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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is cold out there. in fact it's so cold some mics are not working. but we also have good news on the wind department. we'll get to that coming up. >> preparations continue here in san francisco for a huge new years eve party later tonight. including a fire works show. hundreds of thousands of people will be here. we'll tell you how this windy weather we are experiencing in the bay area could factor in that fire works show. >> new years party in new york city, how they are getting ready for the ball to drop in times square. it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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check out these gorgeous pictures. this is a live picture of 2015 in sydney, australia. and you can see those fire works are going off just -- what a beautiful shot. there are 1.6 million people who are actually there in person watching that beautiful light display. happy new year to australia. we are waiting for it still. it is wednesday, december 31st i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. you called it yesterday. man, cold and windy. it was brutal.
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>> it was brutal. the gusts usually over 50 for some. i have personal experience on that. it is cold out now. the breeze still holding up some of these temps. by the way tennis fans are like okay australia. that means the australia open is about ready to start. we are getting close. 20s, 30s, and 40s. tomorrow morning will be the coldest one. some of these temps if it wasn't for the breeze, they would be much colder than that. still 29 fairfield. 32 napa. some locations say common. so wind advisory is out until noon. >> i have a question for you first. >> i have an answer.
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>> the chp tweeted if it's cold enough that black ice could be an issue but it doesn't look like those numbers are low enough. >> well, there is some higher elevations. there is still water on the road for all the water we had. >> the chp is right. let's take it easy on the bridges. thank you for your expertise. right now i want to tell you about an accident we have on 80 westbound. this is in san pablo. the onramp is blocked there as well as the slow lane. we have a three car vision involving a taxicab. it looks like they are rying to move it over. right now we are going to take a live look here at the bay bridge incline. you can see traffic is moving very nicely. our editor said on the way in that she was really gripping the wheel. the wind is definitely a factor
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here and just about all of your bay area bridges are under a wind advisory. so definitely be careful out there. let's take a look at 880. this is near the oakland coliseum. the traffic is flowing nicely. finally at the toll plaza we are probably going to have a light week here. i think a lot of people had the week off. hopefully we won't be looking at the backup that we normally experience at 6:00-6:15. let's head back to the desk. pg&e crews are busy restoring power to thousands of customers after a cold blustery wind battled the bay area all day yesterday and continues to do it this morning. some of the worst wind damage was in san jose. janine de la vega is joining us live from a neighborhood this morning where hundreds of people still don't have power. it looks pretty windy out there. >> it is. not as bad as yesterday. it is frigid and it is windy
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out here. we are here on silver creek road. you can see pg&e crews are blocking the northbound lanes because they are working on replacing damaged power poles. strong powerful winds caused a eucalyptus tree to come crashing down and it took down a power pole yesterday afternoon. but then one power pole after another snapped. a total of eight was taken down. that left this neighborhood in the dark. residents were relying on flashlights and candles. silver creek high school is on holiday break. >> it is very cold in sight. it is very uncomfortable. it's only going to get worse. >> reporter: a downed tree took down a wire in front of a
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senior living facility yesterday. and several locations streetlights were out. even valley fair mall lost electricity and some stores were forced to close. at this point pg&e is effecting 300 customers in this neighborhood. but the last report that we got from pg&e is that they don't expect to have electricity restored here in this particular area until this evening. we will keep our eye on it. back to you. >> all right, thanks janine. the strong winds did cause havoc for thousands of bart riders. time is 5:06.
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alex savidge is live along the embarcadero where huge crowds are expected for that midnight fire show. >> people putting on that fire works show are expectings high -- expecting the high winds to die down. hundreds of thousands of people will be packing the embarcadero later tonight. of course there will be you can pet a lot of san francisco police officers on -- police want everyone to have a good time but they will not tolerate public drunkenness or other bad behavior. and preparing for this big party, it is no easy task. crews had to work in gusty conditions out on the water to -- they will be set off
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beremote value are. >> we have about 4,000 to 5,000 effects that will happen within a 15 minute span. so we will have a nice layering effect. >> reporter: there are also a number of extravagant new years eve parties going on. bill graham is hosting a two- day event thalline clouds electronic music. san francisco city hall they will have dancing under the rotunda tonight with tickets starting at $100 a person there. and again, the organizers of tonight's show are hoping the high winds will not be an issue later on tonight. they are opt moistic the show will go on. >> it sounds like a lot of fun. thank you for the update. talk to you later. by the way, if you all be out having fun ringing in the new year, you are advised use
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public transportation. muni, cal train, san tran are all offering free rides starting at 8:00 p.m.. bart will run until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. and there will be extra bart trains after that fire works show. however some of the bart trains will be skipping the busy embarcadero and west oakland stations. .net flex is help -- netflix is helping parents ring in the new year with a little alone time. this is the trailer for a three minute screaming netflix video designed to trick the little ones. it is a fake new years eve countdown for the kids saying 2015 has come and gone and then you can put them to bed. very smart. we are less than 16 hours away from the real new years
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eve countdown. final preparations are under way. the 12,000-pound ball has been spruced up and polished and tested to make sure everything is ready for tonight. thousands of police officers will be on patrol to make sure tonight's celebration is safe. they say there are not any specific threats but the city will be on high alert for any trouble. and then let's two to las vegas. 340,000 people are expected to watch this new years eve fire works show but there are high winds there as well and that could cancel the show. organizers say they will wait until ten minutes before midnight to make the call. if the show does happen, there will be a no fly zone across the strip. the show all last seven minutes. >> you can stay up to watch midnight. there. we get to talk about jim
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harbaugh and for him if -- >> coming up in 15 minutes why march says he's ready to -- >> a lot of wind advisories out there this morning. definitely take it easy. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. and more on some new years eve preparations as far as your travel arrangements go for tonight. >> i just had a nice e-mail from michael scott in south walnut creek. he said steve, the wind has died down and 28.6 degrees. it's going to get colder. hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe.
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new york city the mayor and police union leaders held a big meeting aimed at easing tensions. you can see mayor bill de blasio arriving at yesterday's meeting. ahead of the city's police five communions and other senior police department leaders. the police union leaders have accused the mayor of supporting antipolice protests in the wake of grand jury decision in the death of eric garner. one union president said nothing was resolved in yesterday's meeting. mayor de blasio released a statement. he said he is focused on building a productive dialogue and moving forward with the police department. that meeting comes just days before a second funeral will be held for one of the top new
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york police officers killed. officer wenjian liu will be laid to rest this weekend. the funeral for his partner officer rafael ramos was held last saturday. allie rasmus talked to two bay area police officers who went to that funeral. >> reporter: a sea of uniformed officers. >> 35,000 people. you know officers just being there together for the purpose of supporting. >> reporter: somber, still paying their respects to a man they never met but everyone considers a brother. >> part of a police family. >> everyone was there for the right reason. >> they are part of a brotherhood that spans the country. >> reporter: they were two of the dozens of bay area police officers who traveled to new york city on saturday. they bowed their heads in prayer alongside officers from as far away as anchorage,
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alaska and canada. >> it's a guy just like you going to work and putting on a uniform and try to do his job. >> reporter: ramos and liu were shot and killed in their patrol car. >> they were assassinated. they were sitting in their cars eating lunch. how they were killed it just touched everybody. >> reporter: jet blue prom sided free air fare to get to new york. gracey says the day of the funeral the streets were so packed she had to walk a mile to get there. along the way she experienced an out pouring of gratitude from new yorkers. >> walking down the street everyone wanted to shake your hand. the community themselves they stopped. thanked us for what we do. they were offering us water. >> reporter: virgin atlantic donated tickets so four of their officers could get to new york. >> as new york came and gave us support when we lost officer
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capoo. >> reporter: they say they the weekend was overwhelming. >> i'm extremely proud to put on this uniform. and be a police officer. and to be amongst 20 how long others that are the same it's very rejuvenating. >> reminding them about what they love. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. an oakland nonprofit organization is asking for help to keep the doors of its shelter open. they operate two facilities that help people to get back on their feet. the mission has been in oakland for 32 years. as this year ends, they are struggling to survive. if you would like to donate, we do have information on our website at all you have to do is scroll down the page and look for the web links section.
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definitely a lot more traffic today compared to tomorrow. tomorrow of course is the holiday. a lot of people have that off. that is as some folks head into work this morning. if you are, be aware of the wind. the wind definitely an issue. we have wind advisories for all of your bay area bridges this morning. right now we are going to take a life look outside. this is 101 through san rafael. you can see traffic going nicely through marin and make your way down to the golden gate bridge. at the bay bridge you can see traffic is flowing rather nicely but it is sort of a rough ride. make sure you really grip that steering wheel this morning. again under a wind advisory. finally 280 in san jose you can see traffic is flowing nicely in both directions. it is 5:18 let's check in with my man steve. i had to do that yesterday
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over the benicia bridge. i'm usually one of the ones that don't get spooked while driving. but i was. i'm going to say 50. gusts to 50. thankfully things are dying down. the wind is dying down. things. [ laughter ] that is the official meet meteorological term. 30s for many. in wind protected areas concord, walnut creek, i know vallejo the wind has died off. there is still a decent breeze although not as bad. still gusts 29 at fairfield. bui canna 32 at napa. north napa it was howling all day and still kicking up its heels. not as bad for other locations. san francisco say 35s. sfo 29.
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it's a northerly direction for most. wind advisory until noon. still a possibility of downed trees. higher elevations. certainly may be taking the brunt of that. flag staff has snow. 30s for some. 40s held up if it wasn't for the breeze. 42 san ramon. sunnyvale, saratoga. the breeze holding up morgan hill and gilroy.
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one in omaha. 24 in ukiah. the coldest air has already arrived but it's not going anywhere any time soon. the breeze will tail off. windy at times but decreasing throughout the day. lots of sunshine. some upper 40s. very low 50s for some. a little bit warmer say oakland and also parts of the coast. if you are heading out tonight, i would bundle up. the breeze does not look like it will be a big issue. it will be darn cold out there. and then sunny and warmer. freeze warnings tonight into tomorrow. >> still dress in layers. >> she heard you. >> i was bundled up this morning and saying not nice
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things about you steve. [ laughter ] i'm just teasing. 5:22. wall street had a down day and we will see how that closes out the year. the s & p slipped from its record high. check out those numbers on your screen. just one trading day left in the year. the s & p is up 20%. never had four down days in a row. all year. not bad. the nasdaq gained 14%. the dow is up 8%. today is a full trading day on wall street but it will be closed tomorrow. >> it's the last day of the year. >> i know. >> and with the new year just about here, now it's time to kick all of those words you hate to either hear, read, or say just kick them to the curb. up next we have a list of some of the words one university says should be banned in 2015. plus there is a new app to encourage safe driving. how it helps those that have
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had too much to drink and gives special insent is to -- incentives to those that stay sober.
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in the first ever foster farms bowl. it was a cold windy night at levi stadium and they blew past
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the terrapins. stanford scored the post points at a bowl game in stanford history. stanford definitely had the home field advantage. they played this game just 11 miles from the stanford campus. it was an emotional home coming for jim harbaugh. the university of michigan. the now former 49ers coach. yesterday morning he was officially announced as the new head football coach at his alma mater. harbaugh was michigan starting quarterback for three years and his father served as an assistant coach at the university. >> like you know your name i know michigan football. and believe in michigan football. and that will not be a hard job. >> harbaugh's seven year deal with michigan is worth about $40 million and that does not
5:27 am
count performance bonuses. now that another year is ending it's time to retire some of the words that were either misused, over used, or just plain useless. are you ready? here we go. according to north michigan lake superior university it's time to say goodbye to bae. steve paulson may not like this one but the word polar vortex two words also will be banned. it describes an arctic blast that gripped the country last winter. the words hack and foody are also on the list. as well as cay cay. which as you know means crazy. we have more coverage of the efforts now to reach the wreckage of that air asia plane. major obstacle that is holding up the recovery efforts and also what the airline officials are now saying about that plane
5:28 am
crash. >> pg&e is busy this morning working on restoring power. we are live in san jose where there was some of the worst wind damage. >> and the wind a little cay cay there. you can see this is highway-4 looking good. we have a lot of wind advisories to tell you about. >> that wind was crazy.
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good morning. welcome back to the morning news. we are live in san jose. see it's busy already this morning. pg&e crews are out there trying to get the power back on for hundreds of their customers who lost power. now this is near silver creek high school. now all of those workers are out there. the high winds knocked down several power poles yesterday. janine de la vega is out there as well. she will have more on the damage and getting that power back on. she will be here in two minutes. stay tuned. it's the middle of the week, wednesday december 31st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. i can't believe this is it. let's go over to steve paulson who is bringing out the year with freezing cold. >> it is cold.
5:32 am
i think yesterday was the wind event. let's get that out of the way. we had enough issues with that yesterday. the coldest air will be tonight and tomorrow. there is already a couple of 20s here. some 30s in wind protected areas. at least on some of those observations. otherwise it's being held in the 40s. tonight whether start a freeze warning. that will take us into tomorrow. we still have a wind advisory that goes into noon. although not as bad for many locations. wind advisory until noon. still possibility of downed trees. higher elevations 45 to 55. still a possibility in that time frame. i want to show you las vegas it is very close. 34 and cloudy right now. there is snow in the area. they are circling the wagons here. there is also snow in inland areas and san diego county and
5:33 am
flagstaff. it has left its mark here with wind and cold temperatures. 40s and 50s a lot of the times. here is tara with a very quiet morning. >> so far so good. new years eve is tonight. if you plan on heading into san francisco, bart is offering service until 3:00 in the morning and muni is offering free service until 5:00 in the morning. so no excuses to drive. right now we are going to head to the south bay. 280 at the 880 split not a lot of folks out there. can see a couple headlights. it is windy out there. we have a wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass. at the mccarthur maze not too bad as you make your way to the toll plaza. and finally highway 4 through the bay point pittsburgh area westbound traffic toward concord no delays right now. 5:33 let's head back to the desk. pg&e crews are busy. they are restoring power to
5:34 am
thousands of customers who have lost power. san jose had some of the worst wind damage. janine de la vega is joining us live. you are in one neighborhood where the lights are still out. >> reporter: yes, they are for about 300 people. we are here on silver creek road between capitol expressway. right now pg&e crews are spread out. there was extensive damage here because of the wind storm yesterday. they are working on replacing the power poles that were taken down here. powerful winds caused a eucalyptus tree to fall on a power pole. one snapped laying across the road. a total of eight was taken down. that left this neighborhood in the dark. residents were relying on flashlights and candles and some still are. silver creek high school is on
5:35 am
holiday break. we spoke with one woman because her home wasn't warm enough. >> i tried to call american red cross and they don't answer. i called a 211 number to get resources, they couldn't help me. we need to find a room for the night. we are going to have money. none of the services that were supposed to call to help us are available. >> reporter: there was other damage around the south bay. took down a wire in the senior living facility. and at various locations streetlights were out. and valley fair mall lost electricity. at this point pg&e is reporting this particular outage here in this silver creek neighborhood. it's down to 300 customers as i mentioned. although all around the south bay there were 5,000 customers effected without power. now it's 2300 customers. as far as this neighborhood is
5:36 am
concerned, the latest update we have is power might not be back up here until this evening. but we will continue to monitor it. i do have a call into pg&e just to see if there is any change in that. back to you. >> thank you janine. pg&e just updated the number of homes and businesses around the bay area that don't have power after the wind storm. here are the numbers. 2900 customers, no power on the peninsula. 2300 without power in the south bay. 2100 without power in the east bay. 200 in the north bay. no reported outages right now in san francisco. the winds were deadly inbook county. two people were killed in separate accidents. a tree fell on a moving car and killed a 79-year-old woman. two people driving behind her said it all happened in a matter of seconds. and about two miles away a
5:37 am
ponderosa pine fell on a man's home while he was sleeping and he was killed. the westbound lanes did reopen an hour later but the eastbound lanes those were not cleared until about 7:30 last night. the tree also took out some power lines. time is 5:37. it's already the year 2015 down under. it's official. this is new zealand. they are 21 hours ahead of us. so at 3:00 pacific time this morning, the key wees celebrated the brand new year. there was a huge fire works show over the sky tower. and this is one of the best pictures you will see anywhere as we showed you live a half an hour ago. australia also rang in 2015
5:38 am
this morning. just incredible fire works show and that whole panoramic view. this is above the sydney harbor. this is one of the biggest new years displays in the entire world. san francisco is also preparing for several extravagant parties for tonight's new years eve and large crowds are expected. bill graham pacific auditorium includes acrobatic performer. san francisco city hall will have dancing under the rotunda with tickets starting at $100 per person. the annual fire works show on the bay that is free. producers have had to battle the winds and waves setting up. they do not expect weather to be a problem for the fire works show tonight. >> we've got about 4,000 to 5,000 different effects happening over a 15 minute span. they will range in altitude from 150 feet off the barge to 1,000 feet in the sky. so we will have a nice layering
5:39 am
effect. >> san francisco's police department plans to have extra officers on patrol. they want everyone to have a good time but says it will not tolerate any public drunkenness or other bad behavior. the chp, the state office of traffic and safety have launched a new app to encourage safe driving tonight and year round. it's called ddvip. it allows people to request a ride home from transportation companies like uber or lift. and designated drivers can find restaurants offering them free or discounted nonalcoholic beverages and food. arson investigators in the south bay they are look into the cause of three new suspicious car fires. the two cars caught fire just before 7:30 last night on caspian sea drive. and then less than an hour later there was a car fire a quarter of a mile away on willow. we don't know if these are related to a string of other suspicious fires.
5:40 am
you may recall on monday a portable classroom caught fire while campbell police between thed this photo of a burning suv on south past kennel avenue. and there were two more car fires on bascom early christmas morning. and then someone torched three vehicles. they have been trying to identify the ignition sources for these fires. continuing coverage of the search for the missing air asia plane. rescues are hampering the efforts. the first bodies retrieved from the crash site arrived in indonesia today. in caskets labeled by numbers. they were carried by military personnel. seven bodies have been recovered so far. they will be taken to a hospital to be identified. ambulances are lined up at the airport. the ceo of air asia says the airline is committed to helping the families of the victim.
5:41 am
>> we will not run away from any of our obligations or hide behind any conventions. we will be there for the families even after this is all over. >> 162 people were on that flight. it's unclear what brought that airliner down but bad weather is believed to have played a part. there are reports that a body recovered from the crash site today was wearing a life jacket and that would seem to indicate those on board were told the plane was in trouble even though the pilot did not issue a distressed signal. >> and the investigations go on and on. our time is 5:41. back here at home good will of san francisco they do good things and they are giving back. coming up at 6:00, a live report on the donate-a-thon block party. they are thanking everyone from being generous all yearlong. >> and a scuffle between an off duty police officer and two women.
5:42 am
>> a lot of wind out there this morning. we have wind advisories in effect for your bay area bridges and a crash to tell you about. coming up this is a look at the richmond toll plaza. >> still windy here but a cold and breezy forecast for your new years eve forecast. we will talk about that and southern california. bleach
5:43 am
5:44 am
a scuffle between an off duty police officer and two women was all caught on video. christien kafton tells us what led to the confrontation. >> reporter: in the 56 second long clip, the man identifying himself as a san jose police officer first tries to restrain the woman and her sister. san jose police confirmed the incident unfolded in september. they say the officer was off
5:45 am
duty and the women hit his personal vehicle and then took off. >> the officer realizing that the vehicle was trying to get away decided to go ahead and follow that vehicle. >> reporter: police have identified the driver as 32- year-old tasmin gonzalez and her sister as charity gonzalez. they followed the women to a parking lot where the scuffle unfolded. at one point one sister bites him. and her sister begins pulling at the officer. both women jump into their car and speed away. san jose police are not identifying the officer involved but do say he reported the incident immediately and doesn't appear to have violated any department mental guidelines. >> he filled out a use of force documentation which any officer would fill out. >> reporter: my question was
5:46 am
how should you proceed in a case like this if you are not sure you are dealing with a real police officer? they say in a case like this you should drive to a public place, social security officer for their name and badge number and way to call the department to make sure you are dealing with a real officer and not someone who is trying to impersonate an officer. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. meantime we have more details on that christmas day wine theft at the famous french laundry restaurant. investigators now say the thief stole between 40-50 bottles of extremely rare wines. the napa county sheriffs put the loss at more than $50,000. however, one wine expert says the french laundry could have sold that wine for $700,000. he also believes the thief may try to sell that wine on the black market. time is 5:46. we've been seeing light traffic all week long. we don't have to get up early.
5:47 am
but we have wind, we have some issues. tara moriarty is joining us right now with a look at how things are going. and it's a morning to be careful out there. right? >> yeah because of the wind. we do have a traffic outage we want you to know about. this is unincorporated contra costa. we have a large crate in both lanes and all of these vehicles have to swerve around it, quite a dangerous situation. ch be p working on getting someone out there to remove all of that. right now we are going to head out to san pablo. you can see it and look at our maps here. i'm going to circle this area so you can get a better idea. you can see it there. we are talking about 80 westbound. this is at el portal. we have a three-car crash i mentioned earlier. and it sort of snowballed. it's gotten a little worse. we have three lanes blocked right now. definitely experiencing some delays in there. give yourself extra time. up next we have a look at the
5:48 am
bay bridge toll plaza you can see a little bit of a backup starting there but nothing like it normally is. around 6:15, we should see things get a lot more congested so we will let you know how that goes. finally 880 traffic on the left hand side of your screen. the headlights are heading southbound toward hey ward. we do want to mention we have wind advisories in effect for all of your bay area. let's head over to steve. tara we will grade on the curve and give you a c plus. >> that was pretty bad. i got to get used to the mouse there. >> you were moving quick. >> we enjoyed watching the circle so that is okay. >> we have lots to talk about here. let's get to it. we do have cold readings already. and even if you're in the 40s it feels cold. there are a few locations in the 20s. report also from ukiah at 25 degrees. if it doesn't for the breeze
5:49 am
santa rosa and napa much, much colder. concord says 35. there is still a decent breeze. gusts to 29 at fairfield. 32 napa airport. that is why that temperature is being held up. mountain view northeast at 12. 26 gusts to half-moon bay. 29sfo. and san jose due north at 12. some of the higher elevations still possible. downed trees or power out annals. 45 to 55. i want to take you down to southern california. here is san diego has been getting rain. pasadena by the way tomorrow the record low for the rose bowl parade is 32 degrees. they will flirt with that record tomorrow. i mean that is cold. 1952 was 32 degrees. i think the forecast low for tomorrow is 30. it will be a cold one there. it will be dry as that system moves out. snow east of san diego and also toward las vegas. i will tell you it's close. very close. 34 and cloudy right now.
5:50 am
there is snow in the area. and also toward flagstaff which is gorgeous right now. rain down toward phoenix. this system had a lot more moisture to work with as it wraps itself up in southern california and southern nevada. but it gave us the wind and also the cold air. very windy and cold getting reports from petaluma which is why it's 45 degrees. tomorrow about 29. lafayette says we are already there at 29 degrees. 39 brentwood. antioch is 38. san roe moan 32. same can be said for morgan hill and gilroy. saratoga at 37 degrees. and foster city has dipped to 39. very, very cold throughout much. all the way down to houston. they are looking at cold weather and single digits. 13 in tahoe. 10 in reno. there is 34 in las vegas. clear. cold and breezy.
5:51 am
afternoon temps 40s for some. mainly low 50s here. a couple mid 50s. the coast and that north wind might help a few oakland santa rosa. if you are heading out tonight, it will be cold. i mean three dog night on tap for tonight. and they are not performing at least not here. but it will be a three dog night. and then we look like slightly warmer pattern. a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. >> slightly warming. >> as we go to friday, saturday, and sunday. >> so we know all the people that we will have to wear 12 layers. but you don't think it's going to disrupt it. >> i don't think the wind will be an issue. i think it will just be cold. as we turn the calendar page on the year of 2014, americans now have a new favorite company. can you guess what it is? amazon. there it is. the on line retailer earned the top rating from the university of michigan. researchers say quote people just flat out love amazon.
5:52 am
heinz ranks second. hersheys and mercedes benz tied for third. the reviews come from 70,000 interviewed connected throughout the year and cover 240 major companies. time is 5:52. they are used to helping the needy. now they need help. coming up at 6:15, we will tell you about a bay area organization being forced to reach out to help itself. >> it is the last day on the job for san jose mayor chuck reed. what he says has been his biggest accomplishment in the past eight years.
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5:55 am
thousands of people are ringing in the new year in very snowy south lake tahoe. 14,000 people are expected to attend and police are concerned about the cold. two years ago at the festival a teenager from petaluma did die of hyperthermia while under the influence. organizers have set up warming stations and warming buses so concert goers can get out of the cold. parts of southern california are getting snow. this is how the northern approach to the grapevine on interstate 5 looked yesterday afternoon. this is at l.a. beck exit. about 40 miles south of
5:56 am
bakersfield. and elevation of 3400 feet. the snow stuck to the ground long enough to encourage some families to pull over off the freeway and play in that snow. it didn't last long. it is raining there now. so the snow is gone. time is 5:56. today is the last day on the job for san jose mayor chuck reed. tomorrow sam liccardo takes over. mayor reed says avoiding bankruptcy that was his biggest accomplishment. part of that involved employee pay cuts and pension reform and that caused some bitter battles with the unions and critics say a dwindling police force. still mayor reed says those reforms allowed him to leave behind a fiscally found city. >> i'm happy to turn the reigns over to mayor liccardo in good condition. not perfect condition. >> he says he has no plans to run for political office again.
5:57 am
but he will stay politically involved and plans to work as a lawyer in san jose. in san francisco some children in emergency situations will have a little extra comfort thanks to a 12- year-old girl with a big heart. the san francisco fire department honored and thanked jessica yesterday after she gave them 20 bags of stuffed animals. she wants first responders to give them to scared or injured children during emergency situations. jessica came up with the idea when she was only nine years old and calls it the we care bears project. >> bravo to her. time is 5:57. the wine country preparing for big crowds on this new years eve. coming up for you in our 6:00 hour the extra police patrols that are in place. who is going to pay for them and how the business owners are helping get you home. >> netflix has a plan to help parents trick their children tonight. the fake countdown that can
5:58 am
help you with early bedtime. >> a live look at the east shore freeway shows that traffic is moving all right. we do have a car fire to tell you about in the east bay. we'll let you know exactly where it is next. >> well, it's snowing just outside the strip in las vegas. it's very close. it's clear here but it's cold. we'll talk about how cold and what warnings are out. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey,
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san francisco's good will is giving back. up next we have a live report on the donate-a-thon block party to thank people for being generous all yearlong. >> high winds expected to continue for the next couple of hours. we have more on the mess left behind from over night and the continuing problems this morning. >> and we are live in a very cold and windy san francisco saying goodbye to 2014. saying hello to 2015. coming up the preparations under way and the different options you have to stay safe tonight. >> and planning a new years eve celebration involves planning a safe way home. coming up the app that is designed to help you do just that. ktvu channel 2 news.


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