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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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two teams in a similar situation. tonytony sparano has been the coach. jim harbaugh he is still the team's coach and wants toremain in that position -- to remain in that position. . >> this is my team. i left my team today. looking forward to starting over again with them. those decisions will be made down the road. as far as anything else with me goes, i only have one concern, to be the head coach of the oakland raiders. >> three coaches lost their jobs on the day knowns a black monday. jim harbaugh has signed to coach at university of michigan. that is official. a deal worth $48 million over six years.
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back to the 49ers who were cleaning out their locker rooms after their coach told them he would not be back. >> reporter: 24 hours after that the players were clearing out their locks for an off season that began -- lockers for an off season that began a month earlier. players were still getting their heads around the developments. >> just, you know, feel like i have been here before. i am very familiar with this process and what is going on. it is not new. it is unfortunate. we all have our opinions and what we feel is best. at the end of the day that is the over our heads a players, that is upstairs management. we just got to play football.
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>> 49ers ceo and the general manager met with the media. the most obvious question is why wows the most successful coach in team history had to go? >> we didn't win the super bowl. if we don't win the super bowl we are not executing on our mission. our mission is simple, win with class. we haven't won and i don't think we conducted ourselves with the level of class i expected. we have off the field issues. >> now the question is, who will replace jim harbaugh. defensive coordinator or defensive line coach. the team might want to make a splash with a big name.
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either way, we won't know for a while. >> we are to going to interview, 7-10 days hopefully and hopefully be in a position to make a decision at that point. >> enough going on with the coaching situation. >> when you say the 49ersare interested in making a big splash, who would they make a big splash with? >> we heard the names. pipe dream that people talk about is john gooden. butthen we heard other people they asked permission to ask for permission to talk at seattle and arizona. they are not confirming that. the 49ers aren't going to talk about that either way, in house
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or out of house. mike shanahan's name comes up from time to time. there are any number of people. it should be a desirable coaching position. >> the raiders? >> again, talking about big names, gooden has always been on their wish list and then a report last night the raiders were going to make a run at jim harbaugh but that is put to rest with it becoming official and a press conference scheduled tomorrow for the university of michigan. >> thank you. we heard mixed feeling from 49er fans, some are looking forward to a change, other are sad to see jim harbaugh lead. >> got them to the championship game three years in a row and this is one year where he missed, i don't think that was right if them to fire him after one bad season. >> i don't think he is one of the best coaches in the nfl and
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there is something there between the ownership and him that didn't go well. they will miss him. >> and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is one of those players. this picture on instagram today, writing the coach that drafted me, chose to start me and stood behind me, i will never forget what you have done for me coach, thank you for everything. and now to the cold weather. right now it is gorgeous but it is only 50 degrees and temperatures are dropping quickly. we have live team coverage, ktvu's john fowler with how people are preparing but we begin with ktvu's meteorologist rosemary orozco. where are we right you maneuver. >> we are cool out there again. temperatures range similar to yesterday. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s.
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50 oakland. 53 redwood city. but as we get into the second half of the evening, a storm dropping from canada is going to be moving into our area. that is going to bring the possibility of very cold weather and wind. so if i remove the clouds you can see not a lot of moisture with the system. still 100-miles to the north of us. behind it it will bring gusty conditions. the national weather service has decided to issue a wind advisory. starts tomorrow morning. it will last all the way into wednesday afternoon. gusts to 45 miles per hour possible for our lower spots and in the hills we could see the gusts 60. that could lead it toppled trees as well as power outages. the winds will be with us. temperatures will continue to fall, especially behind the winds. i am going to show you the numbers coming up in a bit.
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>> thank you. now a john fowler, you are bundled up. homeowners are preparing their homes. >> reporter: there is a lot to do because the temperatures are beginning to go down now. the sun goes down, the temperatures go down. a lot of people with plants, particularly the new drought tolerant plants, they need to get ready, the cold weather is coming soon. >> reporter: mini homeowners -- many homeowners planted drought tolerant landscaping. >> i am worried. >> we put stakes in there to keep the cloth off of the plant and that forms enough for that to take care of it. >> reporter: he suggest slipping in outdoor christmas lights. >> that heat will make a huge
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difference. >> reporter: for citrus and tropical plants you will need more. >> hot house, a heater keeps her plants at 73 degrees with 75% humidity. >> too cold for this variety. >> reporter: avoid droopy and curled up leaves by watering a bit and freeze proof protects down to 23 degrees. >> when i went out in the morning the leaves were curled. i got a nice plastic. >> reporter: the last plastic is the best. i will tell you why at 6:00 p.m. and other steps you need to take. >> spend your time and money now so you don't have a mess on your hands. thank you. there is a spare the air alert till midnight tonight, a
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ban on burning inside or outside unless that is your only source of heat. particles from wood spoke built up to unhealthy levels. this is the sixth spare the air alert of the season. on you will find the latest on the conditions. look for the weather link. new developments in the search for the missing air asia jet. 15 ships and a dozen aircrafts are searching the water. oil samples from the sea are being tested to see if they are from the aircraft. it went missing saturday night after taking off in indonesia. there were 162 people on board and tonight family members are hoping for any news about what
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happened. >> the wait now stretched into a third day for the families of the passengers and crews on board the air asia flight qz8501. it is now expanding on to land areas but officials say it is believed the plane is likely at the bottom of the sea. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: a number of countries are joining the search. china and australia are sending aircraft and indonesia requested help from america. the u.s. navy has been standing by. the plane was flying from indonesia to singapore when it lost contact with air traffic controllers. one of the pilots asked to change course and fly at a higher attitude because of storms. but it is reported the plane
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was denied permission due to other planes in the area. the ceo of air asia flight air asia flight air asia -- air asia says it is too early tospeculate -- to speculate. . [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: as for the families, all they can do now is wait. >> this has been a terrible year for airlines. in march malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished over the indian ocean during a flight stoobeijing. 239 -- to beijing. 239 people were on board that flight and that plane has never been found. in july, soldiers in ukraine shot down malaysia airlines flight 17, 298 people were on board that plane.
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the plane was flying from ampster dam to kuala lumpur. coming up, we will hear from an analyst who explains how stormy conditions could create turbulence severe enough to make a plane crash. the police union criticized the new york mayor for supporting protests in the city. the mayor is now working to rebuild trust. . >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio attempts to diffuse tensions. >> to serve people in this way it takes determination and commitment. we praise you for making this choice. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio's address came two days after officers turned their backs on the mayor during the funeral for rafael ramos.
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he and wenjian liu were killed earlier this month by ismaaiyl brinsley who said their deaths were in retaliation for the killings of eric garner and michael brown. >> it is time for the mayor to start walking back from some of the comments he has made, both his campaign platform that seemed to be anti-police, anti- law enforcement. >> the police commissioner said the officers shouldn't have brought politics to a funeral. the mayor didn't comment but acknowledged the tensions, saying they can change the city for the better. >> you will confront mental illness, illegal guns, all of these challenges, you didn't create this problems but you can help the city to overcome them. >> the officer for wenjian liu
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is this weekend. a sink hole opens up in a bay area city. >> center started to give. >> what we are learning about the project blamed for causing the street cave in. >> no choice but to jump from a second story window. >> jump. >> the actions that saved a three-year-old boy from a fire. >> this girl's basketball team was banned from playing because of a t-shirt. a major change of heart within the past few hours.
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new at 5:00 p.m. support for a high school girl's basketball team in northern california that was banned from playing in a tournament all because of these
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t-shirts. a lot of people were outraged. they said not letting them play would have been a violation of freedom of speech and it turns out they were able to play after all. ktvu's cristina rendon is live to explain what happened. >> reporter: an attorney tells me hours ago officials decided to avoid a legal battle and allowed players to wear the shirts and that follows a protest this morning on the steps of the high school. >> reporter: the mendocino high school basketball teams were warming up wearing t-shirts that said i can't breathe. it prompted the high school to uninvite theme the basketball -- uninvite them to the basketball tournament. the girl's team protested this morning on the steps of the high school. >> they said they were going to throw us out if we wore the
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shirts. me and my teammates walked up with our shirts and acted like normal, asked if we could pay, we walked in. >> the principal initially said the players were uninvited because the shirts could prompt a safety issue they weren't equipped to deal with. an attorney says just before they were going to final a complaint officials changed their minds. >> these are kids who we should team them the power of the first amendment rather than restricting it. >> reporter: players and spectators will be allowed to wear the t-shirts. these teens say they just wanted to raise awareness of police brutality. >> we made our point. it was just about freedom of speech. we wanted to raise awareness for this cause. >> i am happy with how it
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ended. >> reporter: there was another protest that was scheduled but it has been called off and even though they are allowed to wear the shirts it is unclear if they will be allowed back inside the tournament because another team took their spot. >> cristina rendon, thank you. back now to the bay area weather. you told us about the plants and everything to bundle up. >> we had cold temperatures for a few days. but we have the wind coming our way and that will make it brutal for some. we have a wind advisory that starts tomorrow morning and it is going to last till wednesday afternoon. once the wind dies down the coldest temperatures will be settling in for new year's eve. let's take a look at the satellite. this system, back from canada, is just dropping into northern california. you can see it here -- we talked about this already.
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a system that is moisture starved. we are not going to see a lot of rain. we may squeeze out a few traces over night and the sierra is likely to pick up snow but it is a very cold, mostly dry system. that is going to bring us wind and colder temperatures into the day ahead. let's track this for you. the 5:00 p.m. hour, you can see over northern california little shades of blue. into the over night hours it begins to pass over the bay area. i am picking up on a few drops of moisture. we thought about the possibility of snow showers over the higher elevations. but you can see whatever falls, it is not going to bring a lot. we may see a dusting if we are lucky. the sierra could pick up a few inches but for us, the issue is the wind behind it. tomorrow morning, it is already
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moving south. it will move into the desert southwest. burt for us -- but for us the winds will pick up. we talked about this, a wind advisory. look at the winds into the afternoon tomorrow. talking 25-35 miles per hour winds with gusts 45 to perhaps 60 for the higher elevations. very blustery. these winds are strong enough to bring down power lines as well as topple the trees. this will be with us into tuesday, half of wednesday, and then the colder air settles in by new year's eve into new year's day. a look at the numbers tomorrow morning, not too bad. we still have 30s, 40s. 42 degrees in oakland. 36 santa rosa. 39 san jose. upper 40s to low 50s. cooler than today. not too bad. it will be the wind that gets you. when the wind is that strong and it is this cold, you have
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to consider the wind chill factor. into the extended forecast, new year's eve the coldest night. >> thank you. the donations are pouring in for a family of a window washer who fell 11 stories and survived. he landed on a car, the car was crushed and it saved his life. even though he suffered serious injuries and can't work as his medical bills mont. the family -- mount. the family posted on good fund me, the total is now $73,000. his daughter had to quit school it help support the family but now will be able to go back to classes. up next, new developments in a listeria outbreak linked to prepackaged caramel apples. the new recall issued today. and a shark attack off the
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california coast, the frightening encounter. >> street lights being installed, what makes these lights so different and how they are expected to save money for the city where they are being used. plus an update on a family and a woman who delivered a baby in a coma. tonight how mom and baby are doing. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. no, sir
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great white shark attacks a surf after the california coast. officials say the shark swam under the victim, bit into his right hip, off the waters in san luis obispo. surfers understand the risk of encountering a shark when they get into the water. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> i love the waves so much, it doesdantter me -- doesn't deter me. another company that makes prepackaged caramel apples issued a recall in connection with an outbreak of listeria. california snack foods are now recalling their apples. they received a notice from a packic company saying there -- packing company saying there could be a connection between
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the listeria and the apples. the outbreak effected 29 people in 10 states, including a woman from santa cruz who died from the bacteria. healthcare worker who just returned home from sierra leone has been diagnosed with ebola. she being treated at a hospital in scotland. the woman was admitted to the hospital this morning. she flew on a british airways flight from london but the risk to the public is extremely low to the point of negligeable. the woman was screened for symptoms. >> the death hole from the fire on board a greek ferry is now up to 10. the ferry was traveling from greece to italy saturday night.
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400 were rescued. authorities say some survivors weren't listed on the manifest and that indicates there is a possibility that some people were on board without tickets. new proposal to keep dui offenders from repeating their crime. >> one of those things we need change and this will start that change. >> what the proposal would make them do before they hit the road. >> jump. >> later caught on camera. a three-year-old told to jump out a window and why the man is being called a hero. >> another sink hole in san francisco. the big construction project that might've undermined the street -- that might have undermined the street.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. a new push today crack down on repeat drunk drivers. a senator is sponsoring a bill that would require drivers convicted of dui to install devices that are a breathalizer for your car that you have to use before the engine will
5:32 pm
start. currently they are not required. ktvu's melanie woodrow spoke with two mother whose say this bill is long over due. >> reporter: the women each lost a child it a drunk driver. the drivers were repeat offenders. >> reporter: two families whose lives were changed by drunk drivers. >> our son matt was 22. we were hit by a drunk driver and he was killed. >> my daughter was 22 years old when she was killed. >> reporter: the drunk drivers were repeat offenders. >> he was on a suspended license and suspended five times prior. >> i know the man who was sentenced in connection with my daughter's death was driving on a suspended license. >> in california we have been lax. >> reporter: he wants to change that. he is sponsoring legislation
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that would require ignition interlock devices. it requires a breath sample before the engine starts. if it detects a blood alcohol above a limit the engine will not start. according to mothers against drunk driving 75% of drunk drivers continue to drive without a license. in august we went on a ride- along with police as investigators conducted quine on dui repeat offenders. >> i should have walked. >> he says repeat offenders in california are involved in 24% of fatal dui crashes. in california a program is underway installing the devices
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on convicted dui offenders vehicles. this would expand the program statewide. something family members of dui crashes soared. >> i want to prevent this from happening to another family. >> the number of offenses would dictate how long the device would be in place. melanie woodrow, ktvu channel 2 news. >> heart breaking hearing the mothers talk. thank you. new details about a police chase that went from san francisco to san leandro this morning. officers arrested two men. police tried to pull over the truck and the driver took off. officers chased the van south and then across the bridge into a residential neighborhood. the driver then jumped out of the van and took off. >> when we crossed the bridge, they had their weapons drawn.
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and that is when we knew something was going on. >> authorities found the driver and took him into custody. the other suspect was also arrested. students and staff at st. mary's high school are mourning death of their vice principal after he was killed while riding his bike on saturday. one student described him as a friend. she said it will be hard to go back to school when he wasn't there. >> it hurts my heart to know he won't see us cross that stage on graduation day. >> he was out for a bike ride on saturday when he swerved to avoid two other bicyclists and fell into the path of a truck. he lived with his wife and two daughters and was about to
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become the principal. in san francisco police are searching for two men suspected of a home invasion robbery about 3:00 a.m. this morning. police say the men were armed with a hand gun when they broke into the home. people were asleep at the time. the robbers tied them up and stole. stephen curry is giving back to the community. ktvu's allie rasmus joins uses live to tell us about today's big -- us live to tell us about today's big give away. >> couple hours ago these boxes were stacked 4 and 5 deep. you couldn't see across the room. the recipients have now come and gone but for many of them, having a chance to meet steph curry was a huge deal.
5:37 pm
>> the kids walked in -- >> goes crazy. >> we have pictures. >> reporter: parents walked over overwhelmed with gratitude. >> awesome. >> reporter: steph curry handed out packages filled with food to 400 families. [ indiscernible ] >> helps a lot. a lot. >> most important part of this event. everybody should feel joy. a lot of them like it introduce themselves. they see me play, i am not as tall as i look on tv. >> reporter: she asked the star
5:38 pm
for his autograph. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: that was perfectly okay with her. her mom says meeting him in person was a life changing event. >> it empowers them. one day they could be doing the same thing. following in his footsteps. >> reporter: it wasn't just steph curry who was handing out the packages but members of his family and 100 other volunteers turned out to make this happen. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. bay area experts are weighing in on the plane that is missing in asia. >> aircraft are not designed for acrobatic moves. >> what they say may have happened. >> and sony posting record numbers for the "the interview."
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how many people watched online. >> a toddler trapped by fire. we will introduce you to the man for getting the boy out safely. >> people's lives were in danger. people were screaming.
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jump. we got you.
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come on. >> come on. >> jump. >> the man is being hailed a hero after racing towards a apartment fire christmas morning in alabama trying to get a three-year-old to jump from second floor windee to safety. -- window to safety. >> when the mother went back for her sons she was over come by smoke. the man who came to the rescue says he was just doing what he felt he had to do. >> it was just like i need -- we need him to jump. >> reporter: he caught the boy but there were more people. >> anybody else up there? >> reporter: they heard another child so they ran to the back. a woman is yelling there is a child inside and you can see as people are trying to gain access to the burning building.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: neighbors couldn't get to one child but a firefighter did. he fell to the ground. he says for him it was instinct oo grab his -- to grab his camera. he is a photographer. . >> he jumped. he jumped. he jumped. and it is just -- it just -- just that feeling to relive that moment. say that you saved someone's life, it is a really good feeling. >> the boy rescued by the firefighter is still in intensive care. his brother and sister have smoke inhalation. sony is reporting record
5:44 pm
online views of "the interview." >> you are entering in the most dangerous country on earth. >> sony did release "the interview" on christmas day. sony announced the movie was downloaded 2 million times. the company says it earned $15 million from online viewing and 20 million for independent theaters. it cost $44 million to make. crews in san francisco are working to fix another sink hole. >> reporter: an unexpected development, why it could be related to a major construction project in the city. >> coldest air of the season will be settling into the bay area for the final week of 2014. i will have details coming up.
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meningococcal meningitis a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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now information about a sink hole that opened in up san francisco and the construction project that may have caused the road to give way. tonight crews are working to repair the sink hole that opened on 4th street along the central subway construction project and they are looking at the sinkole and subway
5:48 pm
construction -- sink hole and subway construction project. ktvu's noelle walker has more. >> reporter: we don't know the cause of the sink hole but it does run along the stretch of the subway from north beach down there south of market. the mta is in charge of that project and taking the lead on theory pair. things here could get worse before they get better. >> reporter: when for the is a big sink hole in the middle of the street the construction can't cover it. >> the street was blocked off. >> reporter: it is happening at 4th and jesse street where the sink hole started to give way. >> this is an unexpected situation. >> reporter: the sink hole is
5:49 pm
along the central subway line underground construction. >> we immediate called in repairs. [ indiscernible ] >> it wasn't so bad till they sent an officer in here telling us to shut our doors. >> the sink hole is just steps from the front door. >> nerve-wracking. yeah. we didn't know if they would be inside of our store. >> reporter: he was working over the weekend when construction crews outside tried to contain damage. >> everyone was running around, trying to figure out how to stop it. >> now that sand is in a pile on the street. while crews check out gas and water lines. construction crews tried to figure out how it happened and some people wonder if it could
5:50 pm
happen here, could it happen again. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the mta says it will inspect the entire line of the central subway project to make sure it doesn't happen again it & repairs could take up to two weeks. >> noelle walker, thank you. today is the last die register for disaster -- die register for disaster aid. financial assistance is offered to anyone who suffered losses or damages from the 6.0 earthquake. fema will shut down in 10 minutes here. people can file online till midnight tonight. back to our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off. rosemary orozco is filling in. >> cold and windy to make
5:51 pm
matters worse. this evening, temperatures are cooler than yesterday. we are not feeling it just yet. we have a system that will roll through over night and then it will become more uncomfortable tomorrow. right now temperatures 48 degrees in napa. 53 san francisco. 51 san jose. these numbers are a few degrees cooler than yesterday. again, a snapshot of satellite and radar. the system is in here. it is sinking south and doing it quickly. over night hours, by tomorrow morning, it is already moving through. it may squeeze out scattered showers, there is not a lot of moisture with it. the sierra will pick up a few inches of snow. we may get a sprinkle. behind it the wind will pick up. we have a wind advisory in place that starts tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. till wednesday afternoon. the gusts could reach 45 in areas around the bay. near 60 miles per hour into the
5:52 pm
afternoon and part of wednesday. that could topple trees. the 60 miles per hour gusts are expected for the higher elevations. it will be a blustery couple of days. by wednesday night the breezes will continue but it will die down. the wind advisory will expire on new year's eve. but behind the wind once we see the winds drop off the temperatures will fall. temperatures in the mid-30s on new year's eve. if you are going to be out celebrating something to consider. 5-10 miles per hour winds will make the temperatures feel 5-10 degrees colder. so temperatures tomorrow morning in the mid-30s. the winds are going to be blowing. especially by the afternoon. temperatures in the afternoon upper 40s to low 50s. temperatures like what we have seen lately but we haven't had
5:53 pm
the wind. on christmas day we had wind. it could be uncomfortable. >> thank you. what happened to the plane that last contacted over asia? we are talking to experts about the possibilities stormy weather could bring down an airplane.
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5:55 pm
our coverage of the missing
5:56 pm
airplane in asia. ships, planes and helicopters scouring the waters for a third day. the air asia jet liner went off radar saturday night with 162 people on board. one of it pilots asked to changesporous fly at a higher attitude -- change course and fly at a higher attitude because of bad weather. ktvu's tom vacar has more. >> reporter: pilots fly in stormy conditions. but air asia was headed into the belly of a beast. >> a significant event. warnings issued in the area. the weather forecast showed high turbulence. cells of thunderstorms. >> reporter: he knows the renallen well. >> we got -- region well.
5:57 pm
>> we got struck by lightning, when we landed there was a burn -- [ indiscernible ] >> you cannot go within 20 miles of a thunderstorm. you see that on radar. >> reporter: inside severe storms up drafts and down drafts. >> 100 miles per hour. the airplane, the pilots can't see the instruments anymore. >> some of the flying surfaces may have come off. it is possible it could be tumbling. >> they are designed to fly level. >> loss of cabin pressure. >> you have 5-10 seconds for the crew to get the oxygen
5:58 pm
manages on. >> reporter: rapid ice build up on the wings. >> that could happen, in the tropics -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: hail. >> it will shut down the engine. >> reporter: that is why finding the black box is so important. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we are a few days away from one of the most famous parades in the country, the tournament of roses parade. a lot of volunteers are working on the floats right now. each decoration is made from a natural material, including flowers, fruits, seeds and nuts. this year's theme is inspiring stories and he was picks the grand marshal. if -- picked as the grand
5:59 pm
marshal. his story was featured in unbroken. sadly he died earlier this year months after being selected. >> his track shoes. which were famous. he was called the tornado. we have a banner for the tornado. >> his family will attend the parade in his honor. this is the 126 tournament of roses parade. now at 6:00 p.m. cold temperatures and now cold winds to go with it. the latest weather warning and what people are doing to stay warm. >> jim harbaugh is gone and he has new job. the latest on why one of the most successful coaches is no longer with the teach. >> and the controversy continues over a t-shirt. the change of heart overbenning a girl's basketball -- over banning a girl's basketball
6:00 pm
team from playing in a tournament. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. as the sun goes down this is video from minutes ago. temperatures are going down as well and people are bundling up looking for somewhere warm. good evening. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> the temperatures dipped near freezing in the bay area. and it doesn't look like that will change. we have team coverage tonight beginning with meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> yes, chilly and windy, that is what is to come tomorrow and the next day. a look that temperatures. widespread 40s over the north bay. 47 santa rosa. mid-40s napa. low 50s around the bay. i will show you the system moving into the bay area. dropping out of oregon. you can see it is over northern california. if i remove the clouds and show you the moisture associated


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