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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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eve festivities. i will bring you temperatures. i'll be tracking the winds. i'll have more on this coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. just getting around today is tough with fatrees, blocking roads, and blocking bart tracks. ali is live at the bay bridge toll plaza. earlier today, you tweeted, it felt like you were in a boat. the winds across that bridge were so strong. >> that's right, gasia. we were coming from san francisco. that was a couple hours ago and i say it feels like the wind has really picked up since then. let's turn the camera around so i can show you. we're in high clearance vehicles. we can really feel the impact of the winds. but even people driving in smaller vehicles on bay area roadways and bridges are taking it slow because of this high wind advisory. let's show you the toll plaza right now. there's no backup here, cars are getting through without any problems. but we can't show you from where we're standing. on the other side of the toll plaza, beyond the lights, you can see a lot of brake lights.
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drivers are hitting those brake, taking it slow as they get on the eastern span of the bridge because you can feel the impact of those winds. we have to tell you about traffic problems out in vallejo. the two right lanes in if the eastbound direction, the 80 near tennessee street, they have been shut down because of some down power lines in the area. there's no estimated time to reopen. be aware if you are headed in that direction. also, 20 minutes ago, northbound 238 right before 880 is shut down because of a downed tree over there. that is just the problems that drivers are facing. bart commuters have not had an easy time this afternoon either. this was the scene at the daily city bart station earlier this afternoon. service was halted in both directions between 24th street and daily city because of a tree that came down on the tracks between glenn park station. bart service is -- let me catch my breath. this wind is really coming across. shut down between concord and pleasant hill. after a westbound train there this afternoon, just before
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3:00, struck some wind blown debris on the track. the transit problems made for a very frustrating afternoon for bart passengers. >> my boss said, just get there when you can. i'm losing money, but i'm trying to look at it in a positive light. >> we're stuck at the bart station. >> now, a downed tree and some downed power lines created a mess on the railways. this is near jack london square in oakland. the union pacific and amtrak trains came to a stop because wind knocked over a tree, which on its way down, took out power lines and created a mess on the track. it took them an hour to clear all of that and there was a big traffic jam, because cars couldn't get through that area. so, that was the rail lines, san francisco bay ferry service from south san francisco is also canceled. so, the ferry service is providing buses to transport people from south san francisco over to the east bay. so doesn't matter if you are trains, planes, automobiles,
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boats. these extremely high winds are causing some traffic problems. and transportation problems for people here in the bay area. gasia, frank, back to you guys. >> thank you. the gusty winds ali just showed us are causing problems at sfo. a flight control program went into effect at 11:00 this morning. travelers can expect an hour and a half delays all day long. that doesn't mean all flights are delayed. so travelers should check ahead to get their own flight times. the flow control program will be in effect until 10:00 tonight. >> the winds are stronger in the hills surrounding the bay and ktvu's john fowler is in the east bay hills now where the winds are now hitting their peek. so john, what's it like? it doesn't look that windy where you are. >> frank, it's been coming and going. all afternoon long, an arctic howling frigid wind has been thrashing us and the trees around here. many of these trees drought, of
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course, the greatest worry is where those trees are close to power lines. gusty winds whipped tree branches in sonoma county. snapping power lines, causing small fire, and one of a cascade of power outages. >> crews are working quickly. we redeployed resources and personnel from other areas of the service territory. >> trees toppled in contra costa county, blocking roads in concord. the worst effects have been in the north and eastbound. the most vulnerable trees like this one in the oakland hills, those at higher elevations where winds and gusts are strongest. but even at sea level, winds swayed this big tree near the oakland airport. >> i was shocked to see it not sway back in the other direction and it kept on coming down until it went on a couple cars. >> luckily, no one was injured. we found people struggling just to walk or stand up in open spaces. >> this is crazy. i haven't seen it this big in awhile. it's not windy at all.
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>> and just look at this. what some call the spectacular good news of these arctic winds. >> i don't mind the wind. my daughter does. but it clears out a lot of the clouds and stuff, you can enjoy the city. >> i'll show you some more spectacular crystal clear views, but also as rosemary said, this wind storm is far from over and pg&e is warning you to keep your flashlights ready. power could go out at any time. frank. >> yeah, good advice. and the view behind you is outstanding. thank you, john. back now to the traffic in the bay area. we'll want to show you the traffic map here. the green area. there's a lot of green area indicates the traffic is flowing smoothly, but there are some trouble spots, particularly on 80 there in berkeley and also 101 in marin county. >> the powerful wind gusts are being felt throughout northern california and in butte county.
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it happened in paradise. that's 15 miles east of chicco. two people ended up being killed. in the first incident, a tree fell on their car. then about 3 miles away, another person was killed after a tree fell on to a home. >> wind is leaving thousands of people in the dark tonight. at last check, system wide, there are some 70,000 people without electricity. 50,000 of those customers are here in the bay area. 24,200 of them are without power in the south bay. 15,400 in the east bay and 9800 in the north bay. pg&e is working to restore power to all customers. we'll be here with you on the air tonight and you can get the latest weather information any time from our weather team at how about that? an introduction fit for a returning hero. jim harbaugh today officially became the new head coach for
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the michigan wolverines and today, we saw a whole different side of jim harbaugh. he was out there joking, full of personality. pretty much the exact opposite of what he was like when he was with the 49ers. >> joe fonzi is here. it's a big day in michigan. >> no bigger, i think, as you said. he came home a conquering hero. there's a line in the michigan fight song, hail to the conquering hero. that accurately describes the reception jim harbaugh received when he returned. jim harbaugh's entrance wasn't as smooth as he would have liked. >> i hope you didn't see me trip on the way in. did anybody see that? a lesser athlete would have gone down. [ applause ] >> we learned in four years at stanford and four more with the 49ers, that there are many faces to jim harbaugh. there's a charming side that was on display today before an
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adoring gathering in ann arbor. >> i'm wondering how comfortable or uncomfortable do you are with this perception that you're the savior of michigan football. >> i'm not comfortable with that at all. as i said -- >> this will be the thursday ann arbor chapter in harbaugh's life, before his college playing days, his father was an assistant coach on the beau staff. harbaugh's feelings for michigan appear to be genuine and from the heart. >> you are selling something you believe in, in your core. you know, to everything you know, like you know your name. i know michigan football and believe in michigan football. and that will not be a hard job. >> one thing we've learned in our eight years of exposure to harbaugh in the bay area, he can weave a story as well as
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any coach in the business. for example, his reaction when his kids got a gift basket from michigan several weeks ago. >> now that took me back to walking into moe's sports shop and looking at everything. i would save my money for cut lawns so i could go to the sports shop and get a pair of basketball shoes or get something with a big block m on it. my kids were wearing it. that took me back to a place. >> fair to say, the honeymoon has officially begun. now it will be up to harbaugh to make michigan football relevant. as for the 49ers and their coaching search, trent told us yesterday he expects the process to take between 7 and 10 days. he would not name candidates in or outside the organization and did offer one clue and asked how transparent the process would be. >> ever transparent in what we
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do? this is going to be a search that we're going to conduct with a small group of people involved. a very small group, and we're going to spend the next several weeks interviewing 7 to 10 days, hopefully, and then hopefully be in a position to make a decision at that point in time. but we're going to take as long as necessary to make sure that we have the right person in place. >> i can't really say there are any new names today. a lot of names being named about. there were a lot of leaks. let's see if any leaks materialize when the coaching names start to get serious or not. >> not a single name you can share with us. >> well no, there's all kinds of speculation, whether they stay in house or go outside of house. i don't have any new names. if they stay inside, we're looking at jim, outside, dan quinn we mentioned from the seahawks. there are some other offensive
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names. josh mcdaniel has been mentioned, gary kubiak. the defensive coordinator here once before. i would put him on my list to organization. but or to interview, but right now, nobody new that would call a solid candidate. >> you think jim mora, jr., or mike holgren. >> i don't think at this point in his career wants to put in the hours to be head coach. but i think an interesting role for him, and they danced around this yesterday, was if you had that buffer person, the extra person in the front office who has head coaching experience, general manager experience, that may be can defuse some of the things that we saw happen this past year, i would like him for a candidate for a position like that. >> i'm not in charge. >> somehow, i think harbaugh is going to do well in michigan. >> he always does well. >> thanks. >> sure. >> now to a developing story here in the search for air asia
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flight 8501. search crews have recovered debris and at least 40 bodies. the grim discovery of debris floating in the sea came on the third day of searching. rescuers are busy now with the salvage operation. reporter, david piper monitoring the latest developments from bangkok. >> reporter: family members of those on board flight 8501 in tears after learning the fate of their loved ones. those gathered at a crisis center watching television coverage of a body floating in the water. one man taken out on a stretcher after collapsing. indonesia's president offering his condolences. >> i'm feeling their loss and pray they are given all the courage and strength to face this tragedy. >> crews recovering bodies in the java sea a few miles from the air. asia jets lost communication with air traffic control. debris from the plane now back on land in indonesia. rescue workers carrying a blue plastic suitcase and an oxygen
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tank. recovery efforts complicated by strong winds and 6-foot high waves. >> they are recovering wreckage now. so the task is clearly going to be accomplished, i suspect, relatively quickly. >> the air bus jet liner disappearing from radar sunday shortly after its pilot asked to change altitude amid bad weather. that request denied due to other plane traffic in the area. no distressed signal came from the aircraft carrying 162 people before it vanished. >> it sounds like from the last radar contact he had to when they lost the radar contact, it sounded like the pilot got into trouble pretty quickly. >> today's developments come amid another incident involving air asia. a plane carrying 159 people over shot a runway in the philippines. in bangkok, david piper, fox news. coming up, the rare move that chevron is making after a flairup at their richmond refinery. >> also, thousands of dollars worth of wine stolen from the
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french laundry. what could make it difficult for the thieves to profit from the heist. >> and after the break, caught on camera. an offdo you offduty san jose police officer slams a woman into the car. the story behind the fight and this controversial video.
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police in san mateo say a worried father turned in his own 20-year-old son on suspicion of bank robbery. robbery happened last tuesday at a wells fargo in san mateo. investigators released these surveillance photos. saying those pictures were of his son. mohommed. prosecutors say the father was worried about his son's possible drug addiction. he pleaded not guilty on friday and in custody in lieu of $50,000 bail. he's due back in court january 6. >> a san jose police officer
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went after two women who hit his car and took off. what happened was all caught on camera. ktvu's kristen live at police headquarters and the department is defending what the officer did, including slamming one of those women on to a car. >> yeah, there was a passer by in the area that started rolling on this video when he saw it. now both women in this video are facing charges, or are facing charges on a police officer and hit-and-run. >> in the 56 second long clip, the man identifying hums himself as a san jose police officer tries to restrain the woman and her sister. police confirm the incident unfolded in september. they say the officer was offduty and the women hit his personal vehicle near highway 85 and the expressway, then took off. >> the officer realizing that the vehicle was trying to get away. i decided to go ahead and follow that vehicle. >> police have identified the driver as 32-year-old, gonzalez, and her sister as 21-
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year-old, charity gonzalez. the officer followed the woman to an apartment parking lot where the scuffle unfolded. one sister apparently bites him, trying to escape. >> i caught him right now. >> she calls out for his sister and thrown against a car. >> and her sister begins pulling at the officer. both women jump into their car and speed away. san jose police aren't identifying the officer involved, but do say he reported the incident immediately and did not violate any department guidelines. >> use of force, documentation, which any officer would fill out, any time you place your hands on somebody. >> now my question to the san jose police department was, how do you really know if it's a police officer that is pulling you over? san jose police say in a case like this, you should drive to a public place, ask that officer for their name, badge number, and a way to call the police department to verify that you are dealing with a real officer and not somebody who is trying to impersonate a
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police officer. >> good to know, thank you, christian. two days from now, the nation's tenth largest city will officially have a new leader. san jose mayor-elect, sam lecardo will take over on january 1. ktvu's asna smith. with the legacy that mayor reid is leaving behind. >> i have to admit, it was odd sitting in the mayor office today and seeing all of mayor- elect's belongings. there's a fresh coat of paint and the photos are up. mary tells me he is ready to move on and he feels he is leaving the city in better condition than when he first started. >> outgoing san jose mayor, chuck reid said he was named -- reid takes no offense to. >> we are in much better fiscal condition. not that we are in great condition.
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after ten years of cutting the budget, cutting services every year to balance the budget, we had our third straight year of restoring services. >> avoiding bankruptcy is his biggest accomplishment, along with open government reform, restore trust in san jose. his biggest regrets, not implementing a program to analyze data on where and how to deliver city services. he was too busy trying to keep the city afloat. >> we were spending most of our time, as i was mayor, cutting services to balance the budget. we were in survival mode. >> employee pay cuts and pension reforms, specifically measure b. and it is no secret, it led to bitter battle with the unions and a dwindling police force. >> i don't know that i would have done anything differently. i would have liked to have been able to negotiate agreements with all 11 of our unions. >> still, the mayor said those reforms helped save the city more than $30 million this year. a fiscally sound city is what he leaves behind for sam
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lecardo. not to mention the task of rebuilding the police department and the on going litigation with measure b. >> i'm happy to be able to turn the reigns over to mayor lecardo in good condition, not perfect condition. there's plenty of problems left for him to solve. >> i asked mayor reid what is the biggest misconception and he said he does have a sense of humor. he doesn't plan to run for public office again, but he does want to say publicly involved, he also plans to practice law in downtown san jose. ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in napa valley are looking for high end wine thieves who may have a tough time turning a profit. the break in happened at the french laundry, which was closed that day. the thieves made off with some of the restaurant's most expensive wine, including bottles of drc best burgundy and screaming eagle worth as much as $8,000 a bottle. however, an expert in wine says
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those bottles will likely raise a red flag if they are put up for sale. >> these wines are super rare. i mean, you have to believe the entire world, some of these wines, only one barrel made and 25 cases or so. >> chef thomas keller posted a picture of the broken door jam and called the thief, a grinch. estimates for the losses there are as high as $700,000. i'm not a big wine drinker, but i do have to say, i wonder what an $8,000 bottle of wine tastes like. >> i don't think i'll ever know. meteorologist has been keeping us in the loop here about the wind. so, today it is the wind. tomorrow it's the cold, right? >> yes, once those winds ease up, the coldest weather of the season so far, as we keep saying, will settle in just in time for new year's eve. more on that here in just a moment. let's get back to the wind because they are blowing and those cold blustery winds are going to persist.
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as we move through your evening hours and into tomorrow morning, right now, the winds and areas around santa rosa reporting 35. oakland reporting 45. sfo reporting 48. these are the gusts reported at this hour. however, the course of the day, we have seen some of those winds actually reach 62 miles per hour in and around the oakland hills. also the east bay hills looking at 60 miles per hour. santa rosa, san francisco, reporting gusts to 40. sfo reporting stronger than that, showed you that a moment ago. redwood city, 40. oakland 45. livermore 43. san jose report ago gust to 55 miles per hour. so we are all in this together. and the winds again are going to continue. let me run you through this evening and into tomorrow. we pick it up here. notice very widespread. very windy out there. damaging winds reported across the area. as we get into tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold. it is going to be brutal for many of us. because the winds are going to continue anywhere from 20 to 30- mile per hour winds with gusts a little stronger than that. as we get into lunchtime,
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that's when the wind advisory is expected to expire. notice the winds still breezy, but coming down quite a bit. halfmoon bay reporting 13. oakland reporting 17. and livermore reporting 18. still a little breezy in areas like santa rosa with the wind gusts to 29 miles per hour. behind the wind. these cold air is really going to settle in and that's where we have a freeze watch in place wednesday night into thursday morning. so if you're going to be outdoors celebrating, be prepared. it includes the north bay valleys and the hills. east bay valley hills and valleys and it includes the south bay, including san jose and stretches over to the santa cruz mountains. areas not included in this advisory, freeze watch, the coast as well as our bay side communities. temperatures as we get going tomorrow morning with very breezy conditions, widespread low 30s to 40s. 34 concord. 32 in santa rosa. keeping in mind that a breeze is going to make us feel a lot colder than that.
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could feel 10 to 15 degrees colder than that. temperatures back into the low and mid 50s. a few upper 50s in the forecast. the extended forecast with your bay area weekend always in view. wednesday night into thursday morning where temperatures are going to bottom out and then we will gradually warm back up as we work our way towards our bay area weekend with dry conditions. back to you. >> rose marry, thank you. a mother in idaho is dead after being shot inside a wal-mart. investigators say it was her two-year-old little boy who pulled the trigger. the investigation into how this happened. and coming up at 6:00, from pavement to a parkway. it was part of a construction site near san francisco's union square and was meant to bring temporary relief to people in the area. we'll tell you why some want this to be permanent. plus, a bay area police department is now using new technology, which allows police cruisers to report nearly everything around them. we'll show you how it works and tell you why the department thinks it's an important crime fighting tool. those stories and more coming
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up new at 6:00.
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a mother is idaho is dead after her two-year-old son pulled a gun out of her purse at a wal-mart store and shot her. this happened at a store about an hour east of spokane this morning. deputies say surveillance video shows the boy getting the weapon out of his mother's purse as he sat in the shopping cart and then shooting her. deputies are calling it an accident. they say the 29-year-old mother did have a concealed weapons permit, but they say she didn't
5:29 pm
do a good job of securing that weapon. >> you have to be responsible. and unfortunately, in this case, that just wasn't, i guess, all the precautionary measures weren't taken to ensure the safety of that weapon. >> the mother was visiting family for the holidays and shopping with her four children at the time of the shooting. the store was evacuated for the investigation and will remain closed until tomorrow. a nurse returning to scotland from sierra leone is being treated for ebola at a hospital in london. the 39-year-old nurse was transported from a hospital to an isolation unit at the royal free hospital in london today. scottish officials say the nurse was treating ebola patients in west africa. they say she is in the early stages of the disease with mild symptoms and they say is likely she'll respond well to treatment. i think the most important thing at the moment is that the patient and the clinical team
5:30 pm
are given the space and the privacy to make sure she gets the best possible treatment. >> the nurse flew home on a british airways flight to scotland with a stop over in london. officials say they are contacting other passengers although they say the risk to those other passengers is low. so far, the ebola outbreak in west africa has infected more than 20,000 people and more than 7800 of them have died. in colorado, a deadly plane crash in a terrifying morning for denver area homeowner. a small plane came down near centennial airport outside of denver. it crashed right into a front yard just feet from a home. a homeowner who called authorities told them the plane was fully engulfed in flames, but it didn't hit any other structures. authorities say the pilot was the only person on board and unfortunately, did not survive. witnesses say the plane was flying low before it veered right and then went straight down into that lawn. the first good look at whether all those recent storms
5:31 pm
have put a dent in our drought. what scientists found in a key measurement in the sierra. >> and i'm scott reese live at levi stadium where stanford will play a home bowl game. the foster farms bowl against the university of maryland. we will talk weather and tailgating coming up. >> plus, after flames shot into the night sky, many demanded an investigation. the rare move by chevron that has activists saying it is not enough.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> today's strong winds are causing choppy water on the bay. check out this pilot boat riding a wave near the bay bridge today. the wind is also being blamed for setting at least nine boats adrift some of them broke free of their lines. others were just dragging their anchors. most of them were in richardson bay. >> i don't think i have the stomach for that. let's go to our meteorologist. coming through 580 into oakland and i drive a small car. it was blowing. i had to really hold on. >> we are seeing pictures of the bay bridge tonight and the camera is shaking all over the place. these winds very fierce this evening and the winds are going to continue as we get into
5:35 pm
tonight. not going to die down as we get into tomorrow. let's go back to the winds and we'll take a look at some of these gusts right now. oakland reporting 45 miles per hour. napa sustained 25, gusting to 40. and it's widespread. take a look at sfo. that's sustained wind at 37. gusting to 48. san jose is gusting to 31. livermore 38. it is all over the place. and as gasia mentioned, a lot of folks holding tight to the wheel this evening. when those winds are coming in from the north, you can see how all of our bridges that run east to west, richmond, san rafael, san mateo, when you cross those bridges, those winds are pushing right up against your car and that will have you feeling quite scared. as we get into the temperatures in the 50s right now, but with that wind out there, it probably feels close tore 40 degrees for most of us. as i mentioned, we have a wind advisory that will continue until noon tomorrow. finally, these winds are expected to subside as we get into the second half of the
5:36 pm
afternoon and behind the wind, going to be even colder temperatures. we'll have a look at what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. >> rose marry, thank you. seemed like no place in the bay area was immuned to the effect of today's winds. a fallen tree, damaging parked cars. came down at 2:00 this afternoon. crews worked to clear the fallen branches and keep the power on. there were system wide delays on bart this afternoon because of wind blown debris and a tree that fell right on to the tracks. transit officials stopped trains between daily city and 24th city. between pleasant hill and concord and between hayward and south hayward. outages being blamed for knocking out service to the new shuttle between oakland airport. >> the first snow survey of the winter shows the water content of the sierra snow pack is far below where it should be. the department of water resources conducts the survey in three regions.
5:37 pm
researchers measured 21 inches of snow. that's 33% of where it should be at this time of year. statewide, it's a bit better. 50% of average. researchers say the good news is that there is more snow this year than last. >> contrary to appearances, the drought is still on. unfortunately, while we had, you know, a reasonably good december, it seemed to be more focused, kind of fizzled out once it got past the foothills. >> researchers say much of the snow measured today is new snow that fell during the recent storms. >> the 49ers season is over, but levi stadium is back in the national spotlight. tonight, hosting the foster farms bowl. ktvu's scott reese is live at the stadium with what we can expect. hi, scott. >> hi gasia. bowl games are supposedded to be played at neutral sites. not exactly the case here. maryland treks 2400 miles on a
5:38 pm
plane. stanford came 11 miles south on 101 on a bus. as you might expect, the tailgate scene here has a cardinal tense to it. there is a vocal minority of terrapin fans makings themselves at home. the turtle billboard near the levi exit and a bonus for the maryland faithful. blustery weather conditions reminiscent of the northeast. >> i just flew in this morning. and it is probably warmer there than it is here. >> perfect weather for us. perfect weather for the guys. i think the guys are going to do really well. they had a good season. i have been following them throughout the year. >> this is our best day. we have seen san francisco and then we came out here. couldn't be better. >> the wind could affect the game, too. you can see the flags inside the stadium, blowing. some had to be taken down for safety reasons. there have been boxes and
5:39 pm
debris flying across the parking lot. porter potties sliding around. metal detectors knocked over. so if you're heading out, be sure to bundle up. as for ticket sales, 9,000, and then there was demand for more club level tickets. they sold those and supply has not been able to keep up with demand. a lot of cardinal fans in search for the good seats. 30 to 35,000 fans here at levi stadium tonight. kickoff at 7:00 and of course, we'll have a full wrap up tonight at 10:00. live in santa clara, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay, stay warm while you're there. thanks, scott. >> another award for san francisco giants pitcher, madison bumgarner. the associated press named him the 2014 male athlete of the year. he beat out dodgers peacher, clayton kershaw, retiring york yankees star, derek jeter, and rory mcllroy. and pitched five scoreless innings of relief on two days
5:40 pm
rest in game seven to help the giants win the series. yesterday, 13-year-old little league pitcher, mo'ne davis was named ap's female athlete of the year. it was a frightening scene for many. the rare move that chevron has made at the start of its investigation into this flairup at one of their refineries. >> and we showed you the reception jim harbaugh got in michigan. up next, how the bay area stacks up to his new home in ann arbor.
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back now to jim harbaugh and his new job at the university of michigan. students went crazy today when harbaugh was introduced at the michigan basketball game. he was treated like a super star when he walked into the arena at halftime. of course, michigan is familiar territory for harbaugh. he attended high school in ann arbor before transferring to palo alto high where his dad got a job at stanford. jim harbaugh then returned to michigan where he played quarterback for the wolverines and tonight we thought we would do something interesting. we could compare ann arbor to the bay area. so jim harbaugh will be getting $5 million a year in salary in michigan. $5million in ann arbor is equal to the spending power of $8 million here in the bay area.
5:44 pm
the median home price in ann arbor is $250,000. in atherton, the median price is $3 million. the cost of groceries in ann arbor is about 23% less than here in the bay area and the cost of healthcare is about 17% less. and then there's the weather. the high today in ann arbor, 27 degrees. the high today in san francisco, 55 degrees. >> in southern california, four hikers were found after a chilly night in the san gabriel mountains. the group went out for a walk and couldn't find their way back. the three men and one woman spent the night in the cold before being spotted at daybreak. you see here, rescuers air lifted them to safety. that happened at 7:00 this morning. they paid their respects to a man they never met. >> every day that i come into work, i'm extremely proud to put on this uniform and be a police officer. >> what this somber experience
5:45 pm
had bay area officers remembering about their profession. >> plus, a rare move by chevron and the investigation into this flareup and why activists say it's not nearly enough. >> damaging winds will remain the headline for tonight. freezing conditions will be the weather story for tomorrow night. i'm outlining what you can expect through new year's day coming up.
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5:47 pm
fire shot into the night sky from an east bay refinery.
5:48 pm
this scene frightened people all over the bay area just a couple weeks ago. today, contra costa county announcedded in a rare move, chevron will allow it to oversee the refineries internal investigation of that flaring event back on the 18th. ktvu's tom vacar is live near the refinery. even with that move, community activists are saying it's not nearly enough. >> that's exactly right. given this refinery's track record, the community activists say a truly independent investigation will delay their fears about their accident, but on their unresolved concerns. >> these massive flares that lit up richmond's night sky scared a lot of neighboring communities and provide add stark reminder of the august 2012 explosion and fire that spent 15,000 folks to the hospital. >> they are not required to have us oversee this investigation. they are volunteering the opportunity for us to oversee the investigation. >> the county requested it and the county has a lot of
5:49 pm
experience. we worked with them in the past. >> communities for a better environment is calling for a truly independent third party investigation which, neither the county nor chevron have responded, let alone agreed to. >> the company and the agency are saying it is uncommon for them to provide oversight that is required by law. >> chevron says the pressure relieving flaring system worked, preventing recurrence of the 2012 debacle. >> still working as it is designed and preventing anything for the problem. >> the device workers, it could have been led to something else. >> cbe says that something else would be awful. >> it's the kind of unit that in other refineries, tends to burn so hot that it catches other refinery units on fire
5:50 pm
and cascades into things like complete refinery shut downs, massive air pollution events. >> failed unit remains offline to this day. >> a real reason for independent investigation here. >> this new investigation is supposed to be concluded in just one month. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, thank you, tom. and let's talk more about our weather. bring in our meteorologist and tonight for bill, windy out there. >> yeah, and it's going to continue. we're not going to see the let up until tomorrow afternoon. those winds will finally begin to die down and as we mentioned, it's behind the wind that the cold air is really going to begin to settle in and we do have advisories for the cold. let's start out by looking at the system that swept through the bay area in the overnight hours. you can see we are mostly clear. obviously dry, but down into southern california, it's a different story. the system now moving into southern california and we know it's a cold system. we are feeling it here at home.
5:51 pm
but a rare event going on over the desert. could actually see some snow right about 2,000 feet. las vegas sits above 2,000 feet. would you believe las vegas may actually get a little bit of snow new year's eve into new year's day? that is very rare. let's come back home and day care a look at what is happening here. temperatures 50 degrees in napa. 50 in oakland. 51 in redwood city. but with the wind blowing, it will feel closer to upper 30s, low to mid 40s. so we again, have this wind throughout this evening and into tomorrow morning. we have it here showing you the gusts anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour. very widespread. sfo reporting gusts stronger than that. as we go into tonight, not a lot of change. we still have gusts to 32 in oakland at 9:00. 41 redwood city. 31 in napa and 34 at san francisco. we're now in the overnight hours and the winds are continuing to howl. we get going tomorrow morning. temperatures a lot like today. low 30s to low 40s, but it's going to feel very chilly out
5:52 pm
there. if you have the wind. and you can see here, st winds are expected to continue. it's not until 11:00, 12:00 or so, we're now at noontime, and although it's breezy, the winds have finally decided that they are going to ease up some. this is when the wind advisory is expected to expire. as we get into the second half of wednesday, which is now new year's eve, those winds will continue to die down behind it, a freeze watch is expected for new year's eve, wednesday night lasting into thursday morning for our valleys and our hills. you can see our bay shoreline not included in this, nor the coastline. but if you are in the valley or the hills, this includes you. several hours of freezing temperatures expected. here's a quick look at your new year's eve fore caste. temperatures as we get close to the ring of midnight, we have temperatures in the mid 30s to mid 40s. it could feel closer to 30 degrees and 40 degrees depending on the wind out there. extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in
5:53 pm
view. temperatures will begin to turn around. it will be a gradual climb. we're looking at upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast by your weekend. gasia. >> thank you rosemary. coming up at 6:00, new technology for one bay area police department that allows police cruisers to record everything around them. we'll show you how it works and why the department thinks it's an important crime fighting tool. and plus, jim harbaugh's move from the 49ers and his new multiyear, multimillion year deal to coach the university of michigan wolverines. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00.
5:54 pm
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the san francisco fire chief is offering a big thank you today to a 12-year-old girl from san diego. chief joann handed jessica a certificate of honor this morning in the mist of 20 bags of stuffed animals. jessica is giving all of those stuffed and malls to the departments of the firefighters can then hand them out to kids to help calm them down during emergencies. jessica started her week care bear's project three years ago and expanded it with the help of a $50,000 grant. >> over the weekend, thousands gathered to say good-bye to one of two new york police officers who were ambushed and killed on the job. in that crowd, officers from the bay area. ktvu's ali sat down with two officers who traveled to new york and they say they needed
5:57 pm
to be there. >> a sea of uniformed officers. >> 35,000 people. you know, officers, just being there together for the purpose of supporting. >> somber, still paying their respects to a man most of them never met, but whom everyone considers a brother. >> part of a police family. >> everyone was there for the right reasons. >> they are part of a brotherhood that spans the country. it's heart wrenching. >> i've never seen that before. >> and teresa were two of the dozens of bay area police officers who traveled to new york city on saturday. they bowed their heads in prayer alongside officers from as far away from canada and alaska, at the funeral of new york police officer. >> it's a guy like you putting on a uniform and trying to do his job. >> ramos and fellow officer, liu, were shot and killedded in their patrol car december 20. >> they were sitting in their
5:58 pm
patrol cars eating lunch. how they were killed, it touched everybody. >> jet blue provided free air fare for seven other san francisco officers to get to new york. >> i cry at bag pipes. >> the day of the funeral, she had to walk a mile. an outpouring of gratitude. >> walking down the street, everyone wanted to shake your hand. the community itself, they stopped, thanked us for what we do. they were offering us water. >> it could be anyone. >> the sergeant says virgin atlantic donated tickets so four of their officers could get to new york. there was no question they had to go. >> as new york came and gave us support when we lost officer kaput and agular. >> the weekend was emotionally overwelming, but while they were giving support to nypd, they got something back in return. >> i'm extremely proud to put on this uniform and be a police
5:59 pm
officer. and to be among 20 plus thousand others that feel the same way. it's very juve rejuvenating. >> the pride and comrade that comes with it. ali rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> two officers said they didn't want to talk about the political fight between the new york mayor and the police officers. tension was obvious at the funeral when officers turned their backs as the mayor was speaking. now at 6:00, strong winds hitting the bay area with 60- mile an hour gusts. trees and power lines are down and there are a lot of problems for commuters and travelers. >> it was part of a construction site near san francisco's union square and meant to bring temporary relief to people in that area. it may be here to stay. >> and new cameras for bay area police department. police cars will now be equipped with five cameras. where they will be placed and what they will show. >> complete bay area news
6:00 pm
coverage. starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> trees toppled, power lines down. train service stopped and dangerous driving on bridges. those are just some of the problems caused by high winds blowing across the bay area right now. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian, julie haener has the night off. >> and i'm frank somerville. those winds have been howling all over today. we have team coverage on all the damage the winds are causing beginning with rosemary. >> those winds, those damaging winds are going to persist through the evening and even into tomorrow morning. let's get back to the readings, we'll take a lack at the latest information available. oakland reporting winds to 29 miles per hour, gusting to 43. concord reporting a gust to 25. napa 35, santa rosa looking at 25-mile per hour gusts. if we shift into areas like sfo, the wind gusts sustained at 40 and gusting to 48. mountain view reporting a 36- mile per hour gust. san jose 32. you can


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