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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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san francisco's good will is giving back. up next we have a live report on the donate-a-thon block party to thank people for being generous all yearlong. >> high winds expected to continue for the next couple of hours. we have more on the mess left behind from over night and the continuing problems this morning. >> and we are live in a very cold and windy san francisco saying goodbye to 2014. saying hello to 2015. coming up the preparations under way and the different options you have to stay safe tonight. >> and planning a new years eve celebration involves planning a safe way home. coming up the app that is designed to help you do just that. ktvu channel 2 news.
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claudine, i want some of that. >> i know. >> happy new year. it is officially 2015 down under. this is just an incredible fire works display. just look at your tv. this was shot off the harbor bridge around downtown sydney australia about 5:00 this morning. our time. this is just spectacular. new zealand and australia they are among the first in the world to welcome in the new year. the next big fire works display we are expected to see will be from south korea. they are going to ring in 2015 from just about an hour from now. this will be hard to top though. meantime here in the bay area we are still a couple hours away from our big celebration. we are live this morning. here is brian flores. we are along the embarcadero in san francisco. brian is already out there. coming up brian who's trying to
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stay warm out there along the embarcadero will be out there and tell you about the preparations that are under way. >> it looks chilly. it looks chilly. he had his jacket on. welcome become to the morning news i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. we are talking about weather and traffic. steve paulson knows everything there needs to know. >> crazy windy. >> cra-cra. >> yeah. [ laughter ] it's cold out there. temperatures in the 40s, 30ss and a few 20s. if the breeze picks up the temperatures go back up. concord sitting at 33 because it's calm. although william which was 39 and the breeze picked up. went back to the 40s. two reports from walnut creek. it won't take long. mountain view at 39. that is utmost close to the water. fairfield gusts to 26. napa is calming down a little bit. 17 oakland 14. concord only three miles an hour. so not as bad 29 though gusts
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at sfo. and now san jose says calm. that temperature should plummet. san francisco still getting about 10-25 so it's a blustery cold morning for some. i want to show you snow east of san diego. wrapping back around. and some of that is heading toward las vegas as well. there is snow being reported just outside the las vegas. for us it will be calming down on the wind. but it will still be a clear sunny day. windy times. wind advisory until noon. highs today upper 40s for some. low 50s. maybe a few mid 50s but that will be about it. here is tara with an update. so far so good. we fake it; right? >> yeah it hasn't been too bad. we do have a car fire on 580 eastbound. this is in oakland. it's on the right hand shoulder but pretty spectacular flames. engine was fully engulfed. crews had just snuffed it out. we want to take a look at
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highway 24. it looks a little blurry there. you can tell the traffic there is a lot of brake lights there as you are making your way to the caldecott but no major delays on through orinda. up next at the san mateo bridge you can see the camera is not bothered around there. a lot of times when we have the wind advisories which we do have for the bay area bridges you will see the camera being knocked around there. not as bad this morning as it was yesterday. and last but not least this is 237 in milpitas. the taillights you can faintly see there are westbound traffic. it is 6:04 let's head back to the desk. the bay area's huge wind storm is not over yet. a high wind advisory stays in effect until noon today. pg&e crews are still out there working. trying to get the power back on. 7,000 customers lost power after a cold blustery wind battered the bay area yesterday. some of the worst wind damage was in san jose.
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one eucalyptus tree knocked down eight power poles right outside of silver creek high school and the lights are still out in that neighborhood. the strong winds caused havoc for thousands of bart riders. a big tree fell on the tracks near daily city early yesterday afternoon and that stopped trains in both directions. between san francisco and millbrae for about three hours. wind blown debris also disrupted service between the pleasant hill and concord bart stations. bart set out buses to pick up some of the stranded passengers. we are still counting down to 2015 and cities around the bay area they are planning some major celebration. one of the biggest celebrations locally is right along the embarcadero in san francisco. a very chilly ktvu brian flores out there along the waterfront. i know you are bundled up. you still want to tell us what is ahead for the new years celebration. >> reporter: i do. and one thing i can tell you
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this morning if you are heading out here tonight, bring a jacket. it is going to be cold. the winds are expected to die down. as you mentioned live along here this morning, this is probably the quietest it will be until celebrations begin tonight. as you can see preparations are under way. these are the barricades that will be used later on tonight adds well. but expect lots of people to be here to ring in the new year. as we go to video, one of the main celebrations along the embarcadero. thousands of people are expected. the good news the event will be free. crews had to be careful when setting up the fire works for tonight. they had a tough time just standing but the weather did not stop them from getting ready. >> we've got about 4,000 to 5,000 different effects that will happen over a 15 minute span. they will range in altitudes from about 150 feet off the barge to about 1,000 feet in
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the sky. we will have a nice layering effect. >> reporter: it is sheeshly going to be awesome to see that. but other events in the city include a party at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets for that start at $100. as we take you back out here live, stay safe. that is the message i want to get out. san francisco police will be out in full force tonight but more importantly please do not drink and drive. i cannot say that enough. please do not drink and drive. several options out there including mta which is offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m.. and we talked about the tipsy toe service. if worse comes to worse, just get a cab. it's going to be very cold but have fun out there. guys, back to you. >> that is good advice staying safe and bundling up as well.
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thank you. as brian mentioned, bay area cities are encouraging people to take that public transportation tonight. they are all offering free rides starting at 8:00 p.m.. bart is going to run until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. there be extra trains after the fire works show. the chp and state office of safety has launched a new app to encourage driving tonight. it is called dd vip. it allows you to request a ride home from transportation companies like uber or lift. and designated drivers you get a little treat. you can find restaurants that over free or discounted nonalcoholic beverages and food. police officers in sonoma county are boosting patrols don't tonight. it is being funded. and ten additional chp officers will be on patrol to help out local law enforcement agencies. some businesses are also helping people get home safely.
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they are offering free nonalcoholic drinks to designated drivers or they will help you find a safe ride home. netflix is helping parents out tonight. they are helping to ring in the new year with a little alone time. you've got a kid that really wants to see the new year ring in play them this trailer. it is designed to trick the little ones. it is a fake new years eve countdown. and then you can put them to bed. >> faking them out. time is 6:09. happening today good will is holding a very special celebration. one that can help people do some good and also get a little something extra off your 2014 taxes. ktvu alex savidge is joining us
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live now. you're at good will san francisco flag ship store. you are explaning the donate-a- thon. what is that? >> reporter: it's the last day of the year. it's your last chance to donate the unwanted items you may have around the house and get that tax deduction. you can also help out a very good cause at the same time. we're here at 1500 mission street. this is the good all yard. they are getting set up for their big donate-a-thon. they are going to have a band. live music. performances, special appearances. they've got the popcorn machine all cranked up. you can come by and drop off anything. clothing, furniture, electronics and get that tax write off and it goes to benefit the good will of san francisco, san mateo and marin. i'm joined by deborah with good will. talk to me about how all of these donations benefit this organization. >> thanks so much. this is our donation celebration. we like to call it. it's our day we thank our
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donors that support us year round. and 80% of the revenue we generate helps people that are trying to get back into the work force. we supply job training for people that have big barriers to getting back into the work force. >> and you encourage people to come down here at any point today and make it real easy. how easy is it? >> it's so easy. we will guide you in. we will give you popcorn, we will give you ticket movie passes and zoo passes. we will help you unload your car. you will have a great time. you will be entertained by the san francisco boys chorus. we have live music here. >> reporter: great way to end the new year and feel good about making that donation. the donate-a-thon here at good will 1500 mission street in san francisco. it goes until 5:00 today. so get here and make that last
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minute donation. back to you buys in the studio. >> thank you. high winds knocked out power to thousands of people around the bay area and coming up at 6:30 we will go live to south bay where crews are there right now. working above and below ground to try to fix the problems after eight power poles came down. >> it's a way to show a small token of our appreciation. >> honoring two new york city police officers that were killed in that ambush. the message to the community one painter is sending through his wart work. >> highway 24 through lafayette looking pretty good at this hour. a little slow as you make your way toward the caldecott. we do want to tell you about new years eve preparations under way if you want to get in the city tonight. >> for some 30s and 40s. but there are a few locations checking in at the 20s. i know there is a couple up in ukiah.
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in new york city the mayor and place union leaders held a meeting aimed at easing tensions. the police commissioner and other senior police department leaders. police union leaders have accused the mayor of supporting antipolice protests in the wake of the grand jury decision in the death ever of eric garner. one union president says
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nothing was resolved at yesterday's meeting. mayor de blasio released a statement saying he focuses on building a productive dialogue and moving forward with the department. the funeral for the second new york city police officer killed in an ambush will be held this weekend. the funeral for the first officer was held last saturday. one of the most memorable images of the service came from a portion of ramos that was painted by new york city artists kenny who is known for painting the portraits of fallen officers. >> i feel like as an artist to preach some kind of peace to the community by presenting this to the family and the world to see. >> he is now finishing up his portrait of officer wenjian liu. he paints in his brooklyn ditch within a photo of his subject on his iphone. a nonprofit organization is asking for help to keep its doors open at its shelter.
6:17 am
operates to facilities. they help people who are struggling to get back on their feet. the mission has been in oakland for 32 years but as this year ends, they are short of money. >> we need about $15,000 just to continue to keep our doors open. between our two facilities it costs almost $10,000 a month. just bare minimum to keep the doors open. >> aerial mission says it helps about 6400 people every year through a variety of programs. the nonprofit organization says its books, its financial books, its annual reports are open to anyone who wants to check them out. if you'd like to donate, we have information on our channel 2 website just scroll down the page, look for the web link section it's right there on the right hand side. it is 6:17. people waking upright now are thinking about probably tonight. lots of traffic options for people to get around safely. >> definitely the festivities
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are going on in san francisco. a lot of people will be heading there for new years. we have bart offering service until 3:00 in the morning and muni is going to provide free rides from 8:00 tonight until 5:00 in the morning. absolutely no excuse to drive. you can see the headlights there. at the richmond bridge toll plaza you can see there are no delays there. very good morning. and finally along the east shore freeway this is probably the most traffic i'm seeing on all of my cameras. there are high wind advisories in effect for all of your bay area bridges. but really the traffic is pretty light compared to a normal day. and of course we can attribute that to the holiday. it is 6:18 let's head over to steve. >> thank you, tara. >> you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> appreciate that. we have some cold readings here but look at it this way,
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you could be in wyoming where it's 30 below right now. 30 below. i've been to lairmy. spent a week there one night. that is cold. we have a lot of people that are bone chilling temps. our temps for us are cold. walnut creek two reports. concord at 33. look at redwood city at 34. any wind protected areas that wind has died down, the temperatures has plonged if not the wind is holding the temperature up. san jose is calm. san francisco reports really windy conditions. south city howling winds still 24 gusts about 21-24. it's a breezy cold windy morning for us here.
6:20 am
i just posted pictures of snow. it looks like the possibility of a record low for the rose bowl parade tomorrow. the record is 32 in 1952. it's snowing just outside the strip in las vegas. it's very close. it doesn't look like it's there yet. everything is moving in from that direction pretty good snow up in flagstaff. raining down in phoenix. this system that low that formed in southern california didn't do much for us cloud wise. denver is five below. 32 in dallas. cold all the way down to houston. 11 up in tahoe. 26 ukiah. a couple reports in mendocino county. san diego 48. los angeles 46. clear, clear, clear. it will be cold and breezy. windy at times. wind advisory until noon and that decreases tonight until the wind tails off. that temperature will drop
6:21 am
rapidly. 50s on some of these temps. a few locations can benefit. offshore breeze can help areas along the coast. tonight mainly cold and by tonight inland areas will drop in the 30s really fast. bundle up even on the coast. i think there will be very cool readings. sunny but a freeze warning starts tonight and takes us into tomorrow morning. sunny cays and cold mornings. >> if you bundle up tonight properly or have -- >> you have that too. thanks a lot. talk to you in a few minutes. time is 6:21. we have new details coming in about that sony hack attack. what one security company says about the possibility it was an inside job. >> i'm wondering how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with this perception that you are the savior of michigan football. >> i'm not comfortable that at all. as i said. [ laughter ] >> expectations are high.
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jim harbaugh welcomed by his new city and new job. he says he is ready to coach at the university of michigan. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now
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stanford feasted on maryland last night. it was a chilly, windy night at levi stadium as the cardinals
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blew past the ere real pins 45- 21. stanford scored the most points at a bowl game in school history. stanford definitely had that home field advantage. that game was played just 11 miles from campus. and here are some examples of just how windy the conditions were at the game. maryland's flag barer was trying very hard to do his job. but the winds also nearly blue off the half. those goal posts just kept swaying. remember him? it was an emotional home coming yesterday for jim harbaugh at his alma mater. the now former 49ers coach got a heros welcome. this was at the halftime of the michigan basketball game. yesterday morning jim harbaugh
6:26 am
was officially announced as a new head football coach at his alma mater. harbaugh was michigan's starting quarterback for three years. and harbaugh's dad was an assistant coach at the university. >> like you know your name, i know michigan football. and believe in michigan football. and that will not be a hard job. >> jim harbaugh's seven year deal with michigan is worth about $40 million and that doesn't count his performance bonuses. that is about the same as what the 49ers were paying him. meantime the oakland raiders they were among the teams that reportedly tried to hire jim harbaugh during the last week of the nfl season. the raiders have now signed nine players to new contracts as they get ready for next year. they include running bacter answer kolb and receiver seth roberts and jeremy gowan. hope solo is trying to get domestic violence charges against her dropped.
6:27 am
she appeared in a courtroom yesterday. she is accused of assaulting her half sister and 17-year-old nephew last june. her attorney says the charges should be dropped because the nephew has changed his story since the understand incident. a 20-year-old man is in court accused of robbing a bank. the reason his father decided to turn his son in after seeing these surveillance photos. >> we are live in san jose where pg&e crews have been working over night to restore the power because of the wind storm yesterday. we just got an update on the repairs. we'll let you know what that is coming up. >> no traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have high wind warnings in effect. >> it's clear. that is not a problem. the breeze is still there. not as bad as yesterday for most. but still pretty windy. there are a few 20s showing up.
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vww these are lye pictures. we're in san jose. this is silver creek road. look at those working to get the power back on for thousands of customers this morning. coming up in a couple of minutes, ktvu janine de la vega will give you an update on all the work as we look high into the sky up on that tree there. they are doing eight power poles were knocked down by the strong winds. so we will keep you posted on what is going on in this area and around the bay area. stay tuned. good morning thank you for joining us. ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is new years eve i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong. your time now as you see there on the screen is 6:30. steve paulson i've got to tell you, i know you said you were going across the bridge.
6:31 am
all white knuckled and scared. but i saw everyone posting on social media and facebook just even hearing it howling outside that people were getting nervous by it. >> kirkwood pass was closed for awhile. we still have days we haven't touched on. we have a wind advisory until noon. others the wind has tailed off big time if it has, that means temperatures has plunged. we have a freeze warning. a wind advisory until noon. a couple locations around walnut creek. concord 33 degrees. martinez 27.
6:32 am
we will have a lot of pictures on that coming up. and there is a lot of rain and snow close to the strip in las vegas. that is the latest report. it's close. it looks like it's still not there yet but it's on its way. the low in southern california will eject off toward california. still a cold and breezy day with 50s. low 50s for many. mid 50s for others. here is tara now. do we have one issue or did i hear things? >> you are just hearing things. you know you are going a little cra-cra. >> i'm going cra-cra. >> i'm just kidding. that is on a list of the most annoying words. we have not too many problems out there. the good news is tonight if you are celebrating new years and heading into san francisco, you definitely have some options. bart will be running into the wee hours of the morning and muni is offering free rides. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge where we have no delays coming into san
6:33 am
francisco this morning. there are not any delays so that pretty much means we are in the clear. usually we see our huge backups around 6:20. this is the san mateo bridge and all of your bay area bridges are under a high wind advisory this morning. but i'm not seeing any of the cameras bounce around so it looks like the winds have died down a little bit compared to yesterday. so that is the good news. it is 6:33 let's head back to the desk. >> thanks, tara. pg&e has new numbers on the homes and businesses in the bay area that are still without power because of this big wind storm. the latest map shows there are now 6,000 customers without power in san francisco. 2900 customers are without power on the peninsula. in the south bay you've got 2300 in the dark. 2100 in the east bay. and 200 in the north bay. neighborhoods throughout the bay area still dealing with all the damage due to the gusty
6:34 am
winds. janine de la vega is joining us live from the san jose neighborhood where there is a lot of work going on. it looks pretty cold out there. >> reporter: yeah the winds blowing around. i keep having to push my hair back. there is good news to report in this neighborhood. the power was just restored here and there in silver creek high school. about a half an hour ago. pg&e crews they are still out here repairing power poles. and that is what is blocking the northbound lanes of silver creek road. powerful winds caused a eucalyptus tree. one power pole after another snapped. laying across the road. a total of eight were taken down. that left this neighborhood in the dark. residents were relying on flashlights and candles. most of the residents we are told had electricity by 2:00 a.m.. but by around 6:00 a.m. everyone in the silver creek area had power. fortunately silver creek high school is on holiday break.
6:35 am
students and staff were not effected yesterday although residents were inconvenienced. we spoke to one couple that was new to the neighborhood and they got lost while trying to get home. >> you see the stoplight there. it is almost down. and then the wind is really strong. >> reporter: there was other damage around the south bay. a downed tree took down a wire in a front of the facility. even valley fair mall lost electricity and some stores were forced to close. pg&e's latest numbers they are saying about 2300 customers in the south bay are still effected. pg&e crews will stay out here making the repairs to the pole. they said they were able to switch people in this neighborhood and get them back on. right now all though people are
6:36 am
still dealing with the cold. it feels a lot colder than it was yesterday and we hear it is supposed to be even colder tomorrow. claudine. >> yeah steve warning us the temperatures are just going to drop like they were attached to a rock. right steve? the high winds were deadly. and there were actually two people there that were killed in separate accidents. a tree fell on a moving car and killed the 79-year-old woman in the town of paradise. two people driving behind said it all happened so quickly just in a matter of seconds. two miles away ponderosa pine fell on the back of a home and a 29-year-old man who was sleeping inside that home was killed. a free fell on interstate 80 in vallejo and brought traffic to a standstill. check out these pictures. it happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the westbound lanes reopened about an hour later but those
6:37 am
eastbound lanes check out that traffic. it was a mess. the tree also took out some power lines. and in sausalito the coast guard was by city. they were busy retrieving boats. at least nine of those boats broke loose. but others were simply dragging their anchors behind them. the ghost guard is urging owners to take another look at your boats. make sure they are securely tied especially in weather like this. in san francisco this is one of my favorite stories. some kids in emergency situations they will have a little extra comfort thanks to a 12-year-old girl with a very big heart. her name is jessica carstanton she was honored and thanked after she delivered 20 bags of stuffed animals. she wants them to give those stuffed animals to scared or injured children during an emergency situation. she came up with this idea when she was only nine years old and
6:38 am
calls it the we care bears project. good wills industry is doing something. they are offering people in the bay area to do some good while doing some good for themselves. but only if they do it today. alex savidge is live where the donate-a-thon is starting. is this starting already? >> yeah. >> reporter: they are getting started here just about a half hour. the brand is warming up behind us here. this is the in house band. the good will band and they are jamming this morning. this event is really just one big party. we're here at 1500 mission street in san francisco. and all throughout the day you can come down and make that last minute donation to good will and get that tax deduction for 2014. appreciate your time. you're where good will. >> people come and bring all of
6:39 am
their treasures they want to share. and it's just such a wonderful opportunity for us. connect with our donors, connect with our folks that support us and put people back to work. >> job placement programs here in san francisco and throughout the community. >> that is right. last year we put 640 people back to work that have been unemployed. it is just a wonderful day. we will have all kinds of folks out today. please come on down. >> reporter: one of the people that is a huge supporter of the donate-a-thon is mayor willie brown. we appreciate your time. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing fantastic. braving the cold. >> reporter: and dave looks pretty good. >> dave always looks good. and a man who is also known for his style that is you. you have been known to be a
6:40 am
stylish gentleman. speaking of which you have the willie brown collection. and that is when we have a few samples. these are items you donate to good will. what is the goal here? >> well, every year whatever i want in a year i give to good will. and this time it was i don't know 70 or 80 items. and jackets, shirts, suits, i do it if i ever -- >> reporter: if you haven't worn it this past year. >> you know people horde too much. and you never visited. i try my best to avoid that by sharing. my expensive items. >> i was just looking through them. what seize are these by the way? >> these are all 42.
6:41 am
>> it is a very good cause. just a band itself people who work with good will. the training program. and the opportunity and the reason i chose good will a long time ago because at one time in life good will helped me. >> reporter: thank you for your time. good will donate-a-thon we are here at 1500 mission street in san francisco. they will be beginning to accept your donations at 7:00 this morning. a half an hour from now. the band is here. it's a big party. the mayor is here. it goes until 5:00 today. >> alex, before you go, can you tell the mayor that his friend dave clark says if he didn't give his clothes to me, i'm happy he's giving it to good will. >> you don't need any of that. >> reporter: you had your eye on some of those suits. >> yes, i did. >> the mayor is very dapper.
6:42 am
so alex i need to see you try something on and dance a little bit. you've got the band, you've got the music, you have to get in that spirit. >> he can't hear us anymore but alex, thank you. >> really a great event. >> it's such a good idea from the mayor. and if you haven't worn anything for a year, we probably do save stuff. clear it all out for the new year. today is deadline day for critical work. coming up in 20 minutes we will talk about the repairs that are supposed to be completed and the threat that is now coming from cal tran. >> we are live along san francisco's embarcadero where crews are getting ready for new years eve celebration. coming up more on the preparations and options as well to keep you safe tonight. >> kind of windy out there this morning. we have some wind advisories in effect. first a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. >> it's clear and cold and there is enough of a breeze to hold the temps up. that won't be the case tonight into tomorrow. we have a freeze warning out
6:43 am
and some term temps have dipped into the 20s.
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6:46 am
in new zealand. and check out that party in australia. also rang in the new year with a fire works show. one of the largest in the world. it was an all day event thattish colluded a smaller eight minute fire works show -- it was an all day event that included a smaller eight minute fire works show for children. preparations for new years celebrations. a big fire works show is planned for the san francisco waterfront. ktvu brian flores who knows everything about this he's out there now. you are shivering but you see there is also excitement. you know what is ahead for the people who go out for the big show brian. >> well, you need to bring a jacket dave. i'm shivering for sure. it is cold, it is windy out here. but there are a lot of preparations as well for the big celebrations tonight. we are along the embarcadero in
6:47 am
san francisco. the barricades they are all set up lined along here. we saw the porta-potties set up. they are important too, you know. a lot of preparations going on throughout the day. getting ready for the fire works show tonight. several thousands of people are expected along the embarcadero. thousands of people are expected to be here again. the event will be free but in terms of setting up tonight we talked about the high winds and choppy waters. especially yesterday afternoon. fire works crews had to set up the estimated 5,000 fire works shells tonight. they had a tough time even standing up and betting on the winds dying down by midday today. but to do the final preps the weather did not stop them from getting ready. the wind almost carry the -- the wind will carry the effect again. the fire works will go out of and spread and do their thing.
6:48 am
>> reporter: that is right the show will go on tonight. tickets for that start at $90. it will be a two-day event with music and costumes. and for $100 you can ring in the new year at san francisco city hall rotunda. the mezzanine will be open for dancing and mingling. stay safe out there this morning. that is the main message i want to get out there. quiet out here along the embarcadero but that will be changing. also there are different options tonight to stay safe. we will be harping on this all morning long. just be safe out there. designate a driver. mta says they will be offering free rides tonight. bart is offering late night, early morning service. just be aware of that. be safe out there. definitely have a good time tonight. guys, back to you. >> thank you.
6:49 am
6:48. now that another year is about to end, some argue it is time to retire some words that are either misused, over used, or just plain useless so here we go. according to the north michigan university it's time to say goodbye to bae. meteorologist steve paulson might not agree with this but polar very vortex is banned. describes an arctic blast that gripped the nation last winter. hack and foody are also on the list. and paulson is cra-cra another word that is simply just means crazy. >> don't let steve hear you say that. >> cra-cra. >> he is crazy in a good way. >> in a good way. let's check in with tori campbell. let's see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up on mornings on 2, we will have a look at the top trends of the last year including the single biggest news story of 2014.
6:50 am
meanwhile russian president vladimir putin sent out dozens of new years eve messages to world lead evers. we'll tell you what he said to president obama and the one head of state who was absent from the list. and outraged at play-doh. we will tell you the original intent for this baking item that is definitely not family friendly and how the company is responding to the strong post christmas backlash on social media. now at 6:50 let's go to tara moriarty who is watching the roadways. and it's quiet. a lot of people sleeping in before they stay up all night. >> yeah. if you can do that, great option for those people. >> those other people. not us. >> yes. >> we are bringing you the news. we're letting you know there is nobody out on the road because
6:51 am
we have no traffic and it's rather nice. we want to show you right here this is 280 at the 880 split those headlights are northbound as you make the drive toward santa clara. no delays to speak of. up next we have a look at highway 24. there are more cars here than anywhere else. according to my camera it's a little bit slow toward the caldecott but it's moving. at the bay bridge wind climb a wind advisory is in effect. and right now we will check in with steve paulson who i understand who has pictures on the snow? >> an unusual location. timecula. it's only at 1,000 feet. there is very good wineries. probably not today. they are getting the most snow residents have seen in 25 years. i mean twitter is going crazy here. social media blowing up as we say. is that another word we can get rid of?
6:52 am
blowing pup. if you drew a line from l.a. to san diego east you would meet. serious snow on the ground. again all the pictures coming in it has been not only there but very close until las vegas. mojave desert getting significant snow today. i mean that is pretty good for anybody. but especiallity member la. not bad if you're on twitter i'm sure you have seen it. thanks a lot. >> a lot going on here as well. we did not get the moisture from this system. they got the moisture down in southern california. a freeze watch warning is out tonight into tomorrow. i will give you an honest comment here. i'm really good at low temps in the winter. i'm not that great on high temps in the summer. when it gets to 99 i'm like it's hot. i just throw in the towel and say is it's hot. other areas comet in at 105. there will be teens for lows in the north bay tomorrow. there will be. i guarantee it. 30s and 40s on some of the temps right now. the breeze is still there.
6:53 am
wind advisory until noon. still 32 gusts at novato. still 36 at half-moon bay. 35 gusts to 43. 29 sfo. brian flores can tell us if that is true or not. it's windy and cold for some. wind advisory until noon. there can still be down trees or power outages. by tonight that wind will tail off. there is the snowfalling in southern california. near las vegas it is very close. it is just outside the strip. flagstaff getting snow. the low will head off toward the east but boy is it cold there. and it's cold through the country. reno at 12. ukiah 26. it is cold all the way down to southern california. for us clear, sunny but cold and breezy. windy at times. lots of sunshine here. that is the good news but it just doesn't last very long. if you are heading out tonight, i would bundle up. and for tonight the wind will
6:54 am
decrease for most but it will be very cold. >> no playing around. >> no playing around. cyber security researcher says at least one former sony employee may have helped hackers on their attack on a movie studio. the list of suspects in the cyber attack has been narrowed to six people. that includes one long-time sony employee who had the technical background to carry out an attack. that would cast new doubt on the u.s. governments claim that the attack was named stopping the release of the controversial comedy the interview. it is a scuffle in the south bay caught on camera. take a look at this. now the man he's an off duty police officer. the women involved they are strangers. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll tell you what led up to this confrontation. it's a rough one. up next controversy at target. the ad campaign for the new movie annie that is the focus for an online petition.
6:55 am
6:56 am
you don't think much about it... you never dwell on how it was made... it's just a blanket after all. but when everything else has been lost, the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the american red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months
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interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon! 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óio0#0dñañy time is 6:57. a worried father turned his 20- year-old son into the police after seeing surveillance photos showing his son robbing a bank. it happened last tuesday at a wells fargo. the man called the police and said the surveillance photos were of his son mohammed
6:58 am
shihadi. they were worried about their son's possible drug addiction. he has pleaded not guilty. he is due back in court next week. target stores are coming under fire for the campaign of the new annie movie. this remake will feature african american actors and actresses. the ads targeted using merchandise for the movie features a white model as annie. there is an online petition drive demanding target pull the ads. in response they plan to use models from a variety of backgrounds in future ads. coming up for you on mornings on 2. the bay areas huge wind storm is not over yet. >> countdown to 2015 how people in the bay area and across the country will bring in the new year.
6:59 am
7:00 am
pg&e is working to restore power and make repairs in some neighborhoods. we're still dealing with a wind advisory but then we'll


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