday around noon until about 6:00. looks to be some of the coldest air. wind advisory already out for tuesday into wednesday. a possibility of a high wind warning might be issued for the
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north and east bay hills. could easily get gusts to 60 miles an hour. partly cloudy up in the sierra. snowshowers are on the way, if not tonight but for tomorrow. very, very cold. temperatures single digits to probably below zero as we head towards thursday. some of that might wroop back around on the lee side. i'm keeping partly cloudy skies in for them. partly sunny, partly cloudy for us. sun and clouds, chilly to cold. temperatures, 50s for some. upper 40s for others. if you are heading out new year's eve, bundle up. it will be very brisk. in fact, i think temperatures will drop rapidly like it has a rock tied to it wednesday night and then thursday morning, the 1st, could be looking at a very hard freeze. there will be a lot of 20s around. does not look like there's any rain but it looks like a cold week as we head towards the weekend. >> all right. it is winter. >> it is. as the year comes to a close, we're looking atheed 2015 and -- ahead to 2015.
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coming up a glance at what we can look forward to in the 2015 including a visit by pope francis and the arrival of a new royle -- royal addition.
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over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income. to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. stocks fairly flat in afternoon trading as wall street winds down the year. crude oil prices fell giving up early gains as investigators bet fighting in libya with not take much of a bite out of global production. the dow is up 6. the nasdaq is
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up 1 and the s&p up 4. as we wrap up an eventful 2014, we're already looking ahead to the coming year. shannon brien give us a preview of the new congress set to arrive on capitol hill, the exciting royal addition and the comeback by microsoft. >> reporter: republicans will take over in january. prince william and kate middleton will be welcoming a second baby in april. the little lun within fourth in line to the throne. david cameron will be battling for another term. the ompo sigs mass made major gains in local elections campaigning for britain to leave the european leave. turkey holds parliament elections in june. iran and six world powers negotiate nuclear talks until the june 30th deadline. the parties failed in november to finalize an agreement over
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tehran for an international sanction. the pc gears up for a comeback as microsoft releases windows 10. the version will run on everything from phone and tablets to smart watches and ten years after being hit by hurricane katrina, new orleans takes stock of recovery. the federal government has spent more than $120 billion on the gulf post disaster. in september, queen elizabeth ii would overtake queen victoria. queen elizabeth ii marks 64 years on the throne and counting. pope francis makes his first pain am visit to the united states in september to an attend an international meeting in philadelphia. he's expected to visit united nations. in washington, shannon brien, fox news. an out pouring of support for a high school girl's basketball team banned from playing in a tournament. eight over t-shirts. tonight at 5:00 we're with
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supporters who say the ban violates free speech and why tournament organizers insist they had no choice. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. ush
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