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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 31, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the forecast next. dozens of trees are down after a day of powerful and gusty winds and now crews are busy cleaning up the mess left behind and clearing the downed trees and restoring power lines. 12 hours from the start of the new area and in some parts of the world it is already 2015.
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this is a live look at dubai. i'm torrey campbell. brian flores is live in san francisco with what you need to know for the new year and we begin invited the ktvu weather center monitoring the powerful winds. >> the wind is tailing off and for a good reason, the low is moving south. san jose, an even 50 degrees and not bad for some and chilly for others. san jose at 50s and santa rosa at 58. we had a couple of 20s for lows and a few. tomorrow a lot more. still gusts up to 24 but not compared to yesterday and santa rosa at 8 miles per hour and that's why they are 58 degrees and napa. san jose is southly and livermore is at 6 and san francisco 34 to 46 and starting
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to decrease now. 8 to 16 and nothing compared to what it was and the big news is a freeze warning as the wind protected areas and the wind tails off and teens in the north bay, 20s and 30s for many locations and especially the wind completely tails off. if you missed it las vegas had snow and they may get more tonight. new year's eve forecast coming up in about ten minutes. thank you, steve. a windstorm the cause of death of an officer. killed on catalina island. winds topped 40 miles per hour yesterday. and caused several boats to breach. the officer may have been pinned and between a boat and a rock. the other body was found floating near the harbor and the coroner is trying to determine how they were killed. in concord, incredible video of a tree falling on a car.
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caught on camera. the video was sent from viewer bud hackaway, you can see the tree as it slams onto the car. this happened about 2:45 yesterday afternoon and luckily no one was hurt and you can see the 15-year-old car was damaged. here is video of how powerful the wind has been. this is taken's fairmount in downtown san jose and you can see the entire portapotty being blown down the street. and crews worked overnight to restore power to customers in san jose's silver creek neighborhood where some of the worse damage occurred. powerful winds called a eucalyptus tree to fall on a power pole and that caused a chain reaction and resulted in 8 poles coming down. power was restored by six a.m. and now some residents are worried about a possibility of more whipped. >> we decided that we weren't going to have it yesterday but the power is back on and you know what, if it goes back out
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again we will do what he did yesterday. we will put the burner in the garage and have fun. crews have been working overtime to fix remaining outages and the spokesperson says the agency uses storm prediction tools to figure out where best to deploy crews and damage from the strong winds have thousands around the bay area without electricity. 800 on the peninsula don't have power and 700 in san francisco and five hundred in the east bay and another 200 in the north bay. still don't have electricity. thousands of people are expected to be in san francisco tonight for fireworks and parties to ring in 2015 and crews have been setting up yesterday and brian flores is live with what you need to know. good afternoon, brian p. torrey, good afternoon. the first thing you need to know is to bring a jacket.
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it will be cold. it looks like the winds have died down and rather chilly so bring a jacket or sweater at the least. it is quiet in the city but it should be rocking later. we have a view of the party setup. an estimated 1300 people are expected to tend that party there and tickets are available and costing $145 and ss night life dot com organized it as well as other parties and the one at the "w" hotel and we spoke to the president of ss night life and he says this new year's eve he expects less because of what mother nature did. i am looking less people going to tahoe and enjoying the snow. a lot of people have been skipping tahoe for a long time. >> now, the main party will certainly be along the coast
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tonight and crews are putting finishing touches on the fireworks and organizers say the winds made it difficult but the winds are expected to die down and they expect a show. in san francisco, police will be adding more officers on the streets especially along the ma rinna in the soma district. first, dress warm, it will be cold and second if you are planning to drink have a plan in in place before you come out. and have a designated driver. getting a cab or using other services and public transit is offering decision services overnight and plan ahead. don't drink and drive. tickets are one hundred dollars and another party at the grand auditorium and they run ninety dollars and another plan as we take it live. police are aware of an anti
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police protest planned for 8:00 p.m. tonight at the embarkdaro station and there is several options for party goers and muni adding extra lines to run tomorrow morning and bart and sam tran as well as cal tran and lots of available options for people in the city. torrey, back to you. lots of options and staying warm. thank you, brian. and a few more specifics as brian talked about. the options, muni and cal tran and san francisco and they are offering free rides starting at 8:00 p.m. and bart will run until 3:00 p.m. and extra trains along the embarkdaro but some trains will skip the embarkdaro and west oakland stations so be sure to check. and there is a new app to encourage safe driving tonight. and year round.
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dd and vi p allows people to request a ride home from transportation companies like uber or lift. and designated drivers can find restaurants offering them free or discounted nonalcoholic beverages. and as you can imagine, final preparations are under way for the big celebration in new york city's time square, the 12,000- pound ball, polished and tested to make sure that everything is ready for tonight. thousands of police officers will also be on patrol and making sure tonight's celebration is safe. we will be patrolling the city by air and by sea and on the ground and in the subway system. we have not received any specific threats but the city will be on high alert for any type of trouble. and the police will keep an eye out for trouble, eyes will be on that times square ball
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and it will be covered by waterford crystal. former mayor willie brown kicked off good year, end of year telethon. it is willie brown at the microphone and it features live music and cheerleaders to help people drop off unwanted items. goodwill wants clothing and computers and cars and the donations help the people to work by funding job training programs. it feels good, the people are super nice and they dot loading and there is a band today. it is cool. a donata thon going to five p.m. 2014 was full of notable moments. a look back at the years that included the major bay area earthquake and a world series
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and some social media trending involving hidden cash and dumping ice water on ourselves. 2015 in australia and this was the scene in the sydney
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harbor today. snow caused big problems last night. people were stranded in their vehicles and stuck in a foot of snow on highway 138 in the mountains. many people were taken by snow cat to the local church for shelter and some walked and no injuries reported. in lake tahoe thousands will ring in the new year at the snow glow festival. because of concerns about the cold weather, organizers have set up warming stations and walling buses. the concert goers can get out of the cold. two years ago a teenager died because of hyperthermia at the festival. great highs and lows in the bay area. remarkable stories of survival and celebrations. ktvu claudia long gives us a
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look back at local news. there are images from 2014 that are hard to forget from raising fires like the one that destroyed this san francisco construction project. to the police shooting protest that overtook our city streets and freeways and the scandal in silicon valley, all eyes on the woman that described as a high end prostitute and the tech ex second that died after she allegedly injected him with heroin. politicians. and a manhunt for this man. ryan chamberlain that the feds said had bomb making materials in his apartment. cautions over ebola and health care and immigration reform and mother nature took headlines with the earthquake that caused damage in napa. the drought still has conserving. there was tragedy. bart police sergeants tom smith
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was mistakingly and killed by a fellow officer during a search of an apartment. >> it is difficult to express how much sorrow you are feeling and how much pain. >> and stories we still don't understand including the rampage that took the lives of three students from the bay area. >> it has personally affected every student. >> there were stories of survival and who can forget the 15-year-old stowaway that made it to maui in the wheel well of a plane. >> there is a guy in the landing gear that came from san jose. >> and the 9ers began the year with the crushing loss. and bid farewell to the 6 and hello to levis. >> and raiders fans have had their wits tested.
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we want a championship. and things we said goodbye to came back. blue angels returned and we found new ways to get to the same place veeo the oakland air bart connector. this year we connected through social media more than ever we dumped ice buckets on our head and searched for treasures thanks to the no longer mysterious tweeter. you want us to assassinate the leader of north korea. and 2014 broke our heart with the loss of robin williams, he lived and died in timber ron. the loss of a man that spent his life making us laugh is too hard to put into words.
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sunshine is plenty. southern california, a different forecast and scenario there and same for arizona and parts of nevada. southern nevada and a few high clouds and the win drifting over this time yesterday has calmed down for most and it is now going to focus our attention on cold temperatures and the lows is churning on the california, southern nevada and arizona border and from flagstaff and the grand canyon. temperatures 50s here and santa rosa with a wind at 58. most locations the breeze has tailed off and no longer a wind advisory. gusts of 43 earlier and san francisco has calmed down but breezy at times. about 10 to 15 miles per hour and overall nothing compared to
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what we have. freeze warning and there will be teens. and up in the north bay. in the county and snow incredible amounts. hammon, high 40s and camman reporting snow and rain in san diego and it has been a cold system for las vegas. had some snow for a while and on the back side of that right now and more might return later and the flow coming around. you can see the snow from flagstaff, prescott and just north of phoenix all the way to kingman and lake havasu. something we don't see often. the system will work its way to arizona and higher clouds zipping down and dry air over us and won't stop anything as far as plunging. and wind chills about 40 below for some areas in parts of wyoming and down to the deep south and the place warm is
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down in florida. 40 in las vegas and san diego a brisk 46 and the lows will head to the four corners and a big weather maker as it moves across the country and a little breezy at time and a mile pattern for parts of the north bay. overall temperatures will drop off pretty fast here this evening and then we'll start to see people heading out. you might want to bundle up, even if there is not much of a breeze, it will be cold and will get cold by ten or 11:00 and 30s for inland areas and clear and nice and if you want to put it that way as long as you bundle up, freeze for tomorrow and the next rain is about a week, torrey. okay. all right p. slowly but surely, we are winding up. >> netflix is offering a way to celebrate the new year and
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early and make bedtime. a trailer for a three minute video, a fake count down so kids thinks midnight has come and gone. it stars king julian. people that made us laugh to fashion designers and poet, we say goodbye to who we lost in the past year.
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stocks drifting lower in light new year's eve trading. there's six consecutive years of trading. energy stocks moved lower since the price of oil fell below $53 a barrel in new york. taking a look. the dow down 46 and the nasdaq 18 and the s&p down nine and markets closed tomorrow on new year's eve day and reopening on friday. breaking news out of san francisco. i want to show you a live picture looking towards the city. you can see some smoke there especially on the lower left side of your screen. this is a fire apparently on underwood avenue and that's all we know right now. two-alarm fire on underwood avenue. we are continuing to follow this and you can follow on twitter and facebook for any updates. well on over the past year we said farewell to big names
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including robin williams as claude din wong mentioned and maya anjelou and joan rivers and here is a look back at those we lost in 2014. good day, russell johnson, the professor.
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>> we are neither the devil or devine when we come to it.
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these are my jokes over the last 30 years. every night i have had the strangest dreams. a look back at those we lost in the past year and
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gearing up for new year's eve. coming up tonight at five, police in transit agencies are gearing up for this evening and tonight the changes they are making to make the public safe. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news and as we go here is a look at the celebrations that have occurred ringing in 2015.
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