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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 29, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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a hammer head shark spot as diver's bait box. who wins one dangerous tug of war. >> that diver is taking food from a shark's mouth. >> an out of control rider goes off on the driver. a video a bus company wants you to see. >> her name is millie. she was born with brittle bone disease. how this first-timer on skates is moving like a pro. >> wow! >> a video for anybody who thinks they've seen it all. >> how about a guy with a selfie riding a pink rocking horse
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wearing skiing equipment half naked? >> this qualifies as surveillance video a crime was occurring. something was stolen here. as you can see, that is a hammer head shark. that is a bait box. he says i'm going to take the whole thing. >> it was captured 2013 and recently surfaced online. grabs it gone. >> diver is taking a spoon from a shark's mouth. >> the shark is like fine be that way. >> no pictures for you. >> i'll go home. >> this was filmed on lake superior where you can see it is very cold. somebody is ice fishing. this guy has drilled a 10 inch
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hole into the ice. goes what comes out? let's see how big that trout is beth troutman. >> they believe that thing is 30 pounds. >> i feel sorry for these poor fish. they do put it back in the water, but look at this. >> i keep thinking these fish tell the other fish they were abducted by aliens. this is their alien abduction story. >> got a video from australia on a bus. this guy, you can see him here with the tattoos on his chest. this guy has been affected by drugs and goes off on the driver. >> getd off the bus.
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>> this guy attacks him. the driver had to get through. people that run the bus company say this is what their drivers are facing every single day. >> that bus driver is being way too cordial. he is loud and screaming and belligerent. close the door on him. close the door. don't try to entertain this guy. drive away. >> there is no information if he was a patient or no clearly this guy was in a different frame of mind. >> i feel bad for the driver. made he felt like he couldn't defend himself. maybe he thought i would get in trouble if he physically confronted this guy even after he was, you know attacked. sometimes that happens and bus drivers get fired. >> this is the perfect example why you don't do drugs.
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>> one of the boast parts of winter and christmas time is skating on the ice rink. part of it is falling. little millie is 3 years old. she was born with brittle bone disease. when she was born she was born with 30 broken bones. she is an especially fragile girl. this is not something she would have been able to do ever unless they facilitated it. on this day they went to the winter wonderland at the chester race course and talked to the manager and asked if they would let little millie on the ice rink for a little bit. they went a step above that and closed the rink.
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though brought millie on to the ice so she could experience what it's like to be on it. >> that is great. she gets to have that childhood experience. >> it's all about having a positive experience for all kids. >> the action of this video starts right off the p. watch it. pret hectic rollover crash. the driver inside that vehicle gerry patrick not geriatric. she is 71 years old. round and round she goes. >> it is never too late to pick something up. i bet she started doing this at
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69. >> 71 you are a little more fragile than at 21. >> it's mental. >> if you're in good shape get out there and enjoy life. this next dude is driving too sexy. that's the name of his mega truck. this is at the throttle king finale. first pass, no problem. on the second pass things tend to get ugly. he gets up in the air and quickly goes head over heels. heels over head. tumbling around. whichever you want to say. >> you are not going to tell me this person was 86? >> no. the driver was fine.
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take a look at this picture here. really cool. i can show you other great design work from michelle bandy. she is really good at designing. she has a special story behind it. when she was in her 20s, she got offered an internship at an architecture firm doing 50 hours over the summer. she was getting a strange tingling and extreme pain.
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her arms weren't doing what they were supposed to do. her father created a board and sent it to her. she was worried about it thing. she put it in her mouth and started to draw with her mouth. there was too much saliva. michelle does all her designing with her nose. >> that's brilliant. >> it's one of those apple track pads on a desktop tripod. >> she typed her thesis with her nose. >> that is amazing. it shows you when you do have a challenge or hurdle you've got to figure it out and keep doing what you're passionate about. >> you can see how quickly she want work. the very first time she drew a stick figure any 3-year-old would be proud of. look at her now. >> that is remarkable. >> this is a great video. if there are people who want to be designers and don't have the use of their arms this is an
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option now. >> solution was right under her nose the whole time. >> one of my favorite guys in action sport travis pistrana. he is a maniac. this is his official trailer for his action figus. this is compilation reel of doing nutty things and everything makes your draw drop. i feel like we should be wearing helmets just to watch this video. >> and a diaper. >> they've got guys and girls on their team. it's all the different things from their live show. all practice stunts they are doing at travis' compound which is a haven for mayhem. i think the best part of this whole compilation comes in here.
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they pull this stunt. >> are you kidding? >> over a house. >> land on this huge air bag. that's where the trailer ends. you don't see what happens. where do they even go? >> whose house is it? >> that's what i want to know. >> the movie is called "travis pistrana action figures" coming out soon. even though animals, dogs in particular don't speak our language they have ways of communicating what's urp. like this bulldog caught red handed in the trash. >> you're in the garbage? what did you do? >> he didn't do it. >> maybe he was looking for a
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hat. >> that is the cutest dog. >> this poodle does not like toothbrushes. how do you know? bad oral health and dogs can cause problems including internal organ problems. >> and dog breath. >> that's the worst. that's the beggest offender. >> you know who is not smiling for the camera? this dog got busted on the couch. >> stella. stella. >> she is pretending he is not there. >> was someone saying my name? >> can you please get off the couch? >> he realize ess --
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>> you own this place. i've got no authority here. >> shane surprises his lady with a special trip. >> this isn't just about iceland. this is about forever. >> the romantic moment she'll never forget. >> that is perfect. >> how this office chair puts all others to shame.
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we are going to head to beautiful iceland for this video. this is not just what looks like a travel video to get you to want to visit iceland. this is a love story between claire and shane. this was all put together for claire by shane. you see her sitting in this beautiful snowy setting. she has a laptop in her lap and she is watching the video shane put together. >> i knew instantly he were the one i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. between our road trips, adventures and projects i continue to learn more and more about you every single day. look around you right now. i've chosen this place for a reason. it represents our present and
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future together. >> that means that something special is about to happen. this is about fover. >> dow on setting, he is proposing. >> did she say yes? >> she said yes. >> they are engaged. >> i might be the newest member of the team. i feel like i have the responsibility that you are jaded. you've seen too much. you've been out there and seen it all. when are we going to be surprised by a gopro video, ollie? >> i've got something for you. >> how about a guy with a selfie riding a pink rocking horse riding ski equipment half naked? >> i'm glad he's got on underwear. that first shot i thought he was riding the pink horse naked.
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>> is it extreme rocking horse riding? >> the guy has said where is my red bull sponsorship? guess who replied on youtube? they said pretty good. once you become the best in the world on a rocking horse in your parent's basement we can talk sponsorship. they put together part two of this office together. they did this whole back to the future thing. there was such a reaction to this amazing office chair. it's a simple ikea chair. they have one main thruster on the back for the forward motion and smaller thrusters on either
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side. >> that's ridiculous dangerous and terrific. >> three, two one, go. >> they race it in their car. you see it slowly creeping over 20 miles per hour. >> i clocked about 22 miles per hour in that thing. that's cool. >> they are right. they are the hobby kings. >> imagine the thrill the exuberance the excitement of winning the mega million dollar jackpot. back in november there was a $300 million jackpot. this guy claims he's got the winning ticket. he put it up on our website. the guy's name many on youtube. it's the right date. the ticket sold was a quick pick for five different numbers. it's all there. the numbers match.
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>> i always wanted to win the lottery and i won. >> he said i won. i'm going to give away $1 million to two of my viewers. >> yes. >> leave a comment and subscribe and within a week after he cash it i'll send you a million each. >> there is an update. suspicious? you should be. topi is an internet prankster. lots of people believed they would get millions. he did not have the winning ticket. >> what was that? >> are you kidding? he just put square pieces of paper over the numbers? >> he cut the winning numbers out of another ticket and placed it over the lines. >> i never heard of a winner going on youtube saying here's the winning ticket. come and get me.
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>> news outlets picked up this video most did say he claims. >> i'm a millionaire. i always wanted to win the lottery and i finally won. >> dudes pull out their tongue to pull a frank. what happens when they try to stick it out.
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that's amazing. >> this is great video. not on your nature cds. >> lennox tries out his boots. >> lennox is playing in his first rain puddle. >> come on there is a big one across the street. >> i dare you to not enjoy this
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video. i triple dog dare you. this is the guy that teamed up with public pranks to pull a prank you may know from the world famous "a christmas story." he gets triple dared to touch his tongue to a pole and gets stuck. they are sticking their tongues to a cold pole. >> deep breath. >> other people are like see if i can find you water. then there are other people. other people start laughing and take pictures. >> if you're dumb enough to do this i'll point and laugh. >> she says i was 3. exactly. >> my favorite of the video of these guys in fact not guys,
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kids. >> not the smartest idea ever. >> they've got little advice for the guy. >> that's pretty stupid but. >> it's not worth it. >> that's it for this edition of "right this minute." thanks for joining us. see you next t
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all you can see is the top of his hard hat after a man is buried 26 feet down. how he shocked refshgers when they got him out. >> a three-way duel between bull and vipir. >> the street race over before it began. >> oh! >> a text message sends a youtube star into overdrive. >> try to make it to his child's birth. >> the mad dash to make it to his wife's side in time. >> and a warning to stay off the bed has this chihuahua looking at him like


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